Getting Back At A Mate

Sean and I have been friends for about 10 years, but
secretly I have hated him more than a few times. He was
always being an ass but still the girls wanted him. He
would as the saying goes, "treat em mean, keep em keen"
where as I was the nice guy always looking out for
them, talking to them, trying to get in their good
books. This went well for a while, but still they
preferred the bad boy.

Sean has a sister called Sammy whom I have known for
quite a few years since knowing Sean. She is two years
younger than her bro and she always seemed to be
around. We lost touch when her brother moved away and
from what I remembered, she wasn't a big loss as she
wasn't much of a looker when she was younger, so I had
not paid much attention to her.

But the other day I met her on the bus and I was amazed
at how she had changed. She's 18 now and her body is
real hot. She was wearing a tight red top which showed
off her breasts perfectly and tight hip hugging
trousers that were pulled down a bit to reveal her sexy
thong riding up her rear.

We got talking and decided to meet up for a drink at
the weekend. We went to the local pub and had already
had a few when her brother walks in with some of my
other friends. No surprises, he was shocked to find me
with my arm around his little sister. He wasn't so
pleased and he ordered her to go home. I walked her
home and convinced her that everything would be okay
and I would talk to him. I got back to the pub and as I
walked in through the door, Sean starts shouting at me,
asking what the hell I was doing with his sis.

I told him she needed a friend and I was there for her
and we had gotten close over the time we had spent
together. This just got him pissed off and he threw a
punch and hit me right in the eye. That's where things
went wrong for him as he knew I was no pushover but I
would not fight if there was no reason.

I told Sean that he should be thankful it was me who
was spending time with his sister and not some low life
scum who was high on weed or got drunk 24/7 and taking
advantage of her. He punched me again. Then my phone
started ringing, it was Sammy. I told Sean I had to
answer it so I did.

She wanted me to go and see her at her place. He heard
this and started shouting down the phone at her telling
her that she should be ashamed and that she had let her
standards slip. That did it. I hung the phone up and
laid him out cold with one punch. He had totally
disrespected me and my family and I wasn't going to
take that.

I went over to Sammy's place and spent the whole night
with her, just lying in bed with her. When I started to
tickle her, that made her very horny and she pounced on
top of me and started to stroke my body up and down
while she was straddling my hips. I start to rub her
body, feeling her up and down at every curve, exploring
every bit of this young woman's body. We kissed
passionately before deciding it was time to take our
bond to the next level and not to care about her
brother who we expected home any minute.

I stared at her perfect naked young body. Her long
blonde hair covering her shoulders, her blue eyes
staring into mine, breasts perfect in every way and her
shaven pussy moist with the games we had been playing.
I couldn't help myself for I needed to taste her juices
and I knew I couldn't wait much longer. I was eating
her out when we heard the front door bang.

Knowing it was her brother drove us to having full sex
even though we knew he could hear us. She had the
tightest pussy I had ever felt but it was amazing. It
was like we were meant for each other our bodies moving
in a way they had never done before. Her pussy taking
every bit of my cock.

It wasn't long before I was pumping my load in her. She
moaned for ages asking for more but this time she
wanted it in her tight little ass. This was the best
experience for both of us and we love having anal all
the time now. But from that night on, we haven't spoken
to Sean and he hasn't spoken to us as he still doesn't
approve of our relationship.

I wonder what will happen when he finds out we're
married and have a stud on the way. But what ever
happens, I know I'll always love my mate's sister and
that she is the best fuck I've ever had.

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