Medical Fantasy

So why did I believe my boyfriend loved me even when
there were plenty of signs that I was just convenient?
People see what they want to see? Whatever the reasons
for my self-delusion, it was cleared up quickly when I
told him I was pregnant.

I had prepared a special meal, all of his favorites,
with a big surprise at the end: cute baby booties in
pink and blue. He was surprised. He was not happy.

So we had a heart-to-heart (translation: big fight)
during which it became clear, even to me, that he
didn't love me, didn't really want me, and definitely
didn't want my 'surprise'. He left. I threw a two-day
pity party and then I picked myself up and started
planning for life with me and the Surprise without him.

I found a nice OB/GYN. He came highly recommended. He
was really old, like fifty-five. But I was told he was
very experienced and had a special touch with expectant
mothers so I made an appointment.

He was really understanding and easy to talk to. He had
me come to see him once a week. All my friends that had
babies said that was a lot and asked if there were any
problems but I told them the Doctor said everything
looked great. He told me I was his favorite patient and
he wanted to keep a close watch on me.

I was worried about not having any health insurance but
Doctor Jackson just said to not worry about a thing. He
scheduled me at the end of the day and made the
arrangements himself to keep me from being billed.
Since I came at the end of the day, often all the cloth
robes had already been used.

It seemed rude to complain since Dr. Jackson was being
so considerate so I got into the habit of just taking
off my clothes and waiting on the exam table. Dr.
Jackson was always very thorough. He said he wanted to
make sure I was 100%. I was touched that he spent so
much time with me at the end of what must have been
busy days.

Every week when I'd see Dr. Jackson we'd talk about how
life was going. I didn't know what I was going to do.
I'd never wanted to raise a baby without a father so we
talked about the possibility of giving the baby up for
adoption. Even though I had a well-paying job, money
was tight since my boyfriend had left. There was the
rent, the usual bills, and all the expenses of getting
ready for the baby. I didn't know what to say when Dr.
Jackson brought up the idea of helping out financially.

"But Dr. Jackson, you're already helping out so much by
giving me medical care. It wouldn't be right to let you
do any more. It just wouldn't be fair." I finally
managed to say.

"I thought you might feel that way Shelly, so maybe we
could work out a trade."

"A 'trade'?"

Maybe I would have thought more clearly if Dr. Jackson
hadn't been examining me during this conversation. It's
hard to concentrate when you're naked on an examining
table, your feet in the stirrups, spread wide and open
with a man's hand inside of you, moving, exploring,
stretching. Dr. Jackson had explained that regular
stretching of the birth canal would make things easier
when the baby came but his stretching exercises always
got me so excited it was embarrassing.

"I need a special assistant, Shelly. I would be happy
to help you financially if you were willing to help me

"Physically, Sir?"

"I want to use your body, through the rest of your
pregnancy and for some time after that. In return, I
will help you and it seems as if you enjoy my
attention." With that, Dr. Jackson twisted his hand
inside me causing me to cum.

I arched on the table. I never could think when I was
cumming like that. I could be talked into anything.

"Anything" I gasped "Anything you want."

And that's how it started. Instead of seeing the doctor
once a week, I went to see him each afternoon at the
end of the business day. After my day at work ended and
after all the other doctors and office staff had
cleared out, I would enter a side door at the practice
with the key I had been given and go where I was

Unless I had been told otherwise, I would go to the
examination room and take off my clothes and wait for
my Doctor on the table with my feet in the stirrups. I
was often told otherwise. My cell phone would ring
while I was at work and he'd say "I want you in the
waiting room." or "Come to me in my office" and I'd
know I'd be bent over a chair in the waiting room or
laid out across his desk.

I was amazed at how many different things the human
body could do. It was if he wanted to try every fantasy
that had crossed his mind in thirty years of examining
women's bodies. I would be stretched, twisted, tied. I
was fucked in every way I had heard of and many I

I came to love being Dr. Jackson's toy. As the time
passed and my body changed, the time I spent in his
office each day became my focus and ideas of a life
with the baby faded into the background. At some point
I told Dr. Jackson I wanted his help to find a good
family for the baby, one where there would be a mother
and father. He knew enough infertile women that I had
plenty to choose from.

I started to worry about the changes that would come
after the baby was born. Would Dr. Jackson even want me
when I was no longer pregnant? I told him of my fears
and he laughed "After the baby is born there are so
many more things we can do." he said "I can't wait to
have you come feed me every day." he said, tweaking my

In the end, everyone was happy. The boyfriend was gone
with no responsibilities. A family was formed with a
much loved child. And I met Dr. Jackson. And he met me.

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