Service Call for Lynn

She was quite upset when I saw her for the first time. She looked like she had been crying and something bad had just happened. I was not sure if I wanted to be there at that particular moment. Lynn smiled at me and said she needed to excuse herself up for a moment an would be right back. I could hear her go into the bathroom and could hear the running water and then after a couple of minutes she came back and sat next to me and explained what she wanted done. I was used to a lot of things being a technician that went into peoples homes and offices. But not for someone so blunt and open as she was being.

Lynn explained that she had called me for another reason and normally she would be strictly business, but she was having a problem concentrating and wanted to know if I would fuck her like I had not had sex in a year. Lynn explained that she was not into being raped, but would accept a little roughness if it would help me perform a bit better.

I told Lynn I would rather take it slow and be gentle with her if she did not mind and that was how I enjoyed sex. Lynn said she was used to a wham bang and no thank you mam. I looked at her and wondered shat type of person she was involved with that would treat a good looking woman like that. Lynn asked me what I wanted her to do and I said just to sit with me on the sofa and relax.

I took my time with her. I had the feeling it had been a while since someone just held her and did not just go for the goodies. I sat with her and made some small talk and gently caressed her back and after a while I asked her when the last time someone gave her a good massage. Lynn looked perplexed and said she did not know if she had ever gotten a good one. I told her to relax and to sit in front of me on the sofa and slowly began to massage the back of her neck working slowly down to her shoulders. I was really taking my time as I could tell that she was really tense and I worked her muscles until I could feel them loosening up.

I continued massaging her shoulders and arms finally after about fifteen to twenty minutes I began to work on her back. I made my way down to her bra and unhooked it and worked it to the sides without removing her shirt, which seemed to make her more relaxed. I did not want to ruin the feeling she was having by her thinking I was going to start to grope her. I got up and asked her to stretch out on the sofa and I worked my way down her back to her nice butt and down her legs.

I finally finished her feet and asked her to roll over and worked my way up her legs. Her jeans were a bit tight from the way she was on the sofa and I mentioned it and said maybe she should sit normally and I would sit on the floor and massage her legs. I was standing waiting for her to change positions and she got up and took off her jeans and sat back on the sofa and let me continue to massage her legs.

I worked my way up each leg almost to the top and then switched over to the other leg and worked my way up and worked the outside of her leg and every so often I would leasing let my fingers slide up on the inside of her thighs. I finally finished and began working the inside of her thighs up and I would purposely let my fingers come close to her pussy. I could tell from the wet spot and I could smell her aroma as I finally began working my way up with my thumbs rubbing the outside lips of her pussy thru the fabric. I began massaging the top of her slit rubbing her clit with my thumbs and all the while I kept my concentration on what I was doing. I worked my way up her belly and up to her breast and the rest of the way up her neck.

I was up next to her and began to slowly kiss her and took my time all the while my cock was straining to get free and was looking for some relief. I kissed my way down her neck to her breast and began kissing and licking her areola and nipples. I could feel her nipples harden as I licked them and gently caressed them with my tongue and fingers as I worked my way slowly down to her clit. I knew she was really excited and began licking and sucking her clit liked her was no tomorrow. I would occasionally lick down and suck on her pussy lips stretching them out with my lips as my flicked my tongue in and out of her hole.

I was working my finger in and out of her pussy as I was licking her and after a while I had three fingers working in and out of her pussy as I was eating her. I could tell by the way she was responding to me that I was hitting all the right spots and giving her the feeling she wanted. I could feel her pussy clamp down hard on my fingers as I was working them in and out of her pussy and I sucked harder on her clit until after some time she finally begged me to stop.

I asked her if she was ready for me to make love to her and she said yes, but to go slow. I said she was in charge and I laid on the floor on my back and pulled her on-top of me. Lynn sat on my hard raging cock and I was glad she just sat there for a minute as I thought I was going to cum right there on the spot. I concentrated on waiting and resisting the urge to just pump away until I came.

I think it was only actually a minute or two but she finally began to move. I knew if I started anything I was going to cum is a few strokes, so I told Lynn to rock her pelvis back and forth and work her pussy so her clit was grinding onto my pubic bone as she rocked. I was in a state between pleasure and agony. I was really wanting to cum and to blow my load into her wet pussy and at the same time I wanted her to cum hard so I held back.

Lynn was working her hips and I could tell from her breathing and the facial expressions she was on the verge of one big orgasm. I could feel Lynn's pussy tighten and she began to drive down harder and I could see her face contorting as she began to cum. I was driving up to meet her and we both came together as she collapsed in near exhaustion.

We laid together for about fifteen minutes before either of us moved. I could feel the cum and her juices dripping down my balls as my cock had softened and fell out of her pussy. Lynn kissed me and thanked me and I could see from her face when she said it that she was really telling the truth and appreciated everything I had done for her. Lynn said she was not sure if she had ever felt that good and really cummed like she had with me.

Lynn rolled over onto the floor and was looking at me. She looked down to my cock that was now soft and covered with our combined juices and said it looked like a mess and maybe we should take a shower before I left. So we went down the hall to the master-bedroom and went in the shower.

I got in and I guess I was a bit preoccupied with Lynn being in the shower as I was just standing there, so she looked and said she was going to wash me off. I stood there and let her work the soap all over my body and when she got to my cock it began to come back to life. Normally it takes me about a half an hour to get hard again being over fifty.

Lynn was washing my balls and put a little more soap on her hands and was washing the crack of my ass when her finger pressed against my asshole. I was ready to say something, but I did not as I did not want to disturb her in what she was doing. Lynn rinsed my cock off and got more soap and worked her hands between my legs and tickled my tight hole as she got on her knees in the shower and began sucking and licking my cock and she fingered my crack. I gave a bit of a start as she slipped her finger in and pulled me into her mouth as she pushed her finger deeper into my butt. I had never had that done to me and with the combination of her doing that and sucking my cock I exploded in her mouth.

Lynn explained later that her husband did not like anything but straight sex, nothing oral, no touching, just a quick on and off and he was finished. Lynn said it was not that she did not love him it was just that she was never satisfied with their sex life. She said it was being married to someone who did it out of obligation or that you were dirty and not to be touched.

I felt bad for her and thought that her husband was missing out on some really great sex. I got out of the shower and dried and took her over to the bed and had her sit on the edge of the bed and I got on my knees and began to eat her pussy and finger her hole working my fingers in and out as I licked and sucked on her clit. I knew I was having the right effect as she was rocking her hips and I could feel her pussy clamping down on my fingers.

I asked if she had any lubricant as it would feel better if I lubed up my fingers as I was working them in and out of her pussy. Lynn surprised me and got a bottle of Astro Glide from the nightstand and said it was the only way she could satisfy herself. I lubed up her slit and my fingers and began working two fingers in and out of her pussy. I worked in a third finger and she was really responding to it and said to go deeper.

I could not go deeper unless I put in four fingers and so I put on some more lube and worked the fourth finger in and gradually worked it in until my thumb stopped me from going in deeper. Lynn was grunting and groaning like she was an animal and I stopped and asked if she was okay. Lynn said do not stop and to keep going she was ready to explode and asked if I could go in just a bit deeper as I was really making her crazy as she was.

I poured on a lot of lube all over my hand and her pussy and worked my thumb inside with the rest of my fingers until I had my whole hand in her pussy. Lynn grabbed my wrist and guided me to where she wanted me to be and how to work it in and out to make her feel good. I made a fist and began turning it from side to side as I went in and out of her pussy as she was controlling how fast and deep I was going in her pussy. After a few minuted I felt her pussy clamp down on my hand so hard I thought she was going to break my hand and she gave a shudder and spasm-ed a few times and finally stopped and said I could take my hand out slowly.

I waited there for a while and she asked if I would make love to her again and I did. I thought it was the best sex I ever had. I do not know if it was the excitement or what but I was feeling great.

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