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Shower Bob

As Marissa and Vicky entered psych class, Bob, "Shower
Bob", now to Mari, was just taking his usual seat, as far back as
possible in the lecture hall.

"Hi Bob." She said, deciding to take the seat next to

Bob grunted a rep....

Sex fantasy

I've had this fantasy many times, as often when I'm with a man as when I'm
alone, masturbating. The steam bath is empty. I don't know this when I first
enter, wrapped in my towel that the gym supplies. The steam is so thick I can
barely find my way to one of the tiled seats, w....

What would you do with a passed out maiden?

Chris stood there, panting heavily, and felt his pulse slow.
Georgetta was quiet, not making a noise. She was hanging loosely in
the chain from the ceiling, her weight partially supported by the
cuffs and chains on her wrists and partially on Chris's prick buried
deep in....

Suzi the whore

Suzi had always been quite adventurous when sex was any
part of the equation. The 24-year-old, who had spent most
of her life thus far living in and around Seattle, was known
as one of the "easiest" girls to bed during her high school
and college years. Not only was ....

Lauren punished for speeding

Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, Tucker reached out and turned the music up. He decided to take the slightly longer route home tonight, knowing that his girl was anxiously anticipating his return. He wanted her to think about just what was going to happen when he got home.


Warm Mom

I'm a teen man aged 18 years. Mom and I live alone
together and are very close. I'm able to discuss anything with her and
feel assured that she won't be judgmental or negative. Mom is a hard
worker and provides well for us. We are both affectionate and we hug each
other f....

Waiting to Inhale

Ewell Bennett was a miserly old man, although as I recollect, Mr. Ewell
(pronounced you'll) wasn't really all that old. I guess he was 45-50
when Dan Gobel worked for him and the incidents recorded here occurred.
Mr. Ewell was married to Miss Sara Whitsworth. The slaves they kep....

High School CD slut

I've been interested in wearing women's clothing since I
was quite young. I remember trying on my mother's girdle
and stockings at the age of 16, and recall vividly the
thrill I got from the tight nylon material. It was purely
an accident that my best friend in high s....

Sissy Little Surprises

Now it seemed to me that nothing more was to happen. Carol would be gone
the end of the week, I had not filled out an application so she did not
know how to call me and all I knew was her hotel. But I wanted to see her
and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do j....

Why A Grape is Like a Nipple

Sweetheart: As I re-read your hot letter, I am right at his time eating grapesand I am thinking ... of each as one closely resembling your nipples.I touch one (the left one) with my tongue. It is glistening now as Iflick my tongue back and forth over it. It begins to harden as my moisttongue ....