Hot tub assfuck with a tennis buddy

I was in a two-piece swimsuit cooking on the grill. It was my birthday. Only my friend Dave from tennis was there and he was oblivious how much I wanted him. I told him to cover my eyes. He did from behind. I rubbed my ass against him and remarked it felt good. We were drinking. We stepped into the hottub and I asked him to guess my breast size. He guessed c. I told him they were, in fact, DD and poured my beer on them and then placed the bottle between my tits to show him how big they were. I said to fell my chest because my heart was beating fast. He did and I said I bet you're hard now. He suddenly ripped my panties apart in the tub and squatted me on my knees. He fingered my ass and fucked my face. He fucked my skull hard and finally he started inserting the beer bottle into my ass deeper and deeper as he fucked my face. He flipped me over and removed the bottle from my gaping ass and started buttfucking me. He came deep and hard then we went inside and I put on a robe and we kissed and he took that off and started fucking my pussy on the bed. He came in my pussy and then humped my butt forcefully one more time.

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