A Canadian wife gets creampie in San Francisco

"What do you think of him, Connie?" I whispered. I
nodded in the direction of a muscular, somewhat
intimidating looking, black man sitting up at the bar.
My wife and I were sitting in a little neighborhood
tavern near our hotel looking for a likely candidate.
We'd been fantasizing about having a threesome with
another man for years, and we'd finally gotten up the
courage to try to go through with it.

Connie glanced over her shoulder, and turned to me with
a look of disbelief. "He's really cute Mark ...but he's
far too young. For Pete's sakes, he's only in his
twenties! He'd never be interested in a middle aged
woman like me!"

"Oh yeah?" I continued quietly. "Well that's not
stopping him from checking you out. When you got up to
go to the washroom he watched you every step of the

"Oh go on Mark!" she blushed. "You're just teasing me!"

"No I'm not... Go play some music on that old Wurlitzer
over there and you'll see what I'm talking about."

"Okay, I'll just do that."

Connie stood up and smoothed down her dress then,
putting a little extra wiggle in her walk made her way
over to the ancient jukebox in the corner. As she
passed the bar, she surprised me by giving the kid a
sultry 'I'd like to fuck you,' kind of look as she
brushed past him. When she got to the jukebox she made
a point of bending over and displaying her ass as she
dropped in some money and punched in a few tunes. After
making her selection, she returned to our table,
smiling at me as the kid turned around on his barstool
to watch her

"Mark, you're right!" Connie whispered with a pleased
smile as she sat down. "He 'is' looking at me, and he's
gorgeous! Do you really think he would want me?"

"Of course he would! The kid's obviously got the hots
for you! I bet he'd be easy to talk into a little fun
if we could only figure out a way to meet him. I don't
even begin to know how to tell him I'd like him to fuck

My name's Mark Hargrove. Let me tell you how we got to
this point. I'm fifty years old, with sandy, thinning
hair, and a bit of a beer gut, so I'm just kind of
average in the looks department but I think I really
lucked out when I married Connie. Connie stands about
five-four with shoulder length shiny black hair, and
even after having two kids she has nice perky tits,
great legs, and an ass that attracts men like a magnet.
Tonight she was wearing a little black cocktail dress
that was so tight it looked like it had been sprayed
on, and on her legs she had on a pair of sexy black
stay ups and four inch heels. Maybe I'm a little
biased, but for a woman in her forties Connie is one
hell of a hot looking chick.

Anyways, Connie and I are Canadian, and we'd come to
the states on a mini holiday from our home town of
Victoria B.C. because we were in desperate need of a
break from our routine at home.

Our town's not exactly known for its wild nightlife and
we knew San Francisco had a reputation for being the
kind of place you could let your hair down. The night
we arrived I talked my wife into taking in a male strip
show. Connie had never seen one before and it blew her
away. She got the hots for the lead dancer, a good
looking Rastafarian type with washboard abs. It must
have been obvious to him because he'd picked her out of
the crowd and done a strip tease just for her.

For whatever reason, the guy's performance had really
brought out the slut in Connie. Later that evening,
when we returned to our hotel, she practically raped me
in the elevator on the way up to our room. Our marriage
had gotten kinkier over the years to keep it
interesting and our favorite fantasy was her having sex
with another man while I watched, but until the
striptease, it never occurred to us the guy could be

I guess the dance brought out her darkest desires,
because when we went to bed she told me she'd have
loved to fuck him. Hearing her admission turned me on
as much as her, so I decided to change our fantasy into
reality. Here we were, in a bar in a strange city where
no one knew us, and we'd never have a better

And I wasn't lying to Connie; the kid sitting there at
the bar was obviously sexually attracted to her. He was
perfect. He was young, fit, and black, and I was
getting a raging hard-on imagining him with Connie so I
decided to strike while the iron was hot.

"Listen Connie," I whispered. 'What the hell... If
you're game I'm just gonna go ask him if he'd like to
join us for a drink? What do you say? Are you ready for

Connie blushed and turned an even deeper shade of red.
I think when we fantasized about a threesome, neither
one of us dreamed it would really happen. Now with an
opportunity staring us right in the face we had to make
a decision. My wife was tongue tied. She was in a
dilemma. I knew she wanted to, but she would be
breaking her marriage vows, so she had to make darn
sure it was what I really wanted before committing

"Honey, I'm not going to pressure you." I assured her.
"I'll just invite him over for a drink and we'll see
what happens, okay? I'd love to watch you do it, but
it's all up to you!"

We sat there in silence, while Connie looked over at
him and then back at me, then she arrived at a

"Okay Mark, I'll do it... but if anything happens, I
don't want you changing your mind on me and getting mad
about it, all right?"

Now I was the one getting nervous. What if she was
right? Maybe I would get mad, or jealous, or both. I
wasn't really sure how I'd react. All I knew was I'd
never5 been so fucking horny before so I forced myself
to get up from my chair, and headed towards him. I got
to the bar and sat beside him and said, "Excuse me," in
a shaky voice.

He turned towards me with a curious look and asked what
was up. Ignoring my squirrelly feelings and hoping I
didn't sound too stupid, I carried on with my plan.

"My wife and I are wondering if we can buy you a drink.
You see, we've never been to San Francisco before.
We're on holiday and we thought maybe you could tell us
what sights we oughta see while we're here."

He looked at me and then over at Connie. I think he
sort of knew what we really wanted, but he was willing
to go along with my little game. He made me sweat for
it though, by pausing for a little while before he
answered me.

"Hey man, I'd be happy to! That's really nice of you.
My name's Paul Jefferson, and thanks, I'm having
bourbon on the rocks. ". Where are you from?" he asked,
his handshake was so strong I was worried he would
break every bone in my hand.

"We're from Canada. Hey, that's quite a grip you've got
there Paul! It's nice to meet you. I'm Mark Hargrove.
Listen, why don't I get our drinks then we can go over
and I'll introduce you to my wife."

Now that I was sitting up there I could really see how
big the kid was. "Jesus!" I thought to myself. "What am
I doing? Do I really want him to fuck Connie? If his
cock's as big as the rest of him, won't she get hooked
on it? But I'm a man, and my dick was making all my
decisions for me so I signaled the bartender. I ordered
another drink for Paul and a couple of beers for Connie
and me and then we headed back to join her. My wife and
Paul smiled warmly at each other as we sat down. Things
were going much easier than I'd thought they would.

"Sweetheart, this is Paul Jefferson. Paul, meet my wife

Paul looked Connie up and down like he was buying a
brand new car. If he could have really undressed her
with his eyes she'd be naked by now. He took her hand
in his and made a big show of kissing it, and she
blushed like mad. Knowing my wife, it was a pretty safe
bet her panties were soaking wet by now.

"Hello Connie! Mark tells me you two are from out of
town and need some advice on our fair city. What kind
of things do you like to do? Is there anything in
particular you'd like to see?"

The way Connie was looking at the kid I was afraid she
was going to ask to see his cock right then and there.
But she managed to control herself and asked some
general questions about what there was to see. I felt
like I was watching two animals in mating season
sniffing each other out just before they began rutting.
Paul was a real smooth operator. After a couple of
bourbons he was whispering in Connie's ear and his hand
was under her dress stroking the inside of her leg.

By now the people in the bar were starting to sit up
and take notice, but Paul and Connie were so horny they
were oblivious to it. Any pretence about looking around
the city was long gone. I sat there feeling like I'd
just fired up a big locomotive and got it running full
bore before realizing there were no brakes.

"Hey you guys!" I whispered. "What do you say we take
off and go back to our hotel? I'm sure it'd be a lot
more comfortable."

"Hey, that's a good idea," Paul said. "But first I want
to make sure I'm not misreading this. You're okay with
me fucking your wife, right?"

My face turned bright red and I stared into my glass.
Probably half the people in the bar knew by now what
was taking place at our table, but I was so turned on I
couldn't help myself. My wife was going to be fucked by
him, come hell or high water. The whole thing seemed so
surreal but my dick was so hard I could have hammered
nails with it.

"I...I guess so, but it's really up to Connie," I

"Hey man, its okay! Don't be embarrassed by it! I think
it's really cool you're allowing your little woman to
get some extra loving. She's lucky to have a husband
that looks out for her needs. Isn't that right Connie?"

Connie looked over at me and blushed. I could see she
was trying to appear 'with it.'

"Yeah, I am lucky... Mark's a great guy. But he's right
Paul. If it's okay with you, I think we should go back
to the hotel."

"Whatever you say, little lady. Lead the way." Paul

Connie finished her beer then took his hand and stood
up. Paul gave her ass a little feel, nuzzling her neck
as we left the bar. A few patrons gave me a sympathetic
look as I followed behind, discreetly trying to tuck my
hard on under my belt. Once we were out on the sidewalk
Connie turned to me.

"Mark honey, would you go to the store and get
something for us to drink while Paul and I go back to
the hotel?"

"I...I suppose I...I could."

I was the one who started the ball rolling so I could
hardly say no. It seemed like the right thing to do. I
picked up some bourbon and half a dozen beers and
cooled my heels in a coffee shop to give them a little
time, then headed on back to the hotel. When I got up
to the room I was so excited my knees were shaking. I
held my breath, slipped my key in the slot and opened
the door.

The kid was lying back on the bed holding Connie by her
hair as she sucked his enormous cock. Whenever I'd
asked for a blowjob she'd always turned me down so this
was a big surprise to me. The two of them were naked,
except for Connie's high heels and Paul's white socks,
which for reasons known only to him were still on his
feet. I ripped off my shirt, stumbled out of my pants,
and pulled a chair over beside the bed. I was so
friggin horny I began to jack off.

"Oh man, you're a lucky guy Mark!" Paul gasped as he
squeezed Connie's tits. "Your wife gives an outstanding

Connie's eyes looked up at him, smiling at his
compliment. She gently hefted his tennis ball sized
balls in the upturned palm of her hand as she sucked
him off. Although I was insanely jealous I was so
turned on I jerked myself off as I watched Paul fuck
her mouth. His precum mixed with Connie's saliva and
drooled from her crimson lips, hanging in ropy strands
from her chin.

"Fuck Connie...take it easy or I'm gonna blow my
load!!!" he croaked, kneading her tits as she lovingly
licked the length of his cock.

Undeterred by his announcement she sped up her pace,
feverishly milking his heavily veined ebony shaft. I'd
drawn my chair up so close I could see perspiration
beading up on Paul's forehead. Connie fingers flew up
and down his cock in a blur, her wedding ring glinting
in the darkened hotel room, underlining the
salaciousness of her act. She suddenly stopped and
pulled him out of her mouth with an audible pop.

"I want you to come, Paul!" she gurgled. "Come in my
mouth while you fuck my face!! Come on Paul...fucking
give it to me!!!"

I could smell Connie's arousal, and I'm sure he could
too. The kid took her at her word, using her mouth like
a cunt, fucking away at her until he suddenly let out a
tortured cry. Connie gripped his dusky buttocks and
sealed her lips around the head of his throbbing
manhood, sucking on it with a vengeance. He roared and
emptied his steaming load deep in her gullet.

Whimpering softly, Connie guzzled it down and when she
was finally done, turned to me with a crazed look on
her face, motioning for me to come close so she could
suck me off as well. I felt angry but my cock was hard
as iron and my emotions were all over the map. Some of
Paul's cum had bubbled out of her mouth and was hanging
precariously from her lower lip. Strangely, she'd never
looked as sexy to me as she did at that moment.

I shoved my aching cock into my wife's frothing, well
used mouth and she went to work on me like a woman
possessed. Connie was so turned on from doing Paul she
gave me an amazing blow job. It wasn't too long before
I felt the pressure of a pending orgasm deep in my

"Oh god, baby!" I gasped. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

I blew my load into her mouth, taking us both by
surprise then suddenly she started to moan and whimper.
Paul had quickly recovered and come up behind her,
ripped open the crotch of her sopping panties and
pulled her back onto his monstrous dick.

"Oh gawddd!!! Oh holy fuck!!! Oh Jesusss... oh

She moaned so loud at first I thought he was hurting
her, but then she started to buck like a bronco,
pleading with the kid to fuck her harder.

"You want harder? I'll give you harder, you horny
cunt!" Paul assured her, smacking her ass loudly. The
wet slupping sounds of Connie's sexing echoed in the
hotel room.

"Oh god!" she sobbed. "Oh god Mark... It feels so
fucking goood!!!!"

Paul chuckled in her ear. "You like that baby? You like
my big black dick in your married pussy?

"You bastard!" she panted. "Fuck meee!!!"

Paul pulled out of my wife and lay back on the bed with
his upright cock pointing up at the ceiling. Her
lipstick was smeared all over its head, making it
appear even more menacing.

"Here you go baby... its all yours! Just squat over me
and put it in!"

She grunted and ever so slowly eased herself down until
he was buried halfway up inside her. My balls ached as
I saw how tightly her cunt lips clung to his thick
black pole. The look of intense concentration on
Connie's face said it all. Although his cock was only
halfway in, it was already reaching far deeper and
filling her far more than mine ever could. She began to
raise herself up and down in a frenzy of activity.

"Oh god...Oh godd... Oh goddd!!!"

My wife's tits swayed as the bedsprings squeaked away.
Her nipples were puffy and swollen, her hair was badly
mussed, and her eyes looked all wild and crazy. She was
getting the fuck of a lifetime.

Unbelievably, his whole length was now up inside her,
and I knew from now on she'd be a size queen, craving
big cocks on a regular basis. It gave me a perverse
thrill to watch Connie feed her nipple to Paul's mouth
as his big black hands squeezed her milky white ass. I
knew my cuckolding had only just begun. Suddenly she
screamed, and her ravenous pussy squirted all over his
cock and balls.

"Oh fuck... Mark, I'm coming... and he's coming too!!!
He's cumming way up in my cunt!!!"

Connie shuddered as the two of them came together.
After a long silent pause she eased herself off Paul
with a big contented sigh, and lay there gasping. I sat
feeling somewhat humbled as I watched a big glob of cum
emerge from my wife's gaping cunt, and run down the
crack of her ass. His cock had left her thoroughly
stretched, and now her dirty deed was done she looked a
little embarrassed by her unbridled enthusiasm. Paul's
voice broke the awkward silence.

"Man oh man, you're a fantastic piece of ass, Connie!!"

"Thank you kind sir," she blushed. "You're not bad

"But you know," he said, to the two of us, "I think
maybe I'd better leave you lovebirds alone for now!" He
got a towel from the bathroom and wiped himself off,
then pulled on his pants, and buttoned up his shirt.

"Maybe I'll call you tomorrow so we can get together
and do this again!"

Connie and I were silent as he said his goodbyes and
let himself out, discreetly leaving us to sort things
out between the two of us. My wife lay on the rumpled
sheets and held out her arms to me. Her hairy cunt and
asshole were completely covered in cum.

"Are you okay with what I've done Mark?" she asked with
a look of concern as I climbed on top of her. "You're
not mad at me for liking it, are you? I do love you,
you know."

"I...I know you do. I love you too... look honey, I'm
as guilty as you are...I wanted it to happen as much as
you did!"

"Oh baby, he filled me with so much cum, and I'm
feeling so horny! Will you kiss me down there? Please?"

Connie's fingers wound themselves into my hair, forcing
my head downwards as I kissed my way down towards her
hairy lower belly. She opened her legs and the scent of
her freshly fucked cunt filled my nostrils. Connie
moaned as she wrapped her legs around my head. I
couldn't believe how excited she was. Holding on to her
warm, wet ass, I smothered her cum filled cunt with
kisses, and sucked on her swollen clitoris.

Oh yeah that feels so good! Oh...oh my fucking gawd!!!
Oh Jesus, Mark...I'm gonna come again really soon!!"
she cried. "Hurry...you'd better fuck me before I

I can't even begin to describe the hot slippery feeling
of fucking her steaming quim right after Paul had
dumped his load in her but I knew we were both hooked.
Fired up from our very first threesome, Connie and I
fucked more that night than I would have ever thought
humanly possible. The two of us eventually ran out of
steam in the wee small hours of the morning and
thoroughly sated, drifted off into dreamland.


We slept like babies, waking at eleven the next day.
After a leisurely brunch in our hotel we set off to see
the city. We did all the usual tourist stuff. We walked
across the Golden Gate Bridge, then we rode a cable car
up to the Castro district and gawked at all the gay
guys. From there we went on to Haight Ashbury and then
down to the waterfront, where we had some great seafood
in a funky little oyster bar.

After we'd eaten, we took a cab back to our hotel. It's
funny, but we'd avoided talking about what had happened
with Paul. It was all so new to us I guess we were just
too embarrassed, but Connie had been obviously thinking
about him, because the first thing she did when we got
to our room was to check the phone. When she saw the
little red light flashing her eyes lit up. I knew what
that meant. It meant she could hardly wait to get
fucked again.

"Mark, if that's a message from Paul, we don't have to
phone him back," Connie said, trying to hide her
enthusiasm for my sake. "If you want, we can just make
it a one time thing. I mean, now that we know what it's
like, we don't really have to do it again. What do you

"Yeah, I guess you're right Connie." I teased. "Let's
not return his call. I kind of wanted to take in a
movie tonight."

Poor Connie did her best to hide her disappointment.

"Connie, I'm pulling your leg... I thought last night
was the hottest thing I'd ever seen! I'm gonna leave it
up to you, but honey, whatever you want to do, I'll be
fine with it."

Connie looked relieved. "You dirty son of a bitch. I
didn't know you were putting me on. "So it would be
okay with you if I fucked Paul again?" You won't think
I'm being cheap and slutty if I want more?"

"Well, to be honest Connie, I kind of get off on you
being cheap and slutty! Heck it's a little late to be
getting second thoughts. Just admit you liked it. Go
on, pick up the phone and see what he has to say...It's
obvious you want to!!"

"I love you Mark! As long as you're sure about it. Last
night was really good!"

Still trying not to appear too eager, my wife reached
for the phone. I sat waiting patiently while Connie
listened to the message. It was a long one, and there
was no need for her to tell me it was Paul. By the time
she hung up the phone she was practically glowing. She
looked at me excitedly.

"Paul wants us to come to a party!"

"What kind of a party honey? What time, and where is

"Somewhere in the Fillmore district, wherever that is.
Paul said it's at his place. He said we'd never find it
on our own so if we want to go, we're to meet him at a
place called the Sheba lounge at nine thirty tonight.
All the cabbies know where Sheba's is and his house is
near there. We'll have a couple of drinks first, and
then we'll head over to the party. He said he thinks
we're really cool, and he knows his friends will like
us. Says there'll be lots of good music, and loads of
food. It sounds really neat! Can we go Mark? Please?"

"Gee I don't know Connie. I thought he'd say he wanted
to come over here again. Last night was one thing, but
what do we really know about this guy? What if him and
his friends turn out to be some kind of axe murderers
or something?"

"You mean its okay to fuck him, but it's not okay to
party with him?" Connie pouted. "Come on Mark! Do you
have any idea how stupid that sounds? If he didn't
attack us yesterday, he sure as heck won't be doing it
at a party! Don't you think if he was dangerous, he
would have done something last night, for Pete's sake?"

Connie had me there. The kid could have easily
overpowered me if he'd wanted to, and if he'd given off
any dangerous vibes I never would have let her fuck
him. What the hell, why not, I thought. We hadn't been
to a party in ages. It would probably be good for us to
mix with some younger people for a change. Besides,
maybe after the party Paul would come back to the hotel
and fuck her again.

"Okay sweetheart, I guess you're right. We can
go...Call him back and let him know we'll be there. I
just hope we're not the only white people there though,
or we'll stick out like a pair of sore thumbs."

"You don't have to worry about that, honey. Paul's
message said there was going to be some other cool
white couples there too. I think it sounds like a lot
of fun. And you never know," she said with a little
smile as she dialed his number. "He just might want to
come back with us to the hotel afterwards for a


"The cabby let us off at the Sheba Lounge at around
quarter to ten. My first impression of the club was
that it was definitely hip, or whatever word they use
nowadays. The place was nice and intimate, all done up
in funky colors, with lots of wood and leather and big
overstuffed chairs. It was elegant, but it felt real
comfortable, like you were in someone's living room. If
this was the kind of place Paul hung out in, I had to
admit the kid had class.

I had to raise my voice to be heard above the piano
player who was belting out a tune for the crowd. The
hostess, a pretty black girl with legs that just
wouldn't quit, smiled, acting like she'd been expecting
us, when I told her we were meeting a Mr. Jefferson.

"Paul's in the bar. Would you follow me please," she
said, weaving her way through the crowded tables until
we reached a second, equally inviting room. Paul was
all dressed up in a stylish looking silk suit and
sitting near a trendy looking gas fired fireplace. I
was surprised to see another big black guy with him
wearing casual slacks, a white cashmere turtleneck, and
shades. Paul smiled when he saw us and waved us over.

"Hey man, glad you could make it... Hi Connie! I'd like
you two to meet my friend Lionel. Lionel, this is Mark
and his lovely wife Connie."

"Hey... what's up," Lionel grinned as he looked Connie
up and down. "Look at you girl! Paul told me you were
beautiful, but his description didn't do you justice!
I've been hearing nothing but good things about you
little lady!"

Lionel was so big he made me nervous but Connie seemed
quite taken by him. Paul stood up and Connie sat
between him and Lionel, so I had to take the chair
across the table. I sat watching helplessly as my wife
lapped up all the attention the two men giving her.
After we'd all had a couple of rounds of drinks, she
was getting quite drunk and was laughing away at their
jokes. At one point Lionel even squeezed Connie's upper
thigh. I was beginning to get an uneasy feeling about
where things might be headed, and I resolved to stop
things before they got too far out of hand. Paul looked
over at me and grinned.

"Hey Mark, chill out! you look far too serious! Is
everything okay with you, buddy?"

"I'm fine Paul. I guess I'm just a little tired so I
don't think Connie and I will be having a very late
night tonight."

"We've got just the thing to pick you up man. Lionel's
got some real fine B.C. bud in the car that should make
you feel right at home! What say we take off to the
party and fire up a big blunt along the way?"

Perhaps Paul was right. Maybe I was getting too
serious. I didn't want to spoil Connie's night out
because she'd really been looking forward to the party.
Maybe getting a little buzz on 'would' put me more in
the mood. I hadn't smoked any dope since way back in
high school but I remembered music sounded really good
when I was a little stoned. Besides, I was kind of
flattered that Paul saw us as cool enough to share a
joint with. I looked at my wife to see if she had any
objection but she was nodding enthusiastically, which
surprised me because as far as I knew she'd never done
it before.

"Yeah okay, why not? That sounds like a good plan."

"Good! Go get the car Lionel," Paul smiled, "and we'll
meet you out front."


Paul, Connie, and I waited on the sidewalk until Lionel
drove up in a newer model white Cadillac. We piled in
the back and as soon as we'd settled in, Paul lit his
blunt and passed it around. By my second toke I
realized today's Marijuana was a lot stronger than what
I was used to. I was just wasted, and I couldn't even
begin to imagine how Connie was doing!

At first I was contented enough to sit and listen to
all the traffic noises, but Lionel put some mellow jazz
in the car's c.d. player, and before I knew it I was
lying flat on my back in a dreamlike state. As I stared
up at the car ceiling, listening in fascination to
every note my wife, Paul, and any troubles I had seemed
millions of light years away. I must have drifted off
because I didn't even notice the car had stopped until
Paul was opening the car door.

"Hey you guys, what's happening? Are we there yet?" I
giggled, suddenly aware that I had no idea where the
hell we were supposed to be going.

My body felt like rubber and everything seemed to be
happening in slow motion. It was hard but I managed to
haul myself up in my seat. Paul and Lionel were already
out of the car and holding Connie up, helping her to
negotiate her way up the stairs of a big Victorian
mansion. I stumbled out of the car and followed them as
they went into the house.

When I stepped through the door the loud music and
reefer smoke hit me like a shock wave. Someone handed
me a drink and I wandered around in a dope induced haze
looking for Connie and the two guys. I searched through
a sea of black faces for what seemed like forever, and
I was beginning to get worried when I saw a white
couple sitting in a corner of the living room. I
staggered towards them, hoping they might have noticed

"Excuse me," I said "I've lost sight of my wife. Have
you seen her? She's got long dark brown hair and she's
kind of short."

"You mean the chick with the great ass that came in
with Paul and Lionel?" The man grinned. "I think they
all went upstairs. You look kinda tired man. I'll bet
you've had some of that dynamite dope of Paul's.
Relax... she's in good hands, sit down and take a load
off your feet."

"Yeah okay," I said, slumping into an empty easy chair.
"I guess I am feeling a little tired."

He was right, finding Connie could wait. My eyes were
getting really heavy and my legs felt like lea. Before
I knew it I'd drifted off, and when I came to I was all
alone. I could have been out for ten minutes or two
hours. The couple had disappeared and the room was
empty. The man said Connie had gone upstairs so
thinking that must be where everyone had gone, I hauled
myself to my feet and made my way up the stairs.

I heard a murmur of voices coming from behind the first
door I came to, so I quietly pushed it open. A large
group of people was crowding around something going on
in the middle of the room. I pushed my way forward to
see what everyone was looking at, and lo and behold,
there was Connie, fully naked and on her knees in front
of Lionel who was sitting on a chair with his pants
down around his ankles. The crowd was calling out
encouragement as her head bobbed up and down on his
immense cock.

Paralyzed by the dope, I stood watching helplessly as
my wife lovingly licked and sucked Lionel's heavily
veined, giant black cock. Paul joined in and started
playing with her tittys and she began to suck him off
too. Someone moved in with a camera and began to take
pictures and that made Connie even hornier. The strong
dope and watching her communal cock sucking was turning
me on, so I began to play with myself.

"Suck those cocks baby!" I cried. "Let yourself go!!!"

Connie went wild, alternating between the two of them,
and Paul suddenly gave out a tortured cry. "Get ready,
you little fucking slut... I'm gonna cum! Jesus, I'm
gonna cum!!"

"Cum all over my face!!" Connie whimpered, sticking out
her tongue as she jacked him off.

Paul grunted and cried, "Oh gawddd!!!" and his cock
shot a big glob of cum that sailed through the air and
hit Connie's tongue with such force I could tell it
startled her. A second volley followed, landing on her
forehead and nose with a splat. Meanwhile Lionel tore
off his trousers and moved in behind her. He opened her
swollen pussy for the crowd.

"Look at her!" he grinned. "She's all soaking wet and
ready to go!"

"Fuck the bitch, Lionel!" someone called out. "Fuck her

"Yeah!" another one cried. Feed that white pussy some
big black snake!!"

Lionel grasped his massive drooling cock and teased
Connie with it, sliding it slowly up and down the
length of her slit.

"Tell everyone what you want baby! Are you horny for
some young black dick up in your pussy?"

"Yesss... oh Jesus... yesss!!!" Connie begged.

Lionel pushed forward and everyone 'ooohed' and
'aaahed' as he slid all ten inches of his manhood into
her then they became hushed as he bottomed out, pausing
balls deep to let her savor his size. Connie whimpered
as he began, her pussy squelching as he withdrew his
cock then slid it back home again. He began to speed up
and Connie, who was very close to coming, began to make
little mewling sounds.

Watching her magnificent fucking made me forget all
about the crowd. I began to masturbate with my precum
slimed hand, trying to prolong my pleasure by holding
back. Suddenly Lionel's buttocks tensed up. Connie
looked over at me as he gripped her waist tight and
drained his balls into her. She looked so small and
helpless impaled on his big dick.

"Oh fuck Mark; his cock is creaming me!!! I'm coming
baby!!! Oh god, I'm coming!!!"

"Good girl Connie!" I cried as I jacked off. "Let it go

My balls tensed up and I let fly as I watched Connie
surrender to a shuddering climax. My cum flew out the
head of my dick and spattered the hardwood floor in
front of me. When Lionel's spasms finished, he gently
pulled out his spent but still huge penis.

"Man what a ride!" he gasped. "Who's next?"

The men rushed to line up and I realized I was in for a
very long night.

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