My 40th Birthday and my slut wife

This is a true story, it happened on my fortieth Birthday which fell on a Friday several years ago now. All that I have done is changed the names of people in it, the places are real, but alas the place that this event took place can no longer be accessed by the public as several large concrete blocks have been placed across its entrance.

All week leading up to my Birthday, my wife had been hinting at a big surprise for me on my Birthday night! I tried several times to guess at my surprise but she gave nothing away. Anyway Friday evening arrived and at nine o’clock so did a baby sitter! Jennifer came down and was dressed in her blue denim dress that buttoned all the way up the front, high heels and she had her blond hair in a pony tail. She asked me to drive, so I did. She told me to go from our house towards Bury St. Edmunds by way of a narrow lane. As we were driving along it, it was just beginning to get dark and she asked me to pull into a field opening and park whilst she got changed. By getting changed what she actually meant was taking her dress completely off, revealing that she was wearing a matching set of dark blue underwear including bra, knickers and suspender-belt with black stockings! My cock started to stir and was soon uncomfortably rock hard inside my trousers.

My naughty wife then sat back in her seat and moved it all the way back so that she could stretch out, and then she started to play with her firm 34B breasts through her bra. She started by stroking and cupping them and before long she was squeezing her nipples making herself moan quietly. It wasn’t long before she slipped one hand down inside her knickers and started to finger herself, in the half light I could see her body movements and hear her every gasp and I reached over to play with her too, but she stopped me by saying;

“Not yet you naughty boy, let me finish playing with myself first.”

Reluctantly I sat back in my seat and watched her finger herself until she came loudly, jerking her hips, clasping the hand tightly between her legs until she had calmed down. By now I could feel pre cum oozing from the end of my cock into my underwear and I had to get my cock out for some relief, hoping that she would lean over and take it in her sexy mouth but again she said;

“Not yet, move your seat all the way back for me.”

I did as she asked and she straddled the middle of the car slipping one leg down my side of the car and keeping the other in her foot well, quickly I lowered my seat down and laid back with my cock standing hard to attention! Jennifer just smiled and reached up to the inside light and switched it on and she also opened the roof window all the way so that she could sit upright properly by sticking her head and shoulders out into the warm night air. Then she reached down to her knickers with one hand and pulled them to one side showing me her sexy bald pussy, and with the other hand she grabbed hold of the gear stick and moved it so that she could start pushing herself down on to it! Slowly she eased the whole gear stick deeply into her pussy and started to fuck herself on it, it took her less than two minutes to fuck herself to another climax, and by now I was absent mindedly stroking my rock hard cock, smearing pre-cum up and down its nine inch length!

This time, once she had finished calming down she slipped the gear stick from her very wet pussy and rearranged her knickers and moved back to her seat before leaning over and taking my throbbing cock deeply into her mouth, I was so horny by this time that all I could do was to grab her head and fuck her mouth hard and fast forcing my cock down her throat, not stopping until I came hot sticky squirts of cum straight down her throat, only releasing her after I had finished cumming. As I lay there gasping for breath she sucked gently on the very sensitive end of my cock draining every last drop of cum from it, before sitting back in her seat, in just her undies.

“Well come on then, let’s go, we’ve still got other things to do tonight.”

As I sorted myself out and got back on the road I asked her if that had been my big surprise, she told me that it wasn’t and that she would give me directions once we reached the A14. We joined the dual carriage way at Stowmarket and she asked;

“Now do you know where the turning for the Haughley picnic site is?”

I told her that I did, and she told me to take that turning, and then to take the first turning on the left and park in the car park. I did as I was instructed, and noticed that there were several cars already parked there, thinking that we may be having some more fun I parked away from them. Then as she moved her seat down she told me to do the same, which I of course did. Again my cock started to stir. This time she pulled her knickers off and dropped them on the floor and knelt on her seat before reaching over to release my cock and started sucking it. I just laid back and enjoyed the warmth of her mouth and tongue as she licked and sucked it, it was as I lay there that I heard her electric window opening and I opened my eyes to see arms reaching in through the window!

“What the?”

I exclaimed, Jennifer had lowered her window and men were reaching in to finger her pussy! She just half moaned, half gasped out;

“Shhhhhh, I’m being a slut for you tonight, just lay back and Mmmmmm”

As she plunged my cock back into her mouth, moaning all the time as fingers slid in and out of her horny pussy and fingered her clit! After a few minutes she shifted around a little and I heard the central locking whir as she unlocked the doors and her door was opened. She paused in sucking my cock and looked over her shoulder and growled;

“Come on then, FUCK ME”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and my cock strained to get even harder as I heard a male voice ask;

“Which one of us?”

Jennifer thought for a moment and said quiet quietly;

“All of you!”

And she returned to sucking my cock.

A few seconds later I heard her moan as the first cock started to push into her cunt, as he started to build up an even rhythm she again stopped sucking my cock and started thrusting backwards against his thrusts into her and she started gasping out for him to fuck her harder and to fill her with his cum!!!!! I think it was the lewdness of what she was saying that made him cum so quickly, but cum he did. She didn’t though and was left waggling her cum dripping pussy at the others whilst sucking my cock again. I was so turned on by what I’d seen that I came really quickly, pumping squirt after squirt of sticky cum into her mouth again! Jennifer swallowed every drop and let my cock plop out of her mouth as the next stranger pushed his cock deeply into her slippery cunt in one hard thrust, the previous load of cum lubricating his cock as it went into her. As I lay there watching her being fucked by cock after cock I reached up and turned the light on again so I could see better, by now four cocks had fucked her and filled her with cum and I could see it all over her thighs, stockings, cunt and a sticky puddle of it forming on the seat too! All together that night eight different cocks fucked her and left their cum in her cunt and she managed to climax three times whilst they did!

Afterwards she closed the door and she pulled her knickers back on, scooping some of the cum from her thighs at the same time and licking it from her fingers and said;

“Was I enough of a slut for you tonight?”

I didn’t answer her question, but I asked her one of my own;

“Why did you do this for my birthday surprise?”


She said, paused and then continued to say;

“I was looking at the internet the other day on our PC and I wanted to go back to one of the pages that I’d been looking at earlier, I opened up the history file and saw loads of adult story pages there and out of curiosity I opened a few and they were all about the same subject; wives being sluts for their husbands, either for surprises, or because they wanted to or because they were forced to! There were so many of them that I figured that you must like that sort of thing and I planned this from that, I heard of the place that we just visited being talked about in the canteen at work!”

Jennifer sat there and waited and I let a few long seconds pass before I answered;

“Yes I loved it. I hadn’t even thought that you’d like to do something like that. Did you like fucking all those other men?”

“Fuck yes, it was one of my most favourite fantasies, fucking loads of other men!”

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