My wife shared me

Samantha continued to stare at me. My senses suddenly came back to me and I hustled to get myself covered up. I stumbled across the room to my bed, where i quickly dived in and threw blankets over myself.

My body was covered, and Sam stood staring at me still wearing her Bra and underwear that she was wearing when I escorted her to bed just a couple hours before,

"I..." she began. She looked like she was just as surprised and shocked as I was.

"I was..." I tried to think of an explanation.

"You we're jerking off to another guy!" she yelled out confused.

"I thought it was gunna be a girl..." I tried lieing quickly.

"He was pretty far into it for you to just realize it was a guy." she looked over at the computer screen where BigDaddy54 still continued to rub his 6in dick for me.

I sighed and blushed feeling defeated.

"Fine..." I said flatly expecting the worse. I figured she'd freak out and want me to leave. Or worse, she'd call up Jamie and let her know what I had been up to. After-all Jamie and Samantha we're friends too.

She looked towards me still, though her eyes darted between me and the computer. Though she didn't looked embarrassed like I image I did.

"Need to talk?" she asked quietly moving to the bed with me.

I looked up to her a little confused as she sat down beside me. "Talk?" I asked.

"Yeah... about this?" she said point to the computer screen where the guy was still jerking off. "Oh look he just came." The guys cum squirted out and the cam went black.

"Nothing to talk about..." I began.

"Is that why you basically ignored me each time I had practically spread my legs for you?"

"Not at all!" I quickly replied. "I'm not gay!" I explained.

"Oh your not?" she asked while grinning. Slowly I felt her hand working through the blanket and her finger running along my thigh.

"N-no..." I stuttered out. Her touch was making my still horny cock twitch.

"Then why haven't you and I..." she began. I interrupted her to explain.

"Because, your always drunk when you do come onto me. I don't want you to wake up the next day and resent our friendship because of..."

She grinned, which took me by surprise.

"You only thought I was drunk when I came on to you." she blushed a little. "Truth is, I pretended half the time, just hoping you'd take advantage..."

Her fingers began to run down the base of my cock. I felt her gently squeezing it, like she was trying to make it hard again. I knew it wouldn't be long until it was solid as a rock again.

"So what, your Bi?" she asked her big brown eyes looking straight into mine.

"Curious." I responded. My cock was getting hard and rising to full attention.

Gently her hand began stroking it. "Say the word and I'll stop." she said, still looking into my eyes.

"It's just..." i was going to make an excuse, but I wasn't sure why there even was a reason to stop.

"We're best friends?" she asked, though it was more of a factual statement.

"Of course." i responded feeling more sure of what she was doing to me.

"Well, why not take our friendship a little further, into a beneficial friendship." she grinned.

I slowly nodded. Any thoughts of Jamie left my head while Samantha sat there stroking my cock.

Samantha was a much better looking girl than Jamie and a hell of a lot more sexual. Samantha would sometimes have one or two different guys come over and fuck in any given week. And even more so than that I could often hear her vibrator running at random hours of the night.

"I promise no one will find out." she told me reassuringly as her lips gently began to touch mine. Our lips gently mashed together, hers on top on mine, and vice versa and we connected for a few kisses.

"Besides," she began to say as she pulled away from our kisses and reached around to unhook her bra."

"One more dirty secret can't hurt." she grinned as her bra fell, revealing her near perfect and perky breasts.

She climbed up on me and leaned down to kiss again, this time with our tongues. We fell into a deep passionate makeout session.

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