TS Dreamer

I'm a pretty freaky kind of person normally. I guess you could
say as open minded as you can get. I'm bi, and not ashamed of that either.
I live as a bisexual person in the community although I'm sure many people
see me only as gay. For me though, the way people see me really doesn't
bother me. I know what I like, and as long as I stay a little discreet then
I'm comfortable with any consequences.

I've been with many types of people, women of course, both
large & petite, men too. Some with hair almost everywhere & also some with
none (very sexy). Even been with a couple of CD's that transformed into
very sexy women with a little extra. I don't really have a favourite
experience, there have been so many but a couple do spring to mind. An
evening with a black guy is high on the list. He was about the same height
as me, about 6ft. He had a nice bod, a little better than average for a
35yo but not quite model status. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen,
let alone played with. That night taught me the values of warming up and
lube like no other! Another hot meet lasted pretty much all day. I met a
couple online and we went to hotel room for some fun. I wasn't sure what to
expect with them but I loved what transpired. Turns out he was bi also and
she had a toy fetish. Lets just say that once the strap on lost its tight
feeling a plug then her hand became the new toy. She was very hot making us
both bend over next to each other while she used our holes.

So to be fair, I've tried many different types of sex, from women peeing to
fist action. Bi & gay, a little bondage, toy play, the list really goes
on. But there is just 1 thing that I've often thought about & more recently
began dreaming of. Playing with a crossdresser or transvestite has been
fun, but I have been wondering lately what a real transsexual would be
like. I mean a real lady, breasts, smooth skin, soft touch but with a cock
tucked away for later. Not a man simply covering his sexuality but someone
that truly lives, looks & feels like a woman in herself. However, for me I
need that someone that still has their man parts functional, versatile TS
would be such a turn on. Someone like this has been plaguing my dreams and
teasing my cock for months.

I have been dreaming about all the wonderful things I could expect with a
meeting of this kind, and each time I dream at night a similar scenario
presents itself...

I dream that I meet my match that I have lusted over for so
long at a fetish bar in the city. Her name is Isla. We met while both
attending a fetish night at my favourite pickup place deep into the `fun'
part of the city. I was dressed in a leather outfit, with leather shorts
with 2 slits cut into the back to show just a little ass for the night. My
top was like a pair of braces over my shoulders with rings in the leather
straps where my pierced nipples showed. I wore sunglasses but many of the
people recognized me anyway so they turned out to be a little pointless. I
was flirting my way through the crown mixed with men & women dressed from
very little or see through outfits to similar leather ones. Some people in
masks, some being led around by leather collars, the usual BDSM crowd
really. I had seen a couple of women that I suspected as being transsexual,
but I hadn't spoken to them yet. For the moment I was happy just seeing who
is about & checking out the array of kinky fetishwear on display. I wasn't
really sure what I was looking for anyway.

It was then that I literally bumped into my future goddess near
the bar. We both stumbled in our shoes but managed to catch each other
before we fell to the ground. When my eyes met hers I knew that she was
going to be the one. She had long mousy brown hair that matched her
eyebrows and was wearing just enough makeup to compliment her lovely soft
smooth looking skin. Her figure was amazing, her outfit showed all her
lovely subtle feminine curves. Her light scent seems to drift over me,
instantly taking hold of me with her lusty spell.

In my dreams we waste no time in getting to know each other and
after just a couple of excited drinks I feel the need to pee, so I excuse
myself hoping she will still be sitting alone when I come back. To my
surprise as I walk through the crowd I catch her out of the corner of me
eye following me. My pace slows to allow a little time for her to see
exactly where I am headed. As I walk into the MENS I pause a little then
open a stall door and wait inside expectantly. My stall door opens slowly
and in the doorway stands my goddess. I have my pants down already and my
7" cock is hard & facing her. Her eyes turn to it and as she walks in and
awkwardly shuts the door she takes my cock into her mouth. She appears very
practiced in the art of sucking. With little warm up she is able to slip my
entire length down her throat and within minutes I find myself fucking her
mouth hard with my hands on her head pulling her closer and deeper on every
thrust. From this position I can see her breasts break free from her tight
top, her nipples standing to attention with arousal. Just as I feel about
to burst she takes me as deep as she can and rubs my balls. The sensation
of my throbbing cock beginning to cum down her throat startles her a little
and as she regains her rhythm I notice her cock slip free from her
skirt. She looks similar size to me, she has such a smooth uncut cock that
I can hardly wait for and just as I move a hand down to sample its
tenderness my goddess stops sucking and playfully smacks my hand and

The awesome thing about dreams is that often time gets skipped
and the next thing I find myself dreaming about is back at my place. My
Transsexual goddess is being held close to my body and we are in a
passionate embrace. Our tongues lashing and exploring each others mouths
with excitement. I feel like I could taste the remnants of our toilet
encounter not long ago. The taste of her juices with the faint mix of mine
was almost overpowering. While kissing our hands were all over each other
and I was the first to make a move. I slipped her strap off her shoulder
and slowly slid it to her elbow, then the other side. Her wonderful soft
looking breasts were finally within reach and in no time my lips found her
slowly hardening nipples. My cock was almost bursting with pleasure at this
point, clearly visible against my leather shorts. While pleasuring every
inch of the chest of my partner I looked down and to my disappointment
didn't see any sign of her earlier arousal. Nevertheless my attention was
mostly centered on her perfect c-cup assets anyway. With my eyes closed all
I could hear was soft feminine moans as I softly massaged & teased my TS
lover, feeling my way around her girly mounds.

I couldn't wait much longer to sample even more of my moaning
mistress, so as I take a break from her nipples she pulls her top right off
and shows me all her top half can offer. A belly ring was a very sexy
accessory to her exquisite look and as I teased it with my tongue she
pinched her nipples and moaned once again. With everything going right to
plan I got onto my knees in front of the thing I wanted most. I slowly slid
down her extremely short miniskirt to expose her panties. They were nothing
very fancy, plain and tight and to my dismay it didn't look like much was
being hidden beneath them. That's the trouble with dreams, you can't always
control the direction no how much you want to...

I blink and when I refocus I see my goddess slowly sliding off
her panties and carefully unwrapping her perfect uncut cock from its
folds. It was about 4 inches flaccid and before she managed to get the
panties over her 4" heels it was beginning to fill to its potential. I
couldn't help but to hold out my hand while staring into her eyes. I was
almost waiting for another smack on the hand but instead she took it and
placed it on her cock and slowly guided my hand while she stroked it
softly. I couldn't resist a taste either, besides its only a dream, what
harm is there? With my mouth wrapped around her firming member my hand
rubbed her smooth balls with similar pace. Her foreskin was sliding
effortlessly over the head of her cock as I slipped it in and out of my
waiting mouth.

I took a little moment to rest and as I leaned back from her
cock I looked up at the most amazing sight I had ever seen. My TS dreamer
was standing over me, her hands cupping her ample breasts and her large
cock bobbing right in front...

Unfortunately each time I have this dream that's about where it
always ends. Strange cause I subconsciously remember not to stop sucking
but seem to anyway, that bizarre feeling where you just cant control things
in your dreamy state. I can only imagine what may have happened next in my
sexy scenario. Would I be able to make her explode in my mouth as I did to
her, or maybe she would prefer to stretch my ass with her hard girly cock?
Maybe Id even be able to feel my cock explode deep in her ass this time?

To this day I haven't been able to find that perfect TS
Goddess, but Ill continue trying. Im sure Ill meet my dream girl and be
able to feel & taste her every day. A TS like her would be my perfect life
partner, but for the moment all I can do is dream.

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