Gloryhole fantasy

As she stood in the dimly lit hallway naked, hands secured tightly behind her back by nylon cuffs, Julie could only imagine what would happen next. Mistress Kera, a stunning long haired brunette even behind her dark mask, had originally told her that she would have to exercise discipline and restraint on the way to fulfilling her kinkiest fantasy, and what she had been shown already was nothing short of thrilling. Upon arriving at the resort known as "Debauchery" Julie learned of what they offered, and quickly registered. Having been thoroughly burnt out from four years of law practice after five years of college, she was beyond ready. Achieving success comes with it's perks, so her three week vacation wasn't even a concern financially. The extremely attractive strawberry blonde was a professional woman with a strict demeanor, but she was hiding a secret. With sultry, model quality looks, and a goddess build, it was hard to disguise the fact that she was very in-tune with her sexuality. This would be her first well-deserved chance to exploit those desires.

After registering, Julie was given a staff portfolio and a questionnaire of sorts that is reserved for those who become platinum members of the resort. The membership she selected caters to the clients' fetishes and many other devious interests. Flipping through the staff portfolio quickly made Julie squirm a little. Reading about the male staff selection process was most interesting. Twenty-four guys picked from over 16,000 applicants. An intriguing quote caught her eye, "Eighty percent with well above average measurements." Afterward, she spent time filling out the questionnaire. It was descriptive and maybe a little intrusive, but she held nothing back, and made little effort hiding her desires and preferences.

As Mistress Kera firmly grabs Julie's left arm, she leads her to the last door in the hallway. The dark, ornately carved wooden door looked quite old, but in good condition. It seemed to have a Celtic knot pattern on it, but she wasn't quite sure. The huge metal key was already in the keyhole, and it clanked loudly as the Mistress unlocked it. " Are you sure you're ready?" Mistress Kera asks with a quirky smile on her face. Before answering, Julie tried to absorb what she had been allowed to see in the other rooms. The deprivation session: where two kneeling women, fully encased in transparent pink plastic wrap except for a mouth opening, were teased by "The Trio", a group of masked staff members who tormented and teased the two helpless women with their large uncircumsized penises. Or the tickle room: four naked women were sat on a padded bench with hands tied above their heads. Their ankles were locked in a huge set of wooden stocks as another Mistress tickled their helpless bare feet with a blue feather. Julie gulps and quietly says "Yes."

The heavy wooden door barely creaks as the Mistress leads Julie into what seems like an impossibly huge dungeon room with high ceilings. The room was very elaborate and well decorated in a Victorian style. Huge light fixtures and paintings lined the richly painted walls, and the huge pieces of bondage furniture became more enticing as the ambiance of the room set in. As Mistress Kera directed Julie to the back of the room, a large drawn curtain seemed to obscure a gold-framed paining that looked like it nearly covered the wall. A small padded stool with swivel caster wheels sat next to the curtain, and the Mistress pulled it closer, asking Julie to sit on it.

As she sat down, the Mistress asks if she's ready to begin. Confused, Julie says that she is ready. Fully drawing the curtain back on both sides revealed more of the huge landscape painting. Nearly seven feet long, it looked like it was done mid 19th century. As Julie pondered what she knew about art, Mistress Kera asks Julie about the questionnaire she filled out while pushing a hidden button on the bottom of a light fixture that is next to the painting; it begins slowly lifting the huge painting that is actually on a set of tracks. "You're allowed to read the questionnaires?" Julie says intently, knowing just what she had written. "We thoroughly evaluate our platinum members' questionnaires Julie, and I believe you'll love what I've planned." As the painting continues to rise, Julie's heart begins to race.

Lifting the painting fully reveals a row of five fist-sized holes cut into the wall about three feet from the floor. Julie stares into one as she can see movement behind the tight row of gloryholes. " So Julie, you were asked to pick six male staff members for your personal fantasy, and I see that you have a particular interest from the men that you selected." "That's SO not fair!!" Julie says. Teasingly, Mistress Kera responds, " It seems that every staff member you picked has something in common." Remembering the portfolio, Julie was shocked that it was so detailed, even showing that many of the men had cocks that were enormous; even member reviews that commented on staff having "double digit measurements." With a gentle tap on the wall, the Mistress commanded the male servants' attention as Julie eagerly looked on.

The faint talking stopped as the servants offered themselves through the holes in the wall. To Julie's sheer delight, each of the five holes now has a huge flaccid penis freely dangling out of it. She can barely contain her excitement, and in the moment realizes that she is sopping wet. Mistress Kera begins fondling the penis closest to her, biting her lip while looking at Julie; holding the heavy member with her right hand, she slaps her left hand with it several times as Julie look on with hunger. Quickly walking to Julie, Kera stands her up and removes her nylon cuffs. Hoping the numb pain will wear off, she rubs both her wrists. Unknowingly, Julie begins to hear the click of Kera's heels as she walks to leave the room while saying "Have fun!" Julie sees her open the door, closing it behind her. The door locks.... Mistress Kera walks to the media room where the entire session is being recorded....

Julie's heart races even faster now, wondering if she'll be coming back...Minutes pass and nothing changes. This is where Julie begins to convince herself of the gravity of her dilemma. A smorgasbord of cock dangles in front of her, begging for her undivided attention. Walking to the wall, she begins fondling the first cock while her clit gets a fidgety finger. She ponders that her boyfriend's cock isn't even this big erect, as she begins to see the uncut penis lengthen. Even having expert oral skills, such a display of manhood will be a welcome challenge. Then Julie blurts out, " I'm gonna suck all of your big cocks." Hearing the emotional release clearly in the media room, Mistress Kera readies four different camera angles to fully capture the show. But Julie has her own diabolical plan before the action starts. She walks over to a table an retrieves five jelly cock-rings and a small bottle of super-slippery Astroglide.

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