Two for One fuck

I was bored, Sundays always seemed to be a crappy day, never anything to do. I decided to head down to the local market area, and see if there was some hot ladies interested in some hot sex. I wandered around a bit, not seeing much action. I was just about to call it a day, and find a tavern to have a beer, when I saw what I was looking for. I angled myself towards them, so I could check them out as I passed.

The blonde was really hot, shoulder length golden honey color hair, a nice smooth complexion, wearing a pink tube top, holding back a set of firm, upright breasts, such nice grapefruit sized mounds, her nipples were poking out, firmly pressing against the fabric, I'd love to suck on those. A great solid body, damn nice, I could imagine myself ramming her cunt. The redhead was slender, her tits were smaller, stiff nipples poking out the front of her red halter top, she looked pretty hot also, long red hair, green eyes and a nice smile. Both of them were wearing shorts, the blonde had on snow white, the redhead, lime green. As I passed by them, I turned my head, being an assman all my life, I just had to check out the rear view. Ummm, oh yes, the blonde had hips with a sexy curve, a superb rump, full, firm globes, perky and smooth. Her shorts were tightly wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve, the crack of her ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric. Her redheaded friend had a cute bubble butt that filled out the seat of her shorts very nicely.

As if they'd been watching, they spun around and caught me staring.

The blonde said, "Checking us out, did you like what you saw?"

Her tone was challenging, they both stepped forward, almost touching me, the blonde said, "I'm Sheena and this is my friend Randie, so, which one of us do you want to fuck? Do you want to fuck me, or do you want to fuck Randie?"

I stood, tongue tied, holy shit, I'd never had that much of an invitation.

Her hand reached down and started to grope my cock, which quickly reacted, soaring up.

"Umm, oh yeah, looks like he's ready. So tell us stud, which one do you want to fuck? Who do you think is the most fuckable, tell us."

Sheena really had me, and I said "You, I want to fuck you."

Sheena smiled, and said, "I would be happy to do so, on two conditions. Condition 1, my friend gets to watch us fuck, and condition 2, my friend gets exactly the same as I get, while I watch you fuck her. We share and share alike. How does that sound stud? Like the idea of a 2 for 1 deal?"

The redhead was smiling, she was pretty damn good looking too. Hot Damn, for a 2 for 1 deal, I was game for just about anything.

We were soon back at their apartment, both of them smiling as they stripped. Sheena was quickly naked, she had a neat landing strip of blonde hair above the opening to her pussy, the sight of that made my cock soar. Randie took a seat next to the bed to watch us, she pulled off her T shirt, strumming her fingers over her stiff nipples, and she had a hand in her shorts, letting out little coos of pleasure as she stimulated herself.

Sheena cooed, "Bring that cock over here, let me suck you first."

When she took me into her warm, wet mouth, and started to ride my pole, oh fuck, she was amazing, sucking and slurping all over my prick, her tongue swirling wildly around my shaft. My cock was taking serious notice, when she whipped her mouth off my cock, and told me what she wanted.

"Now, I want you to lick and suck my pussy!"

She quickly lay back, spreading her legs wide, and her wisp of blonde pubic hair had her crimson seam visible. I quickly went down on her, licking and sucking at her pink hole, her juices were amazing, and she was writhing and squirming underneath me.

"Ummm, oh yeah, there, right there, make me cum!"

I eagerly followed her entreaties, and I felt her body start to shake, she froze for a second, then with a howl of pleasure, she tumbled, her pussy gushing wildly, pumping out juices.

"Now, drive your cock up my pussy, get your cock all wet and slick, then take my ass, I want you to fuck my tight ass!"

With Sheena taking the doggy style position, I quickly followed her wishes. Sheena threw back her head and arched her back when the head of my cock was lodged between her swollen labial lips and began sliding inside her wet, slick tunnel. Fired up, I drove forward, impaling her fully, enjoying her long moan of pleasure. I could feel her muscles massaging at me as I slid in and out for several deep, lubricating thrusts, making sure my cock was covered with Sheena's juices.

"Now, take my ass, ram my tight little asshole."

I pulled out, lifted my cock slightly, and nudged against her. Her asshole opened up to me as I pushed forward and drove in, my balls smacked against her pussy as I was fully embedded.

"Fuck, fuck, I love getting buggered, FUCK MY ASS!"

Fired up, I grabbed her hips and started to ram her, she let out another shriek as I bounced my balls off her pussy.

"Yeah, oh yeah, I love getting butt fucked, give it to me, flood my ass!"

I was just as eager, reaming her out with long, hard, right to the balls thrusts, bouncing my balls off of her pussy on every plunge. Sheena was just as eagerly pumping her hips back, hungry for every last inch of my dick to be shoved up her ass. The tightness of her ass was superb, god, she was virgin tight. I looked over at Randie, her eyes were glittering, I could see the hot shine of lust as she watched Sheena getting buggered. She looked like she was looking forward to getting her tight ass rammed, just like Sheena was getting. The hot clamp of Sheena's ass around my cock was taking me quickly towards orgasm, Sheena was gasping and moaning, masturbating furiously, eager for her own climax.

"Fuck, cum, cum in my ass, FLOOD MEEE!"

Sheena shrieked out, I felt her ass get even tighter, pulsing around me and I immediately followed her, fuck, it felt like my head was gonna blow off as I exploded inside of her, pumping a thick flood of cum into her tight gripping ass.

We flopped down and Sheena purred, "Now, go wash off your cock baby, it's Randie's turn."

I quickly did so, and when I came out, I saw Randie on her knees, smiling and motioning me over.

"Let my hot mouth fluff you up."

I quickly did so, letting out a gasp as Randie's talented mouth took me in, and started to slide up and down, quickly bringing me back up. She pulled her head back, and smiled up at me.

I watched as she wiggled out of her shorts and panties, and saw what was now been revealed, a 6 inch cock, rock hard, holy fuck!!

Sheena stepped up to me, and purred, "Remember your deal. You have to suck Randie's cock, just like you licked my pussy, then you get to drive your cock up Randie's tight little ass. Be a good sport, you'll love the taste when she fills your mouth, then let Randie's tight ass feel the hard press of your big cock, just like I got."

I thought to myself, well a deal is a deal, and I found myself on my knees, as Randie stepped up, her 6 inches bone hard. I did some licking around the shaft, her gasp of pleasure encouraged me. I thought of what felt best when I had my cock sucked, and I applied it. I took in the cock head, letting my tongue paint wetly all over her head, then pushing forward, I swallowed my first prick, enjoying Randie's growl of pleasure as I took her all the way in, until I felt her balls against my chin. I felt her hands reach down, stroking at my head.

"Oooh stud, you don't know how good that feels!"

Her enjoyment started to chase away the idea that I was just sucking cock. I wasn't sucking A cock, I was sucking HER cock. That made me eager to please, and I rode her pole, making my mouth a hot, wet sucking center, wrapping my tongue around her prick on every plunge. I could hear cries and grunts of pleasure, I opened my eyes, and I could see Sheena just off to the side, stroking at herself as I rode her friend's cock.

"Mmmm, oh stud, you suck me so good, make me cum stud!"

Eager to taste it, I grabbed her balls and squeezed gently. With a loud growl, Randie's cock went off, her first blast hit the roof of my mouth, and thick streams flowed out, coating my tongue. The taste wasn't bad at all, in fact it was pretty good, and I was happy to suck at her prick, wanting every drop she had.

When I pulled back, my cock had soared back up, and Randie flipped over, taking to hands and knees.

"Ummm, you really sucked me good! Now stud, take my asshole, I want to feel your load painting my bowels."

I felt any inhibitions flying out the window, I quickly got my face down there, pulling her cheeks apart, seeing the tight pink pucker awaiting me, and started to lick at her tight asshole.

"UMMMMM, oh stud, fuck that feels amazing, ohhh yeah, lick and finger my tight little asshole, get me all warmed up for your big cock!"

I did exactly that, licking and slobbering all over that tight hole, enjoying Randie's coos and moans of pleasure. I slipped a finger against her and pushed in gently, my cock was hard as iron, as I gently finger banged the tight hole. I felt Sheena's mouth take me in, eager to get my cock as wet and slippery as possible as she slurped and slobbered all up and down the length.

"Ohhh fuck, I need it now, take my ass stud!"

I pulled my cock out of Sheena's hot mouth, and positioned myself at Randie's tight hole, I grunted "Are you ready, do you need some more lube?"

"No more lube needed, I like it a little abrasive, the friction makes for a great fuck, let me have it!"

I notched against her, and started in, I felt her asshole open up to me, and she purred, "Oh yeah stud, drive it in!"

Fired up, I grabbed her hips and pushed hard, and her shriek sounded as I powered in, she cried out, "Oh yeah, just like that, stuff me up!"

One last push and I felt my balls smack against her as I bottomed out.

"Ohhh fuck, yes, I love getting buggered, bugger me with that big cock stud!"

Randie's ass hole was hot, the feel of her ass walls so tight around my prick, as I pulled back a bit and drove it back in.

Randie locked eyes with Sheena, and cooed, "Let me lick your cunt while I get my tight little asshole reamed!"

Sheena cooed, "Let's do it one better, let's 69 each other!"

I watched wide eyed as Sheena slid underneath Randie, I could see her head just inches below where I was powering into Randie's ass, and she let out a shuddering sigh of pleasure as Randie took the plunge, burying her face into the wet vortex of Sheena's fuck hole.

"Oh yeah Randie baby, lick my cunt, god, you lick me so nice!"

Randie let out a pussy muffled grunt as I watched Sheena's hot mouth swallow Randie's cock. I picked up the pace, giving Randie's tight ass a good fucking, she had the tightest grip it has ever been my pleasure to enjoy. Watching the bliss play across Sheena's face as she sucked Randie's prick, and listening to the moans Randie was making into Sheena's snatch as I buggered her made my balls start to churn, this was the hottest rodeo I'd ever been in.

I could Randie's body start to shake, her asshole pulsing in time with her orgasm as she stiffened up, grunting, and I could imagine the rush of cum that was pouring into Sheena's mouth. I was closing in fast, the I felt the electric sensation as Sheena let Randie's prick free of her mouth, and went after my balls. The feel of her tongue toying with them, stirring them up to a frenzy took me over.

"Oh fuck yeah, cumming, fuck, FUCK!"

I felt the cum streak up my shaft, with a loud grunt I went over, jetting my load into the tightly gripping ass awaiting it, I felt like my head was going to blow off as I painted Randie's tight back door, listening to Sheena's loud cry of orgasm as Randie's lick job brought her with us.

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