My wife and I had been together for almost 10 years where we were completely monogamous. I did not have a problem with that, I loved my wife and the sex was good.

That didn’t stop me fantasizing though, I had some great fantasies but that’s what they were; fantasies. Sometimes though my wife would surprise me, at the start of our relationship sex with my wife was quite mild but over the years she started to feel more comfortable expressing herself sexually. I used to ask her to shave her pussy but she wouldn’t consider it, I even got rid of the hair from my balls to try an encourage her. She loved my smooth sack but wasn’t willing to part with her hair…Until one night I came home from work and found her in bed furiously playing with a freshly denuded pussy. It was a long time before either of us got any sleep that night.

Anal sex was a fairly constant fantasy for me but again my wife was not interested. She didn’t mind me using a finger or my tongue on her back door but wouldn’t consider taking my cock. However she surprised me again, it happened after I had given her a massage. I finished the massage by playing with her pussy and asshole as she lay face down on the bed. I started to use my cock to tease her, rubbing it over her pussy, penetrating briefly before pulling it out and rubbing it from her clit to right up her crack. Her skin was slick with the oil, as I rubbed my cock over her asshole I felt her push back. Expecting to be rebuked I pushed my cock against her tight opening and felt the head of my cock push into her. Instead of squealing and pulling away my wife pushed back with a groan. As I watched dumbfounded she continued to push back until my cock was completely buried in her ass. She turned and looked back at me, a sheen of sweat across her face, I felt her hand move to her pussy and occasionally reach back to rub my balls.

“Fuck my ass baby” she whispered. Always good at taking direction I did just that and in no time I depositing a massive load of cum deep within her. I pulled out and watched transfixed as her asshole gaped open and my cum spilled out.

You can see why I didn’t mind being in a monogamous relationship with this woman. Some fantasies I did not share. I would fantasize about threesomes and moresomes but never told my wife lest she worry I wanted another woman. I didn’t think she would ever be up for anything like that.

One night however we were watching TV in bed when they showed a sex scene where one couple was having sex in front of another couple, the scene got us both hot and we started having sex. My wife said “imagine another couple having sex right in front of us.” We both had intense orgasms.

Despite what my wife said that night I was still convinced that she would never consider “swinging” or even participate in “Same room” sex. My wife would be too embarrassed to do anything with friends and courting strangers through the personals would never be an option for her.

Then we went away with another couple. Mark and Tia were more my wife’s friends than mine. My wife and Tia had worked together years ago and become good friends. Tia and Mark were High School sweethearts and had gotten married the year after we had. I was pretty sure neither of them had either been with anyone else.

We each had beachside apartments; it was nice having good friends with us whilst we were on vacation. We didn’t live in each others pockets but we would meet up most nights and have a few drinks. They were a fun easy going couple to spend time with.

On our second to last night Mark and I started to mix up various cocktails which the girls all too gleefully drank down. We turned up the stereo and had the makings of a great night. As more drinks were drunk I began to realize Tia gets very amorous when she gets drunk. All of her attention was directed at Mark who basked in the attention.

Just before midnight I was sitting on the couch with my wife beside me, her head resting on my shoulder. Mark was sitting on the other couch opposite us and Tia was dancing to the music. After the song finished Tia climbed onto Marks lap and began to kiss him. She was wearing a short summer dress, with her back to us we watched as Mark reached down and started to feel her ass, slowly he began to work her dress up until he exposed her g-string clad ass to us.

I looked down at my wife expecting her to want to leave and give them privacy but I could not draw her gaze away from Mark and Tia. I was about to say something when my wife slid her hand up and cupped my balls through my pants. My cock, which had already started to stir with what was happening on the other couch, rapidly grew to full mast.

Mark had pulled off Tia’s dress and had laid her down on the couch and was in the process of pulling down her g-string when I turned back to look at them. Mark then put his head between her long thighs and started licking her. My wife meanwhile was fumbling with my fly and pulling out my cock.

I could see Tia staring at my cock as my wife’s mouth engulfed it; Tia lay back and started squeezing her tits as Mark continued his attention to her pussy. My wife suddenly leapt of the couch and stripped naked, she turned so she was facing away from me but towards Mark and Tia and lowered herself onto my cock.

Mark was now on top of Tia and they were both staring at us as we both stared back at them, it didn’t take long before my wife started to cum which seemed to set off a chain reaction amongst the rest of us. I vaguely recall my wife getting off me and disappearing with Tia into the bathroom. I was still fully dressed apart from my cock poking out of my shorts. Mark was across from me with his shorts around his knees. We just looked at each other and started laughing.

The girls came out of the bathroom a short while later, both seeming completely at ease at being naked in front of the others husband. My wife sat down beside me and began to stroke my cock. She looked at me an asked “Is he up for another round?”

“You bet” I replied. “That’s good” she said “Because Tia wants you to fuck her up the ass while Mark fucks her pussy.”

I am sure my jaw must have hit the floor. Tia who was sitting naked next to mark looked at me opened her legs so I could see her glistening pussy and said “so how about it, will you fuck my ass?”

I turned back to my wife still not quite believing what I was hearing. “Go on baby” she said “fuck her ass for me.”

I stood up and stripped off my clothes and approached Tia who was staring at me with a look of pure lust in her eyes, she was wanking Mark’s cock which was now like mine; rock hard. As soon I was within reach she reached out and pulled my cock into her mouth. She began planting kisses down my shaft and licking my bald scrotum.

Tia suddenly stopped and turned and threw her leg over Mark and began to fuck him, her hand now wanking my cock. I reached my hand down her back until I reached her ass. I turned to look at my wife who was playing with her clit and had a look on her face every bit as lustful as the one I had just seen on Tia’s.

My finger made contact with Tia’s asshole and slid in which made her groan. The ease with which it went in made me realize it had already been lubricated, she must have done it in the bathroom with my wife. I positioned my cock and started to ease it in. Tia pushed up off Mark to give me room. Before long I was balls deep into her ass. Tia slowly eased back down onto Mark, I could feel his cock slide up against mine separated by a thin membrane of skin.

We began to get into a rhythm, having just cum before I felt in control. Tia was moaning almost like an animal, I could feel Mark’s hairy balls touching mine which 2 hours earlier I would have found disturbing but was now quite erotic. I heard moaning coming from behind me and realized my wife had just masturbated to orgasm.

I then felt a touch on my back and realized my wife had come to join in. I felt her kneel behind me; she reached forward and started to lick my balls. The way Mark started to groan I realized she was licking his too.

I was close to cuming when my wife spread my cheeks and started licking my asshole. It was more than I could take and I exploded inside Tia’s bowels. Weak at the knees I had to pull out, I stepped back and collapsed on the couch. I watched as Tia’s open asshole began to spew my cum down onto Mark’s balls which was then promptly licked up by my wife. What a way to end a vacation.

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