The plan was that you would go ahead and get the motel room and we would meet you there about 10am. As we arrive I see your car is already there, and so I tell Heidi, "well it looks like Bev has made it and so all looks good at this point."

As Heidi and I enter the motel room we find you sitting in a chair dressed in a very sexy black dress, a wrap around sort of a thing that falls to each side of your legs as you sit there exposing your excellent legs up to mid thigh.

That in itself is a huge turn-on for me. The dress, being a wraparound also exposes a lot of cleavage and that adds to your sexy appearance. You look very sexy and appealing.

I introduce you to Heidi by simply saying, "Heidi, here's the gal that I told you about, an old time friend that I've known for a long time and have shared intimacies many times but only on the phone as we have never actually been together. Her name is Bev, otherwise known as Sexy Bev; and Bev, Heidi here is a friend from Madison who has enjoyed a few sexual encounters with me from time to time".

"I'm sure this is a pretty strange deal. Bev and I have traded intimacies for years on the phone and with emails but we have never been able to be actually together personally.

Of course this has to be a first, that is, that two people would meet with the expectation of having sex but having a third person not only be there at the meeting but also possibly being expected to join in."

"In conversations you each have both expressed an interest in POSSIBLY being involved in a threesome, so today is the day we will see if each of you really wish to play together."

"The way I see this is that Heidi and I will proceed as if Bev isn't even here. There is a chance that she will remain simply observing, as Heidi and I make out, but we both suspect and hope that she will probably give in to her own sexual desires and join in with us."

"Bev, I have told Heidi about my plans for the 'agenda' here today and she agrees that she is willing to play with both you and I only if you wish to participate. Those are the 'ground rules', simply as they may be"!

Bev points out, "I too suspect that the idea of joining you two will probably appeal to me, but don't be surprised if I just sit here and watch and perhaps play with myself, so you two go ahead and I'll be a "fly on the wall".

Well then that sounds reasonable, and with that, you won't be bothered if Heidi and I get reacquainted for it's been awhile since we were together and we agreed before we walked in here that we were both ready to see how this would work out today and we are both on the "horny side"!

With that, Heidi and I turn our backs on you as I reach for her, and she moves into my arms. We kiss, very tenderly, very lightly, and she moves closer into my arms and our bodies begin to lightly engulf each other.

You see my hands slide down her back and begin to stroke her nice little butt.

I should point out that she has on a pair of jeans, and a heavy pullover type shirt. That is until my hands now begin to slide under that pullover and move up her back.

After the tender kiss turns more and more passionate, she steps back and we remove the pullover, to find an unusual top beneath it.

Heidi says, "I have a surprise for you Jake". These are the first words she has spoken and you are a bit surprised to find that she speaks with a slight accent.

"Bev, I forgot to tell you that Heidi is an immigrant to this country, coming from Austria, isn't she a cute little thing",

Heidi is a pretty small gal, salt and pepper gray hair, not at all made up, quite a plain appearing gal. Her body has been hidden by the pullover although the jeans are relatively tight and you've been able to see that she has a nice round, sexy ass.

As the pullover is gone we see that she has on something that is black at the waist but with the top portion white but split to go up over the shoulders showing a cleavage area that isn't very "full" as she has rather tiny titties.

She says, "So let me show you the rest of my surprise".

At that, she unzips the jeans and sits on the edge of the bed to struggle out of them.

As she stands we find that she has a mini-dress on under those things.

The little item is a dress that is rather tiny, form fitting from the waist up then the little skirt portion drops to mid-thigh. It looks good on her.

She says, "As you know sweetie, I visit Goodwill a lot and I thought of us as I bought this little dress. Do you like it?"

I step back and with my gaze moving top to bottom I say, " Heidi, it's very flattering, you look nice, you are beginning to make me hard baby"!

With that she points out, "well there's more to my surprise, watch this as I slowly hike this little skirt up, for you will see I don't have any panties on!"

And with that she slides it up, and sure enough I see her pretty little shaved pussy, it almost looks like it's a bit wet already.

It turns me on, RIGHT NOW! I can feel my cock hardening!

Seated across the room you've been watching this and have observed a nice tight little bottom, but just then Heidi turns around and says, "Bev, I hope you like what you see here, I'm hoping that you will join us soon,"

You too see a very nice looking little pussy just above her very nice looking legs.

Heidi turns back to me, and says, "Let's see what kind of a surprise you have for me baby, I remember last time when you wore that sexy green thong that was so tiny that the head of your cock was peeking out the top of it as you took your jeans off."

With that she began to work on my belt and zipper as I removed my shirt, and just that quickly you both saw that I did have a thong on, a black thong that was quite small and therefore it contained a package of my balls that were perhaps swollen with cum, and my cock that was about 2/3rds erect.

She sat quickly on the bed and said, "Come here baby, I have to see what's in my package". She pulled me closer, her hands grasping the cheeks of my ass and pulling me close so her face was just inches from my package.

I looked up and said to you, "What do you think so far Bev"?

As I say that I find that your dress has fallen away even more as you have untied the strap at the waist, and have one hand slid down between your thighs, while the other was massaging a sexy breats even though it was encased in a VERY sexy black bra that boosted your wonderful titties up almost as if they were being presented on a "platter", exposed, except for the actual nipples, VERY SEXY.

Your comment at that point is, "I too like what I see, this is fun, I'm getting excited just watching, I want you two to continue, but don't be surprised if I join you on that bed."

Good, this is going just as I hoped!

Heidi is sitting on the bed while I'm standing in front of her in my thong with a nice bulge in it. She begins to stroke my cock and balls even though they are still covered up, and it feels really nice, but I especially like it when she looks up at me and I can begin to see the erotic feelings in her eyes.

So then she begins to tease me by very, very slowly slipping the thong down in the back, and of course you can see that, but she's also sliding the front down by even slower, and the first thing she sees is the head of my cock, slightly swollen but increasing almost every second.

She looks up at me and says, "Jake, I hope you are expecting me to give you a blowjob because that's exactly what I have in mind at the moment. I am going to swallow as much of your cock as I can get into my mouth and throat and I'm going to fondle these rock hard balls, but I do NOT want to take you to the point where you are going to cum, for I want that to happen much, much later, in fact when I am riding you like a cowgirl and I can get maximum penetration for I want your swollen cock to be deep inside of me when it finally comes, and I want to cum to you at the very same time so our juices flow and blend together".

I respond, "Heidi that sounds like a wonderful plan to me".

About that time, you make a comment, "Ok, you two, it's come to the point where I'm going to get involved if it's ok with you!"

Chapter 2

We both turn to look at you and Heidi says, "Bev, you have to take directions from me for just a few minutes. I'm anxious to have you join but first I want to tease you just a bit by making you watch as I make this man so horny that he cannot stand it. So, please, sit there, play with your pussy and fondle those titties of yours for a little while yet knowing that soon I shall be sucking on your clit and massaging those sexy nipples that I cannot wait to see. Just hang on Baby, don't worry, I have plans for you, I love what I see as I look at you and see that you are getting warmed up and we will be having some fun very shortly, just hang on!"

Heidi then turns her attention back to me. She's sitting on the bed, still seductively working with my thong and caressing my ass, actually her hands and fingers are rapidly moving about my body, cupping my balls and "package", and just warming things up in general.

Her gaze switches between looking up into my eyes with this seductive sexy look on her face and searching my crotch area to absorb all that she currently sees.

She says, "Now it's time for me to see how I've done, it's time for me to get to my treat, that sexy cock of yours that's trying to sneak out of this thong."

Finally she pulls the thong completely down and my cock sort of ("sproing") pops out fully erect before her face that's only an inch or two away.

She says, "Ewwww that looks very tasty,.... and what's this pretty little crystal clear droplet that's sitting there like the frosting on a cake. Is that for me baby?"

With that her tongue slowly slips out and as I closely watch that tongue makes contact with my cock, the tongue is widened flat and sort of wraps around the underside of my cock now throbbing with anticipation. She looks up into my eyes and says, "This is the part I love, knowing that I am in complete control of you at this very moment. Knowing that you are willing to do anything I ask, and as I begin to suck this wonderful tool you have here, I know that I can slowly but surely take you to an orgasm whereby your beautiful balls that are currently pulled up tight to your body, explode and empty their contents into me, be it my mouth or deep inside of me".

With that she moves forward just those two inches, her mouth opens and her lips move slowly, gently into contact with that now throbbing, swollen purple head, so silky and soft and smooth, yet so firmly supported by a swollen shaft with veins that are obviously pumping blood into the shaft.

I have all I can do to keep from reaching behind her head and pulling her head forward in effect fucking her mouth.

As she feels my hands on the back of her head, she says, " no Jake, I'm in charge here, we'll do this MY way, you leave hands off, at least for now!"

With that she slowly ingests my cock, slowly just an inch or so, then she backs off, then slowly forward again taking that same inch plus another half inch, now looking up at me the entire time, doing so just so she can see that she has complete control over me.

She continues that routine, taking just a little more each time, more and more, deeper and deeper my cock disappears into her mouth until her lips are wrapped firmly around the very base and then she slowly begins to apply vacuum pressure as she sucks like she would suck soda from a straw.

GOD she's driving me wild and she knows it. SHE LOVES IT!

It's only been a minute or two when I say, "Heidi, two problems, I see Bev over there now stroking her clit and that makes me want to cum, but you have your back to her and can't see that she's really getting ready for us, AND if you continue like this I'm going to explode and I don't want that to happen yet! In addition I'm getting "weak in the knees" and if I don't sit down I might fall down, baby, let me be next to you on this bed"!

"Ok baby, you lay down here but I'm going to tease you a bit more, I think this cock can get even larger".

With that she gets up and I recline on the bed, now completely naked of course, while she is still wearing that mini-dress that offers a little view of her rather tiny titties when she leans forward in getting to her feet, and as she spins around, once again the mid-thigh dress offers a nice view first of that sexy ass but also then a great albeit very brief view of her tiny little pussy void of any pubic hair.

She says, "yes I intend to tease you some more, but I didn't tell you that I intend to tease Bev as well.

So, Jake you lay there for the moment, please caress that nice hard cock now that I have it nice and wet, while I see if Bev is ready to join in with us."

With that she slowly, seductively walks around the end of the bed, her hips swaying purposely to become even more seductive and walks to where you are seated, now with dress completely unwrapped and hanging from your shoulders. As I look at you I think my cock becomes even harder and I realize that this is all going according to plan. I see you there with the black dress hanging at your sides, a sexy white bra with black lace seeming about to burst with your wonderful white breasts, with swelling pinkish nipples now swollen a bit with excitement and straining the bra materiel.

I look further down your body to see a glimpse of black to find what looks to be "boy shorts", again white trimmed in sexy black lace!

What a contrast between two beautiful women, you showing nearly all of your gorgeous body with only the most desirable parts covered, and even then those covered with the startling contrast of your pure white lacy bra framed with sexy black lace.

Chapter 3

Heidi has sort of taken command of our little "experiment" here which is completely abnormal for her because even though I do not know her well at all, what I do know is that she's always been a very shy little thing with me and so her actions at this point I find to be very interesting, although "different"!

However, at this time YOUR strong personality responds with, "Hold on Heidi, I've been sitting here, watching you two, and have gotten very horny. I didn't know if I wanted a part of all of this or not, but at this stage of the game I find that I want in.

I don't think you are going to mind, for I suspect that you knew, and wanted me to be an active participant and so I'm ready!

So, I'll tell you what, let's BOTH of us go back over to that bed, with that man laying there stroking his great looking cock and let's just see what happens naturally, is that ok with you?"

Heidi says, "You bet baby. Bev please stand up so I can get a full view of your wonderful body because you look just good enough to eat, and probably both of Jake and I will be eating you before this is over. I love your lingerie, very sexy, and now I wish that I had worn something similar instead of just 'having things very available'.

With that she pulls the top of her little top off of her shoulders, drops it to the floor and so she stands there wearing only what seems like a very short skirt.

She then turns to me, and then back to you and says, "Do you like my little titties?" She cups them in her small hands and pinches the nice little swollen nipples, and says, "These little titties might be small but they are very sensitive and I have been known to cum only because of someone doing a wonderful job of sucking on them. I hope both of you will want to do that at some point".

She them raises the hem of her little skirt and says, " I also would like to hear your comments, Bev, about my little shaved 'kitty cat', what would you say about her, do you like shaved or not"?

Your response is, "Heidi, even though I do not shave my pussy I have to admit that the shape and form of your little "kitty cat" as you call it, is very attractive. Even though I have never been with another woman, I think I'm beginning to look forward to doing so."

With that she reaches out, takes your hand, you rise and move a step forward toward her. As you do so, that dress that covered you so sexily, falls away and now we both get a wonderful view of your great body, and see the beautiful lingerie, white trimmed in sexy black lace. Your titties seem to be swelling even further and at this point your nipples are swollen to the point that they are pushing hard against the silk of the little mini-bra.

She too takes a step forward and my eyes get to feast on two beautiful female bodies one nearly nude with bra and "boy shorts", the other just dressed in a tiny skirt.

She says, "Would you like to kiss me Bev, before we move to that guy and his nice hard cock?"

Your response is, "Well, this is a new first for me, but 'when in Rome'........"

With that I watch and I swear my cock gets even harder as the two of you gently move together and your bodies come in contact and your arms gently sweep around behind her back, one hand moving up to the middle of her back to pull her forward while the other hand moves down to her butt and pulls that into you.

At the same time, the identical thing is happening to her hands and you feel her hand squeeze you butt cheeks as she caresses your beautiful ass.

Now your faces are only an inch apart, and you both move forward as I see your lips gently touch and tenderly begin to open only so slightly.

I can see that her lips are doing the very same thing, neither of you wanting to be the "dominant, aggressive" person.

But then, your natural kissing personality takes over and, your lips part and your tongue drives between her lips which quickly part to accept you, and you feel her tongue greeting yours and entwining with a soft, tender kiss turning more and more passionate each milli-second.

Chapter 4

And so finally one of the dreams in my bucket list is about to come true it seems.

Two fine women, quite a bit of contrast between the two, are moving across the room toward the bed where I am laying naked with only a hard on!

Bev is the taller of the two and a bit larger although she is far from being a “large” lady, she's is just not as small as Heidi who is a rather petite gal.

They each have very desirable features in their own right, and are each very desirable women.

So as they get to the edge of the bed, I say, “Ok gals, how are we going to do this?

There is room for all three of us, so Bev, you lay on your back on my right and Heidi you on my left.”

As each of you slip into the bed and cuddle up next to me, one on each side, I suggest, “I want my arms under each of you and therefore your hands can be on my body, chest, crotch or wherever you choose, but feel free to allow those hands to roam about as we are here to entertain each other."

"Allow me to tell you my philosophy about sex! I'm here to please each of you, one at a time, possibly both at once. When I say that I'm here to “PLEASE” I mean that I fully hope and expect that I can create erotic feelings that slowly but surely will take you up the ladder of desire to the point where eventually you reach the highest sexual plateau and then cum to me, excuse me that is cum to US, with a terrific climax. This might be achieved in any manner that you like or in some manner that perhaps you have never experienced before."

"For example, Bev I know that you have never been with another woman but I'm hoping that you will find your self experimenting with not only me but also Heidi and perhaps Heidi will do some things to you to arouse parts of your sexuality that you have not experienced before."

"So I'm saying that we will all be experiencing a climax, you gals no doubt will cum more than just once, but we will proceed at your own pace, that is to repeat as slowly or rapidly as you desire, is that fair to both of you?"

"And most importantly, we are not going to be in any hurry! We will take our time, and take turns doing what seems to come to mind and proceed naturally and simply do what feels good not only to ourselves but to the other person, and there is no reason why two of us might not be paying attention to the third person at any one time."

Bev explains, “Well I'm going to slowly see what happens. I'm most interested in you my dear Jake, but I'm experimental and am willing to simply 'see how it goes' with the understanding that if I say 'NO' that means I no longer wish to experiment with Heidi but will only continue with you Jake".

"Heidi, please understand that would not be anything personal, it's, well, it's just that I don't know, not having played with a woman before, I don't know if I will enjoy it or not, ok”?

Heidi agrees, “Bev, that's fine with me, I've only played around with a woman a couple of other times and so I'm not any real pro myself, but when I did so I did enjoy it and so I'm anxious to have some fun!"

At this point, you, Bev, is laying next to me on my right, and Heidi has moved so as to be laying next to me on my left. Bev is still wearing that very sexy lingerie, and the elastic around the top of those “boy shorts” clings firmly at your hip line and being black against your very white skin it terribly accentuates the contrast, SO VERY SEXY!

I remark, "So Bev, finally we have our first 'real' kiss. Recall the prior kiss was a tangled up situation in the front seat of your car, and so we had never had any real body contact beyond our lips and so this is the treat that we both have been looking forward to for many years."

As we each roll toward each other and now view our bodies from a matter of inches, you see my swollen cock standing upright, a bit of a drop of pre-cum on the very tip ready to lubricate if necessary, and your eyes scan my body from eyes slowly down over my chest, across my stomach and to the pelvic and then pubic area.

At the same time my eyes are feasting on your wonderful eyes and lips, and then slowly scanning down taking great time to slowly examine the cleavage found supported by that sexy bra.

Our lips meet and it's like a spark goes off, a tingle shoots up my spine and back down again to my genitals, and it's like a prod is pushed into the area of my prostate giving me a exquisite jolt!

Our lips widen and open as you immediately search to enter my mouth and at that same instant my tongue touches yours, immediately entwining slowly caressing our inner bodies. We kiss as deeply as two people can kiss, and it lasts and lasts and goes on and on.

At this same time our body's sort of squirm toward each other even though we are pretty much in contact from head to toe. It seems even then however that we cannot get close enough and so our bodies attempt to mold themselves into one unit.

Your luscious titties and now pressing hard against my chest, and since I have tenderly kissed my way along your cheek and to your ear I suddenly whisper in your ear, “darling we need to release those wonderful breasts so they can become a part of this without any restriction,,,,, they need to feel my hot chest pressing against those wonderful nipples.”

Your response is, “My love, please, please quickly open the snap for I must have my nipples pressing against you,,, they are so hot and so erect with anticipation.”

Just as we roll back away ever so slightly, Heidi chirps, “I too want to help, as I really need to see those wonderful breasts as well”.

And so you feel her nimble little fingers attack the clasp even before I am able to and just that quickly the bra falls away on the bottom and a wonderful nipple is exposed.

Heidi quickly presses her face between our chests and her hand pulls the remaining cup up and away from your other breast and just that quickly she attacks it with an open mouth, almost swallowing the entire areola.

All we hear from her is “MMMMMMMMMMM” as she just is ALL OVER that lovely breast and nipple. You gasp, and that causes me to quickly seek out your lips and create another ever so wonderful kiss and we now have all three involved at least partially in our sexual escapade.

It seems as if Heidi has a titty sucking technique quite exquisite compared to what you have experienced in the past for as she continues your attention is completely diverted to what she is doing.

Now that's really fine with me as I tremendously enjoy watching and LISTENING to your approval of her activity.

Let me try to describe in greater detail.

Heidi almost attempts to swallow your entire breast. Now of course that's impossible for they are much too large for that to occur but she opens her mouth as far as she can open it and it completely is filled with your beautiful breast, at that same time the back of her tongue is working on the nipple in the natural manner that a baby would, that is in a manner that creates the feeling of “milking” the nipple.

Your respond by just completely devoting your total attention to her, watching her every motion, what started as soft sighs have now begin to become almost groans of pleasure.

At the same time, since Heidi is working on one breast with her mouth and you are lying next to me, my fingertips have moved to the other breast and moistened with my spit are gently but firmly teasing that nipple into an erotic state.

I roll the sweet thing between my thumb and forefinger and every so often I dip my head down to kiss it gently, not yet sucking it into my mouth, (that will come soon).

While Heidi has been increasing her intensity on that sweet breast her hands have not been idle.

She is going very slowly, not knowing what kind of response to expect from you, and so now since you are obviously enjoy the contact with another woman, her little hands are beginning to do some exploration. Slowly she has moved her body into position so that you are on your back but sandwiched between she and I.

Her hand begins to slide, no, caress its way about your upper body. That is, gently, tiny fingertips move about your chest in ever increasing circles, and the circles are drawn and moved further down your body in each arc.

I watch intensely. Your eyes only leave Heidi's eyes to move to mine and back again. Heidi is positioned such that you can see her eyes and her mouth just sucking and “smacking” with lots of saliva and sound as she seems determined and intense on doing her best to try to draw milk from that sweet breast she is completely engulfed with.

You whisper, in jerked tones, “Heidi,,,,,, you do that so perfectly,,,,,,,,, My God,,,,, I think ,,,,,,,,,,,,,continuation of that might cause me to cum,,,,,,,,,,,,, before you ever touch my pussy!!!!!!!!”

Music to my ears, it causes my cock to swell even larger if that's possible and Heidi has now moved her other hand to her own little love next after spreading her legs apart to allow her fingertips to slightly spread her pussy lips, with her “fucking finger”, now slowly stroking her inner lips, moving closer and closer to the top where her little “button of love” is becoming aroused.

At the same time you are making a feeble attempt to create some response with me. Your hand has slid down my chest and stomach and now rests in my abdomen just below my naval. Your intentions were obvious, you were going to check out that cock just an inch away, but you cannot concentrate on what you intended to do at all, YOUR TOTAL ATTENTION IS NOW DEVOTED TO WHAT HEIDI AND I ARE DOING TO YOU!

Chapter 5

We, Heidi and I, are well on our way to taking you to the heights of ecstasy. In fact, Heidi says, “Jake, I love the way you are taking your time with her, when we get around to making me “center of attention” please treat me the same way, in fact I beg both of you to take it so very slowly for the pleasure that ALL of us seem to be enjoying seems fantastic and let's all make it last as long as it is possible. It is obvious that Bev, is taking great pleasure out of our touches, right Bev”?

We had stopped with the activity just long enough for Heidi to make her statement, and as she asked the question, you 'came back to earth', just long enough to say, “You two are taking me to new levels of desire and pleasure, my God it is so wonderful to experience all the physical contact in so many parts of my body at the same time, I just want to deeply kiss both of you at the same time, I never thought having a woman touch me sexually could be so desirous, and it seems like you guys are finding pleasure spots that are more than I have ever experienced."

With that, I said, “Relax once again my dear, we are just getting started. Bev, we both are being motivated to slowly, deliberately, arouse your entire body. Between our fingertips and lips and tongues we are going to wake up parts of your body that have never had this sort of thing before. We are going to take you to a tremendous orgasm but we will climb that mountain VERY slowly!”

My lips went back to your lips, where they were quickly joined by Heidi's lips and the three of us kissed.

I had never experienced this before ('threesome kissing'}, and it is a little clumsy but where there is a will there is a way and soon we are all enjoying that contact.

At the same time, Heidi's fingertips were now sliding over your little belly, and that's where they met my fingertips as we both slowly teased our way toward your sweet crotch and pretty little pussy that is just waiting.

My body was pressed against your left side, full length, my cock now slowly drizzling crystal clear precum from its little entrance hole, and my legs wrapped around your left leg as I cannot help but begin to “hump” you, my cock therefore stroking against your left hip.

At the same time Heidi is on your other side and she too is now full length against your side even though being smaller she “fits” a little differently.

Her arm is beneath your back just as mine is, and so you are truly the “meat in our sandwich”.

She too has wrapped her legs around your right leg and is slowly gently rubbing her pussy against your thigh and hip area. Every so often her hand dips down to pull her pussy lips apart just a bit so her clit can make contact with you.

We continue to kiss you and alternately kiss our way down to your throat and then down to your ear lobe.

I blurt out, “Heidi, Bev has told me she loves to have you whisper and blow softly into her ear”.

With that we both begin to do just that. I softly say, “Bev, we have waited years for this and I want you to know that you are the most desirous woman because of the way you respond to lovemaking. Bev, you KNOW that soon I am going to fuck you so very deeply and I suspect that little Heidi may do some ass play with her fingertips so that you will encounter feelings you've not had before.”

Your hips are now beginning to “buck”. It is happening even though you are not consciously doing so, it is an “involuntary” action simply caused by the tremendous amounts of hormones being released into you body, and it is SO HOT!

Our lips and kissing now continues as we search about your upper body to find erogenous zones.

You seem to be moving closer and closer to ultimate sexual feelings and desires and you point out, “My gosh, you guys are taking me closer and closer to cumming, but I don't want to cum just yet. My first cum is always my strongest and most beautiful and I want to hold it off for awhile”.

I then say, “Bev, I've heard you say this before, and, Heidi, I've also heard Bev say, 'when I'm sucking a man's cock and I know he's beginning to get close to cumming, and he says to me to “back off a bit”, it's at that point that I 'show no mercy', if I decide I want him to cum to me, HE'S GOING TO CUM!!!'”

“When I know I have him under my full control, I'm in the driver seat and I'm going to do to him whatever I want to do giving me not only complete control of him but taking him where I want to take him and when I want to take him.”

I ask, “So, Heidi, what do you think should we honor her wishes and back off a bit or should we take her to heaven right at this moment?”

Heidi responds, “We've only really just begun with her, THIS TIME, let's only back off a little bit and move around her body just a bit to see if we can find new spots of ecstasy, how does that sound?”

Since I'm quite engulfed with Bev's wonderful left breast in my mouth, I can only respond with “Uh Huh”.

You have your hands on the back of my head pressing me into your body, pressing me more firmly against your sweet, beautiful breast, your nipple was so enlarged and swollen but now has come to be more 'giving' and so it's almost as if it is ready to discharge milk into my seeking mouth and tongue, you whisper, “God Jake, you do that so very well, please, please just suck my titty, suck it deeper and deeper into your mouth and let that tongue wrap around that enlarged nipple as it feels absolutely wonderful”.

Heidi says, “OK Bev, well I've held off long enough, I'm going to see just what you taste like baby, I'm going to eat your pussy!!!”

With that statement, she begins to gently, slowly, very tenderly, kiss and nibble and lick her way “south”.

From delivering that message directly into your ear and finalizing it with a bit of drilling her tongue directly into your ear, it is only an instant before you say, “God Heidi, I love it when you turn me on by working over my ear, I almost hate to have you leave it, but go down on me baby, my pussy is just throbbing waiting for more action, I know she's plenty wet with my love juice, I can feel it almost with so much juice that it will soon be running down the crack of my ass, she needs one of you two to get down there and lick it up for we wouldn't want to loose any of that now would we”!

I have a response for that comment as I say, “Bev, my dear, I am so much enjoying feasting on your beautiful breast, but the thought of your pussy being so wet that your love juice is nearly running out of her is more than I can stand. Although my cock is so hard and so desirous of entering your body, I feel the need to join Heidi and both of us can see the wonderful workings of that lovely pussy that is in such need of attention. You know Bev, one of the things I'm really enjoying here is the dialogue that is going on between the three of us. There is nothing more erotic than having a lover audibly point out what she wants and/or what she feels, please keep it up, both of you, God what an experience.”

Chapter 6

As both Heidi and I slowly and gently now begin to move our kisses and nibbles and licks slowly, seductively down your now squirming body we hear your breathing begin to quicken even more than before.

I mention, “Heidi, don't you love the audible sounds”, (as we hear little whimpers being emitted by you)?"

Heidi exclaims, "I love it! I've been with one other woman but she didn't respond as Bev is. She is a very erotic woman and I'm going to try my best to absolutely drive her wild by kissing her in places she's not been kissed before.”

We both continue to move down your body, slowly, after both sucking intently on those lovely breasts, and watching, feeling, your nipples first enlarge and engorge then followed by them becoming soft as if they were ready to feed milk, I leave 'my' breast and kiss to your navel.

As I leave that breast Heidi continues to work on hers and her fingertips move to the breast I have just left and those fingertips massage that breast so she works on both of them.

I'm now at your navel, and after several kisses and my tongue drilling into your navel, I now have reached a part of your body that I consider to be very erotic.

I love a woman's tummy, that soft, cushy little tummy that is meant to expand as the days go by when a man has inserted his seed internally and it is developing and causing that tummy to expand.

I also find it erotic thinking that it will be the place that I shall rest my limp cock later on after my cock has emptied it's load deep within you.

But my kissing continues down and soon I need to adjust my body for I'm now just at your pubic bush.

“Bev, I'm going to taste your pussy lips but I need to be able to fully observe that pussy, so I'm going to place myself between your legs so as to have full access to that wonderful love spot.”

I gently grasp both of your ankles, having moved so both my head and shoulders are just at your feet. You feel my tongue and lips kissing about, first one ankle then the other and each kiss slowly moves upward. Slowly, gently, kissing, licking, sucking, my lips move as my hands now hold the calves of your legs. I kiss closer and closer to your pussy, and as I move just above your knees and attach my lips to your beautiful, smooth, inner thighs I feel your hand placed on the back of my head.

“God, your thighs are so beautiful Bev, I want to go quickly to that waiting pussy, but I so much love to caress your thighs I just have to enjoy my feast”.

Now with my hands under those thighs that seem to actually 'quiver' in anticipation and my lips moving from one to the other and back again, we hear your breathing quicken even more. Along with that we feel you begin to squirm even more as you cannot seem to lay still and your hips begin to thrust upward from time to time.

Then you finally feel my hot breath as I gently blow at your sweet pussy.

I have reached my goal, my hands have slid up under the sweet cheeks of your special ass that I have admired, then one hand slides around so that my fingertips are right there at your pussy, and as my tongue makes a slow, gently swipe from the bottom of your vagina, slowly gently but firmly upward you feel that tongue begin to press against the lips of your pussy.

Then my fingertips, one on each side gently open the lips of your now swollen vagina.

“Bev, your lips are swollen and enlarged and just 'puffy', waiting for me to feast”!

Heidi and I exchange a glance as we hear you loudly exclaim, “OHHHH GOD”!

“You two are driving me crazy in anticipation, please, please hold off,,,,, no don't,,,,, keep sucking me,,,,,I want to cum,,,,,,, but I don't want to cum,,,,, please you are driving me closer and closer,,,,,,I'm fighting it but.....”

Heidi says, “Jake, I'm going to have to join you there ,,,, I love sucking this nipple that is responding so wonderfully, but I can smell her pussy juice and I am getting so wet myself that I have to taste it with you”.

With that my tongue is now placed at the very bottom of your pussy, just where those lips join, and it presses into your lips, between your lips, and as I change the shape of my tongue from a very flat tongue to a hard round tongue you can feel those changes and again we hear, “OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD”!!!!

Now I have control over your bottom, and I slowly move that tongue as it is continually changing shape.

Slowly, ever so slowly it moves up and up, first coming in contact with the very entrance to your reproductive system, your very cunt, but without dwelling there very long, it continues it's upward advance as you know I am going to that love spot that is your clitoris.

“Bev, I can see your beautiful little clit, and it's swollen to the point where it is more than just a little bump, baby, it's swollen so that it almost looks like a tiny penis”


Heidi says, “You just wait sweetheart, I'm going down there and complete the job”.

With that you feel her lips as she forces her head between your thighs as well, and with the same motion you feel her tiny fingers as they begin to force themselves gently between the cheeks of your ass.

My tongue has found your clit and my lips have now grasped it as if it were a soda straw. At the same time Heidi is now moving her tongue about your vagina, licking and sucking, slurping love juice from your pussy. She's very talented at this as she knows EXACTLY what feels wonderful for you.

By now you have each of your hands placed on the back of our heads and are pressing our faces hard against your lower body, against your pussy as your squirm about knowing that soon you will not be able to contain yourself and most certainly will drench the two of us with cum.

But suddenly you feel a feeling that is entirely new to you as Heidi now begins to prod at your tiny little puckered asshole. She has somehow dipped her fingers into some sort of lube and you can feel her fingertips all about your asshole area as she slowly, gently begins to prod against your puckered little asshole.

Heidi says, “Bev, don't fight my finger, I'm going to slip my little finger up into you as we eat your pussy out,,,,,,,give it to me baby, give it to me,,,,, I'm going to slowly finger fuck your asshole, just as Jake is now going to finger fuck your cunt aren't you baby!”

“OH HELL YEAH,,,, I'm going to slowly slip my finger up into you baby, I have a need to slip up into you and find your sweet little G spot”.

As I begin to slip my finger into you we hear your loudest exclamation yet, “OH MY GOOD GOD,,,,,,I'M CUMMING,,,, I'M CUMMING,,,,, I'M CUMMING!!!!”

And with that you thrust upward with a huge lunge and your legs clamp around our heads which are both sucking and licking fast and furiously!!!

“OHHHHHHHHH,,,,,,,,,,,,, CAN'T TALK,,,,,,,,,,,,SUCK ME AND FUCK ME,,,,,,,,,,,,FINGER ME,,,,,,,,SUCK AND SLURP THAT PUSSY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HARDER,,,,,,,,,,,,,SUCK IT ALL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 7 Heidi finds excitement

“God, have you ever seen an orgasm more intense than that Heidi”?

Heidi responds to me with, “Bev, you have just set the record as far as I'm concerned. I've only been had one other woman orgasm with me, and you surely outdid her. You've got love juice just FLOWING from this swollen, quivering pussy! I'm going to gently clean it up with my tongue, please join me Jake, but we won't be attempting to arouse you at this point for I know you need a moments rest. Jake, just gently lick it off and when you get a nice tongue full I need a very deep kiss from you my dear”.

With that, we both reposition ourselves about your body saying, “Bev, you relax baby, come down from that cloud very slowly as Heidi and I make sure we don't loose any of your wonderful cum.”

It's at this point that Heidi says, “Jake, I have gotten SO excited making out with her, my little pussy is pretty wet itself at the moment, can you move yourself just enough so that we can both lick on her and yet you can press your body and that hard cock against me baby”?

“You bet, Heidi, as you can tell, my cock is as hard as a rock, Bev's orgasm has taken me to a 'high level', and my balls are beginning to just ache in anticipation”.

While this is going on you, Bev, have begun to breathe almost normally again.

Heidi and I are both a bit calmed down as well but not to the level that you are, and so we begin to make out even while we are still in immediate contact with you. We are all in the same bed but we have moved so that I'm in the middle between you and Heidi and am focusing my attention on her just as she is on me.

We are actually laying side by side, my arm under her, and our faces just an inch apart while our bodies have now moved so that they are molded along side each other.

Heidi moves her leg up over mine so that her upper thigh is touching against my hard cock.

I lean over to press a gentle kiss against her cheek, and say, “Bev, you can just lie there and recover and as you feel capable, IF you feel like you would like, you can join in while Heidi and I explore each others bodies, that sound ok to you?”

Bev responds, “Guys, it's going to take me a minute to come down off this cloud that I'm on, but I'm going to watch very closely, the way things are going here I suspect I will learn something by just watching you two 'sexperts'”

Heidi and I have now begun to turn our attentions to each other and are enjoying a long, deep, passionate kiss. I must say that she is about as good as you are Bev when it comes to passionate kissing, and while the passion within our bodies grow as the seconds tick away and our tongues entwine so to does the passion grow within our sexual organs.

I can now feel Heidi body begin to seal itself against me and as her leg has sandwiched my leg I can feel her pussy begin to press itself harder against my thigh. She begins an involuntary thrusting motion as her body slips around so that soon she is on top of me.

Now Heidi is a pretty small gal, she has rather small breasts but she's proud of them and at this point she slides up on me making them available to my mouth.

“Jake, suck my titties, they need your attention, look at how swollen my nipples are, please curl that talented tongue of yours around them and draw them deep into your mouth.”

Of course I'm glad to accept those directions and soon have worked over one nipple, sucking it deep into my mouth, nipple, areola and a portion of the mammary gland itself, just about as much as my mouth can hold.

At the same time my thumb and forefingers are rotating the other nipple and just doing this I hear Heidi begin to softly moan.

Her hand has slid down to my cock and her fingers have wrapped around my hard cock and are now beginning to gently, slowly stoke my cock. Each stroke seems to make it harder, and soon she says, “Jake, I think maybe you would like a nice blowjob just like I gave you the very first time we got together. I'm going to suck and slurp on your cock and my fingers are going to slowly massage these balls that I can feel, how does that sound?”

I'm getting terribly horny and can only mumble “Un-huh”, my mouth still filled with that sensuous titty.

With that she changes position and slides down my body, depositing a sensuous kiss about every inch of the way, and soon she has moved so she is between my legs, and as I look down I can see her inches away from the swollen head of my cock. That cock is nearly purple in color and the rim of the cock that forms the head is very pronounced. At the very top of that head just slowly emitting from the little slit is a crystal clear little drop of pre-cum.

Heidi looks up at me, her face poised over my genitals, her hand gripping my cock, pulling it down somewhat from the natural position that occurs when it becomes fully engorged and therefore pulling it down so it becomes nearly at a ninety degree position to my body; that is it's standing "straight up".

She has her face and mouth positioned right over the top and says, “Jake, you see this nice little drop of pre-cum here, I know it's main purpose is to provide lubrication for the moment that this sensitive head begins to slip up into my pussy, but it's more than I can stand, I need to taste it!”

Just about then we hear, “Just a minute you two, I surely hope you haven't forgotten about me, because I'm back off my cloud and I just want to see what's going on, AND be a part of it again. You guys took me to orgasmic heaven and if there is anyone else going there today I want to be part of the sendoff committee”.

With that comment you quickly move your body so your face is near my hips and Heidi says, “ Welcome back, Bev, I'll be happy to share with you, come on, get in here, but first lets begin with a 'welcome home' kiss for me. You kiss so very well baby, and your body is just so great, slide on in here we'll have to press our bodies together to squeeze in between these legs, but you are so soft and your skin is so smooth, just get on in here”.

With that comment there is more body movement as the two of you get arranged which requires two beautiful yet contrasting female bodies to begin to press together. As your wonderful breasts come in near contact with Heidi, her hands slide up to them and cup them, one in each hand and she moves your lovely nipples to match up with her smaller, yet fully erect nipples. Then she begins to move your titties and nipples so there is a little nipple “battle” going on, and as this occurs your nipples become more and more erect and so they are like four tiny little blunt “swords” that are thrusting and pressing against one another.

Suddenly it's like the attention has shifted away from Heidi giving Jake a blow-job with Bev deciding to join in---to a wonderful scene, (for me), as I watch two very sensuous gals enjoy the pleasures that nipple play will do for them. As this continues I notice that the aggressiveness has changed a bit from before when Bev was being the “receiver and recipient” therefore being rather passive, whereas now she has taken the more aggressive posture and Heidi has begun to simply lay back, relax and enjoy her attentions.

That wonderful nipple play continues for awhile as I simply lie back next to these two lovelies and enjoy watching the passion grow.

It isn't long before you begin to raise the level of excitement as you begin to kiss your way 'south', and immediately Heidi places her hand on the back of your head to attempt to direct you, (I guess).

It's at this point that I feel the need to join in at least to some degree, and so I position myself so that Heidi is between the two of us on the bed and on her back while each of us are sort of on our sides allowing us to move our heads and hands about her body.

I watch you slowly, very, very gently caress and sooth Heidi's little tummy and I watch you raise your head so as to get a really good look as you near her crotch. You have paid attention to the xxx-rated video star, Magdalene St. Michaels, and are doing a really nice job of seduction even though Heidi doesn't need to be seduced as she is a very willing partner at this point.

As I nibble and blow in her ear I too am able to watch your perform your acts of eroticism and your nibbles, kisses and little 'bites' to her tummy is causing waves of 'goose pimples' and shivers to flood over Heidi's body and before very long we see a couple of erotic things happen.

First, very slowly, her legs begin to open, only a bit at a time but they do spread open and that seems to be a signal to you as you move a bit faster in your journey toward her love nest.

As this continues I feel a need to be a little more involved Bev, and so you feel my fingertips at your ass cheeks and slowly feel them slide around toward your pussy. My fingertips quickly find your pussy lips, so moist from your orgasm, and I just slide my fucking finger barely into your pussy, hearing a little moan from you as I do.

But it's your actions that heighten things as you are now moving your hand and fingertips to Heidi's pussy.

Your comment is, “Heidi I was never much for shaving my pussy, but as I view your little pussy, so nicely tucked in there, no pubic hair to prevent my view I'm getting other thoughts about shaving my pussy. Your little pussy is SO NEAT! No hair, no 'extra lips' that seem to 'hang out'. It's just very neat and now I'm going to work on her and watch the internal blood flow cause her to engorge and enlarge.”

With that you have spread the lips of her pussy with your fingertips and are moving closer to having mouth contact with those lips that seem to be almost quivering with excitement.

As this is happening the second erotic thing happens as her hips begin to 'buck'. That is her entire bottom begins to thrust upwards, slowly at first but beginning to occur faster, yet it is not distracting.

Heidi whimpers lightly, and her voice begins to have a different pitch as she begins to lightly moan, and then whispers, (actually she sort of stammers, that is she cannot seem to put together entire sentences, but only partial sentences), “Bev,,,,, when I was with the woman before,,,,,oh God,,,,,,,,I played with her pussy,,,,,,,,,,,,, but she didn't 'do' me!!!! You are the first,,,,,,,,, the first woman that,,,,,,, has ever touched me,,,,,,,,,,, and you do it better than,,,,,,,,,,,, better than any man,,,,,,,, has ever done!!!)

By this time you have spread those lips and your lips are right there!

You whisper but loud enough that we both can hear, “ Heidi I've never fucked a woman before, so we are both virgins at this, but I intend to take you slowly up the long stairway to heaven, I intend to fuck you and eat your pussy so that you cannot help it but you will explode with love juice from deep inside your baby making department, and flood my lips with love juice”!

At that point you begin to get 'really serious' about working her over. Your lips are now glued to the lips of that enlarged pussy, and I can see your tongue working in and out licking up tidbits of precum that is being discharged by the little tiny glands within the pussy itself. Soon I can hear you actually begin to 'slurp' as the flow of love juice is becoming more intense, practically FLOWING from her.

Suddenly I hear you say, “and now Heidi, I'm going to work over that little clit that is not so little anymore, but has now grown to be the size of a large pea. I'm going to arouse her even further and then I'm going to suck her and pinch on her with my lips”.

As you begin this procedure I watch intensely as Heidi begins to moan and whimper as if you were taking control of her body and she could not do anything about it. It was as if she didn't want to relinquish control but the pleasure was so intense that she could not prevent it.

Then on top of all of the pleasures being administered by your tongue and lips, your fingertips appear on the scene.

“Heidi, I'm going to finger fuck you while I'm eating your pussy.My dear I want you to reach the heights of orgasm and flood my finger and my mouth with a deep, deep gush of cum, baby!

It's almost as if those words triggered the release, for at the very instant we hear, “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, I'M CUMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!”

And a huge thrust skyward along with Heidi ramming your face into her pussy left no doubt that you had achieved your goal. Along with that was a huge burst of cum that caused you to just make wonderful sucking, slurping sounds as if you were drinking thick soup out of a bowl,,,,, again and again she surged and you slurped and my God YOU began to buck your hips against my leg, quickly begging, “Jake, finger fuck my pussy for I want to cum with her,,,,, as I drive two fingers deep into you I hear you also exclaim,,,,,,I'M CUMMMMMMMIING,,,,,,I'M CUMMMMMMMIING! And your body releases a great gush of cum!!!!!

Chapter 8

God, that was wonderful, two beautiful, extremely erotic women climaxing within minutes of each other, (actually within seconds of each other).

How can one improve on that!!!!

And so now I have two great gals lying with me, one on each side as that's where they have “fallen” following the huge thrusts that they finalized their orgasms with.

Both still breathing hard, looking into each others eyes with great admiration, let's call it a special form of love that occurs when a partner has just taken you to new heights.

But I have nearly forgotten that I took part in all of this, more so with your climax than with Heidi's, and so we all three have now entered into a very special relationship, hard to explain, and a situational relationship that none of us have ever been involved in before. I don't have any kind of a name for something like this, other than to call it “the threesome”.

After what seems like a long time, (actually only five minutes or so, but when I'm still pretty much aroused with balls that are full of semen and a prostate that's loaded with cum to transport that semen on it's journey to the depths of a female body....), well it seemed like a long time.

Soon it's your fingertips that slide to my chest, and begin to stroke me, moving first to my nipples.

Jake, does nipple play do anything for you?

Bev, I wish it did. I know some men get great feeling from it, can't say that I do, but I can tell you about other places that do!

You don't have to tell me, I'll bet Heidi knows, after all she's made out with you before and knows the experiences and things that you like, right Heidi?

Heidi asks, “Bev, I don't know how many men you've been with. I've been with probably ten in my life and I have to say each of them were quite different when it came to lovemaking. My first husband was an asshole, he used to bring friends home with him and I was “made” to fuck with them! That has been my experience, but I will tell you guys this, I've never fucked with a guy like you Jake, you are not only different but really good as making a woman feel like she's leaving this earth."

Bev remarks, "Heidi, Jake and I have never been together until today, and so I'd be interested to know what you are saying, that is, what makes him better than those others you've fucked with."

Heidi's response is, "Bev, you just had a nice orgasm with Jake, but it happened almost accidentally. That is, you were at a high level of eroticism having made me cum, and so it didn't take long at all for you to cum."

Bev says, "Heidi, I cum so very easily, I almost wish I could make it hold off longer but that's the way it is. Then again as I say that I have to say, of course, who can complain about having achieved an orgasm, right!!"

Heidi's reply is, "Oh, you are so right, BUT, I want to point out to you that Jake has been different than the rest. He and I have only made out probably 8 or 9 times but that's another story. The thing that makes him different is that he is more concerned about giving me extreme pleasure and eventually making me cum. Most of our occurrences have been in a vehicle, only twice in an actual room with a bed, but when we had a proper “setting” I will tell you he is more concerned about making sure that I had a tremendous time than his own experience or climax. He can be difficult to bring to orgasm!"

I laughed, “ Heidi, I can't forget the time that you were between my legs, sucking on my cock, stroking my balls, slurping and sucking and stroking and just “giving it”, when after three or four minutes you suddenly stopped and said, '“ Jake, what am I doing wrong'”!

Heidi remarks, "Bev, Jake has probably told you, as he has me, that he gets nearly as much pleasure out of making US cum as he does out of cumming himself. THAT'S MY KIND OF LOVER!!!"

At this point, since your fingers have continued to stroke and caress, you have moved those sensuous fingers to my abdomen.

At this point Bev says, "Heidi, I think it's time that we give this guy “a workout”! Between the two of us I'll bet we can take him on a trip that he will never forget. Are you game for it, recovered enough to really work him over and make that cock of his just squirt like a fountain of love juice!"

Chapter 9

Time for Jake to "Get Fucked"!

So at this point both of these sexy ladies have been taken to the heights of orgasm, and that has sort of occurred by accident. "What began as foreplay has continued only because it has been so good for each of us. I find it appealing and sensuous that the two of you have each achieved orgasm by way of touching, kissing and sucking, that is, without penetration."

"Girls, I've loved every second of our little experiment today but it's come to the point where we need to go to the next level. That is, my cock is only getting harder by the minute or so it seems and even though each of you has had your pussy erupt with love juice you have not felt the penetration of my love muscle!"

"I'm ready to feel the slippery warmth of the inside of your bodies, but of course it will be one at a time."

I thought I would never be in a position to ask, "who wants to be first?"

"Heidi, even though as we have been together in the past, it has been more a matter of you giving me a blowjob, and often you and I have not really fucked. I think that since you and I have been there before I need to finally introduce Bev to my fucking technique, so watch closely Bev and join in as you feel like it."

With that said I turned directly to Heidi and as she clasped me even closer to her sensuous little body my cock seemed to jump even more with arousal.

"Heidi, your kissing is something to tell others about. Your lips, tongue and mouth just seem swallow me; pull my tongue into your oral cavity and it seems like your mouth is actually fucking my tongue, pulling it in and collapsing about it, clamping down and sucking it in even deeper. You have a most sensuous kissing technique."

With that our bodies each seem to squirm a little and we press very tightly together, and I feel a little more precum ooze from my cock, but it's at that point that I feel your fingers grasp him and tuck him into position as the very junction of the lips of your pussy.

You maneuver him up and down actually spreading the precum across the vertical lips of your pussy that now is really swollen and several degrees warmer than it was just a few seconds ago.

"Jake, I need to feel you slide that beautiful, swollen cock slowly and firmly up inside of me. While Bev can watch, I need to feel him and the wonderful ridge that makes up his head, slip up inside and contact all the nerve endings and ridges inside my waiting pussy."

It's at that point that I feel Bev's fingertips joining in and hear her whisper, "I'm going to be a part of this also, I want to watch closely and I want to maneuver that glorious head so as to smear that precum all over those waiting pussy lips."

With that I feel her fingertips join Heidi's as together they rub the head of my cock slowly, up and down, on the lips of Heidi's pussy, and yes the precum is transferred onto those waiting lips to blend with the oozing lubrication that her body automatically exudes so as to make a perfect entrance.

It's just at the point where I'm about to go crazy, when I feel Heidi's hands slide to my hips and grip the cheeks of my ass and with a huge pull, as well as a thrust on her part, my cock slides wonderfully into her waiting HOT open body cavity, and the lips of her pussy grasp and grip him as she pushes him deeper, slowly, ever so slowly, but continually deeper into her.

"Oh God, Heidi, this is absolutely so wonderful!!!! I'm not so sure how long I will be able to hold off before I cum up into you, shooting all my love juice up into your steaming hot body!"

Bev pipes up, "John, I don't know what to say! I hope you can hold off for awhile for Heidi's sake. I'm sure she needs to feel that cock buried deep into her but she also needs to feel it being retrieved and rammed over and over as her vagina attempts to grip and hold him. For her sake please hold off until she is ready to cum all over him and allow her love juice to pour from within and coat your cock and balls with the excitement that will involuntarily flow from her body ."

I'm confused! I'm not sure where to go from here. I want to fuck each one of these two beautiful women and I cannot figure out how to do it so all three of us eventually orgasm at the same instant for that is always the true desire of the human mind and body, that is to fill and/or receive the life giving semen and sperm at the exact second that the interior of the female body and that portion of the birth canal involuntarily constricts and grips the swollen cock that continues to try to move in and out in an effort to find better "placement" for the tremendous squirts of thick cum that is soon to follow.

Bev says, "I have the solution to your problem baby, for I'm so God damn hot I absolutely HAVE to have that cock fill me and NOW!

I'm quickly pulled off of Heidi as Bev means business.

Heidi says, "Fuck him Bev, fuck him until his cock burns,,,,,,,I'm going to get him again in a bit but for now, you take him and just fuck him until he screams with delight"!

With that Bev clamps down on my cock and slips it into her as deep as it will go, I feel her pubic bone pressing against mine and her vagina has turned on the muscles inside of it and it's like a velvet clamp just completely in control of my cock, alternately squeezing and releasing while it moves every delicious way that I could possibly imagine and at the very same instant Heidi slips her finger into my asshole and also gets a grip on my balls to make them feel like they are going into Bev at the same instant.

I moan like a small bull and drive my hips forward to ejaculate all that is stored up in my swollen prostate, now loaded with sperm. GOD GIRLS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'''''MMMM CUMMMMINNG TOO YOU ................I WANT TO HOLD OFFFF BUT I CAN'T,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OHHHHHH CHRIST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HERE IT CUMMMMMSSSSSSS




And not to be outdone Heidi has curled around and is sucking and licking my balls that are pulled up tight as they are heavy duty PUMPING,,,,,,CONSTANT ERUPTIONS......ONE AFTER ANOTHER......SEEMING NEVER TO END!!!!!!!!!!1


Chapter 10


Never have I EVER taken so long to come down off of cloud as I am today!

I'm still 2 feet off of this bed and my balls and cock are still leaking love juice I swear!!!

Bev, looks at little Heidi, and says, " I think we've done good today you little sex machine. I've never experienced making love like today and that goes for both of you, a man has NEVER given me sexual pleasure like this, and Heidi, I don't know why I never got together with another woman but I have just one question for you. What are you doing next Tuesday!!!!!"

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