Church Lady

I'd always been lukewarm about going to church, but when one have very devout parents one has to be at death's door to get out of it. Worse, I've never been particularly religious, especially after I spent a week the summer before I started high school and read my Bible from cover to cover. I learned very quickly to keep my questions & observations to myself. Those with extremely devout faith seem to have a hard time tolerating those with a more inquisitive nature.

On the other hand, I do like seeing the ladies in their Sunday-go-to-meeting finery. All go dressed to the nines; wearing make up, hair styled, refined fabrics. skirts, blouses, dresses, heels (not slut heels but enough to accentuate the calves) and hose. Between seeing the women dressed for the lord and getting to talk to girls my age in the teen Sunday Study class (aka Sunday School), it made the ordeal of sitting through long winded sermon and hours of boring, pointless ritual bearable.

The leader of the teen group was the Mrs Taylor, who was the wife of one of the church's aldermen. He eldest daughter, Janey, was my age and I'd been crushing on her for a while. I also really liked Mrs Taylor, who was every bit as beautiful as her daughter, but more importantly to me, encouraged my participation. I think she was using me as a counterbalance to the hard core literalists in the group.

Anyways, when I would masturbate at night, (or in the morning, or in the shower, or when I was alone (come on, I was a teen age boy in high school with raging hormones and would jack off at almost every opportunity)) I would often think about Janey, but at times I would think about Mrs Taylor, about her hour glass figure, ample breast and the hints of cleavage I'd been able to sneak looks at every once in a while. Sometimes Id think about the two of them together and blow my load right then and there.

And so it was, one Sunday, the group topic was sex & sexual morality. I noticed Janey's skirt was cut above her knees which was a little unusual, but not remarkable as it was a warm, late spring day. Days like that seemed to encourage higher cuts, shorter sleeves and open collars for the women. For us boys it meant no vests under out suit jackets, short sleeve, and for me, a change from my usual bow ties to a long tie so I could undo the top button and loosen the tie.

What really caught my attention is Mrs Taylor's blouse was open at the top two buttons and her cleavage was, well, let's just say I had to force myself to look directly at her face when she called on me. I was using verses from Psalms, some of which are pretty erotic, to argue that sex wasn't inherently evil or immoral.

By the time the session was over, I was sporting a raging stiffy. Very deliberately, I was slow in gathering up my stuff; Bible, notebook, pencil, and repacking my vinyl portfolio. The other kids had already cleared out & Mrs. Taylor asked me if I would stay & help tidy up the rest of the room and stow the class materials.

Of course I said yes, but I didn't move as I hoped she would turn her back to me long enough for me to readjust myself so my cock wasn't tenting my suit pants. She didn't.

Instead, she asked, "You like Janey, don't you Reuben? I mean as more than just a friend."

I felt my face heat up as I answered, "Yeah, well, she's really cute, and she's smart and fun and stuff."

"So why haven't you asked her out?"

"Uhmm, uhh." I was a master of wit, even back then.

"You should hear her at home. She talks about you constantly. I think she's smitten. Frankly, I can't blame her. You're a very handsome young man, Reuben, and very intelligent, but smart enough to be discrete and keep somethings to yourself, I think."

As she was saying this, she had moved close to me and leaned over, allowing a clear look down her blouse. Her bra was made of a shiny black material, cut low so the tops of her large aureoles were plainly visible.

"I've noticed you looking at me when you thought no one was watching you," she whispered into my ear as I felt her her hand slide into my crotch and unzip my fly. "I got married when I was seventeen and I've had sex exactly three times in my life, but I'm done being a faithful, dutiful wife to a man who doesn't want to touch me, who is never at home, and has been fucking around on me for years," she growled. "Play along and I'll let you have me anyway you want. I'll even help you with Janey. Okay, Reuben?"

I said no and ran from the room.


I was so worked up I could bare nod, much less croak out something that sounded like a yes. I barely managed to keep from blowing my load until I felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock. Mrs. Taylor, I think, was surprised how much I came. Even though she swallowed as much as she could, it leaked out from her mouth onto my throbbing shaft, which she licked clean.

She swallowed it all and after she licked her lips, kissed me, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth as she jacked my cock.

"Congratulations, you're my first blowjob. I never knew cum could be so tasty. Oh, look, you're still hard. I think I'll have another taste. We certainly can't have you walking around church with that huge cock of yours all hard and noticeable, can we?"

"Uh, no, I guess." Me and my clever repartee. Go, go gadget conversational skills.

She sucked my cock in as much as she could, and I felt as well as heard her gagging as she tried to force herself to deep throat me. She wasn't able to, but it didn't matter much. Between her darting, swirling tongue which played over my cock's head and the underside of my shaft, her one hand jacking the part of my rod she couldn't take in, her other hand cupping and gently massaging my balls, I was soon shooting another load of sticky goo into her mouth.

Once again she swallowed all my spunk and smacked her lips in delight.

"You'd better adjust yourself and get zipped up, lover boy. The service will start soon. Tell you folks I've offered you a job doing some yard work and chores after school and on weekends. I've already discussed it with them and my husband. When Janey or either of her sisters are around you'll be working. But when they aren't, and I'll see too it that they're elsewhere as much as is reasonably possible, you'll still be working, just with less clothing. That way you'll have some spending money to take Janey out on dates. Okay?"

"Yes, Mrs Taylor," was my enthusiastic reply.

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