Drunk sister

My sister Mary and I waived goodbye to our parents as
they drove down the drive. They would be gone for the
entire weekend so my sister, who was 16, was left in
charge. She was only a year older than I was, but since
she was older she got to be in charge. "Cindy will be
over in a little while," Mary said to me, "try to stay
out of our way tonight, will you?"

"Sure," I replied, "I'll probably spend the evening on
the computer, anyway."

Let me tell you a little about us. Mary was about 5' 3"
with short brown, curly hair, and green eyes. She had
nice tits that I had been trying to get a peek at for
the past three years or so. Cindy, her best friend, was
5' 7," with long blond hair and blue eyes. Her tits
were much larger than Mary's were, about a 36C already.
I looked forward to ogling her tonight, too.

I was up in my room, playing a computer game, when I
heard the doorbell ring. "Jim," my sister shouted, "can
you get the door?" I ignored her for a minute, then I
realized that it might be Cindy, so I got up to answer
the door. Just as I walked out into the hallway, Mary
opened the bathroom door to yell at me again. As she
leaned out of the door to shout down the hall at me, I
got my first long awaited look at her tits. Well, one
tit anyway. It was about the size of a 1/2 grapefruit
and stuck straight out from her chest without any droop
at all and her nipple was huge, about three inches

I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her. She was
kind of shocked, too, because she just stood there for
a few seconds. As I stared at her tit, the nub in the
center of her nipple suddenly sprung out as it
hardened. "Eeeeek," Mary squeaked as she slammed the
door shut, "go see if it's Cindy at the door, and if it
is tell her I'll be right down." I had to clear my
throat before I could answer, ok, and ran to the door.

I pulled open the front door just as Cindy was about to
ring the bell again. "What took you so long squirt?"
Cindy asked me. "You upstairs playing with yourself or

Cindy was always trying to embarrass me like that, but
I just shot back at her "no, but now that I've seen
you, I might go do it." She laughed at our little game
and asked where Mary was. "She's just getting out of
the shower, why don't you go put your stuff in her room
and she'll be there in a few minutes," I told her.

Cindy headed up towards my sister's room and I went
back to mine. A couple of hours later, I heard my
sister yell out "pizzas here if you want some, Jim."
The girls were already dressed for bed when I got
downstairs. Mary was wearing a two piece set of "baby
doll" pajamas that showed off her legs nicely, but
covered her top up completely. However, the fabric was
kind of clingy so I could see the contours of her tits
as they jiggled nicely as she moved around. I could
also see the points of her nipples where they poked at
the fabric. Cindy was wearing a man's flannel shirt and
her panties.

The shirt covered her up front and back, but was cut
high on the sides, almost to her waist and the top few
buttons were undone down to where she was just showing
a little cleavage. I ate slowly so as to spend as much
time as I could watching them out of the corner of my
eye. Cindy popped open a beer and handed it to Mary,
then opened one for herself. "You better not tell Mom &
Dad we had beer," Mary warned me.

"Hey, I don't care," I told her, "You guys do what you

They settled into the living room and were watching
some movie on TV as they ate their pizza and drank some
beer. I went back up to my room and sat back at my
computer for awhile. I cruised some porn sites for
awhile, then decided to see what the girls were doing.
I turned off the light to my room and quietly crept out
onto the landing overlooking the living room. The girls
were rummaging through some boxes of videos, looking
for something to watch. I could tell by their voices
that they were already pretty tipsy from the beer.

Cindy handed Mary a tape and said "this one doesn't
have a label, see what's on it." My sister pushed the
tape in the machine and they sat back on the couch.
From where I was hiding on the balcony, I could see the
girls from straight ahead and the TV at a slight angle.
After the usual FBI warnings at the beginning of the
tape, the scene cut directly to a naked woman sitting
in a kitchen chair in the middle of a bare room. The
woman on the tape began to masturbate, using one hand
on her pussy and the other rubbing her tits. "OH MY
GOD!" Mary shrieked and started to shut off the tape.

"Wait," said Cindy, stopping her, "let it go for
awhile, it might be a kick to watch."

Mary looked at her kind of funny, but left the tape
running. After awhile, the woman on the tape was really
going crazy as the camera got a close-up of her finger-
fucking herself while moaning out loud. The camera
panned back a little and she raised one of her tits up
and bent down to suck her own nipple. Mary gasped and
said, "I didn't know that was possible!"

Cindy kept her eyes on the video but answered "Oh,
yeah, it can be done if your hooters are big enough."

"Cindy!" Mary said, "Don't tell me you've done that"!

Cindy admitted that she had and asked my sister, "Do
you mean you've never touched yourself?" Mary turned
really red, but mumbled, "Yeah, a couple of times, but
I never tried to lick myself."

The girls were quiet for a few minutes while the woman
on the video finished herself off, then the scene cut
to a different woman and a man lying on a bed, naked,
making out. Soon the woman moved around so that she had
her head down by the man's crotch and proceeded to give
him a blowjob.

"OH MY GOD!" Mary squealed again, "Don't tell me you've
done that, too?" Cindy had her eyes glued to the TV now
as she answered, "I saw my older sister do that to her
boyfriend when they didn't know I was watching."

After sucking on the man's dick for about five minutes,
the woman lay back down on the bed and the man moved on
top and shoved his dick into her pussy and they went
straight into fucking. The girls watched this in
silence for a few minutes, when Mary asked Cindy, "W-
what's it feel like when you kiss yourself?"
"What?," asked Cindy, "Oh, you mean when you can lick
your own nipples?" My sister shook her head and Cindy
continued, "It feels really nice and adds to the whole
experience of playing with yourself." After a short
pause Cindy said, "Why don't you try it." Mary looked
at her and said "now?" Cindy nodded her head in the
direction of the TV where the woman was now on top,
astride the man as she bounced up and down on his cock,
"Why not?"

Mary hesitated for a moment, then said, "I will if you
show me how first." Cindy looked at her for a bit,
chugged down her beer and opened another two beers and
handed one to Mary. My sister chugged the beer she
already had and took the one that Cindy offered her.
Cindy said, "Let's chug this one, too," and they both
proceeded to chug that beer also.

When they had both put down the empty cans, Cindy
slurred out, "Ok, I'll show you how, then we can both
fiddle with ourselves while we watch this tape." Mary
nodded and pulled her pajama top over her head. I
couldn't believe my eyes as I saw my sister sitting
naked from the waist up about 15 feet away from me.
Cindy unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her large ripe
breasts to my view, then she stood up and pulled off
her panties.

"I said it goes along with playing with yourself, so I
might as well do the whole shebang," she said. As Cindy
kicked her panties off, she slipped and fell backwards
onto the couch, halfway between sitting up and laying
down. Mary quickly pulled her pajama bottoms off and
sat down cross legged at the other end of the couch
facing Cindy, "Go ahead and show me," she whispered.

Cindy slowly ran her hand down her stomach until she
reached her curly blonde mound. Extending her middle
finger, she ran it up and down her slit a few times
then stuck her finger up to the 2nd knuckle inside
herself. She then began to slowly move her finger in
and out of her snatch while the thumb of the same hand
began to flick up and down on her clit. Mary was
watching closely (as was I) and I saw her run her
tongue around her lips, then she began to rub a hand at
her own dark curly pussy.

Cindy was running her free hand over her tits, moving
from one to the other, pinching lightly at her nipples
and then pulling at them. My sister was trying to copy
all of Cindy's movements so that they were now at
opposite ends of the couch with their feet touching
each other, knees far apart as the worked themselves
slowly into a frenzy. "Show me how you lick them," Mary

Cindy lifted one large tit up to her face and began to
run her tongue around the nipple until it was good and
wet, then she began to suck on it. She stopped
fingering her snatch and using both hands to hold both
of her tits up she switched from one nipple to the
other and then back again, her head quickly shaking
back and forth. My sister let out a long sigh and tried
to copy Cindy's example.

Mary's breasts were quite nice, about the size of a 1/2
grapefruit, like I said before, but she couldn't reach
the nipples with her own tongue. Mary kicked her feet
in frustration, "I can't reach them!" she complained.

Cindy looked up at my sister and biting her lower lip,
asked, "Would you like me to help you?" Both girls
looked at each other for a moment, then Mary mumbled
quietly, "I guess so."

Cindy said, "Hey, it's not like we're queer or
anything, I'm just showing you what it's like, right?"

"Yeah, that's right," my sister answered.

I muttered to myself, "This I have to see," and
unzipped my pants so I could jack off while I watched
these two go at it.

Cindy tried to stand up and fell over on top of my
sister. They lay there giggling for a little bit, then
Cindy scooted down a little until her face was by
Mary's tit's and said, "Well, I guess I'll do to you
what I normally do to myself, and you can see what it's
like." She then moved her hands up to cup my sister's
tits and began to lick at one nipple, then the other,
until they glistened with her spit, and then started to
suck on them.

Mary threw her head back on the arm of the couch and
held Cindy's head in her hands as she began to moan a
little. "Oh, it feels wonderful!" she gasped. "Much
better than just rubbing them." Cindy continued to give
most of her attention to Mary's tits, but she also
hiked her ass up in the air and slid one hand down and
started fingering herself again.

My sister tried to get her hand down to her own snatch,
but couldn't get past Cindy's torso. Mary put her hands
on Cindy's head again and started to gently push her
down toward her snatch, "Do me down there, too," she
whispered roughly.

Cindy looked up at my sister and said huskily, "I'll do
you if you do me at the same time."

Mary nodded, so Cindy got up unsteadily and pulled my
sister down to the floor. Mary lay down on her back and
Cindy straddled her face and bent down and immediately
began to finger Mary's twat. Mary let out a gasp and
placing her hands on Cindy's ass pulled her down to her
face where she started to lick Cindy's clit. Cindy
stiffened up for a moment as the feelings began to hit
her, then she began to lick and suck on Mary's clit.

Soon both girls were squirming and moaning, with hands
groping everywhere as the licked each other towards
orgasm. With a muffled squeal, Mary came first and
pulled Cindy tightly down onto her face as Cindy's
orgasm soon followed. Both girls lay there quivering
for a few moments, then Cindy rolled off of Mary, said
"I gotta pee," and stumbled off to the bathroom. Mary
reached down and fiddled with herself a moment, then
brought her finger to her lips and tasted herself.
"Pretty much the same," she said and promptly passed

Cindy came back to the couch and said, "Want to do it

When Mary didn't answer her, she poked her with her
foot, "Hey, wake up." Mary just snorted a little, but
obviously wasn't going to wake up. "I know what'll wake
you up," she said, and knelt down between Mary's legs
and began to eat her out again while pushing a finger
in and out of my sister's already steaming pussy.
Cindy's movements got slower and slower until she
finally went to sleep with her head on my sister's
stomach and her ass up in the air.

When Cindy hadn't moved for a couple of minutes, I
crept downstairs and walked across the room to the
downstairs bathroom. I flushed the toilet and walked
back across the room, whistling. Neither of them moved
a bit, they were both passed out cold! I went and knelt
down next to them, then reached out and gave my
sister's tit a squeeze.

When nothing happened, I rubbed at both tits and
pinched at her nipples. Mary let out a little moan, but
otherwise, didn't make any response. I got up, ran
upstairs, stripped naked and was back next to them in
about 20 seconds. Bending over my sister, I began to
lick and suck at her tits. Her nipples hardened quickly
in my mouth, but she never came close to waking up. I
looked down where Cindy's ass was still sticking up in
the air.

"What the hell," I thought, "let's see how passed out
they are." I moved around behind Cindy and knelt
between her feet. I grasped my rock hard dick and began
to rub the head up and down her wet slit. This felt
pretty good and I could have cum this way in a few
minutes, but I thought I would never have a chance like
this again, so I began to push the head of my cock into
her pussy. I was now moving in and out of her to just
passed the head when I felt an obstruction of some

I thought maybe the angle was doing it, so I reached
down and pulled Cindy's knees further apart and started
to push into her again. The obstruction was still
there, but not as bad as it had been. "Maybe I need
more lubrication?" I thought. I pulled out of Cindy and
began to rub at her slit with my fingers, then
transferring her pussy juice to my cock shaft I managed
to get myself thoroughly lubricated. I added a palm
full of spit and entered her again. This time when I
got to the tight spot, I grabbed her hips and pushed

Suddenly, I slipped all the way into her and Cindy let
out a groan. With the way her pussy was warmly grasping
the entire length of my cock, I could have cum right
then. Instead, I waited a minute, then began to slowly
thrust in and out of her. At first, Cindy gave no
response to what I was doing, then after a minute or
so, she began to swivel her hips to match my thrusting
and started to breath heavier. I reached one hand
around her pelvis and began to rub at her clit.

She immediately began to buck and thrust against me,
then her whole body stiffened up and she ground her
cunt back against me. At the same time I could feel her
pussy muscles rhythmically grasping my cock all along
the length of my shaft. This was to much for me and I
grunted and began to shoot cum up into her sucking

Now that it was over, I began to panic. "What if she
notices!" I wondered. I went and got some toilet paper
and came back and rolled Cindy off of my sister, then
began to clean her up where a little blood and semen
was leaking out of her pussy. As I cleaned her up, my
dick began to get hard again. I looked over at my
sister laying spread out on the floor next to us and
thought, "God, you're a real pervert." Then I thought
"In for a penny, in for a pound," and moved over to
between my sisters legs and lowered myself down till my
dick was at the entrance to her cunt and since I was
already all slick from Cindy's pussy juice, I entered
her right away.

This time, when I got to the tight place, I just rammed
passed it. "Ooouuch!" Mary yipped. I froze. When my
sister didn't make any other noise or move, I began to
move in and out of her, holding my weight off of her
with my arms. Soon she began to match my movements and
her arms came up and pulled me down to her. As her arms
went around my back, her legs wrapped around my ass. As
I thrust down into her, her ass would come up to meet
me and her legs and hands would pull me down into her.

Soon she was moaning loudly and then her hips gave
several quick snap thrusts as she let out a long low
gurgle of pleasure. Mary squeezed my shaft tightly with
her cunt and I began to shoot stream after stream of
jizz up into my sister's sweet snatch. After resting a
minute until I got my breath back, I began to slowly
disengage myself from her. When I managed to get free
of her, I proceeded to clean her up as I had Cindy.

As I was going to head up to my bedroom before I got
caught, I turned off the TV, grabbed the throw blanket
from the back of the couch and lay it over the two
sleeping girls. Mary opened her eyes for a moment and
looked at me, "thanks, Jimmy." I gulped and assumed she
meant thanks for the blanket, but as I headed for the
stairs, she added, "for everything." I went to bed
wondering if she knew what I'd done and if I was in any
trouble. I guessed tomorrow would tell.


I woke up early the next morning and crept downstairs
to check on the girls. Both of them were still passed
out on the floor naked. Cindy was curled up next to
Mary and had one leg thrown over her hips and one arm
lay across her chest, a hand loosely holding one of my
sister's tits. I sat down in the chair and just watched
them for awhile, wondering if they were out enough for
me to repeat last night's performance. I doubted it,
but then I thought that maybe I could just jack off
while looking at them here.

I decided I had best find out how out of it they were.
I cleared my throat loudly. No change from the girls. I
reached out with one foot and poked Cindy in the leg
with my toe. Cindy moved a little and let out a low
groan. I poked my toe at my sister and said "hey, you
guys ok?." Mary opened her eyes and put her hand to her
forehead, "God, my head is killing me!" As she started
to get up, she realized that her and Cindy were naked
and entwined with each other and her eyes got real big.
Then she realized that I was sitting there watching
them and she tried to cover herself up with the blanket
and shook Cindy's shoulder to try to wake her. Cindy
sat up groggily, opened one eye and looked around the
room. "I'm gunna be sick," Cindy moaned. She then got
up and staggered toward the bathroom where we could
hear her throwing up. Mary managed to wrap the blanket
around herself and looked at me sort of embarrassed,
then looked down at her lap, "Don't tell Mom and Dad
about this, ok?"

"What?" I replied, "About the drinking?"

My sister looked up at me again, "That and uh, you
know, everything else."

I started to panic a little when I thought she
remembered what I had done last night, then I said,
"You mean about you and Cindy getting it on?" Mary
grimaced and mumbled, "Yeah, that too, I don't know
what got into us for all that to happen..." She paused
for a moment, then went on, "How much did you see last

I cleared my throat a little and said, "I was coming
downstairs to get something to drink and I saw the two
of you in a really wild 69 thing, you were both so
drunk and so into each other that you didn't notice me
there." Mary closed her eyes and pleaded, "Please don't
tell Mom and Dad."

I felt like a real ass for a moment or two, but I got
over it and said, "Look, I won't tell about the
drinking, that's just common sibling courtesy, but the
other stuff will cost you something." My sister raised
her eyes to me and asked, "What do you want?"

I told her that I wasn't sure yet, but I'd let her
know. About then we heard a thump from the bathroom, so
we went to see how Cindy was doing. Cindy had passed
out on the bathroom floor again. By the look of things
she had managed to get most of her barf in the toilet,
but she had some spattered down her chest. "Ack!" Mary
gagged, "This is sooo gross!"

"I'll help you clean up," I said.

Mary gave me a look of appreciation, and said, "start
the shower and we'll get her cleaned up." I started the
shower and started cleaning up the bathroom floor. I
told Mary to go get some orange juice and aspirins for
her and for Cindy. When Mary got back to the bathroom,
I had it cleaned up, except for poor Cindy. "Let's get
her cleaned up," I said and bent over to grab her
shoulders. Mary tried to get Cindy's legs, but she
couldn't do that and hold the blanket around her both.

First the blanket would slip, exposing her breasts to
me, then she'd grab the blanket and drop Cindy's leg
and so forth. "I already saw you last night, so you
might as well drop the blanket," I told her. Mary
paused for a moment and said, "I guess you're right,"
and let the blanket go and picked up Cindy's legs. As
we started to take her into the shower, I realized

"Look, you obviously can't do this yourself, and I
don't want to get my clothes all wet, so I'm going to
strip down for this, ok?"

Mary bit her lower lip as she thought this over, "Yeah,
I guess that makes sense." We set Cindy down on the
floor again and I quickly stripped my clothes off. As
we bent to pick up Cindy again, I noticed that Mary's
eyes were on my crotch. We managed to drag Cindy into
the shower and I told Mary that I'd hold her up while
she washed her off.

I slipped my hands under Cindy's arms, clasping my
hands under her chest, and pulled her upright against
me. I noticed immediately that my cock was nestled
between her ass cheeks and I started to get a hard-on
right away. Mary lathered up her hands with soap and
started to wash Cindy. First she washed off her face
and neck then began to gently wash her tits. Watching
this over Cindy's shoulders made my dick keep getting
harder and harder, however in the position I was
holding her, it couldn't get to the full and upright
position, being stuck facing down it started to push
between her legs.

I heaved Cindy up a little higher and that helped but
my dick was now stuck between her legs. Mary rinsed off
the parts she'd already washed, soaped up her hands
again and asked me to move my hands so she could get to
Cindy's waist. I moved my hands up till I was grasping
Cindy's tits and Mary looked at me, "What do you think
you're doing?"

"Hey, you said to move my hands and you can consider
this a fringe benefit for me for helping you," I

Mary tisked a little disapprovingly, but went on
washing at Cindy. When she finished with her waist, she
soaped up her hands again, knelt and began to wash at
Cindy's pussy. I didn't think this was strictly
necessary, but wasn't about to complain. Then Mary's
hand went low between Cindy's legs and she made contact
with the head of my erection.

I don't think she realized what it was at first because
she kept soaping at the head for a minute, then when
she reached further back, her fingers ran along the
shaft until she reached my balls. At this point she
realized what it was she was now washing and jerked her
hand back, "Jesus Christ, what is the matter with you?
We're trying to help out a sick girl and you're getting

"Shit!" I replied. "You expect me to stand here naked,
holding one beautiful naked girl while watching another
beautiful naked girl rub soap all over her and not get
excited? I'm only human, you know," I added.

Mary calmed down a little and said, "Ok, but try to
keep it under control, will you?" After pausing for a
second or two, she went on, "Do you really think I'm

I considered how to best answer her then said, "I don't
just have a hard-on from looking at Cindy, you're
having quite an effect on me too." Mary turned a bright
red, then decided we had better wash Cindy's hair, too.
I said it was getting a little hard to hold her now and
I had better get a little distance between us if she
wanted me to behave myself.

We agreed, so I sat down in the bottom of the shower,
with Cindy's head in my lap and I began to shampoo her
hair, while Mary washed herself off. I may have been
washing Cindy's hair, but my eyes were on my sister as
she soaped up her taught, sexy body. Mary was slowly
rubbing soap over her tits and taking quick glances to
see if I was looking. When she noticed that I was
watching her, she slid one hand down and began to
massage her cunt while the other moved from one nipple
to the other. She had her head thrown back and couldn't
see me now, but I knew this show was for me.

I had turned Cindy's head so that I could wash the back
of her hair, when I felt the most amazing thing happen
to my cock, I looked down and Cindy was giving me head!
She had my dick 1/2 way into her mouth, moving her head
up and down on it while her tongue swirled around the
head. I stopped what I was doing and watched in wonder
as she moved one of her hands up to grasp at my ball
sack and begin to gently squeeze there, as she
continued to blow me. I heard a gasp from my sister and
looked up suddenly. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" she
whispered harshly at me.

"I'm not doing anything," I explained. "She just
started it on her own."

"Well stop her right now!" Mary told me.

I looked her in the eye and said, "If you think that
I'm going to stop the first blow job I've ever had,
you're out of your mind. Besides, she seems to be
enjoying it." I nodded toward Cindy and my sister
looked down and saw that while Cindy was
enthusiastically sucking on my rock hard boner, she was
also fingering herself with her one free hand, the
other hand currently playing with my balls.

Mary kind of froze up then and just watched for a
minute, so I began to thrust up into Cindy's mouth
until I could feel my cum begin to boil up out of my
balls and I grunted and started to shoot off into
Cindy's mouth. She managed to swallow the first few
streams, but then she choked a little and pulled her
face away and lay her head on my stomach while I shot
the rest of my load up onto her face. She gave my cock
a few tugs, to finish emptying it out, smacked her lips
and began to snore softly.

Mary looked down at us, rolled her eyes, and said,
"Shit, let's finish cleaning her and get her to bed
before something else happens." We managed to get Cindy
up to bed without further incident.

"I need to get some more sleep and think things over,"
Mary told me.

"Ok, I'll see you two later," I replied and went off to
my room to think about the wild things that had
happened. I also thought about the wild things that I
wanted to happen in the future and what I might
possibly ask my sister to do to keep me quiet. Thinking
happy thoughts, I dozed off for awhile.

When I woke up again a couple of hours later, I started
downstairs to get something to eat. As I passed Mary's
room, I could hear her and Cindy talking. "I'm never
gonna drink like that again," said Cindy. "Not only
does my head hurt, but my crotch is kind of sore. We
didn't poke anything up in there did we?"

"Not that I recall," answered my sister, then she
giggled and went on, "Except a finger and my tongue."

Cindy laughed along with her and said, "Yeah, it got
kind of wild there! I never did anything like that
before. Not with a girl, I mean."

"Me either," Mary replied, "You don't think we're
closet Lesbos or something, do you?"

"No, not at all," Cindy told her, "we're just very
close friends, who share everything. You're the only
girl I would consider doing stuff like that with. I
still like boys!"

It was quiet for awhile and just as I was about to
continue on down to the kitchen, I heard Mary ask "You
said you had never done anything like that with a girl.
Have you ever done anything with a boy?"

"Not really," Cindy answered kind of slowly.

I thought back to the blowjob she had given me and it
sure seemed like she new what she was doing. Mary must
have thought about the same thing, because she hemmed
and hawed for a few moments and said, "I have something
to tell you that you should know."

"What?" asked Cindy.

"Wellll, it seems that Jim was watching us last night
when we were fooling around," Mary told her.

"YOUR KIDDING!" Cindy squealed, "How do you know? Did
he say something? How much did he see? He won't tell
anybody, will he?"

When Cindy finally ran down, Mary told her, "He saw
everything, but he won't tell anybody if I promise to
do something for him."

"What do you think you'll have to do?" Cindy asked.

"Actually, I figure he'll want me to give him a blowjob
or something," Mary said.

"No! Really?" Cindy said in an excited voice.

"I'm not sure, he didn't say yet," Mary continued, "but
the reason I'm telling you all this is that this
morning, you were still really out of it and threw up
all over and Jim helped me clean you up and give you a
shower and umm, that is, wellll..."

"You mean all three of us were in the shower?"
exclaimed Cindy, "Jim was in there, too?"

"Yeah," my sister went on, "but that's not all, he,
that is, you were um, uh, that is you did his uh...."

"Would you just tell me, for Christ's sake!," Cindy
finally yelped.

"Ok, it's like this, we were washing you off and you
had your head in his lap and you started to suck on his

"I DID WHAT?!" Cindy said in shock.

"You started to give him a blowjob," my sister
explained to her, "that's why I wanted to know if you'd
ever done anything like that because it sure looked
like you knew what you were doing."

"Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed!" Cindy moaned. "Did you
stop me? What happened?"

"Well, I told him he should stop you, but Jim said that
it felt incredible and he sure as hell wasn't going to
stop you. You really seemed to know what you were doing
and you actually seemed to be enjoying it too!"

"You might as well tell me the rest of it," Cindy urged
her on.

"Well, you were moving your head up and down and
slurping and moaning and Jim was moaning and moving his
hips like he was screwing your face. Then you started
to play with yourself at the same time and it was all
so exciting that I started to play with myself, too."

"Then what did we do?" asked Cindy sort of

"Jimmy began to move his hips really fast, kind of
grunted and started to cum."

"He came in my mouth?!" Cindy shrieked, "I've never
done that before, not even with my br... uh, that is,
uh, what happened next."

"It was obvious you were trying to swallow it, but you
choked and had to pull your mouth away and he continued
to shoot all over the place. Then you just went back to
sleep again so we cleaned you up again and put you to

"Anyway, besides the fact that I thought you should
know about it, I wanted to know where you learned how
to do that so well? And just now you said you'd never
let someone else cum in your mouth before, who was
that? It started with br... was it Brian from science

Cindy was quiet for awhile then she started to explain
to my sister, "Thanks for telling me about this. If I
tell you who the other guy is you've got to swear not
to tell a soul."

Mary quickly agreed and Cindy went on, "Several months
ago, it all started out as a silly game of you show me
yours and I'll show you mine with my brother Dave."

Mary gasped, but Cindy hurried on, "That led to
touching and feeling and more and more until about a
month ago Dave went down on me."

My sister whispered, "Oh, my."

"I'd tell you that you can't know how fantastic that
felt, but after last night, you know just what I'm
talking about. Anyway, after that, Dave kept bugging me
to do it to him and since he did it to me, I felt kind
of guilty, so I did it. At first, I didn't know what I
was doing, but he told me what felt good and what
didn't and by trial and error, we figured it out. So
now, every couple of days, we get together and go down
on each other, but I never let him come in my mouth."

Mary asked her, "Do you like doing it?"

"It's not as good as having it done to you, but it's
not bad," Cindy explained, "it's kind of exciting
having that kind of power and control over a boy,
though. I know my brother would do anything to keep me
doing it. He's been pressuring me to fuck him, too. I
don't really want to do that with him. I know it may
seem funny, but it seems alright to go down on each
other, but I think it would be wrong to fuck him.
Although lately, I've been weakening. I mean, I really
want to try sex with someone, not my brother, but he's
sooooo handy, and I don't really know anyone else well
enough for that."

"Listen," Cindy told my sister, "we have to talk to Jim
about this anyway, and he's cute and everything, do you
think he might be interested in doing it with me?"

Outside in the hallway, I sprang an instant boner and
was sending my sister mental vibes, "Yes! Yes! Yes,
tell her yes, damnit!"

"I suppose we could broach the subject with him," Mary
said, "but only if I can watch and you show me how to
give blowjobs, that seems like something that could
come in handy."

Cindy agreed and then they both decided that they would
broach the subject after dinner that evening since
Cindy would be spending tonight at our house, too. I
hauled ass down to the kitchen before they could catch
me eavesdropping and told my hard-on to chill out,
things were beginning to look up.

That evening, when we were sitting around the table
eating some hamburgers, Cindy said, "I understand that
you helped clean me up this morning, Jim." I admitted
that it was true.

"Well, I wanted to thank you for helping Mary out with
that, I don't think she could have done it by herself.
If there's anything I can do to thank you for your
help, just let me know."

I didn't want them to know that I had overheard their
conversation earlier, so I said, "That's ok, you
already thanked me."

Cindy blushed a little and looked down at her plate,
"Yeah, well, Mary told me about that, too, but it
doesn't really count since I didn't know what I was
doing and I really don't remember it or anything."

"Well, if you insist," I told her, "we could always do
it again now that you're awake and sober."

"Ok, right after dinner, then, we can all go up to
Mary's room and play," here Cindy paused for a moment,
"but only if you promise to never ever tell anyone
about it or what you saw last night."

Seeing as how I was going to get everything that I had
intended on blackmailing my sister for anyway, I
quickly agreed. I ate dinner faster than I can ever
remember doing. I noticed that the girls ate quickly,
too. A half hour later we went up to my sister's room
and Cindy and I were sitting on the edge of the bed
while Mary sat in a chair close by.

"Uh, how do you want to start this?" I asked.

Cindy said that there was no rush to jump right into
things, why didn't we start out by making out. We
started kissing and soon we were laying down on Mary's
bed. My hands started to roam over Cindy's body and as
my hands moved over her tits, she opened her mouth and
sucked my tongue in. Cindy pulled my t-shirt over my
head and I pulled her shirt over her head, then we lay
back down. I fumbled around with the back of her bra
for a minute, then figured out how to get it
unfastened. Pushing her now loose bra up over her tits,
I began to massage them and rub my thumbs over her

Cindy let out a low moan and drew my head down to her
tits, so I began to kiss and suck on her nipples. Cindy
whispered into my ear that Mary should be closer so she
could see better and motioned my sister to come join us
on the bed. As Mary lay down next to us, Cindy pulled
her face down to hers and kissed her right on the lips.
My sister hesitated for a second, then began to kiss
Cindy back. I went back to sucking on Cindy's nipples,
moving back and forth between them. "Take off your top,
too," Cindy told my sister.

Mary sat up for a moment and pulled her sweatshirt off
over her head and reached around to undo her bra. She
held her hands over her breasts for a second, holding
the bra up, then shrugged out of it and threw it on the
floor. Cindy pushed us around so that I was laying
between the two girls, them face up and me face down.
As I continued to nurse at Cindy's breasts, she began
to tug my head over to the side.

I wondered what she had in mind, then I realized that
she was pushing me toward Mary's tit. I leaned over
that way and closed my lips around my sister's nipple.
Mary let out a small gasp and placed her hand behind my
head where it met Cindy's and they twined their fingers
together. For awhile, I moved back and forth between
Cindy's tits and Mary's until Mary's breathing began to
get heavier and she pulled me tightly down to her

At this time, Cindy rolled away from us long enough to
unzip her pants, push them down to her ankles with her
panties and then kick them over to the floor. When she
rolled back towards us, completely naked, I felt her
hands at my waist as she undid my belt, unzipped my
pants and began to pull off the rest of my clothes.
When she had my pants off and was pulling my underwear
down, my already hard cock sprung out and Cindy gave
out an anxious "Oohh, look at this, Mary." Cindy rolled
me over onto my back, between the two girls, and told
Mary to take off the rest of her clothes.

Mary stood up, stripped and quickly rejoined us on the
bed. Cindy grabbed my dick by the base and shook it at
Mary and said, "Let's see if I can remember what I did
this morning," and lowered her face towards my
throbbing hard-on.

Cindy proceeded to lick me from base to head until I
was good and slick, then she began to move her hand
slowly up and down the shaft as she said, "See, Mary,
how slick it is now? I'll bet that feels good, doesn't
it, Jim?"

"Oh, yeah, it sure does," I mumbled.

Cindy then placed her lips over the head and began to
move her mouth up and down on my cock. After a minute
of this, she pulled away and said, "Sometimes you want
to run your tongue around the head like this," and
proceeded to show Mary what she meant by licking all
over the head of my dick.

Cindy levered herself up on one elbow, and still
stroking my cock with her other hand asked my sister,
"Want to try it Mary?"

My sister bit at her lower lip kind of hesitantly, and
said, "Uh, sure, if it's ok with Jim?"

"Hell, yes!" I answered.

Cindy told Mary to lick the shaft again so it wouldn't
dry out and both girls leaned over and began to lick at
their own side of my dick while Cindy held it up
straight in the air. "Ok, now take it in your mouth,"
Cindy encouraged my sister.

As I looked down, I watched as my sister's lips
engulfed my quivering dick. Mary began to move her head
up and down on my cock, sucking lightly and swirling
her tongue around the head, just as Cindy had shown her
to do.

Meanwhile, Cindy continued to stroke up and down on my
shaft with her hand. She stopped long enough to pull my
sisters hand over to my ballsack and showed her how to
gently massage and tug on them to increase the
experience. Then Cindy went back to stroking me, trying
to time her strokes with Mary's mouth movements. Soon
my hips were humping up into her mouth of their own
accord. Cindy said, "You know what you're doing now,
just keep it up," and moved up along side of me and
began to make out with me again.

My hip-thrusts were getting faster and sharper and I
tried to warn my sister that I was about to cum, but
Cindy had her tongue in my mouth and I couldn't do
anything but mumble into her mouth as I began to squirt
my seed into my sister's mouth and down her throat.
Mary swallowed the first shot or two, then pulled away
and told Cindy, "He's cumming all over," sort of
gargling on my cum.

Cindy quickly slid down to my cock and taking me in her
mouth proceeded to finish sucking me dry. After I had
stopped pumping cum out of my balls, Cindy licked the
few drops that had splattered onto Mary's face and my
stomach. Cindy gave my shrinking dick a love pat and
said, "Now it's your turn to go down on us, Jim."

I was eager enough so I rolled Cindy over onto her back
and moved down between her legs where I spread her
pussy hair with my fingers and began to lick at her
pussy lips. "That's nice, Jim," she said breathlessly,
"but what you want to try to do is lick at the little
nubbin at the top."

I moved my attentions slightly higher and found the
small button like protrusion of her clit. As my tongue
began to flick rapidly back and forth over it Cindy let
out a long moan and hissed, "Oh, yes, right there,
that's it baby!." I continued to lick at it and her
clit began to get larger and stick out further, "just
like a little penis," I thought to myself.

After her clit had swollen a bit, I put my lips around
it and began to suck on it. Cindy went absolutely bug
nuts at that point, grabbed my head and came so hard,
pussy juice squirted out onto my chin. After awhile,
Cindy loosened up the grip she had on me and said, "Now
it's Mary's turn, do just what you did to me and she'll
love it."

I looked over at where Mary was laying on her side,
watching us and she blushed a little and lay back and
spread her legs for me. "I've died and gone to heaven,"
I said out loud and moved over to place myself between
my sister's thighs. I went straight to Mary's love
button and began to lick away at it. She immediately
let out a long sigh and began to run her fingers
through my hair. I reached up with my hands and began
to massage her tits at the same time, rubbing my thumbs
over her nipples rapidly.

Cindy watched us for awhile, then she move down and
started to suck on my softened cock again. Mary began
to grunt rhythmically in time to my tongue on her clit
as she started to thrust her hips up into my face.
Meanwhile, my cock was coming to full attention again,
thanks to Cindy's mouth work. Mary suddenly stiffened
up her whole body and shuddered, squealing, "Oh, God,
Jimmy, I'm cumming so hard, it feels soooooooo

Then she collapsed back onto the bed and just held my
head against her stomach for a few minutes. I started
to thrust my hips towards Cindy's hungry mouth, but she
pulled away, and said, "Oh, no you don't! Why don't you
try pumping this load someplace else?"

I looked over at her and said, "Where?" Laying back on
the bed, Cindy ran a finger up her already wet slit and
said, "why not try here?" Having already tried that
heavenly cunt (even though she didn't know it) I was
more than eager to have a go at it.

I quickly moved over on top of her and tried to thrust
inside, but kept just missing the target. "Here, let me
guide you," Cindy urged. I felt her hand on the base of
my shaft as she guided the head to her waiting snatch
where it parted her pussy lips and slid right in. I
pushed in about half way on the first thrust, pulled
back until just the head was inside her and drove all
the way up inside her. Cindy grunted loudly as our
stomachs slapped together. "Oh, Jim, I feel so full of
you," she said hoarsely, "it didn't hurt at all like I
thought the first time would."

I began to move slowly in and out of her, but I
couldn't help myself and soon I was slamming hard and
fast into her. Cindy was grunting, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"
over and over with each thrust I gave her.

I groaned, "um, sorry, but I can't hold back much

She let out a long groaning, "Fuck me Jim! I'm cumming
now, cum with me!"

I could feel her cunt muscles start to writhe and
squirm along the length of my cock and I shot my load
deep up inside her. "I can feel you cumming," Cindy
said in a startled voice. "I can feel you cumming,
too," I told her as I collapsed on top of her. We all
went to sleep in a pile right there on my sister's bed.


I woke up several hours later, in the middle of the
night, and found myself sandwiched in between the two
girls. We were all sleeping on our sides, one girl was
pressed up behind me with her arm thrown over both
myself and the girl in front of me. I was snuggled up
close behind the girl in front of me. I already had a
hard-on pressed into her ass cheeks and my right hand
was lightly holding her breast. My dick took over and I
began to grope and massage her tit till I felt the
nipple harden in my palm.

I moved my hand up to my mouth and slicked my fingers
with saliva and started to play with her nipple. She
groaned in her sleep and shifted a little so I ran my
hand down to her snatch and began to run my finger up
and down her quickly moistening slit. I found the
rhythm she seemed to like best, my finger moving from
being inserted to the second knuckle, then up to her
clit, then back again. She turned her head so her face
met mine and she gave me a long, slow kiss, darting her
tongue across my lips and the tip of my tongue.

I could feel her breath becoming shorter and faster on
my mouth as her hips began to move quickly, matching
the movements of my hand on her pussy. Suddenly, she
gasped and bit my lip as she clamped her thighs tightly
around my hand and she began to shudder as her climax
rolled over her. When she relaxed after her orgasm, she
rolled over onto her back and pulled me towards her,
saying, "I want to feel you inside me, take my cherry
now, Jimmy." It wasn't till this point that I realized
for sure that this was my sister,

Mary. I rolled over on top of her, grasped my hard cock
by the base and guided myself to my sister's snatch. I
slid a couple of inches inside her warm, waiting pussy
lips, pulled back a bit, slid almost all the way inside
her, pulled back again and on the third thrust I found
myself buried to the hilt in Mary's tight grasping
pussy. I raised up so that I was supporting myself on
my knees and hands so that I could look down at her and
see her beautiful tits and face as we made love.

Mary pulled her feet up close to her ass and spread her
knees apart as we began to move together as if we had
done this for years. We continued to move slowly
together, trying to make this moment last as long as we
could as the pleasure of our union continued to build
and grow. We had been fucking for about ten minutes,
when Cindy snuggled up close to us and ran one hand
down to where she could rub Mary's clit, and placed her
other hand where she could squeeze and tug at my balls.
Mary was soon cumming in wave after wave of orgasm when
Cindy's hand slipped and her thumb pressed down hard on
the space between my balls and my asshole.

I immediately came in what seemed like a thunderclap of
an orgasm. My arms collapsed and as I fell onto my
sister I drove my cock as deeply as I could up into her
cunt. We both lay there quivering in ecstasy as I shot
my seed deep into her in what felt like long streaming
ribbons of cum, Cindy pulled her hand free and said,
"Maybe now we can get some sleep." After a couple of
minutes, I started to roll off my sister, but she
wrapped her arms around me and rolled with me so that
we lay on our sides, stilled joined together. It was
like this that we fell asleep.


When we woke up around dawn the next morning we started
out in a little tickle fight that quickly degenerated
into a daisy chain where Cindy was licking Mary's
snatch, while Mary gave me a blow job and I went down
on Cindy. We all came pretty close together and fell
asleep again. When we next woke up, it was almost noon
and Mary and I realized that our parents would soon be
home, so we ran around erasing all evidence of our sex

We had the house all cleaned up and ourselves dressed
when my parents car pulled into the drive. The three of
us agreed that we would try to get together when we
could, and my parents never did catch on to the fact
that I would sneak down to Mary's room, or she would
sneak down to mine in the middle of the night.

Life was good.

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