I'm not sure how all of what I am going to tell you happened.
I'm writing this down, I guess, to try and sort all of it out.
You see, I'm not such a bad guy. I have a good job (as a copy
editor with a major newspaper) and I make good money. Me and Amy,
my eighteen year old daughter, live a very comfortable life. I'm
in good shape (for a thirty-eight year old man) and I visit the
health club and lift a few weights twice a week.
Amy is the problem. A real problem! I don't know when this
problem started. I don't know if it was after her mother and I
divorced (when Amy was twelve) or if it started when she first
brought over her girlfriend Valerie.
It had to be that moment that I first set eyes on Valerie.
She was a tall, leggy girl (like my little Amy) with long, brown
hair (like Amy). Valerie had green eyes though. Not hazel green
but emerald green. Eyes like you've never seen in your life. They
were beautiful. So was the rest of Valerie. She had a creamy
complexion and full lips. She looked a lot like Miriah Carey (the
singer) only younger. Her figure was a lot like my daughter's too;
like I say, long legs and a thin waist. Both girls had nice rear
ends and full breasts. But, while my daughter liked to wear
clothes that hid her girlish figure, Valerie wore low-cut tops,
that revealed her cleavage and tight slacks that highlighted her
legs and her behind.
Valerie's attitude was different than Amy's as well. She was
always outspoken and boisterous whereas my daughter was a quiet
person for the most part.
And that brings us to my problem.
I didn't quite know how to take my darling little daughter having
such an outgoing person for a friend. I didn't know what kind of
effect it would have on her at such an important stage of her life.
You see, Amy had always been such a dutiful girl in her
relationship with me. When her mother and I divorced, Amy became
the little housekeeper. She took care of the meals and the dishes
and the laundry and everything that her mother used to take care
of. And she seemed to like the role. On top of all that, Amy was
an A student at school and had after school activities like choirs
and girls tennis team. I guess she was popular at school but she
never really had any boys for dates. She did attend school dances
though. I would take her and pick her up afterwards.
Amy was just about as perfect a daughter as anyone could want.
She was sweet and unaffected by her bitch of a mother who left for
California and has never been heard from again.
Valerie changed all that.
I should have seen it coming and done something to squash their
relationship. I should have known the effect of peers on girls of
Amy's age. I should have forbidden her to see Valerie and have her
around our house.
But I didn't.
And do you know why?
Because, from the moment I saw Valerie, (sweet, eighteen year old
Valerie) I wanted to fuck her.
I don't mean like just thinking, `Gee I'd like to fuck that',
like when you see a foxy babe at the supermarket. This was much
more. There was a click in my head the moment I peered into those
green eyes. There was an instant connection. I craved her. I
desired her with all my might. I hungered for her body and her
warmth and her very fragrance like I had never yearned for anything
in my life.
"This is Valerie, Dad," Amy had said as the lovely girl stood
beside her, holding her hand.
"Hi, Mr. Bristol," she had said, smiling with those perfect,
white teeth and those green eyes sparkling at me.
What was I to do?
I left them and went into my den, off the livingroom, to let them
do their teenage things. They used the phone a lot but Amy had her
own line and that was okay.
Valerie was around our house a lot after that. And she wasn't
alone. She started to bring boys over with her. Boys with large
hands and they would laugh and carry on in the livingroom and
Once they brought two boys up to Amy's bedroom. It was all very
innocent (or so Amy said) and, when I chanced on them, they were
just going through Amy's photo albums. But I forbade her to ever
have boys in her room.
Amy was embarrassed and sassy, after Valerie left, and told me
that Val had boys in her bedroom all the time but that nothing ever
"You're so old fashioned," Amy said. "We weren't doing
"It doesn't MATTER," I scolded. "It's how it LOOKS!"
"Valerie's father lets her have boys in her room!"
"I don't care what Valerie's father allows. We're talking about
See how it was? It seemed as though Amy's girlfriend was allowed
to do all the things that I wouldn't allow for Amy. And, as Amy
pointed out many times, Valerie seemed to be able to get anything
she wanted from HER father.
What was I to do? I knew that I should tell my daughter to stay
away from Valerie but what good would that do? She would still see
her at school and the two of them might sneak off together whenever
they wanted. I decided not to separate them for that reason.
Or was that the reason?
See, I still wanted Valerie around for my own selfish reasons.
I loved to look at her. Stare at her. Be around her myself. And
Valerie seemed to know this. She seemed to have a sense of it.
It started out on such a small, innocent scale.
Valerie would be over, at dinner time, and Amy would invite her
to stay. We would eat together and then Amy and Val would do the
dishes. I would be staring at Valerie's thin waist and firm little
ass, in her tight jeans, while the two of them stood at the sink.
Valerie would turn and ask me how my day had been and I would stare
into her beautiful, green eyes and answer her while I stared at
her exquisite full lips and perfect, white teeth.
Valerie would go about picking the rest of the dinner dishes up
from the table but I would feel her tender, firm, young body
rubbing against mine as she picked up my plate. The feel and sight
of her, as well as her scent, would cause me to gain an erection
as I sat at the table and I would have to stay seated until it went
This casual body contact would occur more frequently the more
Amy's friend was in our house. Sometimes it created embarrassing
moments like when she would stay the night and Val and Amy would
be in their night clothes (usually just t-shirts and panties) and
I would come into the living room and see them playing a Nintendo
game. Valerie would sit cross-legged and I could see the crotch
of her underpants as I passed by. The sight of the white cotton,
between her full, soft-looking, youthful thighs, would make me
swoon. I would lean over to pick up my newspaper and Valerie would
jump up to get it for me and her curvy little body would bump
against mine, causing her to lose her balance and I would wrap an
arm around her to steady her and (for a moment) I would have this
beautiful little girl in my arms and feel her thin waist and her
breasts against my chest. She would giggle up at me for a moment
before I quickly let go of her but I could feel my boner grow
against her and (I wondered) if she could feel it to.
Was she doing it deliberately? No! Teenage girls were just all
legs and awkward, I told myself. I just had to keep away from her
and keep these thoughts (of supple young girl flesh) away from my
adult mind.


Chapter 2

"I want an expense account!" my daughter told me one day at
"A what?"
"An expense account!" she went on excitedly, "Valerie's dad keeps
money in a checking account, at the bank, just for her. That way,
Val can write checks for whatever she wants and her dad just keeps
money, in there, to cover it."
"I don't think so," I told her. "We can go shopping for what you
"But, Dad, that's so embarrassing! Going to the store with your
father! And you make me pick out such nurdy things! Valerie buys
what she wants!"
"Amy, I don't think you should have that much latitude with
money. I'll give you twenty bucks...."
"Twenty bucks? You can't find anything cool for twenty bucks!"
"Okay, thirty then..."
"That's not the point! Valerie has all the money she needs...."
I was getting mad now as I looked into my daughter's defiant,
freckled face. "Amy, let's not have this `What Valerie gets to do'
conversation again. I'm not Valerie's dad, I'm yours. And I don't
know why he lets her have her way so much..."
"Mr. McCreedy is cool! He's not full of old fashioned ideas...."
"Forget it Amy!" I got up from the table. "Get your dishes
done. I don't want to talk about crazy ideas like expense accounts
for teenagers!"
"But Dad," her soft voice called from behind me as I left the
kitchen, "can I have the thirty?"
I stopped and took a ten and twenty from my pocket and handed it
to her.
"Valerie's coming over and we're going to the mall."
"The mall? I don't like you hanging around at the mall."
"But Dad, that's where the clothes are!"
I guess I was being dumb about the mall. "Oh alright," I said as
I left the kitchen.

The next day, after work, I had to pick Amy and Valerie up from
school. Valerie had talked Amy into joining the girls tennis team
and the two of them were at practice.
I pulled up and spotted them. They were standing by a tree, in
their tennis skirts, talking to two boys. In their matching tennis
outfits, they looked like twin sisters.
I tooted the horn and they came running, clutching their bags and
"Hi Mr. Bristol," Valerie said as she pushed the bucket seat up
and got in. I couldn't help but see a heart-stopping display of
creamy, young thighs and white panties, under the short, tennis
skirt as she manoeuvered into the back. Val flashed a smile at me
as she pulled the seat back. Amy jumped into the seat next to me.
"Hi Daddy!" Amy said as she closed the door.
The heat was oppressive as I put the car in gear and sped off.
I wanted to create a breeze to try and cool off.
As I drove through the afternoon traffic, I noticed, in the rear-
view mirror, Valerie resting back on the seat and fanning herself
with her hand. I reached over and adjusted the mirror and, as I
did, I caught a glimpse of her lap and stopped moving the mirror.
Valerie was sitting in such a way, with her legs casually apart,
that I could see the crotch of her panties between her thighs. The
sight made the breath catch in my throat. I could see beads of
sweat on her soft-looking skin and the white crotch of her
underpants shown with a long, moist spot in the center that
followed the outline of her concealed feminine cleft.
"Whew! It sure is hot!" I heard her say from behind me as I
tried to watch the road and her open nether area at the same time.
"I'll say!" Amy responded.
I saw Valerie's hand come into view and she grabbed the short hem
of the tennis skirt and started to wave it to fan her legs. "My
clothes are sticking to me."
"Yeah," my daughter said, "we shouldn't have played so hard in
this heat."
As I peered into the mirror I saw both of Valerie's hands appear
and she opened her legs wide and grabbed the crotch of her panties
and pulled the crotch out away from her.
At that moment I got my first glimpse of Valerie's beautiful
pussy in every detail. With her legs splayed open I could see the
thick, black, downy looking pussy hair. It was perfectly formed
from just above her pubic bone to just above her ass cheeks
(compressed into the car seat). The area between her pussy lips
was open and I could see the pink, wet-looking inner lips and make
out the opening of her vagina and her ample, pink clitoris above
that. I stared into the mirror intently because I knew the display
would only last a fleeting moment. But no. As I stared, Valerie
pulled the white crotch far to the side with the long, slender
fingers on one hand and began to rub up and down her pink,
secretion slickened, feminine trench with the fingertips of the
My cock was rock hard now as I watched her lift her behind from
the seat a little and her middle fingers formed a vee and parted
her puffy outer lips so that my view was now deep into her moist-
looking vagina.
Was she doing this on purpose, I asked myself?
Suddenly a horn blared and Amy reached over and grabbed the
steering wheel as I turned my attention to the road and saw that
we had drifted into the oncoming lane. "Look out!" Amy yelled and
I quickly regained myself and righted our path into the proper
lane, narrowly missing a screaming, grey haired woman in a Buick.
"What was THAT all about?" Amy asked, holding her hands together,
over her heaving breasts, as she asked.
I looked into the mirror. Valerie was now sitting squarely on
the back-seat and her legs were together.
"I guess I was daydreaming," I said lamely and I heard Valerie
giggle behind me.
I adjusted the rear-view mirror and could see her grinning at me
with her perfect, white teeth.
"Pay attention when you're driving Daddy." my daughter scolded
and I directed my gaze back to the road.
"Yeah, Mr. Bristol. We could have a terrible accident," Valerie
added behind me.
As I drove toward Valerie's house, my mind was reeling from what
I had seen. Did this delectable young girl know that I was
looking? Did she deliberately display her most intimate area for
me? Did she know what she was doing? Did she want to excite me
Man! I hadn't had any pussy since the divorce. My balls were
on fire! Oh would I love to sink my throbbing cock into that
little girl's tight snatch!
But what was I thinking? I could NEVER do that! Valerie was the
same age as my Amy! I couldn't imagine a boy touching my little
baby! Let alone a full grown MAN touching her! That was
UNTHINKABLE! And Valerie was the same age! NO! I had to put that
thought out of my head.
"Oh phooey!" I heard Valerie's voice from the back seat. "I
broke a nail playing tennis!"
"That's a shame Val," Amy said, "they were all so perfect."
"Darn," Valerie continued and I felt her hand on the back of my
seat as she pulled herself between the buckets and me and Amy.
"Look Mr. Bristol," she said as she put her finger in front of my
I could plainly see the chipped fingernail before my eyes but I
began to thrill as I detected even more. The strong enticing scent
of teenage pussy wafted to my nostrils from her crooked finger.
God! My whole body started to tremble and I began to sweat as
the primitive part of my brain registered the message from my nose
that the smell of raw, sweet pussy was in the air.
I took her soft, small hand and moved it slowly away from my
"It'll grow back," I said.
We were in front of Valerie's two story house now.
"Gotta go!" Val said as I stopped at the curb.
Amy got out and pulled the seat up to let Valerie leave and I
saw a display of the back of her panties as maneuvered herself from
the car.
I sat, clutching the steering wheel as the two girls stood, by
the open car door, and talked. "Are you staying over tonight?" Amy
asked her.
"I don't know," Valerie answered, "I guess it's up to your dad.
If he wants me over all night."
Thoughts of Valerie, in her nightie, walking around the house,
flashed through my mind.
Amy leaned down to look at me. "Is it okay?"
"Yes!" I had to restrain the excited tone of my voice.
"Oh," Valerie said but I could only see her from her chest down
to her knees through the open car door (the best parts). "I almost
forgot. I'm supposed to be with Mike tonight. I promised him some
time with me."
"Tell him that you'll see him some other time," I said.
Valerie leaned down to look in at me now. Bent low, I could see
the cleavage between her firm, young breasts. (Breasts that I bet
Mike - among others - had felt. Man those boys were lucky sons of
bitches!) "Oh gee, Mr. Bristol. You can't expect me to disappoint
Mikey. I promised him," she cooed at me with her beautiful green
eyes peering at mine. Then she smiled widely. "I know, why don't
you let Mike come over tonight too? The three of us can watch a
video and Mike will go home early......"
"Yeah Dad," Amy added.
I didn't know. I didn't want Amy around boys like Mike. He had
such big hands. Hands that could wrap around a young, innocent
"Please!" Amy started to mewl like the little girl she still was.
"Please Mr Bristol?"
I shook my head to clear it of the pleading. But what the hell.
What could the young little fucker do with me there? I'd keep an
eye on things. "Okay girls."
Amy and Valerie began to jump up and down and hug each other
excitedly like teenage girls do.
"See you tonight at seven," Amy said and she got in and I watched
Valerie's girlish ass sway in her tennis skirt as she walked
towards her front door.

"Why did you do that, Dad?" Amy asked as we drove home.
I started to sweat again. "Do what?"
"Embarrass me in front of Val?"
"I don't know what you mean."
"Yes you do. You talked like it was bad to have Mike over."
Oh, was that what she was talking about? "Amy, we've talked
about this before. I don't think eighteen year old girls should
have boys over at night."
"Because there's no telling what will happen."
"What will happen? Daddy, what do YOU think could happen?"
"I'm no fool, Amy. Boys are the reason that girls get pregnant!
Don't you know that?"
"Daddy! What kind of boy do you think Mike is? He would never
do anything like that! Mike is our friend. He's not interested
in us for THAT!"
"Amy, ALL boys are interested in THAT!"
Amy started to pout. "Maybe back in YOUR day....."
"MY day? What do you mean MY day? Nothing has changed, little
girl. Boys are still boys!"
"Daddy!" She protested. "Why do you think that way? Valerie's
father lets her....."
"I don't want to hear about that again!"
"But her father TRUSTS her! He lets her go out with boys because
he knows she's a NICE girl!"
I wondered if I should tell her about what I saw in the mirror.
But what exactly did I see? Was it a slutty little girl showing
her pussy to a man old enough to be her father, or was I some kind
of sick old man who was spying on an innocent teenager adjusting
her clothing in the heat?
"Look Amy, I trust you. But I know how relentless boys can be.
I just don't think you're ready to handle yourself when they start
to demand their way."
"I want to keep you as pure as you are so that, someday when I
walk you down the isle in your white dress, you will be a sweet,
blushing, virgin bride for your husband. Is Valerie?"
"What kind of question is that? Of course she is! She doesn't
do things with boys and neither do I. We just like boys for
Oh, what was the point? I figured it best to just drop the
subject for now.


Chapter 3

Amy made macaroni and cheese for dinner and I went into the den
and started work on the Sunday supplement article that was due on
Monday. Evening came and, when I went into the livingroom for a
break, Amy, Valerie and Mike were all huddled on the couch playing
Nintendo. I could see the colored light, from the screen, playing
across their faces. The TV was the only light in the room and I
walked over and turned on a lamp. The three didn't seem to notice.
I got me a cold Miller from the refrigerator and went back in the
den to work.
Around eleven I left the den again. My fingers and eyes were
aching from the work. I could hear a movie going as I entered the
room. Amy and Valerie had laid a double sleeping bag on the carpet
to sleep in and they were wearing matching, long t-shirts that they
had bought at the mall to look like sisters. It was funny how
alike they looked in them. They were sitting cross-legged on the
floor, eating potato chips and watching the movie. Mike, a tall,
muscled, blonde haired boy was laying on the couch, his big hands
in his pockets.
"How's the movie?" I asked and watched the girl's faces turn up
to me.
"Great!" Valerie said. "It's about this guy who screws this girl
who turns out to be a guy."
"Nothing Daddy. It's a movie that won an award. A film award.
An Oscar or something."
I looked at the TV. Everyone seemed to have their clothes on.
Valerie giggled.
"How's it going Mike?" I asked.
Mike made a leggy display of sitting up and wiping potato chip
crumbs from his shirt. "Great Mr. Bristol. Thanks for having me
"Sure," I said. "It's getting late though. You should be going
"Yeah, sure thing."
"Not till the movie's over Daddy!"
"Right," I said reluctantly, "when the movie's over."

I got another beer and went back to work.
At 12:30 I had enough of work. I turned off the IBM and the
table lamp and started for the door to the living room. I could
hear the movie still playing. It couldn't be the same film, I told
myself. They must have rented two.
The door was ajar and I pushed it open quietly and looked into
the living room. Amy was in the double sleeping bag. All I could
see was her long, brown hair in a tumble at her pillow. She must
be sleeping. Poor, tired kid. All that tennis activity.
I looked, on the floor for Valerie. She wasn't there. I had to
creep into the room a little more to see the couch. There she was.
She was laying on her side. Her big, green eyes looking at the TV.
That was odd, my brain registered for a moment, Valerie's one arm
was visible under her long, brown hair and I could see the hand of
her other arm at her chest but there seemed to be a third arm at
her thin, wasp-like waist!
I crept silently ahead to gain a better look at the couch. Mike
was laying behind her. He was watching the movie too but with his
arm around that exquisite little body. A body that was clad only
in the t-shirt and a pair of panties!
I wanted to yell out but something made me stop and break into
a sweat. I could see Mike's hand start to rove up and down the
girlish curve of Valerie's hip. It came to rest on her thigh for
a time and then moved slowly back up, under her t-shirt and I saw
it borough up, under the material, until it stopped over her
That dirty, DIRTY, lucky, fucking little bastard! I quickly
looked down to make sure that my little girl WAS asleep and unaware
of what her friend and this little prick were doing. She was
sleeping though and turned away from the activity on the couch.
So Mike wasn't that way huh? So Valerie wasn't that kind of girl
huh? Then what was this? What were they doing? It looked pretty
obvious to me! It looked, to me, like nothing had changed since
I was a teenager. It looked, to me, like boys still wanted what
boys had ALWAYS wanted from girls. And that some girls were still
willing to give it to them.
I watched for a time as Mike's hand played over the twin swells
of her young breasts, under her t-shirt. I didn't know exactly
what I was feeling as I watched him feel her up. Was I angry at
what they were doing? I think I was. They had a lot of nerve to
do this here, in my house, on my couch, right in the same room with
my innocent little Amy. But I also realized, as I silently
watched, that I had a raging hard-on that was throbbing in my pants
like I would never have believed it could. Shit! The sight of
the teens engaging in sexual exploration was turning me on! But
I was also embarrassed and ashamed, at myself, for watching them
like this.
I turned and went back into the den and the darkness. I turned
on the computer screen, for light, and sat down.
What was I supposed to do in this situation? I had to do
something. Would Valerie's Dad want me to let Mike fuck his
daughter in MY livingroom? No! Wouldn't I want Mr. McCreedy to
stop things if this were happening to my darling little Amy at his
I jumped back up, at the thought of my little girl, and walked
back to the livingroom door. I crept slowly and silently forward,
staring at the couch until the two teens came into view again.
I stopped and froze. I could hardly breathe. Valerie was now
on her back and I could see Mike's hand stuffed into her silky,
white panties. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see his
arm moving as his hand worked at her pussy inside her underpants.
Val's eyes were closed and Mike was looking down at her loins as
he (most likely) finger fucked her. Valerie's little hand was
squeezing the immense bulge at the front of Mike's jeans.
I suddenly noticed that the movie was over and the TV was just
emitting a blue light into the room. It was dead silent. All I
could hear was Amy's breathing (on the floor in the sleeping bag),
Mike and Valerie's panting and.... something else.... something
wildly nasty and erotic... I strained my ears to hear it... it was
the wet, sucking sound Valerie's pussy was making as Mike fucked
her with his finger.
I started to shake with excitement. I couldn't control myself.
I felt light-headed and my knees were wobbly. I turned and went
quickly back to the den.
Mike was going to fuck her! I KNEW it! He was actually going
to have some of that wonderful pussy that I wanted so badly. How
DARE he? How DARE he have what I wanted? And in MY house right
under MY nose!
I started to pace, back and forth, in the dimly lit den. I was
wearing a hole in the carpeted floor! I paced and paced and paced
trying to figure out what to do. How could I stop them? Or....
did I WANT to stop them? Is that what I wanted, at that moment,
or did I really WANT to see them fuck?
I stopped pacing and walked to the living room again. It was
still quiet but I could detect wet sound. Was it the sound of his
finger working in her? Or was it his little cock in her now? As
I crept forward and the couple came into view I could, at first,
only see Mike, laying on his back now, with his eyes closed. Then,
as I moved toward the couch, I could see Valerie kneeling between
his legs. Her head was at the level where Mike's prick would be.
I couldn't see what she was doing, under the drape of long, brown
hair, but from the way her head was bobbing, I knew that she was
sucking his cock!
I watched as if in a trance. I had to grab my own rigid member,
inside my pants, to soothe the pain of my agonizing hard-on.
Val's head bobbed and bobbed and I could see Mike thrusting up,
at her sweet face, from the couch.
"Damn Valerie," Mike whispered loudly, "Damn! I'm gonna' cum!"
Valerie's head snapped up and she pulled her hair back to look
at him. She was grinning. I could see his cock bobbing just below
her dimpled chin. It was surging as it made ready to erupt with
his bountiful load of youthful cum.
"Not yet," Valerie whispered.
"God Val," he said. "You said I could shoot in your mouth!"
"After, Mikey. Get me off first! I really need to cum after all
that playing around you did!"
"Sure," Mike whispered. "God you're hot, Val! You can suck like
nobody ever sucked!" He sat up and took hold of her face and a
couple handfuls of her long, brown tresses with it. I could see
their faces come together and hear the sounds of their open mouths
probing wetly.
Valerie pulled back. "Suck me, Mike! God I'm so horny! Eat my
pussy and get me off!"
"Gotta' pee first," he said and I backed up, into the doorway,
as he stood up, holding his pants at his waist. He walked to the
stairway and I heard him go up and then the sound of the bathroom
door closing.
Valerie got up. She moved over my sleeping daughter and called
down. "Amy! Amy, kid are you sleeping?" She set her foot on
Amy's body and shook her. "A-m-y?" she sang.
Amy stirred, for a moment and moaned in sleepy defiance and then
pulled the sleeping bag over her head.
"Okay," Val said, "none for you!"
I watched as Valerie wriggled out of her panties and then
stretched and yawned. With her arms up, the bottom of her t-shirt
lifted and I could see her perfectly formed pussy in the blue
light. The sight made me swoon.
Valerie walked over and turned off the television. The room
plunged into darkness. Then she walked back to the couch and lay
down. I could just make out her form in the dim light from the
street-lamp at the curb. Now Valerie placed her hands over her
beautiful snatch, opened her legs wide and started to work at her
pussy. I could hear it making wet sounds as her fingers churned
her plentiful, young, feminine secretions.
I was going mad! A crazy, urgent, sick thought flashed through
my mind. I don't know what possessed me, other than sexual frenzy.
I walked around the couch, so that I was coming in the direction
that Mike had left, and I got to my knees and crawled to her. I
quickly took her hands from her pussy and buried my face into the
hot, strongly sexual scented area between little Valerie's parted
legs. My tongue went directly into her sweet tasting vagina and I
began to suck for all I was worth, savoring the syrupy, tangy
nectar of the girl as it thickly flowed over my probing tongue.
I was in heaven! She tasted and smelled so exquisite! Just as
I had imagined a teenage girl would!
"Ohhhh! That's so good! God!" I could hear her even though her
creamy thighs were now pressed against my ears. I could feel her
scented, bushy pubic hair tickling my nose as I ate her out with
a vengeance, licking up and down her tangy, slick trench with a
broad, rigid tongue.
"Ohhhhhh," she cried as I felt her lifting her soft ass from the
couch cushion and her leg muscles tightening, "suck! Suck me hard!
I'm cumming! Suck it out!"
I did! I entered her vagina and sucked and sucked as I felt her
pussy walls clutching at my deeply buried tongue. I sucked even
harder and I could taste her sweet cum as I drew it into my mouth
and thankfully swallowed the very essence of young, teenage girl.
Valerie's hands pushed my face from her soaking crotch and she
sat up quickly, wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. "God,
Mr Bristol," she said breathlessly in my ear, "you sure suck pussy


Chapter 4

I was shocked! She knew! She knew it was me?
I pushed her back and looked at her sweetly grinning face.
"Valerie! I'm......."
She put her pussy scented hand to my mouth. "Don't talk Mr.
Bristol. Mike will hear you!"
I looked into her wide, green eyes, dumbfounded.
"I want you to fuck me! I want to feel you inside me, Mr
Bristol. I want you to fuck me and cum in me! I want to feel it!"
I moved her hand and peered into her breathless face. "But
"I don't want a boy! I can have any boy I want! I want to feel
a man! I want a strong man to fuck me hard!" As she said it, she
leaned back, opened her legs wide and used both hands to spread her
pussy lips apart. Her crotch was only an inch from my own.
I undid my zipper and pulled my pants down to my knees at the
floor. I positioned my engorged cock-head at her vaginal opening
and pressed the head into her hot, tight, receptive hole. God it
felt so good as it pressed in! I looked down at her flat stomach
and the sight of my large cock pressing into her bushy muff.
Just then we heard the toilet flush upstairs.
Valerie pushed me back and my cock-head popped out of her
clutching girl-opening.
"I gotta' get rid of Mike," she whispered. "Just give me a few
minutes to send him away. Go into your den and come back when I
call you, okay?" She leaned forward, wrapped her arm around my
neck, drew my face to hears and pushed her open mouth, with it's
full, supple lips and white, perfect teeth, into mine. I opened
my mouth for her sweet tasting tongue and sucked. Then she loudly
broke our kiss and pushed me away. We could hear Mike coming down
the stairs. "Go!"
I jumped up, trying to quickly pull my pants up and ran to the
den. I almost tripped as I went and, once inside the darkened
room, I pulled off my trousers and tossed them on the floor. I
could feel the air of the room on my exposed, stiffened cock. It's
tip was slick with her pussy juice and my pre-cum. I stood in the
darkness for a few minutes, waiting impatiently. What was she
doing? Why wasn't she calling me? I was ready! I wanted it! I
had to have it!
I listened with all my might but heard nothing. I had no
patience for this! What was she waiting for?
I grabbed my cock, to stop it from bobbing and then crept back
into the livingroom.
I could see Mike sitting on the couch with his head tilted back.
I moved forward, as far as I dared to, so that I could see Valerie,
between his naked, hairy, muscled, parted legs. She was sucking
his hard cock again only this time I could see it as she had it
deep in her sexy mouth. I could see her cheeks move as her tongue
worked in her mouth, administering to the sensitive head of his
throbbing cock.
"God yes!" Mike whispered loudly as Valerie's head began to bob.
Her eyes were closed as she worked.
Mike was breathing heavily and I could see his stomach muscles
tighten and his chest heaving. "Ohh, Valerie! Ohhh, you do that
so sweet and sexy! Ohhhh, yes!" Mike was urgently whispering.
Valerie opened her mouth and pushed her sweet face closer to
Mike's loins and I knew his cock must be very deep in her throat
now. I could see her fingers wrapping around his balls as his
pubic area began to rise off of the sofa.
"Shit!" he whispered loudly and hoarsely. "I'm going to cum,
Val! Don't stop! I'm going to cum in your mouth! Arglhhh!"
Valerie's eyes flashed open for a moment and she looked directly
up at me. I knew that, at that instant, she was taking in the
first, massive spurt of his hot, thick cum.
"Suck!" Mike whispered. "Suck it! Suck it!"
Valerie's cheeks imploded as she sucked the sperm from the
pulsing head of the teenager's throbbing cock. I could see the
muscles of her throat moving and hear her as she swallowed once,
twice, three times, four times... How much cum did this young buck
have in him?
"Suck Val! I can feel it shooting in your mouth! God! Suck it
all out!"
Mike, who had been rigid as a board, suddenly fell back on the
couch, breathing wildly. His cock plopped from Valerie's pretty
mouth and I could see a strand of thick, white cum roll out over
her full, lower lip and down her chin. She reached up with her
finger and gathered the liquid and pushed it back into her mouth.
"God Val," Mike exclaimed, "you're the greatest cock sucker in
the world!"
Valerie giggled. "Mikey, your sperm is all over my mouth. It's
clinging to my teeth and coating my tongue and I must have
swallowed a pint! I couldn't believe how many times you spurted."
She smacked her lips and smiled (more toward me), "God I love the
taste of boy cum!" She stood up and pulled on Mike's arm.
"Common' now," she said, "you gotta' go!"
"But what about you? I thought you wanted your pussy licked?"
"Some other time."
Mike stood and I backed up to the den door.
"I gotta' go say goodnight to Mr. Bristol," Mike said and I
quickly went into the den, pulled my pants back on, turned on the
computer and sat down, as if I had been there the whole night.
After a few moments, Mike came in. His pants were on and zipped
up tight. "Good night Mr. Bristol. I had a great time."
Yeah you did, you fucking little shithead! "Oh, I was glad to
have you over Michael. Come again some time."
"Sure thing," he said, with a slightly puzzled expression due to
the double meaning of my comment.
He turned and left the room. I was alone, thinking of nothing
but the wonderful, teenage pussy I was going to have in a moment.
I pulled off my pants to let my pulsing and painfully hardened
cock have some wagging room. I took my shirt off as well. I was
naked as a jaybird as I trembled in anticipation of the tasty treat
to come.
I could hear Mike and Valerie talking, saying their goodbyes I
guessed, as I waited for her to call me in for pussy time. God I
ached for it! I was on sexual fire. I could still taste the
sweetness of Valerie on my lips. I put my tongue out. Shit, the
area around my face was crusty with dried, young pussy sauce. I
ran my tongue around my face to lick it all up. It was still spicy
I could still hear them talking. Shit! What was taking so long?
I wanted pussy. I had to have it! I hadn't cum in months. I had
a huge load. A load that must be bigger even than Mike's, waiting
to burst out into Valerie's waiting, hot hole!
I strained my ears.... listening...... it was quiet. Dead quiet.
I could hear the wall clock ticking, from across the house, in the
dining room.
"Ready, Mr Bristol!" I heard her call.
I jumped up like a massive spring had unwound in the seat below
my hairy, naked ass. I ran out of the room but checked my speed
as I thought about Amy, sleeping on the floor. Was she awake? Had
she heard Val and Mike saying goodbye? I walked carefully and
slowly in the dim light. I peered over the couch at the floor.
Amy was still there. Sleeping soundly and still covered with the
sleeping bag. I could see her long, brown hair billowing from
under the flap.
I looked down at the couch, Val was laying on her side, waiting.
I walked around and got on the couch behind her. Her curvy back
was to me and I could feel her soft ass on my cock and smell her
fragrant, brown hair in front of my face.
I wanted to savor all of this!
I ran my hand up and down the teenage curves of her tight,
youthful body. Just as Mike had done. I felt the outside of her
hot thighs and then ran my hand up her shirt and clutched the most
wonderful, warm, smooth, firm breast I had ever felt. It's nipple
was hard and supple. I put it between my fingers and heard the
breath catch in her throat.
I ran my hand down her flat, smooth stomach to the abundant patch
of downy fur at her hard pubic bone. I ran my fingers through the
hair and then pushed them between her legs. Her pussy crack was
wet but not as wet as it had been after I had licked her. It must
have dried some after her orgasm in my face. I pushed my finger
into her slit and felt her open her legs a little. I began to
swirl my fingers around her protruding clitoris and felt her
stiffen as the pleasures surged through her youthful, feminine
I began to rub my stiff cock on her soft ass as I felt her pussy
but had to stop for fear of ejaculating before I even got it in
her. She was just TOO sexy a thing to even imagine. I was shaking
with anticipation of plunging my most sensitive, masculine probe
deep into the center of her budding womanhood!
I pulled my hand from her pussy and pushed my fingers to my nose.
Man oh man! The smell of fresh pussy was even stronger now than
it had been earlier!
It was time! This was it! I was going to have it!
I made one more check of the sleeping bag on the floor. Amy was
still sleeping. I could make out the outline of her chest as it
heaved with the deep breathing of her slumber. She would never
I pushed my arm under Valerie's thin waist and down to her pussy.
I used my fingers to open her furry lips and felt her legs open for
me. I reached down with my other hand and took my cock and guided
it down her soft ass crack until I felt it pushing into her slick
girl notch. Valerie shifted so that the angle was just right and
I slowly began to enter her.
God it felt so good! She was so damn tight! I pushed harder and
felt the knob, at the end of my shaft, pop into her open vagina.
The sensations were incredible! I pushed some more and heard, and
felt her hold her breath for a moment. It seemed to be hurting
her but she didn't say for me to stop. I pushed in some more and
heard a sound squeak from her mouth.
"Does it hurt?" I whispered.
She shook her head.
"Can I put it all in?"
She nodded.
I pushed some more. A full two inches was in cock heaven now!
This girl was tight. Very tight! I pushed some more as I began
to rub her clit with my fingers. I figured I should take time to
make sure the little girl was lubricated before I went any further.
I softly rubbed and rubbed her trigger, going a little faster and
harder as I began to feel her moving her lower body around on my
hand and cock. Soon her young, heart-shaped ass was churning and
I pushed my cock into her body some more. Most of it was in now
and my urge to cum was overpowering! I stopped rubbing and she lay
still for a time. I waited until my breathing had returned to
normal and then I pushed the rest of my cock into the heat of her
body and began to fuck this curvy little girl for real.
I fucked and fucked, hearing her whimper and coo as I rodded her.
She soon began to fuck back on me and I thrilled to the sensations
of my cock in her belly and her soft ass pressing into my lower
stomach. I began to rub her clit harder and heard her starting to
chirp from impending orgasm.
I started to thrust with greater speed and fury. A sex frenzy
took hold of me and I began to lose control. I fucked her hard,
hearing her ass slapping on my loins as I deeply thrust into the
tightest pussy I had ever known. I could smell her sex real
strongly now and it spurred me on to even greater levels of carnal
lust. My balls were about to boil over and I was at the point of
no return.
Then I felt her insides start to clutch my cock in a strong
pulsing grip. Valerie's legs went tight and I knew she was
I ran my free hand up her soft stomach to her firm tit and
squeezed it tightly, pulling her little body to me.
Then the world stopped. Everything stopped. I knew I was about
to have the orgasm of a lifetime! Several moments seemed to pass
with time suspended and me on the edge of a massive release. My
breathing stopped my vision stopped, my hearing stopped, my heart
stopped. Everything stopped. All feeling was gone except the
overpowering feeling of gripping, slick pussy and soft, warm tit
and the sensations of cock and the smell of sex. And then BANG!
I began to cum. I began to spew male seed into this little girl
like I never knew a man could! It was an atomic orgasm the likes
of which the world had never known! I grunted like a bull, loudly
as my cock shot thick cum into Valerie's insides. I must have shot
sperm holes right through her young uterus! I must have riddled
the poor girl's ovaries! I must have shot sperm clear past her
sexual organs and impregnated her lungs!
I clutched the teenager to me and came and came and came, in her
sweet, curvy little body, until I was an exhausted wreck.
I lay for a moment. Trying to catch my breath. Trying to regain
consciousness as I felt my cock still pulsing inside her. Wow!
Was that a cum!
I closed my watering eyes, took my hand from her tit and grabbed
her soft face. I had to thank this young girl for the fuck of my
life! I turned her face to me, meshed my lips into hers and kissed
her. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and sucked the nectar
of youth, feeling her tongue sparring with mine and smelling the
hot, sweet air from her nose as she breathed laboriously and sucked
I was amazed when I noticed that my cock was still hard inside
of her. Valerie was so tight that her vaginal muscles wouldn't let
the blood out of my cock. I began to fuck some more as I sucked
her mouth. Another few jets of sperm suddenly shot from me and
deep into her as I had a second orgasm. I couldn't believe it!
I pulled my mouth reluctantly away from hers and pushed my face
to the back of her head, totally drained of all my sperm and
energy. I wrapped both my arms around her small waist and hugged
her soft body to me, feeling my cock still baking in her hot, cum-
filled tummy.
As the lust quickly left me, I was suddenly sickened by the
thought of what I had just done. What had possessed me? What had
I been thinking with? It would be the worst possible thing if Amy
knew that I had just had sex with her little girlfriend. She could
use the information to get what she wanted from here on out.
I hoped that the sounds of raw sex hadn't woken her. Worried
now, I opened my eyes and raised up to look over the top of
Valerie's head and check down on Amy. The sleeping bag was open
and I found myself staring into the green eyes of Valerie as she
peered back up, at me, from the bag on the floor. She grinned
sweetly with her perfect teeth. "How did it feel, Mr Bristol?" she

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