A man resumes the long dormant relationship he once had with his aunt

Aunt Louise at 62 is still a radiant woman. She's been
back home from Milwaukee for a week.

She's going to live in grandma's house, after being
gone for 24 years.

And I've resumed the incestuous affair that for 24
years has lain dormant.

Two days after she came back home to the south, the
partying had stopped. Louise was completely moved back
into the house her mother left her eight months ago
when she died.

Aunt Louise has gained weight. She's far from the tall,
lanky woman with long black hair, who at 36, had given
me my first drag on a cigarette, my first can of beer
and allowed me to watch porn there is her bedroom, when
I was only 14.

Louise and her husband, my uncle Eddie, had two boys
who were a couple years older than me. I would go over
some evenings and play basketball or just hang out with
my cousins and do the cousin things.

Louise is as tall as me, standing 6 feet. I stand about
6'3" and I'm still lanky.

Louise has packed on the pounds. She used to weigh a
petite 160, but now weighs in at 220, not bad at all
for her frame. Her tits are huge now and her thighs and
ass meaty. But nonetheless, she still looks good
despite the whitish gray hair covering her head.

I'm grown up now, a man of 40 with four children and a
wife. I'm happily married.

Louise and Uncle Eddie are still together. But Eddie
has had a tough run with "sugar," or diabetes the past
few years. Their sons are still in Milwaukee, but came
down two days to help their parents get moved in.

Three days after they had been back, I made the move to
reclaim the woman's lust who showed me, a young boy
back then, how to please girls.

After a Friday and Saturday of moving them back into
grandma's house, the one she had grown up in, the other
kinfolks went their ways.

It was Monday afternoon and I stopped by after work to
chat with my aunt. Uncle Eddie was at the golf course,
his hangout twice a day.

The clock said 6:15, it was two weeks after the July
4th holiday and it was hot as hell here in Georgia.
Aunt Louise, who we call "Lou" was watching television
in the front room when I arrived. We hugged and chatted
about things.

I told her I wanted things to be like they used to be.
She stood back, cocking her head to the side saying,
'boy you are still crazy. You're married now and you're
all grown up. We'd better leave that alone.'

I wasn't hearing it though. I reached out and caressed
her face, pulling her to me, planting a long, deep kiss
inside her lips.

Lou moaned as she tried to ease away. I wasn't hearing
this. I continued kissing her, refusing to let her go.
She embraced me and I gripped the hams of her ass,
massaging them as I tried my best to stimulate her big
tits against my chest.

We must have stood toe to toe kissing for five minutes
as I massaged her ass, pulling up the blue gown she
wore, peeling back the panties and caressing the naked
ass as we kissed.

Lou backed up, sitting on the couch, patting the spot
next to her. I sat down, resumed kissing her and
rubbing her body all over.

I stuck my tongue into her ear and got her body
quivering. I then unzipped the blue silk gown, dropping
the top part onto her lap. I unfastened her bra and her
huge breasts just dropped out. I sucked and licked
them, kissing the hard, fat black nipples as she rubbed
my head.

I moved down to the floor, on my knees, keeping one
nipple in my mouth, as my left hand found her bone dry
pussy. It was big, long and hairy. Now the hair was
black and gray.

I moved down, lifting her legs to remove the big white
panties and dropped them to the floor beside me.

I lifted her legs now, pushing her back slightly as I
held open her pussy, looking at it, the features, and
the texture of it.

My first lick was to her clitoris. She stared down at
me, smiling, breathing heavy and giving her approval.

I gave a long lick across her entire pussy to lubricate
it. She shivered and said, 'Ahhh.'

I did it again and again. Her clit came to life,
standing up beneath the mat of hair.

I now focused internally, running my tongue in and out
of her pussy as it started to warm up, and she started
to wiggle her ass.

Louise scooted forward and turned, lying back
lengthwise on the couch, cupping her huge tits to keep
them from falling to the side of the couch. She kept
her left arm in that position, holding them, as she
tossed her right leg onto the back of the couch, giving
me all access to her long pussy � when I say long � I
mean it looked five or six inches long in length � much
bigger than when I was a boy. But it meant more to kiss

I re-adjusted, laying there beside, continuing to lick
the lining of her bright pink vagina, feeling her come
to an orgasm as my long tongue continued probing in and
out delicately, as my thumb and forefinger massaged her
clit and the area around it.

I looked up and she had her eyes closed, her right hand
gently massaging the top of my head. I sucked her clit
and licked it. She came. I tasted it and felt the
shivering, the quivering of her body as she sighed,
'Oooohoooh. Ummmm, uuum!'

I continued licking on her, diving in and out of her
salty tasting pussy, my dick trying to bust open my

She was cumming again as she dropped her right leg from
the top of the couch, onto the side of my face. I had
been eating her pussy no less than 20 minutes and she
was at the height of pleasure, wiggling there as the
cum dripped from her pussy down onto her gown and onto
my face.

Now her pussy smelled like a pussy was supposed to
smell - hot musky and filled with heated hormones. The
pheromones were loosed and her nature was taking over.
She came again, this time moaning loud as she arched
her back and squeezed the top of my head, grabbing a
handful of hair, saying, 'Oh damn! This feels

I got up, dropped my pants and loosed up my dick.
Louise got onto her knees beside the couch and pushed
me down in a sitting position.

She looked at my dick and jerked it a couple of times.
She licked the pre-cum, then looked into my eyes,
smiling as she took the head into her mouth, closing
her eyes and twisting the shaft as she sucked in more
and more.

Within a couple of minutes, she was taking me into her
throat. It was so hot, I had to get her up. I didn't
want to cum yet and not like that. I wanted to plant my
seed into her magnificent pussy.

We walked across the hall to one of the guest rooms,
she pulled back the covers and lay down. Then she told
me to hold on. She picked up the telephone and called
Eddie, asking him what time he'd be home and to be sure
to pick up some catfish. He was only on the third hole.
It would be a couple hours before he finished up.

She laid back and pulled me onto her. I guided my dick
into her wet pussy, going almost the entire 9 inches in
one stroke.

Her pussy was hot around my dick. I lay there, going
side to side, as I sucked on her long tit. Then she
started bucking, like she did in her youth. 'Give me
that dick dammit! Give me that big black dick John!'

She locked her legs around my ass, and locked her arms
around my waist, rolling her ass and working her pussy
back and forth on my long meat.

Louise closed her eyes and started mumbling more, 'yea,
you wanted this pussy, now get it admit. Come on fuck

I started jabbing her pussy deep, then rolled to the
side, jabbing deep, rolling around and to the side, all
the way in, wiggle and back out.

In a few minutes, Louise pulled my face to her, pushing
her tongue into my mouth as she exploded, breathing
hard and moaning. I felt her pussy contract on my dick
and I couldn't hold back. I speeded up, fucking her
hard as she grinned saying, 'yes, yes, yes baby!'

I unloaded deep into her, holding my dick close to her
insides, letting every drop of cum settle into the
bottom of her.

I continued fucking as my dick was still hard. I was
ramming her deep and she was enjoying every moment as
my dick hit the bottom of her. Sweat was falling off of
my face onto her, as I stood on my elbows, giving
myself leverage to make sure every inch of dick was
doing its job.

She started wailing it was so good and she came again.
I got up, the cum on my dick drying the minute it was
touched by air. I flipped her over, taking the pillows
to lay beneath her pelvis. She arched her ass in the
air and I entered her from the back.

I was hitting the bottom of her pussy, as she laid
flat, ass in the air and nothing but pussy in my face.
I fucked her softly at first, trying not to cum too
fast in her tight pussy.

After about 7 or 10 minutes, she cummed again, moaning
loudly. It was too much for me. I laid on her back,
gripping her hips and thrust in and out hard and fast,
pushing her up the bed on her knees until I came deep
into her again. She came at the same time, dropping her
head, moaning softly.

I laid there continuing to fuck until my dick got soft.
We lay there, catching our breath and cooling off. Then
we kissed and she started giggling, licking the sweat
off my face.

We got up, got dressed and talked about it for a while.

Since that day, Aunt Lou has been enjoying her move
back home, as she and I have learned to go at it full
blast. Getting her pussy keeps me from having problems
with my wife because I stay horny and would otherwise
be fucking someone in the streets. This way it's all
kept secret.

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