Husband has his wife seduced in Bangkok

I was counting the days to my one month long vacation
in Thailand. I really loved Thai pussy: For those
fortunate to have died and gone to paradise i.e.
Bangkok, they will know that Thai girls are the most
beautiful girls in the world with their only wish in
life is to sexually please men, especially when they
pay in dollars. Their sexual art is totally
unsurpassed. They can milk a rock dry of every drop of

My own marriage was becoming sexually stale and boring
and I was looking forward to a change. The only dark
cloud was that I would be bringing my spouse along. A
little like taking a stale sandwich to a banquet... I
would need to find some way to distract her.

We no longer had sex, except the occasional quick
missionary bit but I had always secretly fantasized
about my lovely wife enjoying sex with another man. A
thing totally unthinkable to the touch catholic matron.
I had become and regular and avid reader of all the
cuckold and slut wife stories on the internet, savoring
them with delight and arousal. Although the idea of
swinging or wife watching aroused me, I had mixed
feelings about actually going through with the whole
thing for fear of what it might do to our happy
marriage. I might lose a good cook and housecleaner.
Also, my wife always told me she thought sex was a
disgusting. As a result I had never taken the matter
any further. Little did I know that my life was soon to
be dramatically changed and that my fantasy would soon
become reality and to make matters worse I would be to
blame for the whole mess.

Kim, my wife, is a tiny attractive little thing. At
thirty-six years of age, she is 5ft petite and a well-
shaped brunette. She has always been very religious and
practicing catholic and a good mother to our children
but she had long lost all interest in me sexually. I
knew that I was not sexually satisfying my wife and
being overweight did not help much. On the few times we
did it, she would lay flat like a plank of wood in the
dark, sighing with boredom and submitting rather than
participating in our lovemaking. She would kept telling
me to be quick and get it over with. Not very sexy at

She performed her wifely duties without pleasure
because she had to, but was disgusted by the whole
thing. She had become more and more frustrated and
lately she had told me she had lost interest in sex
completely and her strict religious upbringing forbade
her from looking outside of our couple for sexual
relief. She admitted that I couldn't get her off with
my cock. The climaxes she had during regular sex were
the result of me playing with her clit and my oral
skills. My male ego was dented but not shattered. I
knew that she needed a good fucking and she couldn't
get it from her husband.

That is probably why I had begun fantasizing of
watching another man fuck and satisfy my beautiful
petite wife. What she needed I thought was a big
horsecock cock, preferably black or asian, to stretch
her out, transport her into lewd bliss and fill and
inseminate her womb with an enormous quantity of
vigourous sperm. My fantasy began to take on a life of
its own. At first it was just a vague thought but that
grew until I could visualize the huge cock fucking my
wife Kim.

Of course my wife did not see it that way at all. The
thought of adultery had never crossed even her mind. Or
at least she did not admit to it. I would have to break
her in to it in an unsuspecting way. Thinking back to
my last business trip to Thailand and longing to loose
myself between Thai legs, I devised a plan to take her
to the ultimate of exotic destinations where she would
be thrown off balance and have her seduced.

At first she had not been very keen on the thought of
spending four summer weeks in Bangkok without the
children. I had told her that my mother would take good
care of them but it had not been until I had purchased
the business class tickets and booked a luxury hotel
that she had finally conceded. The trip was very long
and the first night we had just collapsed and slept off
some of the jet lag.

I had woken up before my wife and I had sneaked out to
make a call to a contact who ran an escort agency. I
explained to him my predicament and what I was looking
for. I told him that I wanted to hire a male escort for
two weeks. This got him very interested.

"He mustn't under any circumstances mention that I have
hired him or you will loose half the fee. He must act
completely naturally and pretend he is a business
acquaintance of mine," I said. I had thought about the
perfect partner for her. "To start with of course, he
has to speak English, be polite articulate and
charming. Also I want someone athletic and strikingly
handsome. He would also have to be good in bed � well
endowed with long stamina, knowing how to please a
lady. Last but not least, he has to be a good dancer."

"That will be an extra $200," said my contact.

"I understand," I replied.

It was essential that the male escort danced well. That
had been how I had seduced her in the first place.

"He must thoroughly seduce her. She will be in a cloud
and unsuspecting, but she is not easily fooled and she
will resist," I said.

"Do not, worry. I have just the man to sweep her off
her feet. She will not know what hit her. She will be
banging strangers' cocks before you know it," said the
pimp with a chuckle. "You would like to screw a bar
girls while he is fucking your wife?"

"Yeah. Good idea," I said. "But make sure you bring me
some proof."

"No problem, we film with hidden camera for you. Only

"A deal," I replied.

Later I could watch and enjoy my wife being screwed by
someone else. This had always been a fantasy of mine.
Also, I need not worry. A male prostitute would not run
off with my wife.

During the day, I discretely broke off to meet with the
pimp and pay him the advance he had requested.

The pimp was delighted when I pointed out my wife. He
was expecting some blowsy, unattractive female that
would be a challenge to find someone willing to service
her. After looking my wife over, he said there would be
no problem finding a very attractive and willing stud;
someone she was sure my wife would be happy with.

He said: "I know of a couple of studs that would love
to cuckold a husband while he was watching him service
her. I've done that scene before where the husband
loved to watch his wife being pleasured. Especially her
expression when the thick long cock of her new lover
widens and stretches her cunt."

That evening after a fantastic day of sightseeing we
went down to the disco in the basement. My wife was
wearing a tight sexy dress and literally flowered on
the dancefloor. After a couple of minute, my guy Chang
came up to us. My wife looked at me surprised as I
explained that he was an associate of mine. I shook his
hand warmly and introduced him to my wife. Her legs
went weak when she shook his hand and smiled weakly. He
was so gorgeous he took her breath away. She actually
blushed. The stud was everything I had imagined. At
6'2", ruggedly handsome with chiseled dark features and
piercing brown eyes, Chang was quite an impressive
piece of work. Chang had a natural charm and confidence
about him that put my wife instantly at ease. He would
look at her side ways and focus the world completely on
her. She was delighted and flattered with the

I let them dance as I sipped a beer at the bar. He was
totally charming, such an elegant and accomplished
dancer that she could not help but be taken in. Back at
the bar she listened to him talk about his country and
fantastic places he had visited, totally engrossed,
eyes wide. She smiled and laughed at his jokes and even
teased him playfully, totally at ease. She crossed her
bare legs and her skirt rode up her thighs. I could
make out her hard nipples against her blouse, aroused
by his attention. I guessed that her panties must be
damp and her pussy on fire from all the attention. She
could literally feel his lust in his gaze as they spoke
and far from being offended she responded to him on an
instinctive level. Before I could even utter a protest
Chang took me aside at one point and whispered:

"If you don't mind me saying so, I find your wife very
beautiful. Nothing makes me feel more horny than a hot
housewife. I must warn you though I have a big cock and
she will not feel the same after I have stretched her.
I would like to ask your permission to seduce her and
fuck her tonight," he said.

I went white with fear but my dick was burst in my

"Sure..." I managed.

He smiled back and nodded, pleased.

"Well, I'm glad about that. I forgot to share one
little fact before you agreed. I already asked and Kim

I felt as if I was going to implode.

Again they had danced. This time, a slow number. I
could see that she was troubled by the way he danced
and held her so tightly against him. I saw him kiss her
briefly. She resisted but her lips responded. He was
insistent, whispering some thing in her ear and kissing
her again as he groped her. She appeared frightened and
flustered and kept glancing guiltily in my direction.
When they returned to the bar, her face was red and
flushed. Her eyes seemed to shine and sparkle.

I felt jealous and excited. It was working! She was
falling for him. She was aroused and I bet her panties
were soaked by now.

When they came back to the bar, I said to her: "Have
another drink." I poured her some more champagne and
she swallowed it down nervously, compulsively even.

"I'm not feeling too good," I said to her. It was at
least partially true.

"Lets go up then," she said to me, biting her lips with

"No, you stay here, have a good time. Dance with Chang.
I'll be okay." I responded.

She looked at me sideways, "Are you sure, darling?" She

"Yeah, go ahead. I'll see you in the morning," I
replied. "I just need a quick word with Chang,

I lead him to one side.

"Here's your chance. Fuck her if you can but make sure
you leave evidence like sperm in her panties," I

He cocked his head to one side and gave me a wry grin.

"Do not worry. She is wet already and aroused. I'll get
her to wear them while I fuck her then wipe my cock in
them," he replied with a wicked grin.

As I left they returned to the dance floor. Her eyes
are totally wide, staring engrossed by Chang. She kept
putting her hand on his arm. He put an arm around her
back and they continued to laugh and talk. Kim was
pressed all over this guy. I could see through the
crowd that he was constantly lowering his hand from the
small of her back towards her sweet little arse. The
thought of asking him to stop never even crossed her
mind. She gave him a light kiss and her hand moved to
his crotch.

I was again glad for my roomy pants. Watching my wife
act like a brazen slut was having a definite effect on
me. I worried that I would end up being the one with
the spooge spot. That would have been some kind of
justice. I left them alone for the seduction. As I
peeped around the corner, I saw them making out. She
was all over him. They were kissing and groping each
other madly. My wife was squirming and moaning as Chang
massaged her clit right through her panties. It was
obvious that she was really turned on. Chang was
sporting a bulge between his legs.

As I watched he slipped a hand under her T-shirt,
unfastened her bra and began fondling her tits. I began
stroking my own burgeoning erection as Chang kissed my
wife. She had her hand down his pants. I saw her blush.
She had found his stocking stuffer. I knew he was very
large. This did not stop her from playing and stroking
his cock to full hardness. They kissed and he slipped
two fingers inside of her. Her eyes flew open at the
intrusion but she continued to dance. She must have
been soaked down there. I knew where it would end. Her
cunt was on fire and there was only one hose to put it
out. I knew that man could really fuck so I left

I went home and waited. A combination of jealousy and
uncertainty gnawed at my brain. But, at the same time,
I felt bad about doubting Kim would faithful. Thinking
about what Kim was doing while I sat and waited was
making my poor abused dick hard again. The feelings of
betrayal and hurt were making way for lust. I felt
guilty about being so turned on by my wife's
infidelity. I couldn't believe that something so
hurtful could also be so exciting. I went a little
crazy. I realized that the conflicting feelings I had
fueled my excitement. The dismay and betrayal I felt
mad my interest and lust even stronger. My anguish over
the loss of "control" over my woman excited me. I was a
jumble of confused feelings that were feeding one
another. That my wife could have this complete other
aspect of her personality and keep it hidden from me
was as appealing as it was appalling. The lady and the
slut both resided in this woman, I only knew one of

My mental imagery was torture. I would alternate
between fantasies of Chang fucking Kim in all different
positions, with fantasies of Kim resolutely turning
down his advances, saying, "No, I'm a married woman!"

Tellingly, my cock was rock hard as I imagined Chang
plowing into Kim's pussy. With guilty perversion, I
stroked myself to an incredible orgasm.

She didn't come home until 5 a.m. I pretended to be
fast asleep until she was breathing heavily. She seemed
normal, like the girl I fell in love with and had been
married with for the last years. But my feelings of
anger, betrayal, and sexual arousal chased that image
around in my head. This did not prove she had been
unfaithful, I told myself.

Unfortunately, it was too dark to make out anything
more than her silhouette as Kim discarded her clothing
into the hamper. Nude, she made her way to the bathroom
and closed the door. I was a bit surprised to hear the
shower since Kim normally showered in the morning. But,
it did afford me an opportunity to inspect her dirty

When Kim exited the bathroom, she slipped a white
nightgown over her head and got into the bed. There was
no effort by Kim to make physical contact with me.
Instead, she rolled over on her stomach with her face
away from me towards the wall. Within seconds, I could
hear the sound of her deep breathing as if she was
already asleep. I then slipped out of bed and checked
her clothes in the bathroom. I felt shaky. My pulse
raced. I knew she had fallen for him but I did not want
to believe it. I needed the proof.

At first, I noticed nothing abnormal other than the
smell of smoke that garments always collect in
restaurants and nightclubs. Of course, I didn't want to
turn on the light so my inspection was hampered. When I
retrieved Kim's panties, I felt an obvious wetness. In
fact, the crotch was thoroughly sopping.

Instinctively, I brought the soiled panties to my nose.
The aroma was striking. While I immediately recognized
the feminine smell of Kim's sexual lubricants, there
was some other smell even more evident. It was a
familiar, pungent aroma... it was the same fragrance
that I smelled twenty minutes earlier when my balls
spewed my second load of the night.

The crotch of her panties was soggy, crusty and smelled
like very wet pussy. They was literally encrusted with
cum. I knew that my innocent wife was cheating on me
with Chang. He had got to her pussy and fucked her
good. It proved that she enjoyed sex after all and that
she could convinced to try new experiences. My pure
Kim, the mother of my children was getting fucked by
another man. I wondered if our marriage would hold up.

Could I bear to live with this obscenity? My Kim, I
love you how could you do this to me? How can you give
yourself so openly, so wantonly to this young stud? I
had loved and cherished her, I had married her, made
her my wife, given her the seed to have children. Now I
had proof that she had committed adultery. She had been
unfaithful to me and let a stranger plunge his cock in
her chaste canal where our children had passed. She had
let the young buck use her. She meant nothing to him �
just a quick screw where as I loved her. I felt
betrayed yet very aroused. I was shamed yet proud.

She had proven her womanhood and let the young stud
fuck her. I enjoyed the idea of sharing her. I probably
wanted her to get fucked as much as she had wanted to
get fucked to climax by that beautiful dark cock.

I slipped quietly back into bed. She was lying on the
bed with her legs spread wide. I didn't want to wake
her, but my curiosity persisted. After about thirty
minutes, I extracted my pen light from my bed stand and
flicked it on under the covers. Kim's nightgown had
ridden up, fully exposing her legs and ass. Just then,
she moved her right leg giving me a clear view of her
pussy from behind. I was amazed by what I saw.

I could see the Kim's labia were swollen and red. In
the place of her normal little slit was a gaping
opening where I thought I could see all the way up her
vagina to the cervix. There were no apparent fluids;
she must have cleaned and dried herself in the shower.
I marveled at the sight. It was something I'd never
even seen, not even on our wedding night. I could only
imagine the size of the organ that must have done this
damage to Kim's womanhood. I certainly wouldn't be
enjoying the pleasures of Kim's tight cunt for some
time, if ever again.

The next morning I pretended to be ill. I told her I
was sick from some water I had drunk but that she
should go out and enjoy herself. Go shopping, visit
places. As if on cew the phone rang. It was Chang who
needed to come over and give me some business papers.
When he heard that I was poorly, he offered to show Kim
around. I quickly agreed. She turned red and began to
protest but I insisted.

When he turned up, Kim kissed him on the cheek. She was
ill at ease but her eyes were shining with excitement.
Chang handed me a padded envelope and I hurried them
off. As soon as they left I opened it, my hands
sweating. It was a four-hour video cassette. I held it
like a ticking bomb. On the surface, I dithered,
wondering if I had the right to infringe on my wife's
privacy by viewing the tapes. I made up some pretty
darn good excuses to support just putting the tape back
and slipping into denial. I couldn't do it, though. I
had to look. I locked the room and put up the "Do not
disturb" sign. The room was equipped with a VCR. I was
shaky and dry mouthed as I pointed the remote at the
VCR and hit play.

The sight that greeted me on the tape is now etched on
my mind. My naked wife on her back, with a huge darkie
on top of her. My wife's legs were wrapped around his
lower back as he pounded into her willing pussy. For
her part, she was pushing her hips up to meet his
thrusts, and groaning loudly as his long shinny cock
was buried itself deep inside her promiscuous womb. I
realized that the tape had only been partly rewound so
I stopped it and ran it back to the start. Switching to
play the screen now projected a clear crisp view of the
bed where his wife was going to experience her first
extra-marital affair. There was no one in sight but I
could hear faint indiscernible conversations.

What I saw in the next seconds left me numb. Kim came
into the room in view of the camera, a little
embarrassed, it seemed, at how much she was exposed.
She had on a mesh bra and the tiniest sting panties
possible. They just barely covered her well-trimmed
pussy hair and I could see the cleft of her cunt
easily. For the first time, I realized I was actually
stroking my cock as I prepared myself for a scene I
knew was inevitable. I was forced to finally accept
what I had up to then fantasized and plotted. On the
TV, my wife was about to have sex with Chang. She sat
naked and expectant beside him, undoing his pants.
Freed, his cock jumped out fully erect.

Her eyes went wide with amazement.

"Oh God! It's so big,'' she exclaimed.

I too was surprised at the size and width of his
weapon. Kim lay back on the couch, her eyes were
riveted to his swelling manhood. Chang reached down and
bunched her skirt up around her waist. When his huge
hand covered her mound, she gasped. I watched as his
fingers pressed inward right over her cleft. Her head
rolled to the side and she grasped his arm harder and
his fingers began moving the material aside.

"Your faithful little bitch just came." I thought to

I watched as he penetrated her with one, then two
fingers. The camera caught everything as he slipped
into her up to his first knuckle, then the second. I
could hear her gasps and moans as she fucked herself on
his hand.

"Oh, my god. Oh, my god!" She moaned over and over. His
dark fingers probed deeper and deeper into her pure
white cunt. He added a third finger and she shrieked
out in the hardest orgasm I've ever seen. I was amazed
at how much of his hand he had managed to slide into
her tiny little pussy. I looked down and knew she was
going to take even more. His cock was at full staff.

He then placed one hand on each knee and gently spread
her legs. When her thighs were sufficiently apart, he
confidently moved between them. As he leaned down to
kiss her, Kim's hands automatically went to his ass and
gently pulled. Chang teased her with the head of his
prick until neither of them could stand it anymore.
With Kim pulling on his arse and moaning for him to
fuck her, he finally started easing it in. This whole
sight was an incredible turn on, watching his dark
black arse moving frantically between her white thighs.
There was my angel, spread-eagled on her bed with
darkie firmly planted between her legs. His lighter
colored butt rose and fell as he continued to fuck her
even after the noise I had just made.

By now they were out in out fucking like newlyweds! Kim
wrapped her legs around his ass and she met his
downward thrusts with hard upward thrusts of her own,
driving his cock into her as far as she could. He
pushed his hips against Kim's pelvis trying to bury
himself as deep as possible in her pussy. Kim grabbed
his arse with both hands holding him there and pulling
him against her thrusting pelvis. She obviously liked
him there buried in her pussy. Chang's lips went from
Kim's gasping mouth to one nipple then the other. They
were beautiful and any doubts about watching another
man fuck my wife were gone.

I was as hot as the two of them. My cock stood out as
hard and big as I had ever known it to be. I stroked
myself and loved watching Kim's body contort under
Chang's. I loved watching her face as it grimaced with
lust and pleasure. He emptied his balls into my wife.
Needless to say, I came in my pants!

I then watched Kim fuck in various combinations and in
all manner of sexual activity. In one scene, he was
cunnying her. Her wet juices were sticking to his
fingers as he parted her vaginal lips and rubbed and
stroked her cunt while licking her. She moved her hand
down to squeeze his arse and there was the wedding
ring, sparkling in the dim light of this man's bedroom.
I also watched my wife fuck and suck him with total
abandon before they had no holds barred physical sex in
several positions.

I looked at her innocent bright eyes and dimpled smile
and saw the face buried in a stranger's crotch. It was
a good thing I was still undressed. My hard-on could
not have been stiffer. There was four hours of it, all
sex. It was incredibly sexy watching her come and moan
aloud. By the afternoon I was numb, except for my raw
cock. I packed the tape in my case and tried to figure
out what to do next.

My wife and Chang had become lovers and she was
obviously enjoying her newfound sexuality and her
exotic partner. I did not want to spoil it for her so I
decided to keep up the charade. She was not really
cheating on me as I was the one who had masterminded
her betrayal. I felt jealous and disturbed and at the
same time glad for her enjoyment. Finally, she was
getting a taste of real bliss. Chang had broken her in
and stretched her cunt. Her body had been desecrated
and whether I liked it or not, our relationship would
never be the same again.

I had disgraced her but the sin she was experiencing
would corrupt her too. She had got herself laid and she
had shagged like crazy reaching unsuspected climax
after shattering climax. Now she had gone back for
more. Soon it would be a habit and she would be craving
for her admirer's cock. She was deceiving me and I her.
I was frustrated and at the same time happy and aroused
that she had found a male friend to fuck her. The more
I watched the more my sexual arousal outpaced the other
feelings. As I watched those three incredible tapes, I
beat off six or seven times. I stayed at least half
hard all day long. My cock was sore. By the end I
wasn't producing any semen when I came.

When Kim asked me if she could go out 'shopping' again
I had to agree. This time she dressed in a more
provocative manner: a black silk slip dress, no bra
(something I'd never seen Kim do before) and I think
she was wearing black thong panties (to my knowledge
Kim didn't own any underwear of this type). She simply
kissed me on the cheek and said not to wait up.

When she got home to bed I went to throw my dirty
clothes into the laundry basket. My eye was attracted
to an unusual garment. I stopped, bent over and picked
it up. Holding it near to my face, I looked at the red
string panties with dismay. It had a little love tag on
the front. It was very sexy and I had not bought them
for my wife. In fact, she had always said that she
would never wear a G-string. Her lover must have given
it to her as a gift. Now that examined the crotch more
closely I could see traces of her fluids and his semen.
She had been wearing it when he last fucked her.

I pocketed it as a trophy of her betrayal. This time I
got two tapes of their fucking. I brought up a couple
of bar Thai goddesses to my room and I fucked them all
day like a rabbit as I watched my wife go through the
Kuma Sutra and doing it both in doors and out.

She had only been dating Chang for two days, but my
wife seemed to blossom. I noticed the changes in her
confidence, the way she walked, her make up clothes and
glowing look about her. I did notice that she had a
hard time looking at me as each time she looked me
directly in the eyes she could not help but remember
how she had recently violated her marriage vows and how
she had given herself to a strange man.

While she might try to argue that she had not given
herself willingly, the memories of how she had reacted
and the pleasures she had experienced as Chang had had
his way, shoving his enormous cock into the place only
her husband had ever before been. Also hadn't she
wantonly pleasured him with her previously virginal
mouth, something I had tried for years to get her to do
for me?

Even in my dreams, I saw Kim's slender legs wrapped
around Chang's torso, bucking frantically as he
battered her crotch repeatedly with his thick, erect
penis. I heard Kim moaning in orgasm in my dream, and
visualized Chang's balls tightening and shooting their
load into Kim's convulsing cunt.

When Chang gave me the next two tapes I told him to
break her in more. He looked at me perplexed, smiled
and nodded. I left the details up to him. It must have
been two o'clock in the morning when she got back home.

To my surprise, Kim just climbed into bed naked,
without taking a shower or putting on a nightgown. I
could smell alcohol on her breath and, I think, Chang's
cologne in her hair. She rolled over towards me, and
kissed me, deeply thrusting her in my mouth. Her lips
were loose and her saliva flowed freely all over my
cheeks and chin. Kim had never kissed me in such a
wanton and messy fashion before. The taste of alcohol
was unmistakable, but mixed in were flavors with which
I was unfamiliar. I don't know if it was the alcohol,
but when Kim finally withdrew her lips, my face was
coated with a sticky and slimy residue.

She was so horny she began sucking on my cock. As she
sucked on my cock she was also pushing a finger around
my asshole. Kim was looking straight into my eyes as
she began to push her finger in me. I could not hold
back any longer and I came into Edna's mouth. She just
swallowed and smiled as only a little bit of cum leaked
out the side of her mouth.

Before I could fully assess the situation, Kim grabbed
the back of my hair with both hands and forcefully
guided my head underneath the sheets. My cheek brushed
her left nipple which was erect and harder than I'd
ever experienced. Kim kept pushing my head until I was
between her legs. This was quite out of the norm; Kim
had never demanded oral sex before. If I went down on
her, it was always at my instigation.

There I was in the darkness, under the covers. For all
intents and purposes, I was blind. Yet, my other senses
were heightened. The aroma emanating from Kim's crotch
was pungent. It was the same odor I remembered from her
soiled panties, only intensified. There were squishing
sounds coming from her pussy, and every so often, a
little "fart" of air would escape.

Impatiently, Kim ground my face into her groin. I could
feel a hot, slimy, sticky pool of fluids soaking her
pubic hair and cradled by the folds of her spread
labia. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and extended my
tongue into the void between her thighs.

The opening to Kim's vagina was enormous. It seemed
wide enough to consume my nose, mouth and chin. My
tongue caught a huge glob of the flow which oozed from
her cunt. The strong taste was foreign to me: tart and
salty with a tinge of the musky flavor of Kim's vaginal

Now there was no denying it. I was swallowing the semen
Chang's cock had deposited deep in my wife's pussy.
Common sense, Judeo-Christian morality and years of
heterosexuality dictated that I should be revolted.

But, my rigid dick and throbbing prostate said

With a fervor, I began tonguing Kim's swollen and
distended labia lips seeking to savor the remnants that
had already escaped from her cunt. I sucked what seemed
like a endless stream of semen from the depths of her
vagina. All the while Kim moaned and rocked her pelvis
against my jaw. I heard myself whimpering with
satisfaction as if I were a suckling infant taking
nourishment from a mother's tit.

Time and time again, I tried to extend my tongue and
swab Kim's cervix, but I couldn't. Chang's dick must
have been not only thick as a redwood but long as one.
He must have pounded Kim's cervix well up into her

After Kim had convulsed in orgasm, a thicker flow of
cum poured forth. I lapped it up and became to wonder
if Chang's sperm had made its way into Kim's womb. Even
though I knew Kim was on the pill, the thought of
Chang's virile seed swimming in search of one of Kim's
eggs, sent me over the edge. Without even touching
myself, I came again, my semen pooling on the mattress
as I continued to coax every drop of Chang's semen from
my wife's folds.

After what must have been ninety minutes of furious
efforts, Kim had climaxed three times and was clean as
a whistle. I, too, was hard again, but Kim was asleep
and there was nary a dollop of sperm left in her
vagina. With some hesitancy, I decided to fuck Kim
myself. I positioned my penis at her gaping hole.
Literally no pressure was necessary as my dick

It was a loose, warm sensation as I moved my erection
around this vast expanse that had once been a tight
little pussy known only to me. There was ample room for
more and Kim's vagina almost engulfed my balls as well.
Apparently, the absence of friction allowed Kim to
sleep through the five minutes of my squirming inside
of her. I tried to hold off as long as possible, but
the thought slipping around in my wife's used pussy was
too much. I added my light load to the scene of the
crime and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning (which seemed to come to soon), I
awoke with a crusty residue coating my face. Chang and
Kim's combined juices had dried like a tight mask. I
showered and left for work, leaving Kim asleep. Her
face seemed contented. It was with renewed interest
that I watched the next batch of tapes. As he had
handed them to me he admitted that he had slipped her
something. I had noticed that my wife was very groggy
and looked absolutely shattered even now, the morning

After they left, I put on the tape with expectation. My
wife already had twenty hours of extra marital fucking
behind her. What had Chang imagined now?

The first scene showed them in bed having slow sex and

As he fucked her, Chang was asking her if she fancied
having sex with a stranger blindfolded.

"Oh yes," she sighed nearing her climax, "being
blindfolded and made love to by a man I could not see."

"Do you think you could tell if it was me or not?"
Chang asked.

"Oh yes, do it just like that, a little harder!" she
moaned, "I think I could up to a point. After that I
probably wouldn't care!" Her orgasm was approaching
quickly. She began to undulate beneath the Thai like a
dancer. He accelerated his movements.

"How about if we do it? I'll take you somewhere,
undress you and blindfold you, then leave. A man will
then come and make love to you. You won't know if it's
me or not."

"Uhm, I like that! Oh yes! I'm coming!" she wailed
writhing under him in delight, the intensity of her
climax enhanced by the spiciness of her fantasy as he
felt her cream beginning to coat his nuts pressed
against her anal cavity. She slowly calmed and regained
her breathing.

"You can talk me into anything when I'm coming. But
listen, if it isn't you then you had better make damn
sure it's someone you really trust with me."

What a sex pig my wife had become. It wasn't enough
having fucked her "boy friend" all weekend she now had
to try on his friend for size. Next scene she was in a
room, naked on a bed except for a blindfold.

"Are you frightened?" Chang asked noticing that she was
shivering in cold and anticipation.

"Yes," she sighed, "I love to be frightened."

"I'm going to leave now. A man will come and make love
to you. It may be me, it may be someone else, that's
the fantasy."

"If it is someone else!" she hesitated.


"Tell him not to be too gentle, I want to come, and I
want to feel his spunk as he shoots it into me!"

With that Chang moved away out of view. I waited for
some time and with the beginnings of fear then I saw a
movement on the other side.

The photographer, a certain "Billy", came into view and
sat his camera down next to her. She straightened
tensely. Looking down on her indescribably body I could
barely control myself. She could hear Billy approaching
and was visibly trembling with both fear and arousal.

He knelt over her from behind reaching around her to
cup her breasts with both hands. She jumped at his
first touch. She was trembling. His hand cupped her
erect nipple and squeezed the other perfect globe. I
could hear her moan and whimper on the tape. She turned
her head and accepted his kiss as he caressed her
breasts with growing ardor. Then he was kissing and
nipping at her rounded shoulders with his lips as he
urged her onto her hands and knees.

I had my own organ free of my jeans by now and was
stroking it quickly. Sitting next to year on the bed,
Billy had moved his hand onto her leg, starting at her
knee, but had inched his way up onto her thigh. I was
beginning to wonder how far she would let this stranger
go, or if she had the willpower to stop him at all at
this point. I wondered too if I had the willpower to
stop this whole affair.

She was steaming hot to my touch.

"No more!" she whimpered pitifully, "Take me, please!"

He reached out and felt her bare pussy, as he laughed
and said, "Chang, it seems well fucked."

Billy commented how attractive she looked. Chang came
back. He was smoking a joint. She gasped, I guess
because Billy's hand was now brushing her pussy mound
or maybe because Chang kissed her with deep tongue
kisses as Billy's hand felt Kim's pussy, slipping a
finger or two into her cunt. She grabbed his cock with
one hand and reached around his waist with the other.
She told Chang that he better not mind sharing.

She was getting hot now. I was shocked seeing my wife
act like this but very turned on as each moment passed
and they got bolder. Billy' s head went down between
her legs, and he was doing an apt job of tonguing Kim's
pussy as she writhed around.

Chang's huge cock had appeared and Kim now had a lip
lock on it again.

Watching Kim suck Chang's cock gave me chills knowing
how good it felt to have those lips on mine. After
numerous orgasms, it was obvious that Kim was in
heaven, being ravished like this. Billy's own cock
dangled near her lips.

Chang moved away and disappeared for a moment. She
still hadn't caught her breath when Billy rolled her
over onto her back. Billy positioned himself between
her spread legs and reaching behind her knees, he
pressed her legs up to her chest. She could feel his
thick cock on her stomach. She wasn't to sure if she
could accommodate Billy's girth but it was something
she HAD to try. She figured that at this point she
might already by pregnant and a condom wouldn't matter.

He was oozing pre-cum and so was she. As she rubbed his
prick along her cunt lips he began to push. She opened
her long strong legs and clasped them tight as he
guided his cock into her opening. The instant the head
touched her wetness it seemed to suck him inside
hungrily. She arched her back instinctively and cried
out as he had slid all the way into her with one push.
Somehow the hot tightness of her vaginal flesh grasping
his organ felt subtly different from anything she had
ever experienced before. It felt as if she had just
given birth to Marks prick. She lost her breath and
grabbed him by his waist.

"Wait a minute!" She gasped "I have to open up."

You would think that my wife would have no troubles
after all the fucking she and Chang had done, but I
guess Billy was pretty thick.

"Ok," she said and he slowly started to pump his way
further into her love canal.

As she clawed at the blanket with both hands he pulled
back just a little and then plunged back into her. He
began to fuck her steadily. He was inside her pussy,
only the third man she had ever had and the second
within the last two minutes, before she realized what
was happening.

A long, low moan escaped her lips as he began pumping
her. At first, I thought it was in protest, then I
noticed she was rocking her hips in rhythm to his
thrusts. She replaced his hand behind her knees and
spread herself even wider so he could penetrate deeper.
She found his mouth with hers and sucked his tongue
into her mouth and came again. She had never been
filled like that, not by me and not by Chang.

It was amazing to her that her pussy could withstand
something so big. This was the sort of thing she had
only seen in porn movies and she had always wondered
how the girls felt as those big dicks impaled them. She
grabbed Billy's ass cheeks as he really picked up the
pace and pumped her like he was possessed. He kept
grunting as he plunged his pole in and out of my
precious wife's pussy. Her cunt was stretched tight
around it and she felt a suctioning each time he would
pull out, then she felt inflated when he would push in.
According to her it was best feeling she had ever had
during sex. Soon she was straddling him and riding him
cowgirl style on the couch. He had had his middle
finger up her butt. She was fucking him with a slow
rolling motion of her hips.

"That's it! Do it to me, harder! Do it harder!" she
cried and blurted between gasps.

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