Ten inches in and out

A week later, Heather found herself bored with studying
and being horny from playing with her nipples, she took out
an extremely large rubber dildo and began to rub it over her
breasts and twat through her underwear. She got hotter
immediately and locked the door. She turned out the lights
and peeled off the rest of her clothes and got a large
bottle of oil from the dresser and rubbed her tender,
bouncing tits and heavily lubricated the dong. It was one
of those things that she had discovered in a sleazy store in
a back alley taking a short cut one day. A porn shop, but
what a great collection of stuff.
Her nipples were already standing up and tingling and
jiggling as she pulled an overstuffed chair over near the
window and looked out over the campus. One hand was
stroking and pulling one nipple out to its maximum length,
tingles going down between her legs as she felt her belly
tightening from the lust building in her twat. It was time
to give herself a good fuck.
The dong was a monster, a bulbous, ribbed head and
thick shaft over fourteen inches long. It was a special
dark rubber that felt and flexed very much like a real cock,
and included a tank of oil that could be heated and shot
into her pussy as she came. Sitting back with her legs
spread wide over the arms of the chair, she began rubbing it
up and down her slit, the oil mixed with the cum pouring
from her. Her legs twitching from the excitement, the top
of the head finally lodged slightly in the entrance. She
began pushing in increasing strength and more of the head
pushed her open, but it was too big to go in. Her passion
was rising from the thrusting and she pushed harder and
harder, beginning to roll the long shaft in circles. Little
by little, her breathing now becoming more a pant, her need
steadily expanding, the head penetrated rib by rib and then,
popped inside with a loud pop.
"Oh!" It was more a grunt. "Give it to me! Give it to
me you big fat sucker. Fuck mamma like she needs it so bad
tonight. Ahhhhh. Goooooodd", she whispered breathlessly.
In seconds, she would come. Her hand pumped it deeper into
her, now six inches. She felt her belly tighten and release
was near. Her head arched back as her body went into reflex
A shudder went down her arching spine. As her hand
stroked the obscene thickness of the shaft, it was working
itself inside, inch by inch, up into her pussy, now
stretched to what seemed like the breaking point. The
stretched skin at the base of her clit were causing
explosions of heat which were passing out through her nerves
and setting her mind on fire with passion. Legs over the
wings of the chair, now almost straight, twat stuffed full
beyond belief, she humped against the thrusts inside. Her
hips were twitching and thrusting more and more on their own
as she began to go over the edge.
A rhythm established itself. Her head rolled back
against the chair and she gave herself totally to it.
"Ohhhhhhh. Unnnnnn. Ummmm....mmmm....mmmmm
Over eight inches were inside and she felt full beyond
belief but wanted to take it all. Her hand was working with
increasing speed as the shaft slid up and down her hole, her
extended clit rubbing over the ribbed shaft. In seconds,
she would come for the first time. She always climaxed
multiple times, but her need for release from this first one
was so great as it rushed toward her.
A sudden soft knock on the door broke through and
intruded on her passion. Summing all her willpower, she
stopped the thrusting, the shaft still buried as deep inside
as she could take it. She was completely breathless, tits
swollen from her passion, nipples extended, hands shaking,
sweat on her forehead. She was hanging on the very verge of
a massive orgasm and the slightest twitch would set her off.
The dong was twitching like a real cock from the pulses in
her twat, sticking obscenely into the air, the tip jerking
in spasms. The knock repeated a little louder.
"Yes, who is it?" It took her a moment to make her
voice sound even. Even then, it was thick with with lust.
"It's Traci, your art teacher. Have you got a minute?"
Please go away, I need to come, she thought. Shit.
"Yes, ah, just a minute. I was just changing." Her
nerves still on fire with the need to come, she eased the
fat dildo out and quickly covered it with the corner of the
blanket on her bed. Her insides complained and she ached to
mount the monster again, but, she tossed her underwear in a
drawer and pulled on her t-shirt and jeans. Still breathing
hard and face flushed, she flicked on the lights and opened
the door.
"Hi, can I come in? I'm not coming at a bad time, am
"No. No. Please come in. Excuse the mess."
Traci closed the door behind her.
"We need to talk, Heather."
Heather waited. Traci was staring at her still rigid
nipples. Her pussy was still on fire.
Traci was getting hot just looking at this beautiful
set of obviously erotic tits, infettered by any bra. "Um,
about what's been happening. I've never, I mean, I don't.."
She was losing her train of thought.
She walked over and sat on Heather's bed, her knees
weak. Heather realized she was only inches away from the
fat dong under the covers.
Traci tried again. "I know you and I have had some,
well, unique very personal experiences but I want you to
know that I really do respect you and hope you do me and
Her hand had moved the cover and the head of the dildo
was exposed. Surprised to feel the hard, wet object under
her hand, she looked down.
Heather was blushing slightly when she looked up. So
she was getting herself off when she knocked on the door.
That explained the nipples and red face, Traci thought.
Traci pulled the shaft from under the cover and was
amazed at the size of it, easily twice anything she had ever
seen, much less used.
"My God. It's hugh!" Her voice was an astonished
"Do you, I mean, you are so slight.." Her fingers traced
the ribs on the head and upper shaft, designed to pull on
the flesh and add to the sensations of a deep fuck. A deep
fuck. Her mind drifted to thoughts of...
"Yes, I use it, sometimes when I'm really horny. I was
using it when you knocked." Heather was staring boldly at
Traci knew in a moment she was telling the truth. It
was still warm and slick with cum and oil in places.
"Aren't you afraid it will hurt you?" She was holding
it up, surprised at the girth and feel. So much like a real
cock, but so very much larger.
"If you're careful to start it slowly, then you
eventually stretch out and from then on it's great. Really
great. It really fills you up. At first, I used to come
before I could get it in, it took so long, but now I get
eager and pop it right in."
It was quiet for a few moments and Traci continued to
run her fingers over the ribbed head as her thoughts
continued to think about getting fucked with this wonderous
tool. Heather said, "Would you like to try it?"
The little talk she wanted to have was quickly being
forgotten. All her thoughts were on how this monster might
feel inside her. She almost groaned out loud.
Startled by the bold suggestion, she said, "I'd never
get that inside me. I'm too small." She was running her
fingers wonderingly up and down the shaft and over the hugh
head. Her pussy was already wet just thinking about the
head, pushing in on her and spreading.....
"I'll help you if you like. It just takes patience and
a lot of oil."
"We really can't. I came tonight... I mean, what if
someone were to.."
"Look, I know we get each other hot. Let's face it, we
really get off on each other. I don't know if that's good
or bad. I enjoy sex and I take it you do as well. So let's
enjoy and not sweat the small stuff. I'll stop being such a
bitch in class. I hope I didn't get you in trouble."
They looked at each other and Heather came over and
took the long shaft from her. She locked the door again and
killed the lights.
Traci sat for a moment, but Heather came over and
reached down and unsnapped her jeans. Traci pulled them
down and shed her underwear. Heather directed her to lay
down and put two pillows under her ass. Pouring oil all
over her pussy, she began gently rubbing it into the folds
and between the lips. Traci gave a gently groan and
trembled as the big chested coed ran her fingers into her
and out. She was hot instantly to fuck.
Her pussy blossomed like a flower as the passion built.
Finally, soaking the shaft with oil, she placed the head in
Traci's opening and began to rotate it and push gently.
"Don't hurt me. Ohhh... It's so big. I can feel
myself stretching out. That feels so good."
Heather was stroking her clit to keep her relaxed and
opened up. The pressure was increased and she rolled it
back and forth. Only the top third was going in. The
stroking increased and Traci's hips were lifting slightly as
her rigid clit responded to the constant stimulus of the
stretching skin.
"I don't think it's going to work. Gooooood. Ohhhh.
Mmmmmmm. Harder. Push a little harder."
The head was now half in and Heather pushed and stoked.
Traci was almost ready to come from all the stimulation.
Her pussy was stretched further than anything she could
imagine before tonight. Gripping the edge of the bed, her
head was tossing back and forth as she started to loss more
and control. It was beginning to hurt a little, but the
pleasure was intense.
"Ohhhh... Fuck, me. Heather fuck me with it. I need
it sooooo bad. Fuck. Yes. Yes. YES!!!"
She was shouting now. Heather reached over and stuffed
her underpants into her mouth as she continued to groan and
The head was almost in and she leaned on the end with
her hand and it popped inside her how stretched inner lips.
Traci lurched and spasmed below the waist. She was
stretched beyond the breaking point, but suddenly felt no
pain. This great mother of a cock was driving her crazy,
her insides invaded like nothing she had ever imagined.
Heather poured more oil down the shaft and pumped it
into Traci, a half inch at a time, slowly moving the bulbous
head up inside her, six inches, now seven. The ribs pulled
and pushed the taught wall of the vagina, every nerve
reacting, giving her sensations she couldn't even figure
"Oh. I'm going to come. I'm coming. coming...
argggghhhhhhHHHH" She screamed into the panties. Out of
control, she was groaning as the passion started to drive
her up toward orgasm. The orgasm she felt piling up just
kept building, not releasing.
Eight inches. Heather's arm twisted the shaft and
pumped it smoothly in and out, in and out. Her own pussy
twitched and throbbed with need to be fucked again with this
great tool.
"OhhhhhHHHHHh. MMMMMmmmnnnNNNNNNn."
Nine inches. In, out. In, out. Each time, a little
Traci now felt as though her pussy would explode from
the pressure and stretching. The nerves deep in her body
were sending shock waves to her brain. Out of control, lust
took her and her nerves rolled her over the top. Her
breathing stopped and she shook as stars exploded in her
Ten inches. In and out.
Waves of passion rippling up her belly, in seconds, she
came again, a wave of white heat exploding in her brain.
Eleven inches. The head pressed into the top of her
cervix and could go no further without true damage. It
wiggled and moved in and out. Heather was amazed at how
much Traci could take.
Another explosive orgasm. Only the now wet underwear
in her mouth was holding back the shouts and groans. The
smell of hot, randy pussy filled the room like the hot musk
of a heavy, sweet purfume.
The pace of the pumping increased and, her handing
gripping Heather's arm in a tight grip, she grunted and
came one last time, back bent and tail now completely off
the bed. Heather seized the opportunity and slid a long oil
slick finger smoothly into her asshole, rolling it up until
it was rubbing the thick dong through the tissue. It
increased her pleasure and she shook and trembled and
blacked out. When she came to moments later, Heather
started slowly backing the dong out until the head was at
the entrance, pulling on the lips, trying to break free but
trapped at the entrance, then back up inside.
Traci had never felt so full. In moments, the heat
began to build again in her pussy and ass as Heather's
finger rolled around and around.
In less than five minutes, whimpering and crying out,
she groaned wildly and came again, bucking against the hard
rubber. No cock had ever done this for her. It had her in
it's grip and she gave herself completely to it's assault on
her cunt. She finally settled down and Heather helped her
clean up and loaned her some underwear, which was pulled
very tight across her wider hips. She left, still dazed from
her experience, her pussy was tingling and stretched, a
memory of a great cock still impressed on the walls of her
She paused in the doorway, her face thick with lust.
Heather said, "I'm glad we had this little, ah, talk. Come
again sometime!"
They both smiled. Heather locked the door, peeled her
clothes and sank the dong, still soaked with Traci's come,
deep into her pussy. As she watched Traci walk back toward
her class building, her delayed orgasm was building. She
rocked in the chair and began to groan and whimper, cunt
pouring cum around the thick shaft. Traci, looked back over
her shoulder and could see the girl in the window, rocking
deep in the shadow of the window in the chair, unnoticable
to anyone not looking directly at her. Her own pussy
tingled at the thought of that long fat dong now up
Heather's twat. As she stared, Heather appeared to come,
her head jerking from side to side, then back, mouth open.
In spite of just having many multiple orgasms herself, as
she walked up the hill, she was hot again.

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