Taxi Sucker Ride

Hi, I joined this site as im bursting to tell of my adultury that would horrify my friends so ive decided to share with people who will understand, or even appreciate, my excitement.
I have had several lovers during my 4yr marriage all of which I intend to share here but the following is without doubt the most outrageous yet exciting so far.
My husband used to manage a fast food shop and part of his duty was to bank the daily takings in a night safe. As it was the early hours his company had an account with a local taxi firm to take him to the bank and then on home. He naturally got to know the drivers and as a consequence we also used the same taxis on a personal level and became friendly enough to socialise with the drivers in a pub they used to wind down after their shifts.
I ended up becoming friendly with the only female driver and she began inviting me to the pub while my husband was at work. The guys naturally flirted with me and I suppose I quite encouraged it but it was much more preferable to staying home on my own every evening.
I always took a taxi home on these evenings and as id become friendly with the drivers the flirting continued on the journey, I suppose I loved the attention so it was difficult to refuse one evening when one of the guys invited himself in for coffee.
As I prepared the cups Phil moved behind me wrapped his arms around my waist and began nuzzling my neck, I simply melted, spun in his arms and our lips locked in a feverish long kiss. He half carried half pulled me into the lounge and placed me on the sofa quickly joining me, kissing me pulling my top over my head and moving my bra aside to grope and then suckle my tits, I was past caring and offered no resistance when he undid my jeans and slipped a hand into my knickers, I opened my legs to make it easier for him and his fingers went in, exploring me, teasing me. He eased my jeans and knickers down and then off before standing and stripping himself then bending his knees onto the edge of the sofa offering his cock to my mouth, I took it in and felt it twitch and harden between my sucking lips. As I sucked his fingers worked at my pussy and eventually he got on me, positioning himself between my legs and slipping himself deep inside. There was nothing gentle about what came next, he began humping me with all his might again and again he plunged in to me, I gasped and moaned and demanded it all the more before my orgasm erupted, yet still his relentless pounding continued and I came again quickly moments before his body stiffened and he let out a long moan as I felt his cum spurting up me. We were both sweating when he collapsed on me, his weight pinning me as we caught our breaths.
When it was over I did eventually finish the coffee as we sat chatting. A while later his phone rang to say my husband had just rung for a taxi to the bank. He admtted he had asked the taxi controller to call him when my husband was on his way.
There is more to this story but I will continue another time.

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