Her anal perversion

It is not enough to have sympathy for others. One must also have a well developed sense of self protection. For even the most reasonable person, honesty carried too far can be a failing.

In this novel of a youthful widow, confused by her own lust and guided by a strong sense of right and wrong, it is shown that predators are always present to take advantage of the unwary: financially as well as sexually.

Alice was a woman who sought to do right. She didn't want to stray from right. It was to her shame and regret that she succumbed to the sexual temptation of having sex with children, sex which ultimately led her to another perversion, a fat penis in her tight, hot butt.

Confused, bewildered by what was happening to her, she became easy prey for men who make it their business to take advantage of other people who are not prepared to defend themselves. First her economic security is threatened -- and then her personal safety.

This book is a lesson in living. Life is a constant temptation. It is a constant challenge with almost continuous moment by moment decisions to be made regarding it. The individual has the right to make every decision for himself -- but to retain that right it is necessary to be on constant alert.

Chapter ONE

The boy on the beach was only about 15 years old. This caused Alice's cheeks to flush at the lewd thoughts flitting unbidden through her mind. After all, her own son was nearly that age. She couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of the boy's slightly plump, downy belly.

Just like a ripe peach, she thought. I want to bite that golden fruit.

Horrified at her lustfulness, Alice rolled her petite body over onto her stomach in the warm sand. Her large breasts pillowed under the pressure of her body, as her hips did a slow rotation, digging deeper into the sun scorched earth. She couldn't wedge her mind away from the image of the boy's round buttocks rolling beneath his form-fitting bathing suit as he chased his Frisbee into the water.

Alice rolled back into a sitting position to gaze at the waves and maybe straighten her head a little. It was then she saw a large piece of driftwood in the lapping waves. Getting up ever so slowly, controlling the rise and fall of her hot melons, Alice quietly moved up behind the young boy.

"This is such a beautiful piece of wood and it would look great sitting in my garden," Alice lied to the boy. "It's much too heavy for me to carry. Would you mind helping me get it to my car?"

As the soft young boy turned his clear blue gaze upon Alice's lovely face, she anguished. What am I doing! Nevertheless, her lips parted into a smile when the boy answered shyly that he would be glad to help her.

Alice's seriousness was very much with her on this particular day. However, she didn't feel at all proper. Her nervous condition was getting worse, and Alice was afraid she knew why. Sex seemed to be all she could think about lately, especially with handsome young boys like the one helping her drag the driftwood up the beach. It was as if some evil imp had taken up residence inside her and was forcing her to drool over the alluring bulges in the crotches of every good-looking young boy she saw. Heaven knew she didn't want to.

Alice's troubled mind had begun to channel the strong desires of her healthy body toward innocent young boys, for they had always been wholesomely appealing to her. She'd allowed her subconscious mind to trick her into thinking there was no harm in merely lusting after the untried bodies of countless boys, because there was safety in numbers, and never in a million years had she actually intended to do anything about it. Alice was a lady, first and foremost, and she simply hadn't been able to conceive of herself seducing and corrupting the morals of any youngster.

Now she knew that she'd been playing with fire, and she feared she was about to get burned. Her nerves were a tingle. The obscene imp in her head had her conscience knocked down and was happily kicking it senseless, leaving her without a competent mental policeman to protect her against the sudden fit of insane lust which was flaming up within her love starved body.

I've got to get hold of myself! Alice scolded silently as she and the boy dragged the wood close to the car.

Alice had stayed late at the beach. There were few cars left in the parking area as the sun was just setting. Alice was disconcerted that no cars were near hers. She felt that she was doomed to carry on with this charade that started with her lie about wanting the driftwood. Opportunity was rife. The attractive boy had ogled her and then blushed while he'd been tugging on the wood with her. Alice knew he'd thought of her in a sensual way. Indeed, it was his sweet embarrassment over being caught admiring her bounteous breasts that had set Alice to real excitement in appraising the youthful good looks of this bashful child.

"It's the seventy-two Ford right over there," she said. "We can just put this in the back seat, if you don't mind."

"Yes, ma'am," he said, struggling with the heavy load.

Lord, how I'd like to get my hands on him! Alice admitted to herself as she stood by watching the tanned boy bend to his task. He was leaning onto the car, carefully placing the wood on the floorboard of the back seat, with the muscles of his luscious rump rippling beneath their covering of tight bathing suit. Just the sight of him was making Alice feel reckless and lightheaded. She moistened her soft, full lips with her tongue and gripped the sea shell she had picked up in the sweat-dampened palm of her bind. I've got to touch him! Nothing more, though! What can it hurt?

"The driftwood might topple over while I'm driving," she said, her voice crackling with excitement. "Could you put it over toward the middle a little more for me?"

The youth replied courteously that he thought he could. As he began rearranging the wood, bending lower now, Alice slipped in closer to him, between him and the car door. On the pretext of pointing to where she wanted the wood placed, she leaned over the desirable boy's body and put one hand lightly on his back. Her heart thumped wildly. She'd never done anything like this. The warmth of his back against her palm felt lovely. This was as far as Alice had intended to go, but it wasn't nearly enough.

Every jangling nerve in the cock-starved woman's curvaceous body cried out for a more intimate physical contact with the body of this adolescent male. Impulsively she fell onto him, letting out a little yelp of feigned surprise so he would think she'd lost her balance. It excited her terribly. The whole thing lasted only a few seconds, but she made the most of it by flattening her soft, womanly breasts against the startled lad's back and pressing firmly against his out-thrust buttocks with her lower belly and her tingling loins.

"How clumsy of me!" she exclaimed, the lewd thrill careening about within her causing her voice to crack.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. A rush of vertigo... Did I hurt you?"

"No, ma'am," he said, backing out of the car and shutting the door. "Vertigo?"

"A sudden dizzy spell," she explained, stretching the truth considerably. "I think I nearly fainted. Isn't that silly of me?"

"No, ma'am," he said, taking her hand in hopes of steadying her. Releasing his grip, he stood there looking at her with puzzled concern. "Are you all right now, ma'am? You look flushed, and you're shaking all over. Are you sick? I could call a doctor, if you want."

He's so naive... so beautifully innocent! Alice thought, realizing that she was indeed flushed and shaking. But it was caused by her surge of sexual arousal, not illness. He has no idea how he's affecting me. What a precious child he is!

Her hazel eyes attached themselves to the prominent bulge in the crotch of his skin-tight swim suit, and she had to make a fist to keep her hand from reaching out for it. She glanced furtively around the beach and saw that no one in the area was paying them any attention. Should she dare? No, she didn't, but she knew she was going to anyway. Her conscience was outraged by what she was thinking. It screamed at her, demanding she resist the insane urge to cuddle the boy and fondle his sexual organs.

"I'll be okay in a minute," she said, her hand fumbling at the handle of the driver's door. "I don't need a doctor, but I would appreciate it if you would sit in my car with me for a moment... just until this dizzy spell passes. Could you? Would you mind?"

"I ought to be getting back home, ma'am, but... Yeah, sure I will, lady. A couple of minutes won't matter." He opened the door and helped her inside, then stood there unsurely.

Alice slid across the seat to make room for him. Her beach robe hiked halfway up her shapely, well tanned thighs. Out of habit, she started to tug it down. Then she noticed the boy's interest in her feminine limbs, and she immodestly pulled her dress up instead of down, revealing to the bug-eyed youth the expanse of warm, tanned flesh, and finally the alluring vision of dark pubic hair, in view now because she had removed her swim suit when she had showered at the beach rest room.

"I feel feverish," she explained truthfully. "Get in, please."

The kid gulped audibly as he slid in under the steering wheel, and Alice knew she was showing him a sight he'd never seen before. He closed the door. The sun had set now, and they were alone iii the semidarkness of her car.

It was as if they were in a little world all their own. At a distance, Alice could see people walking around on the beach, but no one was near them. She was as nervous as the virgin she'd been on her wedding night, only much more excited. Illicit thrills rippled up her spine. She'd never seduced a boy before, and didn't know how to go about it now. The boy was nervous, too. He didn't know what to think, and was obviously embarrassed by all the womanly goodies she displayed to him. His ignorance of sexual ways made this innocent child all the more desirable to Alice. She experienced an overwhelming urge to possess him.

"Feel how fast my heart is beating," she whispered, taking the boy's hand and lifting it to her bosom, fitting his fingers over the large mound of her resilient left breast and pressing it into his palm.

"Yeah," he gulped, his hand starting to tremble and his breath catching in his throat. "It's beating awful fast. Are you having an attack of some kind?"

Yes, she thought, taking the lad's other hand and carrying it down between the bare flesh of her upper thighs, I am having an attack, you adorable child! I want you desperately! Lord, this is so depraved! I should be disgusted with myself but I'm not! I can't fight it any more! Oh, damn it, it's too strong!

"Don't pull away from me! I need to feel you close! Put your hands on me! I want you to! Touch me! Anywhere you want!" She drew the boys hand up to her steaming groin and began rubbing her hairy hole with it. "THERE, THERE... OHHHH... MY PUSSY, YOU LITTLE DARLING... CUP IT TIGHT AND AAAAAHH... RUB IT GOOD!"

"Ma'am; ma'am?" the shocked youngster sputtered.

"Don't be afraid of me," Alice cooed, snaking her hand down between his legs and fondling the firmness of his automatically rising penis. "I won't hurt you! All I want to do is take out your dick and hold it in my hand!" She grasped his zipper and tugged it down. "Hold still, damn it! I'm not going to hurt you!"

She thrust her hand in through his open fly and worked it inside his bathing suit, her nimble fingers locking around the boy's erecting pecker.

"Ooooh... oh, what are you doing, lady?" he gasped. "You're not sick! I thought... ohhhhhh what do you want from me?"

"THIS!" she husked, nearly drooling at the mouth as she wrested his boyish peter from the confines of his clothing and pulled it out into the open. "THIS IS WHAT I WANT!" she panted, her hand working up and down on his swelling organ. "OHHH, IT'S LOVELY! YOU'VE GOT A NICE ONE! DOES IT FEEL GOOD?! DO YOU LIKE WHAT I'M DOING TO YOU?!"


Alice, hotter than ever now that she had his pulsing peter in her hand, clung to him as he squirmed fitfully about and leaned toward the door, his hand reaching for the handle to open it.



"ALL RIGHT, JUST A MINUTE, THEN!" Alice pleaded. She swung her knees up onto the seat and began bending over the boy, her lust-glazed eyes staring hungrily down at his exposed pecker as she lowered her head toward his lap. "JUST LET ME KISS IT FIRST! THEN YOU CAN GO! I WANT TO PUT MY LIPS ON YOUR COCK... AND LICK IT FOR YOU!"

Alice's own words slammed luridly back into her feverish brain. It was incredible to her that she was capable of uttering such a filthy statement.


It was a lie, what Alice was telling herself because she knew exactly what she was doing. But it was a necessary lie, for her conscience was roasting her alive, and deluding herself provided a soothing balm for the infuriated mental guardian of her virtue. This was a terrible moment for the prim Alice, an ordeal that no decent woman should have to suffer. But it was also wildly exciting, and she loved it.

The strong scent of the boy's aroused masculinity wafted up to her descending head. The musky odor stung her delicate nostrils and set her mind to spinning. She whimpered, closing her eyes and pursing her red lips.

Smack! came the wet report as she planted a ides on the tip of his skinned-back dick. The taut skin of his bare dickhead felt smooth as velvet to Alice's tremulous lips. She could hear the child's labored breathing could feel his body trembling, and she knew he was becoming as caught up in this sordid act as she herself was. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. She kissed his glands penis repeatedly, her passion soaring as she realized he was just sitting there shivering, letting her have her vulgar way with him.


Her shaky hand clinging to his fat stem, Alice extended her pink tongue and licked all over the sleek bulb of his cock crown. The salty flavor of his enlarged cockhead assaulted her discerning taste buds, evoking from her an involuntary moan of delectation. She could hardly believe the nasty thing she was doing to the naive young boy. Her excitement roared in her shell-like ears. For a second, she feared she might pass out. Yielding to this unspeakable perversion was giving her a thrill such as she'd never dreamed existed.

IT'S UNNATURAL... SUCH A DIRTY THING TO DO! her conscience railed as she held the boy by his prick and lewdly tongue-washed the whole pungent surface of its bloated head.

There was no turning back. Alice was out of control now, losing herself to the ungodly wild thrill which nothing in the world can produce except plunging headlong into a purely wicked and perverted sexual act.

And plunge she did. Emitting a whimper-like sob of surrender to her fit of unholy lust, the heretofore proper Alice forgot all about her own two children. Of her own volition, she took into her sin-seeking mouth the entire four inches of the pump boy's pulsating pecker.

"MMMMM, MMMMMMM!" Alice moaned around her mouthful of flavorful prick.

WHAT AM I DOING? she groaned inwardly as she wrapped her soft red lips firmly around the sturdy young stalk and began instinctively bobbing her pretty head. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME! HE'S A TOTAL STRANGER... AND I'M SUCKING HIM OFF! OH! FATHER IN HEAVEN I'M DOING FOR THIS BEACH BOY WHAT I THOUGHT I WAS TOO GOOD TO DO FOR MY WONDERFUL, LOVING HUSBAND! I MUST BE LOSING MY MINDDD!!!

Alice's outraged conscience cried out mutedly, making her feel dirty and cheap. She loathed herself for what she was doing, and yet she couldn't stop blowing the boy, because she loved it, too. At thirty three, this young mother was having her first taste of cock, and she was finding it to be absolutely delicious.

Something in her mind snapped. It was as if a switch had been thrown, shutting off her conscience and drowning her inhibitions, leaving her free to swallow in the muck of sheer carnality and enjoy without shame the sweet sucking of this adorable child's palpitating peter. Alice heaved a sigh of relief and started going down on him with mindless abandonment. Her only regret now was that she'd allowed her good husband to go without ever experiencing the pleasure of having her make love to him with her mouth.

But the boy's tangy little phallus delighted her mature woman's palate and titillated her tingling taste buds and within seconds she could think of nothing except the sweet, sweet dick in her mouth.

"AAAAAAH... AHHHHHHH!" the teenager sighed aloud. The sex-hungry woman frightened him, but now that her pretty head was bobbing at his loins, he had no desire to run away from her. He shivered with pleasure as her hot, wet mouth drew suckingly on his sensitive peter. He'd only heard of such things. This was all brand new and wonderful and exciting. "OHH, WOW! YEAH, LADY... OHHHHHHH... OH, THAT FEELS AWFUL GOOOOOODDD SUCK IT... SUCK MY DICK ALL YOU WANT TO!"

"MMMM, MMMM, MMMM!" Alice chanted, her lips working fishlike around his shaft and her tongue lapping at the drops of clear fluid oozing from the slitted tip of his swollen glands, her head arcing rhythmically up and down.

There were so many things she wanted to do to and with him, but this was neither the time nor the place. They were in public, with people all around them and cars driving by, their lights illuminating the interior of her car. The boy had to get home. And what if the police came by and caught her sucking him?

Oh, God! she thought with alarm. He's way under age! They could send me to jail for corrupting the morals of a minor! I'd better quit right now! It's too dangerous!

But she couldn't quit. The danger of sucking a boy in the center of the parking area only heightened her lascivious thrill. Alice knew full well she was flirting with public disgrace, but she had no shame now. She could feel the boy's rock-hard penis twitching out of control in her auctioning mouth, like her husband's used to twitch in her vagina before he reached his orgasm.

He's going to cum! Oh, heaven forbid! I've got to stop, this instant, or the next thing I know he'll be shooting off in my mouth! Alice groaned inwardly.

She didn't stop, though. She kept right on sucking. The evil imp within her was forcing her to take the boy all the way. Thoroughly confused, the highly young woman found herself sucking ravenously for the very juice she dreaded to feel squirting into her mouth. A flood of consternation washed over her. One part of her mind screamed out in protest, while another part urged her on. She could think of nothing more vile than to let the boy ejaculate into her mouth. It was outrageously obscene to even consider it, and she knew it would make her feel horribly degraded if she permitted him to actually do it.

Then, before Alice could arrive at a final decision, it was happening. She could feel the boy shuddering just a split second before his blood-engorged organ gave a spastic jerk.

"UNNN, UUNNGGHHHHHH!" he grunted, the back of his skull thudding against the window as his eyes rolled up into their sockets and his head snapped back ecstatically.

His cockhead blew up like a balloon inside her mouth, and Alice knew it was too late then. She shivered with a mixture of disgust and lewd anticipation. His orgasm was starting. She couldn't take her mouth away now, or he might splash his semen all over the seat and soil the seat covers. It would never do for her children to see her car with cum stains on the seat. The only thing to do, she decided, was to let him shoot off in her mouth. She nearly gagged at the thought, telling herself she would only hold it in her mouth and then spit it out on the pavement later, thereby saving herself from the shameful embarrassment of everyone who saw her car knowing what she'd done.

It didn't work that way. The first jet of his pent-up load gushed all thick and creamy into her unwilling oral cavern, and Alice had to fight to keep from gagging on it. Then the sharp flavor of the acrid substance seeped over her recoiling tongue and permeated her taste buds. Alice knew she wasn't going to gag. It came as a shock to her uptight mind, but the taste of cum was in no way repulsive to her. Unlike coffee or beer, she realized instantly that she wouldn't have to acquire a taste for this adult beverage, for she liked its pungency right off.

"OHHHHHH... OHHHHHHHH!" she moaned through her passion-flared nostrils, struggling against the strong urge to drink down his sperm as his pounding pecker pumped it spasmodically into her mouth.

I can't swallow it, no matter how good it tastes! she thought with horror. It would be debasing blatantly obscene... and no decent woman would ingest semen!

And then it struck her -- the degrading fact that she had a cum-spewing cock in her previously pristine mouth -- and she groaned with the knowledge that she was no longer a decent woman. She'd yielded to temptation and fallen into sin. She was a cocksucking slut, no better than a paid whore. Worse, in fact, because she'd seduced this innocent young boy whose sexual purity was even now spiraling into her greedy mouth.

"OOOOOOMMMMMMM, OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!" It was a nasal sound, a mournful wail, its tone both heavy with shame and ragged with lustful pleasure. A storm of violently incompatible emotions churned within Alice's diminutive, five-foot-one body, for despite her sensation of utter depravity, she found herself reveling in the ecstasy of this sinful moment.

The boy's orgasmically throbbing organ shot her mouth so full of cum that her dainty pink tongue was fairly swimming in a foamy sea of the steaming stuff. It was either swallow or drown. She swished her tongue through the glutinous mass, savoring its heady taste. Then she whimpered and began gulping it down, thrilling anew as the thick cream from his boyish balls washed warmly down her straining throat.

Feeling like a horrible pervert but loving it, she drank his white, hot cum jet by satisfying jet until at last she had taken all he had to give her. There was a glow of warmth emanating from the jiggling pool of fresh sperm in her stomach when his peter began to go soft in her quivering mouth. Sucking down with all her might and whipping his shrinking cockhead with her tongue Alice drained the boy's spongy organ of its last reluctant drops before she allowed it to slip with a lascivious slurp from between her puffy, sperm streaked lips.

"OHHHHHHH... OH, DEAR GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" she moaned, hurling herself back from the gasping boy and beginning to pant for breath as her slippery tongue slithered out and licked the strings of sweet-tasting boy cum from her trembling oral petals.

"I can go home and check in with my folks and then I'll be free to go out again, lady," the lad ventured. "If you want to come pick me up, maybe we could well, you know."

"Noo! I didn't know what I was doing! You shouldn't have let me do it! You took advantage of me! Get out! Get out of my car!"

"What'd I do wrong, lady?" the teenager whined. "I thought you liked it, and I know I did!" He sat up straight and started stuffing his flaccid rod back inside his pants.

"I'M sorry! I didn't mean to yell at you! It wasn't your fault! Just go away, please! Oh, I feel so dirty!" The youth threw her a puzzled, nervous look as he climbed out of the car. Then he shut the door and ran off across the sand.

Alice buried her tear-streaked face in her shaking hands and gave herself over to a fit of bitter sobbing. Never in all her life had she felt so worthless and miserable as she did now. The heat of the moment had passed, leaving her guilt-stricken and humiliated to the core. It was like a nightmare, only she was awake and it'd been all too real. She could hardly believe the damning truth about herself -- that she, a virtuous woman who'd gone to her marriage bed a virgin and had never once in fifteen years of married life ever so much as looked at another man, had on this night tricked a young boy into her car and then deprived him of his purity by sucking his dick and drinking his cum like a screaming whore.

Chapter TWO

Alice thought she would die of shame. She almost wished she could, because she didn't know if she could stand to live with herself after this. The shaken woman started her car and began driving home. As she wheeled her car, she found her shame-ridden mind wandering back to her husband. She knew it was the frustration of being sexually deprived that had caused her to behave in such a desultory way with the boy.

It had been five months since her husband died, and nearly a half year before that since he'd made love to her because of his illness. No wonder she had become sex crazed, but why did she work out some satisfaction in such a disgusting manner?

In her own shy way, Alice had enjoyed having marital relations with her husband. Now that she was getting over her grief, she realized just how much she really did miss the regular sexing of married life. Her physical needs lived on, but she had no man to satisfy them, no socially acceptable sexual outlet. Her proper period of mourning was not yet over, so Alice steadfastly refused to seriously consider dating again. Little wonder that Alice's troubled mind had begun to channel the strong desires of her healthy body toward sex.

Now, because of her past uncontrolled act with the boy, she felt she couldn't manage well at all. She had certainly tried to do her best. After paying her husband's medical and burial expenses, Alice had had barely enough money left to buy the small boarding house with which she hoped to support herself and her two fatherless children. Hal was taking the loss like a little man, but Kitty, who was only twelve, sorely missed her father. It wrenched at Alice's heart to overhear her little girl crying herself to sleep, and Kitty was still doing it once or twice a week.

"Oh, my poor children, to have a whore for a mother," she wailed. "And my poor dead husband! To think I did for a stranger what I would never do for him!"

During the early years of their marriage, her dear departed husband had frequently asked her to take his sex organ in her mouth. Alice had stubbornly refused to give in to the perverse act. Not once had she brought her face close to his loins, and never had she even considered kissing his big, hard prick for him.

But it was different with the boy, somehow, because of the boy's innocence and his smaller penis, and with the desire she'd kept bottled up inside her for so long bursting into flames and licking up into her yearning vagina, searing her viscera and driving her out of her mind with lust.

Alice had been crying hard, and now as she drove her car off the thoroughfare into the narrow street leading to her boarding house, her vision was still somewhat blurred by tears.

The shadowy figure staggered off the curb and lurched toward her just as Alice swung the Ford into the center of the street and aimed it toward her driveway. She hit the brakes, but too late. There was a sickening thump against the right front fender. The man screamed horribly as he did a backward somersault in midair. Then he hit the pavement and rolled over and over, coming to rest in the gutter.

Terrified, Alice leaped from the car and rushed over to him. He was lying there holding his back, groaning piteously. His face was a mask of excruciating pain, his features so contorted that Alice didn't recognize him at first glance.

"My back! God, Missus Darling, my ba-aacckkk! Doc Gordan! Call Doc Gordan!"

"Oh, my God, you're Mister Denton!" Alice cried, finally recognizing the drunk who'd been boarding with her for a month. She could not abide drunkards, even harmless ones like Mr. Denton, so she'd informed the small wiry man he would have to leave. This was the last night of his prepaid room and board, and now this. She'd run over the poor man, maybe broken his back. She felt awful over it, and had to struggle with herself to keep from panicking. "I'm sorry, Mister Denton! Oh, I'm so sorry! Can you walk? Maybe if I help you we can make it to the house."

"Don't move me! My back! Aaargh! Doc Gordan! I want Doc Gordan!"

"Yes! Yes, all right, I'll call him!" Alice promised, and she ran into the house, icy fingers of fear gripping at her palpitating heart.

Gordan, a large portly man of about fifty, arrived within five minutes from the time Alice called him. Together they rolled the pain-racked body of poor little Mr. Denton on a stretcher, and Alice helped lift the moaning victim of her carelessness into the back of the doctor's station wagon. She stood in the street, sick at heart and wringing her hands, watching until the taillights of the doctor's vehicle disappeared from view.

Chapter THREE

It was ten o'clock the following morning when the insurance investigator arrived. "Missus Darling?" he asked when Alice opened the door. The grief-stricken woman nodded. He introduced himself and showed her his identification, and Alice took him into the parlor. "Would you like a cup of coffee, Mister Stanley?"

"No, thank you," he replied. He was all business but gentlemanly, for he waited until Alice had settled nervously on the edge of an overstuffed chair before he took a seat on the couch facing her. Despite her guilt over the beach-boy and her remorse over poor Mr. Denton, Alice could not help noticing that the redhead seated before her was a rather handsome man. He looked freshly scrubbed and boyishly wholesome, what with his freckled skin and unruly coppery-red hair. The insurance investigator appeared to be in his late thirties, and even in Alice's troubled state of mind, he appealed to her in a way that no man other than her husband ever had. She knew she looked a mess -- her eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep and red-rimmed from crying -- and she regretted this, especially when her inquisitive gaze took note of the band of lighter skin on his ring-less ring finger.

"The police took your statement of the accident?" Alice nodded. "Last night. It was all my fault. I told them so."

His thick red eyebrows drew together in a frown. "I wish you hadn't done that. It makes it much more difficult for us to settle."

"But I ran over the poor man with my car," Alice objected. "I knocked him right up into the air. I could actually see him flipping over in midair! It was horrible, the way he screamed, I thought I'd killed him."

"But you didn't kill him."

"No. His back was badly injured, though."

"So his lawyer claims."

"It was. I could see that. He couldn't move his legs. Have you been to the hospital to see him? Did I break his back? Oh, dear Lord, I hope he isn't going to be paralyzed for life!"

"Mister Denton isn't in the hospital. He's in a room at Doctor Gordan's private office. No, I haven't seen him yet. The doctor wouldn't permit it. He claims that Mister Denton's back is broken, and that he has him in a cast and under sedation."

Alice closed her eyes with a grimace. She'd feared the worst, and now she was hearing it. A choking sob racked her body, but she shed no new tears, she had already cried herself dry.

"When your car struck Denton, Missus Darling, you say the impact hurled him into the air?"

"That's right. I could see him in the air, turning, as if he were doing a backward somersault. And he was screaming! It was dreadful, Mister Stanley. I'll never forget it for as long as I live. I feel like throwing up every time I think about it."

"Yes," he said. "Of course." And then he paused, studying on her words. "It strikes me as odd, doesn't it you?"

"Odd? What do you mean?"

"How fast were you going?"

"Oh, I don't know. Ten or fifteen miles an hour, maybe. I had started my turn into the driveway."

Stanley made a note of this. "At that rate of speed, a pedestrian should be flung to the ground, not hurled into the air, as you say. And your fender isn't even dented."

A blank stare was Alice's only reply, for she knew nothing of such matters.

"Were there any witnesses?" Stanley asked hopefully.

"None," Alice answered, shaking her head slowly. "What are you thinking, Mister Stanley? Surely you don't intend to take this to court and try to avoid paying Mister Denton. I ran the poor man down! I broke his back! He may be paralyzed! I insist that he be taken care of! What do you think I have insurance for? I've kept up the full amount. I used to think my husband carried too much insurance on everything, but when he died, I learned different. Tell me you're not going to try to cheat Mister Denton, please, because I won't let you get away with it."

The investigator smiled for the first time since he'd entered the house, and his voice took on a more friendly tone. "Your attitude is admirable, Missus Darling. But you needn't worry about my company's ethics. I can assure you that if Mister Denton's case warrants it, we'll pay to the full extent of your policy's personal liability coverage, one hundred thousand dollars. But we don't pay out that kind of money without a thorough investigation. Now, suppose you tell me exactly how the accident occurred." He took a cassette recorder from his attache case and turned it on, then leaned across and extended the microphone toward Alice. "Speak into the mike, and tell it just as it happened, please. Try not to leave out anything, no matter how unimportant it may seem to you."

Having her words recorded made Alice nervous, but she spoke clearly into the microphone and recounted the accident in all its gory detail. When she finished, her hands were trembling. Stanley instructed her to start at the first and tell it again. This irritated Alice, but when he told her that because of her initial nervousness she might possibly have left out something of importance to him in his investigation, she agreed to his request and began plodding through the gruesome details of it once more.

Then Stanley started asking her questions about Denton, and they were personal questions totally unrelated to the accident as such. He wanted to know where Denton worked, where he'd come from, how long he'd lived at the boarding house, what he did for entertainment, how much did he drink, whom did he associate with.

Alice answered as best she could, but she knew very little about Denton. All she could tell him was that Denton had boarded with her for exactly one month, that he apparently had no friends or job, and that he stayed in his room a lot and drank to excess.

"Do you carry an insurance card in your purse, Missus Darling? The one with your policy's limits of coverage listed on it."

"Why, yes I do. Why do you ask?"

"Because I see a purse on the piano. Is it yours?"

"Yes, it's mine."

"Is that where you usually leave it?"

"No, that's not where I usually leave it, but I don't see where that's any concern of yours, Mister Stanley."

He grinned. "Missus Darling, did anyone ever tell you you're downright cute when you get angry?"

Alice blushed and lowered her softening gaze. "No," she laughed, "not for years and years."

"Well, you are, and I hope you'll forgive my impudence in saying so. But the purse, it could be important. I try not to overlook anything. Do you often leave it on the piano?"

"No, not often," she replied, returning her gaze to his face and liking what she saw.

"Sometimes you do though, right?"

"I suppose I must. It's there now, isn't it?"

"And your boarders have access to the parlor?"

"Yes, of course. The TV is here, and we all have to pass through the parlor when we enter or leave the house by the front door. But there are no thieves living here. Nothing has been stolen."

"No," he said, shaking his head. "That isn't what I was thinking. Will you grant me this, Missus Darling? That Denton had the opportunity to examine the contents of your purse?"

"Why, I guess so. But why would he want to do that? As I said, nothing has been stolen from me."

Stanley changed the subject, asked for the cup of coffee she'd previously offered, and remained to chat with her for a moment on what seemed to be a purely personal level. She learned his first name was John, and that he was recently divorced. He left shortly, saying he would be in touch with her again.

The temperature had risen to the high eighties. It felt good, lazy, pleasant. John Stanley was enjoying it while it lasted. In shirt sleeves and tie -- his suit coat was in his ear -- John paused on the porch of Mrs. Darling's boarding house to suck his lungs full of the good clean air. A smile crept over his freckled boyish face as he stretched luxuriously. That Alice Darling was some kind of woman, small but stacked, and pretty as all get out. His dong gave an involuntary throb as he imagined what it might be like to bed her. He chuckled, deciding she would be well worth the trouble it would take to lay her. But it would take time, because she was clearly a lady, and business came first. John reminded himself he was on a case. He put the sweet face and desirable curvaceous body of Alice Darling out of his mind and walked out to have another look at her car.

He was glad he did, because he hadn't noticed it the first time, and he doubted the police had either, since they'd made their investigation in darkness. It was almost unnoticeable, the light film of fine dust on Mrs. Darling's Ford. No one would have noticed the faint handprint on the right front fender unless they'd been looking for it. But it was there, between the wheel well and the front end of the car, as if someone had slapped the fender.

John's suspicious mind conjured the mental image of Denton slapping the fender and then hurling himself up into the air with a backward somersault. Perhaps he was wrong, but such things had happened, and he was taking no chances. He snapped a picture of the handprint with his miniature camera. Then he opened his attache case and began trying to lift at least one clear fingerprint.

There were too many things in this case which didn't add up right, and he couldn't shake the feeling that there'd been no accident. He hadn't told Mrs. Darling, because she had enough on her mind and would find out soon enough anyway, but Denton's lawyer was threatening to sue her for a million dollars. It was a ridiculous sum, of course. Alice Darling couldn't possibly pay it. But if Denton got a court judgment for even a fourth of that amount against the comely widow, he would collect the entire hundred thousand dollars insurance money. He would also get her boarding house, and her car, and any savings she might have.

If Denton's back was really broken, why wasn't he in a hospital instead of Gordan's office? He didn't buy the doctor's statement that Denton couldn't be moved. This whole thing looked like a put-up job to the sharp investigator, a dastardly scheme to defraud his insurance company and fleece a defenseless widow of everything she owned. It smelled rotten to John, and if there was fraud, as he suspected, he intended to prove it, for both the sake of his company and the lovely Mrs. Darling. Thinking of the latter, he strode off toward his car whistling the tune of a song containing the words "How she makes me quiver, how she ma-akes me-ee sighh".

Chapter FOUR

The temperature rose into the low nineties around one that afternoon, and there was virtually no breeze at all to stir the still air. It became stuffy inside the two-story boarding house, but the weather outside was beautiful. Alice's work was done until four, when she would have to start preparing supper for her children and her remaining six boarders, all of whom were very understanding and sympathetic about the accident. She was alone in the house. Her kids were at school, and all her boarders worked during the day -- with the exception of poor Mr. Denton, who was at Gordan's as a result of her careless driving.

Alice wanted to put Mr. Denton and her troubles out of her mind for a while. She knew it would do her good to get out in the sun. She thought of taking a long brisk walk, then decided against it. But she didn't want to waste this rare summer day. On an impulse she decided a short sun bath would do her a world of good, and she started toward hers and her daughter Kitty's room to put on her swimsuit.

There was no one in the house, and her back yard had a high, concrete block fence around it, so Alice felt relatively safe from prying eyes as she emerged from her back door. Clad in her rather skimpy two-piece bathing suit and carrying a blanket under her arm, she walked gingerly on the tender soles of her bare feet out to the center of the back yard. The weather was ideal for sunbathing. She was already out here in her swimsuit, and the warm sun felt lovely on her smooth, tan akin. She shrugged off the fear of appearing ridiculous -- no one would see her anyway -- and smoothed out her blanket before she lay down on her stomach with her head cradled in her upraised arms.

"Mmm," she sighed aloud. "Oh, this is nice, whether it would appear that I'm not concerned about Mr. Denton or not."

She began to perspire. It felt good. She stretched, and pressed her loins against the coolness of the good earth filtering up through her blanket. Alice was thinking of John Stanley now, and the pressure against her clefted mound sent a surprisingly pleasant sensation rippling through her abdomen. Automatically she associated the pleasurably sensual feeling with John. She wriggled about, thinking how virile and good-looking John was, wondering how it would be with him. Alice blushed and shoved the indecent thought from her mind. It was entirely unacceptable to her. She was still in mourning, a widow, and after last night, she knew she was going to have to be on constant guard against the sinful nature of her secret inner being.

After about ten minutes, Alice turned over onto her back. She didn't want to burn. About ten more minutes, with the deeply penetrating rays of the sun warming and relaxing the front of her well proportioned body, she would go into the house and take a nice cool shower. She didn't want to spend too much time out here.

It was perhaps three minutes later when Alice got the uncomfortable feeling that hungry male eyes were staring at here. She ignored it for a moment, telling herself that she was only imagining it, but the sensation became all the stronger. Shading her eyes with her loft forearm, she opened her eyelids and peered nervously about.

Someone was indeed watching her, but when she saw who it was, she smiled and relaxed. It was only Jimmy, the thirteen-year-old son of the couple who lived next door. Nothing but his head was visible. Apparently he was seated in a chair at the window of his upstairs bedroom. Alice waved at him, and the kid waved back.

The poor child was mentally retarded.

Alice had only a speaking acquaintance with Jimmy's father, but she was getting to know his mother and the boy. She liked them both. In spite of Jimmy's mental retardation, he was physically well developed, a truly handsome little guy, and reasonably easy to manage. As a neighborly favor, Alice had watched after Jimmy a couple of times while his mother had gone shopping. She felt sorry for the boy, and even more so for Ida. All in all, Jimmy was a sweet boy -- toilet trained and able to feed, dress and bathe himself -- but as a mother herself, Alice knew how heartbreaking it must be to have a child who would still be the mental equivalent of an eight-year-old when he was fifty and losing his hair to baldness.

Considering Alice's estimate of Jimmy as a harmless child to be pitied, one can easily understand how shocked she was when the physically precocious thirteen-year-old stood up and showed her his prick. And that's exactly what he did. Jimmy jumped up stark naked inside his open bedroom window, waving at Alice with one hand, while with the other he waggled at her a rearing erection that looked ridiculously large for his age and body size.

Flabbergasted, the sunbathing young woman could only suck in her startled breath and stare with openmouthed astonishment at the ludicrous sight. As she watched with a sense of horrified fascination, Jimmy began moving his hand up and down the turgid white column of his oversized penis, exposing to her unblinking eyes over and over again the rosy-red meat of his enlarged dickhead. The little bugger was jacking off right before her eyes!

This was something she would never have expected, from Jimmy of all people. But he was doing it, and for her benefit, too. He apparently wanted her to watch. He seemed to be proud of what he was doing. Was he showing off to her? Did he think she would want to see such a disgusting performance?

Alice didn't know what Jimmy was thinking, but if he thought seeing him masturbate would excite her, he was right! She didn't want to admit it, even to herself, but she was suddenly dizzy with desire as she lay there watching the little kid stroke, his lovely, man-sized organ. She couldn't tear her gaze away. The lewd spectacle held her spellbound. She could feel the juices flowing inside her vagina. She licked longingly at her lips without being aware of doing so. By the time Jimmy's cum spurted onto the screen and began trickling down to his window sill, the crotch of Alice's bathing suit bottom was wet and slick. It had affected her that much and that fast.

My God, what's wrong with me?! she screamed silently, flushing with shame as, belatedly, she snatched up her blanket and ran into the house.

Disgusted with herself, Alice threw the blanket on the bed she shared with her daughter and plopped down with her head between her shaking hands. Her elbows resting on her trembling thighs, she remained motionless for several minutes, her chest heaving as she stared blankly down at her dainty toes and tried to get a grip on herself. She could not. There was a fire inside her sex-starved loins, and it refused to go out...

Groaning, she flung herself back on the bed and mauled the aching orbs of her luscious big breasts. The soles of her feet dug into the mattress. She ripped off the top of her swimsuit and spread her legs, whimpering and sobbing as she tweaked harshly at the tender, swollen cones of her tumescent, coral nipples, her hips pumping up and down in an almost insane desire to be screwed.

"I'M LOSING MY MIND!" she wailed, leaping off the bed as soon as she realized how horrible she was acting. "I'VE GOT TO HAVE RELIEF!"

A cold shower had never been more in order. If that didn't work, Alice didn't know what she would do. She had never indulged in the solitary sin of masturbation, but Alice was sorely tempted to give it a try now. When she pulled off the bottom of her bathing suit, she saw that the inside of its crotch fairly sparkled with her sticky cuntal fluids. So did her groin. The crisp, dark hair of her pubic triangle was plastered to her skin in shimmering wet ringlets. The lips of her sex stood out all puffed up and red, pouting and quivering.

It was incredible to her how swiftly she'd been excited because she'd watched a mentally retarded kid jack off. The obscene display should've turned her off, not on! In her mind's eye she could still see Jimmy's organ spitting cum. This was terribly upsetting to Alice, because even now she still wished she'd been able to get her lips on him and have his sperm jetting into her mouth instead of being wasted on a damned window screen. Thoughts like this were enough to shake the faith of a morally upright woman such as Alice.

The doorbell rang just as Alice spun on the cold water tap and braced herself to jump into the icy shower. She grumbled to herself as she turned off the water and slipped into her robe. Clutching the intimate garment over her breasts and loins, she padded barefoot up the hall and through the parlor. It was Ida, her next-door neighbor, all dressed and smiling brightly, with her son Jimmy, fully dressed now, standing expressionless at her side.

"Oh, did I wake you, Alice? Were you having a nap? I was hoping you, could look after Jimmy for a couple of hours while I run downtown. Would you mind terribly?"

After what Jimmy had done, Alice most certainly did mind. She was scared, not of the boy, but of what she herself might do if left along with him in her present condition. But how could she refuse without telling Ida that her mentally deficient son was an exhibitionist? She couldn't do it, though her better judgment told her she was making a mistake, because the poor woman had a heavy enough burden to bear already.

She found herself assuring Ida that she'd be glad to, and telling her not to worry about Jimmy, because he was no bother at all. Then his mother was gone, and she and Jimmy were alone in the parlor, and the boy's dull, almond-shaped eyes were losing their dullness, beginning to gleam lustfully, and he was moving toward her, the front of his trousers tenting way, way out.

"Jimmy," Alice said, clutching her robe together and backing unsurely away from the slowly advancing dimwit, "what you did... it wasn't very nice. I did not like it. I don't want you ever to do that again. Do you hear me, Jimmy? Don't look at me that way! Stop! Right here! Stay in the parlor and watch TV! I'm going to my room and get dressed! No! You mustn't follow me!"

Jimmy could speak when he wanted to, but he wasn't speaking now. The gleam in his dark, almond eyes wasn't exactly threatening, and he wasn't frying to touch Alice yet, but he wasn't paying any attention to her. He matched her step for step as she backed fearfully into the hallway, keeping distance between them as she made her way toward the safety of the bedroom she shared with her daughter.

Spittle drooled from one corner of the youth's mouth. The expression on his handsome face revealed at a glance what was on his dull mind. He licked his full lips and made a funny noise in his throat, his eyes smoldering as they swept devouringly up and down the robed body of the cringing young widow.

"I want... want to... fuck you," Jimmy said bluntly, his speech faltering, the way it did when he became excited.

"Jimmy!" Alice scolded, feeling along the wall for the knob as she neared the door to her bedroom. "For heaven's sake, don't talk that way! It's vulgar... and you couldn't possibly know what you're saying!"

He grinned, and slipped into the room with her when the shocked young woman opened the door and backed inside. "I know. There was woman... What used to live... other side of our house... and she... she liked me. A lot. Sandra was good to me... liked me... said I have a big cock... and she let me... in her bed. I never told nobody... but you now. And I won't tell... my mother about... us, Missus Darling. Won't never, never tell! Here... look at my cock again! You want to see it! Up close this time?"

"No! Jimmy, don't! Leave that thing in your pants!" But the boy already had his erected organ out. Apparently he knew the power it held over Alice, for he watched her eyes and began skinning his dick back and forth. "You like it?" he asked, stepping to within a foot of her, grinning lewdly as he took her wrist, her robe falling open at the top to reveal her magnificent breastworks as he drew her reluctant, trembling hand down toward his cock. "Touch it," he urged, and placed her palm on the thick, pulsing shaft.

"Nooh... oh, nooooo!" Alice whimpered, her fingers taking it upon themselves to encircle the circumference of his hypnotizing dong.

Alice didn't want to hold Jimmy's hot penis, but she couldn't seem to get that message through to her hand. It clung to his shaft, stroking it. She could hardly get her breath. When she looked down between their bodies, she was shocked to see both of her hands eagerly fondling the desirable prick. Her robe hung open all the way down the front, giving the mentally deficient boy a look at everything she had.

"Pretty," he mumbled, his hot little hands roaming her titties and belly. "The bed. Come on. We gonna fuck... Me and you... real good, too!"

"This is sheer madness!" Alice whined, forcing her hands to give up the poker-stiff column of appealing cockflesh. "No, Jimmy, we can't! It's out of the question! Please... oh, please don't!"

Jimmy's breath was labored now, his eyes glassy with lust. He drew down the robe from the shoulder of the shivering, softly sobbing young widow, and let it fall to the floor about her feet. Then he took her beautiful, naked body in his arms and brought his lips to hers, his eyes gazing into hers as he simultaneously stabbed the hot spear, of his throbbing erection into the softness of her belly and drove his tongue into the warm cavern of her yielding wet mouth.


The agonized groan hurled itself up from the depths of Alice's tortured body, and she knew she was going to let this dull-witted boy skewer her with his big, sweet dick. It felt marvelous boring into her abdomen. There was no use pretending. Despite her shame over the indecency of it, she was wild to have his massive organ inside her, to feel it thrusting into her weeping vagina, where no man but her departed husband had ever been. She uttered a gurgling sound of submission and threw her arms around him, hugging him, rubbing against him and sucking his persuasive tongue hungrily.

Caught up in a steamy fog us lust, Alice was only dimly aware that she was moaning and writhing about on the bed as she watched Jimmy stripping off his clothes.


The voice, ragged with passion, belonged to a woman, and Alice's shame nearly scalded her as she recognized the words as her own.

Then Jimmy appeared above her, his bare chest grazing the sensitive tips of her tumid nipples, his turgid penis slapping between her upper thighs and poking erratically at her groin. A slave to her feverish desire by this time, Alice reached down and took the flopping prong in her hand. She skinned it back and guided the bald dome into the shimmering wetness of her coral cunt lips, tugging at it, wedging the huge crown into her fluted portal.

"OH, GOD, YOU'RE BIGGG!!!" she wailed, wincing with a delicious burst of pain as her hairy slot opened and took in the flesh-splitting head of his member.

"NNN!" Jimmy grunted, lunging downward and impaling her with one vicious thrust.

Jimmy's phallus was bigger than her husband's had been. Alice sucked in her breath raggedly and shuddered with pleasured shock when she felt it ramming deep into her cock-starved belly. The head of his dick banged into her womb, jarring her teeth. A fraction of a second later his mound crashed against her soft mons veneris, jolting her tiny body. His dangling testicles swung forward and made a salacious slap as they whacked into the crack of her quivering ass cheeks.

She threw back her head and vented the ecstasy of her mixture of pleasure and pain with guttural groans from the core of her delighted being: "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHGGGHHHHHH!!!"

Evidently Sandra, the woman Jimmy had mentioned, had liked her sexing rough, because the big-dicked boy began cramming the cock to Alice hard and fast the instant he'd hit cunt-bottom. He didn't give her time to catch her breath, so she couldn't tell him to slow down and take it easy. He knocked the wind out of her as fast as she sucked it into her lungs. His oversized instrument reamed into the stretched opening of her fluttering, hair-fringed hole with long, rapid thrusts, pushing and pulled at the gripping ring of her cuntal petal, while the hard rubber head of his rod battered away at the neck of her pear-shaped uterus, bruising the tender flesh of that most feminine of all female organs.

"IT HURTS, JIMMY!" she cried, her hands gripping the bedspread beside her hips. "I CA-CAN'T BREATHE! OHHHHHHHH... OH, YOU'RE KILLING ME! GOD, IT HURTS SOOO GOOOOODDDD!!!"

This was the first screwing Alice had had in a year, and the roughest, most deeply penetrating one ever. The mentally retarded boy was a wild, panting thing between her out flung legs. The incessant thrusting of his womb-jamming dong into the moist, responsive sheath of her snug vagina kept her grunting and groaning constantly. It was heaven and hell, all rolled into one. This kind of sex was brand new to Alice. There was no love involved, no tenderness, both of which she'd been used to with her husband. Jimmy was taking her ruthlessly, using her body for his own pleasure, rutting his firm young dick into her with blind, raging lust.

"YESSS... OH, LORD, YESSS!!! FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE!!!" Alice screeched, her head lolling rapturously from side to side as she drew up her legs and began working with him.

She was caught up in the frenzied emotion of this raw sexing. Pleasure bombarded her lust-fogged brain. Illicit thrills raced about in her rippling belly as she started humping her dribbling snatch up to meet the inrushing length of pistoning pecker, making her oblivious of everything else. It no longer mattered to Alice that Jimmy was a moron, and only thirteen, because he had a real big cock and was giving her the most thorough screwing of her life, and it was glorious.

"AAAAAAHH -- AAAAHHHHHHHH!" she squealed, grabbing the muscular cheeks of Jimmy's arcing rump as her loins tightened in orgasmic readiness. A tremor racked her sweat-sheened body as the full impact of her intense climax hit her.


Alice clung to the boy's buttocks, shuddering uncontrollably and sobbing brokenly as her insides convulsed rhythmically around his hot, jabbing organ. She'd expected him to thrust it all the way into her and join her in this moment of ecstasy, as her husband had always done. But Jimmy wasn't ready to cum yet. He fucked her all the harder, driving his long dong a mile a minute into the squishing canal of her spasmodically clutching sheath. It was ungodly good to be screwed so hard while she was cumming, and cumming, and cumming! Alice thought her soul rending orgasm would never end. She could hear herself screaming with the agonizing bliss of it. And then it was over, and she had found the blessed relief which she'd so desperately needed.

The relief from her widowly suffering lasted no longer than had the outpouring of pent-up sexual tensions which had affected it, however, for Jimmy gave her no respite. He kept powering the hard man meat to her, his sturdy piston pumping the sump of her well-oiled penile receptacle. In less than a minute he'd caught her ebbing passion and fanned the embers of her carnal desire into a new bonfire of blazing lust. Alice was hotter than ever now. The flames of her sexual craving licked searingly up into her rippling, sweat-slick belly.

"OH, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!" she whined, burying her face in the crook of the lad's neck.

Her hands skidded caressingly over his back. Her legs lifted and coiled around him like two gripping pythons. She locked her trim ankles over the small of his back and began spurring the clenching and unclenching cheeks of his wildly gyrating butt.

The boy had no more to give her. He was already fucking into her like some demented being, and his heavy balls were drawing up toward his groin. His orgasm was imminent and he was lost in the fit of tormenting bliss preceding it.

Alice could feel the boy's stalk twitching erratically as he socked it to her with shorter and harder jabs. It was too soon. His big, lovely phallus had plunged her to the depths of animal depravity, and when she wanted more than anything in the world to go on fucking for hours, he was going to cum! She pounded his buttocks with the heels of her flailing feet and raked his back with her fingernails, wailing out in anguish: "NOT YET, JIMMY! OH, DARLING, PULEEAEEESSS! DON'T CUM YET! HOLD IT BACK AND... AAH, AAH... FUCK ME, FUCK ME. FFUUUCCKK MMMEEEEEE!!!"

For a few seconds longer the kid gave her exactly what she was so shamelessly begging for. Then all at once he rammed his thumping pole taproot deep into the red-lipped gash of her hairy hole. Jimmy squealed shrilly, then began grunting and drooling saliva on her shoulders as his jerking cock spewed a geyser-like stream of hot, sticky cum into the moist heat of her palpitating abdomen. It gushed from his swollen cockhead at point-blank range, and the glutenous mass of streaming sperm splashed luridly over the ultra-sensitive mouth of her fluttering womb.

"NOOH... OH, NOOOOO!" she whined, shaking her head in protest, for she was nowhere near ready for this. But she could feel keenly his scalding semen shooting into her, and this provided a lesser but purely wicked thrill of its own. She held him into her right up to his balls and began sobbing softly.

When he withdrew his shrinking penis and flopped down beside her, Alice didn't hesitate for a second. His spongy tool glistened wetly with the slime of their mixed sexual secretions, but it was in no way repulsive to her. Indeed not, for in her present state of bitch-dog heat, the flaccid, sex-slick peter looked deliciously suckable.

Alice's gorgeous tits hung down from her chest, juggling enticingly while, she knelt beside Jimmy and lowered her head toward his fragrant genitals. She cradled his relaxing nuts in the palm of her left hand and captured with the eager fingers of her right hand the slippery eel of his deflating peter. The delicate features of her pretty face were contorted with lust as she lifted the limber organ and took the sperm smeared head into the soft red circle of her puffy oral petals.

"MMMM... UUUMMMM!" she sighed, holding his stem erect and sucking into her mouth the top three inches, her tongue sliding round and around the leachy tube of secretion-coated dickflesh.

The pungent flavor of their combined fuck juices bit sharply into her tingling taste buds. She moaned and took the whole of his shrunken organ into her mouth, her lips and tongue working greedily to clean it of every delicious drop. Only dimly aware of her licentious action, Alice glued her tender lips to the whimpering child's fatty mound and sucked down harshly. Maintaining the strong suction, she lifted her head slowly, letting her lips draw out obscenely around his soft shaft. She pulled up on it, her cheeks sinking in and quivering. She paused with nothing but his tumescent glands remaining in her hungry mouth, her small pink tongue laying slavishly at the boy's velvet-smooth bulb.

Her urgent need for more screwing had brought the sexually deprived young widow to her knees, and she'd willingly taken his soiled pecker into her mouth. Her primary mission was to coax Jimmy's pleasure giving prong back to a state of full erection, so she could experience feeling it ramming in and out of her sperm-dripping cunt. Her desire to be fucked had never been stronger. But Jimmy had ejaculated twice already this afternoon. His penis was sluggish and slow to respond, so her work was cut out for her.

No matter. In Alice's condition of wild arousal, it was almost as good to have his delicious organ in her hot hungry mouth as in her steaming, snapping pussy. From the top of her pretty head down to the tips of her dainty toes, the comely young widow was nothing but a feverish hunk of slavering female fuckstuff. Her mind was out of it by this time. Alice had no will of her own. The raging need within her body ruled her mind completely. There wasn't an inch of Jimmy's beautiful boyish body that her lips were not eager to sample.

"OH, DEAR GOD, I'M ON FIRE!" she moaned, letting the half-hard tube of his reawakening peter slip from her suctioning oral cavern with a wet, lascivious slurp.

Alice swung between the kid's legs and began licking his balls and planting wet kisses all over his sweaty groin. Her tongue slithered under his wrinkled scrotum and scrubbed the inch of flesh between his genitals and his anus. She hadn't intended to, and wasn't conscious of how she arrived there, but all of a sudden her lips were pressed to the darling boy's crinkled anal region, and the tip of her exploring tongue found itself tickling right into the somewhat smelly buttonhole of his tiny rectum.

The strong musky scent between his warm, sweat moist asscheeks excited Alice tremendously. She inhaled deeply of the heady aroma and, all at once, she had the insane desire to lick into his body. It was incredible to her that she should want to do such a vile, filthy thing, but she was beyond reason, lost for the present in the raging inferno of an all-consuming lust. Instead of resisting her depraved urge, she emitted a whimper-like sob and stuck her tongue right into the lad's tight, hot asshole.

The dark brown taste inside his murky anal canal made Alice's senses real. She couldn't believe that she, a virtuous widow who had always been disgusted by any sort of perversion, actually had her mouth pressed to an asshole and her tongue rammed up it. The gross vulgarity of what she was doing, especially with suck a young, retarded child, slammed luridly into her spinning mind. She moaned piteously and started licking eyen deeper onto the furnace-like tunnel of Jimmy's elastic butthole.

I CANT HELP MYSELF! I DONT EVEN WANT TO! she groaned inwardly, letting herself wallow in the muck of carnality which was sucking her down like quicksand. I'm so hottt! Even his asshole is good! I've no shame left... ohhhhhh... none at at all. This is such a filthy thing to do! It's a crime against nature... a horrible sin! But, oh, God, it's soo ex-ccittinnggg!!!

As for Jimmy, the boy merely lay there gasping with pleasure while this beautiful neighbor lady held his sweaty buttocks apart with her fingers and plunged her hot, wet tongue rapid-fire in and out of his erogenous rectum. This was something Sandra had never done.

Alice must've kissed the boy's asshole a hundred times once she let her nasty urge have its way, and she shivered with pleasure herself as she ran the pointed insatiable tongue round and around the winking rim of his saliva-slick anal ring.

"OH, YOU LITTLE DARLING! YOU PRECIOUS BOY!" she moaned, her lips nibbling his balls while she kissed her way back up toward his scrumptious pecker.

He'd regained his lost erection, and the sight of his rampant organ made her cunt-lips quiver with joy. But her yearning vagina could have to wait its turn, for Alice was reveling in the sordidness of her emerging orality. She felt like a cannibal as if she could eat this sweet child alive, cock first.

"IT'S BEAUTIFUL, JIMMY! I LOVE YOUR COCK! IT'S SO BIG AND HARD AND HOT!" She grasped his shaft and started popping his foreskin back and forth over the flare of his coronal ridge. Then, she moaned and began kissing the head each time she drew back its protective hood. "I LOVE YOU!" she gushed, and this time she was speaking directly to his cock, between lewd kisses upon it.


She drew his foreskin up with her fingers and wrapped her lips around the loose folds. It was difficult for her to breathe now. She captured the morsel of silky peter skin and sucked it out tautly into her ravenous mouth, her lips nibbling on the softness as she nipped it lovingly with her teeth. Alice had never been so excited, so totally turned on.

Without knowing it, she was discovering one of the world's oldest religions. She was a prime candidate for conversion to the ancient cult of Phallic Worship, for already she had willingly prostrated herself before this gorgeous idol of its great god PHALLUS. Suddenly it was impossible for her to lavish enough affection upon Jimmy's penis. Panting for breath, she rubbed her face over it, licked every delicious inch of it with her worshipful tongue.

In a frenzy of lust, she jerked his prepuce up and down, exposing again and again to her wildly kissing lips the rosy red head of his mushrooming glands. She couldn't stand it. Alice felt lightheaded delirious. The urge to devour his cock whole overwhelmed her. With a strangled cry of carnal longing, she opened her mouth and engulfed the top half of his bloated organ.

The slitted tip of his bluntly rounded crown buried itself in the soft lining at the back of her throat. A gurgling mewl escaped the enlarged openings of her passion-flared nostrils. She bore down, forcing the huge glands into the upper region on her throat. Even that wasn't enough. She had to have it all. Fitfully she lunged her head downward.

Her eyelids blinked rapidly as the boy's taut skinned bulb popped swabbingly down into the ringed portion of her throat. She took it all, refusing to stop until her nose flattened against his pubis and her puffy lips were pressed salaciously into the sparseness of coarse dark hair surrounding the thick base of his wonderful boy dick. She groaned and began swallowing reflexively around her mouthful of pulsing meat, her entire body shivering with delight as the rings in her straining throat rippled caressingly up and down the forefront of his orally imprisoned dong.

Alice would've gladly remained that way all day, with his prick lodged in her swan-like throat and his boyish balls juggling around the point of her nuzzling chin, but she couldn't breathe. She had to come up for air. Sucking down with gluttonous delight, she drew up slowly, her cheeks folding inward, and molding themselves to his powerful shaft, her soft, red lips pulling out from her face, dragging jerkily around the gleaming wet cockstem. Her tongue whipped furiously over his sleek crown before she finally allowed it to slip from between her suckingly distended oral petals with a deliberately loud and lewd slurping noise.

The lust-crazed widow leaped astride the reclining lad and impaled herself cuntally on the throbbing shaft of his turgid masculinity.

"JESUS... SWEET JEE-SUSSS!!!" she rasped, her expression mirroring her rapture when the inflamed labia of her hairy hole gobbled the final inch of his huge prong and snuggled right up to his groin.

A series of tremors racked her petite body as she ground her hips in a tight circle with his organ womb-deep into her belly. Then she began bouncing up and down on his horn, pulling her hair and shaking her head as her lovely big tits flopped and swayed. A constant stream of ecstatic cries poured from her drawn back lips.

Alice achieved her second climax in less than a minute, and it was excruciatingly intense this time. She collapsed atop the moronic youth, blubbering and sobbing and shaking all over, as her insides clutched convulsively at the full length of his long fat dick.

She was in the final throes of her orgasmic fulfillment when she felt his organ twitch a warning that his cum was ready to blow. She didn't know what made her do it, but she let out a yelp and uncocked her cunt. The next thing she knew she was kneeling between Jimmy's legs. She had his cunt-coated prick in her mouth again, and it was going off, squirting torrents of, bubbling sperm into her mouth. The foamy flow from his youthful balls bathed her tongue and filled her mouth.

It was unbelievably sweet Alice realized this was exactly what she wanted. He was cumming into her mouth, and she dearly loved it. Greedily she began gulping down his gluey white sperm, whimpering and moaning as she did so, and her heart of hearts she hoped he would pump her a cupful of his scrumptious cum.

Afterward, Jimmy acted as if nothing out-of-the-way had happened. He talked freely now. Alice knew she didn't have to worry about anyone discovering her sin. Jimmy knew he had to keep quiet about what they'd done, as he had concerning his affair with the woman named Sandra, though he didn't fully understand why.

Alice realized the boy's mentality wasn't sufficiently developed to grasp the entire complicated concept of sin and moral wrong doing. Her first impulse was to pity the handsome stud of a youth, but after a second thought, his innocent attitude toward sex somehow struck her as natural and beautiful, and she found herself almost wishing she could be as free and easy about it as he was.

She smiled sadly but sweetly and embraced Jimmy with a surprising lack of remorse over what they'd done. She knew she should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for fornicating with the adolescent moron, but she wasn't. Oh, there was a smattering of shame, because she couldn't escape it completely, but it was insignificant compared to the glowing sense of physical well-being which pervaded the curvaceous form of her sexually satisfied body.

"It was wonderful, Jimmy," she cooed. "I might even let you do it to me again sometime. Would you like that, Darling?"

"Oh, I would, Missus Darling!" he exclaimed, hugging her. "More than anything!"

She chuckled softly to herself, thinking. God, I feel good! I must've needed it worse than I thought. Might as well face facts. I'm a widow and a mother, but I'm also a woman, with all the physical needs of any other woman. There's no denying that now. I'll just have to love with it, and satisfy those normal needs as discreetly as lean from now on. Why shouldn't I? I have a right to what happiness I can wring out of my life.

But it wasn't all that easy to become a modern, morally liberated woman. There was more to it than simply making up her mind, Alice learned. She was bucking a code of ethics which had been taught her when she was a girl and reinforced daily in a thousand subliminal ways throughout her teens and adult life. Reason told her she should be free to choose her own life style, but her emotions told her otherwise, and emotions are so much stronger than reason.

The shame started after the heat of the moment had ended and Jimmy's mother had taken him home, and there was nothing Alice could do but suffer. Her suffering wasn't as severe as it had been following the interlude with the beach boy, though, and there was only a slight hangover of guilt over her sexual misbehavior when she arose the next morning.

Her guilt over running down poor Mr. Denton was another matter however, and after her children and boarders left for the day, she drove to Dr. Gordan's. One look at Mr. Denton and she broke out sobbing. He was in a cast from hips to chest, and seemed to be in agony despite the pain-relieving injection she saw the doctor give him. When Mr. Denton informed her he was suing her for a million dollars, Alice only winced and nodded numbly. She couldn't blame him after what she'd done to the man. Her heart went out to the pitiful little drunk, and she found herself offering to wait on him hand and foot in her boarding house when he became well enough to leave his bed in a back room of the doctor's suite of old, dingy offices.

John Stanley dropped by on Friday evening, and Alice took the insurance investigator into the kitchen where they could talk privately.

"I could just as easily have phoned you," he admitted, his green eyes smiling above the rim of his coffee cup as he gazed across the table at Alice. "The truth is, I wanted to see you again."

Alice returned John's self-conscious smile before she blushed and lowered her gaze. She'd wanted to see him again, too, and now that he was here, sitting alone in the kitchen with her, she couldn't help thinking about him in a sexual way. There was something about the virile-looking redhead which struck the secret cord of her newly awakened sensuality.

But if John was on the make, she couldn't tell it. Once he'd admitted wanting to see her, he got right down to business. He'd evidently been earning his investigator's salary, for he informed Alice that he'd traced Denton back to another city, where, five years previously, Denton had had a similar accident which had broken his back and left him invalided for life, supposedly. The court had awarded Denton two hundred thousand dollars, and he'd collected it all, part from insurance and part from the bank account of the elderly rich lady whose automobile had struck him in a downtown intersection in front of several witnesses.

"It was either fraud or Denton had a miraculous recovery," Stanley commented dryly. "And I don't believe in miracles. What makes it even more fishy, guess who his doctor was."

"Doctor Gordan?" Alice asked cautiously.

"One and the same. Are you getting the picture now, Alice? It looks like you're being played for a patsy."

"But Doctor Gordan, why would he take such a risk? It would ruin him, wouldn't it, if he were exposed? And Mister Denton, why, I knocked him for a loop... and I'd almost swear he was badly injured!"

"Being a physician doesn't automatically make a man a saint, honey," John said, throwing in the endearment and watching its slight effect appear in the form of a half smile on Alice's fine-boned face. "At best, Gordan appears to be an unsavory character, despite his professional standing. He left the last city one step ahead of the law. He was under investigation there. They suspected him of performing illegal abortions."

"As far as Denton is concerned, he wouldn't be the first slick con man to cheat his way through life. He had no visible means of support either. And get this: Denton was a circus acrobat before he started hitting the bottle. There's no telling how many times he's pulled this stunt and settled out of court. No, baby, I'm convinced now. These birds are vultures out to defraud my company and pick the meat off your financial bones... and I'm going to prove it."

Alice didn't know what to believe. She lay awake for hours that night, tossing fitfully, fretting over it, worrying. If Mr. Denton's back had been broken when she hit him with her car, then she wanted him to be adequately compensated, but not to the extent of leaving her penniless! On the other hand, if John was right in his suspicions that she was the innocent victim of a vicious hoax, then she wanted Denton to get nothing and would gladly see both Denton and Gordan sent to prison. But the accident had seemed so sickeningly real... and Mr. Denton was at Dr. Gordan's in a cast. She was sorely troubled and confused.

Chapter FIVE

John Stanley asked Alice to go out with him, and though her proper period of mourning was less than half over, she accepted with only slight hesitation. She felt awkward and nervous on their first date, as if somehow she was being unfaithful to the memory of her dearly departed husband. Alice's dating discomfort was partly due to the sullen, how-could-you-mother-attitude of her twelve-year-old daughter Kitty, even though the girl didn't voice her obvious disapproval. It was different with Hal, thank goodness for Alice's peace of mind. Her son was older and more understanding, and Hal liked John.

However, somewhat to the sexually reawakening widow's chagrin, John's gentlemanly behavior resulted in only the mildest forms of physical intimacy, certainly nothing which could've caused Alice to feel guilty. On their first date he only held her hand and gave her a proper good-night kiss at the door. During their second date, at a drive-in movie, John took her in his strong arms and held her close while he kissed her several times, murmuring how beautiful and desirable she was and expressing with almost fearful timidity that he thought he was falling for her. He didn't attempt to feel her up, though, and Alice, mildly confused and half-willing to be seduced, experienced a slight sense of disappointment.

They went dancing on their third date. John plied her with liquor until she was tipsy. He held her close as they danced, flattening her luscious big breasts against his masculine chest and rubbing his semi-erect penis against the womanly softness her barely rounded lower abdomen. By the time he took Alice home, he had got her into a very receptive mood. His arm encircled her, his hand cupping a tit as he led her up the steps and across the porch of her boarding house. He turned off the porch light before he kissed her, and as he fed his tongue into the moist sweetness of her warms willing mouth, he backed her against the wall, groping her appealing buttocks, Frenching her fiercely and nearly boring a hole in her belly with the virile spear of his rock-hard dick. When he had her panting for it, he said good night and tripped lightly down the steps, whistling as he strode down the walkway to his car.

Alice wanted to scream, she was so frustrated. He had got her wildly aroused and caused her cunt to juice up with yearning for him, then he had kissed the tip of her cute nose and left her hanging, just when he was his to do with as he pleased.

The redhead's actions had affected Alice just as he'd hoped they would. On their next date he would fuck her. He wanted her badly, but not while she was drunk. He had misjudged her capacity for alcohol, and he didn't want to take unfair advantage of her, as this was not his way with women he respected. When he took Alice he wanted her to be completely sober, so that she would know exactly what she was doing.

"Where are you taking me tonight, John? You didn't say when you called," Alice said, sliding across to the middle of the seat as they drove away from her house at eight-twenty. "Am I suitably dressed?"

He put his arm around her and drew her closer. When she snuggled up to him with a soft sigh, he put his hand on her breast and gave it a squeeze. "You've never looked lovelier," he assured. "I'm taking you to my apartment."

"Oh," Alice breathed, and a flash of anticipation tingled up her spine. She didn't have to ask why. The tone of his voice and the way he tweaked her nipple through her blouse and bra made his intentions perfectly clear. "Why tonight?" she asked. "Like this."

"I don't follow you, honey."

"The other night you were very romantic, whereas now you're being almost painfully blunt," she explained. "I don't quite know how to take you, John, and I don't think I like being propositioned this way. I'm not sure I want to go to bed with you tonight. This is what you want, isn't it?"

He nodded. "Since the first time I laid eyes on you."

"Then why didn't you take me the other night, after we'd been dancing? Didn't you know how much I wanted you then?"

"I knew," he replied, weighing the lush mound of her right tit with the palm of his hand. "But you were too tipsy. Alice, I'm going to level with you. We're both responsible adults, and I respect you too much to hand you a line. Right now I'm a pretty mixed-up guy. My ex really hurt me. I don't know if I'll ever want to get married again. You're a decent woman. I won't deceive you even a little bit. I think I love you, and I damned well know I want you... but I'm not promising you a thing."

When Alice said nothing, John took his arm from around her and put both hands on the wheel. "Well, I guess I blew it, didn't I? Do you want me to take you home?"

Alice put her hand on his thigh. "No, John, I don't want to go home yet. We'll go to your apartment, though I'm not promising to go to bed with you. You see, Darling, I feel pretty much the same way you do. And I appreciate your honesty. Yes, let's just relax and be ourselves, why don't we? As you say, we're both responsible adults, and life doesn't come with guarantees, does it?"

"You're some kind of woman," John said. He put his arm around her again and hugged her with genuine affection.

Alice smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. She patted his thigh but said nothing. It was nice to be with him like this, with all the normal pretexts of dating cast aside. There was little doubt in her mind, she was almost sure she was going to have intercourse with John. But her womanly intuition told her to leave him in suspense.

"You're not much of a housekeeper, are you?" Alice asked when they entered John's clothes-strewn efficiency apartment. "I see you made the bed up nice and neat, though."

He grinned sheepishly and began picking up the articles of clothing lying about. "It's a hide-a-bed."

"So I see," Alice replied, amused at his sudden discomfiture.

"If you'd like... I mean if the bed makes you uneasy, it would only take me a second to turn it back into a couch."

She laughed, and it felt good to be laughing again. Amazed at how relaxed she felt, Alice told him, "Don't bother, John. It's fine the way it is. Here, give me those clothes. Why don't you make us a drink while I finish tidying up for you?"

John made drinks and put on a stereo tape while Alice flitted about, humming as she straightened up the small apartment for him. Other than the humming, she moved silently, for she'd kicked off her high-heeled pumps and was walking around in her stocking feet. All this pleased John more than be was willing to say. There was an intimacy of the finest sort between them now. He enjoyed the company of this beautiful young widow, and he knew they were going to have a very pleasant evening together, whether or not he managed to get his eager dick into the sweetness of her small, shapely body.

Alice padded over to John and accepted with equal grace the drink, the pat on the ass and the thanks he gave her for picking up after him. He pulled her down on his lap, and she cuddled right up to him. They sat there in the overstuffed chair, saying nothing, merely smiling and sipping their drinks as they listened to the soft, dreamy music from his stereo tape player. If they were cats, they would've both been purring.

"Dance with me," John said when they'd finished their drinks.

She nodded and slid off his lap. He kicked off his shoes and they danced in their stocking feet, their bodies close together and their arms around one another at the waist. Alice rested her head on his shoulder. This was lovely. When she felt his hands caressing the upper slope of her buttocks, moving lower inch by inch, she merrily sighed and closed her eyes.

Yes, Darling, she encouraged him with secret thought, forming the words in her mind as if she were actually saying them to him. Fondle my bottom, I want you to!

As if in answer to her unspoken request, John stroked the appealing contours of her soft, full asscheeks. Then he cupped them from below, lifting them, and pulled her loins tighter against his.

"Mmmm," Alice sighed, and she hugged him. Her womanly breasts flattened against his muscular chest. She could feel his penis growing between their bodies, but she didn't pull away, "This is nice, isn't it, John?"

"Uh-huh. Because it's with you." He pulled up the back of her skirt and began stroking the warm mounds of her resilient buttocks through the sheer nylon of her white panties. "I can't help myself, Alice. You're a beautiful, desirable woman. I want you. Unless you stop me, and all it'll take is a serious no from your sweet lips, I'm going to strip you naked and make love to you."

"I don't feel like saying no yet," she whispered, her hands moving in tiny circles over the small of his back.

He kissed her with open-mouthed urgency, his tongue probing into her willing mouth. While he explored the hidden recesses of her moist oral cavern, he slid his hands down into her step-ins and started fondling flesh to flesh the warm globes of her lovely rump.

"Oh, John," she sighed, rubbing herself against him as they danced slowly to the soft strains, of romantic music. "We shouldn't be doing this, Darling. I shouldn't be letting you handle me so intimately."

John said nothing. He continued dancing while he covered her ear with his mouth and slithered his tongue inside.

"Ooooh... oh, John! You're going to melt me if you keep that up."

Swirling his wet tongue around in her ear, he inserted his fingers into the cleft of her behind and gave each of her twin globes a love squeeze. He held her tight and pressed his erected, upward-angled phallus into the softness of her slightly rounded lower abdomen.

"Aaaah, aaaah," she sighed, squirming in sensual discomfort.

They stood in the center of the room, swaying together but no longer dancing. John's green eyes shone with tender emotions as he gazed down at her upturned visage.

"I'm going to undress you now, Alice."

Her eyelids fluttered. She whimpered softly and nodded almost imperceptibly. He stepped back and began unbuttoning her blouse. Alice shut her eyes and shivered with anticipation. The feeling she had for this virile redheaded man was strong. If it wasn't love, then it was close enough to suit Alice, because the womanly urge to submit to John was making her glow all over. She wanted to be divested of her clothes and taken by him.

Her blouse was gone now. John had his arms around her, his fingers fumbling with the hooks of her brassiere as he kissed lightly at her eyelids. He got the bra unfastened and pulled the straps off her shoulders and down her arms.

Despite their large size, Alice's bare breasts sagged less than an inch when they were deprived of the supporting cups of her bra. She stood there unashamed and proud while she allowed John to admire her tits with his hands and eyes. Her nipples were hard little berries at the tips of her coral areolas. An involuntary shiver swept through Alice as she watched John's fingers capture the swollen cones of her tumescent nipples. He rolled and tweaked the sensitive tips of her upswept orbs, and his gentle fondling set the nerves connecting her breasts and loins to tingling. "They're all real," John muttered with pleasured surprise. "My God, it's hard to believe... those great big beautiful knockers... on such a tiny woman as you, Alice!"

"Don't you like them?" Alice murmured.

"Hell yes, baby, they're gorgeous!" he exclaimed, and bending his bead, he went from one ripe strawberry nipple to the other, paying oral homage to the tender points of Alice's magnificent breast works.

Yes, John! Lick them! Kiss my boobs and suck my nipples! I love that! she sighed to herself as she buried her fingers in his unruly red hair and guided his mouth over and under and between the lush mounds of her soft, jiggling tits. It's going to be wonderful, having you make love to vie! Oh, Darling, hurry, I can hardly wait to feel your big, hard penis penetrating me!

John's hands weren't idle while his lips and tongue glided over the silky warmth of Alice's sweet smelling breasts. His fingers fumbled at the waistband of her skirt. In his eagerness, he popped a button getting it open. Then he unzipped her and let her skirt drift down of its own weight and settle silently around her stockinged feet.

With a moan, he reluctantly tore himself away from her titties and started kissing his way down the smooth skin of her midsection. He hooked his fingers into the tops of her panties and half slip, tugging down the flimsy undergarments bit by bit and he rained kisses into the cute depression of her navel and washed it thoroughly before he moved lower, leaving a zigzag trail of saliva over her gently rounded belly. The top of her feminine triangle popped into view. John kissed right into the dark, crisp public hair without the slightest hesitation. He tugged her briefs and half slip lowering his lips nipping at the coarse brown curls of her sex hair, his tongue combing through her surprisingly dense foliage. Her wispy under things whispered over the tapering loveliness of her nylon-encased legs as he whisked them down around her trim ankles and urged her to step out of them.

He was kneeling before her now, spreading her legs, caressing her thighs and her nude buttocks as be showered kisses all around her pungent pussy.

"John? Ooooh... oh, what are you going to do? Darling... ohhh... oh, don't... please, John... you mustn't kiss meee... ahhhh... THERE!"

It was too late. He had spread her thighs enough to make room for his head. He sat on his heels now, directly under her, with his head tilted way back. Alice could see his gentle eyes gazing up at her. She felt his lips pressing possessively over the hairy outer rim of her fluted sex opening, and the tip of his tongue wedging insistently into the moist gap of her softly pouting cuntal lips.

Alice couldn't imagine why such a wholesome looking man as John would want to do such a perverse thing, but she wasn't about to complain now that he'd actually done it. He was kissing right into her cunt, and it felt marvelous! He shot his tongue full into her furry cleft.

"OHHHHHH! OH, JOHN! YES, DARLING YESSS!" she squealed, clasping his head tightly to her groin and shuddering as illicit thrills raced careeningly through her loins.

But John had no intention of sucking her off just yet. He stood up and took her arms, French kissing her without wiping his mouth first, giving her a second-hand taste of her own juicy snatch. She must've liked the flavor of her own cuntal cream, judging by the way she clung to him and sucked his tongue so hungrily.

"Let me undress you, John! The way you did me, Darling!" she panted, and began ripping at his clothes before he'd consented to her breathless request.

She got him out of his shirt and T-shirt in record time, then her trembling hands flew to his belt and began unbuckling it. Excitedly, she unbuttoned his trouser and unzipped his fly. By the time his pants hit the floor, she had his Jockey shorts tugged part way down. The only thing stopping her from reaching her objective was that objective itself. His prick was hard as a steel bar protruding out from his groin, and his briefs were hung upon it, preventing her from pulling them down any more.

Alice stretched the elastic top band of his shorts out from his body, but before she could reach in with her other hand to free the object of her desire, it swung up and slapped against his stomach.

"Oh, John... darling!" she cried, jerking his shorts down his legs with one hand as she grabbed for his cock with the other. "It's beautiful... your dick! And so big! My stars, honey... you're hung like a horse!"

The redhead grinned down at her but said nothing to either encourage or discourage her. He was enjoying Alice's reaction to his cock. The comely widow was a vision of loveliness as she knelt before him clad in only her sheer nylon stockings and frilly garter belt, the delicate features of her pretty face mirroring her inner emotions while she fondled his fat dick with one hand and weighed his heavy, dangling testicles in the palm of the other.

A sense of fearful anticipation washed over Alice. She wanted John badly, but she didn't know if she would be able to take his huge organ. It's sturdy shaft was so thick she couldn't make the ends of her encircling thumb and middle finger touch together around it, and she'd never dreamed a penis could be so long and hard. His balls were the size of pullet eggs inside his wrinkled, coarse-haired scrotum, and they felt so full and heavy.

"I'm afraid, John! I don't think we'll fit together, Darling! Damn it, how I want you... but I'm afraid you'll rupture me!"

He laughed softly. "I'm not all that big, Alice, and you have had two kids. We'll manage fine. I'll be very gentle with you."

Alice nodded. "So big," she sighed, staring right at his mighty member as she timidly drew back his foreskin and bared the rosy red knob of his sleek cockhead. She stroked it up and down, snapping the rubbery hood on and off his taut skinned bulb. Her full red lips pursed with longing. She pulled down the naked head of his dick and kissed it impulsively. Then she moaned and licked her lips. Because of what John might think, Alice held herself in check. She wanted to fellate him so badly she could taste it, but she was scared he would lose respect for her.

"What's the matter, Alice?" he asked, sensing her tenseness.

"Nothing," she lied, but she didn't move. She couldn't. His peter had a hypnotic effect on her. Her mouth watering for it, she remained on her knees, staring, clinging to it with both of her shaking hands now.

"Come on, baby," he insisted, gazing down at the torment in her upturned face. "Something's wrong. Don't be bashful. Tell me!"

"You'll think I'm awful!" she wailed.

"No way," he assured. He took her by the wrists and began pulling her to her feet. "Stand up, Alice. Look at me. Come on, don't avoid my eyes. You're ashamed, aren't you?" "Yes," she whimpered.

"Of what? Of me? Is it me? Is it something I've done?"

"Oh, no, Darling!" she protested. "It's not you. You're wonderful, John. It's me, don't you understand? There's something wrong with me. I want to do something to you... something that's dreadfully perverted and nasty... and I'm afraid of what you'll think of me if I even tell you what is! You'll think I'm a horrible slut! You'll lose respect for me... and I'll just die if you do... because I... oh, John, I love you!"

He hugged her fiercely. "God, Alice, you don't know how good that makes me feel, because I love you, too."

"Don't say it unless you mean it, John. Please don't, because I'll go to bed with you anyway. You don't have to say you love me for that. I want you to screw me, even if I'm just another piece of ass to you. Don't lie to me, Darling. It will only hurt me if you do. Be honest with me, completely honest, and then we can have an affair with no strings attached, and neither of us will get hurt that way."

"You're the one who's wonderful, baby." He sighed, caressing her back and buttocks simultaneously. The undersurface of his pulsing dong lay along her stomach, the clear fluid seeping from its slitted tip wetting her skin just below the cleavage of her breasts.

"That's good enough for me, Darling. Let's go to bed," she cooed.

"Not yet," he said. "First, tell me what sort of nasty, perverted thing you want to do to me."

"John! No, honey!" she whined. But he persisted, and finally, her cheeks turning nearly beet-red, she blurted, "I want to suck you! There, are you satisfied now? Damn you anyway, why did you make me tell you? You think I'm awful now, don't you?"

"Yes," he intoned with mock censure, "I see now that you're nothing but a filthy pervert. Jesus, Alice, what did I ever see in a slut like you? Can you answer me that?"

She glared at him, her hazel eyes spitting sparks of fire. "Why you -- you -- you son-of-a-bitch?" she sputtered, and drew back her hand to slap him.

John caught her wrist and half her close, laughing uproariously. "Baby, baby! You're precious! Do you know that! God, you're sweet! The more I get to know you, the better I love you!"

"But, but... you said..."

"Never mind what I said. I was joking, couldn't you tell? Hell's bells, woman, there's nothing nasty or perverted about oral lovemaking between a man and a woman! It's beautiful, the most intimate thing lovers can do."

Her moist eyes blinked up at him unsurely. "Honest, John? Is that really the way you feel about about me sucking you?"

"You'd better believe it, sugar," he told her, leading her toward the bed. "How about if I lie down and prop up my head? I'm dying to get my cock in your sweet mouth, but I want to watch while you go down on me, okay?"

Alice blushed and nodded self-consciously, but she couldn't help smiling. She stood watching as he lay down and propped up his head with a pillow. When he patted the bed beside his hips, she climbed up near him on her knees and bent over his loins. She took his massive, stem in her small hand and pulled up on it, forcing his perpetual skin to puff out at the top.

Following her natural inclinations, she gapped her red lips around the velvety folds of his distended foreskin and started licking it as she sucked gently. Out on the corners of her eyes, she could see him smiling down at her, but he was saying nothing and leaving what she did to his cock entirely up to her. It struck Alice that he was making her a present of his prize phallus, or at least loaning it to her with no preset conditions as to how she should use it. This pleased her, because she didn't really know what she wanted to do, and she felt free to explore him with her mouth to her heart's content.

"Do you feel nasty and perverted now, angel?"

"OH, no!" she exclaimed. "Not with you, I don't, John!"

Again her lips captured his protruding penile hood, only this time she stuck her tongue down into it. The inside of his soft foreskin was smooth as slippery silk, and it fit around her dainty tongue like a snug, living glove. Alice shivered with excitement. She was hot and bothered, but knew precisely what she was doing. With a tiny moan, she drove the tip of her pink tongue down between the stretchable skin and the dickhead it covered. Round and around she licked, laying the musky crown, its prepuce bulging out to reveal the hidden progress of her lascivious taste organ at any given point during its penile orbit. Many girls had loved his peter with their mouth, in many different ways, but not one had ever done what Alice's eager curiosity had led her to do. It was delightful to feel her tongue down inside his foreskin, sliding around his bloated crown. It tickled so tantalizingly that he had to clamp down his inner muscles to prevent ejaculation. He didn't want to cum yet. Alice was just getting started. Apparently she wanted to have a long suck on his dick, and he sure as hell didn't intend to disappoint her.

"WHAT A SWEET, JUICY PRICK!" Alice moaned, suddenly lifting her head and staring at his gleaming, saliva-coated glands as she ran the foreskin flag up and down the top part of his standing pole.


"Turn it loose, baby!" he groaned. "Or I'll cum all over you! Let it rest! Come up and lie beside me!"

"NOT YET, JOHN! DON'F YOU DARE CUM YET!" Alice squealed. She scooted up and lay down half on top of him. One of her hanging jugs molded itself against him. She kissed him and thrust her tongue onto his mouth while she squirmed with passion. Then she realized what she'd done, and she jerked her mouth free of his. "I'm sorry, John. Maybe I shouldn't have kissed you so soon after... after I've been licking your dick."

"Why not, for crying out loud?"

"Because I had my lips and tongue on you down there, and I..."

"And you're afraid your little tongue might taste of my cock? Is that it, Alice?"

"Well, yes," she admitted. "I don't want to offend you."

"You're terribly naive, Darling," he chuckled, giving her a playful swat on the butt. "Don't you know it drives a horny man wild to find the taste and smell of his own dick in the mouth of the woman he loves?"

"Oh, John, does it really, Darling? You're not kidding me?"

"Cross my heart, baby." She squealed with delight, sort of like a wild bird being let free. "Open your mouth, my horny man! I'm going to kiss you! I'm going to stick my tongue in your mouth and leave it there till you've sucked all the nice flavor of your sweet peter off it! Then I'll lick your cock some more before I kiss you again! Will you like that, John?"

"I'll love it!" he crooned, and pulled her head down. He licked her lips before he kissed her. When she thrust her pecker-flavored tongue into his mouth, he hugged her tight and sucked it hungrily. Alice swung happily back and forth at least a dozen times, hovering at his loins to lick or suck at his prick a few seconds before she hurried back to kiss him wetly while the pungent flavor of his sex organ clung to her lips and cheeks and tongue. This was the most erotic thing she could imagine, and John seemed to truly enjoy having her do it. As for Alice, she simply loved this uninhibited sex play, and would've gone on for hours if it hadn't been so exciting. But it was very exciting, for John as well as her. Each taste she had of his dong made her love it a little more. Finally, about the fifteenth time she skinned it back and took the glistening gristle of his throbbing cockhead inside her hot, sucking mouth, it tasted so damned delicious that she didn't want to share it with him any more. She wanted it all to herself. Her glassy eyes noted that his bloated testicles were snuggled up tight and twitching against his groin. Her womanly intuition told her his orgasm was imminent, and she thrilled with the knowledge that he would soon be shooting off in her mouth. She pressed her moist palm gently over his warm, full nuts, rubbing them coaxingly as she allowed her middle finger to sneak into the sweaty crack of his rump. She began sucking ravenously and bobbing her head wildly up and down on the top four inches of his huge organ. Without pausing to wonder how he would take to it, she sought out his puckered anal opening with the ball of her naughty finger and began rimming round and around the sweet fuck ring of his feverish rectum.


"NOO! NOO!" she moaned around her mouthful of meat. She threw him an imploring sideways glance as she inserted her finger up his asshole clear to the palm, and she sucked his pulsating prong all the more voraciously.


"MMM, UUUMMMMMM!" she moaned, attempting to nod her head while she flailed his expanding glands with her tongue and waggled her finger around in the heated depths of his anal canal.



The first enormous stream of his pressurized cream gushed all hot and thick into her welcoming mouth. Alice whimpered soulfully and batted her eyelids with pleasured shock as John's pounding prong flooded her mouth with corn. This was the liquid passion fruit from a mature man's balls, and it was potent, heady stuff. The strong acridity of his pungent sperm stung her taste buds like Mexican hot sauce.

"MMMMM... GLUB, BLUB... UUIJMMMM!" she groaned through her nose as she started swallowing his viscous jizz.

"IT'S DELICIOUS! she screamed silently, her mind spinning with the lewdness of what she was doing, even as she jabbed his butthole with her finger and fought to keep from losing a single drip of her creamy reward. SHOOT IT, DARLING! KEEP IT COMING! GOD, IT'S SO STEAMING HOT AND PIPING GOOD! CUM, JOHN... CUM GOOD, BABY I LOVE YOUR CUM... OHHHHHHH... PUMP ME FULL OF ITTT... I LOVE ITTT... LLOOVVEE IIITTT!!!"

John was a virtual reservoir of sperm. His jerking cock spurted it into her mouth fast as Alice could drink down the fountain-like glow of his glutinous, slippery jism. She didn't waste a bit. Her hungry mouth clung suckingly to the ballooning head of his cum-spewing organ until she'd taken all he had to give her. Then she drained his deflating dick of its final sluggish drops before she heaved a sigh of satisfaction and allowed his spongy crown to slip from between her puffy red lips.

"OH, JOHN!" she sighed as she crawled up beside him and gazed down into his loving eyes, "DARLING, THAT WAS HEAVEN!"

"You should've been on the receiving end," he sighed. "Jesus, honey, that was the beat blow job rye ever had! Come here, you beautiful cocksucker. You've got cum all over your lips, and you've never looked lovelier, and I love you to pieces! No, don't lick it off. Kiss me, Darling!"


Alice purred like a kitten. I could worship this wonderful man! she thought joyfully. Nothing seems dirty or perverted doing it with him! I feel clean and good, and so alive!

Bubbling with happiness, she pressed her sperm-smeared lips to his and snaked her cum coated tongue into his mouth. Their tongues met inside his oral cavity, circling and caressing one another, then moved into her mouth, where the flavor of cock and cum was still strong and heady. John kissed her as if her mouth and breath were mouthwash fresh, and Alice shivered with pleasure as she realized he was so right -- that absolutely nothing between a man and a woman should be forbidden.

"Was that a sweet kiss, my darling?" she quizzed playfully, and caught up in a lighthearted mood, she added, "Could you taste your delicious cum? Did it excite you to lick it off my lips and suck it off my tongue?"

John was smiling all over his boyishly handsome face. He could tell Alice was feeling extremely licentious, and he supposed, rightly so, that this was the first time in her life she'd ever felt really free and easy about sex. "Yes, you lovely cunt, your mouth was nice and cummy, and it excited me, and it was the sweetest kiss rye ever had."

"Oh, John, darling!" she sighed, her warm breath bathing over his face.

"Your breath reeks with the smell of cock, and that excites me too. I love you, Alice! Lie on your back, Darling, and let me lick your body and suck your sweet pussy!"

"Yes, yes, yeses!" she cried gaily.

Leisurely John kissed and licked his way down the front of Alice's fabulous body. His worshipful tongue laved lovingly over every tasty bit of her large, quivering breasts. He sucked the sensitive cones of her swollen coral nipples till he had Alice moaning constantly and writhing about, and then he sucked some more, knowing that he was torturing her, but also knowing that she loved it. When he deserted her breasts, those magnificent mounds of woman flesh were literally gleaming with their coating of his saliva.

He painted her rippling belly with spit, too, and then he bypassed her hairy, juiced-up snatch and licked her creamy thighs clear down to the tip bands of her nylon stockings.

After he'd flipped her over onto her stomach, he licked up the backs of her thighs and began bestowing passionate kisses upon the alluring globes of her fleshy buttocks. He kissed and licked her gorgeous ass till its twin hillocks shimmered wetly while they quaked tremulously before his lustful eyes.

"I'm going to kiss your asshole!" he husked.

"ANYTHING!" Alice screeched joyously. "DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! I'M YOURS! USE ME!!! LOVE MEEE!!!"

John probed his fingers into the moist softness of her sweaty ass crack and spread her buttocks wide apart. He buried his face in the entrancing gorge and inhaled deeply of its maddening fragrance. There was an assy smell, but it was clean, and there was also the odor of her aroused cunt and the delightful scent of her perfumed dusting powder. The mixed aroma from the cleft of her full, womanly rump assailed his nostrils and drove him wild.

Emitting a guttural groan, he pursed his lips and smacked a wet kiss right into her appealing rosebud anus. Then he whimpered and licked frenziedly up and down the crack of her butt until he'd tongue washed the whole musky trough formed by her luscious buttocks. He held her open and glued his lips to the crinkled skin surrounding her puckered rectum. The tip of his tongue probed her tiny orifice.

"AAAAH, AAAAH!" Alice sighed involuntarily, her heart thumping in her chest as she wagged her ass in his face and awaited with keen anticipation the inrushing of his much-desired tongue. "DO IT! STICK YOUR TONGUE UP MY ASSSS!!!"

Hearing Alice cry out lewdly for what he already yearned to give her was music to the redhead's ears. He forced his hungry tongue in through the elastic ring of her tiny anal aperture and shot it all the way up her hot butt.


Alice whined, clutching at the pillow as she threw back her head in rapture.

In his present state of mind, the roiling depths of her superheated rear tunnel tasted sweet as honey to John. Without the slightest hesitation, he swirled his delighted tongue round and around inside her butt, jabbed it in and out of her gripping rectum. He couldn't get his fill of her asshole, because Alice was by far the sweetest woman he'd ever had. He felt as if he could devour her whole -- bones, hair, toenails and all.

When he realized she was about to cum, he turned her over and dived into the succulent feast of her hairy snatch. He slithered his tongue up through the shimmering red sweetmeats of her juicy slit, and dragged its roughened upper surface over the nerve rich tip of her boldly protruding clitoris.

"OHHHHHHHHH... OH, GOD!" Alice shrilled, shuddering with bliss as his abrasive tongue swabbed thrillingly over her raw, blood-engorged clit. "EAT ME, DARLING! SUCK MY PUSSY GOODDD!!!"

John formed his lips tightly to the outer edges of her swollen, hair-ringed labia. He plunged his tongue deep into her slippery, secretion-beaded vagina and began diving her delicious muff with all the oral expertise at his command. For a moment, he tongue fucked her furiously. Then he tickled her man in the boat with the tip of his flashing tongue. "AHHHHH, AHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH!" Alice chanted mindlessly, while she buried her fingers in his unruly red hair and rubbed her cunt jerkily at his pleasure-giving mouth. "JOHN, JOHN DARRRLLIINNGGG!!!"

Nothing would've pleased John more than to eat her tangy twat for an hour. But Alice was already spinning off into a climax. When he caught her elongated clit with his lips and sucked it into his mouth, his tongue scrubbing her raw-nerved bottom furiously, she bowed up and screamed. Her convulsing vagina splashed a wave of hot cunt cream over his lips just as her throbbing pleasure nubble drew back twitchingly into her body.


John gulped down with relish the first few gushes of her clear cuntal nectar. Then his mouth deserted her spasming snatch out of necessity rather than choice. The ecstatic groaning and writhing of the woman he loved grabbed at his nuts and set his semen to boiling. Fearing he would waste his load on the bed it he dallied for a second, he dived atop Alice and lunged his womb-jamming dong balls-deep into the silky tunnel of her orgasmically fluttering pussy. "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHII!" She squealed like a stuck pig.

Alice wasn't complaining, though. It hurt all way up when he crammed his gigantic cock into her, but it was a delicious hurt, a wonderous, awe-inspiring flash of hot, sexual pain. She thought she was going to pass out, and she probably would've if her cuntflesh hadn't been so receptively lax and loose. Even so, the fit of his fully planted root and her small, snug vagina was incredibly tight.

"AHH, GODDAMN!" John groaned, shuddering and then he began grunting in the typical male fashion as his vaginally sheathed organ erupted like a volcano of flesh.

Torrents of his white-lava cum gushed into the depths of Alice's heaving belly. The jets of steaming ejaculate thumped against the ultra-sensitive neck of her uterus and ricocheted around in the far end of her cock-stuffed vagina. Sperm washed down the lubricated walls of her cuntal sleeve and oozed out in a foamy white wave past the tight connection of her inflamed, snapping pussy lips and the flared base of his pulsating prick.

The inundation of her lover's fuck juice came just when Alice's climax was fading. It thrilled her to the core of her being to have John's cum bathing her womb. The force of the pulsing spray from his pounding organ plunged her headlong into another orgasm, and its intensity dwarfed the one preceding it. Her legs flopped jerkily about. She screamed with the agony -- ecstasy of this soul-rending climax. Her head dug into the pillow, and she threw her arms around him.


Locked together, clasping cunt and cum-spurting cock, they shuddered with ecstasy and clung desperately to one another, riding out the fulfilling tide of their simultaneous orgasm. But when the heat of their orgasmic moment had passed, John turned a bit pale. He cursed, jerked his limbering rod from her spermy hole and flopped dejectedly onto his back.

"What is it, John? What's wrong?" Alice asked with alarm.

"I forgot to put on a rubber!" he wailed, reaching guiltily under the pillow and producing an unopened packet of three. "Damn it, that's ill we need! What if I knocked you up!?!"

"You could marry me, if you did make me pregnant, you know!" Alice replied a bit huffily.

"Yes," he said, "And I will, too, if it comes to that. But, Christ, I've got alimony to pay, and a bunch of debts to make good, and I don't want any more kids! I love you, Alice, but I sure as hell hope you didn't get caught this time. Don't you ever let me stick it into you again without a rubber on it. It'll be a year or more before I could support you and your kids properly."

Alice burst out laughing.

"What's funny?" he snapped. "This is serious, Alice!"

"You're funny sight now, you lovable lug. Oh, Darling, relax, will you? You didn't knock me up, my period's due to start tomorrow. I'll get back on the Pill, okay? As for these," she said, making a distasteful face as she took the packet of condoms from his hand and flung them away, "don't you dare put a damned rubber on when you're going to screw me, lover. I don't want anything between me and that big sweet dick of yours, understand? When you cum in me, I want to feel it, baby!"

"Yeah," he grinned. "Like I said before, baby, the better I get to know you, the more I love you. You're my kind of woman, Alice. Damn, how I wish I'd met you first instead of my ex-wife!"

"I'm afraid you would've been disappointed in me then, John." Alice told him as she rolled on top of him and began kissing down his sparsely haired chest.

"I'm just tonight beginning to appreciate sex. Do you think you could get it up once more if I help you with my mouth? Because I'd love to have another fucking before you take me home."

Chapter SIX

It was more than an hour later when John and the well-fucked Alice left his apartment. She fairly glowed with contentment as he drove her home. He'd reamed her pussy good, and a tiny trickle of her menstrual blood was already beginning to flow.

"Did you learn anything else, John? Did Dr. Gordan permit you to speak with Mister Denton face to face, like you wanted?"

"Yeah," he said, his expression turning serious.

Then he stared straight ahead as he drove, and Alice could see the muscles in his cheeks working.

"Well, tell me about it, Darling," Alice urged. "Don't keep me in suspense."

"Maybe you'd be better off that way," he mumbled.

"It's that bad?"

"Could be," he said. "I might've been wrong, Alice. Not about their scheme, though. I'm positive they set out to con you. But it looks bad for both you and my company now."

"Then Mister Denton's back really is broken, after all?"

"Maybe Denton misjudged your speed, or injured his spine when he hit the pavement after he slapped your fender and did a deliberate somersault... or something. All I know about his condition is what I saw, Alice. I stood there and watched Gordan take a long, sterile hatpin and run it clear through Denton's thigh. And then his other thigh, and both of his calves. Denton didn't flinch once, so I know he wasn't faking it. It looks like he's paralyzed, all right. Either that or Gordan gave him a spinal block before I got there. There's one other possibility, of course. Gordan could've induced a temporary paralysis in Denton by using a posthypnotic suggestion, but he didn't appear to be under hypnosis while I was there. All I know is, if they put on that same stunt for a jury, we're dead, ducks."

"Then I'm still going to take care of the poor man when Doctor Gordan releases him from his office."

"I don't like the idea of Denton in the same house with you, Alice. It could be dangerous, if he isn't paralyzed."

"But what if he is, John? And we can't be absolutely sure, can we? No, I've got to do it. I'd never be able to live with my conscience if I didn't. I keep thinking that maybe it really was an accident, in spite of all you've told me, and you've got to admit it could've been."

"Yeah," he grudgingly admitted, "But if it was an accident, it was a billion-to-one shot, and I don't like those odds. And why did Denton call for Gordan? And why isn't he in a regular hospital? No, damn it, it was no accident, even if his back is actually broken. There's no doubt in my mind. Denton deliberately ran out at your car for the express purpose of faking an accident."

"The problem is, how do we prove it? They're taking it to court, Alice. Denton's lawyer rejected our settlement offer. I'm sorry, baby. It looks like I've let you down."

"You did your best. John. That's all anyone can do."

John drove in silence now, and when he pulled up in front of Alice's boarding house, he cut the lights and engine and sat there thinking. "All right," he finally said. "I still don't like the idea of it, but perhaps you should bring Denton back here and take care of him. It'll be months before we go to court, and Gordan should be ready to release him from his office in two or three more weeks. If he's really paralyzed, there's nothing we can do but fight for a reasonable judgment in court. But if they're faking paralysis, with hypnotism or whatever, maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to trap him and get proof of it. I'll get you a miniature recorder and camera. It could be risky, but if you're hell-bent on taking care of him anyway, what have we got to lose? Now, here's what I want you to do, Alice..."

Doctor Gordan, smiling, drove up in front of Mrs. Darling's boarding house with Mr. Denton, who was not smiling.

"I don't like this, Doc," Denton grumbled.

Gordan lifted the smaller man out of the station wagon and put him in the wheel chair. "Widow Darling wants to take care of you, Denty, and I should think you'd be delighted to let her."

"Bullshit. This damned body cast itches me," Denton complained.

With Denton in it, the portly doctor backed the wheel chair up the three steps from the sidewalk, turned it around and started pushing it up the walkway toward the two-story house.

"Forget this crap, Doc. Take me back to your office, and stop by the liquor store on the way. I want a bottle."

They were near the porch by then. Gordan stopped the wheel chair and leaned over with his mouth close to Denton's ear. "Now you listen to me, Denty. You're going in here, not back to my office. That woman feels guilty, and I want her taking care of you. Do you understand? Let her wait on you hand and foot, just like she offered to do. It's your job to play on her sympathies. I want Mrs. Darling feeling so sorry for you that she'll turn out to be our witness when this thing goes to court."

"I'll go nuts in there." Denton muttered. "I'll have to have a bottle."

"Like hell, you will. You'll behave yourself, if you know what's good I or us both. Forget booze, damn it, until after the trial. You'll louse everything up if you get plastered. I'll come by every day, and I'll bring you a little shot, but I'd better not hear of you conning the Darling woman into bringing you a bottle. You don't have to have alcohol, now do you?"

"No, Goddamn it, I'm not an alcoholic. I don't have to have it, I just like it, is all," Denton fussed.

Alice moved her fourteen-year-old son into the room she and little Kitty shared, and made up a cot for him to sleep on. She put the sullen Denton in Hal's room, which was next to hers, so she wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs to attend the wiry little man.

A compassionate woman by nature, it grieved Alice just to look upon Denton. He looked so small and pitiful and helpless, sitting there hour after hour in his wheel chair in the parlor, watching TV. It was even worse when he was in bed reading, or staring blankly at the ceiling, or gazing wistfully out the window. She could see the outline of the bulky body cast beneath the long, hospital type nightshirt he wore. Having him in the house with her was a constant reminder to Alice that she was responsible for his condition, and he looked so wretchedly miserable.

Two weeks passed, with Dr. Gordan dropping by every day to check on Denton. When the doctor confided in her that his patient had recovered as much as he ever would, that Denton would remain an invalid confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life, Alice was ready to believe it. Taking all the blame upon herself, Alice rejected John's suspicions and cried herself to sleep that night.

One night Alice awakened abruptly in the middle of the night. She'd heard a thump in the next room, and her first fearful thought was that Mr. Denton had fallen out of bed. She lay there for a moment, wondering if she'd dreamed it, trying to shake herself completely awake. Then she heard other noises which didn't make a lick of sense. It was a soft, steady sound, as if bare feet were nervously pacing the floor.

That's impossible! she thought as she swung her lovely legs over the side of the bed and sat up. Mister Denton is paralyzed! He couldn't be up walking around! Could he? But he's awake. I see light under the door!

She had to know for sure. Moving quietly so as not to disturb her children's sleep, Alice tiptoes over to the door connecting the two rooms and knelt to peek through the keyhole. She could see nothing. The keyhole was blocked. Evidently Denton's key was in the lock. This in itself wasn't upsetting to Alice, because the man could get about in his wheel chair, and he often locked himself in his room when he wanted total privacy. She pressed her ear to the door. An icy shiver tingled up her spine.

He is up! I can definitely hear him, and it sounds like he's got his shoes on now! Good grief has John been right all along.

If John was right, this was her opportunity to trap Denton. Alice had the feeling that her imagination might be playing tricks on her, but she couldn't afford to take any chances. Being sued by a pitiful little man whose back she'd broken was one thing, but Alice sure as hell didn't intend to let him take her for everything she had if she actually hadn't crippled him.

She put on her short spring robe, a rather frilly, flowered affair, and jabbed her bare feet into her slippers. Snatching up her purse, which contained the miniature recorder and camera John had loaned her, Alice slipped out through the other door and inched down the hall.

The hallway doors had been fitted with modern locks about a foot above the old-fashioned knob-and-plate affairs which were too susceptible to skeleton keys. Alice had a master key which fit all the newer locks, but she chose not to use it just yet. If she was wrong, she didn't want to make a fool of herself by bursting in on Denton.

Cautiously she dropped to one dimpled knee and pressed her eye to the lower keyhole rather than the narrow slit of the one above, which contained tumblers and was impossible to see through. This one was not blocked. Alice could see right into the room, and what she saw infuriated her.

There on the floor, beside the bed lay Denton's phoney body cast. It had hinges embedded in the plaster on one side, and catches along the other.

Why, you sneaky little bastard! Alice muttered under her breath, realizing now why Denton had taken to locking himself in his room, especially when he went to bed at night. What an idiot I've been! Here I was feeling so sorry for you, and all the time you've been putting on and taking off that damned cast whenever you felt like it!

Denton was almost fully dressed now. Apparently he intended to slip out of the house for a while. Alice couldn't help but wonder how many times he'd done it before, while she and the rest of the people in the boarding house were fast asleep. It galled her to know how thoroughly she'd been duped. But he wouldn't get away with it this time. She got out the miniature camera and stepped back from the door, intending to snap Denton's picture when he stepped into the hallway, and put an end once and for all to the dastardly scheme he and Gordan were pulling.

Five minutes later, she was still waiting, with the camera poised and ready. It dawned on her then.

Denton would not be coming into the hall. All was quiet in his room now, and when she peeked through the keyhole again, she saw that the lights were out.

"Damn it!" she muttered, and knocked on the door, calling his name.

When there was no answer she got her master key from her purse and let herself into Denton's room. She switched on the lights. Denton was nowhere to be seen. Alice kicked angrily at the hinged plaster cast as she moved past it toward the open window. Just as she'd suspected, the screen was unlatched and hanging loose from the top of the window frame.

Silently Alice cursed herself. It was she who'd given Denton the downstairs room thereby making it easy for him to slip out the window late at night and come and go as he pleased. Having no idea whether he would be gone three minutes or three hours, she stamped back to the light switch and plunged the room into darkness once more.

She thought of calling John but decided against it, reasoning that if Denton returned while she was on the phone it would ruin this chance to get the goods on him. Because of Denton's small size, she had no fear of being physically harmed by him. All he wanted was the hundred-thousand-dollar insurance money, and everything she owned in the world, besides.

"Well, you're not going to get a dime, you miserable little runt!" she whispered hissingly as she moved back across the darkened room. "John said candlelight was enough for the film in this camera, so that full moon should be plenty bright enough. I'm going to snap a picture of you walking toward the house, and another of you climbing in the window. Then I'm going straight to the police, I'll see you and that suave doctor in court, all right, but the trial won't be a lawsuit!"

It was easy, even for Alice, to get out through the window. All she had to do was back into it and push open the screen, then let herself down till her feet contacted the ground. Camera in hand, her purse hooked over her forearm, she concealed herself in a squatting position behind a low evergreen shrub and waited.

Chapter SEVEN

Alice glanced at her wristwatch. It was ten past midnight. Five minutes had passed. She shifted about her legs were complaining. A noise in the alley startled her. The hair on the back of her neck bristled. Automatically she swung her head around, but the back yard fence was in the way, and she could see nothing.

Probably a cat raiding garbage cans, she decided, returning her attention to the street, where she expected Denton to appear momentarily.

She could near the radio dispatcher speaking as a police cruiser moved slowly down the street. In the illumination of its headlights, she saw the figure of a small man shuffling along the far sidewalk. She thought of calling out to the police, but by then it was too late. The cruiser was out of sight, moving on toward the thoroughfare. Then she saw that it wasn't a man, but a woman in slacks, and she realized she was becoming a bit jumpy.

There was a creaking sound close behind her. Alice nearly jumped out of her skin. Over her shoulder she could see the wooden gate of the fence being pushed open. It was Denton. She recognized him as soon as he slipped from the back yard. He was coming in from the alley, her heart leaped into her throat. As quietly as she could, Alice slipped in between the low shrub and the house.

Her head and shoulders were exposed, and Denton would have to pass right by her. She could only hope he didn't spot her. Suddenly the moonlight was much too bright to suit her. She could see clearly the bottle of whiskey Denton held in his hand. He stopped and opened it, took a drink, then stuffed it in his back pocket and came on toward the window.

Now that Denton was returning, Alice could feel her stomach knotting with anxiety. There'd been plenty of time to call John, and she surely wished she'd done it. John wouldn't be here yet, of course, but she would feel much better about this whole thing if only she could know he was on his way. But John was not on his way to her, and Denton was approaching. She was on her own. This was her chance to get proof Denton wasn't paralyzed. It could be the only chance she'd get. She had to go through with it. Everything she owned hung in the balance.

Damn him! Why did he have to come from behind?! she thought, a bit irrationally, as she gulped down her fear and lifted the tiny camera to the ready.

She focused on Denton and snapped the shutter, breathing easier when she heard it make only the faintest clicking sound, as he walked right past without spotting her, Alice got a second shot of the wiry little man. Then Denton was pulling open the bottom of the screen and tiptoeing to get a grip on the window sill. Alice leaned sideways a little into the shrub, aiming the camera. This one had to be a good, clear picture.

Alice was concentrating so hard on her photographic efforts she didn't notice her knees were rustling the dry leaves beneath the shrub. Denton had paused below the window, but she couldn't see him well enough to realize he was looking right at her.

By the time Alice figured out why he'd hesitated, it was to late. The screen slapped the window as Denton lunged at the kneeling woman and knocked the camera from her band. His right fist crashed into her startled face, presenting Alice with a parade of multicolored stars as well as irrefutable proof that the little man was much stronger than he'd supposed.

She opened her mouth to scream, but this fearful reaction was too slow. Gurgling choking noises issued from her gaping mouth. Nothing more. He had both hands around her throat. She knelt there, her bulging eyes staring up in horror as she clawed wildly at his sinewy arms.

Denton had her by the throat and was shaking her like a terrier shakes a rat, and she couldn't breathe. Her desperate clawing became weaker and weaker. The earth spun crazily about her. Everything was turning black. Her lungs were bursting.

Denton throttled Alice until her eyes snapped shut and her arms flopped limply down to her sides. When he turned her loose, she slumped to the ground unconscious. He cursed her even as he pulled up her night clothes and ran his hands vulgarly over her tits and pussy. Choking Alice senseless had given him, a tremendous erection. He took out his aching cock and rammed it into her bone-dry snatch, his pent-up cum gushing into her belly the instant his cock penetrated her.

When Alice regained consciousness, she could move nothing but her head, hands and feet, and even the movement of her hands and feet was extremely restricted. The bright artificial light hurt her eyes, and the surroundings it revealed told her at a glance that she was in a doctor's examining room. Angry voices drifted in from somewhere nearby. Alice recognized them as belonging to Denton and Gordan.

The evil men were arguing, and she learned to her horror that she was the topic of that argument. She could hear Gordan berating Denton for leaving the house, and the big man really gave the little one hell for raping her when he'd caught her outside taking pictures. Alice had known nothing about being raped, but her pussy did feel abused and sticky, now that she gave her attention to it. She gritted her teeth and groaned at the thought of being screwed by Denton, especially while she was unconscious.

Only a creep would do a sick thing like that! She thought with revulsion. I've got to get out of here before they discover I've come to! There's no telling what they might do to me now!

That was when Alice discovered she couldn't move. A moment later, after struggling and grunting and rolling her head about, she realized why she couldn't move. They had her strapped to an examining table by her wrist and ankles. Her arms were up beside her head, bent at the elbows with her hands pulled tautly down toward the floor. Her legs were raised and spread wide apart, with her feet tied into the stirrups as if the doctor intended to hive her a pelvic examination. And she was stark naked. Alice threw back her head and vented her blood chilling terror: "AAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEH!"

Alice's shrill scream brought both men running. Gordan slapped her. "Shut up! If you yell again, I'll tape your mouth!"

"Wha-what are you g-going to do to me?" Alice demanded, her fear making her stutter.

"Now that's a damned good question, Missus Darling." Gordan muttered as he turned away from her and picked up a syringe from his instrument table. He turned back, swabbed her arm with an alcoholed cotton ball and plunged in the needle. "That's exactly what this stupid drunk and I've been discussing," he said as he pressed the plunger and injected a fluid into her arm.


"You've just had one," Gordan said. He withdrew the needle and wiped a drop of blood off her punctured skin. "I've injected you with Demerol. It won't hurt you. Relax. In a couple of minutes, you won't have a care in the world."

He was right. Even as the doctor spoke, a pleasant sense of euphoria was washing over Alice. In less than two minutes she was at peace with the world, and felt as if she were floating high above it. She could hear Gordan and Denton talking. Gordan was saying they had kidnapped her, and that they could get the death penalty for it.

"We'll have to kill her and dispose of her body," she could hear the doctor saying as she felt his hands roaming over her breasts and belly. His voice sounded as if it were drifting to her from a great distance, and his warm hands felt nice as they caressed her lewdly. She knew she should be alarmed by what he was saying, but she couldn't seem to take it seriously. The thought of her own death struck her as ridiculous, because she just couldn't seem to worry about anything. The doctor's voice droned on and on, filtering in to her through the cocoon like fog which the drug had built around her. "We'll put her in her car and take her out into, the desert... make it look like an accident... hate to burn such a fantastic body as hers, though... already been raped... might as well have her myself first... no great rush... long as she's ashes and we're back here by sunup... when... police... in that room with your cast back on, Denton."

The doctor stripped off his clothes as Denton stood by watching. Alice heard a car screech around the corner outside. A dog barked viciously for a moment and then quit. She laughed when she saw what a big fat stomach the naked doctor had, and how short his hard penis was. But his stubby dick looked very thick.

Alice didn't feel a bit like laughing when the big man climbed onto the examining table with her and rammed his organ into her cunt.

"UNNN, UNNNGGG!" she groaned, because she wasn't sufficiently lubricated and it hurt when he socked it into her.

His huge abdomen descended smotheringly upon her, and Gordan began fucking into her vulnerable hairy hole. Soon her cuntal juices were flowing freely. Soon her cuntal juices were flowing freely. She could hear the exciting squish, squish, squish as she felt the doctor's rampant cudgel banging in and out through the feverish gates of her furry slot.

"Ohhh... oh, this is lovely!" she cooed. "I've never been fu... ahhhh, ahhh... fucked on an examining table before! Or by a... uuummm... doctor, either!"

Everything had a dream like aura about it now, and Alice didn't really know whether these things were happening to her or not. The powerful drug had transported her through the looking glass into a world which seemed simultaneously real and unreal. It was impossible to tell. And she didn't really care, because she felt absolutely marvelous. If someone had come at her with a meat cleaver saying he was going to chop off her head, Alice wouldn't have particularly given a damn right then.

"AAAaaah! Ooooh! Oh, Doctor... DOCTOR! FUCK ME... AARRGGHH... I'M CUMING!"

Alice's pretty face took on the look of orgasmic rapture. She licked her lips and let her head loll about as it would. The leather straps bit into her wrists and ankles as she attempted to fling her arms and legs wantonly around the big man.


"Is it good, Missus Darling?" the doctor intoned with lustful derision. "Do you like the way I'm fucking you, you hot assed bitch?"

"LOVE IT!" she rasped, so enslaved by the drug and lust that she began kissing the bull-like neck of the man who intended to murder her. "Aaaahh... give it to meee!!!"

"What a lovely cunt you are," Gordan commented, his ass arching rhythmically up and down between her upraised thighs. "I can feel your hot, wet pussy fluttering delightfully around my cock. It's a shame you found out the truth about Denton's condition, because I sincerely hate to dispose of a woman like you. There are all too few really fine pieces of ass in the world, and you're one of them. Tell me, Missus Darling, do you truly love to fuck?"


Gordan chuckled and kept right on hammering the meat to her. "Confession is good for the soul, my dear, and in your case, the body, too. Your honest admission has just bought you a few more years of life, I shall not kill you, after all. Unn, unn! Indeed not. I have an acquaintance in Mexico who owns a rather large whorehouse. Beautiful, fair-skinned American ladies like you are always in great demand, especially by Negro soldiers. Would you like to be a whore and fuck a hundred niggers a day, Missus Darling?"


"Oh course you're not, my dear Missus Darling. Not yet. But you soon will be... AAARGHH... and you'll love it in no time. With a hungry cunt like yours, I should say that in a weeks time you'll accept your new position in life and... aaahh, that's it, you fucking pig, shake that ass, hunch your greedy snatch up to me! Ah, yes, you'll make a fine prostitute!"

"CUMMMMMINNNNG!" she squealed.


The doctor joined Alice in orgasm this time, for the sucking cylinder of her sopping hot pussy proved to be irresistible. Her spasming inner muscles literally milked the sperm up from his twitching testicles, and he groaned with pleasure as he shot off in her rippling belly.

"MORE!" she pleaded, when he withdrew the limbering hunk of short, fat dick from her sperm drenched hairy hole. "MORE, MORE!"

"More what, Missus Darling?" the doctor chortled. "More cock? Is that what you want? Do you love cock?"

"COCK!" she bleated, her crimson gap belching, foamy white cum while her lovely rump squirmed beggingly. "I WANT MORE COCK! I LOVE COCK! OHH, I DOOO! I'LL NEVER GET ENOUGH!"

"And any cock would do, wouldn't it, my dear? Even a stinking black one? All you care about is having a hard dick rammed up you, right? If I could give you a big, sweaty nigger man this minute, you would let him fuck you, wouldn't you?"


"Somehow I knew you were going to say that," the doctor smugly replied, feeling her up as he moved along the examining table till he was standing beside her head. "But I'm sorry to say that I have no Negro to give you. You'll have to wait until tomorrow night for that, when you're a whore in your cubicle at my friend's Mexican whorehouse. In the meantime, I'll be only too happy to hose you again. But you'll have to suck my peter and make it hard first. Will you do that for me, Missus Darling? Shall I put my pecker in your mouth now?"

"NOW!" Alice rasped, eyeing his shrunken penis hungrily as she lifted her head toward it. "I'LL SUCK IT FOR YOU! I WANT TO, DOCTOR! OH, YESS I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY!"

"My God!" Gordan mumbled to himself. "And to think I almost killed this carnal beauty. What a waste that would've been!"

He pushed her head back down to the table and leaned over her, wiping his spongy, secretion-drenched prick all over her pretty face. Alice whimpered. She let him rub it over her eyes and nose and cheeks and lips, licking at it every time it passed her mouth. He took his flaccid rod in his fingers and milked it down, holding the rosy head scant inches above her lips. A milky drop of after-cum oozed from the slitted tip of his leachy dickhead and hung there for a moment before he lowered his crown and wiped it over the softness of her red oral petals.

"MMMMM!" Alice sighed, her pink tongue snaking out to clean her cummy lips.

"You beautiful bitch!" Gordan exclaimed as he fed his rising organ into her eagerly receiving mouth. "You were born to be a whore! Do you know that, woman!? Christ, I'll be doing both you and my Mexican friend a favor by selling you to him!"

Alice could hear the doctor's voice droning on, but she wasn't in the least interested in what he was saying. She had a mouthful of delicious erecting penis, and her drug-dulled mind could think of nothing else. Her tongue played over the tumescent cockflesh as it grew harder and bigger inside her voraciously sucking mouth. Dimly she was aware of the two men talking, but she couldn't make out their words. It both surprised and delighted her when the wiry little man mounted her and penetrated her yearning pussy with his average-sized peter.

"MMM, MMM, MMMM!" Alice moaned around her mouthful of pulsing pecker, and started working with Denton right from the first thrust.

Denton was sucking her tender tits and fucking into her snatch at the same time, while Gordan held her head and jabbed his stubby prick, in and out of her auctioning mouth. Alice thought she would piss, it felt so good. She loved this. It was terribly degrading to be tied down while two horny men used her simultaneously -- one feeding her cock and the other giving it to her in the cunt -- but she couldn't help responding to it. She was having a tremendously wicked thrill with no guilt at all to mar her pleasure. Alice blamed her wildly aroused condition on the injection the doctor had given her. But the drug was no aphrodisiac, and therefore not directly responsible for her raging lust. All the Demerol had done was lower her inhibitions and allow her innate capacity for licentiousness to burst forth into full bloom.

The obscene double-fucking was evoking the comely widow's true carnal nature, turning her into a man-eater, and Mrs. Alice Darling would never be the same again after Gordan got through with her -- for this was only the beginning.

Gluttonously, Alice drank the cum of one man while another's spend jetted into her orgasmically clasping vagina. Grunts and groans echoed off the walls of the small examining room, the very air of which was by now heavy with the mixed scent of sweat and sex...

The men traded place, Denton sitting on the resilient pillows of her magnificent breasts and lifting her head to stuff his limber eel of a dick into her spermy mouth, while Gordan let down the flap at the end of the examining table and abused her privates by ramming four fingers up her cum drenched twat and gouging into her tiny anus with his too-big thumb.

Gordan was hurting her, but Alice was in no condition to complain. She didn't want him to stop. It was an exciting hurt. He was giving her delicious pain, doing it on purpose, and she found herself shuddering with a masochistic thrill as she suffered under the cruel hands of this callous man.


She threw back her head losing Denton's dong from her mouth, screaming at the blinding burst of gut-searing pain which racked her body, for Gordan had just jerked out, his brown-tinged thumb and bludgeoned his powerful cudgel into the impossible tight ring of her rosebud rectum. He'd torn her asshole getting his dick into her butt, and she screamed again and again as bright red blood streaked down the milk-white valley of her quivering, wide-splayed buttocks.

"STICK YOUR COCK IN HER MOUTH! SHUT HER UP!" Gordan husked, corn-holing the hell out of Alice with total disregard for the suffering his perverted action was causing her.

Denton rammed his stalk down their helpless victim's throat, and the massive medic continued to sodomize her with lustful glee. Her ruptured asshole clung grippingly to the girth of Gordan's plunging stem, her anal area sinking in around his prong as he drove it into her bowels, and pulling out luridly around his thick shaft each time he backed part way of her trembling, sweat-dripping body.

Moaning piteously, Alice began sucking Denton's dirty peter again, while she took with mixed emotions the brutal ass-fucking Gordan was giving her against her will. All that changed in less than a minute, however, for the doctor's thrusting dong pumped the pain from her abused behind and began filling it with a brand new type of perverted pleasure.


Alice was truly shocked and amazed by the lustful manner in which she was receiving this carnal abuse.

But her moment of conscious thought was a fragile thing. It shattered abruptly, and she fell right back down into the muck with her tormentors, moaning as she sucked the dick of one man and humped her cock-stuffed asshole mindlessly up to the other man. Seconds later Denton let out a howl of fulfillment and jerked Alice's head forward. His swelling cockhead bored deep into her throat. His abdomen slapped over her face, flattening her nose and blocking her vision. The coarse stinky pubic hair surrounding the base of his organ chafed her soft, puffy lips as mashed them tight against his groin and tried to force his balls inside her mouth too.

She gurgled and gulped reflexively while the ballooning head of the wiry little man's dick spat the weak jets of his third cum into her more-than-willing throat.

They had succeeded in stripping the lovely young widow of more than her clothes and morals by this time, for their lustful misuse of her petite body had also ripped away the veneer of her civilized propriety and lain bare the raw emotions of a primitive she-creature.

"SODOMIZE ME, YOU DIRTY SONOFABITCH!" Alice yelled vulgarly the instant Denton's deflating, spit-coated peter slipped from between her still hungry lips. "GIVE IT TO ME, GODDAMN YOU! AAAAAHHHHH... THAT'S ITT... MMMM... HARDERRR... OOOOOUUUUUUTJUUUUU... FASTER! AGH, AGH! OH, DOO IIT! RAPE MY BUTT! FUCK THE ASS RIGHT OFF MEEEEE!"

"WHORE, WHORE, WHORE!" Gordan shouted, his rotund stomach slapping loudly against the soft undersurfaces of her lovely, upheld thighs. He was using all his strength to drive his stout cudgel into her with sledge-hammer strength. It looked like be was doing his damnedest to rip, her asshole out by the roots.



As the little man hurried from the room with an evil grin warping his face, the portly brute of a doctor leaned over their bound victim and captured her swollen nipples between his thumbs and two fingers of each hand. He pinched down on the tender cones of her sensitive tits and twisted them roughly.


Alice's tortured body bowed up, jerking and quaking. The shrill scream of her agony rent the air and reverberated raggedly throughout the entire rundown suite of Gordan's dingy offices. She passed out from the pain, and was totally unaware of the doctor's prong driving balls-deep up her butt for the final time, there to spew out his sperm in the violated depths of her roiling bowels.

Rex was the trained guard dog Gordan had recently bought for protection against dope head burglars. When Alice came to, she was horrified by the huge dog licking the mixture of blood, sweat and sexual secretions from her vulnerable crotch and asscheeks. Because of her raging lust, her healthy body had burned off most of the Demerol injection. The drug was having only a slight, lingering effect on her now.

"GET THAT ANIMAL AWAY FROM MEE!" she screamed, squirming about in a desperate but futile effort to elude the flashing red tongue of the magnificent German shepherd. It was useless to struggle, Alice discovered with mounting horror, for her wrists and ankles were still bound and she remained in the same helpless position as before. Her bodily movements were extremely limited.


"We're thinking that you're a bitch in heat," Denton cackled. "Yes," Gordan agreed, "and a bitch in heat needs a male dog to service her. Isn't that right, Missus Darling?"

"NOOOH!" Alice screeched, straining at her bonds. "I BEG YOU... DON'T... DON'T DO THIS WICKED THING TO ME!"

"We're not gonna do a damned thing to you," Denton said. "Hellfire, we've had all of you we want. It's the dog what's going to hump you now. Leastwise, it looks like he might."

There was no escape. Gordan clapped his hand over her mouth and let her scream into his palm until she was hoarse. The dog kept licking her and licking her, with his long hot tongue lapping deep into both her pussy and asshole. She struggled until at last she fell back utterly exhausted, whimpering and moaning in defeat and docility.

"Now, that's better, Missus Darling," the doctor crooned with mock sympathy. "Just lie there nice and quiet while Rex has his way with you. There's nothing you can do about it anyway. Now that you've quit making such a fuss, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you find yourself enjoying it. From the glassy look of your lovely eyes, I'd guess that canine tongue is beginning to feel good already."

"NOOOH!" Alice protested, but she was lying. It did feel good to have the dog's febrile tongue licking over her crotch and into her cunt, and that fact was as clear to the men as it was to her.

"I think you're a bit mixed-up," Gordan chuckled. "Your mouth says one thing, but I'm afraid your expression says quite another. You may as well admit it. You're beginning to like having sex with a dog, aren't you, Missus Darling?"

"YES, DAMN YOU!" she wailed, closing her eyes in shame. "IT DOES FEEL GOOD! I DON'T WANT IT TO... BUT I CAN'T HELP ITTT!!!"

"Ah, yes," the medic sighed, "I fully understand your dilemma. Bestiality is a crime against nature, isn't it?"


"But it feels so good to have an animal licking into your hairy snatch, doesn't it? Yes, I can see that you're really enjoying it now. You'll thank me for this later, my dear, for breaking you in in private. You see, when you become a whore, you'll have to perform in all sorts of sex shows in front of love audiences. You'll be fucked and sucked by men and women alike. Dogs will screw you routinely. And of course, you'll be required to take your turn beneath the trained donkey. All of this before audiences containing curious ladies as well as horny gentlemen."

"OH, DEAR GOD!" Alice groaned. "I'D RATHER DIE!"

"Suit yourself, Missus Darling. It's either whoredom or death for you, and I'm perfectly willing to give you your choice. I've got to get rid of you, you see, and it doesn't matter whether you turn up dead or simply disappear from the respectable face of the earth."

Alice quickly retracted her rash statement. She shuddered with horrified humiliation at the prospect of being turned into a whore, but the alternative was death, and she didn't want to die, no matter what. The German shepherd was slow to get the idea, for this was as new to Rex as it was to Alice. His long slender peter hung out beet-red and dribbling, but he continued to lick her furry gash even when Gordan pushed a stool in at the foot of the examining table. The men had to help the dog get his hind legs up on the stool and it required a guiding hand to bring the point of Rex's slender pens into the inflamed maw of Alice's hairy hole. However, once the dog felt the slippery heat of her sex flesh, he let out a yelp and slid the entire length of his skinny canine dick into the moist sheath of Alice's human pussy.

"OHHHHHHHH... OHH, NOOOOO!" Alice whined, thrilling to the feel of the inrushing, super hot dog dick, even as a flood of scathing shame threatened to drown her.

Now that Rex had his crimson spear in her, he knew exactly what to do, and wasted no time in getting down to business. His back began arching frenziedly. The dog's tongue hung out pantingly. He drooled saliva on her jouncing tits. His eyes took on a faraway look, and he jabbed his long, slender organ rapid-fire in and out of Alice's fluttering belly. The pencil-point tip of his canine peter poked right into the ultra-sensitive mouth of her womb each time he dropped the hairy surface of his underbelly down onto the smooth, sweat-slick skin of Alice's abdomen, eliciting from her a steady stream of involuntary cries of unwanted pleasure.


Alice felt like the scum of the earth, and she kept saying so in one way or another between the ecstatic outcries of the sexual rapture sweeping her up. But it was fantastically good, and Alice could not deny it for long. The dog's ass was a blur of motion. What the animal dick lacked in girth was more than made up for in heat and length.

She could feel the inflamed shaft of the dog's prick spearing deep into her belly many times per second. Rex was fucking her like crazy now, cramming the cock into her faster than any man could ever hope to do. The feverish pleasure of their unnatural union built and built until Alice feared it would burst her loins. She wanted to scream, it was getting so God-awful good.

The very thought of bestial copulation was abhorrent to Alice under normal conditions, but being tied down and bred like a bitch to a panting stud dog was far from normal. She resisted the urge to abandon herself to this screamingly perverse lust for as long as she could. Then she succumbed with a great in sucking of air and a violent tremor racking her misused body. The captive young widow threw back her head and heaved a guttural groan of unconditional surrender.


"I CAN'T!" Alice wailed, her hips beginning to pump with the animal, making about one thrust for every four of his. "GOD FORGIVE ME... AAAAAAAHHHH! BUT I JUST CAN'T HELP ITTT!"

"FUCK HER, REX!" Gordan hissed, his eyes bulging and his tongue sweeping his lips. "FUCK HER GOOD!"

"THAT'S WHAT HE'S DOING, YOU MISERABLE CRUD!" Alice shrilled derisively. "CAN'T YOU SEE... AHH, AHH... THAT YOUR DOG IS SCREWING ME MUCH BETTER THAN... OOOOOH... EITHER ONE OF YOU SHITHEADS DID! THERE'S NO COMPARISON! REX IS BETTER THAN YOUUUU-OOOOUUU... OH, GOD... MUCH BETTERRR!!!" The huge German shepherd humped blissfully away, pistoning his canine pecker in the responsively sucking cylinder of Alice's womanly pussy. It was impossible for Alice to keep up with the wildly fucking dog, so she gave up trying.

Instead she arched her back and lay there shuddering and moaning and sighing as Rex rammed rapidly into her with womb-jabbing thrusts. A hot knot formed at the base of the dog's organ and began slipping slowly up his pumping shaft. In and out of Alice's sopping gash the knot popped, driving her wild as it batted incessantly at the raw-nerved tip of her elongated clitoris.

"AAAAAAAAHH... AHHHHHH!" she whined, her head lolling limply from side to side with her lips drawn back over her perfect white teeth. "GOD. GOD. GODDD!"

Then the bulging knot of bubbling semen was inside her body, moving higher up her vagina, coming closer and closer to her womb itself. Like most children, Alice had observed dogs copulating during the curious years of her early teens, so she knew the swelling on the dog's penis contained the ejaculate. She could feel it nearing the end of his throbbing organ, and this told her Rex was about to own.

Alice knew she should be horrified, but she wasn't. Far from it. The dog would be shooting off in her any second now, and she could hardly wait for the unholy moment to arrive. Her own orgasm was imminent. If she didn't have relief soon, she would go stark raving mad, because the heat of this insane dog/woman intercourse was more than her human flesh could bear.

Just when she thought she couldn't stand it another second, Rex lunged his long, twitching peter in to the hilt and began yelping as the knot of superheated animal sperm slipped the final inch up his shaft and gushed out forcefully into the depths of her human cunt. It burst from his beet-red penis all in one gluey mass, and the scalding cum jarred her womb as it crashed over that most feminine of all female organs like a gigantic tidal wave.

"GGGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed, her eyeballs rolling up into her head as her shuddering body lifted off the table, for the inundation of sticky dog cum had triggered her release mechanism and opened the floodgates holding back her own pent-up sexual tensions. "OHHHHH... OH, CHRIST... HE'S SHOOTING INTO MEEE... AND I'M... AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH... CUMMING TOO! OOHHH... AHHHHHHH... CCUUMMMMIINNGG!!"

The dog slobbered all over her breasts and belly, but Alice scarcely knew it. She lay there out of her mind with ecstasy, sobbing brokenly and shaking uncontrollably. She was blubbering incoherently when the German shepherd backed his dick out of her and swung down to lap up his sperm as it oozed out over the raw-red swollen lips of her pouting, hairy hole.

She felt another needle prick her arm, and the doctor was saying, "I'm giving you a hypo now, Missus Darling. When you wake up, you'll be in my friend's cathouse, ready to start a new life for yourself as a whore." Then he pushed the plunger. She could feel the liquid being injected. A velvety black void descended and consumed her consciousness.

"Let's get dressed, Denty," Gordan said. "I'll need you to help me dump her in the trunk of her car. Then I'll drop you off near her boarding house before I take her across the bridge into Mexico."

Chapter EIGHT

The next time Alice blinked open her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of a pure white ceiling. Sunlight angled in through the blinds of a plainly curtained window. Mexican music played softly from somewhere nearby. A man and a woman were conversing in Spanish. There was a burst of muted laughter and the rustle of bedclothes, accompanied by an almost inaudible squeaking of springs.

Alice lay deathly still, her heart thumping fearfully in her chest. She was in bed and as she rolled her reluctant eyes away from the window, she saw that she was separated from the Mexican couple by a drawable pale green curtain.

A WHOREHOUSE! IMINA WHOREHOUSE! She groaned inwardly, tears of shame welling up to cloud her vision.

She shut her eyes and groaned aloud, feeling hopeless and sick at heart.

I DONT WANT TO BE A WHORE! OH, DEAR GOD! she thought wretchedly.

A hand touched her shoulder, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. "DON'T TOUCH ME!"

"Easy, honey, easy," a male voice soothed. "It's me. John."

"John?" she gasped, her head snapping toward him.

"It is you! Oh, John, darling, I've never been so glad to see anyone in all my life! Where am I?"

"In the hospital, baby. You're going to be all right. How do you feel?"

There was a throbbing ache in the vicinity of the asshole, but she didn't tell John that. "Hungry," she said, heaving a sigh of relief. "I'm hungry."

He grinned and patted her hand. "That's a good sign."

"How did I get here?"

"I brought you. You were out cold, and I didn't know what was wrong with you. I didn't want to take any chances."

"But I was at Doctor Gordan's... the last I remember... and he was... was going to take me... How did you know where I was, John? What happened? Where are Gordan and Denton?"

"Hal called me after he woke up and couldn't find you in the house. Just in time, too. Those bastards were loading you in the trunk of your car when I got there. I'd called the police before I left my apartment. Hal saw Denton drive your car away from the house, so I was pretty sure where you'd be. The police got to Gordan's seconds after I did. Gordan was already dead. He pulled a gun on me Alice. I had to shoot him."

"I'm almost glad he's dead," she said simply. "What about Denton?"

"He's in jail, for attempted fraud and kidnapping. Do you want to add any other charges?"

"No," she breathed. "It wouldn't make much difference, would it?"

"Not really. Kidnapping is more serious than rape."

"You know, then," she said, turning her head in shame.

"I know," he replied, and gave her hand a squeeze.

They lapsed into an awkward silence, each thinking their own thoughts. It was John who broke that silence, and what he said made Alice cry.

"We'll have to live at your boarding house for the time being, but let's get married right away, Alice. I don't want to wait."

She blinked up at him, trying to smile as tears streaked her cheeks. "Oh, Darling, after what they did to me? Are you sure?"

He nodded. "When Hal called me, I knew how much danger you were in. I nearly went out of my mind, Alice. It made me realize how much I really do love you. Forget what happened, if you can, because I'm never going to mention it again. Will you marry me, Alice?"

"Oh, yes, John, I will. You know I will, Darling." They were married a week later, and John moved into the boarding house with Alice. He had to go before a coroner's inquest for killing Dr. Gordan but the policeman and Denton backed up his testimony and the shooting was ruled self-defense.

The fraud charges against Denton were dropped when he pleaded guilty to kidnapping. Denton was sentenced to life in prison.

Chapter NINE

Hal was awakened about one a.m. by the familiar sound of squeaking bedsprings in the next room. He lay with his eyes closed, half-smiling as the soft cries of his mother's sexual pleasure registered in his alert ears. God, they're at it again, the fourteen-year-old boy thought, and he experienced an inexplicable feeling of warmth which enveloped both his heart and loins. John had been his stepfather for two months now, and Hal felt this pleasant warmth every time he knew the likeable man was screwing his mother. This makes the third time John has balled Mom tonight. It must be as good as it sounds, because they sure do it a lot. I don't guess they know Kitty and I can hear them in here, or they'd be more quiet about it.

At the thought of his little sister, Hal opened his eyes and turned his head. They'd been sharing a bed since their mother had remarried, but Kitty was not beside him now. Startled by her absence, Hal sat up. Glancing about the moonlit room, he spotted his twelve-year-old sibling kneeling at the door. Her shortie nightgown had hiked up behind, revealing a goodly portion of her cute little white-pantied bottom.

He got out of bed and tiptoed over to her. "What do you think you're doing, Kitty?" he whispered, his voice strained with a mixture of disapproval and excitement.

Startled, Kitty sucked in her breath and batted her big innocent brown eyes as her head swung up toward Hal. "They're doing it again!" she whispered hoarsely. "John and Mother. Why are they always having intercourse, Hal?"

"Because they like to, I guess. You know you shouldn't be spying on them, Sis."

"I know," she murmured, returning her eye to the irresistible keyhole. "It's sickening. They've got the light on this time. I can see everything!"

"If it's sickening, why do you keep looking? Come on, let's get back to bed."

Kitty didn't answer her brother's question. The pubescent girl didn't honestly know why she kept watching the upsetting act of sexual intercourse. "Take a look for yourself," she whispered.

Somehow it seemed wrong. Hal felt as if he were betraying an unspoken trust when he squatted down beside his sister and brought his eye to the keyhole. An involuntary tremor passed through him when he caught sight of the carnal action on the bed. He had to clench his teeth to keep them from chattering. John was on top of their mother, between her upraised legs, and Hal could see all too well the gleaming column of sex-wetted turgidity their stepfather's arcing rump was driving rapidly in and out of her densely haired sex hole.

"There, didn't I tell you?" the flustered girl asked. "It's disgusting, what they're doing, isn't it, Hal? Why does Mother let him do that nasty thing to her?"

"You're too young to understand," Hal replied, trying to sound calm and worldly wise, when actually he didn't know the complete answer, himself. But it seemed to satisfy Kitty, for she nodded assent when he said they ought to get back to bed.

The two children lay shivering with secret excitement on their own sides of the bed when their mother and stepfather plunged into a frenzy of activity and fucked like mad into a simultaneous climax, with John grunting and groaning and their mother crying out brokenly while the bedsprings snapped and popped and creaked raspingly with the frantic song of Love's blissful crescendo.

Shortly the crack of light beneath the connecting door disappeared and all became quiet in their parent's room, but both Hal and Kitty were wide awake by this time. The brother and sister held their silence. Both were embarrassed, and nothing they could think to say seemed appropriate. Hal hoped his sister didn't notice that he was holding his aching peter beneath the sheet. Kitty cleared her throat twice before she found the courage to say what was on her inquisitive mind. "Your thing was hard... like John's... when we got back in bed... wasn't it, Hal?"

"Yeah, I guess so," he mumbled, guiltily jerking his hand away from his erection.


"I dunno. It just was. It gets that way sometimes."

"Is it that way now?" Her tense voice was barely audible.

Hal reluctantly admitted that it was, and when his curious little sister asked if she could feel it, he experienced a surge of the same exciting warmth which crept over him when he heard John and his mother making love. He told her he didn't think she should, but he couldn't answer when she asked why she shouldn't. He lay there trembling while her hot little hand moved gropingly down his stomach and found the spear of flesh protruding from the fly of his pajamas.

"Oooouuu," Kitty sort of sighed, when Hal felt the slender fingers of her soft, warm hand wrapping themselves around his stem, "It's not as big as Stepfather's, is it?"

He shook his head and whimpered.

"But it sure is hard! And hot, too!"

The boy lay there gritting his teeth while his sister began fondling his dick, timidly at first, and then more and more boldly. Soon, her small hand was moving instinctively up and down his shaft, stroking it as she popped the tight foreskin back and forth over the supersensitive rim at the base of his swollen glands penis.

"Does it hurt... when it gets all hard and hot like this?"

"Sort of!" he gasped. And then he groaned and shuddered as he shot off in her hand, for her innocent curiosity had resulted in the release of the pent-up boyish cum from his equally innocent balls.

"Ooouuu!" she exclaimed. "There's some stuff spurting out, Hal! It's all hot and sticky!"

Hal was in no condition to answer when his sister asked if she was hurting him. All he could do was shake his head and whimper gruntingly.

While he was still cumming, Kitty took her hand away and brought it up close to her face, examining it by the soft illumination of moonlight streaming in through the window. Her palm and fingers glistened wetly with his thick, whitish cream. It seemed to fascinate the preteen girl. She looked at her sperm drenched hand for a full two minutes. Then she put it right under her nose and smelled it. Kitty sort of whimpered herself then. Finally she wiped her hand on the bedclothes and lay down, shivering fitfully, her big brown eyes gazing with awe at the sheepish but contented face of her big brother.

"Gosh," she breathed.

"I don't think you ought to tell Mom about this," Hal said worriedly.

"Gosh, no!" she said, shaking her head. "Don't tell John either, huh?"

She curled up in a ball, hugging herself as she watched her brother drift off to sleep. Caressing his organ had thrilled her more than she let on.

Little Kitty was beginning to understand why her mother loved the big, fearsome dick of her red-headed stepfather. She tried to imagine how it would feel if John put his huge penis into her, and just thinking about it made her tiny bald cunny tingle in a most delightful manner. She could hardly wait to see them doing it again, because now it didn't seem nearly so dirty or disgusting.

Chapter TEN

"I'm going for coffee, Kitty. Do you want anything?" John asked at the start of the intermission.

"A Coke," she replied, smiling across the dimly lighted interior of the car.

"How about some popcorn to go with it?" John asked. "Or a hot dog, maybe?"

"Mmm, yes, a hot dog, too. I'll go with you, Daddy."

"You don't need to, princess, I can carry it."

"I'll still walk back with you," she insisted. Then she blushed and giggled as she added impulsively, "I've gotta pee."

"Oh," John said opening his door. "Well, come on then."

The speaker post was blocking her door, so Kitty slid across under the steering wheel and climbed out the driver's side while John held the door for her. They strolled off side by side, dodging parked cars as they made their way toward the concession stand in the center of the drive-in's massive lot.

As he'd known he would, John felt uneasy over being alone at an outdoor movie with his stepdaughter. Kitty had resented him at first, but it was a few months since the marriage now, and the girl had gradually warmed to him as the time passed. He almost wished she would return to being sullen and withdrawn, because she was overdoing it now that she'd accepted him. He supposed she was only trying to show daughterly affection, but the effect of her change of heart aroused in him feelings that were far from fatherly.

John wondered if the child realized how provocatively she'd been switching that cute little butt at him lately. He doubted it.

Christ, she's not even thirteen yet, he reminded himself, glancing sideways at her as they drew near the snack bar. I wish she hadn't worn that outfit.

Boots and miniskirt do something to me, especially on young girls, and look at the painted nipples of those pert little budding titties straining against the material of that knitted blouse. Jesus, they jiggle nice! Alice's going to have to get her some brassieres pretty soon.

"I'll meet you inside, okay?" she asked, rolling those big brown eyes up at him.

"Sure," he said, nodding, and then he stood there watching her until she disappeared through the door leading to the rest rooms, his eyes feasting guiltily on the alluring sight of her compact little bottom as its cheeks bounced sassily around inside her tight, short skirt. He pictured her lifting that skirt and pulling down her panties to piss and, cursing his cock for starting to rise, he shook his head and sauntered off toward the entrance to the snack bar.

John hadn't intended to bring just Kitty to the show. It was family fare, one of the features being a Disney flick both Hal and Kitty had begged to see, the other a John Wayne western, one of the few of Big Duke's pictures which John had missed during its first run downtown. He'd tried to back out, because Hal had come down with a miserable cold and Alice, being stubborn and old-fashioned, refused to bring the boy out that long in the night air. But this was the last night of the double bill, and Kitty had kicked up so much of a fuss that her mother had shooed them both out of the house, telling John that he'd promised so he had better go ahead and take Kitty.

Back in the car, waiting for the John Wayne film to start, John didn't intend to notice the way his stepdaughter's soft lips wrapped themselves around her hot dog, either, but he did, each and every time she took a bite of it, and he couldn't help what he was thinking. He squirmed uneasily a he realized he was getting a hard-on.

She kept throwing oblique glances at him while she munched eagerly away at her phallic-shaped sandwich, and unless his imagination was deceiving him, he detected a devilish little twinkle in her eyes.

John got the dangerous idea that his wife's daughter would be more than willing to throw away the hot dog and put her sensual lips to better use if only he had the nerve to take out his prick and show it to her.

But he didn't have the nerve, and just the thought of doing such a lewd thing with the cute kid went against his moral grain, though God knew he was tempted.

When his movie came on, John forced his attention to the screen. He soon got caught up in the action and forgot all about his moment of incestuous temptation, just as countless thousands of fathers and stepfathers before him have done under similar circumstances, and as the vast majority of other male parents have done, John would've escaped the tormenting moment of decision and later denied having ever been tempted had it not been for the unexpected request put forth by his yawning stepchild.

"I'm getting drowsy, Daddy. Is it all right if I lie down for a while?"

"Sure, princess," came John's natural reply. "Hop in the back seat and have yourself a little snooze."

"I'd rather lie down here... so I can use your lap for a pillow, if you don't mind, Daddy."

John gulped. He didn't know what to say. He didn't want to refuse her, but the kid was playing with fire, whether she knew it or not.

While John was groping for a way to say no without hurting her feelings, Kitty curled up on the front seat and eased her head down into his lap. She faced the front of the car, her dimpled knees pointing toward the dashboard and her head squirming beneath the steering wheel. The back of her head nuzzled upsettingly against his loins, causing John to clear his throat and back nervously away, but it wasn't far enough.

"I'm still bumping my head on the steering wheel, Daddy." Kitty cooed. "Let the seat back a little will you?"

"Yeah, I guess I'd better," he muttered, and reached down for the lever.

"Mmmm, that's better," she said, still cooing.

Then why the hell are you fidgeting around so much? he felt like asking. Be still damn it, you don't know what you're doing to me!

That's where John was wrong, because the sensual child knew exactly what she was doing to him. She could feel his organ growing harder and bigger each time she "accidentally" rubbed her head against it. Kitty had secretly watched her mother and stepfather have sex many times since the night she'd quite innocently jacked off her brother the first time. She'd masturbated Hal almost every night since then. A few times she's even kissed her brother's dick, the way she'd seen her mother kiss John's. Hal had done nothing to Kitty so far, and she'd never actually taken his penis inside her mouth. However, only the night before while Hal slept soundly due to his cold medicine, Kitty had spied through the keyhole while, for the first time to her knowledge, her mother had given John a complete blow-job. She had wished then for a suck on John's big, juicy dick, and now she really wanted to taste it.

She'd hoped her stepfather would get the idea from the way she'd eaten the hot dog. She felt sure he had gotten her unspoken message, because she'd noticed the telltale bulge at his crotch out of the corners of her furtively watchful eyes, but he'd disappointed her by doing nothing. She didn't want to come right out and ask John to let her go down on him. But that's what she wanted to do, and all the way, too. She'd heard her mother telling him how delicious his cum was after she'd seen Alice drink every bit of his stuff, and Kitty was dying to find out how it tasted.

Jesus, maybe she does know what she's doing to me! John thought fearfully when the child turned onto her back and nuzzled her cheek against the undersurface of his belly-hugging erection. Look at her! Drawing up her legs... letting the left one loop back down on the seat... lifting the right one... hooking it over the backrest! That tight skirt is clear up around her butt now and the moon's shining in on the white crotchband of her panties! God, she's doing it on purpose! She's showing me her little box! Kitty, stop this, Goddamn it! I'm only human!

This is it! Kitty told herself as she turned her head and snuggled her face up to his crotch. Her heart thumped wildly. She took a deep breath of his masculine odor and began rubbing her face over his sexual parts. I can't tell him what I want I've got to try to show him! Oh, I hope he doesn't get mad! What if he does? What if he spanks me? Or worse, what if he tells Mother?!

This was the first time it had crossed Kitty's mind that she might get in trouble for the way she was acting. It was too late to stop now, though. She'd gone too far already. She'd seen her chance and taken it, and never in her life had she been so excited as she was now. If John wanted her to stop, then he would have to tell her so, because if he didn't, she was damn sure going to take out his peter and show him how much she loved it and him.

John couldn't believe what was happening, and he felt like a dirty old man for allowing it to continue, but he was losing control of himself. It was becoming perfectly clear to him what Kitty wanted. A lurid thrill washed over him at the thought of sticking his dick into the pure mouth of his wife's twelve-year-old girl. Kitty was only four-foot-ten and wouldn't weigh over ninety pounds sopping wet, but she was cute as a button, and this was her idea, not his. He would never in a million years have made an improper advance toward the child, but God, how was he supposed to resist her, what with her coming on like a bashful fellatrix with an insatiable hunger for cock!?!

The fact of the matter was, he didn't want to resist her any longer. He heaved a sigh of guilty surrender and cupped her head with his hand, pressing her pretty face firmly against his groin as he stroked the softness of her lustrous light brown hair.

"Mmm, mmmm!" she sighed, wriggling wantonly about.

He put his other hand between her legs and felt her up. The adorable child quivered, but she didn't offer to pull away from his intimate caress. Quite the contrary, she snuggled her feverish little mound into the curvature of his hand and rubbed her cleft enticingly against his palm. Her little girl's pussy scorched his palm through its thin covering of secretion-moist nylon. He tightened his hold, letting the tip of his middle finger probe her dimple of an anus while he fondled her crotch with all the tenderness of an ardent lover.

"Take it out... your penis!" the child urged. "Take him out and let me love him with my mouth! I want to lick him and kiss him... all over!"

"Jesus, I ought to have my head examined! We shouldn't be doing this, Kitty!" he protested, paying lip service to the dictates of society's morals, even as he gazed down at the eager visage of his young stepdaughter and yielded to her indecent plea.

John unzipped his own fly, but Kitty's naughty hand beat his inside his pants. She fumbled with his shorts, get her hand inside and captured the throbbing prize of his upward-angled phallus.

"Ooooouuuu! It's so big!" she mewled, doing her damndest to tug it out through the small, flapped opening of his Jockey shorts.

In its present condition, this proved to be an impossible task because of the size of John's organ. It was necessary for John to unbuckle his trousers and push both them and his shorts down around his ankles in order to present the turned-on child with the object of her lustful affection.

"OH, GOSH!" she gulped, staring with wide-eyed wonder at his massive prick and heavy, hairy balls when he opened his muscular legs to make his privates vulnerable to her. "YOU'RE TWICE AS BIG AS HAL!" she blurted inadvertently, and then she clapped her hand over her mouth, turning her frightened gaze upward.

"So you and Hal have been playing games under the cover, have you?" John intoned. He received this news with mixed emotions, but he figured he was hardly in a position to rebuke the children. "I was afraid that would happen when your mother put the two of you to sleeping together. I shouldn't have permitted it."

"You're not going to tell her, are you, Daddy?" Kitty asked timorously.

"No, of course not," John replied. "And you'd better not tell her about this, either."

"Oh, I won't, John! It'll be our secret! I won't even tell Hal! Honest to God, Daddy, I won't breathe a word to anyone!"

"You're a good kid, and much more grown-up than you look. Go on, princess. You wanted to love my cock with your mouth. Get going."

John kept his hand between her legs, caressing her crotch through its covering of slippery nylon, while she held his pole in her trembling hand and began smacking fervent kisses all over it. Her dainty tongue snaked out repeatedly, slithering in a half-circle around his pulsing organ.

"Mmmm!" she sighed, when he slipped his hand inside her panties and started stroking her hairless clefted mound flesh to exciting flesh. Her little twat felt hot to his hand, and her pouting pussy lips were slippery as greased eels. She was really getting juiced up and turned on now.

"OOOOH... YOU'VE GOT SUCH A BIG SWEET DICK, DADDY!" she purred, her soft lips closing possessively around the bluntly round tip of his aching rod.

There was a clear drop of precoital substance hanging from the eye of his glands. Kitty licked it off and whimpered with delectation as the salty-tasting fluid seeped into her expectant taste buds and made them tingle with delight.

MOTHER WAS RIGHT! IT DOES TASTE GOOD! I LOVE IT! she thought excitedly, her fingers tightening around his shaft.

She drew back his hood and ran her eagerly exploring tongue all over the bald knob of his swollen dickhead. The musky flavor of cockflesh made her senses reel. She felt lightheaded and a bit dizzy, especially when she took the whole sleek knob inside her mouth and began sucking it. Having, her stepfather's purplish cockhead in her mouth gave the erotic child a tremendous thrill. She locked her lips hungrily behind the base of his jaw-breaker crown and laved its taut skin lovingly with her pink swab of a tongue.

Then she pulled up on it, letting her lips distend out around it, and made a loud slurping sound as she broke the mouth/cock contact and lifted her head.


Like mother, like daughter, he thought, and it struck John that he was involved in a dangerous pastime, feeding dick to his wife's little girl. But the danger only added to his lustful pleasure.

"Your mother likes to nibble my foreskin, princess. Why don't you try it. Pull up on my prick and it'll stand out so you can get at it real good."

"YESSS... I WANT TO!" she crooned, her hand gripping his stalk with surprising strength as she drew up on it.

She took the folds of loose, satin-like foreskin between the sharp edges of her front teeth and munched lightly while the tip of her tongue toyed with the preputial morsel. "MMMMMM... DELICIOUS!" she moaned, and then she caught his protruding prepuce with her lips and sucked so hard he thought she meant to tear it off.

But the slight pain was a pleasant thing, and he loved the way her small hand slid in under his sperm heavy testicles and fondled them with a jiggling and rolling motion. This sweet child was driving him wild.

He longed to get his head between her shaking legs and suck the goodness of her wholesome young cunny, but that would have to wait. She was popping his foreskin on and off his bloated crown, licking his taut skinned knob, then hiding it with its hood and sucking the sensitive mass of foreskin which she pulled out past the tip of his dong. And her little hand kept rolling his nuts around in his sac. He had to feel her lips on his balls, so he spread his legs wide apart and pushed her head down between them.


"BIG, HOT BALLS!" she breathed, lifting them in her hand and planting wet kisses all over the wrinkled skin of his coarse-haired scrotum. "THEY FEEL LIKE THEY'RE JUST FULL OF GOOD STUFF! I WANT TO TASTE YOUR STUFF, DADDY! WHEN YOU SHOOT OFF, I WANT YOU IN MY MOUTH!"

"OHH, YOU LITTLE DOLL!" he moaned, tousling the soft tresses of her long, straight hair. "I'LL CUM IN YOUR SWEET MOUTH! HELL, YES! NOTHING WOULD GIVE ME GREATER PLEASURE!"

"OHHHH... ME TOO!" she cried, and opened her mouth wide.

Impulsively she palmed his entire nut-sac into her mouth. The undersurface of his spit-slick pecker lay alongside her nose, covering one eye and pressing against her forehead. She formed her puffy lips around the top of his scrotum and snuggled her face into his crotch, her chin nuzzling his asshole while she whimpered and sucked tenderly the double delicacy of his oblong male goodies.

"CHRIST!" John gasped, shuddering with pleasure. "JESUS H CHRIST OH, THATS GOOD, PRINCESS! SOOO GOOOODDDD!"

Taking encouragement from his passionate outcry, Kitty sucked down harder on his sperm-filled nuts.

John squirmed about, stroking her head and pussy.

He felt like screaming, it was so good, but he didn't dare. Cars were parked all around them, and discovery meant a prison sentence for incestuous statutory rape.


He thrust his hand inside Kitty's panties and insinuated the tip of his middle finger into the tiny opening of her bald, little curl's cunny.

"MMMM, MMMMMMM!" she moaned around her mouthful of tight, hot balls, and the little darling opened her legs for him, so he could get at her privates better.

It was obvious she wanted more finger, and he gave it to her. But not much more, for the tough film of her maidenhead stopped the ball of his inrushing finger abruptly and prevented further progress into the moist heat of her snug opening. John was both surprised and delighted to discover her veil of virginity still intact. After her admission of brother/sister sex play, he'd naturally assumed that she'd given Hal the pleasure of bursting her cherry. Now he knew better. Little Kitty was still pure as the new driven snow. Decency demanded that he atop this insanity and take the child home at once.

DECENCY BE DAMNED! he thought, shuddering with a burst of pure carnality as he probed the proof of his stepdaughter's pristine condition. SHE'S READY TO LOSE HER CHERRY, AND I'M GOING TO TAKE IT!


"CUM! OH YES! I WANT YOUR CUM!" she exclaimed, releasing his bloated balls and hurrying up to take his twitching cockhead in her mouth.

A trace of his ejaculate had spilled over already, she discovered, and it tasted every bit as delicious as she'd hoped it would. She jacked her gripping little hand up and down his sturdy stem and sucked voraciously at the throbbing head of his dick, thrilled by the knowledge that her creamy reward would soon be forthcoming.

"NOW!" John bleated, his body tensing up and quaking. "NOW! AARRGGHHH... UNG, UNG UUNNNNNNN!!!"

A spiraling stream of pungent semen gushed from his enlarged cockhead and squirted into Kitty's virginal mouth. The gluey mass painted a white streak down the back part of her palate and splashed all thick and hot over her pink tonsils. The lustful little girl let out a moan of her own and sucked all the harder. Her stepfather's ballooning glands blew jet after forceful jet of his mature man's sperm into her child's mouth, and she let the viscous substance build up so she could savor its acrid flavor. His potent cum stung her delicate taste buds, evoking from her a moan of satisfaction. Having him shoot off in her mouth thrilled Kitty clear down to the tips of her tiny toes.

MOTHER WAS SO RIGHT! she cried inwardly, shivering with joy at the utter madness of what she was doing as she deliberately swished her tingling tongue through the glutinous cum which filled her mouth almost to overflowing. IT IS DELICIOUS! CUM IS GOOD... AND EXCITING... AND I'M GOING TO SWALLOW IT!

And swallow it she did, for by then her small mouth was so flooded with fuck juice it was beginning to bloat her cheeks and force its way out over her prick-clasping lips. It was either swallow or lose some, and she didn't want to waste a drop of the precious stuff.


The delighted twelve-year-old gulped down her first mouthful of steaming cum with relish, gurgling and moaning her illicit pleasure. John irrigated her mouth with ejaculate again, and she drank this additional flow even more greedily. The more he gave her, the better it tasted. She knew she was robbing her mother of this wonderful nectar, but that only added to the thrill of the moment. Kitty wanted all the heady cock cream her stepfather could give her, and when his cock quit spurting, she held it in her mouth and stripped his dick of its final sluggish drops before she would let it go.

"PRINCESS!" he groaned, as she grinned up at him and licked the strings of cummy overflow off her lips.


Kitty purred like a kitten and began lapping the rest of the cum which had over flowed her mouth off the spongy tube of his deflating shaft.

For a moment, John sat there rubbing her juicy little cunt. He was dying, to suck her off, too, and to fuck her as well, but he knew he should do neither. He glanced toward the rear of the drive-in and saw it was deserted except for a handful of cars containing lovers, none of whom would be paying any attention to anything going on outside of their own respective little worlds.

What the hell he thought, if police finds out, I can't get in any more trouble than I'm already in.

He kicked off his pants and shorts, tossed the speaker out, started the car and began driving toward the rear of the outdoor movie. He'd never screwed a girl as young as Kitty, but he was going to do it now.

And to his own darling stepdaughter! John had never felt quite as depraved as he did now, and he'd never been quite so excited, either. There was an extra thrill to incest, he was learning, which could be likened to nothing else on the face of God's good earth.

Kitty was as eager to be rid of her cherry as her horny stepfather was to take it from her. When he stopped the car in a dark isolated part of the drive-in and told her to get hi the back seat and take off her clothes, she hopped right over and stripped bareassed naked for him. John left his shoes on, nothing more, and then he tumbled into the back with the sexually awakening child. He laid her down and kissed every inch of her feverish, adorable little girl's body, sucking the tender cones of her blossoming little titties and the appealing morsel of her rosebud anus with equal gusto, saving for last the tasty treat of her secreting little cunny.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy... ooooooh!" she sighed, while he mouthed the entire saucy orbs of her pert, firm, soft tittiee, paying special attention to the hard little berries of her tumid pink nipples.

"UNN, UNNN... MMMMMMMM... OH, DO IT, DO ITTT!!!" she moaned, writhing about with lust, wagging her compact little bottom wantonly in his face while he licked her sweaty buttonhole anus and shot his tongue rapidly in and out of her tiny testy asshole.

"AAAAAAHH... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH... HHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried in rapture, when at long last be covered her hairless cleft with his mouth and claimed as his the succulent prize of her virginal pussy. "OOOOOH... SUCK IT... MY CUNNY OHHHHHHHH... I LOVE YOU, DADDY OHHH, OHRH... GOOD, SOO GOOODDD OHHHHHHH... EAT MEE... THE WAY YOU OOOUUUUUUU... EAT MOTHERR!!!"

John realized then that Kitty had been spying on him and Alice during at least some of their frequent sessions of passionate lovemaking, and he supposed Hal had, too. An hour ago this would've upset him at the very least, and probably would've angered him. But that was an hour ago, and his thinking had undergone a drastic change, since then. Now he accepted her slip of the lip for what it was, making no mention of it, while he secretly welcomed the news she'd inadvertently given him.

It gave him an expansive sensation of sheer lewdness to know that Alice's children had watched them as they'd fucked and sucked one another.

I'd like to fuck Alice with the kids in bed with us! he thought, his half-hard penis springing up stiff as a poker at the very idea of actually doing such a wild thing. God, yes! Kitty lying on one side of her and Hal on the other, both of them watching from start to finish while, their mother takes a long, hard fucking!

He shoved his hands under Kitty and cupped the febrile cheeks of her compact little ass, holding her sweet dribbling pussy up to his mouth while his tongue lurched into the shimmering red sweetmeats of its wholesome goodness.

"AHHHHHHHH... OHHHHHHHHHHHHW!!" she moaned, her fingers combing through his unruly red hair as she grabbed his head and held it to her groin, the way she'd seen her mother do on more than one occasion. "IS IT GOOD? OH, DADDY... MMMMMMM... DOES MY CUNNY TASTE AS GOOD AAAAAS MO-THERRRR'S?!"

"EVERY BIT AS GOOD, PRINCESS!" be replied, his words coming all muffled through the fluttering lips of her tiny slot. "IN A WAY, IT'S EVEN SWEETER!"

Sweeter wasn't exactly the right word to compare Kitty's sex hole with her mother's. Whereas Alice douched and dusted hers with perfumed powder, Kitty as yet did neither, being a pro-teen virgin. Her aroused little box had the strong flavor of pure, un-adulterated cunt, and the powerful odor it gave off hung heavy in the still air inside the car. The all-girl taste and smell of her overheated snatch was enough to drive a real man mad, and John, despite his current moral shortcomings, was all man. He inhaled deeply of the heady fragrance wafting up from her groin, and as he did so, his delighted tongue was furiously swabbing up the tart secretions coating the vestibule of her tiny pussy.

However, he couldn't get his tongue up into her vagina, because her hymen blocked its passage to her inner sheath, and this was a maddening disappointment to John. He longed to lick her belly button from the inside of her childlike body, but his salacious desire remained thwarted by the burdensome membrane of her interfering maidenhead.

He determined then and there to immediately rid the child of her dubious prize once and for all. When a girl was ready for fucking, as Kitty obviously was in spite, of her tender age, there was nothing more troublesome than a damned hymen. At a time like this it was nothing more than a cursed piece of worthless skin. That being as it maybe, still it was a sweet, sweet task to deprive a young girl of her cherry, if a man did it with loving concern. Which was the way John set about it, because he loved his cute little stepdaughter dearly. Especially now. He considered this a supreme honor. A girl had only one cherry to give, and Kitty was giving hers to him.

Could anything be sweeter? John asked himself as he mounted the breathless child and drew back his foreskin. Then he brought the bare head of his man-sized dick to her pouting infant's slot and wedged its bluntly rounded tip into the tiny opening between her trembling legs, and he moaned inwardly, answering his own question, GOOD LORD, NOOH! THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME THING! A MOMENT OF SHEER ECSTASY!

"OOUUU... OHHHHHHHH!" Kitty sighed, grimacing but slightly when she felt the huge head of her stepfather's rampant member spreading the blood-engorged lips of her hairless little cunny.

"I'm going to put it in you, Kitty."

"Yess!" she whimpered, throwing her arms around him. "Do it Daddy!"

"You want me to fuck you, don't you?"

"YES, YES, YES!" she cried, pushing up helpfully and rolling her encircling labia over the end of his crown, forcing them to open wider and take in another fraction of an inch of her stepfather's massive cockflesh. "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME! NOW! PUT IT... MMMMM... INTO ME! RIGHT UP INSIDE MY... AAGH... TUMMY!"

"It may hurt at first, princess," he warned, boring steadily but gently into the indescribably sweet issue of her soft pink crevice.


He pushed harder, slipping a bit more of his enormous glands into the lust-racked child. It was like a bumblebee burrowing into a tiny flower, the way the rosy petals of Kitty's very small cunt opened submissively around the forefront of her stepfather's quite huge invading cockhead. He worked half of his mushrooming crown into her fluted portal, two thirds and then finally all but the tufted ridge at the rear of his penile knob rested within the outer chamber of her innocent little pussy.

"IT HU-HURTS!" she whined, gnashing her teeth.

And he knew it must. Her tiny little cunt lips were stretched to the limit around the girth of his oversized bulb, with the thickest portion of his organ still to penetrate her fully dilated vulva. Kitty was as small in the cunt as John was large in the cock, and it seemed highly unlikely that their mismatched organs would ever successfully fit together, no matter how much they both desired this incestuous coupling.

"Do you want me to stop, sweetheart? Say the word and I will!"


The time for gentleness was past. John knew if ever he was to get the rest of his dick into her, it would have to be done vigorously and swiftly. Trying to spare Kitty the momentary burst of blinding pain would only prolong her suffering and intensify the inevitable shock when he did eventually rip her maidenhead with his big cock and stab it into her belly. The kindest thing he could do now was penetrate her irresistible body with one deft thrust.

"Relax, princess," he crooned soothingly, and lying through his teeth, he added, "The worst of your pain is over now. That's it. Loosen up for me. Take a deep breath. Another..."

He kept talking to her, lulling her into a semi-relaxed state and giving her a sense of false security, and all the while he was locking his fingers over her shoulders and preparing, to drive his cock deep into her frail body. The more relaxed he got her, the less it would hurt in the end, and he wanted to spare the darling child as much pain as possible. When he thought she'd relaxed as much as she could under the trying circumstances, he clapped his hand over her mouth and plunged downward.

His bulging cockhead rammed her maidenhead, rending it apart, leaving it in shreds as it bludgeoned its way deeper into the pristine purity of her stunned vagina and violated forever the sanctity of her little girl's body. His glands crashed into her immature womb and jammed it higher into her shocked belly. A wave of bright red hymenal blood issued from the cringing lips of her tiny bald cunt and trickled warm and sticky down the crack of her shuddering bottom, there to wash luridly over the large, hairy nuts of her stepfather, for John had penetrated the quaking child to the very hilt. Her eyes were big as half dollars, mirroring her agony as they stared up at him in horrified disbelief. She sucked air hissingly in through her flared nostrils, then let it out with a choking groan.

"AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" she screamed into his muffling hand, when finally she'd caught her breath enough to do so.

Tenderly John kissed the fluttering lids of her clenched eyes and began fucking her with unbelievable gentleness, using long, slow strokes designed to plumb her depths while at the same time caressing away the unbearable pain he knew he'd caused her. He sincerely regretted having to hurt her, but nothing more. He was glad to be screwing her, and he knew from experience that her pain would soon turn to pleasure.

At the moment, however, Kitty would never have believed this. It felt to her as if he were splitting her in half and tearing her apart. She would've sworn he'd crammed his arm into her, instead of his penis. Flashes of red-hot pain arced out from her cockstuffed hole in a seemingly unending series of flaming concentric circles. She could feel the heat of it searing her insides. For a moment, she seriously wondered if she would survive this nightmare of agony, or if she would explode and die, for she was sure he was trying to kill her. Oblivious of his reassuring words, she vented her anguish by screaming again into his smothering hand.

And then, just when she thought she couldn't bear it for another second, the pain began fading, just as John had told her it would, and a ray of pleasure shone deep in her heaving abdomen, and then another and another and another. The pleasure built and built, until finally it pushed every ounce of the pain from her feverish loins.

A rolling sensation swirled wonderfully about inside her. She blinked open her eyes and looked up to see her stepfather smiling down at her. He still had his hand over her mouth, but Kitty didn't feel the slightest urge to scream now. He was fucking her ever so sweetly, and she loved him with all her palpitating little heart.


"Is it getting good, princess?"

"MMMMM!" she moaned into his palm, hugging him as she lifted her legs and locked them over his.

He removed his hand and kissed her lips.


John chuckled with relief. He slipped his hands down and cupped the straining cheeks of her undulating little fanny. She was trying to work with him. Overjoyed with her, he kissed her while their mouths were open, and began teaching the responsive lass to French kiss while his big dick sawed happily away in the tight, hot sheath of her slippery little child's pussy.

Now Kitty was taking her fucking the way John had intended -- with pleasure -- and he determined to give her at least one orgasm so she would remember the good and forget the bad. He set quite a task for himself, considering Kitty was only twelve and this was her first time, but he strove toward his goal with workmanlike efficiency, riding her high so as to keep the uneven upper surface of his veteran prick in constant contact with the inflamed nubble of her pea-sized clitoris.

Her innate capacity for erotic enjoyment proved to be greater than either of them had expected. John had been screwing her for scarcely longer than four minutes when the passionate child heaved a guttural groan and lost herself in the rapture of her very first climax. Admittedly her orgasm was nowhere near as intense as the ones her sensual mother enjoyed, but then Kitty was only a little girl of twelve and this was her first ever.

"OOOUUUUU... OHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she sighed chantingly, while her febrile sex hole quivered sweetly around her stepfather's cock and her big innocent brown eyes revolved glassily in their sockets.

It was a damned good start down the merry road of life's carnal delights, for any girl, and especially one so young and tender as Kitty, who was yet to experience the first flow of monthly menstrual blood.

"You had a cum, princess," John informed her, his ass bouncing rhythmically to keep his dong pistoning in the sucking cylinder of her spastically twitching vagina. "Was it lovely?"

"MMMMM... OH, LOVELY... YES, YES... IT WASSS!" she said, catching the tempo of his leisurely thrusting and beginning to hump her joyous little box up to meet his inrushing prong. "FUCKING IS LOVELY! I LIKE IT SO MUCH!"

Sensing she was ready for some fancy fucking, now, John started moving his hips in a small circle as well as up and down.

"AAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH!" she sighed, grabbing the cheeks of his muscular rump and struggling to stay with him.

What little Kitty lacked in experience she more than made up for in youthful enthusiasm. She locked her ankles under John's shins and matched him stroke for stroke, grunting and sighing continuously as she shinnied her hot little hole up and down the plunging length of her stepfather's long, fat, sex wetted dick.

"Is it good, Kitty? Tell me, honey!"


To say John was delighted with the child's passionate pleading for some real down-home fucking would be a gross understatement of his actual emotions. He groaned his pleasure and pulled out all the stops, his ass pumping furiously as he started powering the pole to her.

"OHHHIIHHHHHH... OH GOD, YESS!" Kitty cried, somehow managing to keep her compact little ass bobbing up and down to the cadence of his wild fucking motions. "THIS IS WHAT I WANT! GIVE IT TO ME... GO, GO, GO... AHH, GODDAMN FUCK ME... MAKE ME CUM AND. CUM AND CUM... YIIIIIIII... OHH... OH, GOODDD WONDERFUL... YESSS... FUCK ME HARD AND LONG AND... AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH... FUCK ME... FUCK, FUCK. FFFUUCCCKKK!!!"

John hadn't planned to be this rough with her, but Kitty dearly loved it. The ninety-pound body of the darling little girl seemed to thrive on this fit of all-out fucking, for Kitty shrieked her joy and wasn't still a second. John was really fucking into her for all he was worth now, giving her virginal pussy a reaming which would've made many mature women holler uncle. Kitty was hollering, all right, but it wasn't uncle. No indeed, for her lustful cry was: "MORE, MORE, MORE! FUCK ME OHHHHHHH... LIKE CRAZY!"

His dangling balls slapped with obscene rapidity into the blood-streaked valley of her churning buttocks.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! came the lascivious report as their sweat-soaked abdomens kissed again and again in midair.

She wouldn't stay down. Her springy ass flew right back up for more of the same each and every time John drove its resilient cheeks down to the seat and impaled the child's slender body on the full length of his gigantic phallus. The fit of little girl cunt and big man cock was incredibly tight, and the friction of their frenzied fucking produced a sexual heat which neither of them could long endure.

John succumbed first. He waited as long as he could, hoping to bring Kitty to her second climax before he released his heavy load of hot cum into her adorable little belly. But the feel of her slick, hot little cuntflesh dragging around his pistoning rod -- her swollen labia pulling out suckingly around his bloated shaft during each outstroke and folding back in to welcome him with a jerking/gripping sensation when he crammed it back into her -- it was just too damned sweet, too fantastically good. When he could resist the bittersweet torture not a second longer, he cried out in agony/ecstasy and rammed his pounding cock into her right up to his body-hugging balls.

"OHHHHHHH... OHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kitty moaned, writhing beneath him. She could feel his massive phallus throbbing in the depths of her heaving belly, the way it had in her mouth when he'd given her cum. Instinctively she began twisting her compact little bottom, frenziedly clamping down with her inner muscles, grabbing his organ with the strong walls of her youthful vagina and wrenching it.


"NOW, PRINCESS!" he husked, his pubis grinding against her soft, hairless mons, the base of his twitching prick scrubbing her enlarged clitoris and his hard-rubber cockhead stirring her fluttering intestines. "OH, GOD, BABY! NOWWWII!"

"OHH! OH, YESSS! I CAN FEEL IT! OHHHHHBHHHHHH... DADDY, DADDY... I CAN FEEL IT SHOOTING INTO MEEE!" Kitty bleated, her face contorting with a mixture of shock, awe and pleasure, for she could feel with every vibrating nerve in her aroused body the jets of hot sperm which her stepfather's ballooning dickhead hurled into her. The lovely, substance splashed thrillingly over the supersensitive mouth of her immature womb, making her shudder with bliss.



John grunted, squeezing the cheeks of her squirmy little behind and holding his orgasmically twitching prong hilt-deep in the moist heat of her plushy little pussy. He couldn't recall ever having a cum quite as good as this one. It felt like the top of his head was being blown off.

The spurts of hot cream, together with the rhythmic expanding and contracting of John's rockhard dick, pushed the inexperienced child into her second climax. It hit her abruptly, thundering through her loins and exploding in her guts. This was a full-blown orgasm the tiny twelve-year-old was having this time, a real woman's cum. Her dainty toes curled down and hugged the balls of her small feet. Her mouth flew open and her eyes rolled up in her head till nothing but the whites were visible. She threw back her head, burying her fingernails in the ass-flesh of John's tensed buttocks as she let out a shrill cry of shear bliss.


Her internal muscles convulsed with a cramplike seizure, locking the long fat dick of her grunting stepfather in the viselike sleeve of her wet, velvety vagina.


Her insides went wild with the age-old dance of carnal fulfillment. Her silky sheath rippled and quivered around the pulsing girth of his fully planted root. Her puckered asshole winked spasmodically, sucking wind along with her gasping mouth.


Kitty's tiny cunt clutched convulsively at the huge, cumspewing cock of her stepfather. They clung to one another, moaning and groaning as together they rode the rapturous heights of their simultaneous orgasm. When at last it was over and John withdrew the long, limber tube of sex-wetted cockflesh from the gaping, twitching hole which was now the little girl's cunt, Kitty could only lie there wishing and panting for breath. She was limp as a dishrag. But smiling. Oh yes, she was smiling all over her pretty little face.

Chapter ELEVEN

About seven-thirty the following Sunday morning, as was their custom since early childhood, Hal and Kitty entered their parent's bedroom with the Sunday newspaper and awakened their mother for the ritualistic reading of the comics. Now this was totally unnecessary, and had been for years, since both kids were mentally bright and could tackle far more difficult reading material.

It was a habit, pure and simple, a pleasant few moments of close family togetherness which the children had outgrown but still enjoyed. The fact of the matter was, their mother enjoyed it, too, and she always welcomed her offspring into bed with her while she read the comics to them with all the voice inflections of a professional actress.

At first John had chided Alice for continuing, this practice. "After all, honey," he'd say, "Kitty is twelve and Hal is fourteen. Don't you think they're plenty old enough to do their own reading?" Alice had smiled sweetly and told him he didn't understand, that, pragmatically speaking, the Sunday morning reading of the comics was unnecessary, even a bit silly, perhaps, but she insisted that it filled an emotional need in both her and the kids, and she refused to discontinue the harmless practice.

Although the whole bit had seemed somewhat ridiculous, to John, the good-natured redhead had complained no more for the sake of matrimonial harmony. And now he was exceedingly glad he had kept the peace and allowed this rather pleasant bit of childish nonsense to continue each and every Sunday morning. If it was family togetherness Alice wanted, she would sure get it this morning, and a lot more than emotional needs were going to be filled, too. Since its inception, the lewd notion to screw his wife while her kids lay on each side of her hand hung on and grown stronger in John's mind. He's been eagerly awaiting this particular Sunday morning, because while Alice react the comics...

The kids piled into bed with them as Alice opened the paper and extracted the comics section. Kitty got there first and, as she'd been doing for more than a month, climbed under the cover and slid in beside John, leaving the formerly fought-over space beside their mother for Hal to claim uncontested.

Under cover of the bedclothes, John put his hand on the smooth, sleep-warm skin of Kitty's nearest thigh, furtively stroking her leg as he gave her an open smile and a quick little wink. True to her word, the precious child hadn't breathed a word about their sex session at the drive-in a few nights back. He hadn't had the opportunity to screw her again, but he wanted to badly. From the way his charming little stepdaughter's small hand stole between his legs and secretly fondled his genitals through his pajamas, he knew she was thinking along the same lines.

Dick Tracy came first, and when his wife began reading aloud the fictional exploits of the invincible detective, John put his other hand between Alice's shapely legs and started stroking the cunt of both his wife and stepdaughter. Alice threw him a don't do that glance, but John chose to ignore it. Neither of the girls had on panties beneath their nightgowns, and each pussy felt delightfully different from the other.

Whereas the mother's mound felt full-lipped and extremely hairy, the daughter's smaller mound was bald as a doorknob and possessed tighter, thinner labia. Each of the contrasting cunts had a charm all its own, and feeling them both up at the same time gave John an erotic charge such as few American men have ever known. The congenial redhead felt much like an. Arabian sultan at play in his private harem.

Alice couldn't imagine what had gotten into her husband. In spite of herself, she experienced a thrill at the lewd caressing of her privates, but it seemed downright indecent, what with her children being in bed with them. It was difficult for her to continue reading the comics, especially when she felt John's shameless finger insinuating itself to the second knuckle in the slightly moist opening other furry slot. She didn't want to come right out and tell him to stop, because she feared her kids might guess what he was doing, but she paused to throw him an imploring look before she went on trying to read aloud.

To Alice's dismay, her pleading expression in no way deterred her husband's amorous attentions. His naughty finger slid in and out of her elliptical slit, collecting her inner moisture and smearing it over the smooth surfaces of her labia majora. When he began flicking the tender tip of her unwilling responding clit, Alice's cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

What in the world is John thinking!?! Alice wondered, truly alarmed now, because she realized her voice was beginning to crack and her hands starting to tremble. Why is he trying to work me up!? Surely he doesn't intend to do anything more than this! He just couldn't be planning to carry through and have intercourse, not with the kids here! I don't know why he's tormenting me like this, but I'll not mention it. It would only draw the kid's attention to it. As it is, they're engrossed in the comics, and John will quit this devilishment if I ignore him. He'd better, damn him!

Little did Alice dream that the very fear which she'd dismissed as ridiculous -- that her husband would want to ball her while the children were in bed with them -- was precisely the lascivious goal which John had in mind. But Kitty, who also had one of John's fingers up her little puss, was beginning to suspect what her stepfather was up to. She'd only feigned interest in the comics this morning, her actual desire being to climb in bed and lie close to her lover/stepfather. Now that she had his stiff dick in her hand and felt his finger working in her juicy little crack, she was paying no attention beyond a blank stare to Blonde and Beetle Bailey. Within the lower periphery of her vision. Kitty could see the faint motion of the bedspread directly above the point at which her mother's slightly spread legs joined her womanly body.

Daddy's diddling Mother, too! she thought excitedly. Oh, how neat! He's fingering us both! Mother doesn't know he's doing it to me, though, and I can tell just by looking at her that John is embarrassing her something awful! Her face is red and she's starting to stutter, and her hands are shaking so bad she can hardly see to read the comics! I wonder if Hal is wise to what's going on? She looked to see. No, the big dummy is laying there waiting for Mother to get to Prince Valiant. Hal doesn't know what it's all about, or he would've screwed me when I hinted that I'd let him put it in.

The build-up of sexual tension from the incessant erotic stimulation, being digitally applied to her spouting pussy was starting to get to Alice. Her speech was beginning to falter as badly as the moronic neighbor boy's who'd recently moved away with his parents. It felt delicious to have her husband manipulating her privates beneath the covers, but nothing could come of it because of her children's presence. She wanted to be fucked something fierce, and this made her feel terribly ashamed of herself, since her own son was lying right beside her.

Damn your hide for arousing me like this, John! Alice scolded silently. STOP IT! YOU'RE MAKING ME HOT! GODDAMN IT, IT'S SO FRUSTRATING I COULD JUST SCREAM!

In her agitated condition, it was impossible for Alice to lie completely still. She began squirming in sensual discomfort, attempting to disimpale herself from her husband's lust-inciting finger without alerting her innocent children to the obscene fingering she was being forced to suffer in their presence. But John wouldn't let her decunt the waggling length of his wicked finger, and finally Alice had had all of this sexy foolishness she could take.

"STOP IT, JOHN!" she snapped, thrusting an arm under the covers and slapping at his abusive hand. "WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?!"

"Did I ever tell you how cute you are when you get angry?" he asked, completely ignoring the censorial tone of her sudden outburst.

John backed his finger out of Kitty's cunny and gave it a quick pat then he deserted the child's hairless mound, kicking the covers, back as he rolled onto his side close to Alice. He held his startled wife down with a hand on her belly and a leg over hers, using the juice from the child's pussy to help him thrust two fingers palm-deep into her mother's hairy hole. He jerked Alice's nylon nightgown up to her neck, revealing the jouncing mounds of her big luscious tits to her son's blinking gaze, and began finger-fucking her deep and fast.

"THEY'RE WATCHING!" Alice whined, pushing at his head and trying to clench her legs together in a desperate effort to ward off the maddening stimulation of his stroking fingers.

"So let, them watch," John mumbled around his mouthful of succulent titflesh. His hand was caught in the velvet vise of her upper thighs, but he was giving her sensitive clit-head fits with the knuckle of his thumb. "It'll be nothing new to them. The little rascals have been peeking through the keyhole. They've seen us fucking before, haven't you kids?"

"NOOH! OH, NOOOO!" Alice moaned, glancing shamefacedly at her son and then at her daughter, her face turning crimson and her body wilting as a flood of consternation washed over her. She closed her eyes in shame and lay there panting, her legs opening as if they had minds of their own to give John's persuasive hand free access to her tingling crotch.

"Why be secretive about it any more, Darling?" John asked, pressing on toward his sensual goal. "The kids know we do it, and it's only natural for them to be curious. It's time they started receiving a meaningful sex education. Now, what do you say, Alice? Shall we make love openly, and let the children learn by watching at dose range and asking questions? Or would you prefer they learn about sex in the gutter, where it comes with the connotation of being dirty and sinful?"

"Why didn't you... oohhhh... talk this over with meee... in private first?" Alice whimpered, for she was weakening fast under the expert cuntal massage her lecherous husband was giving her. She shook her head tightly, as if to clear it, and moaned, "OH, NOOO! JOHN, I CAN'T! PLEASE, DARLING, DON'T SHAME ME BEFORE MY CHILDREN!"

"Now that's bullshit, and you ought to know it, Alice. Wise up, woman. Do you want your kids to grow up as emotionally crippled by sex as you and I used to be?"


Hal sat there beside his mother, his unblinking eyes staring at the hypnotizing sight of his step-father's hand pumping steadily between her shapely legs. The boy was obviously in a state of fascinated shock, for his mouth hung open and he was shaking like a leaf.

It was just the opposite with his younger sister. Kitty had been introduced to the pleasures of the flesh, and this was making her wildly excited. She had swung up onto her knees, bracing herself with one hand on John's hip, while she stroked his erect cock with the other and gawked down with great interest at her mother's plushy pussy. "Fuck her, Daddy! Stick it in her and screw her good! I want to see it!"


Quickly John divested his vociferously protesting wife of her nightgown and stripped off his pajamas. He mounted her and allowed her daughter to skin back his dick and guide its purplish head into the gleaming red maw of her well-lubricated snatch.

"Kitty knows what she's saying, and what she's doing, too," John informed his struggling wife as, aided by the girl's trembling hand, he inched his prick into Alice's slippery slot. "Kitty's holding my cock, Alice. Your little girl is helping me get it into you."


"Move your hand, Kitty," John said, and when she did, he snapped his hips and plunged his rampant meat all the way into Alice's fluttering sex opening, his balls swinging forward to whack her ass at the same time his swollen glands thumped against the neck of her uterus.

Alice sucked in her breath raggedly, then let it out with a sound that fell somewhere between a sigh and a moan: "AAAAOOOONNNNGGHHHHHHH!!!"

"Dad? Dad, please!" Hal protested belatedly, and rather half-heartedly too, when John began screwing his red-faced mother. "She doesn't want you to!"

"You've got a lot to learn about women, son," John told him, his ass arcing rhythmically between Alice's reluctantly spreading, lifting legs. "Just relax and watch the action, Hal. I'll answer any questions you might have later."

"OHHHH... OH, JOHN!" Alice moaned, her palms skidding up his sides and over his back as she took him into her embrace. The soles of her feet dragged along the sheet until her bent knees were properly elevated and parted, and then her lovely ass began lifting, and she was working him, hunching her sopping twat up to meet his descending cock each time he socked it to her. "YES, DARLING, YES! OHH, YOU LOVELY BASTARD! YOU KNOW I CAN'T RESIST THAT BIG, SWEET DICK OF YOURS, DON'T YOU?"

"I was sort of counting on it," John admitted, his green eyes reflecting tenderness, and loving concern as he continued to stroke his rod within the warm, wet sheath of her now willingly submissive vagina.

"Look at our kids, Darling. They're spellbound, of course, as well they should be, I suppose, but can you look at their faces and still honestly think this is going to be a traumatic experience for either of them? Oh, no, because what they're witnessing is the act of love, and there's nothing dirty about it, now is there?"


Alice turned her gaze on her son, and say that the handsome boy was smiling, a bit bashfully but respectfully too. There was no horror in Hal's expression, no censure even. Clearly Hal was excited over seeing her and John locked in sexual intercourse, but her son's visage left no doubt that he approved of what was happening now that she'd given in to her horny husband. And one searching glance at her pubescent daughter told Alice that Kitty was already more sexually liberated than she herself was even today. The delicate features of Kitty's pretty face were a mask of beauty as she knelt beside them, awestricken, her innocent brown eyes gazing in and out of her mother's hole. Kitty had her hand between her slender girlish legs, and was unashamedly rubbing, the tiny red nibble of her boldly-protruding pleasure button with the ball of her middle finger.

"OH, MY DARLINGS!" Alice gushed, and she reached out to touch both of her children, putting a hand on each of their legs to pat and squeeze their thighs. "WATCH US... MMMMMM... OH, YESSS, DO... JOHN IS GOING TO FUCK YOUR MOTHER GOOD... AAAAHHH... AND I WANT YOU TO SEE IT ALLLLL!!"

John began screwing his wife in earnest then, and Alice responded to it wildly. The bouncing bed creaked and popped, with the springs squeaking out the raspy tune of the sweetest song this side of heaven. Alice drew up her legs and locked her ankles over the small of John's back, so her kids, who'd moved down to the center of the bed now, could have a clear view of their stepfather's mighty prick reaming in and out of her juicy glory hole.

It was giving Alice a tremendous thrill to have her offspring look on while she took a really thorough fucking from her big-dicked husband. She was trying to act as if she had no sexual hang ups, but she did. In the back of her mind, Alice couldn't help thinking this was a licentious, hedonistic thing she and John were doing. Her ingrained morals told her she was being wicked and wanton to fuck so brazenly right in front of the children. It was the very indecency of the way she was carrying on which gave her such a delicious thrill. She moaned her pleasure and cried out lustfully for John to fuck her harder and faster and deeper, and she wanted her kids to hear and see everything. She felt like a pagan bitch at an orgy, and she loved it.

When she saw her daughter stripping off her nightie and her son taking out his stiff little dick to jack off, it was just too much. Having intercourse in her children's presence had already given her an incestuous feeling, and the sight of her son's throbbing four-inch pecker slammed luridly into her feverish mind. The desire to have her son's peter in her mouth and suck it till he cummed overwhelmed Alice. She reached out impulsively, pushing Hal's hand away from his appealing organ and clutching it with her own, moaning as she wrapped her fingers around the pulsing column of his turgid stern. She'd never dreamed how exciting it would be to hold the hard dick of her own darling son.

"I'M CUMMING!" she yelped, bowing up to take the full length of her husband's cock as she clung fiercely to the smaller prick of her son. "AAAAHHH AEHRH GGGGOOODD... OOOHHHHHHH CCCUUUMMMIIIGGGNNNNN!!!"

"GET OFF, JOHN!" Alice groaned while she was still in the final throes of her spine-tingling climax. "I WANT HAL, DARLING! I CAN'T HELP IT! I WANT TO LICK HIS ASS AND SUCK HIS SWEET DICK!"

"JESUS, BABY!" John replied, also groaning, as he slipped his bloated meat from the squishy depths of her quivering cunt with his own orgasm waiting in the wings. "DON'T EVEN TRY TO HELP IT! DO IT, ALICE! HAL, GET YOUR PAJAMAS OFF, SON! YOUR MOTHER'S GOING TO GIVE YOU A BLOW-JOB!"

"AND I'M GOING TO SUCK YOU OFF, DADDY!" Kitty squealed. The passionate child hurled her naked little body at her stepfather and dragged him down onto his back at the foot of the bed, where she immediately began licking the flavorful coating of her mother's pussy juice off the gleaming pole of his up standing organ.

A shy, quiet child by nature, Hal didn't know what to make of these sensual goings on. His little sister had gone down on him the night before, so he knew what his mother wanted to do to him. He just couldn't believe it was all. He loved and respected his mother, and this just didn't seem right. But she wanted to, so he supposed it must be okay, and despite his uneasy feeling, he sure did want to fuck his mother's face, and the slippery slit of her pretty pussy, too.

"Mom?" the boy said, looking Alice right in the eye as she unbuttoned his pajama top. Refusing to be intimidated by his bashfulness, he put his hands on the soft floppy mounds of her big, warm tits. "While Dad was... was fucking you, I wanted to... to kiss your pussy! Oh, Mom, I wanted to so bad!"

"OH, MY DARLING LITTLE BOY!" Alice gushed, tossing away the top of his pajamas and taking his head in her hands. "YES, HAL, YOU MAY KISS MOTHER'S PUSSY AS MUCH AS YOU'D LIKE!"

Alice kissed her son as she'd never kissed him before. Her mouth opened wide, her red lips covered his and she probed into the youthful sweetness of his mouth with her yearning tongue.


Through the keyhole Kitty had observed this exciting bit being performed by her parents, so she knew exactly what her stepfather wanted her to do.

She had his large balls in one hand and the base of his huge dick in the other, with her mouth sucking hungrily at the top four inches of his mat while her hair fanned the air and her head bobbed rapidly up and down. She drew up till she had nothing but the sleek bulb of his scrumptious dickhead in her mouth, and using his pole as an anchor, she pivoted around and straddled him in the classic sixty-nine position, lowering the bald cleft of her juiced-up little cunny to his face and shivering with delight when she felt his hot mouth begin feasting on her aroused crotch.


But Alice knew she wasn't going to even scold John and Kitty, much less try to stop them. She couldn't very well complain, since at the moment she was mounting her nude son in precisely the same fashion which her daughter had her husband. Besides, Kitty seemed to love sucking and being sucked, and John wasn't hurting her or forcing the child into anything. Then too, being brutally honest with herself, Alice had to admit she felt a strange surge of intense excitement at witnessing the double-ended oral/genital hookup between her young daughter and her mature husband.



Reluctantly John backed his secretion-sipping tongue from the nectarous tunnel of Kitty's sex, but his lips refused to part with the child's puffy little vulva. His reassuring reply wafted to his wife all muffled by the febrile tissue of her daughter's pouting little pussy.

"Don't get too carried away, Kitty," Alice cautioned. "I know how sweet your daddy's dick is, honey, but be careful. Don't scrape that lovely cock with your teeth."

"MMMM, MMMMMMMMM!" Kitty moaned, her eyes rolling toward her mother to show Alice she heard and understood, while the child kept right on mouthing the satisfying meat of her stepfather, who now had the tip of his nose in her asshole while he pleasured her by sucking her puffy pussy lips and licking around deep inside her snug little vagina.

Reasonably sure now that nothing but good could come as a result of this Sunday morning family orgy, Alice lowered the plushy labia of her hair-rimmed snatch to the waiting mouth of her son. "MMMMMM! OH, YES, HAL! THATS SWEET, ANGEL! KISS MOTHER'S CUNT! SUCK IT GOOD! LICK INTO IT!"

As the lad followed in detail his mother's lustful requests, holding open her womanly buttocks and inhaling the musky odor within the crack of her beautiful ass, he could feel her warm hands fondling his nuts and her soft lips planting kisses fervently up one side of his turgid peter and down the other. It made him delirious with joy. Her cunt tasted sweet and juicy, but her asshole looked appealing too. He tugged her down and lifted his head, slithering his tongue over the inch of flesh separating her vulva and anus. Hal licked right into his mother's tangy butthole.

"YES, HAL, YESSS!" Alice shouted, and she deserted temporarily his mouth-watering penis to lick over and around his tight testicles. Reaching her immediate goal, Alice dawdled not a second. Greedily she formed her full lips to the dark crinkled area surrounding her son's puckered rear portal and thrust her tongue swiftly in through his rubbery rectum to lick well up into his murky asshole.

"OHHHHH... OH, MOMMMM!!" Hal gasped, shuddering with pleasure as her hot, wet tongue stabbed rapidly in and out of his tight asshole.

Analingus was definitely on the family's orgiastic menu, for at that moment Kitty and John had their lips glued to each other's behinds and were emitting moans of ecstasy while they frenziedly tongue-fucked one another's erogenous assholes.

And the shy Hal didn't balk at this most intimate of all love kisses, either. He whimpered mournfully and licked up the sweat all along the deep gorge formed by his mother's fleshy asscheeks. Following that, he extended his tongue and, sank only the very tip of it into her rosebud anus. Inhaling with gusto the pleasant aroma of her rump, the boy rolled his tongue in a tight circle, stretching her rectum as he rimmed round and around its smooth ring with the tip of his taste organ. It was wildly exciting to do such a forbidden thing, especially with his own mother. Hal had always loved his mother, now he adored her.

SHE'S GOT TO BE THE SWEETEST WOMAN ON EARTH! he groaned inwardly, and he rammed his tongue all the way up her irresistible asshole, forming his lips firmly to her assflesh and sucking like a leech.


Hal understood, for the end of his deeply thrust tongue had just met the bottom of a fat turd, which his harsh suction had vacuumed part way down his mother's anal canal. Strangely this fascinated the boy, and he was so turned on that he licked the bulky mass again before Alice could contract her inner muscles and draw it back up out of his reach. Then he groaned, smacking his lips as he ripped them from her thrilling asshole and dived gluttonously back into the sweetmeat feast of her yawning juice-dripping, hairy cunt.

The penis of her son was a thing of Godlike beauty to Alice. Hal's member was only half the size of John's, but the boy's was perfectly formed, like a masterpiece of fine phallic sculpture. The mother's eyes shone with adoration as she gazed down at close range upon the well shaped prick of her darling son. She smiled dreamily watching with rapt attention as her eager fingers leisurely hoisted and lowered the foreskin flag along the top third of Hal's alluring pole. The satiny skin furled and unfurled in a most eye pleasing manner. She delighted in making the hood envelop and hide again and again the reappearing rose of Hal's penile crown, but jacking him off was not her intention. And he was bringing her dangerously close to another turn with his pleasure-giving mouth.

"MY SON! MY OWN SWEET SON!" Alice cooed. She took his balls in one hand, squeezing them gently. Then she slipped her other hand under his butt and inserted a finger into his spit-slick anus. Alice watched her naughty finger sink palm-deep into the furnace-like heat of her son's tight asshole, and then she lowered her head, mewling contentedly as she took into her mouth the entire length of Hal's delicious little dick.

John's pent-up load gushed into little Kitty's sweetly sucking mouth about the same time Alice's mature lips mashed into the sparsely haired area of groin surrounding the base of Hal's rod. As the mother began sucking cock, the daughter graciously accepted the creamy reward which her oral efforts had brought forth.

"SHOOT IT, DADDY! SHOOT OFF!" the highly aroused girl-child screamed silently, while the throbbing cock of her delirious stepfather spewed torrents of gluey ejaculate into her greedy oral cavern. "GOD, HOW I LOVE YOUR STUFF! IT'S SO, THICK AND ROPY, AND IT TASTES STRONGER THAN HAL'S! OH, YES, SQUIRT LOTS OF THAT YUMMY GOOD CUM TO ME! I WANT TO DRINK ALL YOU'VE GOT."


His mother's fluted opening fluttered rhythmically against Hal's mouth, the coarse hair of her cuntrug sanding his chin and lips. Her vagina clapped together, forcing its buildup of clear pussy cream down her passage and gushing it into the lad's mouth. Already grunting with the bliss of his orally induced orgasm, the appreciative youth groaned his pleasure and gulped down the copious flow of delicious cuntal juices which issued from the same hole which had given him birth.

Kitty was the only one who'd not as yet attained climactic release of her unbearable sexual tensions, but she wasn't about to be denied this privilege. While her mother and brother looked on, her mother giving directions and verbal encouragement, the passionate young girl clung tenaciously, to her stepfather's long limber rod with her hands and mouth, keeping at him till she sucked him up another thumping erection.

"NOW, DADDY!" Kitty begged, flopping onto her back and throwing open her legs. "FUCK ME, DARLING JOHN! GET YOUR COCK INTO ME QUICK! I'M DYING FOR IT! BURNING UP! HURRY! HHUURRRRRRYYY!!!"

"Take it easy with her, John!" Alice cautioned. She braced herself for the pain she expected her daughter to suffer, and wished she could bear it in Kitty's stead.

"Sure, Alice," John answered, smiling enigmatically as he swung between Kitty's legs and allowed her to grasp and guide his instrument.

The lust-crazed little girl wedged the bald knob of John's mighty organ between her blood-engorged labia and swabbed it up and down in her soft pink crack. Then she wiggled her compact little bottom and spread her legs to the limit, giving a tug at her stepfather's shaft and taking his huge crown into the cleft of her tiny vulva.

"AAAAHH, AAAAHHHHH, AAAHHHHHHHH," Kitty sighed, closing her glassy eyes and shivering all over as John penetrated her.

Alice was more than a little surprised at how easily the massive prick of her full-grown husband slipped into the tiny, saliva-lubricated slot of her little girl's slender, ninety pound body. She sat there beside them on the bed, her mouth gaping open in disbelief as she watched inch after inch of the nearly wrist-thick shaft being sank into the gripping little twat of her ooohing and aaahing twelve-year-old daughter. It was with a mixture of incredulity and relief that she watched her husband's pubis press against Kitty's soft mons and his large, hairy balls snuggle up to her twitching little asshole, for then she realized her small child had taken the entire length of John's horsecock without so much as a grimace of pain or a whimper of protest.

"THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME YOU'VE FUCKED MY CHILD!" Alice screeched in a fit of motherly outrage which she simply could not hold back.

"AT THE... DRIVE-IN?" Kitty unthinkingly volunteered.

"JOHN!" Alice gasped. "HOW COULD YOU?!"

John grinned sheepishly, letting his fully inserted dong soak in the sweet heat of the girl's incredibly tight little pussy.

"YOU DIRTY BASTARD!" Alice hissed, baring her claws to scratch out the eye of the man who'd violated her young daughter's virginity. And then she caught herself, and laughed, and kissed him instead, and she kissed Kitty, too. "What the hell am I making such a fuss about? I was ready to let you take her cherry a moment ago. What difference does it make if you've already done it?"

"None that I can see, baby," John said, heaving a sigh of relief.

"Did John fuck you good, Kitty?" Alice asked with a knowing smile. "Was he gentle with you? Did you love it, Darling?"


"What's a guy to do?" John said as he started pulling his shiny, wet shaft part way out from the clinging lips of Kitty's distending slit. "The kid digs sex, and I like her wholesome attitude. Don't you, Alice?"

"I LOVE TO FUCK!" Kitty panted, throwing her arms around John. "OH, MOTHER, I DO LOVE IT SOOOO!!!"

"Then you come by it naturally, sweetheart, because your mother loves to fuck, too!" Alice announced unashamedly. "Go at it, you darlings! I'm dying to see this! Not hard, though, John. Screw her slow and easy, so you don't hurt her! Let me see you both enjoying yourselves in some sweet and tender fucking!"

John began fucking his wife's little girl in the way Alice instructed, being very gentle with her.

"OOOH, OOOOH, OHHHHHHH!" Kitty chanted, burying her face in the crook of her stepfather's neck and running her small hands over his back as his buttocks rose and fell with a smooth, graceful rhythm between her trembling, wide-splayed legs.



The bedsprings squeaked softly and unhurriedly above the droning hum of the window air-conditioner.

Before long Kitty lifted her legs. They hung suspended in the air on each side of John's thrusting hips, her knees bent and her small feet flailing erratically about as the big cock plunged the snug cylinder of her tiny cunt and the grown-man pubis pounded her fatty mound, jolting her little girl's body.

Lovingly Alice brushed the wisps of light brown disheveled hair out of her little girl's eyes when Kitty began lolling her head blissfully back and forth. "Oh, Kitty, you're such a small, delicate child," Alice said.

"I don't see how you can take John's great big dick! But you are taking it, and you love it, don't you, sweetheart?"


Hal's upper lip twitched with nervous anticipation. His small penis was hard as a rock again. Whereas his mother was lying at an angle, watching the faces of her carnally connected daughter and husband, the boy had moved lower in the bed so he could get a clear view of the cock/cunt action. It excited Hal to see the long, thick, secretion-wetted shaft of his stepfather sinking in and out of his little sister's small, hairless twat. The sight aroused in him the same desire he'd felt when John was fucking into his mother.

Without asking permission, Hal crawled on his belly in between the legs of the copulating couple and began licking the moist, silky skin at the top of Kitty's thighs, just below her sex slot. It was necessary for him to lift his stepfather's dangling testicles to get to his sister's sopping little pussy, but John, realizing the boy's intentions, was disinclined to protest. Hal whimpered as he worked his face in close. The maddening odor of mixed male and female sweat and sexual secretion rose from their groins and filled the lad's discerning nostrils. With a moan, he extended his tongue and started licking his sister's cuntal opening, running his tongue in and around her fluttering labia while John's massive prick stroked in and out of the tautly stretched hole. Accidentally, at first, his tongue began brushing the sex-slick shaft of his stepfather's organ. The taste of the pussy-flavored dick fascinated Hal, though, and soon he was licking wildly at both John's pistoning rod and his sister's receiving cunny, lapping with keen delight at the cuntal cream which the male organ brought up from deep inside his little sister's heaving belly.

"HAL! OH, DARLING, YES! LICK THEM! LICK THEM BOTH!" Alice cried, scooting down to watch the lewd licking of her daughter's and husband's sexually joined prick and pussy. It really turned Alice on to see her shy son behaving so lustfully, and she decided to help him. There wasn't room for both their beads, however, so Alice contented herself for the moment by taking John's balls into her mouth and sucking them while he continued to fuck into her moaning daughter. Then she moved higher, prying apart John's buttocks and licking into their sweat-moistened hairy cleft each time his arcing ass backed up to her face. With little difficulty, she found his anus and penetrated it with her tongue while he pumped the meat to Kitty.

"Goddamn, baby, that's great!" John gasped. "Let me roll over with Kitty!" He did so, leaving his stalk in the little girl while he rolled her onto her side with him and lifted her upper leg over his waist. "NOW! ALICE, YOU KEEP LICKING MY ASS! AND, HAL, YOU GET AROUND BEHIND YOUR SISTER, SON! I WANT YOU TO SUCK KITTY'S ASSHOLE WHILE I FUCK HER!"

Hal was only too happy to comply with his stepfather's erotic request. He lay down behind his little sister, rubbing his erected peter in her hair, while he drew open her asscheeks and glued his mouth to her anal region, his tongue probing eagerly into the tiny ring of her puckered butthole.

"AAAAAAHH... OOOOHHHH!" Kitty Whined, shivering with double pleasure when her stepfather began fucking into her again and she felt the added stimulation of her brother's hot, wet tongue gliding in and out of her erogenous rectum. It was only seconds later when the child started shaking all over, groaning and gasping and rubbing her brother's dick and balls with the back of her thrown-back head. "I'M CUMMING! OHHHHHH... CUMMMIIINNNGGGG OHH, DADDY, MOTHER, HAL... AAAAHHH OHH, IT'S GOOOODD... AAAAHHHH... CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG... OHH, OHH, OHH... GODDD... GGGGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

Kitty's tight asshole clamped rhythmically at the thrusting wet tongue of her brother while her vaginal muscles clutched convulsively at the mighty pole of her stepfather's stroking rod. They kept at her, even while she cried out shrilly and bucked about in the bliss of her toe-curling climax. Kitty thought she would die, it was so good, but she didn't, and when her moment of ecstasy had ended, she was hot to trot again. Only now she wanted more than a tongue up her butt. She swiveled her head and looked at her brother's erection. It was half as big as John's, and looked just right for what she had in her erotic little mind. She kissed the head of her brother's dick, then licked all over his stem to make it nice and slick.


Concerned over her daughter's physical well-being, Alice voiced her doubts as to the workability of Kitty's lustful idea. But she was outvoted three to one, and reluctantly she gave her consent to let them try it. Her worry had been for naught, Alice realized when she heard Kitty's groan of pleasure. Hal's saliva-coated peter slipped with surprising ease in through the elastic aperture of the child's buttonhole anus and skewered itself to the hilt in her quivering little butt.

"OHH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME... BOTH OF YOU TOGETHER!" Kitty squealed lasciviously.

As her husband and son set to driving their pricks into her sighing, sobbing daughter with almost perfect synchronization of motion, Alice was overpowered by the urge to join them. She wanted a piece of the action herself, though it little girl having both at the time and apparently tremendously enjoying the double-fucking she was getting.

"What about me?" Alice asked. "Am I to be left out in the cold? I'm hot and hot bothered, too, you know!"

"Then get your hot-and-bothered ass up here, Darling!" John panted, patting the bed between his and Hal's heads. "Kitty's got both of our cocks, but we'd love to give you both of our tongues, wouldn't we, son?"

"DAMN RIGHT, DAD!" Hal grunted, his back arching as he socked his pecker in and out of his sister's rump.

"You can have your choice, Hal," John chuckled. "Which would you rather suck, your mother's cunt or asshole?"


"YOU LITTLE ANGEL!" Alice gushed, pulling her knees up to her chest and squirming her rear end down between the faces of her husband arid son in the space which was left because of Kitty's shorter stature. "I MAY JUST LET YOU SUCK IT ALL DAY, HAL! THIS IS SUNDAY, SO I DON'T HAVE TO COOK FOR THE BOARDERS, AND OHHHH, OHHHHHHH!!!"

It was quite impossible for Alice to maintain her train of thought and finish her statement, what with the burst of pleasure she felt when her son's mouth claimed her rear opening and her husband's mouth locked itself to the squishy split of her lovely, suckable snatch.

The Stanley family didn't make it to church that morning, they were too busy fucking and sucking one another. They attended the evening services instead, after having dined out at a restaurant, which was their usual custom for Sunday supper.

Seeing the radiant contentment in the glowing faces of the Stanley's that night, many of the churchgoers remarked to one another that there indeed was a wholesome, happy family. And they were right.


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