Bejing Sexdisco

The night was going well. I was at a hot disco in
Beijing dancing with an ABC (American Born Chinese)
named Kathy. What started out as some eye contact led
to flirting, which led to dancing. Which is why I was
grinding my crotch against hers and kneading her ass
with both hands. She was a looker: great Asian face,
golden skin, and breasts that felt really good pressed
against me.

I had barely gotten her name, where she was studying,
what she was doing in BJ (Beijing). But that hardly
mattered. All that mattered was her arms around my neck,
my hands kneading her ass through her pants and my lips
moving from her neck to her lips. We locked in a kiss. I
turned her around and pressed into her ass. A slight
moan escaped her lips. My hands made their way from her
bare midriff to her chest and back again. God her tits
felt nice.

Times like I love dancing -- my hand -- more than sex --
creeping down-- the flashing lights -- to her pants --
the sweat-- and slipping -- the smoke lingering in the
air -- past her panties -- the heat of your partner --
one finger -- the swaying bodies around you -- crawling
past the hair -- the hypnotic beat -- and sliding along
her crack -- and then the pace of your dancing slows --
her head turning to mine -- and eventually stops -- with
her eyes closed -- and you find yourself holding her
chest while you kiss her from behind. Damn. The song

But the kissed continued for a few precious moments
more. "I really need to go to the bathroom," she said,
"I'll be right back, I promise."

"Want me to come along and help," I said with a smile.
"Yes. But I'll go by myself." Waiting for a girl to come
back from the bathroom sucks. Especially when you don't
know when she'll come back or even if she'll be
interested later.

She came back and put her hands on my chest, "John, my
friend wants to go... she's pretty drunk and when she
gets drunk she gets really sleepy. Here's my number.
Please call me tomorrow, she said, running her hand down
my body, pausing at my crotch, and then moving to my
hands. I walked her outside, holding her hands, and gave
her a peck on the cheek. Gosh, I can be such a

Well, maybe I had something for next week. But I was
empty handed tonight. I sighed and went to the bar,
thinking of Kathy's arched body in my arms. I can't wait
to unwrap her, I thought. I saddled up to the bar and
ordered a Tsingtao. Actually I ordered about 10 times.
The bartenders barely listen to your orders.

It's like they think if they ignore you enough, you'll
just go away. Good salesmanship. I sucked on my
Tsingtao, making the 15 kuai I spent on her last. I
never go out with more than 200 kuai (about 25 bucks) on
me. I've had to many friends get drunk, get friendly
with a girl, and find themselves broke and begging for
money to get a taxi home. I was down to 50. Enough for
one drink and my ride home. The night was beginning to
look hopeless.

I gazed out onto the dance floor, and scanned the crowd.
She's hot (and with a guy). She's not. I'd do her (if
her big ass boyfriend wouldn't mind). Wouldn't touch her
if she paid me. Just the regular dance floor scanning. I
hadn't put my beer goggles on and that made my chances
to hook up with a "hottie" even slimmer.

Eyes: 3 Cuties on the Radar 4 o'clock!!
Brain: Can we get a confirmation?
Eyes: Check... 3 ... er... 2 cuties at 4 o'clock!!
Brain: All right.

I headed over to the vicinity and started doing my
thing. I always take time to approach girls. I've found
you have to look closely at them, make eye contact, and
measure them up. Sometimes, what's nice from far is far
from nice and the damn low lights only aggravate this
phenomenon. On closer inspection I found one hottie and
one backup plan. I started dancing with them, and then I
started dancing with the hottie. Unfortunately, she
would have nothing of it. I switched to the backup. I
held her hands and started pulling her in. She smiled at

We started dancing. And we just started dancing closer,
and closer, and closer until we were pressing against
each other. Two songs later we were moving our hands all
over each other. One song later we found ourselves on
the dark plush couches that make this disco so great. My
hand had slipped up her shirt and was cupping her small
breasts. She looked at me and had a smile on her face. I
know that smile; she'd gotten around the block before.
She started talking, "my name is Annie."

Annie was her English name, and I honestly can't
remember her Chinese name. They make those things so
hard to pronounce! She was one of the locals who liked
to hang out at the expatriate joints for the extra
entertainment it provided. I was certainly up to the
task tonight. "So, your sweet on me, aren't you?"

"Yeah," I said tweaking her nipple and running my hand
along her leg. "Good!" she said. With that she flipped
her legs over and sat on my lap facing me. She pushed me
down and forced her tongue in my mouth. She led the
pace. And the kissing was frantic, fast. What she lost
in technique she made up for in effort.

My hand slipped under her skirt and I started rubbing
her. She kissed faster. My other hand busied itself with
her bra clasp. Her hands started rubbing me. I now had
easy access, small breasts. I pulled the shirt up some
and started sucking on her nipple. She started moaning.
Now my hands had both moved to her other breast. I felt
it was feeling left out. She pulled my head closer to
her breasts causing me to suck harder. She began dry
humping my jeans.

Her friends interrupted us. Someone touched her on her
back. She adjusted her shirt some and turned to face
them. They started talking in Chinese. I was only able
to pick out a few phrases here and there. The ugly
friend thought I was cute. The other wanted to know if
they should ditch us here. Everything else was melodic
tones and quick exchanges. My hands had drifted to her
legs and ass and I enjoying touching her while her
friends watched with smirks on their faces. They left
and started dancing again. I decided to up the ante a
little. I pulled her close to me kissing her and slipped
my hand down her panties.

"Hold on there, not so fast," she said, stopping my
hand. I turned her over onto the couch and mounted her.

"Yes" I said. I pushed my hand down her panties again,
feeling her wetness. "Let's go to your place," I

"I can't. I live with my parents. What about your

Damn. My place was out of the question. I was still
living on campus and they didn't allow visitors after
11pm (kind of puts a cramp on things sometimes). "Well,
she said, "I can't just leave you Blue-Balled like

"Where'd you learn that phrase?" I asked her. She just
smiled and kneeled to the side of me on the couch and
moved her head closer to my crotch. She unzipped my
pants and played with my raging hard on through my
boxers and then slipped my dick out. She jacked on it,
looking at me for a second and then she devoured it.

My head fell back and I let out a sigh. God she felt so
good. She sucked on my head, twirling her tongue around
and then she started to bob on my prick. I pulled her
skirt up and started feeling her ass through her
panties. This got her more excited. She moved two
fingers around my penis and started blowing me like a
pro. I had never had a blowjob that felt this good
before. In no time I'd be shooting my load down her

"Hey let's go." I heard a voice. Her two friends came
over and started putting on their jackets. She didn't
even react. She just kept on sucking. Head moving up and
down, up and down. Hand moving faster and faster along
my length. I on the other hand had noticed her friends.
And it wasn't helping things. Their glances moved from
me to her bobbing head, and they smiled at me. "C'mon.
Let's go." they said again.

Her sucking got more insistent and I started forgetting
about her friends. Her other hand played with my balls.
I got closer and closer to orgasm. "If you don't finish
in one minute, we're leaving." And that's when she did

I don't know what she did, but it was some combination
of tongue and teeth, and hands, and, whatever it was, it
was wonderful. I lost it and started shooting in her
mouth. The first spurt went down her throat; the second
filled her mouth, had pulled off me by the third shot
and it blasted onto the table between her friends and

She squeezed my balls and the fourth shot fired out and
landed on the knee of her friends black leather hot
pants. The rest dribbled out around her hands she got
up, swallowed my load and licked the cum off her hands
and said, "Gotta go."

Her friends handed her jacket to her and they left me
there. As I buckled myself up I couldn't shake the image
of two girls watching as their friend wrapped her lips
around me and sucked me off, and then left me hanging to

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