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Fathers Day Shower

It started out as a normal fathers day weekend, "okay hun" my wife said" I have found a sitter for the kids and we have dinner plans and a suprise". we went out for a steak dinner and headed home. "go jump in the shower and I will go get your suprise ready for you". I got in the shower and started t....

Sweets Stories

All through mass on Sunday morning, Sweets thought about the noon meeting at
the men's club. Even knowing her identity would be protected by head cover and
blindfold did not lessen her apprehension.

She pictured herself on a table wearing only her socks and unde....

Teen Femdom

Despite my awkward position, I managed to sleep well, as I awoke to
the sounds of love making on the bed above. I lay there and tried to
remember my dreams of last night. I recalled one vivid dream
involving Karen, perhaps brought about by her stocking feet smell from

Karen the human toilet

Twenty-two year old Brenda found a strange letter in her mailbox upon arriving home from her day's work. Curiously she turned the pink envelope over several times, checking for a return address. Finding none, she opened her apartment door and stepped inside and tossed her work things on the couch al....

I felt my dick twitch

I've decided technology is fucked up. Like computers, for instance.

I don't like them. Did I ever tell you about the time I mixed up my folders
and started sending my stories to people who had just written to say "Wow"
and didn't really want the stories showing up on the....

Icecream Sundae

It started with a secondhand book. Suzy and I were in a junk shop
rootling through the boxes when I squeaked "Oh, look! It's one of
those wartime utility cookbooks."

"Weird," aren't they?" Suzy observed. "It must have been a strange
time to live."


Natural Arcs

Janos Zilahy entered the room with a grace and assuredness that oozed
from every pore of his skin. His ageless face, canvassed by the deep
butter glow of tanned skin and framed by dark brown strands of short
hair, exuded a quiet confidence. He immediately commandeered the fro....

Dildo Daddy

A man is shocked to discover a dildo in his daughter’s room. He later
confronts her with it and ends up pulling out his own impressive tool
for her use.

I was in my room late one Saturday afternoon, reading a book in lieu of
studying for an upcoming Bi....

Sex slave

Take off your clothes--let me have a look at you.
In the future, failure to do as I ask or to respond
incorrectly will mean
some sort of disciplinary action. Such a thing is not easy
for me to
dispense to my slave, but if it must be done to correct a

Slut wins

As my relationship with Patti became increasingly one of service
and submission, my self-definition evolved dramatically: I no longer
thought of myself as a solitary creature with a finite, rather average
amount of power with which to exploit other solitary creatures