Sex train

The year was 1940, Igrid Hoffman was a famous opera singer, she was the star in many of Wanger operas .

But it wasn`t always that way, she was a orphan when her parents were killed , by the dreaded (Brown Shirts) they was in Munich.

Igrid work in the beer halls , she would always be singing , a famous singer heard her took her trained her she started out in small bit parts but soon blossomed into a star .

Igrid married a wealthy rail road man , in turn they travled evey where by train , she preformed in Berlin it was Wanger newset opera ,to he amazement Hitler was there the
she had head him speak she was taken by him as was all of Germany.

But then her husband died, and she soon found she had no money, but still had the train which was given to her Igrid then decided to do something for the reich .

She travled thru out Gremany, she would find young girls, boys under the pretense of working for her as a travling show for the troops. the train would stop outside a town
she would find the highest ranking officer offer her services .

Igrid would be in hr private car dresse in black lace her full breast showing thru , holding a riding crop the officer would be on his knees licking her pussy , then she would bend over while her ass hole would be licked , for she loved to have her ass fucked .

Igrid would beg to have her ass fucked, the oficer had his cock hard as it pushed into her hole, she would rie hard her breast bouncing, while fingers rubbed her clit .

igrid had gotten use to the screams for she only got teens , she once sat while
a field marshal took a boys ass cherry
watching the boy suck the large cock watching as he probe his ass with his fingers .
Then put his fat cock in his ass, he couldn`t scream for he had a cock in his mouth, she palyed with her pussy as they fucked the teen .

She would train some of the girls how to suck cock , she would wear a rubber phalus,about eight inches long she would have the girls suck it, as she moved it abck n forth fucking their mouths , she even train a boy or two inthe same thing .

After wahile she would let them go , some would even kill them seleves due to the shame
But very town always had some young teens
she always took those not in the Hitler
youth, she even had some Jews saving the pretty girls from the death camps wich were just being built .
Igrid train had s topped outside camp Wolfstein, it wasa special camp for the SS
Igrid had a thing for them, she had a tattoo of a death skull rght over her clit, on her right ass cheeck was the swastika
which many a general would kiss.
before the would fuck her ass.

So the soliders would come,they paid her, walk thru the train finding what they desired she walked around making sure evry one was happy, she seen a girl being waked around like a dog, she would suck whom ever the handler would say.

She watched a girl take three at once one in her ass two in her pussy she kissed the girl tasting the cum she had sucked out of one of the cocks.
Igid always had fine clothes for those would work on the train,she seen a solider being fucked by a girl while being sucked by a boy . those SS kinky devils
She had also seen the brutal side of them too, hey asked for a jewish girl , they raped her beat her fucked her with all sort of objects except their cocks, she was left for dead .

Igrid had made a lot of money which was in a Swiss bank which she had it turned into gold .Igrid was asked by Hitler while she was at the Eagles Nest. if she would take her sevices to some of the hospitals
for they needed help too Igrid was glad to help him . she gave a specail show.

Igrid had gone to England she brought back soem lovely English girls they sang and dance in front of Hess , Himler , Grebels
Igrid watched as the girls knelt taking each man cock began to suck as they sung the song Igrid had actually kidnapped them kept them drugged she also used her girls as spies.

Giving information to the SS, Gestapo.
As the war went on Igrid`s train kept running, even the allies knew of the train it was once stopped by a American unit, Igrid was fucked by three officers at once .
she blew each one taking their cum down , then fucked them each one again, giving them no pleasure to her her cum .

Some of the girls started to run off,
Igrid was taking by the Allies they tried to get her o give up where certain units were , she was locked away, olny to be used by certain high brass, they whipped her ass till she bled , then they would dry fuck her .
She thought the SS was bad her ass, pussy were sore for days her jaws sore form sucking black soliders cock s Igrid knew this was the end they even took her train.

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