Voyeur wife on vacation

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves -- and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people's behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

VOYEUR WIFE ON VACATION -- a frank story of one approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.

Chapter ONE

Mary Arnold awoke and instinctively reached across the king-sized bed for her husband's crotch. Instead, her hand closed on the rumpled sheet and she realized Don wasn't in bed with her anymore.

"Shit!" she mumbled to herself, sitting up and looking around the spacious hotel room.

Though the thin drapes she could see her husband's silhouette in one of the chairs on the balcony, hunched over the table.

"Don?" she called towards the balcony. "Don, what are you doing?"

"Morning, babe," Don called cheerfully from outside. "I'm just working on some papers for the office."

"Oh, fuck!" Mary groaned, falling back on the bed. "Not again!"

What the hell is the matter with us, Mary thought. We're on the second day of our vacation and he's doing his fucking office work.

Flipping onto her back again, she ran her hands down her naked body and tried to remember the last time Don had really been excited about having sex.

During the first year of their marriage, Don and Mary had had a wonderful sex life, fucking at every opportunity. Then he was promoted and became preoccupied with fighting his way up the corporate ladder of success. Since then Mary couldn't remember the last time her husband had fucked her long enough to give her an orgasm.

Mary remembered how the morning before she had gotten Don hard by sucking his cock before he awoke and straddling him so he couldn't get out of bed. She had gone out of her way to make him feel good, but Don just lay there dispassionately, doing very little. Finally he had shot his load and then slipped out of her pussy, leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied.

Being an optimist, Mary decided to try again. Getting out of bed, she shook her thick dark hair into place and quietly padded up behind her husband. She slid her arms around his neck, nestling his head between her large tits and nibbling his right ear. She hoped it would make him forget his stupid work ions enough to fuck her.

Instead, Don snapped his head back and angrily pushed his wife away, demanding to know what she was doing.

"Don, we're on vacation and right now I'm very horny and I want you to fuck me!"

"Not now, babe, I'm sorry," Don answered. "I need to get these reports done. Why don't you go sunbathing or something? There's time for sex later."

"There's never time for sex with you anymore!" Mary retorted angrily, storming back into the room.

She pulled her bathing suit on quickly, grabbed her towel and suntan lotion and left the room, slamming the door violently behind her.

By four o'clock Mary had had enough sunbathing. She'd spent the day daydreaming about sex and, by the time she left the pool, her pussy was throbbing so badly she was sure everyone around her could tell. As she walked back to her room, the thin material of her bikini bottoms rubbed against her distended clit, making Mary think she was going to cum while she walked down the hall.

As she passed room 201, Mary heard a loud grunt, which stopped her in her tracks. She backed up to the door, looked around to be sure no one saw her, and then peeked into the spacious room.

Inside the room Mary saw a strikingly beautiful blonde woman sucking a man's cock. Her heart was caught in her throat and her forehead was becoming beaded with sweat. She knew she should leave, but something was holding her there. She wanted to see what the couple was going to do, so she tiptoed closer to the door and peered cautiously inside.

The strange noises that had stopped Mary at the door were coming from the man lying on his back on the bed. Bach time the blonde's mouth slid down the length of his prick he let out a guttural moan.

"Sweet Jesus, baby, that feels incredible!" the man groaned, arching his hips up toward the woman's mouth. "I love the way you suck my cock!"

Mary watched fascinated as the blonde pulled her lover's cock from her mouth and began licking it teasingly with her tongue. She remembered all the times she'd done the same thing to her husband and wished she could be sucking his cock at that very moment.

Inside the room, the girl had taken the man's cock in her hand and was jacking him off with long, even strokes, making sure the tip of his prick slid over her outstretched tongue every time it slid upwards.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth or do you want to fuck me?" the girl asked, taking her mouth from his rigid cock and sitting up on her knees.

Cum in her mouth, Mary thought, trying to give the man silent instructions. Fill her mouth with jism and make her swallow every drop. As she watched, she slipped her hand between her well-tanned legs and felt the crotch of her bathing suit. It was soaked with her pussy-juices and clung wetly to the crack of her cunt. Jesus, I need that guy's cock in my pussy, she thought.

"Suck me a little longer and then we'll fuck," the man was saying. "I want to feel your little pussy wrapped around my prick before I cum."

"Okay, babe!" the blonde answered, lowering her head to his huge cock again.

The woman took his stiff cock into her mouth and sucked and licked his cock-head, coating it with her saliva. When she saw it was completely covered, she plunged her head down and took every inch of his monstrous cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the base of his fuck-pole, making the man gasp and moan in excitement and amazement.

Mary watched the blonde give her lover a blowjob that had to be the best in the world. She'd never seen another woman give head, but she was sure it couldn't be done any better than this.

Reaching to her crotch again, Mary pushed aside the bottoms of her bikini and rubbed her middle finger over the wet folds of her pussy. Watching the two lovers was making her horny as hell and she couldn't control herself any longer. She rubbed the bud after cunt, coating it with the juice from her pussy, and then slipped a slender finger into her own fuck-hole.

Mary moaned silently as her finger teased into her wet pussy. As she watched the lusty scene inside the room, she began matching the bobbing of the blonde's head with finger-thrusts into her own dripping pussy.

The girl in the room was bobbing her head up and down faster now, sucking the man's cock. Her soft mouth was sliding effortlessly along his cock-shaft as soft moans escaped from her throat.

If anyone had come down the hall at that moment, they would have seen Mary leaning against the door with her finger drilling in and out of her overheated pussy. All Mary wanted was to watch the couple and finger-fuck herself to a rousing orgasm.

Mary's eyes were slits now cube watched the pretty woman fondle the man's hairy balls with one hand and jack him off with the other. She moaned softly as her thumb slid over her erect clit and the man in the room grunted again.

Mary couldn't understand how the guy could stand such intense cock-sucking for so long without shooting his cum-load. She imagined he must be able to fuck for hours without cumming. Closing her eyes momentarily, Mary felt herself rushing to a climax and intensified the speed of her finger-fucking. Just a few more strokes and she was going to cum all over her hand. She gritted her teeth and waited for the orgasm to overwhelm her.

On the bed, the young man suddenly grasped the blonde's head with both hands and pulled it from his throbbing prick.

"That's enough?" he said, sitting up. "If you do that any longer I'll cum. Let's fuck now!"

"Okay," the girl said, releasing his prick. "Wait I want to be on top."

She quickly crawled up to her lover and was just about to straddle him when something made her look towards the door. She gasped when she saw that the door was slightly ajar and a woman a face a visible in the crack. Her lover turned quickly when he heard her react and he too saw the woman in the doorway.

"She's so busy fingering herself she doesn't even know we see her," the man whispered. "Let's invite her in."

"Sure," the young woman replied, climbing off the bed and moving towards the door.

"The view's much better in here," the blonde remarked casually when she got to the door and saw that the dark-haired woman hadn't seen her approaching. "Why don't you join us?"

At the sound of the girl's voice, Mary's eyes flew open and she almost screamed. Turning bright red with embarrassment, she pulled her hand from her cunt and tried to think of something to say. When she couldn't, she stood in the doorway and gasped desperately.

"Come on, don't be afraid," the blonde woman said, sensing Mary felt foolish. "We don't mind. In fact, we'd like to have you join us!"

Mary never knew why she entered the room. She was probably still in shock from being caught peeping and didn't realize what she was doing, but moments later she was standing at the foot of the bed as the blonde jumped back up to her lover.

"I'm Ann Smith," the girl said, introducing herself. "This is my husband, Joe."

"I'm Mary Arnold," Mary said finally, regaining her voice somewhat. "I'm really sorry about what I was doing outside. I don't know what came over me. I-I think I better leave now."

"No, wait," Joe called as Mary headed for the door. "I know you must feel pretty silly but you don't have to go. I mean, if you like watching, we don't mind at all. And if you'd like to participate, you're more than welcome."

"I don't think my husband would like that very much," Mary replied nervously. "He's not quite as open-minded as you seem to be."

"Well, my guess is that he's not being too open-minded about your needs either," Joe said quickly. "Otherwise I doubt you'd have been standing out there finger-fucking yourself like crazy."

"Well, no... it's just that I... well," Mary's voice trailed off when she couldn't think of anything to say.

"Come on," Ann was encouraging her now. "We aren't going to hurt you, and no one else is ever going to know. Stay and have some fun with us."

Within moments, Mary was sitting in a comfortable armchair next to the bed, and Ann was sucking Joe's cock again to get him hard enough to fuck her.

As she watched Ann sucking Joe's prick, Mary really looked at the couple for the first tune. Ann was an incredible-looking woman with thick blonde hair that fell loosely to her shoulders. Her sparkling blue eyes were wide and sensuous-looking. She was tall and slender with long shapely top and a small well-rounded ass. Her waist was narrow and her tits, though not exceptionally large, were heavy and perfectly shaped.

Joe was a tall, muscular man with sandy brown hair, dark eyes and a well-trimmed mustache. It was obvious from his lean muscular body that he kept himself in good physical condition. His cock, which was once again pointing at the ceiling, was rock hard and the longest Mary had ever seen. Her husband's was thicker, but Joe's looked like it was at least nine inches long.

When Joe's prick was as hard as Ann could get it, she grasped it with her left hand and quickly swung her left leg over his waist, straddling him. Then she lodged his cock-head between the lips of her golden-haired pussy and slowly let her body sink down on his steel-like cock-shaft.

"Ahhhhhh, baby, that feels good!" Ann sighed, throwing her head back and bracing her hands against Joe's muscular chest. "I love the way your cock feels when it slides into me like that!"

Just a few feet away, Mary looked on in amazement as Ann's pussy swallowed inch after inch of Joe's enormous prick. When it finally disappeared completely inside her cunt, Ann wriggled her ass as if trying to grind it in just a little deeper.

Mary gulped when she felt her own pussy starting to tingle again. Feeling between her thighs, she found that her cunt was soaking wet again. For a second she considered leaving, but then she was overcome by lust and the need for her own sexual release.

Quickly pulling down the bottoms of her bathing suit, she spread her legs wide apart. Holding the folds of her cunt open with one hand, she inserted the forefinger of her other hand into her pussy as far as it would go. She slid it in and out slowly a few times and then added another finger.

With two fingers inside her cunt, Mary could wriggle them around and tease herself more readily. As she gradually increased the speed of her finger-fucking, she anxiously watched Ann and Joe who were just getting into the rhythm of fucking.

"Ohhhh, baby," Joe groaned, loving the feel of his wife's tight pussy-tunnel gripping his rigid cock.

As Joe's cock stroked between the lips of her cunt, Ann's tight pussy grew wet with cuntcream. Her senses whirled and she writhed and twisted her cunt along the drilling shaft of her husband's long prick. She could feel every inch of his cock deep inside her guts, and with every thrust it felt as if he would punch his way through to her chest. Her cunt was stretched wide and the intense feelings of pleasure inside her were making the pretty blonde insatiable with lust.

Both Ann and Joe had forgotten about Mary. She was still watching them, but her eyes were beginning to close as the intense feelings in her pussy grew. Cunt-juice coated her fingers as they flew in and out of her cunt. It glistened on her upper thighs and dripped to the carpeted floor in thick droplets. The stacked brunette had masturbated many times before, but there was something about watching two other people fucking that made finger-fucking even more enjoyable.

Ann gasped hotly as she picked up the tempo of her fucking. She was now bouncing crazily on Joe's cock, her ass smacking loudly onto his thighs each time she lowered her body. Her hands grasped her pert tits and squeezed them, making her nipples pop out lewdly.

"Oh, I love the way you're fucking me, honey!" she panted. "Keep your cock in me forever! It feels so good!"

Ann loved the way her husband's stiff cock rammed into her pussy and the way it felt when it banged against the top of her cunt. She loved fucking in every conceivable position, but this was her favorite because she could control the speed of their fucking and could feel Joe's prick in every part of her body.

"Baby, I want you to suck my tits," Ann pleaded, leaning over so her tits brushed against Joe's mouth. "You know I love it win you do that!"

Joe lifted his head tightly and sucked one hard nipple into his mouth scraping it lightly with his teeth and stretching it to its full length. He heard his wife groan with delight and increased the pressure against Ann's tits. With one hand he began pinching her other nipple and rolling it slowly between his fingers.

When Joe started sucking Ann's tits, she almost went out of her mind. Nothing felt better to her than having her tits sucked while she was being fucked. Great quantities of cream were oozing from her cunt now, and she whimpered lustfully as she worked her dripping oust up and down on her husband's slender cock.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh." Ann squealed when Joe bit into her tit and at the same time jammed his cock deep into her cunt. "Yes! That's it, baby. Fuck me, fuck me hard! I love it! Fuck me to death!"

"That's exactly what I intend to do," Joe started grabbing Ann by the hips and slamming her down hard on his prick. He felt the tip of his cock-head bang against the back of her womb and knew she loved it when he fucked her like this. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out and then some. I'm gonna fuck you so you won't be able to walk far days!"

Mary couldn't believe the conversation going on between Joe and Ann. Surd, she and Don often talked when they made love but it was nothing like this. Hearing the lewd language made the pretty woman even hornier and she frantically jammed her fingers into her desperate cunt, anxious to bring about her release.

Joe arched his hips a bit and drove his prick faster and deeper in Ann's waiting cunt. He felt her young pussy suck at his prick, drawing his cum up from his bloated balls as her moans of pleasure grew louder and her hips gyrated violently above him. The look on her face told the handsome man that his wife was very close to cumming.

"Mmmmmm I... love it!" Ann gasped, her voice coming in pants now.

Her eyes were closed and her back arched, making her pointy tits thrust out delightfully. Her cunt clutched at Joe's prick, begging for its climax.

"Nnnggghhhhhh, I'm gonna cum, baby!" the blonde muttered through clenched teeth. "Gonna cum... soon... all over your big cock!"

"Do it, baby, do it!" Joe urged her on. He used every ounce of strength to fuck his cockpole into her wet pussy and bring about her orgasm. He could already feel his own cum boiling up from his balls and he wanted his wife to cum at the same time. "Fuck me hard, honey! I want to feel you cum all over me!"

"Aaaaagghhhhh!" Ann screamed as her orgasm finely hit her, making her entire body tremble. "I'm cumming... oh God, I'm ccuuummmiiinnnggg so hard! Aaaaaahhhhh!"

As Ann's pussy churned madly on his cock, Joe felt his bals explode ad he began shooting his fiery load of cum into his wife's belly.

Ann felt Joe's cock swell suddenly inside her tight cunt just before she felt the hot jets of his cock-cream shoot up into her cunt.

Just as the happily fucking couple exploded into their mutual orgasm, Mary closed her eyes and concentrated on her own climax. She felt it building deep inside her like a volcano about to erupt. It crept up from her hot cunt and finally thundered through her lovely body, shaking her so hard she almost fell out of her chair.

"I'm cumming too!" Mary screamed. "Oh, God! I'm cumming so good... so hard... oh, fuck! Fuuuccckkkk!"

Mary's mind reeled with pleasure as her finger ravished her dark-haired cunt. This was the best organ she'd had in a long time and she had needed it desperately. She didn't care how depraved it was that she had gotten off by watching two other people fuck. It had been worth it.

"That looked like one hell of a good cum!" Ann remarked cheerfully when Mary opened her eyes again. "I think you've been needing that one for a long time, haven't you?"

Brought back to reality, Mary instantly became embarrassed again. Instead of answering the question, she quickly pulled up her bikini bottoms and straightened her hair.

"I-I can't believe I just did that," she stammered. "I don't know what came over me. This is the most humiliating thing I've ever done."

Then, without hesitating, Mary Arnold ran from the room, leaving Joe and Ann to stare after her in amazement.

Chapter TWO

The third day of the Arnolds' vacation began the same way the second one had, but this time Mary didn't bother trying to seduce her disinterested husband. Instead, she told him she was going to spend the day sightseeing. Don scarcely noticed when his wife left the room for the day.

Mary went to the lobby to ask for directions to town, but the young man who had checked them in earlier was nowhere to be found. "Hello, anybody here?" Mary called in the direction of the partially open office door. She decided to go looking for him.

As she passed an open storage room, Mary thought she saw a blur of movement inside and backtracked to investigate. She heard a soft moan from the room. Mary peered around the corner and gasped.

"Not again," she mumbled, stepping back from the doorway.

Mary couldn't believe what she had just seen. Inside the small room, she thought she saw Bill, the manager, and another young man fucking a dark-haired girl at the same time. First it had been Joe and Ann and now this trio. Everywhere she turned people seemed to be fucking.

Mary started to turn away, but curiosity got the better of her again and she moved back to the storage room entrance. Slipping in stealthily, she tiptoed forward until she was within a few feet of the deeply engrossed threesome. Hiding behind a stack of boxes, she was totally concealed from them, but was still able to see and hear everything clearly.

Mary already knew one of the men was Bill but she was curious as to the identity of the other man and the young woman they were involved with.

Both men had blondish hair and were of the same build, but Bill was a few inches shorter than his companion. One thing they had in common was huge pricks. Both of them were long, thick, and richly veined.

The girl was of medium height with small, pointed tits. Her pretty features were distorted at the moment as she concentrated on the blowjob she was giving Bill. Both were completely naked while the girl was wearing a short black skirt which was hunched up around her narrow waist, revealing a lacy black garter belt that held up matching black stockings. Her white, maid's cap was tilted to one side of her head.

"Suck my cock, honey, suck it good!" Bill was chanting rhythmically as he watched the maid's head bob up and down the length of his fuckpole. "Oh man, you sure give good head. Hey, Tom, you don't know what you're missing back there. This girl's mouth is better than any cunt I've ever fucked!"

"I don't mind at all," Tom answered from behind the young maid as he fucked her doggie style. "Her pussy is so damn tight I can hardly stand it. You can have her mouth because I want her cunt."

Tom groaned, loving the feeling of the girl's tight cunt around his rigid cock. He fucked her with long, even strokes, shoving his hard-on to the depths of her womb. Every time his cockhead hit the back of her cunt, he heard her make grunting noises in the back of her throat.

"You really like fucking, don't you, Kim?" Tom asked the girl as he hunched over her back and grasped her firm little tits.

"Mmmmmmm," the girl answered, her mouth full of cock-meat. She was having the time of her young life with one prick in her mouth and another stuffed up her horny cunt. And now Tom was pulling on her nipples, which turned her on even more.

From her hiding place, Mary marveled at how easily she handled the two men. The girl couldn't be more than twenty years old, but she was sucking and fucking like she'd been doing it a long time. As she watched Bill's thick cock slip back and forth between the maid's lips, Mary felt the first signs of her own horniness in the form of a familiar moisture between her legs.

Reaching under her skirt, Mary pressed her fingers against her pussy-mound, sending sparks of excitement through her whole body. She resigned herself to the fact that she needed to masturbate again, but vowed that she wouldn't get caught this time. She crouched behind some large boxes to be sure she wasn't discovered, but so she could still see, and pulled her sticky panties to one side. Then she slid her middle finger down the length of her pussy-crack and into her waiting cunt.

Instinctively the dark-haired girl thrust her hips back harder, sucking more of the man's driving prick into her youthful cunt. Creamy cunt-juice oozed freely from her overstuffed pussy now, clinging in long strands to Tom's cock-shaft every time he pulled back from her clutching cunt. Whimpering excitedly, she pulled her mouth away from Bill's cock and looked between her legs to watch the other man fucking into her.

"Oh, yeah, baby! Give it to me!" she cried hotly, fucking her cunt back desperately. "Fill me up with your beautiful cock-meat. I want your jism, baby! Fill me with it!"

The girl shrieked with pleasure as Tom slammed his prick forcefully into her waiting cunt again and again.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he grunted, pounding his cock into the girl with all the power he had. Her pussy was sucking on his prick like a milking machine now, making his pleasure rise even more. "Here it comes, Kim baby. Here's my cum load!"

Tom groaned as if in pain and contorted his face as the first blast of his fuck-juice blasted into Kim's wildly fucking cunt-hole. Jet after jet of his cum scorched into her cunt, splattering her insides and coating them with his sticky cum.

Kim moaned loudly when she felt Tom's prick swell up inside her before releasing its pent-up load into her tight cunt.

Mary watched Tom pull his withering cock from Kim's clasping pussy and collapse onto a large box his chest heaving. Her cunt, no longer clogged with his huge cock, began drooling great quantities of cum. It ran down her thighs or clung to her curly brown pussy-hairs in thick drops.

"Ohhhhh!" Kim complained when she felt the emptiness in her pussy. "I need a cock in me. I didn't cum yet and my pussy is still horny." She looked at Bill pleadingly. "Please fuck my pussy, Bill. I'll suck you off some other time, okay?"

Bill agreed silently by sitting up a bit on his crate and motioning her to sit on his lap.

Mary got an excellent view of Kim's pussy as the maid swung her leg over Bill's groin and aimed the head of his cock at the opening of her cager pussy.

Mary inserted another finger into her horny cunt and imagined it was her own cunt that Bill's fat cock was about to fill up. As the young maid lowered her cum-soaked pussy over the end of sirs throbbing cock-head, Mary inched her fingers deeper into her own cunt.

Mary groaned softly, wriggling two fingers around inside her cunt. She could almost feel Bill's prick inside her as she watched it disappear completely into the maid's pussy.

Kim grunted obscenely when Bill's pussy hit the top of her cunt. She ground her hips slightly to get her ass situated and then began a slow upwards movement with her slender hips.

"Oh, fuck!" Bill groaned when he felt the girl's cunt begin sliding up his hard cock-shaft. "I don't know which is better, your mouth or your cunt!"

Bracing her hands against Bill's strong shoulders, the dark-haired girl began riding him in earnest. Up and down her wet cunt flew along the steely shaft of Bill's well-lubricated cock.

The cock in her cunt turned Kim on, and she gave it a little squeeze every time she was in an upward motion. Sitting on top of Bill's prick like this, she was in charge of their fucking.

Mary's breath caught in her throat as she rubbed her clit with one finger and felt the tiny bud harden with pleasure. She'd never felt so horny or lewd in her life. A few days ago she would never have dreamed of watching other people fuck, much less finger-fuck herself while she did it, but now she was enjoying herself and eager for the intense orgasm she anticipated.

"Suck my tits for me, Bill!" Kim coaxed, thrusting one of her tits into the manager's mouth. "I love to have my tits sucked and chewed when I'm fucking! It really turns me on and it makes me cum extra hard!"

Lifting his had, Bill pulled one of the girl's long nipples into his mouth and bit down on it. He heard Kim squeal with pleasure and scraped his teeth over the sensitive bud to heighten her pleasure. She screamed and threw her head back, grasping her other tit with both hands and squeezing it until her nipple stiffened and popped out.

"I love it!" the sex-crazed girl cried. "I love fucking and having my tits sucked! I could do this forever! God, give it to me! I want more and more and more!"

"Think you can handle another cock?" Tom asked, rising from behind her as he moved closer to the madly fucking couple.

"Jesus, yes!" the girl cried out anxiously. "Of course I can. Give me your cock, baby and I'll blow you until you shoot cum all over the place!"

"No, I have something else in mind," Tom answered, grinning and stepping up directly behind Kim's bouncing ass. "I want to fuck your little ass while my brother fucks your cunt. How about that?"

"Oh yes, baby, yes!" Kim answered, scarcely knowing what she was agreeing to. "Do it to me! Fuck me in both holes at once! I'll love it."

The two men looked at each other in disbelief. They'd fucked quite a few women together but never one who enjoyed getting laid as much as this one. Kim was turning out to be a dream come true.

"You ever been sandwiched?" Tom asked. "No, but I know I want you to do it right now!" she shot back, slamming her ass down hard on Bill's lap. "Now come on and stop wasting time. Fuck me!"

The brothers didn't need another invitation. Without a moment's hesitation, Tom nuzzled his bloated cock-head up against Kim's tiny shitter and smeared some of her cunt-juice around the opening to lubricate it. Then he began pushing steadily, holding the young girl in place on his brother's thighs.

At first Kim's asshole resisted the intrusion, but as Tom increased his pressure, her ass muscles began to loosen. Finally, they gave way completely and the young man's fat prick popped into Kim's tight ass.

"Ahhhhhh!" Kim cried out at the sudden pain that shot through her bowels.

She felt as if someone had shoved a hot baseball bat up her ass and she begged Tom to remove it. She hadn't thought it would hurt as much as it did.

"Just take it easy for a minute and it'll feel better," Tom encouraged the frightened girl. "Just don't move and you'll get used to it. Pretty soon you're gonna love it!"

The three lovers held perfectly still for a few moments while Kim got used to the new sensation in her ass. Neither brother wanted to move first for fear of hurting the young girl, but after a while em felt her cunt-muscles contracting around the base of his cock-shaft again.

Slowly Kim began moving her hips again as the pain in her ass subsided and was replaced with warm feelings of lust and pleasure. As she slid her pussy up the length of em's fuck-pole, she felt it rub against Tom's cock, firmly lodged in her tight ass-chute. The sensation of having two huge pricks filling her up at the same time overwhelmed Kim, and she forgot all about the pain she'd felt only moments before. She felt good again and was ready for her first double fuck.

Mary stared at the sight before her. She had heard of people doing this sort of thing but had never thought it was really possible. She couldn't understand how the poor maid could possibly get two such huge pricks inside her at the same time without being split in two. Mary was sure she could never do such a thing, but as she continued to watch, the young housewife began to consider trying it some day.

"How's it feel now, baby?" Tom asked. "Don it still hurt, huh?"

"No, it doesn't," the pretty girl responded, her voice hoarse with lust. "I love it! I don't believe how good it feels to have both my holes plugged at the same time. You guys are the best bosses I've ever worked for. Shit, I'll work for you for nothing if you always fuck me like this!"

"We'll keep you, honey," Tom grunted, driving his prick up into the girl's cunt to emphasize his point. "You just keep up the good work and keep fucking us and we'll make it worth your while."

Mary's mind clouded over as she watched em's and Tom's prick disappear and reappear into Kim's two fuck-holes. She put herself in the young maid's place and pretended she was the one getting both holes stuffed with pricks. Sweat beaded on her forehead and she began to breathe in short gasps as her fantasy intensified and her fingers brought her to the brink of an orgasm.

"Fuck me you bastards!" Mary whimpered to her imaginary layers. She twisted her thick nipples with one hand and tugged viciously on the fat folds of her cunt with the other as she humped up and down behind the large boxes. "I want both your cocks! Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt! Stuff me full!"

Letting go of her tit, she reached around behind her and tentatively slid one finger into her virgin asshole. She waited anxiously for the pain that Kim had experienced, but it never materialized so she slid it in farther. When there was still no pain, she shoved it in all the way and wiggled it around inside her. It obviously wasn't as good as what the young girl was getting, but it would have to do for the moment. It was a bit awkward, but soon she established a rhythm that matched the rhythm of the three lovers she was watching.

"That's it, baby!" Bill grunted, shoving all of his prick into Kim's sexy cunt. "Just a little more and I'm gonna pump you full of cum. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes, baby, yes, but I want all three of us to cum together," Kim gasped breathlessly. "Hold on just a little longer! I'm gonna cum soon and I want to fed both of your cum-loads at once!"

Kim's body was like a rag doll sandwiched between the two strong men. When she leaned forward to give Tom a good angle at her ass, her small tits pressed against Bill's chest and her stiff nipples burned into his skin like hot coals. Her cunt was being ravished by his thrusting cock as it clung desperately to his fuck-lance and her whole was being stretched out of shape by Tom's huge fuck-pole.

The brothers set an incredible pace as they fucked their hard cocks into their maid's two fuck-holes. Both of them were on the verge of creaming, and they drove their cocks into her with reckless abandon to make her cum with them.

Unknown to the three lovers, Mary was about to cum too. She was intent on creaming with them as her fingers flew in and out of her ass and cunt.

"Oh, harder, you guys!" Kim cried. "I'm almost there! Fuck me real hard! Oh, God! Ahhhhhh... I'm ccuuununmmmiiinnggg!"

Kim's body froze as her orgasm tore through her and the brothers slammed their cocks into her. She screamed with pleasure and her nipples became rigid as goosebumps formed all over her sexy body. Then she felt her pussy explode and she came harder than she ever had before.

"I'm cumming too!" Tom cried, screwing his eyes shut to concentrate on filling the beautiful girl with as much cum as he could. "Take it, baby! Take it up your ass!"

Kim went wild when she felt Tom's cock begin to spew molten cum into her tortured ass. Again and again she felt his cock contract inside her until her ass-chute overflowed and his cum began squishing out around the edges of his cock. Still he continued to pump her full of cum.

Just when Kim thought she would drown from all the cum Tom was shooting up her ass, she felt Bill's prick swell up inside her cunt and erupt. Now she was getting a double load of cum, one in her ass and one in her cunt. She screamed again and cum again from the sheer joy of having two exploding cocks inside her at the same time.

Only a few feet away, Mary brought about her own orgasm at the same time Kim had her first one. She jammed two fingers into her cunt as far as she could and drilled a single one deep into her tight shitter to let herself go. She writhed silently through her orgasm on the cold cement floor.

Kim's twin fuck-holes couldn't hold all the cum they were getting and it ran out of her and collected in Bill's curly prick-hair. Still she writhed on the two pricks and the two men kept pumping until their balls were completely drained.

When she finally felt the brothers stop drilling into her, Kim sank down on Bill's lap and dropped her head onto his shoulder, exhausted. Behind her, Tom collapsed onto her, resting his head on her back.

"That was fantastic!" Kim announced after she caught her breath. "Absolutely fantastic!"

I know, Mary thought to herself, pulling her panties back into place and straightening her dress. I only wish I could've been in your place.

Then she quickly sneaked from the small room, leaving the young maid still sandwiched between her bosses, and vowing that next time it would be her.

Chapter THREE

A week later Mary still hadn't gotten her husband to fuck her and she'd stopped trying to seduce him instead, she resorted to fingerfucking herself each morning and evening to ease her sexual frustrations.

As the shapely woman lay by the pool one afternoon, she looked around and compared herself to the other women nearby. She had beautiful dark-brown hair that fell just to her shoulders with feathered bangs in front. Her tits were large and firm, topped with large dark nipples that seemed to be permanently erect and ready for sucking. Her narrow waist flared nicely into shapely hips and her small ass was just the right size for her figure. There was absolutely nothing wrong with herself, she concluded, yet she couldn't get Don to stick his cock into her.

Well, if he's not interested I'll just have to get my sex elsewhere, she decided finally.

"Hi, Mary." A cheerful voice interrupted her thoughts. "Mind if I join you?"

"Oh, hi," Mary answered a bit flustered when she looked up and saw the smiling face of Ann Smith. "No, feel free. I'm here by myself anyway."

"You feel weird about the other day, don't you?" Ann asked, sensing Mary's discomfort. "Well, I can understand that, but I don't want you to feel uncomfortable around me or Joe. We're just normal people and the fact that you watched us fuck isn't going to change the way we treat you. So don't be nervous, okay?"

"You must have been reading my mind," Mary laughed. "I've been afraid to see you again because I was so ashamed of what I did. I'm not sure I'd ever do it again, but I'm glad you feel the way you do."

"Well, if you ever get the urge, feel free," Ann said. "By the way, where's your husband? I've never seen him out here."

"He's working, if you can believe that," Mary answered with a bit of disgust in her voice. "We're supposed to be on vacation but he won't come down here, he won't go shopping or sightseeing. Hell, I can't even get him to..."

"To what?" the brunette stammered.

"Uh, n-nothing."

"To fuck you? Is that what you were going to say?"

"Yes," Mary sighed finally. "Don hasn't been interested in sex since we got here. I'm so frustrated I'm ready to fuck the first man who offers."

"Well, in that case I have an idea," the pretty blonde said, rising. "Why don't you come with me? I think you'll enjoy what I have in mind."

When Ann ushered Mary into her hotel room, they found Joe lying on the bed naked, leafing through a porno magazine. He didn't seem to mind being nude in front of the other woman as he affectionately kissed his wife and tweaked one of her hard, pointy tits.

"You remember Mary, don't you, honey?" Ann said, fondling her husband's dangling balls. "I brought her up to join us in some fun and games. You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not," he replied quickly. "The more the merrier. In fact, I was just getting some new ideas for things we could do."

He picked up the magazine and showed the women a picture of a pretty redhead happily riding a young man's thick cock while she licked the pussy of a girl standing in front of her.

"Hmmmm, looks like fun," Ann said, taking the magazine and tossing it on the floor. "But you've got two real live women here now so you don't need to look at fuck-books. Why don't you play with us for a while? I'll bet we're more fun than jacking off!"

Crawling onto the bed, Ann let her husband pull her into his arms and planted her moist red lips over his mouth. She slithered her pink tongue into his mouth and let him suck on it greedily before swirling it around in his mouth. Finally, Ann broke away from the man and motioned Mary onto the bed. Cautiously, Mary climbed into the crook of Joe's other arm and cuddled against his slightly hairy chest.

Using her sensuous fingers, the stacked brunette scratched Joe's chest lightly. She flicked her fingernails across the handsome man's tiny nipples. Leaning over his chest, she flicked her tongue over the small bud, coating it with her saliva. She could feel Joe urging her on as he lightly pushed at the back of her head to keep her lips locked around his rosy nipple.

In the meantime, Ann took off her bikini top and her tight-fitting bottoms as she watched her new friend arouse her husband.

Leaving Mary to take care of Joe's upper body, Ann nuzzled her nose in his thick brownish pubic hair, breathing in the musky aroma of his crotch. She nibbled at the insides of his legs and licked her way down the insides of his thigh.

Ann watched her husband's prick rise from his curly-haired crotch and point up at the ceiling. She stared at it in fascination, wondering how she ever managed to get the whole thing into her mouth.

"This cock seems to get bigger each time we fuck!" she said as she lowered her head to it and licked her tongue across its velvety cockhead.

"I can't help it, babe," Joe replied. "It's the way you tease me that does it!"

Mary stopped sucking Joe's nipples to see what the blonde woman was doing and gasped when she saw the size of his cock. She had never seen a cock so big before and she couldn't believe that Ann was actually going to suck it.

As both Joe and Mary watched, Ann sucked the bulbous knob of Joe's cock into her mouth. Its tremendous size forced her to puff out her cheeks obscenely and breathe deeply through her nostrils. She began sliding Joe's massive cock into her mouth inch by inch.

Jesus, where is she going to put that cock, Mary thought as the blonde continued sliding her husbands stiff cock into her mouth.

"That's it, honey, suck it all down!" Joe urged his wife when she was about halfway down his thick cock-shaft.

Joe knew perfectly well that his wife would be able to deep-throat his cock, but every time she did it, he marveled at her ability to suck his cock. Plenty of women had tried to swallow his cock but only Ann had ever been able to take all of it in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Ann sighed as she felt her lips brush against the scratchy hairs of Joe's crotch.

She pushed her mouth down the rest of the way and felt the tip of his huge prick bump against the back of her throat. She know she had all of Joe's cock in her mouth, and she caved in her cheeks and locked her lips around his cock-base to let him know she had succeeded once again.

"I don't believe she did that!" Mary gasped, staring at Ann's over-stuffed mouth. "I was sure she was going to choke!"

"She does it every time," Joe said proudly. "And she never chokes." He looked down at his lovely wife and smiled. "Yeah, baby, now do your stuff. Show Mary how you suck a cock!"

Ann gurgled in response and immediately began sliding her warm, wet lips up along the shalt of Joe's cock. Now that she had swallowed all of his prick, her cock-sucking began in earnest. She slid her wide-stretched mouth up and down along his steely fuck-rod in long, even strokes.

"Oh, yes, that's it! That's what I like!" the young man groaned happily. "Just keep sucking me like that while Mary and I get into it up here!"

Joe pulled Mary's face up to his own and kissed her warmly. All the inhibitions she felt were lost the minute she felt Joe's mouth against hers. She relaxed in his arms and let herself go, giving herself up to this new experience. She sucked greedily at his tongue and felt his strong hand moving down her shoulder to her ripe tits.

"Oooooh!" Mary sighed as she felt Joe's hand close over one of her melon-sized tits.

She pressed closer to him and felt him squeeze her firm tit-orb roughly. She knew that her tits were much larger than Ann's and figured Joe would enjoy the change of pace.

As Joe drilled his tongue rapidly in and out of Mary's hot mouth, he alternately squeezed fir st one huge tit and then the other. When he realized how big they were, he longed to see them in the light.

"Those are the biggest tits I've ever felt," he said, pulling away from Mary's grasp. "I've got to see them for myself."

"Be my guest!" the pretty woman answered, quickly undoing her bikini top and releasing her mammoth tits from their confines.

When she saw Joe staring at them, she jiggled them enticingly and grinned lewdly.

"I didn't take them out just for you to stare at," she admonished Joe when he still didn't react. "How about sucking on them for a while? I like having my nipples sucked just as much as you do!"

Rolling Mary onto her back, he nuzzled his tanned face between her tits and wetly licked the valley between them. He sucked at her firm tit flesh as he kissed and licked his way up the side of one tit until he came to her nipple. Flicking out his tongue, he darted it around the tiny bud.

"Come on, Joe, don't tease it," Mary pleaded, taking her tit in her hand and shoving it into Joe's mouth. "Take my whole tit in your mouth and suck it right!"

Joe grasped a huge tit with one hand and pressed as much of it into his mouth as he could. With his mouth stuffed with tit-flesh, he clamped his tongue down over Mary's pink nipple and squeezed it against the roof of his mouth. Immediately he heard the beautiful woman sigh and felt her arch her back.

Mary panted as she gave way to her emotions and enjoyed the sensations surging from her nipple down to her pussy.

As Joe sucked and nibbled on her big tits, she felt her pussy beginning to get hot and moist. She rubbed her legs together and realized that her upper thighs were wet and slick from pussyjuice.

"Uhhhhh, suck me more!" Mary hissed, holding Joe's head against her tits with one hand. She closed her eyes and felt her rubbery tit-nubs becoming stiffer and crinkly in Joe's experienced mouth. "I love it! Oh, God, I love how you suck my tits!"

"I love your tits, Mary!" Joe exclaimed, pulling his lips away from her tasty nipple. "They're so fucking big and hard I could suck them all day long!"

"That's okay with me as long as you don't forget that mine need sucking too!" Ann interjected, crawling up to her husband. "You've been playing with her tits so much and now mine want equal time!"

Pulling his head away from Mary's tits, Ann pressed his flushed face against her tits and forced a stiff nipple into his mouth. Ann's tits weren't as big as Mary's, but they were just as firm and her nipples were just a bit thicker and a darker color. She sighed contentedly as she felt Joe suck her nipple between his lips and nip at it with his teeth.

Looking over at Mary, Ann smiled and instinctively pinched one of the other woman's ripe nipples. She had often had sex with other women before so it never dawned on her that Mary might be shocked by her behavior.

Never having made it with a woman before, Mary was momentarily stunned when she felt Ann squeeze her nipple for the first time. She recovered quickly though, and lay back with her eyes closed to enjoy the way Ann toyed with her nipples and caressed her big tits. It was a totally different feeling from the way men handled her tits, much more gentle and loving.

"I don't know about you, Mary, but I think Joe's getting the best part of this deal," Ann remarked, pulling her pert tit from his sucking mouth and getting to her knees. "He's gotten to suck both our tits and he's had his cock sucked, but our pussies haven't gotten any attention at all. I think ft's time we got some satisfaction too, don't you?"

"What do you have in mind?" Mary asked. "This," Ann laughed, crawling over Joe to get to her friend. "I'm gonna eat your pussy for you. What do you think about that?"

Before Mary could answer, Ann pushed her thighs apart and was settling between her well tanned legs. Instantly the erotic aroma of Mary's moist pussy assaulted her nostrils. She rubbed her hands lightly along the swollen pink lips of Mary's pussy, watching the sticky juices seep from the woman's delicious fuck-hole. She rubbed her friend's cunt-lips and squeezed them together until they were lightly covered with the girl's fuck-oil, and then lowered her mouth to taste the fluids.

"Mmmmmm," Ann murmured when the tangy cream slid over her tongue for the first time. "What a sweet-tasting pussy you've got, Mary. It tastes so good, I could eat it ail day long!"

She lapped the tip of her tongue from the bottom of Mary's pussy-slit slowly up to her flesh-covered cunt and fucked it lightly. She felt Mary flinch, and she repeated this teasing maneuver until Mary's shapely ass was humping up to meet her slippery tongue.

"I think she likes it, honey," Joe told his wife when he saw Mary close her eyes and rhythmically undulate her ass on the bed. "Does it feel good, Mary? Do you like having my wife eat your pussy?"

"Oh, yes, yes, I love it!" she moaned, grasping the crumpled sheets in her fists. "I just wish she'd stop teasing me and really eat me out hard! I want it hard and fast so I can cum!"

Satisfied that Mary really liked what she was doing, Ann began licking her dark pussy in earnest. She pressed her lips against it and kissed it eagerly, making the other woman grind her hot cunt against her lovely face.

Mary felt Ann's hot tongue slip between the juiced-up folds of her cunt and begin fucking in and out of her hot pussy. Grasping her friend's blonde head with both hands, she arched her pussy-mound upward to get more of her drilling tongue into her hot cunt-crack.

Moments after Ann started eating her cunt, Mary felt an orgasm welling up deep inside her cunt and she began twisting and rubbing her cunt wantonly against the other woman's face.

"Oh, God, I'm going to cum!" Mary cried out suddenly. "Eat me, Ann! Eat my fucking cunt hard!"

Ann pressed the tip of her tongue against Mary's erect little cunt and rotated it in tiny circles. She felt the horny woman squirm as the intense pleasure against her sensitive bud swept her over the edge. Mary groaned loudly as she came. The lips of her cunt flexed as if they were squeezing a hot cock and milking it of its load. Her legs shook violently as she pound her cunt against Ann's face and her hips bucked as if she was being fucked.

Ann continued tongue-fucking her friend relentlessly as she writhed through her gut-wrenching orgasm. She pressed her mouth over the brunette's fuck-hole and stuffed her tongue deep into her spasming cunt, drawing out her sweet pussy-cream. She moaned softly as she licked the lips of Mary's cunt and swallowed her tangy pussy-cream.

When Ann finally pulled her face from between Mary's creamy thighs, it was smeared with cunt-cream.

"Oh, Jesus, I don't believe how good that felt!" Mary panted, trying to get herself back under control. She was breathing heavily and her huge tits rose and fell enticingly with every breath. "Ann, that was wonderful. I want you to do that to me every day."

"I'll be glad to!" Ann laughed, licking her lips. "I love eating pussy, especially one that tastes as sweet as yours!"

Ann moved from between Mary's legs so she was lying flat on her back and then spread her legs wide. She slid her hands down to her pussy and spread the thick lips of her cunt, exposing her large, erect clit. Rubbing one finger along the crack of her cunt, she felt it grow wet with her cunt-juices. Sliding her finger along her cunt-silt, she massaged it wetly over her clit and moaned as the pleasurable sensations swept through her young body.

"Now I want you to kiss my pussy," Ann said softly, raising her head and looking at Mary. "I like having my pussy eaten just as much as I like eating one."

"Wait a minute here," Joe interrupted quickly. "What about me? I've been sitting here with a hard-on while you two were enjoying each other and now you're going to ignore me again!"

"No, we won't, honey," Ann comforted her husband. "You'll get yours in just a minute. Just trust me."

Mary stared at Ann's yellow-fringed cunt, her mind reeling with sexual images. She was surprised that the thought of licking another woman's pussy didn't revolt her and that she actually was looking forward to putting her mouth over Ann's inviting cunt. She wanted to suck and lick her cunt as deeply as she could.

Mary noticed that Ann's cunt-lips were much thicker than her own and hung from her cunt opening like heavy drapes. They were covered with pussy-juice and glistened invitingly.

Stroking Ann's pussy-lips lightly, Mary felt the other woman arch her hips up and try to shove her cunt against her hands. She tugged lightly at the wrinkly folds of Ann's cunt-lips, stretching them lewdly and making Ann moan with pleasure.

"I like that, Mary," Ann moaned hotly as she watched the novice play with her pussy. "Pull my cunt-lips like that and lick my pussy at the same time. That's what I really like. That's the fucking best!"

Mary lowered her head to Ann's golden cunt and brushed the tip of her tongue tentatively across the woman's hard cunt. She felt Ann squirm with delight, and she pressed her tongue more firmly against the small bud. She sucked the nub into her mouth and gently chewed it between her teeth as she continued pulling on Ann's stretched-out cunt-lips. As the sweet moisture began to seep into her mouth, Mary heard Ann moan and groan with pleasure.

"That's perfect," Ann mumbled. She pushed Mary's face farther into her pussy-mound. "Just don't stop. Eat my pussy and play with my cunt-lips just like that. I love it!"

Mary licked her tongue up and down the length of Ann's cunt, the taste of her pussy exciting her incredibly. She lapped at Ann's swollen cunt-lips and sucked each one into her hungry mouth before drilling her pointy tongue deep into the depths of Ann's juiced-up pussy.

Ann humped her small ass up at Mary's face, trying to suck more of the dark-haired woman's tongue into her with her fuck-muscles.

Mary fucked her tongue more deeply into Ann's hot cunt, tasting her tangy fuck-cream with each lick. Remembering what Ann had done to her just a while before, she opened her lips and placed them over all of Ann's sweet tasting pussy. She sucked Ann's steaming cunt with reckless abandon, drawing in mouthfuls of cuntmeat and sweet cunt-juice at the same time.

Raising her head to watch the novice cunt-licker, Ann noticed her husband lying beside them, jacking off fiercely as he watched Mary eat out his beautiful wife.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" Ann moaned as Mary's stiff tongue grazed her sensitive cuntslit. "But now I want more than just your mouth on my pussy. I want Joe's cock in me too!"

"How are you going to do that?" Mary asked, raising her cum-smeared face from Ann's golden cunt.

"Easy," Ann answered, quickly getting to her knees. She pushed Mary onto her back and, spreading her legs, placed her own mouth over the woman's dark pussy. Then she placed her knees on either side of Mary's head and lowered her cunt onto the pretty woman's face. "Now you and I can eat each other while Joe fucks me!"

Mary mumbled, her mouth already stuffed with cunt-meat again. She put both hands on Ann's firm ass and squeezed her ass-cheeks together roughly as she gorged herself on the blonde's pussy again. As she did, she felt Ann's wet tongue drill into her sopping pussy.

The two women lapped each other's pussy noisily, their tongues and mouths making wet slurping sounds as they sucked and licked each other. When they had established a good rhythm, Ann reached for her husband and pulled him to her.

"Now you can fuck me, baby," she said, just barely lifting her mouth from Mary's steaming cunt. "But you have to fuck me good because I haven't cum yet!"

Joe positioned himself behind his blonde wife's swaying ass and grasped her narrow waist firmly with both hands. His cock was sticking straight out and he nudged it anxiously against Ann's ass-cheeks.

"Why don't you guide it in for me, Mary?" Joe said.

Anxiously, Mary reached up and gasped Joe's hard prick, aiming it at Ann's pouting cunt-hole. She shuddered when she realized this was the first time she had held a man's cock in her hands, other than Don's since she had married.

"Okay, lover," she whispered, fitting the bloated knob of Joe's prick-head against Ann's cunt-slit. When Joe's cock was firmly lodged between Ann's silky cunt-lips, Mary let go and grabbed Ann's smooth thighs. "There, now fuck her silly!"

As Mary watched, Joe drilled the entire length of his cock into Ann's clutching pussy with one vicious thrust.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Ann screamed when she felt his hot cock spear into her hungry pussy from behind. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck the living shit out of me!"

"That's exactly what I intend to do!" Joe hissed as he began slamming his cock in and out of his wife's blonde pussy. "I've been waiting for this for so long and now I'm gonna fuck you all day and all night!"

Ann squealed with delight as Joe's prick slipped in and out of her cunt. Her eyes burned with desire and her mouth hung open as she grunted and panted with lust. As she became used to her husband's thrusting rhythm, she started bucking her slender hips back at him, forcing his long cock-pole even deeper into her overheated pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, that's so fucking good!" Ann moaned into the thick patch of hair covering Mary's pussy.

Eating pussy always excited her, but getting fucked at the same time was something that completely drove her out of her young mind. She began writhing her body around as she licked and sucked at the wet swollen lips covering Mary's cunt.

Mary shrieked with pleasure when she felt Ann's tongue drill into her cunt, and she instinctively grasped her friend's ass-cheeks and squeezed them roughly. Above her head, she watched as Ann's drooling cunt fucked back against Joe's throbbing hard-on. She could see her slippery lips stretch and cling to Joe's cock on every stroke as his balls dangled heavily between his legs. Every time he slammed forward into Ann's pussy, they banged wetly against her blonde cunt-mound, just inches above Mary's face.

Raising her head a bit, Mary was able to reach Joe's tight ball-suck with her tongue and she fondled and licked the wrinkled skin. When Joe moaned passionately, she opened her mouth wider and slowly sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She bathed it with her saliva and let it slide from between her lips before sucking in the other one.

"Oh, baby, I love it!" Joe groaned hotly.

The tightness of his wife's pussy and the wonderful sensation of Mary's mouth wrapped around his balls were driving him crazy. He drove his hard cock deeper into Ann's cunt and began fucking her with an intense fury he had never felt before.

Mary moved her mouth from Joe's balls and placed the tip of her tongue against her girlfriend's dripping pussy. The silky golden hair was matted and sticky with her juice, and Mary loved the taste of it when she lapped at it. Sticking her tongue straight out, she held it still to let Joe's thick cock glide over it. Each time he withdrew it from Ann's tender pussy, she could taste the rich fuck-juice that clung to the underside of Joe's massive cock. She swallowed the liquid greedily and tickled her tongue against the hood of Ann's sensitive clit, driving the other woman to the brink of at orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, shit! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck meeeeee!" Ann cried, concentrating on the wonderful feelings of release. "I'm going to cum. Oh, God, I'm going to cuuummmmm!"

Ann thought her brain had exploded as she experienced her gut-wrenching climax. She felt the muscles in her pussy contract around Joe's cock and hold tight as if trying to trap him inside her hot pussy. Her orgasm tore through her endlessly and even after the initial climax was over, she continued to feel aftershocks rippling through her entire body.

"Oh, God, was that good!" Ann sighed when she had finally recovered enough to speak again. "That was the best fuck I think I've ever had!"

"I think your wife is out of it for the moment," Mary said, noticing Joe hadn't cum yet. His cock was still hard and pre-cum dripped steadily from the tip of his piss-slit. "Want to continue without ha?"

"Terrific," Joe responded eagerly as he watched Mary get on her back and abroad her thighs for him. "I've been wanting to get into your tight little pussy for a while now!"

"Well, it's all yours, lover," the excited woman said hotly, peeling her cunt-lips aside with her fingertips. She wiggled her ass enticingly at Joe and smiled to let him know she was hot and ready. "Put that big cock of yours in my cunt and let me see what you can do!"

Mary's pussy itched expectantly as she watched the slender man fit the tip of his cock into her pussy-slit. The length of his fuck-pole still glistened with his wife's cunt-juices and droplets of pre-cum dripped onto her pussy-mound as he inched his cock forward. When he had his shiny wet prick deeply wedged between Mary's cunt-lips, Joe bucked his hips forward, driving the whole slab of his rigid cock into Mary's cunt with one lunge. The wanton woman gasped with lust as his cock fucked into her, splitting her tight pussy wide open.

"Oh, Christ, yes!" Mary wailed with desperate passion as Joe started thrusting into her hot cunt with his cockshaft. His hard prick felt so good inside her aching pussy she could hardly think straight.

Joe groaned loudly as he felt Mary's tight cunt-muscles enclose his throbbing cock. He grunted with happiness as she humped her curvy ass up at him, sucking more of his cock-meat into the depths of her horny cunt-passage.

"Baby, you sure know how to fuck!" Joe panted hotly, his body consumed with lust.

"Mmmmmmm, fuck me!" Mary panted in response, fucking her horny cunt up at her new lover. "You feel so good inside me!"

Overwhelmed with lust, Mary reeled as Joe's wonderful prick drilled repeatedly into her narrow fuck-channel.

"Fuck me, Joe, fuck me!" she chanted sensuously, over and over. "Fuck my cunt! Fill me with your cock-meat! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Mary grasped her firm tits and thrust them into Joe's face, forcing him to take her ripe tit flesh into his mouth. As he sucked and bit her distended nipples, she ground her cunt around in tiny circles, increasing the pleasure both of them felt. As Joe's cock speared into her, Mary felt herself being carried to the edge of a violent climax.

"Oh, fuck me!" Mary screamed, grabbing Joe's hips and slamming them down at her pelvis with all her might. "I'm going to cum... make me cuuummmmm!"

Mary cried out again, arched her back, and thrust her tits out hard. Her pussy shook violently and spasmed around Joe's drilling prick as she gushed cunt-juice all over his massive cock. Her cum flooded her cunt-hole and oozed out around the shaft of Joe's prick, clinging to his thick cock and dripping to the sheets each time be withdrew it from her.

"Oh, yeah?" Mary squealed as she continued writhing through her fantastic orgasm. She gasped loudly and fucked Joe's pumping cock violently, relishing every moment of her squirming climax.

When she finally stopped cumming, Mary dropped her legs to the bed and lay still, gasping for breath. Her head buzzing, she was unaware that Joe's cock was still hard and still pumping in and out of her ravaged pussy.

Ann, who had watched the entire scene with growing lust, was the first to realize that her husband still hadn't cum. As she moved toward him, she knew exactly how to get him to finally get his rocks off too.

Grasping Joe's hard cock in her hand, Ann quickly lowered her head and slipped his huge cock-shaft into her mouth. She slid her hot mouth back and forth on the slippery flesh of her husband's prick, tasting Mary's tangy fuckjuice on it. She moaned softly as she savored the rich flavor and gave Joe's prick-meat little nips now and then.

"Oh, yeah, baby!" Joe grunted as his wife sucked him off. He could never decide which he liked better, fucking her mouth or her cunt. "Suck my cock for me! Suck me till I cum! I'm gonna fill your little mouth with so much jizz you're gonna drown in it!"

As Ann increased the speed of her urgent cock-sucking, Mary recovered from her climax and watched the luscious blonde next to her. She sucked her husband's cock so well that it was turning her on again and moments later she was forcing Ann to share Joe's cock with her.

When he felt both women's mouths on his prick, Joe almost lost his mind. As one woman licked the length of his cock-shaft, another was sucking and nibbling on his bloated cock-head. The twin sensations were too much for the young man and he knew he had to blow his wad.

"That's it, you cunts!" Joe yelled, driving his cock into the warm mouth holding it. "Suck my cock! Just a little more and I'm gonna shoot?"

The women increased their efforts, sucking Joe's cock more intently. Both wanted to see his cock erupt so they could taste his salty cum.

Feeling his balk suddenly contract, Joe pulled his cock from Mary's mouth and began jerking it viciously. With his free hand, he pulled their faces closer to the end of his angry-looking cock-head and aimed the tip of it at their mouths.

Their cheeks pressed together, Mary and Ann opened their mouths expectantly, eager to swallow Joe's cum. They watched as his piss slit opened wide and a moment later the first wad of his cum exploded from his cock-head.

"Ahhhhh, shit! I'm cumming!" Joe yelled, grabbing his cock tightly and clenching his teeth in concentration. "Eat it, whore! Eat my cum!"

Joe's mind reeled as his cock shot huge wads of sticky cum onto the two women's upturned faces. His first wad splashed across the bridge of Mary's nose and cheek in a long silvery strand. His next blast hit her right between the eyes. Aiming his cock-head at his wife, Joe shot a portion of his cum-load across her beautiful face before she was able to get her thirsty mouth in front of the steady stream of cum. She caught a huge gob of the stuff on her tongue finally and swallowed it greedily.

Mary was quick to get her mouth over the end of Joe's spurting cock to get her share of his cum-juice too. She sucked the end of his cockknob, letting it fill her mouth completely with cum before pulling her face away to swallow. She let the sticky cum-cream slide down her throat slowly, so engrossed in her ecstasy that she didn't notice Joe was shooting the last of his huge cum-load onto her throat and tits.

"Damn!" Joe gasped when his prick finally stopped spurting. "I don't think I've ever cum so hard or so much in my life!"

Mary gulped down the last of Joe's fuckcream and watched silently as Ann leaned over to lick the cum from her neck and tits. When she had finished cleaning Mary off, Ann pressed her sticky lips against Mary's and the two women shared a long, cum-stained kiss.

Chapter FOUR

The next day Mary awoke in an especially happy mood which she attributed to the good fucking she'd gotten the day before. Seeing her husband toady dragging his work out to the balcony again, she didn't bother him. Instead she quickly showered and dressed in her skimpy bikini.

"Are you going to stay here and work all day again, dear?"

"Yeah, I still haven't finished all these papers," Don answered without looking up. "You just go ahead and enjoy yourself without me."

"Oh, I will, I know I will," Mary murmured as she hurried to the door.

The stacked brunette walked purposefully down the stairs to the linen room where she'd watched Bill and Tom fucking their young maid a few days before. When she reached the door, she made sure no one was looking and then quietly tested the closed door. It opened silently, and she hurriedly stepped into the dimly lit room. As her eyes adjusted to the gloom, she heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking and knew the three were at it again. Mary closed the door softly and made her way close to the three young people.

When she could see clearly, Mary saw that the two brothers had Kim on her hands and knees again and were reaming out her mouth and pussy with their virile cocks. The slender girl was moaning hotly and had her eyes closed in ecstasy as she sucked Bill's prick into her mouth and let Tom slam his cock into her pussy from behind.

The instant she saw them, Mary's pussy began to juice uncontrollably. Knowing there was only one way to ease the tingling between her legs, the big-titted woman inhaled deeply and stepped brazenly into the light.

"Do you need an invitation, or can anyone get in on the fucking around here?" she asked, thrusting out her huge tits so they strained against her tiny bikini top.

"Huh, what?" Tom stammered, backing away from Kim.

He stared in horror at Mary, as did Kim and Bill who were both too shocked to speak.

"I asked if I could join you guys," Mary said. "You guys were having such a good time. Do you mind?"

Without waiting for a reply, Mary untied her top and dropped it to the floor, exposing her huge tits to the trio. As they stared at her melon-like tit-globes, she bent over seductively and pulled off her tiny bottoms.

"I'm Mary," she said, smiling, as she stepped closer to Bill.

"Uh, yeah. I-I'm Bill," one handsome man stammered, his eyes glued to Mary's chest. "And those are the most incredible tits I've ever seen in my life! I hope you don't mind me staring at them, but I just can't help it!"

"Oh, I don't mind at all as long as you do more than just look at them," Mary replied sexily, rubbing her large nipples against the man's arm. Immediately her stiff buds became crinkly and turned a darker color. "See what you did to them already?"

Bill tweaked one of Mary's hard nubs between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it around, feeling it swell even more. Below him, he could feel Kim beginning to suck on his cock again, but all his attention was now on Mary and her mammoth tits. He backed away from Kim, pulling his cock from her young mouth, and pulled Mary into his arms.

"You take care of Kim for a while," Bill told his brother as he felt Mary's tits crush against his chest. "I'm gonna spend some time with these delicious tits here."

While Tom rolled the unprotesting maid onto her back and began fucking the little maid again, Bill held Mary close and showered her neck and face with hot, wet kisses.

When Bill's mouth touched hers, Mary parted her lips, allowing his tongue to invade her mouth. Her pussy-juices started churning and her nipples felt like they were on lire as she sucked his warm tongue into her mouth and worked it fiercely against her own.

Mary moaned when she felt Bill's hands slide down her back and around to the front of her ribcage. She felt his cock throbbing against her pussy-mound, and she wriggled her cute ass when one of his hands found its way to her pussy. Wrapping her arms more tightly around Bill's neck, Mary viciously sucked his tongue into her mouth as she felt his thick middle finger sliding down the crack of her lovely ass.

"Oh, darling!" Mary groaned as Bill's finger teased at the tight ring of her asshole. "If you keep doing that, I'll go crazy. You don't know what you're getting yourself into!"

"Yes, I do," Bill answered huskily, suddenly sliding his hand back around in front to her dripping pussy. "This is what I'll get into!"

With one swift movement, Bill jammed his finger all the way into Mary's hot pussy. The luscious brunette gasped at the sudden intrusion as Bill ground his finger around inside her.

"God, that's good!" she whimpered, spreading her legs a bit so Bill could have easier access to her cunt. "Let's fuck!"

Mary quickly stepped back so Bill's finger slipped from her pussy and took him by the hand. She led him to a pile of sheets lying in a corner and dropped to her knees.

"I want you to fuck me right here, right now!" she said, looking up at the young man anxiously. "Stick your hard cock up my cunthole and fuck me silly or I'll go nuts!" Mary lay back on the sheets spread her legs, exposing her dripping pussy to Bill for the first time. The thick folds of her cunt were coated with her clear fuck-juices.

Mary moaned with pleasure as the tip of Bill's finger grazed the oozing slit of her hairy cunt. Her hips arched up from the floor when his teasing fingertip slipped between the slippery folds of her pussy-lips and up towards her swollen clit.

Mary's sensitive clit was already hard and wet from the desire enveloping her body, and the feel of Bill's finger on it made her squeal and squirm with delight. As he fondled the hairy length of her pussy, Mary humped her pussy up at him.

While he teased Mary's stiff clit with one hand, Bill rolled and pinched the stiff bud of her nipple with the other. He felt the beautiful woman moan and writhe beneath him as he tantalized the hot lips of her fleshy cunt with his finger.

As her excitement mounted, Mary lustfully wrapped her fingers around the hard meat of Bill's prick, skimming her hand lovingly up and down over his wildly throbbing cock-shaft.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" he panted. "That feels so damn good!"

Releasing her tit, he sank between her knees while Mary clung to his hard cock.

Mary couldn't believe how big and beautiful Bill's cock was. She could barely get her hand around his thick, richly veined cock-shaft. His cock-head was obscenely swollen, looking like it would explode at any second, as it oozed its clear fluid between her sticky fingers. Jacking him off slowly, she began spreading the thin oily fluid over his cock-head and along the length of his cock-shaft until the whole thing was wet and glistening.

Groaning over her, Bill realized he couldn't stand this torture any longer. He had to fuck Mary immediately or he would cum without ever having entered her pussy. Spreading her legs further apart with his strong thighs, he felt the softness of her silky thighs against his hips. He reached around her and grasped her full asscheeks in his palms, lifting her crotch up towards his straining prick.

"Ohhhhh, darling, fuck me now!" Mary demanded, pulling his hips toward her. "Fuck it into me, baby!"

His entire body was shaking with desire as Bill pulled his hands from under Mary's ass and grasped his cock. He began guiding it slowly toward the opening of her cunt, but Mary quickly grabbed it and slid it impatiently between the wide-open lips of her cunt. Delicious jolts of pleasure streaked through their bodies as Bill's hard-on began sliding into the greasy opening of Mary's fuck-hole.

"Oh my God!" Mary gasped as Bill, unable to hold back, plunged the entire length of his cock into Mary's overheated pussy.

Mary moaned beneath him, whimpering happily as the soft flesh of her twat closed wetly over the hard shaft of Bill's cock. As he pulled his prick back and drilled it back into her to establish a steady fuck-rhythm, Mary moaned deeply and closed her eyes in delight.

Raising himself onto his hands for more leverage, Bill steadily drilled his prick in and out of the clasping sheath of Mary's pulsating pussy.

"Ooooooh, yes, baby, yes!" Mary squealed with delight as sparks of lust shot through her deliciously stuffed cunt.

With his prick in her to the hilt and the tip of his bloated cock-head nudging against the very back of Mary's womb, Bill twitched his cock around inside her. Mary whimpered with lust as her cunt reacted to the teasing movements of Bill's cock inside her.

Bill began grinding his prick around inside Mary's hot cunt as he fucked relentlessly back and forth through the wet folds of her cunt. He thrust his prick in and out with long smooth strokes, thrilling at the way Mary responded beneath him. The girl's hips were arching up wildly to meet every thrust of his powerful cock, and her naked thighs were locked tightly around his wildly humping body.

"Oh, you sweet fucker!" Mary grunted obscenely as she squeezed his prick with the strong muscles of her cunt. "It feels so good. Keep fucking me just like that. I love it!"

Locked together as they fucked each other, Bill and Mary moaned so loudly that Kim and Tom had to look over to see what was going on.

"Jesus, those two are having a good time," Kim commented, looking over at the happily fucking couple. "What do you say we join them?"

Tom looked down at where his long, slender prick disappeared into the young girl's hairy pussy and quickly pulled it from her. Instantly her wide-open cunt oozed sticky cunt-cream that dripped wetly to the floor.

"How do you want to do this?" Tom asked as he helped Kim off the table.

"I have a marvelous idea," the pretty youngster answered slyly. She moved over to where Bill and Mary were bucking against each other.

Without a word, Kim straddled Mary's face and faced Bill. Before either of the two lovers could say anything, she lowered her dripping pussy onto Mary's face and planted her hot little mouth over the buxom woman's throbbing clit.

Mary's eyes had been closed and she didn't realize what was going on until she tasted the tangy juices of Kim's cunt on her lips. Instinctively she closed her mouth around the small lip of Kim's pussy and began sucking in her creamy cunt-fluid. The day before she had gotten her first taste of pussy and today she was reacting as if she'd been doing it for years.

As soon as she felt Mary's lips close over her cunt, Kim began nipping at the stiff bud of the other woman's clit. As she chewed it and rolled it around with her lips, she pulled at the brunette's thick cunt-lips with her fingers. She'd never seen such thick folds of cunt-meat before and the sight turned her on incredibly. That, plus the sight of Bill's powerful prick thrusting into Mary's cunt right before her, made Kim's little pussy tingle with excitement.

By now Tom had moved behind Kim and with one swift lunge had drilled his dripping cock back into her pussy. Bracing himself against her small ass, he began fucking the sweet young woman with long, rhythmic thrusts.

Kim spread her legs wider, allowing Tom to pump his prick even farther into her hot cunt. She couldn't believe how big his cock felt inside her as his obscenely bloated cock-head plunged back and forth inside her.

Behind her, Tom cupped her small pear-shaped ass in his hands and pulled the slender girl back onto his prick. He looked down and watched his cock disappear in and out of Kim's hot pink cunt. Each time he pulled it back, it was covered with a fresh coat of the girls cuntcream. Just above her cunt, he noticed her little pink asshole opening and closing rhythmically, in time to their frantic fucking. For a moment he thought about pulling his cock out of the girl's pussy and sliding it into her shitter. He knew she wouldn't mind, but her pussy clasped around his cock felt so good he just couldn't get himself to stop that long.

Kim groaned in ecstasy as she rotated her sweet young ass more urgently, grinding back against the hardness of Tom's prick. At the same time, she pressed her pussy-mound down onto Mary's face, forcing more of her slippery pussy into the buxom woman's mouth. In response, she felt Mary suck her stiff clit into her hot mouth and scrape the sensitive bud with her teeth.

Mary was having the time of her life as Kim licked her inflamed pussy and Bill fucked his thick cock into her with powerful lunges. She moaned and groaned with wanton joy as the soft folds of her slithery pussy slipped wetly over the sensitive flesh of his big cock. She pulled her legs back until they hit Kim's arms, then spread them as wide as she could. She felt the other girl hook her arms over them and force them back until her knees were level with her huge tits. When they were, she felt more exposed than she ever had in her life.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned from deep within her throat when she felt Bill drill a few more inches of thick cock into her. Now she felt the tip of his massive cock banging against the back of her horny womb each time he slammed into her. It was such a wonderful feeling, she swore never to go another day without getting fucked at least once. She didn't care who fucked her as long as she wasn't without a cock again.

With his hard cock-knob buried in the depths of Mary's quivering belly, Bill began flexing his cock around inside her. As she moved more insistently, she whimpered with pleasure her cunt clutched at his throbbing cock. He rotated his pelvis slowly, grinding his cock around in her hot clinging pussy until the wetly squeezing walls of her cunt felt like a hot grease-filled glove around his rigid cock-shaft.

Mary's mouth dropped away from Kim's pussy and gaped open insanely as she flailed her head crazily from side to side. She arched her legs up as Bill drilled more deeply into her and squirmed her around to get the most pleasure out of each cunt-pleasing stab. Already she could feel her sticky cunt-juices oozing out of her pussy and running down the crack of her well-rounded ass.

Feeling a familiar tingling sensation building in his balls, Bill knew it wouldn't be long before he'd shoot his hot cum-load into the pretty woman's belly. Anxious to bring her an orgasm before he shot his load, he began thrusting his cock in and out of her with short, swift strokes.

"Oh, shit, shit, shit!" Mary gasped as the pleasure in her crotch mounted. "Fuck me harder! Fuck it to me, baby! Make me cream!"

The small room was filled with the lustful sounds of cocks sloshing into wet pussies and the cries of impassioned lovers as they grunted and panted towards their tremendous orgasms.

"Yes! Yes, baby, yes!" shrieked Kim, humping wildly back at Tom's stiff cock. She loved the way he grunted and panted as his muscular body bucked against her and his heavy balls slapped against her pussy every time he drilled his meat-pole into her. "I love it!"

Mary's tits flowed wildly as Bill's forceful fuck-strokes jerked her body around on the linen. She was loving every second of this wild fuck and wished she wild has this man's cock pounding into her forever.

Ramming his cock into Kim with quick hard thrusts. Tom was desperately trying to make the horny young maid cum before he shot his led into her hot cunt. From the way her pussy gripped and sucked at his cock he could tell that her climax was only a few seconds away.

"Oh, God, I'm gonna cum!" Kim screamed. "Stuff that cock up me! Come on, you fucking bastards, fuck us! Fuck us, now!"

Kim's obscene torrent of words preceded an orgasm of such magnitude that the young girl thought her head would explode. Her face contorted with lust and she clamped her moth down around Mary's pussy, viciously sucking and chewing on her delicate clit as she screamed her way through the best orgasm of her young life.

When Tom felt Kim's orgasm overtake her, he last control and fucked wildly into her pussy, longing for his own release. He slammed his swollen cock into her clutching cunt a few more times and then tensed as he felt his load of hot cum surge up toward the top of his prick. A second later his piss-hole opened and his cock jerked convulsively as a geyser of hot white cum sprayed from his cock and splattered into Kim's waiting pussy.

When Tom's cock contracted above her, Mary pulled her mouth away from Kim's pussy, realizing the young man was shooting his load into the maid's cunt. Something about him creaming inches from her face was so decadent and obscene that it made her even hornier. She arched her neck to get a closer view and watched, fascinated, as his cock blasted out wad after wad of hot greasy cum.

When Tom's cock stopped spasming, Mary knew he was through cumming and her mind went back to Bill, who was still drilling his prick into her swollen pussy. She pulled her legs wide apart to offer him the full length of her dripping cunt-slit.

"Harder, honey!" she cried out. "I'm almost there!"

Pumping into her for all he was worth, Bill felt Mary's cunt sucking on his stiff cock, bringing him closer to his own climax. Completely unable to control himself anymore, he suddenly let out a loud groan and rammed his cock as far as he could into Mary's throbbing cunt. His balls contracted violently and he began spewing out sticky cum deep inside her waiting fuckhole.

Mary felt Bill's cock-cream splashing into her belly, bringing on her own orgasm. She squealed with delight as her spasming pussy locked tightly around the base of Bill's cock and her climax exploded through her entire body.

"Yes, yes! I'm cumming... fuck me!" Mary yelled.

She humped her pussy up wildly as she felt her lover continue blasting his cum into her. It seemed as if he would never stop cumming and she wondered if her small pussy could hold all the cum he was depositing inside her. Finally she felt his orgasm subside and his huge cock shrinking inside her.

When the wild orgy was over, Bill pulled his limp wet prick from Mary's cunt and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Tom squeezed the last drop of cum from his cock onto Mary's upturned face as Kim slowly climbed off her. She knelt between the beautiful woman's legs and licked and sucked her pussy, cleaning up all the excess cum that was running out of the brunette's wide-open pussy. When she was done, she smacked her lips happily and joined Bill, a very contented look on her pretty face.

Chapter FIVE

After a boring lunch during which her husband hardly spoke to her, Mary's pussy began itching again. She left Don to his papers and hurried to the Smiths' room for what she hoped would be an afternoon of sexual pleasure.

When she got to their room, she walked in without announcing herself to find the couple fucking madly on the huge bed. Ann was lying on her back with her shapely top pulled back almost to her tits. Her husband was propped up between her thighs, his thick cock tightly wedged between the soft lips of his wife's cunt.

Mary could see Joe's tight ass-muscles pumping steadily up and down as he drilled his massive hunk of cockmeat into Ann's hot young pussy.

"Jesus, don't you knock anymore?" Joe asked, twisting to look at the intruder. "One would think you lived here!"

"Don't you two ever do anything but fuck?" Mary answered as she closed the door and moved closer to the bed.

"Why should we?" Joe remarked, returning his attention to his attractive wife. "We're on vacation and unlike some other couples, we know how to make the best use of it. Besides I'll bet that's why you're here, isn't it? You want to get in on some of this good fucking?"

Laughing in response, Mary sat on the edge of the bed, wishing Don would fuck her brains out the way Joe was doing it to Ann. It made her pussy all tingly just to see the couple happily fucking.

"Well, you gonna join us or just sit there and stare?" Ann asked.

"I think I'll join you," Mary answered, pushing Don from, her mind and quickly pulling off her tight shorts and t-shirt.

Moving around behind Joe, Mary grasped his balls lightly in her soft hands and began squeezing them gently. She heard the big man groan in response and felt him pick up the pace of his rhythmic fucking.

Beneath him, Ann felt her husband's strokes suddenly increase when the other woman started fondling him. In response, she arched her hips off the bed, offering Joe all of her turned-on pussy. She unhooked her legs from his waist and grasped her ankles with ha hands, instantly feeling Joe's prick sink another two inches into her hot molten cunt.

"Unnnhhh, God, yeah! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me!" Ann groaned, feeling an orgasm building up inside her. She ground her ass around on the bed to make Joe's stiff cock against her clit to help get her off.

Droplets of sweat dripped from Joe's forehead onto his wife's huge tits as they jiggled and bounced. He fucked his cock into Ann with everything he had, enjoying the way she writhed around beneath him.

Behind Joe, Mary had let go of his bals and was now squeezing the muscular checks of the man's ass, urging him to fuck his wife harder and faster.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming!" Ann screamed, grasping Joe's shoulders and digging her nails into the soft flesh.

Her body frore as Joe rammed his prick deep into her once more. Every inch of her luscious body felt like it was on fire as her pussy exploded and convulsed around her husband's driving cock.

"Did you cum, honey?" Ann asked Joe when she had regained her senses.

"No, but it's okay," Joe replied, slowly pulling his still-rigid cock from Ann's dripping pussy. As be did, a river of cum oozed from between his wife's wide-open pussy-lips, turning her crotch into a sticky, swampy mess. "There's another little pussy here that I think will do the trick. What do you think, Mary?"

"I think that's a good idea," the brunette answered quickly. She scrambled to the vacant part of the bed and turned back to Joe. "Rut first I want to suck your cock. Then you can shoot your wad into my little pussy."

Since Ann hadn't sucked Joe yet that day, he thought this was a terrific idea. Quickly straddling Mary's body with his knees, he worked his way up until his bare ass rubbed against her long, hard nipples. When he looked down, be could see the look of wanton lust in the woman's eyes that told him just how badly she wanted his swollen cock in her mouth.

Squirming his ass around on Mary's lovely bare tits, he eased his prick forward until his cock-head nudged gently against her parted lips. He propped her head up on the two pillows so she would have a better angle to take his hard cock-meat. Gently pushing his cum-greased cock into Mary's warm oval of a mouth, he felt her tongue slide hotly along the underside of his pulsating cock-shaft.

"Oh, honey," Joe gasped when the first electric shock of her tongue against his cock surged through his body. "That feels so good!"

Mary moaned quietly, her mouth tightly closed around the head of Joe's aching prick. The pungent taste of his cock-meat sent shivers of lust racing through her naked body.

Thoroughly enjoying the taste and stiffness of Joe's stiff cock, Mary sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Joe's wife lying at the foot of the bed watching excitedly. Knowing she was being observed made the beautiful woman feel like she was giving a performance and she didn't want ha spectator to be disappointed. Collapsing her checks around her lover's prick, she worked her mouth up and down his slick cock-shaft, literally vacuuming the cum up from his balls.

"Holy shit, baby! You sure know how to suck a cock!" Joe groaned. "Keep on sucking! Just keep on sucking!"

Joe couldn't get over the incredible blow-job the pretty woman was giving him as Mary's hot tongue bathed the throbbing shaft of his tingling prick. He admitted silently that even his wife, whom he considered the queen of cock-suckers, couldn't match the blow-job he was getting.

"Damn, suck my cock, bitch!" Joe cried out as wave after wave of rapture overtook him.

Joe stared down at the dark-haired beauty and watched as his thick cock slid effortlessly in and out of her willing mouth.

Her face was flushed with excitement and tiny drops of his pre-cum were oozing from the corners of her mouth as she hotly sucked on his hard cock. Even though her small mouth was overstuffed with his mammoth cock, she seemed to be smiling up at him through lust-filled eyes.

"Oh, man, Mary!" Joe moaned as her moist lips continued sucking on his straining prick. "You do that so good!"

The inside of the woman's mouth felt so soft and wet that Joe could have left his prick in it forever. He loved the way her tongue slithered from side to side along his hard cock-shaft.

Feeling Ann's gaze on her. Mary spread her thighs to let the other woman get a good look at her moist cunt. From experience she could tell that her cunt-lips and clit were already swollen, and that her cunt was wet and ready for Joe's hard cock to enter it.

Grasping Joe's thick cock with one small fist, Mary pulled her head back until only the tip of his cock remained between her lips, and teased it by lightly fucking her wet tongue around the sensitive crown. She plunged her mouth forward again, taking the entire length of his prick into her throat. She locked her lips tightly around his pulsating cock-shaft and sucked as hard as she could until Joe's strained reaction told her he was about to explode.

"Don't stop!" the desperate man gasped when Mary suddenly pulled her lips off his torrid cock. "I was just about to cum!"

"I know," Mary whispered. "That's why I stopped. I want you to shoot your load in my cunt, not in my mouth!"

Joe was still complaining as Mary pushed him off her and spread her legs to take him inside her. Quickly he climbed over her leg, his monstrous cock grazing against her tender thigh and sending a shiver of excitement through her pussy.

"Ooooooh, you're so hard!" Mary whispered as she reached down and slowly parted her thick cunt-lips with her fingertips. She watched with anticipation as Joe settled his lean body over her and his cock made contact with the outer lips of her hot pussy. "Fuck me, darling! Stick your cock up my pussy and really give it to me!"

Joe needed no encouragement as he grasped his stiff cock in one hand and guided it between the folds of Mary's juiced-up pussy. He felt her lust-slickened cunt-slit open his rubbery cock pressed against it and slipped into the clinging hotness of her fuck-hole.

Mary pulled her knees back as far as possible and spread them even farther apart to help Joe's penetration. She grabbed his muscular ass and wrapped her legs around his narrow waist as she pulled his thick cock into the warmth of her dripping pussy.

Joe heard Mary panting beneath him as his prick inched deeper and deeper into her cunt. Finally he felt the tip of his cock-head press against her womb, and he knew that his prick was in her as far as it would go. He realized that her hungry young pussy had gobbled up all of his prick.

Once the whole length of his cock was inside Mary, the two lovers seemed to come together as one. The hot folds of her cunt clasped wetly around his straining cock, and her cunt-muscles began squeezing his throbbing cock, making it thicker and harder inside her.

Mary couldn't remember the last time she'd enjoyed a cock as much as she was enjoying Joe's, but she knew it had to be before she had met her husband.

Thrilled by the way the young man was drilling his prick into her cunt, the oversexed woman screwed her crotch up higher around the base of his cock. She thrilled to the feel of his heavy balls slapping against the crack of her ass, and as his cock plunged deeper into her, she clung to him passionately. She completely forgot about her husband and was only vaguely aware that Joe's wife was still at the foot of the bed, watching their lovemaking with intense interest.

"Oh, yes, yes!" Mary cried, feeling her hot pussy-juices leaking out around Joe's drilling cock-shaft as it rammed in and out of her steaming cunt. She tried desperately to suck more of his bloated cock into her aroused fuck-hole by grinding her pussy-slit up against his pumping cock.

Writhing and bucking wildly beneath Joe, Mary pulled his face down to hers and speared her long hot tongue deep into his mouth. The horny brunette just couldn't seem to get enough of his hard cock-meat inside her as her lust increased with every thrust of his powerful cock.

Behind the lovers, Ann stared unbelieving as her husband powered his hard-on into the other woman's gaping pussy. Never in hot life had she seen a woman so taken as Mary was at the moment.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Mary chanted mindlessly, her tingling pussy welcoming every hard thrust of Joe's hard cock. Clinging to his shoulders frantically, she churned and bucked her lovely hips beneath him like an animal in heat. "Oh, God! It's so good!"

Reaching down, Joe cupped Mary's tight asscheeks in his hands and squeezed them roughly as their sweating bodies pounded together. His bursting cock drilled forcefully in and out of the sexy woman's cunt as he spread her soft asscheeks apart and worked the tip of his index finger into the puckered ring of her asshole.

"Aaaggghhhh, fuck!" Mary screamed as the stiffness of Joe's finger invaded the tightness of her shifter. "I love it! Do it more!"

Continuing his hot fucking, Joe pushed harder, worming his finger in up to the second knuckle. He heard the lust-crazed woman shriek with delight as her passions completely overtook her and she lost control of her senses.

"Yes, that's it! Fuck me in both holes. Stuff me... fill me up. I want it all."

Rotating his finger around in the depths of Mary's ass, he could feel the hardness of his cock through the thin membrane that separated the two holes. He began to rhythmically double fuck her, alternating plunges with his cock and finger.

As the tempo of their fucking increased even more, Joe realized he wouldn't be able to hold back his oncoming orgasm, but he wanted to make Mary cum with him. He withdrew his finger from her ass and grasped her ankles to force her legs as far apart as he could. With her shamelessly exposed pussy now angled up higher, he pulled his cock back and then drove the length of it into the depths of Mary's sopping cunt.

"Aaaggghhh!" Mary screamed loudly as Joe slammed his cock-meat into her. She felt his cock bang against the back of her cunt wit much force she thought it would rip its way through into her belly. "You fucking bastard! Give it to me, hard! I want it hard! Make me cum!"

Only too happy to accommodate the obscenely writhing woman, Joe pounded his cock into her with all the force he could muster. His balls slapped against her wide-spread ass and tiny droplets of pussy-juice sprayed from the edges of her cunt each time he drove his prick into her steaming cunt-hole.

"Oh, God, I'm about to cum!" Mary wailed. She pulled her thighs up higher until her knees pressed against her tits and offered up the entire slit of her cunt to Joe's cock. "Oh, oh! Now! I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg! Aaaarrrggghhhh!"

While Mary's orgasm overwhelmed her, Joe slammed his cock into her once more and felt his balls turn to jelly and erupt. A seemingly endless stream of hot cum exploded from his cock-head and gushed into the depths of Mary's horny cunt, instantly flooding it to capacity. He felt Mary's cunt react to the explosion by clasping itself around the base of his cock-shaft and squeeze, trying to draw every drop of am from his swollen balls.

Joe's prick kept squirting hot sticky jism into Mary's spasming cunt as the horny woman writhed violently through her orgasm beneath him.

"Jesus Christ!" Ann announced after the two lovers collapsed in a heap. "I can't believe what I just watched! You two looked like something out of a porno movie. We have definitely got to do something about your husband, girl, because he just doesn't know what he's missing."

"Believe it or not, that's really why I came to see you," Mary gasped, her mind still reeling. "I have an idea, but first I need a rest."

Chapter SIX

"I sure hope this plan of Mary's works," Kim told Ann as she nervously adjusting her uniform.

It was midmorning the next day and the two attractive women were about to implement Mary's plan for getting her husband interested in sex again. Ann had agreed immediately, but it wasn't until Mary promised Kim she could fuck Don any time she pleased that the young maid agreed to go along.

Stopping outside of Don's and Mary's room, Kim and Ann paused to collect themselves. Both were wearing very short black maids outfits which Kim had gotten from the uniform closet. Beneath their skirts they had on lacy garter belts and black stockings.

"For God's sake, show off your tits a little more," Ann told Kim as she unbuttoned her blouse an extra button.

"Well, if mine were as big as yours, it would be easier," the nervous girl responded, openly admiring the swells of Ann's large tits. "Okay, let's do this."

There was no answer when Ann knocked on the door so she opened it and peered inside. Not seeing anyone, she stepped inside and looked toward the balcony. Don was sitting there in his bathing suit, just like Mary had projected, totally absorbed in his work. Locking the door silently, the two women tiptoed quickly to the balcony.

"Hi, Mr. Arnold," Kim said sweetly, putting her arms around him and leaning over so he would get a good view of her pert tits. "I hope you don't mind if I clean up while you're here, but I've got to get your room done quickly. I even brought Ann along to help so we can do it twice as quickly."

"Oh, I don't mind at all, ladies," Don replied, somewhat sheepishly, turning to look at Ann. He found himself gazing directly at her lovely cleavage. "Just try not to make too much noise."

"You'll barely know we're here," Ann replied as she and Kim moved back into the room to make the bed.

"I think we can get to him," Kim whispered while she straightened the room. "Did you see the way he stared at your tits? His eyes almost fell out of his head."

Finished with their chores, the two women moved back to the balcony. Ann sat in a chair across from Don and put one foot up on an empty chair, letting her skirt ride up high on her shapely thigh. This gave the busy executive a good glimpse of her tender inner thighs. She opened and closed her legs lazily, inviting Don to ogle her delicious legs, and occasionally opening them wide enough for him to see all the way to her sparsely-haired blonde pussy.

At the same time, Kim leaned over Don from behind, pretending to be interested in his work. As she hugged him, she rubbed her chest against his back, making her nipples stiffen and jut out with excitement.

Taking her cue from the younger woman, Ann deftly moved Don's stack of papers out of the way and slid around to his other side. Balancing on the arm of his chair, she encircled ha neck with her arm and leaned over the astonished man. When Don attempted to pull away, she simply pulled his head back and blew her warm breath into his ear.

"I really wish you wouldn't do that," Don protested. "I have a lot of work to do and you're both being very distracting."

"Why don't you stop fighting it?" Kim said, rubbing her hands along the insides of Don's hairy thighs. "Relax and have some fun with us, or don't you like us?"

"Oh, he likes us all right," Ann said, nodding toward the bulge forming in the crotch of the man's shorts. "At least his prick wants to have a good time. Maybe we can get the rest of him to go along."

"But, girls, I've got to get my work done!" Don complained feebly.

"Fuck your work!" Kim retorted, planting her moist lips against the inside of Don's upper leg and nipping at his strong thigh. "Fuck us instead. I'll bet you could take care of both of us horny women!"

"No, really... what are you doing? I'm married, and what if my wife shows up?" Don was desperate pow. He knew that if this kept up he wouldn't be able to control himself much longer.

"Your wife's out shopping," Kim said, winking at Ann. "Don't worry about her."

Don gave up trying to escape. He watched as Ann undid his shorts and pulled them down, realizing for the first time that he hadn't had sex for quite a while. When he saw the blonde's tits threatening to spill out of her blouse, he instinctively arched his hips to help her out and brushed the back of his hand across her tits.

"Man, will you look at that cock!" Kim gasped when Don's prick sprang free from his shorts and jerked convulsively against his belly. "It must be a foot long!"

Ann's eyes lit up when she saw Don's enormous prick for the first time. Without hesitating, she grabbed his prick with one hand and plunged his thick cock into her hungry throat.

"Oh, shit!" Don exclaimed as he watched his cock slide into the blonde's mouth.

Ann paused to keep from choking before clamping her lips around the base of Don's semi-hard cock. Working the muscles in her jaw, she massaged his prick, relishing the feel of it growing thicker and longer in her warm mouth. As it expanded, it became more difficult for her to breathe so she flared her nostrils desperately to keep from gagging. The pretty blonde slowly began easing her mouth up along his hard cock. She loved the faintly salty taste of the juices that leaked from hit cock-tip. When her lips reached the very end of Don's bloated cock-head, Ann inhaled deeply, and once again plunged her face down, letting the shaft of Don's cock spear into her throat.

Kim's cunt started itching wildly as she watched her companion's head slide seductively up and down over the man's throbbing prick. She wanted to feel his big cock slithering into her own mouth.

Motioning Ann aside, Kim struck out her pointed tongue and began licking Don's cock and balls while the buxom blonde sucked vigorously on his swollen cock-head. Soon the turned-on women were sucking and slurping passionately on his delicious hunk of cock-meat.

"Mmmmmm, I love the taste of a nice hard cock!" Ann murmured, releasing the head of Don's cock for a moment.

She licked her lips and watched as her partner lustfully licked the side of the man's tasty cock, running her hot tongue up and down the sensitive underside of Don's pulsating cockmeat.

"Do you like this?" Kim asked, taking Don's prick from her mouth and looking up at him.

"God, yes!" he cried. "Don't stop! For Christ's sake, don't stop! Keep sucking!"

The young maid responded by stuffing his cock back into her willing mouth. A shudder of pleasure rippled through her slim body as she felt Don's hot cock slide into her mouth and tickle her tonsils.

Kim sucked Don's big juicy cock deeply into her throat, enjoying the way its pulsating hard-on filled her tiny mouth. Below her, she felt Ann's warm hands caressing his swollen balls while she sucked.

Ann moaned softly when she suddenly felt Don's hand brush aside her top to grasp a handful of her ripe tit-meat. She kneeled up a bit higher so he could get more of her tit into his hand.

"I can't stand it anymore!" Don gasped desperately, pushing Kim's face off of his cock and sitting up. "I've just gotta fuck you!"

"Good idea!" Kim exclaimed eagerly, jumping up and peeling off her clothes. "I thought you'd never ask!"

When they were naked except for their garter belts and stockings, Kim and Ann lay side by side on the bed, their legs spread wide, beckoning Don to join them.

"Which one of us do you want first?" Ann asked, jiggling her huge tits enticingly while she played with her wet cunt-lips.

"Fuck, I don't know and I don't care," Don answered, jumping onto the bed with them. He found himself between Kim's widespread legs so he quickly positioned himself comfortably and, grasping his mammoth cock in his fist, began guiding it into the slit of her pussy.

"Boy, he doesn't waste any time, does he?" Kim giggled as Don's cock-head inched into her waiting fuck-tunnel. "You're lucky I'm so horny or I'd be pissed you didn't take the time to turn me on!"

"Sorry, honey," Don replied. "I jut haven't had any pussy for so long I can't wait to get into you!"

With a sudden thrust, Don pumped the remainder of his cock into Kim's waiting pussy and began fucking her with reckless abandon. The girl instinctively humped her loins up to meet his quick strokes. When she caught Ann's eye, she remembered why they were there.

"What's wrong with your wife?" Ann asked. "Why don't you fuck her? Doesn't she want it?"

"Well," Don admitted, temporarily stopping his thrusting, "I've been ignoring her."

"You let that poor woman run around frustrated and horny all the time while you do your fucking work?" Kim said. "I don't know if I want you fucking me after that. It'd serve you right if she screwed every guy she could get into her pussy."

Before Don could react, the young girl pushed him off her and closed her legs angrily.

"Wait, I'll make it up to her, I promise!" Don begged, his straining cock jutting out from his crotch like a steel pipe. "Just let me fuck you some more so I can get off."

"Don't even want you to touch me," Kim said haughtily, pushing his hand aside. "Why don't you talk to Ann? Maybe she'll spread for you."

"Well, honey, I guess I'm just a sucker for a big cock," Ann said when Don turned to her. "I'll let you fuck me, but you'd better make me cum, or else."

"I will, I will!" said Don hastily, watching Ann spread her luscious thighs for him.

Ann watched as Don pressed his aching cockhead against her oozing cunt and sighed deeply when she felt him force several inches of his hard cock-meat into her anxious fuck-hole.

"Ahhhh, that's nice, real nice!" she moaned, pushing all the man's ass to get him inside her. "Fill me up with that hard cock! I'm gonna love this!"

Kim watched excitedly as Don fucked his cock into Ann's pussy with increasing speed and fury. He was obviously out of his mind with lust as his cock sawed back and forth in the woman's cunt.

Crawling to the foot of the bed, the young maid positioned herself so her face was between Don's thighs and inched her way up until her mouth was against his cock-shaft. Fucking out her tongue, she licked the juices that coated the man's prick and savored the tangy fluids as she smeared her mouth along the underside of his cock-shaft.

"Unnhhhhh, shit that's good!" Don gasped. "You keep doing that and I'm gonna shoot this little pussy full of cum real soon!"

After a few minutes, Kim backed away to watch. She'd never seen two people fucking before, and it was quite a treat to see the naked bodies writhing together in ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck me, baby!" the half-crazy woman urged her lover on as he drilled his cock into her horny pussy.

She fucked her ass up from the bed, smoothly meeting each of his lunges with one of her own. The cute blonde began grinding her fuck-hole around the deliciously hard cock that was pounding into her.

When Don increased the tempo of his fuck thrusts, Ann pulled his face down to her huge tits and fed a stiff ripe nipple into his hot mouth. She felt his lips grasp it as he began sucking and nibbling it greedily.

"Ohhhhh!" she wailed wantonly. "I'm almost there!"

Anxious to cum with the horny blonde, Don picked up the tempo of his violent fucking.

"Oh, fuck!" cried the stacked woman, jerking wildly through her orgasm when it suddenly hit her. "I'm cumming... all over your big cock! Ooooh... so goooood!"

Within moments Ann's climax was over, but Don was still pounding his cock into her. He hadn't shot his cum-load yet, but the pretty woman could toil he was very close. Puffing himself together, he gasped him by the shoulder and rolled him onto his back. At the same time she moved back so his cock slipped wetly from her fucked-out cunt.

"What are you doing?" Don gasped, his rigid cock jerking convulsively in the air. "Why did you do that?"

"Because I came," Ann answered calmly, her voice hiding her ever-present horniness. "I said you had to make me cum, but I didn't say anything about letting you get off. If you want to pop your rocks, I suggest you pay attention to your wife."

Leaving the angrily cursing man behind them, Ann and Kim grabbed their clothes and made a hasty exit from the room.

Chapter SEVEN

Mary hurried to her room, anxious to see the state her husband was in after what Kim and Ann had done to him. Outside the door, she stifled a laugh, recalling how the two women had described Don when they had left him earlier that day. Mary figured he should be ripe for some real good fucking and sucking.

"Hi, honey," she greeted him as she entered the room. "Did you have a good day?"

Don was sprawled on the bed wearing only his swim trunks, vainly trying to read a magazine. There was quite a bulge in the crotch of his trunks, making it obvious he hadn't taken care of his problem by himself.

Mary crossed to him and leaned over enticingly to give her husband a long kiss on the lips. She let her hand slide gently down his manly chest and over the lump in his shorts.

Don felt his cock jerk to life, and, when she pulled away, he reached out to stop her. He was so horny his cock and bals ached and he wanted nothing more than to spread his wife's legs and fuck her madly until he shot his cum-load.

"Where are you going?" he asked as Mary left him. "You just got home. Aren't you going to pay any attention to me?"

"I didn't know you wanted attention," the sexy woman replied slyly. "Usually you just ignore me and worry about your work when I get home."

"Well, today is different," he answered. "I'm not thinking about work, just about you taking care of my basic needs."

"What needs?" Mary asked, pretending innocence. She kicked off her shoes and slowly peeled off her tight shorts and panties, purposely bending over to give Don a good view of her well-rounded ass.

With her back to him, Mary pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it carelessly to the floor. She cupped her heavy tits, turning just enough to let Don see her tweak a juicy nipple.

Mary heard Don get off the bed and approach her from behind as she continued to stroke and caress her shapely body. When she felt him roughly embrace her though, she quickly pulled away and hurried into the shower.

Don groaned with frustration. First two gorgeous women had teased him unmercifully and now his own wife wouldn't put out for him.

Peering into the shower, Don saw the outline of his sexy wife as she soaped her luscious body. When she bent over to pick up the soap she dropped, her pear-shaped ass pressed against the glass of the shower and Don thought he could so the faint outline of her pussy-crack through the frosted glass. Suddenly, Don ripped off his trunks, yanked open the shower door, and joined Mary inside.

"Oh, honey, this is a surprise!" Mary exclaimed. "What brought this on?"

Mad with lust, Don mashed his mouth against Mary's and jammed his hot tongue into it. His hands squeezed her small waist and slid down to her ripe ass, which he caressed fiercely as he pressed his loins hard against hers. His cock stiffened and jerked as his wife's wet pussymound rubbed against it, and he longed to slip his hard cock inside her.

Don's hot mouth left a wet trail as he kissed his way along her cheek to her neck and down to her shoulders. As he worked his mouth down the swell of her tit, she shuddered, and, when he sucked her stiff and crinkly nipple into his mouth, he heard her sigh with pleasure.

Mary gasped breathlessly as Don vigorously sucked on the stiff bud. She felt him release the soft cheek of her ass and move his hands up between her naked wet thighs. He wormed his finger into the crack of her pussy and an electrifying shock raced through her loins as his finger made contact with the slippery flesh of her rubbery clit.

Whimpering happily, Mary squirmed around excitedly as Don's fingertip parted the wet curia of her pussy and slipped into the hot wetness of her quivering cunt-slit. When she felt him insert his thick middle finger, Mary jerked involuntarily and gasped from the pleasure of the contact.

"God, what tits!" Don exclaimed as if he'd never seen them before.

He kissed down her flat belly, sticking his tongue in her navel and making Mary shriek with delight. Then he rubbed his lips against the soft skin of her lower belly until his lips found their way to her wet pussy-mound.

Mary burned with desire as Don grasped her hips and pressed hip wet face against the coarse hair of her pussy. She almost felt faint when he parted the outer lips of her cunt with his thumbs and fucked his tongue at her narrow cunt-slit.

Leaning against the slippery wall of the shower, Mary spread her shapely legs as wide as she could and squatted a bit as Don pressed the tip of his tongue against her tiny clit.

Don licked his wife's cunt a few times and then backed his face away as he spread the thick folds of her golden pussy apart. He stared at the deliciously oozing pussy before his eyes for only a moment before burying his wet tongue in the juicy slickness of his wife's hot young cunt.

Mary squealed, jerking convulsively and grinding her ass down to get more of Don's tongue into her fuck-tunnel. The horny brunette threw her pretty head back and let the shower water beat against it as Don speared his stiff tongue in and out of her shamelessly exposed pussy.

Reaching up, Don grasped Mary's full tits, his hands squeezing them expertly and pinching her lust-swollen nipples.

"Oh, honey, I've missed this so much?" Mary cried out. "Eat my pussy! Squeeze my tits? You do it so good!"

Aware of his wife's longing, Don pushed his mouth harder against her seeping pussy as she began humping her hips back and forth against his feverishly licking tongue.

Don couldn't seem to get enough of the flavor of his beautiful wife's pussy as her juices leaked into his hungry mouth. He slithered it in and out between her aroused cunt-lips, drawing wild squeals of delight each time his tongue made contact with the tiny nub at the top of her cunt-slit.

Don spent several long moments sucking Mary's clit before drilling his tongue back into the fleshy depths of her oozing cunt. Mary groaned, her hot little ass writhing wildly in the shower stall. She grabbed the back of her husband's head and jammed his mouth even harder against her richly flowing cunt. Rotating her cunt against his face, she felt his tongue plunging deeper and deeper into her little cunt-hole.

"Oh, darling, I can't believe how good this feels!" Mary moaned hotly as she smeared her hot pussy all over Don's face. "Lick my cunt and make me cum!"

Don teased and licked her sensitive clit until Mary was almost out of her mind with pleasure. He licked his tongue back and forth against the nub of her highly aroused clit, making her screw with uncontrollable passion.

A wicked sensation suddenly tore through Mary's vibrant body as her cunt bucked through a mild orgasm. Writhing and swaying against Don's mouth, she felt her orgasmic juices flow freely over his lips as she shuddered through her climax. Mary pressed her dripping thighs tightly against her husband's face as she desperately rubbed her hot dripping cunt along his plunging tongue.

"Oh, Don, I want it again!" Mary panted hoarsely when he pulled his face away from her highly aroused pussy. "Make me cum again! Fuck me now, right here in the shower! I've got to have your big cock inside me!"

Without hesitating, Mary pushed her husband down on his back in the cramped space and straddled his hips. Squatting over him, she grabbed a handful of his cock-meat and guided his bloated cock-head into the puffy opening of her horny cunt.

Mary groaned as she sank down on Don's prick and felt it spearing up into her juicy cunt. Her beautiful face was flushed with desire. Her pretty blonde hair hung in wet strands and clung to her face as she rode up and down on her husband's thick hard-on.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice!" Don gasped, seeing the lust in his horny wife's eyes. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!"

"Yes, do it to me!" Mary grunted, leaning forward to let Don's prick slip even deeper into her hot pussy. "Fuck me good!"

Holding Mary's hips with his hands, Don began humping his hips as she bounced effortlessly on his hard cock. As the couple established a smooth fuck-rhythm, their loins slapped loudly together on each deep fuck-stroke.

Looking down at his crotch, Don could see his wife's glistening pussy-lips clutching tightly at his erect cock. He could see his cock richly coated with Mary's creamy juices as he pumped it in and out of her. Smiling up at his pretty wife, Don held her up for a moment before letting her slam down on his cock again, her ripe making a wet slapping sound as it smacked against his crotch.

"Uhhhhh, fuck!" Mary cried, grabbing her bouncing tits and squeezing them until her bloated nipples popped out obscenely.

Mary increased the tempo of her lustful fucking, her hungry cunt-lip gliding up end down over the length of Don's slippery, cum-soaked cock-shaft. She could feel his cock swelling inside her and knew his time was approaching as she fucked feverishly, trying to bring herself off at the same time.

"Honey, I'm gonna cum!" Don croaked, holding tightly to his wife's hips. "I can't hold back any more."

"Yes, baby!" Mary urged him on. She could feel another climax approaching deep inside her cunt. "Don't hold back! Cum inside me and fill me up with your hot cum cream!"

Waning to make this his wife's best fuck ever, Don grabbed her narrow waist and began bouncing her up and down on his prick as hard and fast as he could. He was completely carded away as he slammed her body down onto his rigid cock. He heard her moan and then he felt her cunt-muscles tightening like a vise around the base of his driving prick.

"Ooooooh, I'm there!" screamed the lust-crazed woman. "I'm cumming all over your big fucking cock!"

At the same moment Don lost control of his balls and his hot cum exploded from his cockhead into Mary's clutching pussy.

Mary screamed loudly when she felt his torrent of hot jism blast into her belly. It felt as though someone had turned on a fire hose inside her cunt as Don's cock spewed its hot sticky cum-load into her.

"Cream me, lover! Fuck me... fill me up!" the wanton housewife begged, writhing on her husband's pumping cock. "Fill my fucking cunt with your cum!"

Mary enjoyed her orgasm, the likes of which she couldn't remember ever having had before. Looking down at Don, she could tell by the look in his eyes that she'd never have to worry about his work coming before their sex life again.

"Oh, my God!" she exclaimed, collapsing on top of Don as the shower water continued beating down on them. "What an incredible fuck! I just hope it's that good all the time from now on!"

"Don't worry, ft will be," Don answered. "From now on we're going to fuck each other silly and each time will be better than the last!"

"I'd like that," Mary said happily. "When do we start this endless fucking?"

"How about right now?" Don asked, twitching his cock inside her pussy to let her know he was ready to fuck again.

"Oh, yeah!" beamed the pretty brunette, quickly getting off her husband. "But not in the shower. This time I want you to fuck me right in the middle of the floor!"

Don opened the door and was surprised to see Ann Smith standing there, wearing a flimsy halter top that barely concealed her enormous tits and the g-string bottoms of her bathing suit. Her blue eyes sparkled and her full sensuous lips pouted provocatively as she stepped into the room and placed her arms around his neck.

"I came over to apologize," she said meekly. "I know what I did to you yesterday was cruel and I'm sorry. I thought maybe I could make ft up to you, if you know what I mean."

"No more teasing?" Don asked.

"Not this time," Ann answered, rubbing her hand over the bulge forming in the crotch of the man's shorts. "I promise I'll treat you right this time."

Stepping back, Ann smiled sweetly as she pulled off her thin top and let it fall to the floor. She cupped her firm tits in her small hands and pinched her dark pink nipples, making them crinkle and pucker. As Don watched with anticipation, she pulled down her skimpy panties, imitating a stripper. Turning her shapely ass to the astonished man, Ann walked seductively to the bed and climbed onto it.

Kneeling on the bed, she waved her pear-shaped ass at Don and splayed her knees apart, showing him all of her hair-fringed pussy.

"Why don't you ease that big cock of yours into my little pussy?" Ann whispered, running her fingertip along the slit of her cunt. "I'm really ready for it."

Don's cock stuck out like a steel rod when he removed his shone. A tiny drop of pre-cum was clinging to his piss-slit as he moved behind the keeling woman and pressed his blunt cockhead into the narrow opening of her cunt.

Ann rested her head on her forearms and arched her pretty ass up high, to receive Don's thick cock. She felt it nudge against her cunthole and a moment later her pussy was being filled with the handsome man's hard cock-shaft.

"Mmmmmmm!" Ann whimpered as his giant cock-head slid up her cunt-crack, forcing apart the muscles of her cunt. "Stick it in all the way! Just fill me up good!"

Don groaned with pleasure and forced another two inches of cock-meat into the woman's luscious pussy. As his cock was swallowed by her greedy cunt, he squeezed the soft curves of her ass, making the excited blonde groan with happiness.

"Unnnhhh! Unnnhhh!" Ann grunted, milking Don's pulsating cock with her cunt-muscles. About half his cock was now nestled inside her narrow fuck-slit, causing tiny ripples of lust to shoot through her young pussy. "You're so big and hard! I love it!"

Don shoved his prick into Ann's wet cunt and felt his hairy bulls slap gently against the soft hairs of her golden pussy.

"Feel good?" he asked, withdrawing his prick slightly before thrusting forward again.

AU of his prick was now lost inside Ann's delicious pussy, and the tip of his fuck-pole brushed against the back wail of her cunt.

"Yes, it's fantastic!" Ann groaned, closing her eyes. "Ram your prick all the way in and really fill me up. Fuck me to pieces!"

When he lunged forward again, Ann felt a terrific stab of pleasure tear through her guts. The young husband was definitely getting back at her for the way she had teamed him the day before.

"Ahhhhh!" Ann said. "That's just the way I like it." She fucked back at him, slamming her ass wetly against his loins. "Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me and fill me with your hot cream!"

Don leaped over and wrapped his arms around Ann's slim waist from behind. He pumped in and out of her fuck-tunnel with mounting speed. Each stroke pushed Ann's cunt-lips farther apart, sending jolts of lust up through his plunging cock-shaft.

"Jesus, you're good," Don complimented, sliding his hands forward to pinch Ann's thick nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

As Don fondled his bouncy tits, Ann was aware that her pussy was now like a volcano ready to erupt. She spread her legs wider and humped her ass back harder onto his pumping prick.

"Slam your prick into me!" she begged. "Ram me full!"

"I will, but not yet, you little teasing bitch!" Don growled, plunging his cock into Ann with all his might. He felt the insides of her pussy burn around his rigid cock-shaft and her pussy juices bathing him with their creamy warmth as her strong cunt-muscles tried desperately to pull him even farther inside her lustful cunt. "I'm gonna fill you up, but first I'm gonna pay you back for teasing me. I'm gonna fuck you till you beg me to let you cum!"

"I'll beg, honey, I'll beg!" Ann whimpered, running a hand between her slick thighs to rub her erect chit. The tiny sensitive bud burned at her touch as her pussy yearned for release. "I'll take everything you give me and beg for more! Just let me feel your cum-cream inside me! Please fill me with your cum so I can get off too!"

"Damn, you really like cock, don't you?" Don hissed, loving the way the horny woman squirmed about on the end of his throbbing prick.

"Yes, baby, I love cock!" she cried, grinding her gorgeous back furiously. Ann could feel the first warm stirrings of an orgasm within her cunt. She tightened her grip on his prick and sucked it farther into her until it felt like his massive cock-head was poking into her belly. "I love cock and I want all of yours. I can't get enough. Give it to me hard and fast... pleaseeeee!"

Don gritted his teeth ad squeezed her asscheeks hard, digging his strong fingers into her pliable ass-flesh. He pulled his cock back until only his cock-tip was lodged between her swollen cunt-lips and held still, teasing Ann unmercifully. Then ho slammed forward with all his might and began fucking her cunt-slit like a crazed animal.

"Now you're gonna get it, bitch!" he growled, drilling his rock-hard prick all the way into her shamelessly exposed cunt. "Take my fucking cock all the way up your cunt!"

Her climax raged through her cunt, exploding around her puckered pussy-opening and trapping ton's cock like a vise. She bucked around wildly as she impaled herself violently on Don's driving cock-shaft.

"Unnnggghhhh, uuunnngggghhhh! Fuck meeeee!" she wailed, panting loudly. "Fuck the living shit outta me! Aannggghhhhh!"

Don wanted desperately to prolong the wonderful feeling inside his balls but knew a few more vicious punches into Ann's pussy would be enough to make him spew his load into her.

Don was about to give himself over to a thundering orgasm when he heard the bedroom door open. In an instant he remembered he hadn't locked it when Ann had entered and now his wife, who had gone shopping, was about to catch him fucking another woman.

"Don't stop, baby, please! Keep fucking me!" Ann cried desperately. "Shove it in! Come on, honey, grind it into me!"

Mary entered the room just in time to see her husband desperately trying to pull his cock from Ann's clutching pussy and turn around at the same time. A pained expression covered his tanned face when he realized the hopeless situation he was in. Her blonde friend was still trying to fuck her shapely ass back onto his prick.

Mary stared at the naked couple without saying a word as her eyes went from Don's shocked face to Ann's cock-filled cunt. Her face was expressionless as she stepped closer to the bed and looked into Ann's sex-glazed eyes.

"Don't stop now," she said, gesturing to her embarrassed husband. "You heard the lady. Shove your cock into her! Grind it in!"

Don was too dumbfounded to move and just stared at his wife in total disbelief. He was expecting her to scream at him, but instead she was telling him to finish what he had started. As he vainly tried to speak, she suddenly began taking off her own clothes.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Don finally gasped. "What is going on here?"

"I'm going to join you, do you mind?" Mary replied, stepping out of her slim and underwear. "You did good," she added to Ann, who was just coming to her senses alter her tremendous climax.

"What do you mean, she did good?" Don demanded, at last managing to lice his cock from Ann's dripping pussy. "You know her?"

"Of course I know her," Mary laughed, joining the couple on the bed. "This is my friend Ann. I talked her into seducing you the other day to get back at you for ignoring me. I asked her to do it again today so I could catch the two of you together. I must say, you two really know how to fuck. I heard you all the way down the hall!"

"You mean you're not upset?" Don asked. "You're telling me this was all planned?"

"Yes, silly," Ann interjected, kissing Don lightly on the lips. "Your wife and I are just a pair of conniving bitches who need to get fucked often. Since I shared my husband with Mary when you were ignoring her, she returned the favor. You're not angry, are you?"

Don thought about it a moment and then shrugged his shoulders. He had never thought of his wife fucking another man, but now that they'd both fucked other people, it opened their relationship up to a whole new realm of possibilities.

"I guess not," he conceded. "If you two don't mind, I don't see why I should. The only thing I'm upset about is that this is the second time I've fucked you without getting off!"

"We can fix that, can't we, Ann?" Mary suggested, winking at her best friend.

She pushed her surprised husband onto his back, positioning him between herself and Ann. She kissed the side of his face and placed her left hand on his crotch, fingering his wiry cockhairs. Instantly his giant cock began throbbing and leaped up.

"Let's suck him off," Mary told her partner. "What do you say?"

"Mmmmmm, good idea," Ann said, lowering her face into Don's crotch and touching his prick with her parted lips. "I can't wait to get a mouthful of his hot cum-cream."

Mary watched as Ann gobbled her husband's meaty cock into her throat as if it was the last cock she'd ever fuck in her life.

"She's a good little cock-sucker, isn't she?" she asked her husband.

"Fuck, yes!" he stammered, watching his prick reappear from the depths of the blonde's throat. "She's incredible!"

Ann mumbled as she pulled completely off his cock, licked the underside of his massive cock-shaft, and nibbled gently at the sensitive edge of his cock-head.

"Oh, fuck, that's good!" Don groaned. He turned to his wife and planted a long lingering kiss on her open mouth. "This is incredible, fucking two beautiful women at the same time!"

"Let me have it now," Mary said, pushing Ann's head to one side. When the other woman refused to give up the slab of cock-meat between her lips, Mary pressed her own gorgeous face into Don's wiry crotch-hair. "Come on, I want some of this too. After all, he is my husband, you know!"

Ann finally released her grip on Don's prick and let his cock slip groin her warm mouth. Immediately she began licking his cock-shaft down to his balls.

"Go ahead and suck your husband's cock. I'm gonna suck on his balls!" Ann said huskily.

Quickly she gulped one tiny ball into her mouth, fucking it lightly with her tongue. She slobbered on it wetly, her hot breath warming the side of his leg.

While Ann sucked Don's balls Mary slid her mouth down his rock-hard cock-shaft for the first time, working her lips down until her lips touched Ann's. Instinctively the women kissed before turning their attention back to Don's massive cock and balls.

"Jesus, fuck!" Don winced, placing his hands on the backs of the women's heads and pressing their faces harder into his crotch. "That's so damn good. You can suck me all day if you want!"

Mary grunted as she sucked furiously on Don's prick, gobbling his thick cock-shaft in and out of her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, he watched as her friend sucked both of her husband's balls into her mouth and swished them around lazily. For some reason, knowing that another woman was helping her suck off her husband filed her with unbelievable lust and she began sucking harder.

"God, I'm getting close to blowing my wad!" Don hissed, gripping his wife by the hair.

"Unnhhhh!" Ann moaned excitedly as she spat out his balls and licked the exposed part of his rigid cock-shaft. "When he creams let me have some too. I love to eat hot cum."

While Mary continued sucking deeply on Don's prick, Ann fingered the hairy base of his cock and jacked him off to the rhythm set by his wife's furious blow-job. As she felt his thick cock-shaft swell, she jerked him harder.

"I'm almost there... so close!" Don grunted, lifting his hips from the bed and ramming his prick deep into the brunette's hungry mouth. "Suck me, honey! Suck me all the way down! Make me shoot!"

Feeling Don's prick expand dramatically, Mary pulled his cock from her mouth and aimed his bloated cock-head at her lips. Ann's lips were barely touching hers, just over the end of Don's cock, ready to receive his load of cum.

"Squirt us, honey!" Mary whispered, waiting for her husband's cum. "We're ready for you and we're gonna eat every drop of your cum!"

Don grunted as the first wad of scalding cum blasted from his piss-slit and shot into his wife's mouth. He humped his loins forward and drove another glob of the hot liquid into the back of her throat before she could swallow the first blast.

Mary gagged when Don's first load of cum hit her tongue and oozed into her throat. She received another shot immediately that splattered against her to nails and nearly choked her.

Ann pulled Don's cock away from Mary and shoved it into her own mouth in time to gobble down the next blast of the squirting fluid.

For the next several seconds Don plowed his cock alternately into Ann's and Mary's mouths, shooting his load of sticky cum into their hungry throats. The two women tried valiantly to eat all of his cum but they couldn't swallow quickly enough and soon the gooey cream was oozing from the corners of their mouths.

Mary felt as though she would choke if her husband didn't stop creaming. Ann's mouth was filled, and just as she closed it to swallow a huge geyser of cum sprayed from Don's cockhead and coated her sensuous red lips.

"Ooaoooh!" Ann murmured as she choked down a huge glob of cum and opened her mouth for more. "More, baby! I want more! Feed me all your cum."

Finally Don felt the last of his jism spray from his cock and he relaxed, his still-rigid prick slapping gently against Mary's check, streaking it with long silver strands of his clear cock-fluid.

Mary sucked his cock into her cum-filled mouth, sloshing his cock-meat around in the sticky liquid.

Chapter EIGHT

After that afternoon Mary's and Don's relationship improved dramatically. He still worked several hours a day but he was no longer too busy to accommodate his wife's strong sexual needs. Mary told her husband about her experiences with the Smiths and with Kim and her two bosses, suggesting that they all get together same time. Don could hardly wait for the opportunity to present itself.

When the phone rang several days later, Mary picked up the receive and heard Ann on the other end telling her about a party the owners were giving that evening for special invited guests. They had asked her to invite Don and Mary, explaining it would probably be a pretty wild night, just to their liking.

"Are you going to come?" Ann asked excitedly. "I think it's going to be lots of fun."

"Of course we'll be there," answered Mary quickly. "This sounds like just the kind of thing we've been hoping for."

By the time Don and Mary arrived at the party, it was already in full swing. In one cornet Joe Smith had his hand up under Kim's short skirt and was feeling her small ass, while across the room his pretty blonde wife had Tom up against the wall and was rubbing her ample tits against his broad chest.

Over on the couch a young girl Mary hadn't seen before was knee-riding Tom's brother Bill, while kneeling on the floor was another girl wearing a dress so short, that her dark pussyhairs pecked out all over. She was diligently grinding around on the thick middle finger of another party guest while she rubbed her hand over the enormous bulge in the crotch of his pants.

"Grab a drink, relax and enjoy yourselves," Tom greeted them before turning his attention back to the voluptuous Ann.

"Looks like a good one," Don remarked, stepping to the bar and fixing drinks for himself and his wife. "I'm not sure where to join in though. It looks like everyone's pretty much taken already."

"I don't think anyone will mind if you join them," Mary said casually. "Where would you like to start?"

"If you don't mind, I'd like to start right there," Don answered, pointing at Kim. "I still have a bone to pick with her after what she did to me the other day."

Mary watched Don move away and then surveyed the room to see where she wanted to join the party.

By the time Don crossed the floor to Joe and Kim, the slender young girl already had him stretched out on the carpet with his pants off and was squatting over him, ready to insert his bulbous cock-head into her eager pussy.

"Is this the waiting line?" Don asked, stepping up behind her as she sank down on the man's thick cock.

"Fuck, no, there's no lines," the girl answered without missing a beat. "I'll take both of you guys on at the same time. Just take your cock out and stick it in my mouth!"

In a flash Don removed his clothes and thrust his already swollen cock into Kim's face. He looked down and watched as she grasped the base of his straining prick and jerked it off a few times before aiming it at her mouth.

"Just make sure you don't cum in my mouth!" Kim said, stopping just before she swallowed Don's prick. "I'm not eating any cum tonight. I want it all in my cunt!"

"Why?" Don asked. "You got something against eating jism all of a sudden?"

"Not at all, lover," Kim replied. "It's just that I shaved my pussy just for this occasion and I want every guy here to initiate it with a big load of cum."

The young maid spread her feet apart so Don and Joe could see her clean-shaven cunt. Except for a tiny patch of hair just above her protruding cunt, the girl's cunt was as silky smooth as the day she was born.

"I don't know about you, man, but I've always wanted to fuck a naked pussy," Joe remarked, humping his slender prick up into her cunt.

"Me too," Don said as Kim pulled him closer and slowly inhaled his prick into her throat.

As she gulped down Don's meaty cock-shaft, Kim felt two delicious sensations at the same time. Joe was drilling his hard prick into her creamy pussy with long, smooth strokes, while Don's thicker cock slid effortlessly back and forth in her warm mouth.

She pushed her face forward and buried it in the wiry hairs of Don's crotch. With her lips pursed tightly around the throbbing base of his shaft, she began pulling back, stretching the man's prick to its full length.

Beneath Kim, Joe spread the girl's cunt wider with his thumbs, pulling the loose folds of moist skin away from her tiny clit. He savored the delicious feeling of the shapely girl riding up and down on his prick as he watched his cock-shaft disappear in and out of her slick pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah, fuck me hard!" Kim whispered, pulling her mouth away from Don's cock. A long strand of his pre-cum dangled from her tongue and she eagerly slurped it into her mouth, feeling it slide warmly down her throat. "Ram your prick into me, baby! I want to feel it at the top of my head!"

Joe held Kim up with his hands for a moment and then let her drop down the length of his huge cock. As his cock-meat punched up into the girl's tight fuck-tunnel, her small ass slapped down against his balls, making her groan with pleasure.

When Kim felt her ass press against Joe's balls, she sucked Don's cock deep into her mouth, darting his tongue around his meaty cock. In her throat she could feel the hot vibrations as his cock-shaft throbbed and pulsated. His cock was as stiff as an iron rod, completely filling her mouth and thrusting into the back of her throat. She started bobbing her head back and forth.

"Yeah, suck, baby, suck!" Don urged, placing his hands against the back of her head and drawing her closer. "Suck me just like that, long and deep!"

Kim groaned, her eyes closing with ecstasy. Gentle stabs of pleasure coursed through her delicate body as she found her ass around on Joe's driving prick to match the rhythm of Don's stabbing cock.

"Take it, baby!" Joe grunted, feeling the girl's cunt become hotter as it pulled wildly on his prick. "Take it all up your cunt!"

Kim buckled suddenly as a massive spasm of ecstasy blasted up her cunt. The rippling sensations seemed to melt her spine, causing both her mouth and cunt to clamp tightly around the fleshy fuck-poles inside them.

The small girl was on fire now as her orgasm built savagely. She gave another muffled cry of delight, feeling Joe's prick begin to jerk and throb with a hot load of cum.

"Shit!" Joe gasped, humping his hips up wildly and driving his prick into her cunt. "I'm ready... to... fuck!"

The first blast of boiling cum gushed into the back of Kim's cunt with unbelievable force. The steamy liquid exploded upward, sending a molten river of jism high up her narrow fuck-slit.

"Give it to me!" she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body and she bounced violently up and down on Joe's spurting cock. "God, ram it in and fill me with your cum."

Joe dug his fingers into Kim's firm ass-cheeks and pulled them apart. He drilled upward with all his might as his climax continued to send gobs of cum up through his throbbing cockshaft and into the maid's waiting cunt.

Kim writhed as if in pain, her pretty face a picture of lust and anguish. She was enjoying the ultimate in pleasure as her pussy was worked over and filled to capacity with Joe's thick cum.

Joe drove his cock home one final time as Kim's pussy milked out the last of his sticky cum. With a flinch of pleasure she fell forward onto his chest, sighing and still squirming her cute ass around on the shrinking cock.

Don lazily stroked his rigid cock as Kim climbed off Joe's cum-stained cock-shaft and stretched out on the floor exhausted.

"I guess you're too tired for me now, huh?" he said, a bit frustrated.

Kim took one look at his massive cock and her exhaustion left her. She smiled seductively at Don and slowly spread her slender legs, exposing her well-fucked cunt. Streams of Joe's sticky cum were oozing out of her cunt-slit and the lips of her cunt were splayed open obscenely.

"I'll never be too tired for your cock, lover!" she whispered, motioning Don to get on the floor with her. "Climb on in and let's see what you can do with that cock."

Don gazed at the juice coming from Kim's cunt-hole. She had jut been fucked by another man and the fucking had churned her cunt juices into a white froth around the edges of her naked pussy. Don wasn't one to complain about being second though, and he quickly dropped to his knees between the girl's outstretched thighs.

With a grunt of satisfaction he positioned his cock head at Kim's slippery cunt-hole, and with one fierce thrust, buried his rigid cock-shaft to the hilt inside her young body. Moments later the two lovers were enjoying a leisurely fuck as their bodies pumped in unison on the floor.

"Having a good time?" the girl asked, damping her ankles around Joe's strong waist.

"Hell, yes!" he answered, glancing around the room to see how the other couples were doing.

Mary was lying on the floor not far away, having just given a well-built handsome young man a terrific blow-job. He had cum in buckets and now some of his jism dangled from her chin as she pushed it into jaw mouth with a fingertip. She wallowed the last of his cram and noticed that the young man's cock hadn't shrunk a bit, despite the huge load he had just shot into her mouth.

"You ready for some hot fucking now?" Mary asked smiling.

She spread herself out on the carpet and prepared for the invasion of the man's meaty cock. She didn't know his name and she didn't bother to ask. There was just something incredibly decadent about getting fucked by a total stranger.

Her lover wasted no time in climbing between the brunette's wide-splayed thighs and sinking his rock-hard prick into her hotly itching cunt. He grunted and plowed his cock forward brutally, stabbing its blunt end deep into Mary's cunt. He lifted her hips and began driving his cock into the pleasantly surprised woman with enormous energy.

Mary scissored her shapely legs around the young man's waist and rocked her hips and ass in time to his even thrusts. He rocked her from side to side, squirming his prick around inside her to tease every inch of her overheated pussy. At one point they rolled onto their sides, but Mary and her young stud continued fucking without missing a beat.

"God, you're incredible," the horny woman panted, humping her pussy against the man's driving cock-meat.

Mary was loving her new sexual experience when she suddenly felt a pair of warm hands prying apart the firm globes of her ass. A moment later she felt someone roughly shove a thick finger into the puckered ring of her ass. Instinctively her muscles tightened around the invading digit and she tried to pull away. She was trapped by the weight of the man in front of her, though, and had to endure as the person behind her continued pushing his finger deeper into her tiny asshole.

At first Mary was angry at the unwanted intrusion, but soon she realized it didn't hurt at all. In fact, she began enjoying the feel of having both her fuck-holes filled at the same time. She twisted around as best she could to see who the person behind her was. She didn't recognize the man but that didn't matter anymore.

"I want your cock in me too!" she said, raising her top leg high. "Stick it up my ass so I can fuck both of you at the same time!"

Mary's second lover took the suggestion quite readily and inched his body down until his prick was level with her ass. Pressing his cock against the brown ring of her ass, he punched forward. He felt her ass-muscles give and his prick began sliding into her narrow ass-tunnel. Once his cock was firmly embedded in Mary's ass, the young man pushed with more force, driving his cock about halfway into her.

"Ahhhh, unnhhhh!" Mary gasped loudly. "Fuck me, both of you! Ram me and ream me full of hot cock! Don't ever stop!"

The man fucking Mary's pussy had been fucking her with slow thrusts while he waited for the other man to enter her asshole. When he felt Mary's body jerk back from her other lover's savage thrusts, he increased his momentum again.

"Give it to me... harder!" she begged.

Her hot cunt-juices were soaking both pricks as they sawed in and out of her.

Mary thought nothing in the world could be better than having two huge cocks inside her at the same time until the man fucking her cunt suddenly clamped his lips around one of her big tits and bit into her fat, dark nipple. She squealed with delight as he fucked her pussy and savagely sucked and mauled her tits at the same time. She grabbed the man around the neck and crushed him closer, feeling the warmth of her two lovers against her naked body. Nothing could be better than this, she thought, absolutely nothing.

The man fucking Mary's ass groaned unexpectedly and threw his head back as if in agony. He started slamming his cock into her ravaged asshole as hard as he could. He could feel the other man's cock through the thin skin that separated Mary's two fuck-holes, and the added friction had him on the verge of exploding.

"Take it, bitch!" he growled, poking his cock into her forcefully. "Rack, I'm gonna load your ass with cum!"

A second later, Mary felt a blast of molten cum sear into her ass. It clogged her tiny shitter instantly, and pushed the madly fucking brunette into a devastating climax. She thrashed wildly between the two men, loving the sensation of having her ass filled with the hot white liquid.

"Ohhhhh! Fill my ass with your cum cream!" she cried, squeezing her ass-muscles around the man's prick as tightly as possible. "Give me all of it!"

Mary's cunt-fucker felt the other man's prick swell up and spew its cum-load into her ass, and moments later he was ready to blast his cum load into her thirsty cunt.

"Now me!" he yelled. "I'm gonna cum into your cunt... now!"

The next thing Mary knew, she had two hard cocks squirting huge amounts of thick hot jism into her ass and cunt. It felt as if someone had turned on a firehose inside her as they gushed forth their loads of liquid fire.

Mary screamed with pleasure and became perfectly rigid as the two cocks continued pumping into her twin fuck-holes. She gasped for air and her nipples were swollen to the bursting point as they rubbed against one man's chest.

She writhed through one climax after another until she thought she would lose her mind from the sheer pleasure of it all.

The two cocks eventually stopped spurting, and the two men pulled them from Mary's worn fuck-holes with loud plops, leaving her panting on the floor, her ravaged cunt and ass oozing large amounts of sticky fuck-juice.

Chapter NINE

The party room looked like a disaster area. Clothes were strewn everywhere and bodies were all over, writhing about in sexual bliss. The only sounds were the grunts of the lovers mixed with the obscene slaps of cocks pounding into pussies, mouths and assholes.

"Oh, this is terrific!" Kim was crying as another cock spewed its load into her cleanshaven cunt and she squirmed through yet another incredible orgasm.

She'd lost count of how many times she had cum and how many guys had deposited their cumin her greedy pussy, but she was sure some of them were already hiking her for the second or third time.

Ann couldn't believe with how much vigor the young maid fucked as she watched her from the other side of the room. For a moment she wished she had that much energy, but then she remembered she'd been fucking almost nonstop herself. In fact, at that moment she was on her hands and knees, humping back against Don's huge cock as he fucked her doggie-style.

She groaned when Don reached around her and nabbed her huge dangling tits with his hands. He pinched her thick juicy nipples and pulled on the stiff buds.

Don fucked his cock forward, ramming its full length into Ann's narrow fuck-channel. When the base of his cock crammed against her furry pussy-mound and his balls swung against her pussy, he fell forward onto her back.

"Like it?" he grunted. "Hmmmmm?"

Ann whimpered in reply, loving the feeling of his big cock punching in and out of her deliciously filled pussy. She moved her shapely ass back and forth, sucking furiously with her strong cunt-muscles.

"I love your big fucking cock!" she gasped. "I want you to give it all to me all night long! Just fuck me forever!"

Don squeezed her massive tits again. They were so huge he needed two hands just to hold one of the giant orbs and he marveled at how firm they were as he kneaded her smooth tit-flesh.

When Don fondled her tits, Ann groaned obscenely and arched her back to give him a better angle. Nothing turned her on better than to have a man squeeze her tits and pinch her fat nipples while he fucked her.

"Oh, baby, yes! Fuck my cunt and squeeze my tits! You know how hove that!"

Ann humped back harder as Don's fucking motions became more intense. Already she could feel the hot ripples of ecstasy racing through her cunt, the beginning of an orgasm. Reaching between her legs, she gasped Don's balls lightly and fondled them, making him fuck into her with bull-like thrusts.

"Fuck me hard now, you bastard!" she demanded, rolling his balls against the hairy crack of her pussy. "Shove your cock up me. Fuck my brains out."

Ann was suddenly aware of someone standing before her, watching as she fucked violently back against Don's hard cock. Both Tom and Bill were standing in front of her, their huge pricks dangling just above eye level.

"How about sucking us off while you fuck Don?" Bill suggested, prodding the squirming woman's cheek with the head of his cock. "Think you can handle three guys at once?"

When she saw their massive cocks staring her in the face, Ann knew she wanted to try. Sucking off two men while she fucked a third would be the most mind-blowing experience she'd ever had.

Don was completely unaware of what was going on when Ann suddenly pulled away from his cock.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he gasped, his voice choked with frustration.

"Don't worry," Ann reassured him, quickly pushing him onto his back. "Just lie down. I want to ride your cock for a while!"

When Don was comfortable, Ann straddled him, her feet on either side of his hips. Grabbing his straining cock, she pushed his bloated cock-head into her cunt-hole and settled her cunt onto his firm fleshy cock. Ann turn turned her attention back to the brothers. Grasping one of their huge cocks in each hand, she pumped them until they were both hard and stuck out rigidly from their hairy crotches.

Bill's prick was already oozing clear fluid, so the excited woman quickly stuck out her pink tongue and gathered the stray drops into her mouth. Then she closed her lips around his swollen cock-knob and swallowed all of his hard prick-meat with one loud slurp.

"Holy shit... fuck! I don't believe that," the young man exclaimed as he watched his cock disappear in her hot mouth.

He'd had his cock sucked by many women but he'd never had one swallow all of his cockmeat at once. Ann was obviously a very gifted cock-sucker.

Tom continued to fuck his cock up into Ann's deliciously wet pussy with short powerful stabs. He was holding onto the horny woman's hips and bouncing her up and down on his long cock-shaft.

"Damn, you're such a little slut!" he grunted, watching her cock-filled mouth suck eagerly on Bill's thick cock. "You like sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time, don't you?"

"Uh-huh," Ann snorted.

Drops of spit oozed from the corners of her mouth, and it was clear the woman was beside herself with the pleasure of having three hot cocks to herself at one time.

Ann pulled away from Bill's cock and pulled his brother's rock-hard cock into her mouth without missing a beat of Don's driving cock. As the young man's prick plowed into the oval of her mouth, she gasped and grabbed his hairy balls. Instantly Tom began pumping his hips back and forth, literally fucking Ann's face with his huge cock. When she let go of his balls, he continued humping at her mouth, making the small bloated orbs swing back and forth between his muscular legs.

"Oooooh, fuck! Suck, suck it all down!" Tom winced, hardly believing how tightly Ann's mouth was locked around his throbbing cock.

Across the way, his brother's prick was sliding easily through the woman's free hand, tiny drops of cum leaking from his piss-slit and coating her fingers with a sticky film.

Ann's orgasm peaked suddenly and without warning, sending showers of rapture up and down her spine and through her overstuffed fuck-chute. Her cunt and Don's cock seemed to fuse together as her cunt grasped his cock and she ground down on it, forcing as much of his meaty cock into her as possible.

Don wanted to hold back his impending climax a while longer, but it was a losing proposition when Ann began writhing through her own climax. When her cunt-muscles squeezed his cock, he felt his balls and the base of his enormous cock swell as boiling blobs of cum prepared to erupt into her waiting cunt. His body flexed rigidly as he hammered his cock viciously upwards.

"You ready for my load, slut?" he cried hoarsely. "I'm going to shoot it into you now!"

"Yes, oh God... squirt me! Fill me with your fuck-juice!" the wanton woman begged.

When the first wad of Don's spunk shot into her belly, Ann was overcome by a violent orgasm. She felt his cock spurting huge amounts of boiling jism deep inside her cunt-hole, coating her narrow cunt-canal with steaming hot cum. In an instant her cunt was overflowing, and a tiny river of gooey white cum cream leaked from her cunt and ran down the length of Don's constantly spurting cock. Seconds later the insides of her thighs were a warm sticky mess as the cum poured out of her stuffed cunt-hole, around Don's sticky cock-shaft.

"Keep squirting!" she shrieked, completely out of her head with lust. "I want every drop of your cum."

Don blasted the last of his sticky cum-load into Ann's furry cunt with a vicious thrust and then lay panting on the carpet as the lusty blonde used her strong cunt-muscles to suck out every drop of his turn. She wriggled on his cock, causing a large mess of cum to slosh out of her stretched cunt, forming a sticky puddle in his crotch.

Once she was sure Don's cock wasn't giving her anymore cum, Ann pulled herself off his wilting prick and knelt in front of the brothers, intent on tasting their loads.

"You two ready to shoot my mouth full of cum-cream?" she asked huskily, gazing up at them with longing eyes.

"You better believe it!" Tom replied, pressing his prick against the woman's pouty red lips. "Just open that little mouth of yours and suck me a while. I guarantee you'll get all the cum you can eat!"

Ann gobbled his cock-shaft into her mouth and sucked it back and forth until it glistened with spit. She shivered with lust when she tasted a small blob of his cum as it leaked from his narrow piss-slit.

I could suck out a gallon of this, she thought, bobbing her pretty head along his slick rigid cock-meat.

"I hope you give me lots to eat!" she whispered.

"That's exactly what you're going to get, too!" Tom hissed, spearing his thick cock back into the woman's sucking mouth. "I'm going to fuck your mouth till you eat every fucking drop of my cum and swallow it down!"

Tom's lewd demand excited Ann even more as she worked to bring him off. She sucked wildly now, feeling the warmth of his hard cock searing down her throat and into her guts.

As Ann's cock-sucking intensified, so did the rhythm of her baud as she jacked off Tom's brother. Bill's prick was now so thick that she could barely get her hand around his swollen cock-shaft could feet his cock swelling constantly and hoped she could time it so both brothers shot their cum-loads at the same time.

Ann was flushed with the raw excitement of what she was doing. Her blonde hair was matted with beads of sweat and her big tits bounced wildly like containers of jelly as she sucked and jacked her lovers towards roaring orgasms.

"Suck my cock too!" Bill ordered suddenly, stepping closer to Ann's cock-filled mouth.

The lust-crazed housewife pulled the men's pricks together so their thick cock-shafts were alongside each other. Then, opening her mouth as wide as possible, she slipped her lips over both bulbous cock-knobs at once and slowly started sucking them into her mouth. Inch after inch of cock-meat slipped into her mouth until almost half of both cocks had disappeared from view.

Ann stopped for a second, fearing she would gag, but she got her breathing under control and continued swallowing cock until she had all of Tom's and Bill's pricks stuffed in her mouth.

Neither man could believe what the woman had accomplished and they stared with fascination as she started sliding her red lips along their richly-veined cock-shafts.

"Oh yeah, I don't believe this!" Tom exclaimed over and over, his mind reeling at the obscene sight of Ann's well-stuffed mouth. "Suck, baby, suck! I'm gonna cream you good!"

Grabbing both cocks at their bases, Ann pumped them furiously to make up for not being able to suck them as fast as she wanted to. At the same time she collapsed her cheeks, sucking violently on the stiff cocks as if trying to vacuum their cum-loads up from their balls.

"Ohhhhh... God, I gonna blow!" Tom gasped, his body becoming rigid and his straining cock swelling to enormous dimensions inside the slutty blonde's mouth. "Ahhhhh! Unnggghhhh! Suck... God... suck!"

Tom's boiling cum-load spewed from his cock-head like water from a hose. It seared over Ann's tongue and squirted into her parched throat, coating it with thick cum-cream as it oozed hotly into her hungry belly.

With her mouth stuffed with cock, Ann had no room for Tom's load of cum and she had to pull the twin slabs of cock-meat from between her lips to keep from gagging.

The moment she did, Tom's prick twitched again, sending a huge geyser of steaming cum splashing across Ann's surprised face. Thick strands of the gooey substance clung to the side of her nose and dripped down her cheek in long strands that finally snapped and fell onto her shoulders and tits.

"Yes, honey, that's it!" she squealed. She aimed the spurting head of his cock right at her mouth, longing for the next blast of hot cum-cream. "Squirt your cum in my mouth and on my face. Shoot it all over me!"

Tom's massive cock jerked again and another thick was of cum shot onto the woman's outstretched tongue. As she swallowed it greedily, he squirted again, this time coating her partially closed lip, with his creamy cum.

When Tom started cumming all over the pretty blonde's face, Bill lost control. Placing his hand over Ann's, he helped her jerk his cock a few times and them aimed it at her tanned face. If the sexy bitch wanted to eat and bathe in cum, that was exactly what she was going to get.

"Take my load now, whore!" he growled a second before his first wad of cum blasted from his piss-slit and splattered across Ann's forehead and eye. "I'm going to cover you with cum, bitch! Take it... eat it!"

Ann was overwhelmed with lust and pleasure as both pricks jerked simultaneously and spewed out twin loads of fuck-cream. As the sticky juices soiled her features and filled her lovely moth, she shivered with delight and was overcome by a surprise orgasm of her on. It was the first time she had ever cum without having her pussy stimulated in any way.

"More, I want more!" wailed the sex-crazed woman, when her mouth was momentarily cleared of cum. Glob after glob of the brothers' sticky cum landed on her gorgeous face until it was covered with a thin coat of the sticky cream.

Still Tom and Bill weren't done cumming. It seemed their balls produced an endless supply of cum as they aimed their cocks at her ripe tits and squirted. Great strands of cum ran down her tits and into her cleavage, coating her thick dark nipples and hanging from the distended buds in long, milky ropes.

Finally the amount of jism the two men pumped out began to subside, and Ann watched as they squeezed out the last of their cum from their rapidly wilting pricks. Tom let his final glob of cum drop onto Ann's outstretched tongue while his brother smeared his obscenely across her face.

"Did you get enough?" Bill asked, surveying the woman's cum-smeared face and tits. "Did we give you all the cum you could handle?"

"Never... never enough," Ann muttered in reply, rubbing the cum into her face with Bill's soft cock-head. "I could eat cum for the rest of my life and still want more."

As if to prove her point, she lifted one of her heavy tits to her mouth and sucked the stiff nipple between her greasy lips, cleaning off every trace of the brother's cum.

When she had cleaned herself up, Ann looked around for her husband. Joe was on the far side of the room, ramming his prick into her friend Mary while she sucked greedily on her own husband's thick cock. Seconds later she heard both men groan and watched as they shuddered and convulsed in the throes of violent orgasms.

Joe had pulled his cock from Mary's steaming cunt and Ann watched as a river of juice ran out of her well-fucked cunt and down the crack of her ass. When Don finally pulled his cock from his wife's mouth, another stream of cum drooled from her lips. In Ann's mind, Mary looked like a well-fucked slut, with both her mouth and pussy overflowing with hot, male cum.

"I've never felt so good in my whole life!" Mary said, crawling into her husband's arms. "We should do this more often."

"That's exactly how I feel," Don said, trying to catch his breath. "I'm so glad you got me back into sex. I'll never give this up for work again!"

"Good," his pretty wife said, smiling happily through cum-stained lips. "Then let's all extend our vacations for another week and do nothing but suck and fuck!"

No one answered but nothing needed to be said. The four lovers just looked at each other and smiled. Their vacation was just beginning.


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