Pussy Pals

It was my first adult party. I was only teen, but I felt ready for it. My bosoms had grown to the point that they distressed my mother. Men I passed on the street, of course, were delighted. Despite the youthfulness of my face they seemed to take the size of my breasts as an invitation to pleasure. They would watch me openly as I walked by, past an outdoor cafe or a gym or a construction site. It did no good staring back at them, like I’d done with perverts when I was a little girl. Now, at 14, staring only enhanced the invitation my breasts were offering. And try as I might to control the wiggling of my hips it seemed I couldn’t anymore. They seemed to have delveloped a mind of their own. I walked, they wiggled. Simple as that. So finally I gave in to the thought of meeting men, real men, not my teacher or the principal at my school, or my dad’s golfing buddies.
Jewel was 19 and lived next door to me. It was her real name, Jewel, because her parents had been hippies and wanted to give her a creative name, not some ordinary Judeo-Christian name out of the Bible. With a name like that, of course, she’d had no trouble meeting guys, even over the phone. She’d married a few months back. I liked her husband. He was cute. But since Jewel was my best friend I always pushed away any thoughts that came into my mind of seducing her husband. Yet he was friendly to me, and I enjoyed talking to him. What I didn’t know was that, despite his good manners and his gentlemanly reserve, he had a lust for me he wasn’t afraid to share with his wife. I learned later that he bugged her so much about including me in their lovemaking that Jewel, if only to save her marriage, finally agreed. But it would have to take place at a party, she said, and he, being much more devious than I could have imagined, arranged that it would be at a sex and bondage party.
So Jewel induced to have me come to a party with herself and her husband. She even bought me a dress, because I only got an allowance and was still too young to work. She put it on me the day of the party. It was a Friday afternoon. My parents would be away for the weekend and they had asked Jewel to look after me. As I slithered into the dress (there was no other way, it was so tight), and Jewel yanked on it to get it down over me, I knew my mom and dad might find a different girl when they got back.
I wasn’t quite a virgin. I’d let my boyfriend fuck me twice. Then we broke up. I was without a boyfriend at the moment. Earlier, when I’d been younger, I’d had an uncle living in the city. He liked taking photos of me. First in my swimsuit, then later, in my bedroom, in the nude. Once, when I was posing for him on my bed, hugging a big teddy bear he’d bought for me, I started giggling. I felt really silly sticking my bottom up at his camera and he warned me he’d have to spank me if I didn’t stop. Well, I lost the giggles, hearing that. But for some reason I liked seeing him angry, and so even though I didn’t feel like giggling any more, and stopped for a moment, I began giggling again, but this time fake giggling, just to make him mad. And so he sat down on my bed and put me over his knee and spanked my bare bottom.
I never forgot that. It hurt. But, wiggling over his knees, feeling his hard hand come slamming down on my totally bare ass also left me feeling thrilled. I’d never felt so naughty in my life, sticking my bottom up at his camera. After he was done spanking me, I posed some more for him with my bottom all red. I never felt so good, doing that. I was very, very obedient and did just as he asked. We never did it again, though. Perhaps he felt guilty about it. When I told Jewel about my experience, years later, she said her boyfriend was eager to spank her, with more than his hand, but she hadn’t let him. This surprised me. I didn’t know you could get spanked with something other than a hand. I’d wanted to ask her about this but her boyfriend had come home at just that moment, and my mom had called me home for dinner. The next day, wouldn’t you know, I forgot all about it, because that’s when I met the boyfriend who eventually got me into his bed. Even though I forgot, however, Jewel didn’t. Her husband was dying to play bondage games with her. She wouldn’t let him, though, and kept him happy enough otherwise that his wickedest plans were left unfulfilled. But when his impatience grew and she finally gave in, agreeing to the sex and bondage party, Jewel decided she needed someone to share her fate. Me. So she’d kill two birds with one stone, letting her husband fuck me, and having someone along who would share her experiences in bondage with her.
I was, fortunately I suppose, ignorant of the totality of their plans. As Jewel pulled my dress down over my figure, the afternoon sun shining through the window, illuminating us both like angels, she knew more than I but her husband knew most, laying evil plans for the both of us that she, and especially poor hapless me, couldn’t even have dreamed of.
“There, you look delicious!” Jewel said to me. She tossed back her long mane of brown hair. She was nude. Our casual clothes lay discarded on the bed she and her husband shared.
I looked at myself in a mirror. A slinky white dress encased me from my chest right down to my toes. It crossed underneath my neck, leaving it bare, then crossed over the edges of my small shoulders. Where it crossed my shoulders it reduced itself to a mere strap, hanging the dress from my shoulders. After passing over my shoulders the straps wound down under my arms and reconnected to my dress in front. They reattached themselves a few inches under my breasts. My dress had no sleeves and it had no sides to it either. The back was totally bare, right down to my waist. I was only covered in front, and then rather tenuously. The straps looped up over my shoulders and then down under my arms, connecting again to my dress in front, but they attached themselves below my breasts. The dress designer had deliberately cut the front of my dress as narrowly as he could. The effect of this was that, even though I was covered in front, by the draping of my dress, the sides of my bosoms were exposed. So exposed, in fact, that when I laughed, looking at myself, one of my nipples popped out. I reached up, shocked, and pushed my large bosom back underneath the front of my dress.
“You’ll have to be careful not to let men tell you jokes,” Jewel said.
“Jewel!” I gasped. “This is awful. I can’t possibly wear a dress as daring as this.”
Jewel walked up to me and put her hands on my small, bare shoulders. She kissed my cheek. I felt suddenly like her daughter, except the intimacy I felt, standing with her, was much too deep for a mother and daughter to share.
“It’s your first party dress, and your first real party,” Jewel whispered to me. “Enjoy it. You know there will be a little mischief before the night is out, hmmm?”
I blushed. “I-I guess so,” I replied.
“You don’t have to participate, of course, if you don’t wish to,” Jewel said. “But at least show a little. If a nipple pops out, simply laugh and repair your dress. Let the men admire you. It will be a private party. Tell them your age and half of them, I’ll bet, will be afraid to even touch you.”
I looked at her. She had deep brown eyes that matched her luscious mane of hair. “Are you going to, you know...?” I asked.
Jewel tossed her hair back. “Well, I will be there with my husband, darling. We are married.”
“Yes, I know,” I answered. I turned a little and looked at myself in the mirror. My dress was long, but it was slit on both sides right up to my waist. I could see the tan lines where my bikini panties usually crossed my hips. They were bare now. If I bent forward, the front of my dress dropped away from me. My bush could be seen if I turned a little toward the mirror, with my dress hanging down away from me as I bent. Jewel watched me bending and smiled. I stood up again. “What color panties should I wear with my white dress?” I asked her.
“Oh, none at all, please,” she said. “Just come as you are, with those lovely heels on your feet. That’s all you’ll need.”
“Jewel!” I scolded. I was smiling and my face was flushed. My nipples were standing up within my dress and I could see their points protruding into the fabric. It was thin. I was wearing an elegant toga, really, hung from my shoulders by the thinnest of straps. Except this ‘toga’ dress left my back bare. And with its narrow front and its slitted skirt, I’d show everything, if I wasn’t particularly careful.
Ted walked into the room. He was Jewel’s husband. He looked at me and said, “Excellent! I’ve never seen a more perfect girl or a better dress!” Well, that clinched it. After that, embarrassed as I was by the dress, I couldn’t take it off. Jewel dressed in a long skirt that touched her toes in front but rose to almost leave her bottom uncovered in back. It had ruffled folds in it, right the way around, in front as well as in back. Of course she didn’t wear any panties with it. It covered her top with a bodice, but it was more sedate than mine, although, like me, she wore no bra underneath it.
“We’re ready!” Jewel said, smiling. She gave me opera gloves and we put them on, she and I both, and then she took my hand. We’d already done each other’s makup in the nude. Off we went, Ted leading the way, him in a suit and us freshly bathed and made up, but wearing dresses so sexy I prayed we’d have a private entrance to our private party. I didn’t want anyone to see me except the invited guests.
As it happened we had to disembark from Ted’s sports car at the front of a hotel. He ushered us through the front lobby. Few people were there except the valets and the desk clerk. They admired us, I can assure you. Ted walked on my left, holding my hand as we crossed the lobby. With my right hand, prettily gloved, I held the slit along the right side of my skirt. I kept it closed as best I could to deprive anyone from seeing. Jewel, having brought along a boa, wrapped it under her bottom. Decorously she held its ends aloft in front. Her dress swished around her and her boa cupped her bottom neatly. Prying eyes were kept from seeing how short her dress really was in back, although there was a fine rear view of her legs as we walked. We reached an elevator and Ted punched the ‘up’ button. When the elevator doors opened, I stepped gratefully inside.
We were received warmly at the party. It was in suite on the top floor of the hotel. A woman let us in. She knew Jewel, kissed her briefly, took her boa. Jewel blushed. Without it her ass was just covered by the dress. Any leaning forward, however slight, would raise the back of her dress up enough to show the underside of her cheeks. Her legs were beautifully tanned but I knew, from seeing her earlier, that her bottom was white as newfallen snow. The men would lust to leave tracks in it.
I was introduced to the other guests. Jewel was too, for not all of them knew her. With as little blushing as possible we chatted and grazed on small bits of cheese and ham-laden crackers. Jewel showed her bottom whenever she bent to ladle punch into her punch glass. I suffered under the insufficiency of my dress. First I’d lose one nipple, then later another, then the other again, all the while doing my best not to. I flushed fiercely the first time. The next time I handled it a little better. But each time I’d stop and repair my dress, for I didn’t want to look like a slut, wandering around at a party with her tits hanging out.
Fortunately the other women were dressed as salaciously as Jewel and I were. The men, of course, wore suits. I noticed they all had fine leather belts on their trousers. I wondered if those were what Jewel had spoken of when she said there was more than a hand you could get spanked with. I began to become entranced with the belts. Some were black and some brown. All of them were polished and made, I found by inquiring, from real animal skins. I got to talking to a guy with a belt made from an alligator. He told me he’d killed it himself, but I didn’t believe him. He was very handsome, though, and as he told his story I felt myself feeling hotter and hotter. I imagined him having to tame me, instead of the alligator, and cutting my flesh up to make more belts for himself.
“Have you ever pulled a train?” a woman asked, seeing how entranced I’d become talking to the man with the gator belt.
“Hmmm? No,” I answered.
“Well it’s time you learned,” she said. She had blonde hair that fell in big curls down over her shoulders. She tossed back her curls. She looked at the man with the gator belt.
“May I?” he asked. His name was Brian. That’s all I knew, not even his last name. He put his hands on my shoulders. I felt him nudge the straps there, which were already at the ends of my shoulders, because that’s how the dress fitted.
I didn’t say anything. I just stared into his eyes. They were blue as the sky and seemed to pierce me. Suddenly I screamed. I felt my dress fall from my shoulders. My breasts were revealed. They popped out and shivered, stiff nippled. My back was already revealed and my dress caught around my hips, refusing to fall down further. I heard Jewel laugh. A man, not her husband, raised her dress in back. A woman knelt behind her and kissed her bottom. I felt hands on my waist and realized they were the blonde woman’s hands. I felt her sharp fingernails against my skin. To preserve my elegance I tossed back the long mane of my blonde hair. I tried not to think of what lay ahead. I was scared, but I didn’t want to protest. As I waited, the woman with the big blonde curls unzipped my dress in back and then it fell, quite shockingly, to my feet. I was left standing naked before the man with the alligator belt. He unbuckled it.
“Come, you must pull the train,” the woman with the blonde curls told me. Later I learned her name was Elaine. She took my hand. She walked me over to a soft mat that two men were spreading out on the floor. It was large. It looked to be made of soft chamois. Naked, I was induced to sit down on the chamois. I felt a soft down beneath me. I stroked the chamois. They made me scoot back so that I was at the far end of the mat. Then the blonde knelt in front of me. Without saying a word, as if no permission were necessary here, she opened my legs. I shrieked as I saw her bend down, pressing her face floorward until it connected with my muff. Her tongue intruded into my virginal cunny.
“Jewel!” I cried. I twisted my head about, found her, but she was walking toward the blonde. She smiled at me. It was a disciplining smile, however, as if warning me to be good and not spoil their fun. The woman who had kissed her bottom so openly was standing beside her, holding her hand. I think I would have jumped up, feeling that awful tongue of the woman with the blonde curls invading my nest, but Ted appeared. He stood over me and looked down at me expectantly. As his eyes met mine, I felt a jolt within myself. The woman’s intrusive tongue brought drops of honeyed wetness to life within me. Staring at Ted, who I secretly liked very much, I couldn’t get up.
“Pull the train,” Ted said to me firmly. I flung my head back and let the woman’s tongue invade me more deeply. I sensed Jewel bending down, and the woman who’d kissed her bottom getting down behind her. When I had the courage to lift my eyes, I saw all three of them, lined up like the cars of a train! Jewel was sucking within the blonde woman’s ass and the woman who’d kissed her hiney was behind her, tonguing her bottom. I was the engine, pulling the whole line of them with my hungry little pussy.
I spasmed within myself. I felt wet in the folds of my cunt. I wished the blonde woman would remove her tongue from me. Yet it was tantalizing, having her there. I’d never been licked by a woman before! She drove her tongue into me avidly, as if it were a penis, not a tongue. I was forced to lean back and accept it. I could do nothing else. I tried backing up, but Brian appeared, towering over me, and try as I might to crawl backward away from the woman I couldn’t, for my shoulders kept bumping into Brian’s legs.
“Enjoy it,” he breathed. He taunted me by letting his belt, which he’d removed from his pants, dangle down menacingly and flick at my breasts. I gasped. The tongue of his belt lapped at my stiff nipples even as the blonde woman’s tongue invaded my cunt. My tummy was flat and tense. My bottom rubbed on the chamois. I wished I could stand but I was the Engine, pulling four hungry cunts in my wake, including my own.
The men laughed. They enjoyed the show. I heard them unzip themselves. First one, then another. We would be more than ready for them, I realized. I felt all juicy down below. I heard the blonde woman sigh as Jewel’s tongue invaded her snatch from behind. Jewel, meanwhile, let out a gasp of her own, for her cunny was no safer. The woman behind her sucked at her clit through the folds of her cunt.
“No! I’m going to spend!” I cried. I didn’t want to in front of all the men. Yet suddenly I was seized with passionate tension and the next thing I knew, I was over the edge. My cries filled the room as the blonde woman gnawed at my slit with her mouth and stuck me so potently with her tongue. I squeezed my eyes shut. I tried to think of other things. But there was no getting away from that cursed tongue, and I came again, then a third time. I heard Jewel crying out as her own pussy suffered an orgasm. She was assailed from behind, and she tongued another, while I squirmed on, unable to move forward but trying my best, banging repeatedly with my head and shoulders against Brian’s legs. He still wore his trousers but his cock was out now. I felt his precum drip onto my nose.
Heady as that sojourn into pleasure had been, I soon learned that it was but a preliminary. A scenic tour, as it were, before the train began its regularly scheduled run. With soft kisses and sighs the three females kneeling beyond my snatch parted company. Each one of them sat up, shook out her hair. They had wet noses and cheeks. All but me had a female’s juices on her lips. I had Brian’s pre-cum staining mine.
A bottle of Chablis was opened. A glass was poured for each of us. We sat, giggling, sipping our Chablis. I felt a little silly. I hadn’t had much wine before in my short life. All around us, gazing down with admiration at us, were the men. Each was still impeccably dressed, but it nonetheless looked like a convention of coat rack prongs. Ted, Brian, all the men unabashedly stood with their flies open and their cocks presented as they drank Chablis. My three companions in the train were still dressed. Only I was naked. They sat with their skirts rucked up, ringing their waists, showing their blonde muffs as they quietly drank their wine. None of them had worn panties to the party. It was a very racy crowd.
Yet there were more women at the party, and these still retained their gowns. They smiled, passed their hands friskily over the displayed penis of the man standing nearest them. Since there were more men that women standing up, there being, in total, about an equal number of each at the party, some men, like Brian and Ted, found themselves with two admiring females stroking their cocks. I felt jealous. I wondered if Jewel did. I glanced at her. She had her wine glass pressed to her lips and tilted back. She looked over the rim at me but her eyes had a quiet, accepting look to them. She smiled shyly, said nothing. A man standing over her dripped pre-cum, but it fell between her parted legs.
Now I was to learn the true nature of a bondage party. It is not like a small, quiet orgy that someone might have with another couple in their home. Here, people were complete strangers to one another. Not in every case, but in many more than even I imagined at the time, sitting there. People could be much rougher on a stranger than they could on a friend at work or a loved one. Names were deliberately withheld here, except for first names, and some of those were invented, I later learned.
The two women massaging Brian’s cock now began to pinch it.
“Oooh, does this hurt?” they asked him. They laughed. Their pinches were hard. I watched in shocked surprise as they dug their nails into Brian’s shaft, taking liberties with him they wouldn’t dare take with their husbands. Brian winced. I could see they were hurting him but that was the point of this party, I later learned, to let people have their way with someone. As my eyes widened in fright and sympathy I saw little welts appear on Brian’s cock where the women’s nails had dug harshly into his stiffly muscled prong. When their hands dropped to his balls, I almost leaped up, I was so scared for him.
“Get his pants down,” one woman told the other. Brian’s trousers were undone and shoved down to his knees. He looked like a boy waiting to urinate. His underpants were descended with his pants, leaving his balls completely free. The women passed their sharp-nailed fingers under his testes. Suavely, but with wicked eyes, they touched his big gonads and rolled them on their fingertips. I saw him shiver. Gradually the pressure of the women’s touch increased.
“Do you know what my favorite ballet is?” one woman asked the other.
“No, what?” the other replied with a knowing smile.
“The nutcracker suite,” the first answered. She gave Brian’s balls a rough squeeze.
“Me too,” the other woman said. Her grip was no less merciless.
“Aghgh!” Brian cried. He was full of cum and only the tautness of his balls saved him. Perhaps it was a test, I thought. A man, like Brian, who was bloated with sperm could be handled roughly without injury. But woe to any man who had let his load lighten, fucking his wife earlier in the day, or the night before. His balls, not strung up tight against his crotch but dangling languidly beneath him, would have been hurt by such treatment.
“You will be tested also,” Brian said gruffly to the women. They shivered. In honor of his passing their test they both bent down. They kissed his dick. Then, with long liquid strokes, they tongued the whole length of him. They did this repeatedly, caressing with their tongues that which they had so rudely injured just minutes before.
Brian trembled. He had saved himself by being full of sperm. Yet now he was threatened with such pleasurable sensations that his manhood might spill at any moment! Could he be sure such wicked women as these might not brutalize him again? And not only these two licking him. All of the women, except the four of us sitting passively on the chamois, had tested the various men in the room. I’d heard one man shout. He zipped himself up and left. He’d come unaccompanied, been let in on a whim. Now he was gone, his balls a painful reminder of what liberties a roomful of strange women might take with a man.
I suppose the other men must have all passed their tests, like Brian, for now everyone began to undress. Even the three women sitting with me on the mat got out of their clothes, helping each other, until there was nothing but nude figures in the room, and discarded suits and party gowns lying everywhere.
There was a knock on the door to the suite.
“Ah, room service,” someone said. A woman ran to the door. She opened it. A tuxedoed waiter came in. He must have been forewarned, for he rolled in a cart with a blase look on his face, his eyes appropriately lowered. Around him stood the nude partiers, women as well as men, all in a state of obvious excitement. The women had stiffened nipples and the men all sported erect cocks. The tray was labelled with desserts; pies and cakes and two bowls of mixed fruit. There was a coffee urn, and small china cups stacked next to it.
“Enjoy, madam,” the waiter said politely.
“Thanks, Enrique,” the woman replied. She leaned up against him and pecked him on the cheek. He made no movement, simply accepted the kiss.
“If a doctor is needed, please do not hesitate to call,” Enrique told the woman.
“Yes,” she answered simply. Then he turned and strode from the room. He closed the door to the hotel suite himself.
Although everyone was obviously ready for sex, no one could resist all the gooey treats on the tray. I got up from the chamois mat, as did Jewel, Elaine, and the woman who’d stuck her tongue up Jewel’s cunt. Everyone, including poor Brian with his injured cock, gathered around the tray and helped themselves. I chose a slice of angel food cake and some gooey nut brownies.
“Is your penis okay?” I asked Brian anxiously. I looked down at his cock. It had small fingernail welts on it from the women’s hands. He’d suffered no worse than the other males but I felt a special concern for him. Perhaps it was because I still bore drips of his pre-cum on my nose and lips.
“Yeah, it’s fine,” he replied. He took my brownie from my fingers. He made me open my mouth and he insisted on feeding it to me. I gazed into his eyes, he into mine. I snatched his piece of cake from his hands as he made me eat my brownie. I fed him his cake. It was chocolate, topped with a layer of cherries. “You are young,” he said to me between bites of his cake. He was perhaps ten years older than me.
“Yes,” I answered.
“Are you...?” he asked hopefully. I shook my head ‘no.’ Then, munching on my brownie that he was force-feeding me, I added, “Only in my bottom.”
His eyes widened. A smile broke across his face. He said nothing, letting me feed the cake to him, but I felt he’d hidden away this fact, and made some decision with regard to me. I tried not to dwell on it. Whatever it was, I only hoped it meant he loved me. I was falling for him more and more every second. If I had to surrender some part of myself at this party, I hoped it would be to him. But I couldn’t bear the thought of being fucked up my ass and so, even though I might have arranged, if I’d been bold enough, to have him take my bottomhole’s virginity, I didn’t. I let the moment pass. We fed each other and then, drawing me into his arms, he kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth to him and he to me. Our tongues searched. We found crumbs inbetween each other’s teeth and tasted that which we’d fed to the other. It was not unpleasant. Our mouths were sweet from the food.
Condoms were distributed. Being strangers, none could be sure of the other’s status. The women were beautiful and the men sculpted like statues, but that was no guarantee of freedom from pesky diseases. Some, however, played it risky, and I surprised myself by being one of them.
“No, don’t,” I said to Brian as a woman gave him a condom. I wanted his cock raw, as God meant it to be.
“But you don’t know me, nor I you,” he said. He broke open the condom.
“I am not, I have no diseases,” I assured him.
“Me neither,” he said.
“Then let me have you as you are,” I said. For the first time, I let my hand caress his beautiful stiff manhood. I’d felt it pressed against my tummy when we’d kissed but now I handled it openly, all ten inches of it, wondering at the length and only learning later, from Jewel, his exact measurement. The whole thing was erect and on display. I could see it was making him desperate. He was eager to spend.
Ted walked up to Brian. He was older than Brian and approached him with the air of command that older people sometimes have. He had a condom on his cock. Elaine had put it on him and she was holding his hand.
“Brian, you will be the engine this time,” Ted told him. He turned to me. “You’re the coal car,” he said. I had no idea what he meant.
“Come, we must get on the mat,” Brian said. He took my hand. Together we walked to the mat, kissing once as we walked. We stepped onto the mat and prepared to kneel. “Blow me,” Brian said. “I don’t know who’s going to take you.”
“I am,” Ted said. I glanced back at him. My hair was in my eyes and he reached out and brushed it away.
“Don’t take her ass,” Brian said.
“Okay,” Ted answered. “I want her little cunt, anyway. I’ve been dying to have it. You want first crack at her ass, for some reason?” Ted asked.
“Yes,” Brian answered. He did not say why. I guessed perhaps Ted was the stronger, between the two, and he didn’t want to risk a confontation. Ted passed his hand beneath my bottom. Rudely he stuck his finger into my tight-pressed cheeks. It bumped against my hidden hole.
“Are you cherry back here?” Ted laughed. I said nothing. He forced a sharp squeal from me as his finger dug into my hiney.
“Don’t,” I gasped.
“I want her ass,” Brian said again. His chest tensed. He had relatively little hair on his chest but it was beautifully carved, like a champion swimmer’s. Ted’s had more hair but was not as precisely cut as Brian’s.
“I want her ass, I want her ass,” Ted mocked.
“Boys, don’t fight,” Jewel said, approaching us. She gave me a smile. “You can all have her ass before the night is out.” I gulped.
“She’s a virgin in back,” Ted said to Jewel.
“Look! A virgin!” Elaine crowed. She’d walked up with Jewel, holding hands with her. Now everyone gathered around me. I saw smiles but I knew they held little meaning. I was reduced to an object suddenly, and hands were placed upon me freely, as if I were something standing in a store window. People felt around my bulging bottom cheeks. They squeezed each cheek gently. Then, giving themselves permission, not asking me, they pressed a finger between my clenching bottomhalves. They stabbed at my little hole as if they were digging within it for something. I cried out. It mattered not. My voice was ignored. There were many and I was but one.
Others, thinking perhaps that I was virgin everywhere, snaked their fingers between the lips of my cunny. Again the goal was to enter me and I was forced to jerk and plead, but it made no difference. They pushed rudely inside me and searched for evidence of a hymen. My breasts bounced on my chest with my quiverings. My heavy bosoms had nippled peaks to them and even these didn’t escape their wanton hands. They pinched at my teats and brought tears to my eyes. A woman’s hand came to my mouth, placed itself over my lips and stifled my cries.
At last I was let go. They left as easily as they’d come, having felt me everywhere. I fell into Brian’s arms. He kissed my cheeks. He whispered to me not to feel ashamed. Then he made me kneel down. After I’d knelt he knelt too. Then he pushed me lower, until my mouth was level with his cock and my ass was pushed high into the air.
Ted dropped to his knees behind me. With a flourish he removed the condom covering his cock. He had wanted me all along but perhaps had let Elaine cover him just for the fun of seeing her do it, of feeling her fingers working the rubber over his penis. Now he was bare again. He was like Brian in front of me. I wasn’t worried. I knew Ted didn’t have any diseases. He was my neighbor. Yet, I wished he wasn’t so bold about taking me. I felt like a little doll, caught by two boys who wished only to rape it. I wanted more kisses. I wanted to be told I was loved. Instead, I was merely pressed at both ends by eager males with big, calloused hands.
“Remember, I want her ass,” Brian warned Ted. I felt my hiney-cheeks so exposed, sticking up, and I wondered how many people were watching us. Now I was not quite so virgin, I’d had fingers poked into my bottom, but I still required a male penis to take from me the innocence I still possessed.
“Yeah. Okay,” Ted said. He seemed not to want to fight about it. His wife Jewel was nearby, making sure he behaved. He turned his head back. “Everyone, get in line,” he called. “Brian’s going to be the engine this time, and little Lisa his conductor, or coal car, or whatever.” He was clearly eager to enter me and didn’t want to waste time over formalities.
I gave Brian the pleasure he’d been waiting so long for. I placed my lips upon his cock. I let his big knob protrude into my mouth. I gasped at how big it felt. Then, closing my eyes, I let my saliva mingle with the pre-cum that drooled into my mouth from his pee hole.
Behind me, Ted was less than a gentleman. He prised apart my legs and then put himself to the waiting fig of my cunny. With a quick jab he was suddenly inside me, the whole knob of his cockhead. I let out a shriek. But my mouth I kept, somehow, closed around Brian’s penis, and his big cockhead muffled it. I had two cockheads in me now, one in front and one in back. Between the delving cheeks of my bottom my dimpled anus remained untouched.
“Oook!” I suddenly cried. Ted got himself further up me. He was slick with his own precum. I was still moist with excitement and from being eaten out by Elaine. His sudden forward movement shoved me forward, forcing Brian’s dick deeper into my mouth.
We went ‘choo-choo’ then, some people saying it, others merely thinking it, like me, all of us in a line. Elaine was behind Ted, eating his balls and between his hairy studmuffin asscheeks. Behind her loomed another man, stabbing himself into her even as she licked at Ted’s balls and his ass. Behind that man was Jewel, and behind her a man, everyone lined up, with Brian pulling us all with his beautiful wounded cock that I bathed with my tongue.
Suddenly I remembered I’d forgotten to take my Pill.
“No! I forgot my Pill!” I cried in a cock-muffled voice. I tried to rise. Ted wasn’t about to let me escape. He seized my hips with his big hands and forced himself more deeply inside me. Nor was Brian willing to let me off. He grabbed me by my hair and jammed his stiff penis all the way to the back of my mouth, just touching my throat with his pee hole.
I gagged. I coughed. I screamed to be let up. But my words were mangled by the cock in my mouth and neither Brian or Ted seemed to care what I was screaming about. Together, working in nasty unison, they began to fuck me hard. I struggled. It was useless. I was but a freshman in high school and they were two adult men. They pressed their very full-grown penises into me and made me take more than I’d ever imagined I could. Somehow I managed to take Brian’s cock down my throat. It was a feat I’d never even dreampt of before, and was sure, now that I was experiencing it, that I would die over. Yet somehow he kept me breathing, through my nose, while his big penis speared its way down almost to my lungs. Through my cunny, meanwhile, Ted was burrowing so high up inside of me that I could feel him within my womb. His cock, his pee hole, banged against the back wall of my uterus. I knew I had eggs there. I wished still to get away somehow. I couldn’t afford to let him sperm me.
Yet as I struggled to rise Brian and Ted fucked me harder. Each movement from me, each attempt at resistance, only spurred them on. I was rammed in front and rear, quite lustily now. Their cocks moved back, as if to let me get up, only to come shooting forward again, splitting my lips in both places. My mouth was a receptacle, no better than my womb. I couldn’t use it for speaking. I was full of cock.
All about me I could hear the moans of the other females and the groans of the men. The line surged forward, backward, Brian leading us all with his meaty cock in my mouth. At last, I began to hear sharp screams of pleasure. Female, male. Suddenly Brian loosed his seed within me. Ted, sensing it, could no longer restrain himself. He shot his load into me. I received the double salute. It frightened me, for I knew I would be made pregnant. Yet there was no escape. I had Ted in my belly and Brian in my mouth. I would bear my neighbor’s child now, absent some medical intervention. I broke over the hump of bliss. Within me I felt a swirl of intense pleasure. I received happily in those moments. Brian and Ted pumped hard within me. They gave me their all, holding back nothing. I was filled with their precious cargo. I was made a woman, more fully than my boyfriend had ever managed to do. He was nothing compared to these big men with their full-grown cocks. I collapsed at last on the mat, broken, fulfilled.
They withdrew from me. Brian kissed my cheek but Ted gave me nothing, though I would bear his child. He got up. He went and opened the window. I felt a rush of cool evening air and sounds from the street below.
“Quickly, we must bathe for the next event,” Jewel whispered to me. She made me rise. I felt all wobbly in my knees. I tried to tell her that I’d forgotten my pill but she shushed me. She took my hand, Elaine took my other hand, and we walked quickly, me stumbling between them, to the suite’s bathroom. Two women were already there, standing in the shower. As I watched they quickly soaped themselves, then each other’s backs. They stepped out, Jewel and Elaine, with me between them, stepped in. We didn’t bother to remove our open-toed heels. They were strapped on, sandal-like, the water that hit us in a warm spray passed down over and through our shoes.
We soaped, they helping me, for I still was having trouble standing up. When all three of us had quickly bathed we got out of the shower. Other women got in after us. Elaine and Jewel dried me, and themselves. Then they sat me down on a stool in front of a vanity mirror. It was wet from another woman’s bottom having sat there before me. Elaine and Jewel touched up my makeup, brushed and combed and blowdried my hair.
“Jewel,” I said, feeling normal again for the first time after my fucking, my legs hanging down quietly from the stool. “I forgot my Pill.”
Jewel’s eyes widened. Elaine laughed.
“Your husband may have two wives,” Elaine teased Jewel.
“The night is not over yet,” Jewel replied. I shivered. What could she mean by that? Her husband had already discharged in me. I carried his seed now. Still, she looked so abashed by what I’d told her that I said nothing more. I felt young, tender. I liked feeling their hands play in my hair. I didn’t want to discourage them. Jewel continued brushing my hair, very gently. Elaine brushed new mascara onto my eyes.
They blowdried their own hair and did their own makeup as they did mine. Our words were few. I spoke no more of my forgetfulness. Other women made themselves up, laughing, whispering quietly. As they departed the room, in twos or threes, I heard short screams. They made me shiver and I wanted to ask what was happening out there, but I was scared. My belly felt full of butterflies. My cunny buzzed, wanting more male attention. My nipples rose on my chest and I knew, however terrible our fate when we left the sanctity of the bathroom, I couldn’t bear to avoid it. I was too excited. I was nervous as a yearling but I longed to be ridden anew.
Nude as we’d entered the bathroom, we left. The men were waiting for us outside.
“No!” Jewel shrieked. She was seized by a nude man. I did not know who he was. If I’d been told his name, I’d forgotten it. He was blonde and looked like a surfer except he was older, almost 40, perhaps, with a tinge of white in his hair that could have been the first signs of true aging. Yet he had a champion’s body, and he took her from me and Elaine with brusque efficiency.
Brian grabbed me and Ted, who was also present, grabbed Elaine. Her big blonde curls and her cherry nippled bosoms bounced helplessly as he seized her. We were manhandled into a room. It was a new room, one I hadn’t seen before. To my shocked surprise I saw there were posts in the rooms, with chains fastened to them. And there was a small cage, too small to sit up in, in which a girl had already been put. She looked out between the bars at me with wide eyes. She had a gag over her mouth. Although her hands were free she did not attempt to remove it. Instead, looking like a frightened little squirrel, she clutched at the bars of the cage, wondering what her fate would be.
Brian’s cock was hard again but he showed no interest in putting it in me. Instead, with a grim face and firm-gripping hands, he led me to an angled ladder. It was much broader than any ladder I’d ever seen and it had but a single rung. The rung was placed at the height of my belly and it had a thick pad over it. He flung me against the rung. I remembered that I might have Ted’s child within me now, and I let my belly bang against the rung with a newfound wish. Perhaps I would lose the child.
“Yes! Beat it out of her!” Jewel cried. I turned, looked at her, and in complicity, perhaps, for I was only 14 and didn’t want to be pregnant, I stood and threw myself agains the rung. I stood again and did it, with complete abandon, letting my belly bounce off the padded rung like a taut trampoline against the feet of a jumper.
“Don’t worry. I’ll handle it,” Brian said to Jewel. He grabbed me and lifted my arms. I resisted, but only a little. Ted bound Elaine to an upright post, just as the unknown man was doing to Jewel. There were padded manacles waiting for my wrists high on the ladder. Brian made me stand on my tip-toes and then he shackled my wrists. I was stretched. My belly pressed hard against the pad.
Brian pulled apart my legs. Frantically I turned my head back and looked at him. What was the meaning of this? I was only to lose the child, wasn’t I? If he fucked me anew in my nest he would be adding yet more sperm to that which already brooded in me.
“Your ass, remember?” Brian said to me. He had leering eyes.
“No!” I begged. But he wrenched my legs wide, wide as my arms were. He meant to attach them to the shackles at the ladder’s base. I kicked as he worked. I tried to shove my heels up and into his groin. It was no use. I missed, my heels banging against his thighs like a children’s rubber tomahawk against a redwood. He knelt, got my feet into the padded iron rings, locked them shut.
I was stretched helplessly upon the ladder. I could barely move. I could lift my split-open bottom a little, but only to futilely bang my tummy against the padded bar. I heard Jewel scream. She’d been struck by a whip. The unknown man paused, fetched a gag. He put it over her struggling head, pressed it inbetween her teeth. Elaine was similarly gagged by Ted. They were voiceless now, except for muffled whimpers.
“Do you know why the ladder is slanted back towards me?” Brian asked me with sadistic eyes.
“No,” I said quietly. “Please let me go.” My voice was tremulous. I could feel my heavy breasts hanging from me, protruding through the twin upright rungs of the ladder.
“It is to better offer up the underside of your bottom, which is your most sensitive part,” he grinned. He showed me his alligator belt. It was the only item of clothing he still retained. He had it buckled around his waist, though he lacked pants, and now he unbuckled it and passed it over his palm. “An alligator is such a vicious animal,” he said.
“No, Brian! Please! I love you!” I begged.
“But you carry another man’s child,” he said. “I must deal with that.”
Relishing his power over me, Brian fetched a gag. They were piled on a little table, waiting to be picked up and used. They were all black. He brought it to my lips. He forced them apart and wedged the gag deep within my mouth. It pressed my tongue back and I felt my saliva wet the gag where it butted against my tongue.
When the gag was knotted behind me, Brian lifting my hair to knot it against my smooth white swan’s neck, then letting my hair back down over it so it could not be seen, unless I turned to look back, Brian caressed my bottom. He passed light fingertips under my seat and seemed to savor the whiteness of my flesh. My tail end stood out in marked contrast to the rest of me. My limbs, my legs, my back were all tanned, but where my swim panties covered my ass it remained a perfect white in hue. He touched my sensitive cheeks’ underside. He delved in my bottom’s furrow and felt the withdrawn pucker of my hole.
“Yes, a perfect ass,” Brian said. “And now I’m going to give it what it deserves.” He stepped back. Jewel and Elaine were screaming behind their gags. I knew I must soon join them.
SKRAAAK! The belt struck. It was harsh against my soft seat. I lurched within the ladder. My belly was stretched against the pad, I did not bang it as perhaps Jewel had hoped. My bosoms, though, hanging free, jiggled underneath me. Their tips were stiff. I felt dew between my legs and knew, despite the burning strip of flesh across my bottom, I’d been awakened in some new, awful way.
SWWWWAPPP! Again the belt. I screamed, unheard. It hurt much worse than my uncle’s hand had. I had two burning strips of flesh across my hiney now. I rotated my bottom. I did not care that it looked lewd.
Inexplicably, the waiter entered. He bore another cart. It had more food on it, new bottles of wine. I heard the rolling of the cart and looked back, frantically. Brian, Ted, acknowledged the waiter with nods. Their cocks, refreshed, stood erectly on their persons. The waiter wore his crisp white and black tux. He offered the men drinks. They accepted. He poured them for them.
“And the ladies?” the waiter asked.
“In a few minutes,” Ted said. “Can you wait?”
“I always admire a fine whipping given to an equally fine young lady,” the waiter replied.
I felt mortified. It was terrible being lashed to this ladder, my bottom all exposed, my titties hanging free, my legs spread and my mouth gagged, but to be WATCHED! And by one who retained his clothes, and had a casual air about him and an indifferent attitude to my fate! It was unbearable, but there was absolutely nothing I could do. Seeing my bottom slow in its movements, Brian spurred it on with a new crack of his belt.
The waiter asked Ted if he might have a drink himself. Ted agreed. The waiter poured himself a glass of red wine and sipped it. I felt the belt slash across my heinie again and screamed in my gag. I bounced my bottom back and up and around, trying to throw off the sting from its heated, reddened surface. It was no use. It only made my bared titties jiggle, quite heavily and wildly, to the waiter’s profound amusement.
As he whipped me Brian began to spread vaseline on his cock. He did it slowly, as if enjoying it. I saw him quiver under his own fingers, as if masturbating himself a little, for he looked very hard and excited. I felt tears running down my face and wished only to be let go. I had no Pill to protect my cunt, my bottom was virgin. I was afraid, but nobody cared. Brian kept whipping me and the waiter poured himself a new glass of wine.
After quite a few strokes of the belt my gag was suddenly loosened. Brian unknotted it, pulled it from my lips. I let out a gasp. The gag fell down around my neck.
“Drink,” he said. He placed a wine glass to my lips. I did not want it. I spluttered into the glass and its contents ran down my chin. Droplets of wine spattered redly upon my breasts.
“You can lead a horse to water....” Brian observed to the waiter. Jewel and Elaine, ungagged, received tributes of wine from their punishers.
“It is good. Drink it. It will lessen the sting,” Jewel urged me. She looked at me through a tousled mane of chestnut hair. Her eyes were wide and frightened but she was enduring. Her husband was there to protect her if the stranger hurt her too much. I had no husband for me. But I carried her mate’s child.
“Please,” I managed to say. But Brian pushed the wine glass to my lips again. He made me drink. The wine gurgled down my throat. I felt a heady surge. I was made to take it all. I worked at swallowing it, feeling the glug glug glug of it running down my throat until it was gone.
“There,” Brian said. He took several strands of my blonde hair in his fist and wiped them across my mouth. Then, just as easily as he’d ungagged me, he replaced the awful black velvet. I felt it press to my lips and resisted. He wrenched my jaw open with his fingers and pushed the gag inside. He retied it behind my neck. This time he did not bother to get it under my hair, to hide it. He knotted it right across the mane of my hair. Then, inexplicably, he kissed me, kissing my cheek above the gag. Then he stepped back.
I received the belt anew. It came harshly against my skin. I cried freely. I let myself scream. The gag protected others from hearing, except those nearest to me. I felt my breasts swinging beneath me. I wanted a bra but had none.
At last Brian threw down the belt. My bottom felt enflamed. What had once been pure white, protected always from the sun, now burned behind me like a hot orb. Brian advanced upon me. He seized my poor wiggling well-fatted bottom with his hands. Callously indifferent to my fears, he shoved his cock in the crack of my ass. I tried to wrench away. The knob of his cock felt immensely large and slick. Brian jabbed it at my little hole. My anus, my last withdrawn sanctuary of virginity. Suddenly, quite rudely, his big flange head popped into me. I shrieked. He stabbed me again with his manhood. More entered. Another stab. I was pierced even more deeply.
“Oh, no! It’s going too far up!” I cried within my gag, but nobody heard, or if hearing, nobody cared. It probably only enflamed Brian’s lust, hearing my voice. He shoved himself harder against me, splitting my peach, making me gasp as I felt all the hair being blown from my lungs.
He rodded me. I clenched tightly upon him, trying to regain lost ground on his every down-thrust. But he was too big, too powerful. No sooner had he drawn back than he slid up with new ferocity. Each stroke sent him deeper into my being. I was helpless. He held my hips with his hands. I tried to wriggle my ass and shake him off but he only chortled, loving my movements. My anal passage became his pleasure tube. That which had only ever expelled things was now forced to receive. He was much harder than my shit. He strove within me like a broad, hard spear, penetrating me to my core. With sanguine hands, not in color but in manner, he at last diddled my spot in front, within the folds of my cunt. I came in mad sprinkles on his fingers as he shot his spermy load into my ass.
Jewel and I dressed. We were in the main party room again. Jewel couldn’t find her boa but did find a woman’s scarf. But she tied it about her head, as if wishing to hide in it, though behind her her legs were revealed all the way up to the crease of her bottom by her dress.
“Let’s go,” Ted said. He took my hand and Jewel’s. I turned to blow a goodbye kiss to Brian but Elaine had found him and engaged him in a standing tryst. I looked at his powerful, nude body. I wondered if I would ever see him again. With a rueful clenching of my immensely sore hiney I wondered if I ever would want to see him again. But he was so handsome, so wonderful, not least between his powerful legs.
“I’ll give you some RU-486 when we get home,” Jewel said to me.
“What?” I asked. I didn’t know what it was.
“Your pregancy,” Jewel said. She touched my belly with a light, almost reverential hand. It was, after all, her husband’s seed in there. “It will make it go away.”
“I don’t want any,” I answered. I’d suffered for my pregnancy and now I wanted to keep it. I knew my antics against the padded ladder rung, so soon after I’d conceived, hadn’t hurt my newly developing eggs. “I want to keep my baby.”
“You can’t!” Jewel blanched. “He’s MY husband!”
“Well, it’s my baby by your husband,” I sniped. I felt powerful in my new role as pregnant mother.
“We’ll work all this out when we get home,” Ted said absently. He was happy. His balls were drained and had had much of his seed safely ensconced in my womb, growing things.
“We can’t have you fucking the neighbor’s daughter, Ted!” Jewel said in alarm. He smiled.
“At the moment I’m quite enjoying having someone carry my child,” he said. “You haven’t done as much.”
“Ted!” Jewel cried. Her voice was hoarse, angry. But then she fell silent. She was exhausted. We were all exhausted, especially us poor girls who’d been so brutally and carelessly whipped. Ted led us out of the party room with wiggling bottoms. It was late. Nobody would see us down in the lobby, he assured us. The valets would chortle but not care. They had seen females before late at night. We could hide our faces against Ted’s shoulders if we wished.
We descended in the elevator. The lobby was empty. A lone valet, a boy my age, fetched Ted’s car. I kept my face turned away from him. I pressed my nose into Ted’s bicep. I was too short to reach his shoulder. We waited. The car came. The boy got out of it. Ted tipped him and asked him to turn away, lest he see within the slits of my dress when I sat, or saw Jewel’s bottom. He obliged. We felt more modest than when we arrived. Then we’d let eyes peer more deeply, but now we wished not to tease, only to be alone by ourselves.
Ted drove us home in his car. The night was quiet. Within my belly, I hoped, I was growing a baby for him. But I had no idea what I’d do with it if I was. I fell asleep in his car and was happy.

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