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This is sameer today I am going to share with you a story about my wife savitri . let me describe her she is fair like cream has a perfect figure 36-24-36 she was of a very shy nature she used to wear and cover her body to the full not showing any part to others a typical Indian women I loved it till the day I made the mistake of changing her. It was a office party all the office staff along with their spouse were invited everybody wife were looking hotter than ever on the other hand my wife it looked like I was married to a village girl the party started with our employee of the month vinay who greet us and shook hands with me and hugged me and when he tried doing that to my wife she said “namaste” . everyone in the party started laughing at my wife’s simplicity he returned it with a “namaste” . that day I was so embaressed taking her to a party like that as it was a normal wasy to greet each other next day when I went to work in the mens room I over heard vinay making fun of my wife as how I had married a gauti narri I was so hurt and deep inside I felt to go in and punch him on the face but dep inside I felt he is right in a world like this who likes to drive a bullock cart . after 2 days it was vinay birth day and he had invited every on to his house for dinner he invited me last I was to give him a surprise for a life time I went home told her to get dressed went to a parlour and told nagina she was a good friend of mine to wax her back her legs so that she could wear the sexy dress I brought her little did I know I was taking her for like a dish to be tasted by others. when she came home I gave her a sleeveless back open blouse which she refused at first I ordered her to keep my status and do what other women are like right now as she did with vinay I did not like it like an obedient wife she agreed wearing that red dress that day I felt like fucking her right there . we reached his house half an hour late as my plan when we entered every guys mouth was wide open seeing her sameer as the host came and greeted me as usual and when to greet my wife in the same manner he did not object the party started and everyone was dancing with my wife and sameer and I was having a drink and continued to have till I was drunk I told sameer that I cant when his friend said it was his birthday he had to drink when at 9pm everyone with their wives left 8 bachelor friends stayed back and I was in no condition to go home so sameer offered me to stay for the night as I was sick and I went to bed as I fell on it my wife on the other hand was called by vinay outside to play a game with the other if she refused she knew I would be mad at her so she agreed . when she went out side where all 8 were sitting surrounding a table

Savitri was puzzled as what was she about to play she was going to lose as she was not knowing how to play then vinay announced lets play spinning the bottle when the bottle stops on that person has to take of their clothes at first savitri stood up she knew she had been setup but if she backs out they will embaress her husband she was in 2 minds when vinay told her don’t worry savitri u will spin the bottle at this she was happy she might win so she spinned the bottle it stopped on subramanyam as he had to remove his clothes he removed his t shirt seeing a man with a black broad chest for the first time she was enjoying as well as her heart was pacing next came savio he decided to remove his pants seiing his cock come out of his underwear made her heart pace more and more she was traped as she could not back out after five guys removing some or the other clothes the six no was savitris she was shocked and everyone were waiting what will she remove first she said the saree as red in colour that was the only thing covering her she was showing she big boobs her low cut blouse n was in a petticoat for the first time while she was removing the saree in front of others beside her husband with great difficulty she spinned again and this time also it landed on her she was not aware what to remove her blouse where she did not wear any bra or her petticoat than she removed her petticoat next she was only on her panties now and the blouse that was open from the back her heart was pacing as what to do everone sitting there were in their undies by now so she felt a little comfortable next it landed on subramanyam he had his undies on only savitri was about to shut her eyes but she did not when he removed his under wear his 8inches cock long in length n big in at least 2 inches and seeing his big red nob she gasped vinay asked have have u not seen such a large cock .No she replied .mines 10 inches said vinay. Savitiri’s heart pacomg she said no you are a liar. vinay frustuated no I am not saying this he removed his underwear it was a little bigger that subramanyam then vinat said take it in your hand and measure it . no I can’t evn though she said no her hand went towards his cock she had never felt such a hard and big cock before when she measured it it was 9 inches its only 9 she said yes it is if u take off ur clothes n panties it will become 10 inches added vinay hesitatingly she removed her blouse seeing her big boobs vinays hard the red nob came out making it 91/2 inches she then measuring said its not u lose it not look not even 10 inches at this he said your not turning me on take it in your mouth and it will become 10 inches her heart was pacing what is she doing she is going to have sex with her husbands colleages as everyone were naked by now watching the fun. He said if my cock does not become 10 inches I will roam in my underwear in the office tomorrow if it becomes 10 inches we all will fuck you till morning agreed . As she made up her mind to say no vinay put his cock in savitri mouth . he pushed it in and out she could hardly breath as he caught her hair and was ramming the cock in her mouth at first she took half of it then the full till the throat as vinay public hair was touching her nose she was trying to break lose but her was not allowing her to seeing this subramanyam could not control himself he placed his cock on her pussy lips she was trying to break lose but these strong men were too much for her subramanyam pushed his 8 inches in her as half of it went in she was trying to scream as she had not taken such a large cock in her seeing subramanyam pushed his back thick cock again and her pussy swallowed the full thing as vinay as busy ramming her mouth subramanyam removed his cock and pushed it back in full force tears flowed down her cheeks as subramanyam rammed his cock in her pussy the other six were waiting for their turn then vinay blurted out is gua ki randi ko pheeche se kol do at this all rushed to fuck her butt listening to this she was scared she had never been fucked from behind she had a viring ass savio who had a 6 inches cok opened it up for her as all 3 were banging her at once she started to enjoy the pain she had never dreamth to be taken by her husbands colleages as she could not resist it she started to enjoy it as tears of joy flowed down her as they were fucking her subramanyam and vinay togther cummed as vinay cummed she could not take suck a load as a lot spilled out as she spilled vinay slapped her ssaying swallow it she not wanting another slap swalled all his cum and he made her lick his cock dry as subramanyam cummed all his hot seed went in her she was worried if she would get pregnant as her husband n her is fair and a balck child would ruin her married life as subramanyam removed his cock from her pussy. vinay removed his cock from her mouth and told her to measure his tool which now was swollen red nob making it 10 inches then he took his tool and adjusted to her pussy and rammed in her she was about to scream when subramanyam put his cock in her mouth as the rest of the 6 rammed her ass these 2 were enjoying her mouth and pussy finally bith cummed and rested then the others entered her one by one after having a few drinks as she was been fucked vinay removed video clips of savitri been gangbanged by everyone vinay assured her that this tape is safe with him as long as she cooperate with all his colleages and when ever he wanted any favours he would come and bang her with his friends she said yes nodding her head as they all fucked her each one of them cummed in her pussy and made her lick their cocks for the climax vinay asked others to capture them on video vinay fucking her ass and subramanyam her pussy both fucked her till 20 mins ans she was screaming like hell when they both cummed in her once more subramanyam more cumm in her and vinays cumm in her ass. With all that fucking she and all others were tired the all had a shower and all of them fucked her again at 700 am her husband got up by then all others had left her house he came out from the bedroom saying man I must have drunk a lot ya u had added vinay. Did I missed any thing asked sameer .ya said vinay all the action looking at savitri then vinay said goodbye to sameer and said will be hoping you will call me to your house some day. Sure added sammer come when ever you like treat it as you home sameer then added will be seeing u soon winking at savitri .

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