Just A Fuck

The light was red and we were stopped, engines idled, but, our looks weren't. He was tall and muscular as far as I could tell, broad shoulders and a smile that could stop traffic. The reflection in his sun glassed showed her lustful smile. Long curly hair, firm 36 d cup.

The light turn green and he raced off. His smiled made her clit throb and she raced after him. He went down a lonely one lane road to an open field. There he spun out, his car facing her as she pulled up.

He sat there confident as she got out her car. She was wearing a short summer dress, sheer and when the sun caught it. You could she her bra and tong, she's a bombshell, he thought as she approached him. He was compaled to get out his car.

Her walk was sexy as her hips swayed from side to side. Her assumptions were reassured as she saw him exit his vehicle. Strong, tall and a big bulge in his pants. Everything she wanted, needed and desired.

She didn't care what his name was, she didn't care if he was married or single. She just wanted to fuck him, he was eye candy that she had to have. Her heart raced, her nipples hardened as she licked her lips.

He wanted the feel of new pussy, the hunt, the conquer of a new patch. Is the single driving force in all men. His dick wanted to find a new wet spot, probe it and sink into new pussy. Finally, new pussy has to be beat up, pounded even and made his.

They met near the hood of his car. There lips locked, he lifted her, she wrapped her legs around his. Placing her on the hood, his hand went between her thighs. Her hands lifted his sun glass to see his eyes. Her heart melted and her pussy throbbed as she got every thing she wanted.

His hand was greeted to warmth and moistness as he caressed her pussy. His finger found her clit. His ears were treated to her sweet moans as she shivered from the pleasure. Instantly she became wet, his dick pulsed at the finding. There tongues explored one another as his fingers roamed her tender clit.

The sun was warm, a genital breeze blew as the two got into position. For a fuck they both wanted. She fumbled with his zipper and buckle, he just ripped her sheer panties off. She got his nine inch dick out and her pussy jumped again.

His cock was a lot bigger than she was use to. Her body shivered as she thought his dick might not fit in her tight pussy. His prick danced in her hands as she stroked it up and down. Passion flowed through her body, pulsed in her nipples and erupted at her clit. She was creaming and his cock hadn't even touched her yet.

Her hands were so soft on his ridged tool as his fingers glided over her firm hips. Across her flat stomach onto her erect nipples. He felt her body jump as him rolled her nipples between his fore finger and thumb. He licked his lips at the thought of sucking the tips of her soft melons. He became so excited pre-cumm seeped from his one eye.

The pre-cumm aided in her exploration of his shaft. He never knew his pre-cumm could be used like this. She never felt, so alive, so wanton in her life. He never had a woman, so forward, so willing before..........which added to there debauchery.

The hood of his car was warm on her naked ass as she guided his head to her wet pussy. His hands and arms hooked under her legs while he lower his mouth onto her soaked pussy. The first whiff of her sweet smell made his mouth water. His lips parted and the first taste of her pussy burst in his mouth. The nectar was sweet, tangy and erotic.

On his knee's, he settled into position. Putting her legs on his shoulders his hands reached up for her nipples. He lightly pinched, pulled and stroked her nipples. His mouth settled over her clit as his tongue explored her hole. Lapping up all her cream and caressing the soft folds of her pussy.

Her body trembled and her moans pierced the air as his tongue found her clit. He moved his tongue slowed at first, slow probing licks as he use the fat part of his tongue. He knew what he was doing as he massaged her now swollen clit. He was rewarded with fresh cream.

Then he began to stroke her clit with a circular motion. Her thighs jumped every time her clit popped back into place. He started in with the tip of his tongue. In a circle, side to side, up and down. Her thighs locked around his head when he sucked and enclosed his lips around her clit.

Applying the right amount of suction and his tongue all over her swollen clit. He pushed her closer and closer to climax. His tongue worked her clit as fast as it could. Pausing at time to allow him to catch his breathe.

This is the best head she ever received. She couldn't keep her hips from fucking his mouth. He hit every spot of pleasure she had, she couldn't remember the last time her juices flowed like this. The eruption that was building in her had never been this intense. "DAYUMMMM......I'M Cummmmmmmmmmmmming
.......Suck that pussssssssscy.....aahhhh.....aahhhhh.....SUCK MY Pussssssssscy."

Her breathe was swallow and her lungs were in need of air. Her orgasm was awesome and the eruption was building again. He was still sucking her pussy, lapping up her juices. Moving his tongue all over her love button driving her towards another climax.

"Oooh.....oooh......I-I-I'm getting close to wetting your face again," she announced. "Suck my pusssssscy,"she demanded. At that moment he sank his two middle fingers into her. He pumped her pussy with wreckless abandon. That sent her over the edge and for the second time he moved her to another mind blowing orgasm.

Her mind spun out of control and her body welcomed ecstasy. He finally eased off of her clit, allowing her body to return to earth. Her thighs broke the lock she had on his head and her legs fell from his shoulders.

She felt drained until he stood up and she focused on his throbbing nine inches. Like a moth to the flame she was drawn to his massive cock. He leaned back against his car as she took hold of his dick.

She had to use both hands to control his cock. She pumped it a few times as she did mouth exercises to accommodate his size. Her heart raced as she licked his shaft, his taste overwhelmed her. She greedily sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, his moans turned her on.

Making her want to please him even more. Her toe's curled when he called her a sweet little cock sucker. That's how she felt, cheap, flirtatious and nasty. She was near another orgasm just from the way he talk to her.

"Dayumm.....your good to my dick.......mmmmmmm....suck my cock. Your the best little cock sucker there is. Gurl.....you got skillz....suck that dick". The more he encourage her the more of his dick went down her throat. His cock tasted and felt so good in her throat.

Mmmmm.......mmmm....she moaned. Sucking him deeply down her throat she came, for the first time like this. Her body shook and she deep throated him with all she had. Her eyes focused on the base of his cock. She thought she would gag, but, she found her sucking him all the way down her throat.

The sensation of her taking his cock deep into her throat was amazing. Her throat was hot, tempting his man juice from his tight nuts. Her tongue swirled around and over the head of his dick. She swallowed his prick, her throat massaged his dick.

That was all he could take, he let out a low animalistic growl. His cock jerked and jumped as the pleasure ran through him. His nuts released his man juice deep into her throat. She gagged a little with the first wave, but, she recover to drink down the rest of his semen.

She eased off his cock with a just ate the cock grin. To give him a wet, long, deep kiss. His cock was still hard as it poked at her thigh and cunt. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she jumped into his arms, so, she could straddle him.

She moved her hips around to get his cock into her hungry pussy. He had to reach down and guide his prick into her tight hole. Her pussy was so wet the head of his cock slipped in. She sank half way down his cock and paused.

He held her up by her sexy thighs as his penis throbbed like crazy in her. Her pussy was wrapped around his dick like a wet, tight, love tunnel. Her pussy walls flowed over his cock like liquid silk. He had to thrust up to feel more of her tender pussy.

Supported by her locked hands around his neck and him holding her thighs. She rotated her hips, stirring his dick in her pussy. The motion sent pleasure waves through her aroused body. The waves crash at the tip of her clit and the edges of her nipples.

It took them a minute or two to find there rhythm and when they did. His cock rushed in and out of her tight, wet pussy. She squeezed her thighs around his waist which caused her ass to raise. When she felt his upward thrust, she relax her thighs. Slamming her pussy down onto his hard cock.

The gratification was overwhelming as his balls slapped her tender ass. They moaned together, locked in a moment of ecstasy they didn't want to end. Her pussy massage and his cock throbbed.

Building of there climaxing was emanate as there bodies bounced, thrust, rotated, covered and probed. He was trying to stuff every inch he had into her tight pussy. She was trying to milk his nuts for a second time with her quivering pussy.

His urge to beat her pussy up flooded his mind. But, in this position he couldn't hit the pussy like he wanted. He swung her around, his dick still in her. He walked to his cars back door. She still grinding her pussy on his cock. He opened the door and they fell into the back seat.

His dick sank even deeper into her pussy and throbbed. She let out a deep satisfying moan. That last inch of his dick hit a spot in her pussy that no man has ever hit. Her body shook as the climax built in her. His long dicking of her pussy was rocking her world.

He was finally fucking her pussy like he wanted. He enjoyed her wet walls wrapped around his dick as he slammed his penis in and out of her. He raised her legs over his shoulders. Giving him total access to her tight hole.

He grabbed the cheeks of her ass and he drove his dick into her pussy. They moaned together as the pleasure raced through them. With every thrust there bodies made that wet slapping sound.

Fuck me......she demanded. Give me that good dick. Fuck me.......ooooooooooh fuck my cummmmmmmming pusssssssssscy.........with that big dick of yours. She loved having her pussy pounded. Each plunge gave her mini ripples of ecstasy.

Her erotic words made his dick harder than he had ever been. He pumped her pussy deep and hard. Enjoying her clutching pussy, made him pumped her even faster. Every tenth or twelveth plunge he would pause.......to enjoy the massage her pussy was giving.

Her pussy was amazing and he couldn't hold back any longer. Breathing hard, sweating and his cock hard as hell. He began his final assault on her sucking cunt. He grabbed her erect nipples to stimulate her even further as his study himself. This position changed the angle of his dick entry.

Allowing for more shaft to clit contact and her body responded. She shuttered with every pump and he shivered at every pound. The pounding became fast and furious....the slaps rang out. He grunted, she moaned......in and out....in and out his cock rushed.

I'm cummmmmmmming....she announced.....as her pussy double clutched his prick. His balls tightened and his muscle became ridged. The pleasure boiled at the base of his cock. Her pussy clutched once again which triggered an eruption.
Dayummmm....you got some goooooood pussssssscy. I'm shooting my load into your sucking coochie, he yelled. His dick jettison ounce after ounce of man juice into her sweet twat.

He collapsed onto her letting her legs fall down. They gasped for air, sweating on one another. His dick still throbbing in her tight clutching pussy. At that moment they both knew this wasn't just a fuck. They also knew they would be meeting out in this open field a lot.

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