Can I have a cock with those fries?

Jan was traveling through the mid-west. She felt she had been driving for days, when it had actually been just hours. Her mind had drifted from everything from what she was learning in college classes, to the few guys she had been with since starting school at a big university.

She got off the highway to break things up. She knew this stretch ran parallel with the Interstate, so she wouldn’t lose too much time. After exiting the highway she passed the typical gas stations and fast food places and then smiled at the huge “adult warehouse” of lingerie, sex toys and XXX movies. She almost stopped to get a vibrator or a new vibrating egg, but figured she better not, she was already horny and driving home for the long weekend with a toy inside her might not be too smart, but she noted the exit she just got off, as she might want to stop on the way back to school.

Now she was really horny, or was it that she just really needed to pee. She was well between exits at this point and was now scratching up and down on the denim that was covering her pussy. “Damn” she thought to herself “I need to wear skirts on these long rides” and actually giggled to herself and started thinking about the “adult” store she had passed.

Up a head Jan saw a truck stop with the familiar national hamburger place attached. She figured she could stop and pee and grab some food to go. She pulled into the large lot and went into the store.

She passed everything and went straight for the bathroom. The bathroom was empty, but she still felt better taking the last stall.

She sat down and then realized that next to the toilet paper dispenser there was hole about the size of a soda can drilled into the wall. She looked through it, figuring there was a pipe that used to be there or something as it was perfectly round. She looked in and was embarrassed to see that the view on the other side was of another stall. She was looking at another toilet.

Jan then looked at the wall around the hole, that seemed to have been recently painted, but you could still make out writing from pens and markers. She read the first one that had an arrow to the hole and a sentence “home of the whopper.” Another one read the “where’s the beef?” There were some other notes that were a little more on the four letter variety.
To Jan’s shock her eyes caught the change in light at the hole and then she heard a stall door open and close. She pushed herself back against the back of the toilet and wasn’t sure what to do. Her hand immediately dropped to cover her pussy. She was done peeing at this point but was still sitting there. She should have gotten up and left, but the curiosity was keeping her right there.

She sat there for a few minutes, which actually seemed a lot longer. She was about to look through the hole, when the head of cock appeared and then shaft. The cock was about 5” and she thought “very nice looking”—the whole thing was totally weird, but she was drawn to the dick.

She started stroking it and then went for it and started to suck on it. “What am I doing” she thought to herself. She had never heard of anything like this. But the thought of the anonymous sex was actually a turn on. Jan didn’t know how long all these thoughts were going through her head, but she suddenly got a mouthful of cum. “Damn” she thought to herself “he must have been as horny as me.” Or she also thought, maybe she really did give great head.

Jan tried to decide if she should spit the cum into the toilet or swallow. In the end she swallowed. She still had another 2 hours to drive to get home and she could smile tasting the cum on the way.

She figured she would wait another minute or two and see if someone else would come in. It didn’t take that long. It seems like the one guy walked right into the stall as the other one left. This guy obviously didn’t even sit down. He just stepped up to the hole and dropped his limp black cock through the hole.

Jan had probably had 7 or 8 lovers in her relatively young life. This was the first black cock she was going to suck. It was limp, but she could tell it was going to be big. She took it in her young mouth and started to suck on it. Sure enough it started to get hard and long. She tried to think about the biggest cock she had ever had in her mouth or her pussy. She thought it might just have been the last guy in the stall about 5 or 6 inches.

The black cock had spread her mouth almost as open as it could go. She moved away from it for a moment and was looking eye to eye with a huge black cock that had to be 8” on her side of the wall and she couldn’t even close a hand around it, as she started to pull on it.

Jan was totally wet between her legs and although she knew she shouldn’t, she stood up. She pulled one of her feet out of her jeans and pulled her panties off one leg. She had a hard time moving between the wall and toilet and almost fell. It didn’t help that her jeans were getting bunched up either.

The cock had disappeared, but Jan wasn’t worried as she was sure once the guy saw her pussy in the hole, it would be back.

She finally got her back to the wall and close to the hole. She felt a couple of fingers moving across her butt, and it was like the guy was helping her line up with the hole. When she was, the guy moved a finger inside her. He moved it in slowly rotating it as it got deeper and deeper inside her. She had to bite her teeth closed not to moan.

The man took his finger out and replaced it with another. As this one went in, the other wet one started to play with her butthole. Jan’s last boyfriend loved her ass, but she still shook her head on how every time she was bent over, a guy had to finger her butt, or even spank her.

As his one finger penetrated her pussy, the other kept circling her anus. Jan bent forward and pushed back to get the finger deeper inside her. She had one hand on the plumbing of the back of the toilet, and the other on her thigh.

Jan wanted his cock and was happy when his fingers left her. She knew this was not going to be easy with the thickness of the guys cock, but the fingering was a big help, she hopped.

Jan felt the cock against the bottom of her pussy lips, she guessed that is where the hole must have lined up. The guy pushed lightly and then withdrew. Jan was really hopping that he wasn’t going to ram her as a couple of guys had done in the past, but she felt so wet at this point that she figured it wouldn’t matter.

She suddenly felt the cock head again, but ‘Oh no” the guy had found the wrong hole. He quickly pushed the head of his cock forward and to her surprise her sphincter muscles allowed the penetration of the huge thing. The head might have been one thing, but as the big shaft pushed forward the pain went shooting through her body.

Jan tried to move away from the hole, but her foot got wedged between the porcelain and the wall that the hole was in. She fell forward and had both hands now on the wall of the next stall. She stopped herself from falling, but had pushed her ass harder against the hole. The black cock was actually pinning her more in the position she found herself in.

He must have felt her pushing more against him as he really started to bang her hard. The pain was intense and Jan was grunting with every push the guy made inside her ass. Jan was now starting to mentally yell at herself. “How stupid you are, that’s it just back your ass and pussy up against a man’s cock stcking through a hole in the wall.”

Jan heard the door to the women’s room open and close. As hard as she tried not to make any noise she couldn’t control the grunting. She heard the woman’s footsteps getting closer to her stall and then stop. She didn’t hear another stall open. She turned her head and sure enough there was another woman looking the crack between the door and the hinged wall. The woman was also black.

“Hey honey, are you taking that fine black cock attached to the UPS man in there?” she heard the woman ask her. Jan was getting rammed too hard to even answer.

The woman took a coin out of her purse and put it in the slit in the silver part of the lock on the outside and turned it. She opened the door and walked into the small space and closed the door behind her. She must have seen the pain on Jan’s face and then put her head up against the wall with the hole and looked down at the action.

“Oh my, I’ll bet you didn’t want that up your ass now did you?” she asked.

Jan was able to grunt a “no way, can you, ouch, oh fuck this hurts, help me get him out.”

The woman looked around and saw that the girl’s foot and leg were pinned. She also saw that the girl’s hands were pressing hard on the stall wall, lower than the girl could get leverage to push up. She then looked at her nice legs and unshaved exposed pussy.

The woman got on her knees and started to rub Jan’s pussy.

“What—are—you—doing?” Jan asked feeling the man speed up again.

“I figured maybe I could turn you on, as I don’t see no way in getting you out of this spot till he be done.” She replied and then slipped a finger into the girl’s pussy.

Jan was getting turned on a little, but the pain was winning out, till suddenly it started to feel better. The man slowed down and she could tell why it felt better, her insides had just gotten lubricated, and now the man was softening. “Damn, he came up my ass” Jan said out loud to herself and the woman.

The lady got up quickly and as Jan felt the cock pull out of her ass, the woman’s fingers went in. Jan was at least able to move her butt off the wall a few inches, which actually helped the woman get her fingers in even deeper. “My my, I got all four of my fingers across your hole, but there is goes, its tightening back up.” The woman announced.

Jan couldn’t believe that she was still pinned even without the cock inside her. “Um ma’am, can you maybe put some toilet paper in my butt or something, I feel the cum running onto my pussy?”

The woman did what she asked and then dropped the paper into the toilet and went back to rubbing her pussy. This time from the back. Jan was starting to enjoy it, and the woman seemed to notice her breathing.

“A little woman on woman action ain’t bad now is it?” the woman asked.

“I guess not, but can you help me get away from the hole.” Jan asked her back
The timing couldn’t have been better as they both heard the door close on the stall on the other side of the hole. The woman tried to look, but all she could see were jeans and tennis shoes. The woman whispered “he might be younger.” And dropped her hand exposing Jan to hole again.

“Just make sure he does my pussy if you can” Jan pleased as she really wanted to cum and get out of the place.

The woman saw the much skinnier white dick head appear. As it pushed further through the hole she placed her flat hand, fingers parallel to the wall and pushed up, indirectly guiding him to the girl’s abused ass hole.

“Oh no” Jan squeaked as she felt the head rub against her hole. The guy must have felt it too as he rammed his cock hard and its head entered the sore membranes of her ass.

The woman moved her hand as she said, “damn your ass was right in the middle of the hole, sorry.” She continued to move her hand and placed it between the girl’s legs from the front and started to finger her again.

This time the cock in her ass felt good once the other woman was fingering her pussy... Jan felt the soreness depending on where the cock head was hitting, but it didn’t stop the great feeling of both holes being penetrated.

Jan started to cum and as she did she felt the cock speed up and then felt the wetness in her ass which let her know the guy was cumming to. Jan felt great and was moaning loudly. The other woman was getting a hand full of girl goo as she kept fingering Jan.

The episode wound down and the guy withdrew his cock. Again Jan asked the woman to wipe the cum off her ass again, before it dripped into her pussy. She then begged the woman to help pull her leg free before anyone else came in. The woman bent over and pulled on Jan’s jeans. The jeans moved just enough to get her leg and shoe unlogged.

The woman helped her straighten up, but did so by grabbing Jan’s tits, which did not go unnoticed.

The woman then said “so how about you get me off now?” Jan was about to respond when they heard the stall door in the men’s room open and close. A moment later they saw a big, though limp cock flop through the hole and both woman looked at the other, it was obvious this cock was going to be a big one. The woman looked at Jan and said- “I got this one, you can go.”

Jan got dressed as she watched the woman suck the man into being hard. She then opened the stall door and went and washed up. She looked at the other 3 stalls and wondered why no-one else had entered over the past 30 minutes except the black woman.

As Jan left the women’s room she noticed one of those yellow cleaning cones was stilling in the hall way. Jan smiled thinking that the woman wanted some alone time in the stall, and how she had probably messed that up.

She was no longer horny when she got back in the car, but smiled again, knowing she would be coming back this way in a couple of days.

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