Fringe Benefits Of The Job

Janet works as a maid at the Lexington beach hotel, the pay is good and the view is spectacular. The hotel sits on the coast and most of the rooms open right onto the beach. The sea air was an aphodisiac for most people which kept things around the hotel interesting. She loved the place, the people and the fact it fed one of her most erotic fetishes.

The hotel had plenty rooms and each of the equipped with large screen televisions. With the latest movie selection, especially the XXX rated kind. One of her favorite pleasure was to sneak off to one of the empty rooms. Turn on one of triple X rated movies and finger her self to climax.

On this day as she went about her cleaning the sea air was working on her. Her kitty was tingling while she went about her work. She couldn't wait until she could go off to one of the rooms and orgasm all over her fingers. Janet could hardly think of anything ,but, to watch a nasty fuck flick and play with her pussy.

My name is Rafel Beck and I have an reservation. Just one moment sir, the clerk told him. Yes, I have your reservation. But, we don't allow check in until three, Mr. Beck. Rafel looked at his watch which read ten after one. He dropped his head and turned to walk away. The clerk saw this and told him he had a room available. It was an up grade and would he like it.

Rafel walked into his room. It was fantastic, big bed, large TV and two huge glass doors that open up to the beach. He was there for a much needed rest. He was there to relax and work on his up coming book. He sighed when the sea air hit his face. He stood there in the breeze with his eyes closed enjoying the feeling.

Once his mind was clear, he went back into the room. He began to unpack, get everything situated and started to freshen up. He went into the spacious bathroom pulled off his shirt, through a face towel in the sink and turned on the water. He splashed his face and enjoyed the coolness. Maybe that's why he didn't hear the knock at the door or the maid enter.

Janet was finally done and went to find a room she had not masturbated in yet. She knocked to make sure no one was in there. She peaked in, no answer the bathroom door was closed. But, all she had on her mind was to watch some big dick man fuck a hot pussy. While she spread her thighs, open her blouse, pull her panties to the side while she rub, caress, stroke her clit and nipples.

She choose a movie called Black Dicks for White Chicks. The movie was picking up steam as a big dick black man guided his cock towards a wet, tight,white pussy. When the head of his hard dick parted the soft pussy lips. Janet gasped as her second finger sank into her sopping pussy. Her juices were flowing, her body on fire as she watched the dark steel sink into the light mound.

Rafel thought he heard something, he turned off the water. Nothing, as he dried the upper part of his body. Taking out some coco butter, deodorant and hair balm. He began to apply these things. He was in no rush and enjoyed the way he was pampering him self. That's when he heard the T.V.

Rafel's couldn't believe what he saw. Peaking through a cracked door his penis grew as his eyes drank in the action. He was amazed at this hot woman lying on his bed pleasing her pussy. The care and precise movements of her hands as they massaged, stroked and caressed. He couldn't remember ever seeing anything so, erotic. The intensity on her face let him know she was nearing climax.

Janet's muscles contracted her moans became severe while her two fingers pumped her hole. Her body tremble as the pleasure ran through her. She pushed her fingers deep just as the dick on the screen slammed into the hot pussy. Her fingers were being sucked in by her hungry twat. That was creaming on them as her orgasm was reaching it's peak.

Rafel was hard as hell, he needed something wet and tight to sink into. When his cock throbbed he became empowered. Opening the door with his hard dick in his hand as he lusted over Janet's sexy body. She jumped for a moment, but, what her hand was doing to her pussy. She could care less that a man was standing in the room with a large cock in his hand. In fact she got off to him better than the action on the television.

Stepping out of his pants, Rafel moved in front of her. A look of deep desire in his eyes while he yanked Janet's thin panties from her body. Her blouse and bra were next. Janet just squealed while the clothes flew from her frame. His act was arousing her deepest passion as her pussy quivered.

The lust in there eyes locked as there bodies moved into position. Her pussy wet like a river. His cock was hard as steel. His thoughts were of how wet and soft she would be, causing his penis to throb. She saw how hard and long he was, Janet's pussy quivered at the sight.

His hips moved slowly forward as the two of them watched. Her hips slightly raised wanting to meet his prick. The moment of erotic desire is fore filled as the head of his dick pushed pasted her soft pussy lips. Her pussy lips parted ever so easy and her wetness took him in. The moans became apparent as inch by hard inch he sank into her tight hole.

With his prick fully inserted in her sweet treasure they paused......... The newness, the passion and the fire. His dick jumped and her pussy tremble while the union was still. Neither one able to breath as the excitement over whelmed them. Released them to there freakiness, driving them to ecstasy.

As they began to breath again, there movements began to pick up. He started pumping her tender twat. Her pussy walls were like a velvet vise. Giving just enough to allows his stiff cock to slide in.......and out. Janet's tightness was causing a strain on his nut sack. Ahhhhh.......the sweet sensation of her tight pussy, he thought.

Janet loved the feel of his hardness, the size of his dick was just right. He found places and spots in her she never knew she had. She flexed her inner pussy muscle to clamp down on his ridged cock. His moan became intense as he fought back the urge to nut in Janet's tight pussy.

The pounding of her pussy with his long penis became more frequent. The wetness combined with the frequency filled the room with slapping sounds. His balls were flung into the softness of her ass while her nipples swayed and bounced from the thrust. His eyes were teased and tempted until his lips fell upon her nipple.

This drew a different kind of sound from her lips. While his tongue stroked and caressed her erect flesh. The sound was a more intense moan that made his cock throb wildly. His hips went into over drive as he drilled her massaging pussy. The walls of her pussy gave just enough and resisted just enough to drive him crazy him.

Janet loved the pounding she was receiving, but, she wanted more. She could tell Rafel was nearing climax, the look on his face was pure bliss. At that moment Janet pushed Rafel off of her, he was shocked. His long, wet, throbbing, raging hard on was jumping in the air. The both of them watched it do it's dance.

Watching his penis jump caused her clit to pulsate while she rolled over on all fours. Providing Rafel with a soft, wet place to put his throbbing dick. She wanted his cock this way, io have him slide deep into her quivering pussy. She wanted to feel his balls slam her firm ass, the feel him hold her hips. To get more leverage to thrust his cock hard and deep.

Her body trembled when she felt his hands on her hips. Anticipation added to the desire she was feeling. She gasped when she felt the tip of his cock stab at her pussy and brush against her tight butt hole. He repeated this action a few times. Teasing and frustrating Janet at the same time. Along with her quivering pussy and puckering asshole. Her juices flowed down her inner thigh.

Rafel could hardly control himself as he held onto her delicate hips. Trying foolishly to put his cock in her pussy. Janet had him so horny, he became awkward at putting his dick in her. He could sense her frustration while he stabbed at her pussy and ass. There........there's her wet tight pussy he thought as he thrust forward.

Little did he know the head of his prick was pushing into her puckering ass hole. The sensation around the head of his dick was awesome as he try to push even further into her. Janet gasped again,wiggling her ass trying to let him know he was in the wrong hole. He had just the tip of his cock in and the sensation surprised Janet.

She never thought a cock up her butt would feel so, nice. But, she feared the unknown, she wasn't sure if she was ready for that experience yet. She moved forward so he couldn't push any deeper in her ass. His penis slipped down and right into her hungry pussy. She heard him groan as her pussy wrapped around his dick. Her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled back into her head as his long cock. Slowly filled her sweet pussy inch by inch.

The round part of Janet's ass and the back of thighs shook as the pleasure gripped her. Her moans rang out while his cock bottom out her pussy. The bliss was sooooooo.........over whelming that, the two of them paused. To let the ecstasy flow through the two of them. His grip on her hips became vise like as he began to pump her tender pussy.

The long strokes of his cock touched Janet deeply........... ooooooooooh........soooooooo........ very deep. have a gooooooooood......dick, she heard her self say. As the pounding of her pussy increased. His huffing and puffing let her know he was putting in work. This man sure knew how to use his rod, she thought. Thrusting his penis deep into her cunt while puling on her hips. He also made semi-circles with his pelvis while he fucked her pussy. The feeling caused the both of them to moan aloud.

I'm cummmmmmmming........I'm cummmmmmmmmming, she heard him grunt. Looking back between her thighs. She saw his nuts tighten up, his pumping action become fierces. When Janet saw his man juice seep out the side of her pussy. Oooze along her thigh and fall onto the bed. The sight totally thrilled her erotic desirer and her pussy exploded. Her pussy muscles clamped down on his prick. Her head spun and she became weak, what a orgasm, she thought.

Janet thought Rafel would need a rest after he filled her cunt with all that sperm. But, he kept right on fucking her very wet pussy. With his hands still locked on her hips. Rafel was driving her towards another mind blowing climax. Dayummm he can fuck, she thought to her self.

Rafel was locked into fucking mold, holding onto her hips he drove his dick in and out of her drenched pussy. He loved the feel of her tight very wet pussy. She swayed her hips just right adding to the pounding of his dick into her pussy. His passion over took him to wet his thumb in her nectar. When Janet's coochie clamped down on his cock.

He plunged his moist thumb into her virgin ass. She squealed with intensity as the thumb invaded her tight pucker. The pain and pleasure was way to much for her. Janet came with deep passion while her body shuttered with delight. Her ass never made her cumm before, the sensation caused her clit to throb. Her pussy burst with pleasure while Rafel fucked her twat.

Janet's pussy was overwhelmed with delight it milked Rafel's cock like a machine. His groans were like a loin roaring to claim his terrority. He pumped his dick long and deep. Getting every ounce of pleasure he could, pounding her wet, quivering pussy. He noticed the more he wiggled his thumb the more Janet became wanton.

He never thought she would ever enjoy having her ass probed and invaded. He never felt or seen a woman this hot before. It was like a new discovery, the freakiness of the erotic maid. The feel of her ass gripping his thumb. The feel of her wet, trembling, sucking pussy was awesome. This whole adventure was like a fantasy come true.

The more she moaned and shuttered the bolder he became. He was fucking her sweet pussy like he owed it. With his free hand he reached around her hip and found her swollen clit. It was very soft to the touch, wet and erogenous. Her pussy became even more active while he massage her love button.

Janet began to moan out, your rocking my world you nasty man. Ooooooooooooh.......I love your freaky style, she told him. Yo-ur.....your thumb up my assssssssssssssssssssssss is driving me wild. Yo-ur...your fingers on my clit feeeeeeeeeels........reallllllllllllly good and the big fucking cock in my pussssssssssssscy is awesome. I'm-I'm about to................. cummmmmmmm, shit your rocking my world, she bellowed.

Her words set him off as she moan them out. His cock was receiving a deep tissue massage by a sweet pussy. The mood was soooooooooo.......right. With his thumb in her ass, his cock in her pussy and his fingers caressing her clit. In his most erotic dreams he never thought it would be this sweet.

Janet's orgasms were coming in waves as he pleased her. The thumb up her as was the sweetest sensation she ever had. His sweet dick took her breath away when he pumped her hot hole. His fingers felt like magic massaging her clit. Yessssssssss..........fuck me......just like that, she yelled.

Rafel couldn't take it any longer, he had to see what her tight hole felt like. He stopped everything and eased his hard cock from her pussy. Janet squealed in frustration as she panted, WHY..........take...take that hard dick from me?? Her answer came quick when she felt pressure at her ass hole.

She started to back away, but, she remember how good his thumb was in her ass. She braced her self for his long hard member to fill her ass hole. His cock head opened up her orphice as she tried to relax and let him put his dick in her ass. Janet discovered the entrance of her ass was the most erogenous spot she has. Every inch he pushed in her ass puckered and she exploded with the new sensation.

Yes.......yes fuck my virgin asssssssssssss. Your cock feels sooooooooooo........gooooooooooood in my ass. Ooooooooooh.........aaaaaaaaahh.....yes.......swee t goodness ...........yessssssssssssssssss. Stuff my ass with that long hard cock of yours, Janet demanded. Dayummmmmm.........your fucking my ass soooo
...........welllllllll, she told him. I'm-I-I'm cummmmmmmmmmming...........

With a awesome climax ravaging through Janet's body her ass puckered repeatedly around his cock. The pleasure was over the top as he felt his nut sack tighten, He violently slammed his penis in and out of her sweet ass. He told her how tender her ass was while he pumped her ass full of man juice. The feeling was sooooooo.....real. That he began to piston fucked her ass. It was a series of thrust, long and deep. With all his might!!! They both moaned out like crazy while the ecstasy rocked there souls.

They panted like they just finished a marathon. Janet couldn't stay on all four any longer. She fell to the bed and Rafel collapsed on top of her. Her ass was still squeezing his cock. Massaging it and holding it like a love muscle. Rafel's cock was still throbbing and twitching in her wet ass. Wet..... with every ounce of his jism.

There skin moist from the sweat they worked up. There breathing was returning to normal as they laid on the bed. His cock was still throbbing in her puckering tight ass. This was a motionless fuck, there bodies acting on pure instinct. Janet and Rafel moaned softly while her ass massage his dick and he caressed her swollen clit. Mini-orgasms heightened there moans every few moments until they drifted off to sleep.

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