Cousin Love

At about the same time that Patti was rubbing her tiny
bald pussy on Kimmy's neck; Patti also had her first
real orgasm and groaned with pleasure. Patti's orgasm
combined with the great finish by Kim from her first
fuck and the magnificent smile on Kim's face let her to

I looked at her then Kimmy and then my dick as it slowly
shrunk in size and started to fall out of the tight,
tiny, bald pussy full of my cum and preadolescent pussy
juice. First I asked Kimmy how she was and she whispered
through tired smiling lips that she felt the best ever
in her life and could not wait to do it again.

I looked at Patti and said to her "us guys are different
from girls and will take a little time before I can get
another hard-on and build another supply of cum in my
balls." With a disappointed look she shook her head and
looked at my now deflated cock. I told her wait a minute
I know what I can do now to try and satisfy your tight
little pussy.

After my cock fell completely out of Kimmy I got up and
moved her up on the bed pillow and moved her legs to the
side. Then I saw her red, puffy bald pussy lips
glistening with cum and pussy juices dripping on the
bed. I showed it to Patti who put a finger into it and
tasted the mixture of my cum and Kimmy's pussy juice and
she smiled with delight.

Then I pulled Patti down on the bed and tuned her tiny,
bald, pussy toward Kim and opened her legs and watched
her glistening pussy full of pussy juice. I got on my
belly and put my face right onto her pussy and stuck my
tongue right into that wet, warm place. I used my
fingers to open her lips and my tongue found her clit.

As soon as my tongue hit Patti's clit she shuddered and
started to moan, "OH.. YEAH.. TIM.. DO IT! STICK IT IN

With my tongue tickling her clit I moved two fingers
into her tiny love hole and started to move them in and
out just like a cock fucking her. My fingers were
stopped by her hymen so I didn't go all the way, yet.

As I moved she moaned more and more she became louder
and louder and her body got hotter and began to shake.
She was starting to cum and to cum violently. I
increased the speed of my finger thrusts and the
movement of my tongue on her clit and all of a sudden

All of a sudden she began to shake and thrust her pussy
into my face harder and harder that I thought I would
put my head inside her pussy. With a final yell she
started to relax and had a glow of satisfaction on her
face that was almost as great as Kim's.

When I looked up, Kim was astonished at what she had
seen me do to Patti and Patti was now exhausted. We laid
there on my bed for at least half an hour before anyone
said a word. Then we got up took a shower together where
I played with their tiny red nipples, which got hard as
soon as I touched them, and their bald, tiny, swollen

When we finished Patti asked when would I be ready to
really fuck her, she told me she was ready now. I
couldn't believe how fast a girl can recover and want
more sex. I told them that with some help from them by
kissing and sucking on my cock, they may be able to give
me another erection. And if I got the erection I could
fuck Patty now.

They looked at each other and in unison they said, "You
want us to put your big cock in our mouths." I said,
just like I sucked on Patti's pussy to make her cum, you
can suck on my cock and make me hard or make me cum, "Do
you want to try it?" Since Patty wanted to be fucked for
the first time she immediately agreed.

I showed her how to hold both her hands at the base of
my cock and to lick the head of my cock. She could
barely get her fingers around the base of my cock and it
was a tight fit to get it in her mouth. Kim asked what
can she do and I suggested that she suck on my balls as
Patti sucked my cock. They both started on me and with
more instructions they became very good at it and soon
my cock was hard and throbbing.

At that point I said to the girls, "Look what you have
done, I have a hard cock to fuck Patty." They looked at
it in wonder and Patty said I am ready for you to fuck
me. This time I filled her with Vaseline but had her sit
on my legs with my cock rubbing her clit and then I
raised her up with my cock head in her extra tight fuck
hole and told her to lower herself on my cock as slowly
or as fast as she liked. I also said faster would be
better for her.

With that she dropped on my cock, let out a moan and
started to ride me like a horse. What a trooper or
fucker she was. She leaned close to me to permit her
clit to be hit by me cock and soon we were in perfect
unison and fucking as hard as possible. Having just
finished with Kim I was going to last a long time but
Patti was almost ready to explode.

Soon she screamed, "Tim I am cumming!" and let out a
yell that could wake the neighbors if they had any. Even
after cumming she kept riding me until I blew a load of
cum deep inside her tiny, hot, tight pussy hole.

When we both finished we were again exhausted and rested
for a while. Then we showered and went to the pool to

What a day, I could not believe how tight the pussy of a
nine year old is. So much tighter than a 12 year old.

As the rest of the family started to return home, a very
happy Patti went home to wait for another opportunity to

PART 10 The Twins Turn

It was now Saturday evening and after dinner the family
went to watch TV. Tim was in heaven because of his
sexual exploits during the day, yet he could not wait to
get to bed with Lisa and continue spreading his cum in
and on his cousins. Kim was tired from fucking Tim and
watching her friend Patti get fucked, Lisa was also
tired from being out with Jenny all day and after having
experimented with giving Tim a blowjob and the twins
were ,frustrated because they wanted Tim to fuck them
but they did not have an opportunity.

At 10PM the twins and Kim went to bed and Tim placed his
arms around Lisa and started kissing her. When Tim felt
she was ready he asked if she wanted to go to bed and
try a different position. By the time Tim finished
asking Lisa was on her way to her bedroom.

They both quickly stripped off their close and Tim began
kissing Lisa's lovely breasts and nipples making them
hard and erect. When she was moaning he moved to her
slightly puffy pussy lips, opened them to his fingers
and tongue and gradually brought her to an orgasm.
Because they afraid her sisters would hear them they had
to cum in silence with only slight moans of pleasure.
When Lisa's juices were flowing and Tim was sucking the
flavorful juices of her preadolescent former virgin
pussy he decided it was time to fuck.

He lay down on his back and Lisa sit on his legs with
his cock rubbing her pussy lips. She raised herself up
and Tim guided his cock into her pussy hole and Lisa
slowly lowered herself onto his purple, rock hard cock.
After he was fully inside her Lisa leaned forward and
rubbed her clit on his cock. Soon they were in a magic
rhythm. After a few minutes they both came together and
collapsed in exhausted pleasure. After cuddling together
and getting into a spoons position they fell soundly

In the morning they fucked again and then Tim started to
plan on how to fuck the twins. After breakfast he
quietly suggested that Kim visit Patti, and then for
Lisa to visit Jenny. He told them the same story because
of them having sex it would be better if they were not
to close together during the day,

When Lisa and Kim had gone Tim brought the twins to the
basement and asked them for his movie. Reluctantly they
admitted they took it. He asked them to get it and then
he turned it on and started to remove his clothes.
Seeing Tim strip naked the twins also quickly stripped
naked. Laying on the floor the three watched about half
the movie when Tim asked who wants to be fucked first.

The girls started to argue and Tim told them to get a
deck of cards. When they had the cards he told them
whoever had the lowest card would go first. Sue won and
Terry cried. After a few minutes of thought Tim came up
with a new idea. He would kiss and suck both of them to
an orgasm together and then pop one cherry and then the
other and shoot his cum in their mouth.

Reluctantly Terry agreed to the arrangement. Tim began
sucking on Terry's nipples and playing with Sue's clit.
Then he switched to Sues nipple and Terry's clit. Soon
the girls were moaning with pleasure and their pussy
juices were flowing into little puddles. Tim then moved
his head and began to lick and suck Terry's virgin pussy
until she had an orgasm and as Terry recovered he did
the same to Sue.

After both girls had an orgasm Tim had Terry lie down
with her head between Sues legs just like he did with
Kim. Since they were wet with pussy juice Tim did not
get any Vaseline. He pushed his cock head just inside
Terry's pussy lips and waited as she began to relax.
Then he slowly pushed his way into her virgin pussy.
When he felt the resistance of her cherry he stopped.

After fucking the other girls he now could control his
raging cock and waited for Terry to relax before he
popped her cherry. When he felt her muscles relaxing he
pushed hard, popped Terry's cherry and began to fuck
her. She immediately responded and moved her hips in
time with Tim's rhythm. At the same time Sue was feeling
the same pressure on the outside of her pussy as Terry
was feeling on the inside.

Soon Terry was moaning with pleasure and yelled at Tim
"fuck me harder, oooh this feels woonderrfulll!"

Tim pulled his cock almost all the way out of Terry's
now wide open and well lubricated pussy hole and jammed
it back it inside of her as fast and as hard as he
could. With that Terry yelled, "I am cumming!" and then
she went into spastic ecstasy as she had several violent
orgasms. Since Sue was waiting Tim pulled his cock out
of Terry before he shot his load of cum inside of her.
When Terry came down from her sexual high she. "When can
we do it again? It was fantastic."

With all the movement from Tim and Terry, and Sue's
pussy rubbing on Terry's neck, Sue also had an orgasm
but nothing like Terry was having.

After a little rest Tim told Sue it was her turn. To
make sure she was ready Tim licked and sucked Sue's clit
until she had an orgasm. Then he lay on his back with
his cock sticking straight up and told Sue to sit on his
legs with his cock resting against her pussy lips. After
she was in position Tim told Sue to raise her pussy up
and he guided his large purple cock head to the entrance
of her pussy hole. Slowly he helped lower her pussy onto
his cock. When he felt her cherry Tim told her to stop.

Tim told her she could go slowly and it may hurt or drop
fast and it would hurt less.

Before he could finish speaking Sue dropped on to his
cock with a moan and started to move up and down on his
cock like a pro. Soon they were in a fantastic rhythm
and Sue was moaning with pleasure and telling Tim to
"fuck me harder, put it in deeper" Soon Tim could feel
the walls of Sue's pussy getting tight and he knew it
was time for Sue's orgasm. With that Sue screamed, "I 'm
cumming!!" over and over as loud as she could yell and
then collapsed on top of Tim completely drained and

After a minute or two Sue began to move, looked at Tim
and said "Tim I love you, that was the most fantastic
experience in my life and I want to do it over and

Tim placed Sue on her side and brought Terry next to her
and said "now it is my turn, you girls can suck on my
cock and balls and when I am ready to cum you can lay
back and I will shoot my cum into your mouths. With that
Sue grabbed Tim's cock and swallowed it as far down her
throat as she could. Terry took one ball at a time and
sucked and licked it. Tim was in heaven, he had never
had such sucking especially after fucking to virgins.

Very soon he felt his balls tighten and told the girls
to get ready for his cum. He waited until he knew it
would shoot out without his having to rub his cock. With
that he pulled his cock out of Sue's mouth and shot a
stream directly down her throat. The second went into
Terry's mouth the third and fourth squirts went onto
their faces and into their mouths. The girls swallowed
everything and then wiped their faces and ate that cum.

When they were finished there was not a drop of cum
anywhere. Tim's told them the next time he would fuck
one at a time and shoot his cum inside their pussy which
would be a completely different experience. They lay
there for another half hour ad girls said they want to
cum again. Tim laid them on their backs and sucked their
nipples and clit until both girls had another orgasm.

PART 11 Pool Party

By the time the Wed. swim party arrived he had fucked
all 4 of his formerly virgin cousins and received a blow
job from Lisa's best friend Jenny and from Lisa. Now it
would be repeat performances for two more weeks.

At the pool party Terry and Sue had three friends, Beth,
Joan and Vicky, come to their home. One cheerleader was
12 years old with tits almost the size of Lisa's and a
luscious round ass. As advertised by the twins they
would soon all be swimming naked. After the parents
delivered the girls to his aunt's house they went into
the twin's room and put on their bathing suits and
headed for the pool. After about 20 or 30 minutes Tim
heard the girls making a lot of noise, apparently trying
to get his attention. He thought to himself, "this is
it, the girls are getting naked and I will have a chance
to play with them and perhaps fuck another virgin or two
or three."

After a while he went upstairs and watched them play.

Either Terry or Sue must have seen me watching when
suddenly two bathing suits came out of the water onto
the pool deck. I thought to myself this could get

After a huddle between all the girls three more bathing
suits came out of the water unto the pool deck. After
this my cock was getting hard and I could no longer stay
in the house. I fixed my cock in my pants to keep it
straight up and down and not sticking straight out and
went outside.

As I looked at them I said "I see five beautiful girls,
10 nice tits with hard, pink nipples and I bet under the
water there are five beautiful, bald, tight pussy's, and
five pretty round asses, waiting for me. After that the
girls told me to take my clothes off and join them in
the pool.

I thought wow, they really want me, but decided to make
them work for it. I said "I need help getting my pants
off, who wants to help." They looked at each other and
with no surprise Sue and Terry got out of the pool,
water dripping off their naked bodies, tight perky
nipples glowing in the sun and bald, tight pussy's.

They got to me with the other girls looking and started
to undo my belt, snap and zipper. Someone took off my
shirt and then my shorts were off. Next the two of them
removed my underwear and the three girls in the pool
stood there with their mouths wide open in wonderment at
my hard, rigid cock sticking out and looking straight at
them. The twins grabbed my cock and rubbed a few times
to impress their friends.

Then my girls pushed me into the pool and jumped in
after me. They came up to me and again grabbed my cock
and told the other girls to join them. And slowly they
came over to look at me under the water. Then I said,
"Why don't you girls give me a little parade on the pool
deck and show me what you have."

They did not have to be told twice and all of them lined
up on the deck and I got out of the water and sat on the
edge looking at them, with my cock sticking straight
out. One by one they walked past me and I was eye level
to their dripping pussy's and smooth round asses. When
they finished walking back and forth past me I was
almost ready to explode and jumped into the water to
cool down.

Then one of them asked me to walk around them and asked
if they could touch my cock. I told them to sit on the
deck and I got out of the pool and walk past all of them
with my rigid cock at their eye level. Then I sat down
and told them that one at a time they could come up and
play with my cock and balls and if they want to, they
could kiss my hard cock and suck on my balls. I
suggested that Beth, Joan and Vicky start first,
thinking if the other two went first I would cum before
they all finished.

The rules were no more than one minute unless I was
about to cum and then they had to stop until I calmed
down. The first girl, Beth the one with real nice tits,
came up and barely touched my enlarged cock and swollen
balls and went and sat down.

The next one rubbed her hands up and down on my cock and
was really good at it. The third girl stayed a little
longer and actually kissed the tip of my cock. Then Sue
and Terry came up together and sucked on my cock and
balls at the same time until I asked them to stop.

Then without saying a word Terry pushed me down and said
I will make Tim's Cock disappear into my pussy, and
promptly sat on my hard, erect, cock and pushed it all
the way up into her pussy. The other girls dropped open
their mouths and gasped. Beth said, "Terry is he fucking

She replied, "Yes he is."

The other two girls said in unison, "How did you get
that big cock into your tiny pussy?"

She replied, "From experience." In order to further
impress her friends. And Sue sat with a sad expression
because she did not think of doing it first.

I was amazed and reluctantly said, "Please stop before I
cum, we can finish later." The other girls were amazed
and let out a cheer.

Sue came to me and I told her that I would cum in her
mouth or whatever she wanted. With a giant smile she
repeated what Terry started and worked me like a pro. In
less than a minute I told everyone I was about to cum
and asked her to stop. Then I said to the Beth, Joan and
Vicky, "maybe next time one of you will want to try what
Terry and Sue have done."

After a while they got back into the pool and giggled
and laughed and kept looking at me. I got into the pool
and took a turn with each girl playing with their
nipples and putting my fingers into their tiny, bald,
tight pussies.

I said, "Who would like to lie down on the deck and have
me suck on their tits and then suck on their little,
button clit?" They all looked at me and only Sue and
Terry jumped up and said yes. Then I said to Beth, Joan
and Vicky "Are you sure you don't want to experience a
real orgasm caused by a man?"

With that, Beth with the bigger tits got out of the pool
and lay down in front of me and I started to work on
her. I sucked on her tits, rolled my tongue over and
around her nipples and made her moan and groan in
ecstasy. Then I slowly started to kiss her body all the
way from her nipples to her belly button, to her now
swollen and juicy pussy. I opened her pussy lips and the
juices started to come out and I saw her little swollen
clit, which I quickly started to lick and suck. When I
touched her clit Beth almost jumped off the deck.

She arched her back and pushed her pussy deep into my
face. After less than two minutes she started to moan
and yell "Oh no, oh no, do it more, suck me more, don't
stop" then as I continued to do as she asked, she
started to cum and she had three strong orgasms that
lasted about two minutes. When she finished cumming she
thanked me and gave me a big, open mouthed, wet kiss
with her tongue digging deeply into my mouth. She wanted

Before doing anything else with Beth I asked if anyone
else wanted to try this. Immediately Joan and Vicky said
yes. After satisfying both of them the same as I did
Beth, Sue and Terry said in unison, "Don't forget us!"
And soon I was bringing my twin cousins to simultaneous
orgasm. That was a major accomplishment to bring them
off together.

I asked, "Who wants to feel what it is like to have a
big cock in their pussy just like Terry and Sue?"

They looked at me in surprise then Joan looked at me
said "I want you to fuck me." I told her that at first
it will hurt and then it will feel better than what they
had just experienced. I also told them that if I shot my
load in the first girl I would not be able to fuck
anyone else for at least an hour, which meant I had to
pull out of their pussy before I shot my load of cum.

Then Vicky and Beth said they also want to be fucked. I
thought about this for a little and said, "OK, I will
slowly fuck each of you and when each of the three of
you has been fucked, I will cum in the last girl I

Joan said, "I don't care where you cum, I want to be
first!" She said this before the others could say a

I laid Joan down and like before I started to suck her
tits and eventually her pussy. When she was wet and two
fingers fit deep into her pussy hole I laid down on the
deck with my cock sticking straight up into the air and
had her sit on my thighs with one leg on each side. Then
I had her slide forward so my cock was rubbing her
swollen, wet pussy lips and clit. I had her push up on
her legs so my cock was lined up with her pussy and had
her slowly lower herself onto my cock head.

The other girls looked with wide open eyes at was
happening and could not believe that my big cock would
fit into her tiny, wet pussy.

I said, "Joan, now it is up to you, I suggest that you
quickly lower yourself onto my cock rather than slowly,
this way the initial pain will be over quickly and you
can start to move and really enjoy getting fucked."

Before I finished speaking she slid down on my cock, let
out a small whimper and she started to fuck moving up
and down on my rigid cock. She was so tight, I could not
believe it. Her pussy held my cock like a second skin it
was so tight. It was so tight I could hardly breathe; it
also helped to keep me from cumming too soon.

Next I told her to lean forward on my cock so it would
rub directly on her clit the same time as my big cock
went up and down inside her tight pussy hole. She did
this and soon she was moaning with ecstasy was about
ready to cum and not soon enough, because I felt the
same way. When she finished her second massive orgasm I
pulled my still swollen cock out of her dripping wet
pussy and leaned down and sucked up all her pussy

The girls stood in awe after seeing and hearing her
orgasm and wanted me to fuck them.

I told them I had to wait or I would cum as soon as I
entered them and that would not be fair to the remaining
girl. After few minutes of soaking my cock in the cool
pool water I was ready for another virgin pussy and both
Beth and Vicky came up to me. I told them that they
would have to decide who went first. They played rock,
paper, scissors and Beth, with the bigger tits, won.

She lay down just like Joan and I did exactly the same
maneuvers on her as I did on Joan. Soon she was pumping
her pussy in the air ready to be fucked. I stuck two
fingers in her pussy and her pussy hole was wide open,
more so than any of the others. I knew this would be
easy. She mounted me just like Joan and slid right down
on my cock, which broke her cherry and she started to
rock and roll without making a sound. Again my cock was
squeezed by her tight formerly virgin pussy.

She lasted longer than Joan and I was about to cum when
I asked her to stop for a minute, which she did but kept
my cock deep in her pussy. When I felt stronger, she
again began a vigorous pumping action and was soon
having several violent orgasms, which rolled through her
body like a volcano erupting. I was able to withdraw
barely in time to avoid cumming into her dripping wet
pussy. Then I sucked her pussy as dry as possible and
she came again.

I was exhausted but I had one more eager virgin willing
to give me her cherry. As she sat watching with an
expression of awe on her face I knew she could not wait
to feel the great orgasm hers friends just experienced
as a result of my still rock hard cock.

As with the other girls, I sucked her tiny tits and
erect, firm, pink nipples until they were about to pop.
Then I worked my way slowly down to her belly button and
then her pussy. As with Joan she jumped when my tongue
hit her clit and my fingers entered her pussy hole. She
was so wet from watching the others that in no time at
all her tiny hole was soaking wet, soft and expanding to
my fingers.

This time I went further and brought her to an easy
orgasm before I had her sit on my cock and quickly slide
down, with my cock deep inside her pussy and breaking
her cherry in such a fast motion that even I was
surprised. She was so ready that she did not utter a
sound but started to fuck me harder than anything I had
ever experienced. Almost immediately she had an orgasm
but did not slow down.

As I felt almost ready to shoot my load of cum, I had a
thought. The other night Lisa and I had sex with her on
her knees and me entering her pussy from behind. Before
I came I asked Vicky if she wanted to try something
different because she had to wait the longest and she
said yes.

Reluctantly she let me pull my cock out of her tight
pussy hole and I rolled her over onto her knees with her
ass in the air. The other girls watched in awe as we
made this change and they again saw my swollen, purple,
rock hard cock as it swayed side to side as I moved into
position to re-enter the swollen wet pussy of my last

When she was ready I pushed my cock into her and started
to pull it out but stopped just before my cock head
withdrew and then shoved it back in. She whimpered with
joy as this happened. I did it several more times and
this sent Vicky over the edge and she had at least three
major, earth shattering orgasms and let out a yell of
joy that the neighbors a mile away could hear.

Then after fucking three virgins I could not hold it any
longer and I started to shoot streams of cum deep inside
Vicky. As she felt my violent ejection of sperm she
orgasm two more times. We both stayed in our positions
for at least five minutes and finally my exhausted
swollen cock deflated and fell out of her dripping pussy
with a plop. As tired as I was I had Vicky put her pussy
at my mouth and I sucked her dry.

She told the girls that when I came in her pussy she
felt the strong, hot streaks of cum shooting into her
and the feeling was unbelievable. It was so great that
it made her cum two more times.

As we slowly recovered the other girls gave us a round
of applause for a fantastic show.

I laid there for at least half an hour and the girls
just watched me and each asked when could I fuck them
again, but each wanted me to cum in their pussy in order
to experience what Vicky felt. I told them that we could
make plans after I rested.

Eventually as they recovered from their multiple orgasms
they got into the water but the activities were slow and
quiet. They let me sleep for a long time.

That night after dinner and after Lisa was asleep, I
went into the twin's room and thanked them for a
fantastic afternoon and then I slowly fucked them both.
While fucking them I decided that instead of cumming in
their pussy I would cum in their mouth, which they
loved. I slept until 10AM the next morning.

And all of this took place in less than one week of

PART 12 Tim's other Girl

Now it is Saturday and after enjoying a week of sex he
has a secret rendezvous with Jenny, his cousin Kim's
best friend. Last Saturday he accidently ran Jenny off
the road and after massaging her injuries she asked if
she could give him a "blowjob." He was shocked because
he ran her off the road and crashed her bicycle and she
wanted to reward him!
ast Saturday was both his and her first time enjoying a
blowjob, but she quickly learned how to suck on his hard
cock and then swallow his cum. When finished she asked
if he could meet her again next Saturday because there
were more things she wanted to do with him.

It was now that time and Tim could hardly wait to see
what Jenny had in store for him.

He drove to the scene of the "accident' and parked the
car. As he walked into the small opening in the trees to
the open grassland he saw her and she saw him. She got
up from her blanket and ran to him, jumped into his arms
with her arms around his neck and legs around his waist
and gave him a full, open mouth kiss with her tongue
pushed deep into his mouth. He was caught off guard and
almost fell but got his balance back and began to kiss
her as hard as she was kissing him.

In order to keep Jenny from sliding down on him he put
his hands under her ass and was surprised to learn she
was not wearing any panties. Slowly he walked to her
blanket and his fingers began to work their way around
her soft round ass to her virgin ass hole and then her
pussy lips.

At the blanket he sat down with Jenny still wrapped
around him and continued with the kissing. With a new
comfortable position he began to rub her pussy and
opened her pussy lips to his roving fingers. Her pussy
lips opened and his fingers entered and found her clit.
Within a few minutes her pussy was wet and her clit was
starting to enlarge as a result of the message he was
giving her clit.

Soon she was moaning with pleasure and stopped kissing
him to catch her breath. With her arms and legs wrapped
around him she said "hi." Then she unwrapped herself,
stood up and said "do you like my outfit, I picked it
out just for you." She spun around and her very short
skirt went up to reveal her dripping pussy and cute
round ass.

Jenny was also wearing a short, tight tank top and her
hard nipples were pushing through the fabric. Tim took
it all in and adjusted his swollen cock to a more
comfortable position. When he caught his breath he said,
"Jenny, you look fabulous, your body is great and your
kisses are like fire."

She replied "I was hoping you would come this afternoon
and I made sure that if you arrived I would look as good
as possible and make you as happy as possible." With
that she spun around again to show him her body and then
slowly removed her tank top. When Tim saw her nipples
they were sticking out almost an inch and they were as
hard as his cock. He took one in his mouth and kissed
and sucked on it while his hand played with the other
one. Jenny moaned and told him to keep doing it. Then he
switched and started to suck on the other nipple.

After awhile she was panting and out of breath and asked
Tim to stop for a minute. She stood up and removed her
skirt and showed him her tight little body that was
dripping pussy juice down her legs. She then went to Tim
and removed his shirt and then his pants and underwear.
When he was also naked she took his hard purple cock
into her mouth and began to lick it and suck on it. Now
it was Tim's turn to moan.

When he felt he was ready to cum he asked Jenny to stop
for a minute and let him relax. He asked, "What do you
want me to do for you? Last week you gave me a blowjob
and this week I want to take care of you."

She looked at him and said, "I want you to fuck me as
hard as you can."

He looked at her and asked if she had ever been fucked
before and she said no. He asked if she had learned of
any special positions that she wanted to try and she
said no.

Slowly he laid her on the blanket and started to kiss
her nipples and then her belly and then he went to work
on her pussy, her clit and her pussy hole.

After Jenny had two orgasms he decided she was ready and
he lay down and had her sit on his legs with his cock
rubbing her clit. Then he had her lower herself onto his
cock and told her to drop down fast, which she did. She
was so wet his cock slid right in and popped her cherry
and Jenny showed no indication of pain. She started to
move up and down and soon was in a great rhythm to
satisfy her needs as well as Tim's.

Soon she started to convulse with a tremendous orgasm
that shook her entire body. It must have lasted two
minutes and she continued to ride Tim's cock. After
another two orgasm's Tim was ready to explode and told
her he is cumming.

He exploded deep inside her formerly virgin, tight pussy
and shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her.
When he finished and his cock shrunk and fell out of her
dripping wet pussy they lay down, side by side on the
blanket, completely spent.

After about 15 minutes of cuddling and caressing each
other Jenny said, "Tim, I have been looking and learning
what guys really like to do with girls. The first I
learned was a blowjob and I did that. Next was to have a
wild fuck and we did that. And the next thing was for a
guy to fuck a girl's ass and I want us to do that."

Tim almost fainted when she had finished her list of
things she wanted to do with Tim. Then to start things
going Jenny went down and started to suck Tim's cock in
order to get him hard. Within a few minutes he was hard
and his cock was throbbing. Then Jenny said, "I learned
that sometimes it hearts the girl if the guy is too
rough and we also need a lot of lubrication in my ass
and on your cock. Please be gentle with me."

She then went into the bag she had on the blanket and
took out a jar of Vaseline and started to rub it all
over Tim's cock especially around his large purple head
and around the bottom of its mushroom shaped head. Then
she gave it to Tim and told him to put a lot of it in
her ass. Then she bent over and stuck her beautiful
round ass in the air for Tim to work on it.

Slowly he put his finger into the Vaseline and then
gently pushed it into her asshole. At first she jumped,
one because the Vaseline was cold and the second because
it was the first time something was pushed into her
asshole other than his fingers a few minutes ago. Tim
pulled out his finger and then he pushed more Vaseline
into her now yielding ass.

After the third time she was comfortable with the entry
of his finger and he began to rub his finger in and out
and all around her asshole. As he got used to this he
got better and Jenny started to react with pleasure to
his actions. Soon she was moaning and then Tim took
another finger and found her round button like clit and
rubbed it. Jenny was in heaven moving her pussy and ass
in unison with Tim's dual hole fucking actions. She
finally told him to fuck her ass now!

Tim removed his finger from her asshole and guided his
throbbing cock toward her virgin ass, which by now was
starting to relax. He pushed his purple head into the
hot opening and it closed around his cock like a vise.
Slowly he pushed it further into her now yielding
asshole and Jenny yelled "Tim stick it in me now and
stick it in hard."

Tim did not need any more direction and he pushed his
cock into her ass until his balls were hitting her
pussy. He could not believe the feeling as his cock was
squeezed every time he moved. Likewise Jenny was in a
trance of ecstasy each time he moved. Tim started to
pull his cock out and stopped just as the bottom of the
mushroom part of his cock got to the rim of Jenny's
asshole and then he rammed it back as far as he could

Jenny screamed, "Tim do it again, harder!"

After that Tim was pounding Jenny's ass like a pile
driver, faster and harder and he could feel her having
one orgasm after another. The orgasms were rolling
through her like earthquakes. Soon he yelled I am about
to cum and pushed his cock into her ass as far as he
could and again shot load after load of cum deep up into
her rectum.

When he finally finished shooting his load, Jenny said,
"Tim please suck my pussy and make me cum again."

Reluctantly and with a struggle, Tim was able to pull
his still swollen cock out of Jenny's now loose and
relaxed asshole rolled her over onto her back and
started to suck her pussy. Soon she again exploded with
several gigantic orgasms and then fell back with pussy
juice running out of her pussy and Tim's cum and her ass
juices running out of her asshole.

The way Jenny laid on the blanket Tim thought she was
dead, but she had passed out from the exhaustion of all
those orgasms. She awakened in about 10 minutes and told
Tim she loved him and wanted to start everything all
over again just like earlier that afternoon.

After another ten minutes of kissing and playing with
each other's pussy, tits and cock, Tim remember he had
to pick up his cousins and he was already late. He
suggested that before next Saturday, when they would
meet again, he would try and get Lisa to invite Jenny to
the house when the other three girls were away and they
would try a threesome. Jenny loved the idea.

Reluctantly they dressed each other and he drove to get
the girls and Jenny gently put her sore ass on her
bicycle and went home a very tired but satisfied girl.

PART 13 Tim's threesome

That night after Tim fucked his 12 year old cousin until
she could hardly walk he started to put his plan into
action. Tim said to Lisa, "Remember when you wanted to
tell Jenny about us, and I said that was not a good idea
because I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone
learned about us.

"Well I was thinking, what if we invited Jenny over when
your sisters are out and when she arrives, you will be
naked wearing a rob and I will be naked in your
bathroom. When she comes in you tell you have a secret
she can never tell anyone about and when she agrees you
tell her about us, take off your robe and I will come
out of the bathroom."

Lisa loved the idea.

The next day Lisa arranged for her sisters to be out in
the afternoon and invited Jenny to the house. On
schedule Jenny arrived and Lisa locked the front door
and rushed her upstairs. Lisa then said, "Jenny I have a
very big secret to tell you but you have to promise
never to tell anyone."

Immediately Jenny agreed and then Lisa said, "Tim and I
have gone all the way and now he fucks me every night."
Lisa then removed her robe and Tim came out of the

Tim said, "We will show you want we do and if you want
you can join us." Jenny pulled off her t shirt and
pulled down her shorts and panty's in quick motions and
said, "I want to join you."

With that Tim had both girls lay down on the bed with
their legs on the side and had them both spread their
legs as far open as they could. Then looking at the two
beautiful pussy's. One with hair and one bald, he got on
his knees and started to lick and suck Jenny's pussy
until she moaned with pleasure. Then he did the same for

When Lisa was happy he started to kiss and suck her
growing tits until she moaned with pleasure. He then
went to work on Jenny's nipple, because she had no tits.
Soon her nipples were hard and almost one inch long. Tim
said, "Jenny, your nipples are fantastic, the boys must
love them."

Jenny said, "Tim, you're the first boy to see them or
touch them."

When both girls were dripping pussy juice Tim again
opened his cousin's legs over the edge of the bed and
with Jenny looking on with anticipation, slowly pushed
his rock hard cock into her swollen pussy. When he was
in all the way and his balls were hitting her ass, Tim
started to rhythmically fuck his cousin.

Soon they were both groaning with pleasure and jenny had
her fingers inside her own pussy working on an orgasm.
As soon as Lisa reached her orgasm Tim pulled out his
cock, saving his cuz, for Jenny.

Tim said, "Jenny because this will be your first time we
will use a different position and you can expect it to
hurt a little." Tim then lay down on the bed next to
Lisa and had Jenny sit on his legs with his cock
touching her very wet pussy. Tim told Jenny to raise
herself up and he then placed his cock head into her
pussy hole.

He said, "If you lower yourself fast it won't hurt as
much." And then she dropped onto him and started to fuck
Tim as hard as she could. Lisa watched as her cousin
fucked her best friend and believed that Tim had popped
her cherry.

Jenny yelled, "Tim I'm cumming!!" and then her entire
body bucked with her orgasm. Tim continued to pound her
pussy until he shot his load of cum deep inside of

When they were finished Jenny lay down on one side of
Tim and Lisa on the other and Jenny said "Tim when can
we do it again." Lisa told her that it would take time
before Tim could build up more cum and get an erection.
Then they rested.

After a short nap Jenny said to Tim, "I have heard that
boys like to fuck a girl's ass but are afraid to ask, so
I am asking you to fuck my ass." Tim was not surprised
by the comment but Lisa was in shock.

Jenny continued, "You have to be careful not to hurt me
and we need a lot of lubricant."

Tim said, "I would love to fuck you ass, Lisa to you
have any Vaseline?"

Tim told them that before we can do anything I need and
erection. If you girls suck on my balls and cock I may
be able to get another erection.

Jenny quickly swallowed Tim's cock and Lisa sucked on
his balls. Soon Tim was hard and Lisa got the Vaseline.
After Jenny got on her knees with her beautiful ass in
the air Tim started to put Vaseline into her ass. When
he had two fingers inside her he put the lubricant all
over his cock and slowly pushed his throbbing cock into
her ass hole. When he was deep inside her and his balls
were hitting her pussy Jenny said, "Tim fuck my ass as
hard as you can."

Tim began to pound her ass like a pile driver and she
screamed with pleasure for him to move faster. In a
short time she screamed with pleasure as her body shook
from her orgasm. Then she stopped moving, Lisa looked at
her and she had passed out from pleasure. Within seconds
she was awake and saying how fantastic it was. Jenny
said, "You have to try this it is out of this world."

Not knowing what to do and reluctant to try something
different but also not wanting to seem timid in front of
her friend Lisa agreed. Since Tim had not as yet cum,
his cock was still stuck in Jenny's ass. Before
withdrawing he had Lisa get into position and he put
Vaseline into her ass hole until two fingers fit inside.
Then he slowly withdrew from Jenny's ass, added some
more lubricant to his cock and slowly pushed it into his
cousins virgin ass hole.

After his cock head was inside he slowly pushed all of
his cock inside her. Lisa gasped as Tim's entire cock
was sucked up into her ass and she said it feels great.
With that Tim started to pound his cousins ass as hard
and as fast as he could. Just like Jenny Lisa screamed
with pleasure and yelled as she came over and over. Then
Tim finally shot his load of cum deep up his cousin's

They all stayed in their position for a few more
minutes. Then Lisa cried, "Tim, don't pull your cock
out! I want you to turn me around so I am facing you and
then I want you t lay on your back on the floor." When
they were in position Lisa told Tim to bend his knees so
she could lean back.

Lisa said, "Tim I want one hand to rub my clit and the
other to fuck my pussy." As Tim complied with her
request, Lisa started to raise and lower herself on
Tim's still hard cock stuck up her ass. Soon she was in
pure ecstasy and moaning and screaming with pleasure.

At last she had the biggest orgasm of her life and
collapsed on Tim. Eventually Tim's cock shrunk and he
reluctantly pulled it out of his cousin's ass.

After a long period of rest the three showered together
and cleaned every part of their bodies. Both girls
enjoyed Tim's cock and balls and Tim enjoyed every part
of the girls. After drying each other they took a nap.
When they awoke both girls wanted Tim to fuck their ass
again, In spite of the girls playing with his cock and
balls Tim was too tired to oblige them. They all agreed
that they would do this as much as possible until Tim
had to return home.

And so it went for the rest of Tim's stay with his
cousin's. He fucked everyone as m any times as he could
and he fucked Lisa and Jenny's ass over and over again.

What a vacation and he got paid for it.

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