Sisters Get Gangbanged and Bred

Sharon was desperate. She didn't know what was happening! Her petite young body was rigid. Her small breasts were so tight they were hurting. Her nipples were harder and stiffer than she'd ever seen or felt them. Her groin was rock hard, her pussy lips swollen and red, and her small, tight ass so taught it was rippling with spasms. Both her vaginal and anal openings were tingling. Her breath was coming in short gasps and pants. Even as she stood in front of the mirror, looking at her naked body, her childlike face wreathed in her reddish blonde hair, she could see the uncontrolled flexing of her hips. A low moan escaped her as she ran her hand up her body, between her breasts, over her throat and into her mouth. Even as she sucked on her fingers she knew she needed to be fucked. She needed to be fucked hard, fast and long. The time that had passed since her last sexual encounter was more than her sex craving body could tolerate! Why wouldn't her husband take care of her needs? Why weren't any of her lovers available?

At twenty-two, Sharon was quite experienced sexually. She'd started by playing with her own body while fantasizing about some of her brother's friends and her sister's lovers. Whenever she'd heard her sister having sex she'd leaned her ear against the wall, eavesdropping as she rapidly fingered her own pussy. On many occasions, she'd orgasm at the same time as her sister, Maureen, her moans mirroring those coming from the adjoining room.

Now, her body was in sexual overdrive. She was, she realized, a total sex addict and slut. That fact did not bother her. In fact, she was proud of what she was. She'd had sex with over a hundred different men, some total strangers, since she'd turned eighteen and had no intention of stopping at any time.

Right now, however, she was alone and her fingers and toys just weren't doing what she needed. She needed a hot, hard, large throbbing cock stuffed into her small, less than one-hundred pound, body! In desperation, even as she slammed her left hand back into her vaginal depths, she picked up the phone and pushed the quick dial button.

"Hello" came out of the phone.

"Adam? It's Sharon."

"Hi Sharon, what's up? Do you want to talk to Maureen?"

"Oh, God, no, Adam, I need to talk with you. I'm so fucking horny! I think I'm in sexual withdrawal because it’s been so long since I've had cock inside me! Can you help me, please!"

There was a pause on the phone. Sharon was afraid she might have pushed Adam, her sister’s lover, too far. She heard his sigh come through the phone.

"Sharon, I wish you could come over so I could take care of you. But, Maureen will be here in about two hours and you know how she'd react."

The emotional let-down coursed through her sex-starved body but her need soon overpowered it.

"Maybe I can come over and you can fuck me quick before she gets there?" Even as she said it she knew the answer.

"Sharon, even if you were gone, she'd smell your sex and know you were here and what we'd been doing. You know we both can't risk that, Maureen means too much to both of us."

Disappointment flooded through her, even as she continued to jab her pussy with the fingers of her left hand. Even her approaching physical orgasm couldn't overcome her emotional letdown.

"Yeah, you're right, Adam. Oh God, I need cock and I need it now!" She wailed.

Adam listened to the sounds coming from the phone and knew his lover’s sister was totally out of control. He knew it was dangerous to leave her that way because of what it might drive her to do. A thought popped into his head and he decided to act on it.

"Sharon, let me contact someone and see if I can't get your needs taken care of tonight."

Sharon's heart lifted in joy at the prospect and her orgasm finally let loose and ripped through her body. Adam listened, his cock getting harder and harder as he heard the sounds of her orgasm through the phone. Whoever got together with Sharon was going to need a lot of stamina to keep up with her!

Breaking the connection, Adam looked up a number he'd just recently obtained and dialed it. When the line opened and he heard the sensual feminine voice on the other end, he responded.

"Hello, Myra, its Adam. How are you?"

"Fine, Adam," Myra replied surprised at hearing from him, "what's up that you called?"

“I just got a call from Maureen's sister, Sharon and she's in heat something bad. Is there any chance you can get someone to go to her and fuck her?"

There was a thoughtful pause on the line.

"I might know someone in the area. Do you think she'd be happy with just one guy or would several be better?"

Adam thought about it and realized that a group would be best. Sharon was always telling him how she'd love to be gang-banged and used as a sex toy. This might be the time to have her live that fantasy.

"Myra, I think a few men might be needed, she's really bad."

"Ok. Let me make a couple of calls. By the way, the guys I know in that area are all black. They are a breeding club that takes on white women who want to have black babies and fuck them until they come up pregnant. She wouldn't happen to be fertile, would she?"

Adam wasn't sure about that and didn't know if Sharon used any type of birth control. He'd never seen or heard her quite as bad as she sounded on the phone. Even when she was in her fertile cycle and on the pill, her craving for sex wasn't as strong as it was now.

"Myra let me call you back in a few and I'll let you know. Do you think they'd do it if she can't be bred?"

"Maybe, I can't say for sure. If she's fertile and willing to be bred, they'd jump at the chance. Sharon's a beautiful young white girl, just what they love to fuck."

"Ok, let me find out." With that, Adam broke the connection and hit the button for Sharon.


"Sharon, its Adam. Are you fertile?"

"What? Why would you ask that?"

"It might be important in getting you partners."

"Partners? As in more than one? Actually I probably am fertile. I am so totally horny which I usually get when I'm at that point of my cycle and I stopped taking the pill a couple of months ago."

"Ok, good. Would you mind it if you got fucked and ended up pregnant?"

Sharon let that sink in and suddenly felt a hot flush spreading out from her pussy, encompassing her entire body. She suddenly realized that she wanted to have a baby put into her belly more than anything else in the world.

"Oh my God, Adam, that's what I need right now! That's why I'm so damned horny! When you asked that, such a wave of warmth and desire filled me, I'm burning!"

Adam listened to her answer and continued to listen to the pants, gasps and moans as the thought and Sharon's continued self-stimulation brought her to a massive orgasm.

"Sharon, I'm going to arrange you to be gang-banged tonight. The guys will all be black, however. Is that ok with you?"

Sharon's lust soared to even greater heights! She'd always fantasized about being fucked by black men and now, her dreams of being with black men and being gang-banged were about to come true at the same time!

"Yes! Oh Yes! I'd love that!"

Adam was surprised at the desperation and lust in Sharon's voice.

"Sharon, let me go so I can set it up. I'll call you back."

With that he hung up the phone and stood there thinking. He didn't feel right about letting Myra send a gang of strange black guys over to Sharon's place. The thought of her alone with a group of strangers just didn't sit right with him. He figured he'd have to do some special planning for the event. An idea suddenly began to grow in his mind.

He picked up the phone and pressed Myra's number again. As soon as the line opened, he started talking.

"Myra, its Adam again. If you can get them to agree to breed her, she's willing and anxious for them to do it. She came at the thought as soon as I mentioned it to her. Have them come to my place in about two hours, ok?"

"OK, Adam, if that's what you want. But, isn't Maureen on her way to be with you?"

"Yes, but I have a plan which might just make this a really special weekend."

"Ok, Adam, if you say so. I'll give them the address and time."

With that the connection was broken and Adam dialed Sharon's number.

"Sharon, come over here in about an hour and a half. Wear that sun dress you have with nothing under it."

"Oh, ok. But why do you want me there? Are you going to fuck me after all?"

"No, the guys I mentioned will come here to breed you. I just don't feel right about having them go to your place. This way I can make sure things don't get out of hand and you don't get hurt."

"Thanks, Adam! But what about Maureen?"

"Don't worry about her, I have a plan."

"Ok," Sharon responded uncertainly, "I hope you know what you are doing."

"I do," Adam replied, hoping he was right.

Adam put the phone down and dashed into the small office area and quickly made some preparations, setting up what he needed to carry out his quickly formatted plan.

Just as he finished his last minute arrangements, he heard a light knock on his front door, which opened and revealed Maureen's presence.

Running up to him, she threw her arms around Adam and kissed him fervently on the lips. As she broke the kiss, she kept her arms around his neck and gazed up into his eyes, her own filled with lust.

"God I'm glad to be here! I need you to fuck me right now! Pick me up and take me!" she commanded.

Adam was glad to oblige. Slipping his already hard cock out of his sweats, he slid his hands under her skirt and pressed them against her naked ass cheeks. Lifting her easily, he settled her twenty-four year old pussy over his forty-five year old cock and sighed as he felt her wet heat encompassing him.

Soon, Maureen was sliding her pussy rapidly up and down Adam's rigid pole, moaning in pleasure each time she felt his full length buried in her depths. Soon, she was grinding her hips in a circular motion on him and her breath was coming in short pants, very similar to what he'd just heard from Sharon over the phone. As she wailed and began to slam her pussy up and down on his cock hard and fast, he knew she was on the verge of her first orgasm. With all that activity before her arrival, Adam couldn't hold back and, just as her pussy began to spasm along his length, he grunted and felt the surge of cum racing up his cock, exploding outwards into her waiting womb. As they stood, locked together, they both moaned and growled as their bodies remained locked in mutual orgasm and Maureen's pussy sucked all the cum it could get from Adam's body.

Adam staggered as his orgasm drained his strength. He leaned forward, pressing Maureen's back against the wall, using it to help balance the joined pair. As he felt his cock grow soft and slip out of his lover's pussy, he could feel her breathing slowing and her body relaxing against him. Her hold on him with both her arms and legs remained secure.

Shifting Maureen's weight slightly, Adam lifted her up, bearing her weight on his hips and hands. He heard her gentle sigh as she leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder and nuzzling her face against his. Feeling a bit guilty about what he was going to do, he carried her into the office, carefully lowering her into the leather, high backed chair. He was glad that the seat back, though high was narrow and separate from the seat base.

Reaching up behind his head, he grasped Maureen's hands in his and drew them up over his head. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips to hers, seeing the gleaming shine in her eyes as he approached. As their kiss turned passionate, he pressed her hands behind her until he felt the touch of metal against them. Quickly, as the kiss deepened he flicked the open portion of the cuffs over her wrists and pressed on them, assuring that her wrists were securely restrained behind her.

He sensed as well as felt her gasp of surprise. This was something new for her and him but something they'd often talked about. When she realized that she'd been handcuffed to the chair, her alarm turned to sultry lust as she stared up at him, a sensual smile starting to spread across her face.

"Oh, are you going to dominate me tonight, Adam? Am I to be your bound submissive?" She asked in a deep voice.

"Yes, Maureen. Tonight you are my bound slave. Now, I am going to strip you and prepare you for the evening."

With that, he knelt down and removed her shoes. Sliding his hands up her legs and over her thighs, he grasped her skirt and drew it down off of her as she lifted herself up to help him. He then unfastened her blouse and the front catches of her bra, letting her magnificent breasts spill out. For a moment, he was tempted to suck on them and her nipples as he always enjoyed, especially when he felt her orgasm as a result of his touch.

Instead, he released one of her wrists and removed her clothing from her arm, re-securing her wrist before freeing the other. Soon, she was cuffed again to the chair and was totally naked. Her aroused smile as she looked up at him let him know how ready she was to play.

Adam reached over to the computer and pulled a mask out from behind the monitor and placed it over her eyes, adjusting the strap behind her head so that it was tight but comfortable for her. He leaned forward and buried his nose in her reddish blonde hair and deeply inhaled the scent of her arousal. Lifting up from her, he exhaled slowly, luxuriating in her scent.

He again reached behind the monitor and drew out a ball gag which he then put into her mouth and fastened behind her head. To finish securing her, he knelt down and pulled each of her legs to the side of the chair and cuffed her ankles to the back, leaving her knees spread wide and her pussy fully open. Satisfied, he reached up and grabbed the wireless eggs on the desktop and slid one into her pussy and the other into her squirming ass. Standing over her, admiring her sensual appearance, he reached down to the control units there and turned both vibrators on high.

He watched as her body stiffened and her back arched as the vibrations struck her, sending her into an almost instant orgasm! He could hear her muffled scream through the ball gag. When she began to come down from her orgasm, he pressed another egg against her clit and then fastened it to her using some masking tape, making sure not to get it in her hair. When he turned that on, she began to shake and quiver in another orgasm, her hips continually thrusting and twisting in pleasure even after it passed.

Adam left her there and walked into the living room area and was startled to see Sharon already there.

"Where's Maureen" she asked looking around quickly.

"It's ok, Sharon, she's tied up right now."

"Tied up? What do you mean?"

Sighing, he put his arm around her and led her to the office. Sharon gasped and stiffened in his arm at the site of her older sister's naked, orgasm wracked body. He held her back as she tried to take a step towards her. Sharon suddenly looked up at Adam, her eyes wild with passion and lust before turning her gaze back to her sister. Adam suddenly realized that her gaze was fixed on her sister's quivering pussy and the steady stream of fluids issuing from it. She clung to him tightly as she watched her sister arch and spasm as a massive orgasm overpowered her.

Sharon was fixed to the spot, immobile. Adam finally swept his arm under her knees, his other already across her upper back and picked her up, carrying her out of the room and back to the living room. As he did so, the bottom of her strapless dress rode up to her waist and her small breasts popped out of the top. Gazing at her stone hard nipples, Adam gave in to the impulse that rushed through him and lowered his lips to her left nipple and sucked it into his mouth. When he felt Sharon arch up to press her breast to his face and heard her lust filled moan, he began to suck on her gently but firmly.

Adam continued suckling on Sharon's sensitive nipple as she clutched at his head with her right hand, her left caught between their bodies but striving to find his cock. Suddenly, he felt wetness at his waist and realized that it was issuing from Sharon's pussy. A steady stream of her fluids was issuing from her, preparing her for the penetration she craved.

Adam decided to take a chance and do something he knew was probably not a good idea. He set Sharon's body down on the couch, keeping her nipple locked in his mouth. He grabbed the top of her dress and yanked it down to her waist, continuing to pull it down her back and under her tiny, tight ass and then down her legs. He reached into his sweats and took out he resurrected cock out and then picked up Sharon's shaking body.

Sharon, saw Adam's exposed cock and groaned when she saw how hard and big it looked. Her moan became a gasp of surprise as she felt him lifting her up over it. With a squeal of delight, she threw her legs around him and eagerly started moving down his body in an attempt to capture his cock in her pussy.

Adam slowly lowered her ass in his hands until his cockhead touched her wet lips. Pulling his mouth off of her nipple, he hugged her tightly to himself, putting his lips next to her ear.

"It's still wet with Maureen's pussy. Do you want her wetness inside you?"

He felt her go rigid, obviously trying to decide. Suddenly her body began to quiver as she was shaking her head up and down.

"Yes! Yes! Put your cock, coated in my sister's pussy inside me! Oh God she looks so hot in there!"

With that, Adam dropped her body down, impaling her on his cock. He was amazed as she buried her face in his shoulder and screamed forcefully as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm. Her powerful need, along with the site of her sister's subjugation and being fucked by her sister's lover, still wet with her sister's pussy teleported her into an orgasm like none she'd ever experienced before.

Her pussy's grasp on his cock startled Adam as did his body's response to it. He felt his orgasm rising totally out of his control and grunted as he thrust up into his lover's sister and unleashed his potent sperm into her unprotected and, possibly fertile pussy. He felt her body's quivering get even more violent as she realized she had sperm inside her and another strong orgasm wacked her body, pulling her newly won prize deeply into her womb.

Just as they both began to recover from their shared pleasure, Adam heard a knock on the door. Knowing who was there, he walked over to it, Sharon still wrapped around him, their bodies still linked. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see ten young, muscular, well dressed black men standing there. They looked like a group of young bankers or lawyers, not the gang of thugs he'd envisioned.

"Hi, we're here to breed a woman named Sharon. My name is Brandon and I'm the head of our

Chapter of the Mixed Race Breeders Association."

Adam took his proffered hand and shook it over Sharon's limp shoulder. He saw Brandon's eyes travel to Sharon's naked back and ass and the obvious sexual link between the two of them.

"Come on in," Adam responded, stepping back, still holding Sharon.

As the men filed into the room, Sharon lifted her head, still shaken by the powerful orgasms she'd just experienced. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the large number of black men facing her. She grabbed Adam's body more tightly with her arms and legs, even her pussy clutching at his softening cock. Adam could tell she was a little scared at the sight but her body's stronger response was desire.

"Brandon, this is Sharon. She couldn't wait until you got here to fuck so she already has cum in her pussy. I know she needs more and, I think you'll find that she has a strong desire to be bred by your group."

Hearing that, Sharon's head shot up and her head began shaking up and down.

"Yes, oh yes! Please fuck me and use me and make me pregnant! I want a black baby!"

Brandon began to strip. When he finished, Sharon groaned in open lust at the sight of his long, thick brown cock. When Adam glanced down, he saw that it had to be at least seven inches long and half again as thick as his own. He didn't resist when Brandon lifted Sharon's body away from his, turned her around and then gently lowered her freshly fucked pussy down onto his massive cock. He quickly slapped his hand over her mouth as she let go with a primal scream of pure lust as the full length of Brandon's black cock entered her womb.

Brandon held her impaled on his member as she squirmed on it, moving it around inside herself. He let her clutch his body in her arms and legs, listening to her mewing pleas for him to fuck her and impregnate her. Instead, he nodded to the other men who then quickly shed their clothing as well. Brandon looked directly at one of the men and he moved up behind Sharon's naked, exposed body. His cock was hard and long, but thinner than Brandon's. He ran the tip against Sharon's anal opening and, even as she gasped in surprise, he pushed it into her.

Adam thought she was going to scream out in pain but, instead, Sharon moaned in pleasure, arched her back and easily accepted the shaft into her back entrance.

"Oh God I love it in my ass!" She hissed as she began to ride the two phalluses buried inside her.

Soon, they set up a steady rhythm, fucking the small white body lodged between their larger black bodies. Adam could only stand there in awe at the scene before him. Suddenly, he knew he wanted Maureen to be fucked by these men as well. He walked into the office quickly and released her ankles and wrists, drawing her to her feet. He left her blindfolded and gagged.

Taking her hand, he led her into the living room, where some of the eight men not yet engaged with Sharon stared at her. Quietly, Adam brought her up to one of them and indicated he should fuck her. He stood back as the man turned towards Maureen, slid his hands under her ass and lifted her. Adam watched as Maureen's arms and legs automatically lifted and wrapped around the person taking control of her. Even through the gag, he heard her moan of pleasure as the eight inch black cock slid into her white pussy.

Adam couldn't believe how hard his cock suddenly got at the site of his lover's pussy being taken and fucked. The color difference between her white pussy lips and the huge very dark cock possessing her left him breathlessly aroused. When a second man moved behind her and began to push his seven inch cock into her ass his arousal reached peaks he'd never known and he suddenly realized that the site of his double penetrated lover's white body, pressed between two powerful black bodies had made him cum. He stared at the scene before him and at the large puddle of his cum on the rug.

Maureen was responding to the fucking she was beginning to receive. Adam could see her body thrashing, her arms flailing in the air, her feet doing the same as she kept her legs wrapped around her vaginal lover. He suddenly realized why her responses were so strong. She still had the vibrators lodged deep inside her body and one still strapped to her clit! Everything that was being done to her was even more intense than he expected.

Quickly, he walked over to her and her two lovers. He stood to the side and could hear the muted sounds coming from behind her gag. Quickly and gently, as the two buff black men continued to fuck her relentlessly, he loosened the gag and removed it from her mouth. She was totally incoherent in her passion, giving out sounds of panting, moaning, gasps and yelps as the two cocks bottomed out in her body.

Her sounds ceased suddenly as she realized that there were other sounds of sexual pleasure in the area. Adam could see she was trying to determine where and what the sounds were from. He motioned to the two guys fucking her to shift so that she was facing her sister Sharon who was still being pounded hard by Brandon and his companion.

Gently, Adam unfastened the strap on her mask and slid it off her face. As soon as her eyes adjusted to the sudden light, she spotted her sister's quivering body sandwiched between the two solid, six foot plus bodies that were smashing into her over and over. Maureen let out a gasp, followed by a low moan and her own body was overcome with spasms! Adam was amazed as he suddenly heard the sound of running water and, looking down, realized that his Maureen was ejaculating a large and continuous stream of her girl cum onto the floor.

Sharon was lost in her own sexual stimulation. Never had she been fucked so hard and so long! She'd lost count of her orgasms only knowing she didn't want it to ever stop! Her body was sore and bruised from the hard fucking she was receiving but she craved more! She was rapidly becoming addicted to her multiple orgasms and the black cocks that were giving them to her. Every time she looked down and saw Brandon's thick black cock pulling out of her clutching white lips and then slamming back in, she let out a wail of total pleasure as even more powerful orgasms ripped through her body.

A hand grabbed her chin roughly and twisted her head so she was staring into Brandon’s deep brown eyes.

"What do you want bitch?" He asked her.

"Oh God, I want you to fuck me!" She wailed in response.

"What do you really want from us, whore!" He demanded.

"Breed me! Put your black baby into me! I want to be a black baby breeder!" She screamed.

Her body swelled with hope as she saw a smile cross his face. Hope became total pleasure as she saw determination cover his features, felt his arms tighten around her and then the forceful thrust of his cock into her untouched depths. She lost all control, orgasms overpowering her at knowing she was being bred as she felt Brandon's cum jetting into her.

Maureen, slowly giving in again to her own orgasms, heard the exchange. Fear shot through her at the thought of Sharon’s husband's reaction to the birth of her sister's baby. Her fear was also matched by her own lust, desire and arousal at the sight if her sister's reaction to the obvious flow of cum that was entering her. Suddenly, she felt the cock in her pussy shoved in deep and hard and then lost all thought as her own body responded to being filled with potent, black cum. Even as she was focused on the seed filling her womb, she quivered more at the feel of a huge quantity of cum squirting into her ass.

"Oh how I want to be bred too! I want a black baby growing inside my womb while Sharon has one growing in hers!" Maureen thought as her body shook and quivered. Knowing she couldn't conceive any longer didn't stop the craving she felt, along with the weight of the massive flood of hot cum that was now housed in her willing womb.

Suddenly Maureen's body was empty of cock. Placed on her feet, she was too weak to stand and fell to the floor onto her hands and knees. When she lifted her head, she saw the man who'd just bred her sister pull his cock out of her and be replaced by another black cock, every bit as big as the monster that'd just slid out of her. She heard her sister scream and moan in total pleasure at his entrance and then watched, fascinated as Sharon's ass was filled with its first load of black cum. The spent cock in her ass was soon replaced with another one, already hard and dripping. Maureen's body quivered in orgasm as she knelt there watching her sister's ravishing and saw the total orgasmic state into which she'd been transported.

Suddenly, Maureen's vision was blocked. A large, hard black body stood before her, the huge, limp wet dick protruding from it right in line with her eyes.

"Suck my cock bitch and clean your sister off it. Get me hard so I can breed her again." Brandon demanded.

Maureen stared wide-eyed at the quivering, dripping mass of black meat in front of her. Losing total control of herself, not believing she was about to do it, she opened her mouth and slid her lips along the soft, slimy length. She didn't stop until her nose was buried in curly black hair and her mouth was filled with the taste of her sister's pussy. Instinctively, she started to ripple her tongue along the length and brought her hand up to caress the massive balls dangling below the monster filling her mouth. Instantly addicted to the taste of her sister's aroused pussy, Maureen began to slide her lips up and down Brandon's hardening cock, hoping that she'd do so good that the cum she'd seen shot into her sister's pussy would jet into her mouth.

Sharon saw Maureen through the haze of her breeding orgasms. Every thrust of the two cocks up into her sopping wet pussy and ass brought her to orgasm. She couldn't believe that she was so aroused that she couldn't stop her orgasms. She heard Brandon's order to her sister and was totally amazed at how cowed her sister had become. She moaned out her own excitement at the scene as she saw the cock that had just poured a gallon of potent cum into the very depths of her pussy slide between her sister's lips and into her throat. Even as she saw Maureen begin to caress Brandon's balls, she could see the swelling of her throat caused by the massive cock lodged there.

Adam stared, hypnotized at the scenes before him. His cock rose rapidly as he saw Maureen's pussy and ass being filled with black cum. He started stroking it as he watched the first of Sharon's breeding. He stared at her as Brandon left her pussy and another black cock was rapidly shoved into her welcoming hole. When he saw Brandon walk over to Maureen, he couldn't believe she was going to suck the cock that just came out of her sister. The moan that escaped her as she tasted her sister's orgasm told him all he needed to know about her response. As he watched Brandon's cock slide fully into Maureen's throat, he shot another huge quantity of cum onto the floor.

As Maureen knelt there, sliding her face along Brandon's cock, one of the men who'd yet to participate moved behind her and slid his cock up into her pussy. She gasped in surprise and then delight as she felt its larger girth stretching her even more. Soon, she was rocking back and forth between the cock in her mouth and the one in her pussy. Maureen surrendered to her carnal nature and became a cock whore. Never again was she going to be content unless she had cock in her body, the more the better.

Sharon had already passed that point. She was addicted to cock already but now she was addicted to black cock. As soon as the second man unleashed his cum into her pussy and left her, even as she was still held up by the cock pounding her ass, she stared wildly at one of the remaining men. Eyes wide, she stared at him and screamed.

"Breed me! Fuck me! Shove that big black cock into my white pussy! Make me carry your baby!"

Needing no more impetus, the man moved forward and slid his massive member into her, allowing her to moan openly as she leaned her head on his shoulder, her arms and legs wrapping around his body. She only quivered slightly, continuing to slam her pussy down onto the cock inside it even as her ass received its second load of cum.

Maureen heard Sharon's screamed demand and knew she was a cock addict, too. She wanted black cum shot into her body in an endless stream. She wanted a black baby growing in her womb, constantly being coated in fresh black cum. She and her sister now had more than Adam in common, they were both black addicted cum sluts. She knew that they would be sharing Adam from now on as well as every black lover they could seduce. What surprised her, even as her pussy was again filled with cum and a new slimy black cock was slid into her hungry mouth was how the site of her sister's pussy was getting her hotter. Even as she began to clean her sister's fluids from this new cock she knew she wanted to get them right from Sharon's body.

Sharon's thoughts were in much the same vein. She couldn't help but stare at Maureen as the cock that had just unleashed its seed into her went into her throat. Every time the guy in her pussy pulled out, Sharon could see Maureen's pussy lips clinging to it, trying to draw it back in. The ring of her juices at the juncture made her mouth water. She wanted so much to run her tongue around that thick black cock just where it was entering her sister's pussy. She knew she was going to have to trick her into letting her eat her pussy one day soon!

Brandon directed the action in the room, indicating which men were to fuck Maureen's pussy or ass as well as Sharon's. He made sure that those who'd been in one of their asses washed before entering a pussy. He realized that, if either of them was bred, disease from fecal matter could end the pregnancy. By the time the tenth man had pumped his load into Sharon's pussy, all of them had taken both women's pussies and both their asses. He was amazed at how docilely and willingly the older sister sucked each cock clean that had just come out of her sister.

Now it was his last turn. He walked up to Sharon, watching her body bouncing up and down like a rag doll on the hard black cock sliding in and out of her well used ass. Ten cocks had taken her ass and the tenth was about to pump cum into her. As he approached her, Sharon's mouth was hanging open in exhausted orgasm. Her eyes focused on him as he stood in front of her. She looked up at him, wildly.

"Please, breed me! Please put your baby into me! Make me carry your baby! Fuck me!"

Brandon smiled, knowing she'd been totally conquered and would be a willing slut for black cum and future breeding. He walked up to her, slid his hands up her thighs, spreading them to either side of his sleek hips. He felt her begin to enter another series of body shaking orgasms as his cock slid into her now loose vaginal opening. He was surprised at the strength and emotional response of Sharon's body as he slid home into her again. Even as he began to fuck her again in earnest, he could hear her constant pleadings, "Breed me, breed me, breed me." What surprised him most was that her words were echoed from across the room, issuing from her older sister's mouth as she too was being pussy fucked.

The ten men, their balls drained, dressed and quietly filed out of the house. Adam stared out at the scene before him. Maureen was still in the middle of the room, her body quivering from the dying vibrations of the eggs still lodged inside her. Sharon lay on the floor in a heap, her body lying in the pool of male and female cum that had dripped out of her as she was continuously fucked. Both were still mumbling and gasping. Concentrating on their voiced, Adam suddenly realized that both women were continuing to beg to be bred.

Sharon lay where she'd collapsed after the last two assaults on her openings. Exhaustion filled her as much as the cum of her multiple lovers. She felt the wetness beneath her and knew she was lying in what had escaped her pussy and ass during the continual fucking she'd endured for the past several hours. She knew she was mumbling but didn't stop, hoping someone was there to hear her and that they would put their hard black cock into her fertile pussy and breed her.

Maureen remained on her hands and knees, her pussy swollen and burning, open and oozing cum. The flow from her anal opening was just as pronounced and joined that from her pussy, coursing down her legs and running onto the floor off her knees. The smell wafted up to her, increasing her sexual arousal even in her exhausted state. The unending vibrations on her clit and deep inside her kept her from coming down from her sexual high. Needing the taste of sex in her mouth and not having any slimy cocks to suck, she slid her hand down the floor and into the gooey mess there that had slid out of her abused lower body. Greedily, she brought her hand up to her mouth and shoved her coated fingers in, sucking ferociously on them until all the cum was gone. She then reached back for more, sucking it into her body.

Sharon watched, mesmerized by Maureen's indulgence. She suddenly knew she had to have some of that too! Heaving herself up onto her hands and knees, she crawled over to her sister. Moving up behind her, she plunged her face into her sisters upturned ass and drilled her tongue into her gaping pussy. At the first taste, she knew she was addicted to her sister's pussy as much as to black cock. Knowing what was in her sister's pussy, she pressed her face deeply into her ass crack, driving her tongue up into her depths in her attempts to devour the mixture held within. Her breathing was blowing bubbles in the goo oozing out of Maureen's ass, now blocked by Sharon's nose.

Maureen realized what Sharon was doing and knew it was wrong! But it felt so wonderful, too! Unable to gather the strength to resist, she gave in to the sensations her sister was creating in her and was soon climaxing on her sister’s face and tongue. Her own lust for oral sex overpowered her taboo and she swung around, rolled over onto her back and pulled her sister over her. As Sharon found her pussy and attached her lips to it, Maureen wrapped her arms around Sharon's hips and brought her gaping ass and pussy to her own mouth. Soon, both sisters were in a state of slow, continuous orgasm as they sucked greedily on each other’s abused sexual openings.

Adam was too exhausted to move! The scenes that he'd witnessed over the past several hours had brought him to such a height of sexual lust that he'd cum several times, spewing his cum all over the floor. As he saw Sharon crawling to Maureen's shaking body and he realized what she was about to do but couldn't interfere. Instead, he watched the inevitable bond between the two loving sisters as Sharon's lips touched Maureen's dripping pussy and ass. When Maureen spun around and pulled them into one of the most sensual sixty-nine's he'd ever witnessed he knew they were now lovers as well as sisters. Amazingly, he realized that his cock was stiff again; something he didn't think was possible!

Groaning at the exhaustion that filled his aroused body, Adam stood and shuffled over to the linked sisters, moving behind Sharon's raised ass. He admired the tautness of is small size and wondered how she'd so easily accommodated the ten big cocks he'd watch take her repeatedly. Unable to resist the invitation of the upturned site before him, he took his cock in his hand, shuffled forward and slid it into the gaping, sloppy ass before him. As he sank his shaft into Sharon, he sighed in contentment, savoring the sticky wetness of her interior passage and the burning heat of her continued passion. He also heard Sharon sigh and felt her hips arch up to accept his penetration. When she felt Maureen's hand on his balls, gently caressing them, he knew he was living an unbelievable fantasy.

Finally spent, the three lovers lay in a heap. Hours later they awoke and helped each other to the shower. The sister's washed and caressed each other, kissing and tonguing the entire time. They both washed and caressed Adam's body, each sharing him willingly with the other. When Maureen slid her mouth down his now clean cock several times and then offered it to Sharon's hungry mouth, he knew he was in a perfect place. When they worked him to an orgasm he didn't think was possible, he was amazed to watch the two sisters kissing passionately over his cock-head and stay that way as he ejaculated into both their mouths at the same time.

Six weeks later, as Maureen was riding Adam's cock, the door to the bedroom burst open and an excited Sharon dashed into the room. Maureen, started, stopped riding Adam and looked back at the door. Seeing it was Sharon, she smiled and resumed her motions, anxious to feel her orgasm bursting inside her. Doing it in front of her sister was, now, one of her most cherished actions. Sharon stripped rapidly and climbed up onto the bed, quickly straddling Adam's face and holding her pussy open as she lowered it onto his face. Once her lips touched his, she wriggled her hips to smear her fluids all over him and drive his tongue up inside her. She wrapped her arms around her sister and began to tongue kiss her. Maureen continued to ride Adam's rigid cock as she felt Sharon's tongue probing her mouth and her one hand coming around to fondle her breast.

Suddenly Sharon broke the kiss and sat up straight on Adam's face.

"Maureen, it happened!" She exclaimed her happiness and excitement obvious on her face.

"What happened?" Maureen asked as she continued her slow ride.

"I'm pregnant! I have a beautiful black baby growing inside my belly!"

Maureen felt joy rush up through her and wrapped her arms around her sister's expectant body. As they hugged, her vaginal muscles clenched tightly on Adam's swelling cock and she felt her orgasm shaking her body as he jetted his cum into her. When her body stopped quivering, she released her grip on her sister's body and looked down to see Adam's hand on Sharon's groin, gently stroking the place where the baby was growing. Even as she watched, she saw the effects of Adam's tongue on Sharon as her body tensed and quivered in orgasm and she squirted her fluids all over Adam's face. That was one effect of her multiple breeding attempts over those two memorable weeks; she learned to squirt with each orgasm.

The three spent lovers huddled together, touching and caressing each other's bodies. Sharon couldn't wait to see her belly growing and then see the beautiful brown bundle emerge from her. She didn't care what her husband would think, she just knew she was carrying the most perfect gift of love she could ever have inside her. With a gasp of wonder and anticipation she realized that, afterwards, when Adam and Maureen sucked on her nipples she'd be feeding them her milk. Now that was something to look forward to! And, of course, being bred again!

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