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Young/Old Deepthroat

Zuko stepped off the ship in confidence and hope. That beacon rocketing towards the heavens could only mean one thing; the Avatar was here, and he would have to wade through a swarm of peasants to get to them.

"I know that you people are harboring the Avatar, release them into Fire Na....

Anal trouble

Luke's phone buzzed. The popup alert was of no surprise to him; another text from Melissa. Ever since that weekend two months ago, when Luke had taken the young teen's virginity with her mother's blessing, Melissa hadn't stopped messaging him. Luke replied, enjoying the correspondence, especially wh....


I pounded my hand into my black baseball mitt. "C'mon, you can do it!" I
yelled to our pitcher, who looked like he was standing a million miles
away. He probably couldn't even hear me. I shook my head in disgust. I
wondered again how I had gotten into this mess.

My Nuru Neighbor

I'd been stuck in a dry patch socially for a while and a friend recommended that I try a local sex services web page to tide me over. At this point, it looked better than just jerking to porn vids yet again, so I connected to the website and it pulled up a listing of local ads. Most were incall/outc....

First Female POW

My name is Karen. I was the first female American POW.

Actually, I'm a eighteen year old Army nurse's aide. The copter
I was riding to a MASH unit was shot down by Iraqis near the
border. The pilot was killed immediately after he landed the
crippled craft. ....

Settling up

“Man, those guys that I sold that car amp to is helping me get more business,” I stated.

“Alright, just be careful,” responded to my 58 year old drinking buddy Paul.

I had been in construction as well, but had recently hooked up helping an electronics repairman ....

Fiction Blowjob

I think it all started that evening in the pub. A typical Friday evening. Two hours after I had arrived at David's place we headed down to the Fox. Food, booze, good banter with his friends. They had quickly accepted me and we always had a good time.

While standing at the bar with Rya....

Rachel is ready for more

I left Kay pleased, breathing heavy and feeling well used. When I walked outside my wife and her husband (Randy)were nowhere to be seen. I expected they were playing around some where so I was quiet when I walked in the house.

Just as I thought, I found them having sex in the living r....

Son fucks his mother

Right after my wife died, my oldest daughter, Annie, who was thirteen at the time, came and climbed into my bed one night and gave me the surprise of my life.

"I know all about fucking and stuff, and I know that since Mama isn't here anymore, you need someone else. Since I' gonna go o....


Then new and wonderful levels of sexual pleasure for me as Lara bought me to orgasm with her tongue. Once, twice, three times while her man masturbated for me, or was it all three of us.

“Can we do it again soon Sarah? I would love to have your man and you could have mine,” Lara w....