Back To School

What a summer! My teen daughter has been very busy. What with a summer job, a boyfriend [yikes!] and never ending teen parties around the pool.

On the first day of school Sue [my daughter] was ready early. I gave her a once-over and approved of the way she was dressed [within the style of schoolgirls these days]. She smirked and gave a wink to her new best friend this summer, Jessica.

Jessica had stayed over last night and I planned to drive them together to school. She had brought about a week’s worth of stuff!

“Girls!”, I thought to myself.

She also looked just fine. I mean really fine!! She had been around our pool for more times than I could count. She was slim and pretty and I just let the kids play and swim and everything seemed to go well. I never allowed myself to be curious or lustful. They were just kids! I behaved myself….…really!

Sue went back upstairs for one more tune-up, or something. Jessica came close to where I was sitting and slyly mentioned, “Sue tells me that when she was smaller you would check to see if she had on proper panties every day before school.

I choked on my coffee. “That was a long time ago. And sort of a joke. And now that she is older it is not necessary…….”

“My Daddy never checked on mine.”

“Well, probably most Daddies don’t”

“Wanna check me? Wanna be sure I am dressed right for school?”

“Oh, I don’t kno……….” And there before me was a sight that would have raised the Pope. Jessica was standing within three feet of me and had her dress up to her waist. She had on the prettiest panties and they fit on her lovely figure. They molded around her round teen pussy in a way that instantly changed my whole thinking about this girl.

C’mon, Suzie’s Daddy! I know you have been watching me and the other girls all summer. I know that you masturbate all the time when we leave our panties in the changing area and stuff!”

I protest honestly, “No! I really don’t, Jessica. Really, I haven’t been thinking……….” She slipped a finger under the edge of the leg of her panties and tugged to the side and there was a smooth, puffy teen pussy!

“Well, are you thinking about my panties now? Are you thinking of my little baby pussy now?”

I stared. My cock grew hard and tented in my sweats.

“Ooooo, yes, Suzie’s Daddy! You are liking what you see! You like this, don’t you? I can see that your cock likes it a lot!”

I was still trying to be cool.

I dropped my newspaper into my lap.

I took a sip of my coffee.

“Jessie!! I will be another five minutes! Tell Daddy to wait for me!”, Sue yells down the stairs.

“OK, Suzie! We are just talking!”

“While you are waiting, Daddy, maybe we can have fun?”

“We better not………”

Jessie reached for my tented sweats and straddled my knee. Her pretty panties were all crooked. Her tiny teen pussy was making a wet spot on my thigh and she let out a long orgasmic sigh. “Oh Yessss! Oh ‘Daddy!’, Mmmmm!”

This girl was so horny that she came by just sitting on my knee! Her hand was rubbing my cock. I threw all care to the wind and pushed down my sweats and out popped my boner! Jessie giggled and took it in both hands and proceded to jerk me off as if she had done it many times.

“Nice cock, Suzie’s Daddy! Feels so good to baby Jessie!”

“Oh, god, Jessie! You better stop! Oh, we should not do this! Oh god….” We both hear Sue leaving her room and starting down the stairs.

“Cum on, Daddy! Hurry! Cum for Jessie! Spurt for Jessie!”

I couldn’t help it. I ‘spurted’ for her! Big time! I stifled a moan and suddenly I hear a shriek, “Daddy!! Jessie!! Oh my god! What….?”

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