Science Class Results

I was sitting in science class that I took in the evenings. The girls in the classroom seemed to ignore me at the beginning, which changed after I aced the first test without studying and half the classroom failed. Lydia was this beautiful woman that sat beside me. She was around thirty years old and was taking some extra college course for fun. She was leaning over glancing at my paper when I notice her full lushes breast were pressed into my shoulder. I had big smile on my face that just would not go away. She looked up at my face and caught me looking down her blouse. "See anything you like?" said Lydia. I was caught red handed and felt like a fool. She sat back in the chair and smiled. As the lecture went on her hand went under the table and she left it on the inside of my thigh. I could feel my cock starting to wake up. Good thing we sat in the back of the classroom. She began to slowly message my cock under the table. I couldn't't believe this.
Nothing like this had ever happened to me. Lydia just smiled and looked ahead as the instructor kept talking. I pulled my hand over her knee and up the inside of her thigh. I could feel the warmth of her excitement and she was breathing harder. I reached up to her panties and felt her wetness on my fingertips. I slowly worked the tip of my finger around her clit. She was really wet, the front of her panties were soaked. I kept messaging her clit and she began to push my hand into the folds of her pussy. They slid in with ease, I looked over at her and she kept her eyes closed. Lydia clamped down on my hand and got up and left the classroom. I followed her in the hallway, just to see her enter the girl's bathroom. I quickly went in behind her and locked the door. Lydia turned and looked me in the eyes as her lips meet mine. Our tongues explored each other's mouths. She went to her knees and pulled my jeans to the floor. I had a big wet spot in my under wear from all the pre cum. Lydia was in a trace licking the front my cock through the
underwear. She final freed my manhood and placed her lips around the head.
She began licking the pre cum from the tip. I thought I was going to explode. In one swift motion she took the entire cock down her throat. I would say I was an average man around 8 inches; I never had a woman do this. She would pull all the way out and take it all back in her mouth time and time again. I could feel my balls tingle and I was going to coat her throat soon. She must have figured this out. She stood and pulled me to her as she turned around. I slid my cock between her ass cheeks, rubbing the folds of her soaked pussy. I placed the head in and she let out a long moan. I reached under her belly and began stroking her clit again. By this time Lydia was pushing into me with every stroke. The rhythm was getting harder and harder, she was moaning loader and sounds of sex echoed in the bathroom. I pulled my pussy-drenched cock from her and looked down at her round ass facing me. I placed the head into her ass hole. She tightened down as soon as I did this. I left it there and began stroking her clit again. She was close to cumming for the second time. I felt her ass starting to relax and pushed my cock further into her ass. She moaned load that she was cumming again and I started a slow long fuck pattern. After the shock waves finished she reached under and rolled my balls around each time a buried my cock into her ass. I started fucking her harder and then she was bucking and screaming my name, I couldn't't take the excitement anymore and shot my load deep into her ass. She cried out one more time as the last orgasm hit with full force. I pulled my cock form her ass and she turned to start kissing me. Lydia said she wants me to come over and help her study before every test. I can't wait to take the next test. School is great.

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