Mona stood close as King Levan penetrated her daughter

Completely naked, Petra quivered as the deed proceeded, and Mona tried and failed to not notice her daughter's attributes, and was grudgingly impressed at how beautiful her daughter had become. Her breasts were larger than Mona's and her waist slim, a nubile beauty that any man would want to have.

Petra squealed as the king's sizeable cock slipped past her bush and into her body, slowing his entrance as he came up against her virginity. For a split second, Mona was relieved that her daughter was still virginal, but that passed quickly; some applied pressure from the king and a short yell of pain and her daughter was no longer pure.

“Mom-my!” Petra whined out as the king pressed further into her tight vagina. Mona sat on the bed and held her daughter's hand, nodding into her daughter's stricken expression, watching as a pair of tears fled her wide brown eyes.

“It's alright Petra,” Mona spoke soothingly, “it won’t hurt for long.”

“Yeah, it’ll actually feel really good soon,” Gita said from the other side of the king, her hands rubbing his shoulder and muscular arm as he fucked Petra.

“Just wait it out, it’ll get better,” Joan added from the other side of the bed where she watched intently.

Levan stopped his thrusting and looked around at the other women, his brown eyes hooded but annoyed.

“If you’re all going to get involved, reveal your breasts to me.”

As the younger women fumbled with their dresses, Mona flashed a look at the king.

“I can’t reassure my daughter?”

“You can do that while naked,” he replied curtly, and resumed his thrusting.

Mona gently pulled her hand from Petra's grasp and tore off her dress, pulling down her underclothes until they all fell to the floor, then sat back down near her gasping child, both Gita and Joan following suit. Petra had the largest set among them, still quite round and perky as she lay on her back, although only slightly larger than Gita's, which were pressed together by her arms as she leaned forward, watching the actions with an intent stare. Joan's breasts were the smallest, although plenty large to fill a man's palm, with upturned nipples and plenty of jiggle. Mona took her daughter's hand again, her own breasts swaying as she leaned toward her daughter and caressed her hair with her other hand.

“You’re doing well baby,” Mona said comfortingly as Petra rocked back on her pillows with every thrust from the king's cock. Petra back up at her mother with a creased brow and wet eyes, needing to look past Mona's hanging breasts to see her face.

A basic urge crossed the young woman's mind, and in her vulnerable state, Petra paired the thought with impulsive action. Reaching with one hand to pull her Mona slightly closer, Petra reached with her mouth and closed her lips over one of her mother's nipples, suckling on the sensitive flesh.

Mona gasped aloud as her daughter sucked on her titty, looking down with surprise etching her face, but when she saw the expression on Petra's face, one of quelled fear and comfort in the face of apprehension, she suppressed the logic that told her to pull away. In the young woman's face, Mona could see elements of Petra from years prior, when she depended on Mona for nutrients, and such a visceral memory made Mona shuffle even closer to her daughter and angle herself so that her lips could readily grasp her nipple. Mona was infused with a strange combination of feelings, some of gratified motherhood, some of impropriety, and some of sexual arousal, and she was unable to sort them out in the moment, so she succumbed to the strongest feelings mixing inside her: that of pleasure.

Mona leaned back her head and moaned as her daughter's sucking mouth and soft lips and tongue stimulated her breast, dampness stealing through her vagina as she was made aroused.

Levan, Gita, and Joan all watched as Petra sucked on her mother's titty, Levan even losing his stride as his mouth fell open in surprise and sheer arousal at the events transpiring before him. This region sure made their women different, he thought to himself.

Watching Mona enjoy her daughter's attention was too much for Levan, who groaned out his surprised orgasm, pumping his seed deep into Petra's freshly deflowered pussy one powerful pulsating stream at a time. He leaned forward as his climax waned, his dick still pumping, and sloppily kissed Petra's chest, his hands gathering her breasts and gently kneading them.

Mona snapped out of her pleasure as she watched the king release himself deep into her daughter, who pulled away from Mona's breast to watch the king embrace her as he expended his lust, squeals escaping her as the king thrust as deep as possible. Petra brought her hands up and ran her fingers into his hair, holding him to her chest as he seeded his garden, looking back up at her mother as she did. Mona nodded her approval; her daughter had good instincts. There's nothing a man likes more in this moment than to be validated and comforted, no matter how stoic his persona.

Levan, still breathing heavy, leaned up out of Petra's embrace, glancing between mother and daughter for a moment, then with a grin pulled his still-hard, soaking and bloodied member out of Petra's pussy. While Petra slowly came back to herself, Levan came around the corner of the bed, coming up behind Mona, and put his hands on her hips.

“I never thought I would see a mother suckle her grown daughter while her daughter received my cock,” he said with a voice grating with arousal.

Mona scoffed in disbelief, hardly believing that she had participated in such a thing, but the haze of arousal kept such things hidden but for brief glimpses when the haze is temporarily cleared.

“Nor I,” she said briefly, her own voice husky as she leaned back, feeling the king's manhood against her buttock. Her arousal rose like gorge in her chest, realizing that even after producing seed once, he was still as hard as stone for her. Her breast heaved as his hands slid up her hips and waist.

“Stick out your rear for me.”

It was a command, so Mona complied, spreading her knees on the bed and arching her back, exposing her pussy upside down to the king, and lowering herself for his access. She had seen Joan fucked in this position the day before, but had never experienced it herself. With all the sexual novelty she was experiencing as a member of the king's harem, she was continually humbled at her own lack of knowledge and experience in these matters, oftentimes learning alongside her daughter and the others.

Into her body he plunged, Petra's lubrication still covering his cock and Mona's own vagina’s slickness adding to his ease of entry. Mona grunted and erratically breathed as her flesh parted for him, her hands drawing the bedsheets into the fists she made as she held herself in place against his onslaught, bouncing her ass against his thrusts as he established the beat of their passion.

Petra, grimacing with sore joints, folded her legs and front of her and sat up, turning so that she faced her mother, the younger woman's large breasts now in Mona's face.

Levan, possessed by lust in a way he hadn’t been for quite a while, grunted as he fucked Mona from behind, his hands gripping her hips and pulling them against his own thrusting hips as he continually buried himself within her. He watched her back muscles shift and roil as Mona held herself up while he assaulted her with his potency, sweat glistening on both of their bodies. He looked up as Petra drew herself up in front of Mona, and held her breasts out to her mother.

“Your turn, mommy,” Petra said, inching forward.

Levan’s brows rose, simply the novelty of the new occurrence causing him to break tempo again, slowing to allow Mona a chance to suck on her daughter's titties.

Mona, possessed by the same fog of arousal as before, met her daughter's advance and latched onto one of her breasts, kissing her daughter's areola with her stiff nipple between her lips.

Levan sighed and breathed deeply as events unfolded, continuing to fuck Mona but with a smoother pace, letting the woman stimulate her daughter, and watching intently.

Having never had anyone suck on her nipples before, Petra gasped in surprise as she felt her mother's lips and tongue dance on her sensitive skin, feeling lightning bolts snap between her breast and her brain as her mother contributed to her body's arousal. The king having already worked inside her pussy, his seed stained pink by her virginal blood dripping out of her hole on to the bedsheets, Petra was already quite aroused, but having someone stimulate her in a way that she never had been before caused a bulk of pleasure to burgeon within her. As Petra slow-blinked and panted, her hand unconsciously sought out her button atop her pussy, and when she pressed it, the electric shocks spread to every corner of her body.

Petra moaned long and hard as she climaxed, the moan itself climaxing in pitch as the tsunami crashed ashore within her young body. Her nipple fell from Mona's lips as her shoulders writhed spasmodically, her hand clamped firmly into the cleft between her legs.

Mona looked up and saw immediately what was happening and watched as her daughter rigidly expended herself on her hand, and slowly topple to one side as the orgasm burst within her.

Levan was overwhelmed once more, watching a mother help her daughter get off, and felt the tingling of another climax working it’s way through his genitals. He picked up speed again, slamming into Mona's pelvis with abandon, his breath seething through clenched teeth as he held her in place. Mona's gasps became little shrieks as he fucked her ever harder until he slammed into her one last time and held himself there, his cock fountaining semen into her ravaged depths.

Mona, feeling the impropriety of a mother helping her daughter achieve orgasm, but this sense still buried beneath the cloud of pleasure, kept the position as the king emptied himself completely, feeling her tissues fill with his potency. When he released his held breath and his hold on her hips, Mona crawled forward off of his dick, her wide hips releasing his flesh, and her folds allowing his cum to dribble out of her as she crawled up to her daughter, who shivered and panted on the bed. As she panted out her pleasure, she brushed aside the hair from her daughter's face, feeling oddly close to her in a manner she hadn’t felt before.


The young woman opened her eyes at her mother's inquisitive voice, and rolled onto her back beneath her.

“I’m okay, mommy. Did he hurt you?”

“No baby, mommy's fine. You rest now, you’ve done so well.”

Petra nodded at her mother's praise and leaned up to her, pressing her young lips against Mona's own in a gentle kiss. Mona felt herself returning the kiss, pouring her reassurance and love into the gesture, pressing down until Petra lay back on the bed, then drawing away from her.

“My flower, you are too much.”

Mona turned on her hands and knees to look at Levan behind her. His slick cock drooped, half hard, and he all but weaved on his feet. Gita, who had watched the entire thing from the corner of the bed, showed up tactfully with a cupful of water from the decanter in the corner, offering it to Levan as he looked around for his clothes.

“Some water, my king,” she said in a demure voice.

After drinking, Levan spoke to Gita, “Were you watching and learning?”

“Yes I was!” Gita returned sincerely, her eyes shifting between Mona, who was still on her hands and knees on the bed, and the king, who still breathed hard from his exertions.

“Good girl. Mona is someone who you can learn from, pay attention to what she says.”

Mona shook her ass from side to side as she looked back around her shoulder, and as Gita and Levan looked at her, a wad of semen trickled from Mona's exposed pussy. With a smirk, the king handed back his cup and picked up his clothes, only bothering to don his pants before turning to leave.

“Good-night, my lovely ladies,” he said, which was replied to by a chorus of ‘good-night!’s from the women, and the beads clacked as he brushed them aside on his way through,.

That night, the king lay in his private bed, tired from his double release, but well sated.

He had told himself that once he had impregnated his whole harem he would turn his thoughts to other matters, primary among them the need to secure his territory, and to find himself a queen to sit beside him in the throne room and bear his heirs. He had no worries about the tactics and logistics of maintaining his borders, he had competent generals. But the more he thought about taking a wife, the more the image of Mona snuck into his mind, the way she submitted voluntarily to him and served well as head of his harem, the sincerity to her sexuality and the forward nature of her personality were attractive aspects to him, and try as he might, he could not shake her from his mind.

He shook his head in the darkness. His mind had just been blown by double ejaculations and the behavior of horny women, so he knew that his perspective was askew. So he quit thinking about wives and whores and harems for the evening, trying instead to merely sleep.

But while he quit thinking about his harem, Mona kept entering his thoughts, and the vision of her eyes locked onto his guided him into his dreams.

Mona and Petra both helped themselves to the bathing niche in the corner, cleaning their bodies with exotically scented soap provided to them specially by their king, silken rags gliding over their smooth skin. They helped each other clean, Mona paying special attention to her daughter's breasts, which picked up the shine of the candlelight on their impressive hemispheres, while Petra worked at cleaning her mother's neck and shoulders and arms. Mona caught herself spending too much time on her daughter's endowment, so she blinked and moved on, kneeling to clean her daughter's torso and legs.

“I didn’t know that I could ever feel so good,” Petra said as she watched her mother clean her.

“He felt that good inside you honey?” Mona asked, finishing cleaning one of Petra's legs.

“No- I mean, yes he felt amazing after the pain went away,” Petra stammered, lifting her foot so that Mona could clean it, “but when you sucked my boob, after that it just felt- it felt so good mommy!”

Mona looked up at her daughter, “Have you never touched yourself before?”

Petra shook her head, waiting for her mother's explanation with innocent wondering eyes. Mona marveled at the girl's purity, and felt a wave of sorrow as her mother that not only the young lady had to have such innocence broken, but that she was right there to watch it happen. She rose up out of the knee-deep water, soapy water cascading off of her rounded hips and running down her thighs, leaning over slightly to regard her daughter, her medium-sized breasts pressing together, and clasped her daughter's cheek with one hand, which Petra leaned into.

“I’ll teach you, baby, don’t you worry.”

They hugged, their wet flesh clinging to each other, and then rinsed and dried off with a thick cloth, then strode over to the bed, where Joan and Gita were talking with each other, still naked from when the king told them to bare their chests.

“…wait until next week when I usually have my flow, then ill find out. I want to be pregnant!” Gita was saying as Mona and Petra walked up to the side of the bed.

“Oh, we will get pregnant, I’m sure about that. It's our job now!” Joan said, drawing feminine giggles from each of the women.

“Keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll happen,” Mona said reassuringly to her charges as she leaned over to pick up a pillow that had fallen from the bed, returning it to its place.

“Mona,” Gita said, knee-walking across the bed to sit on her heels near her, arms on her thighs, which pushed out her large breasts as she spoke, “I wanted to thank you.”

Mona blinked, caught off guard, “Why, honey?”

“For being so reassuring to me from the day we got here. I was so scared but you helped me learn my new job and to not be afraid.”

Gita came closer, on her knees on the bed in front of where Mona stood, regarding her. They were at similar eye level like this, and Gita looked into Mona's eyes with the utmost of innocent trust and sincerity, but with something else underneath.

“Thank you,” Gita whispered before leaning forward and kissing Mona on the lips, a sensual, explorative suction that Mona allowed to happen. In truth, Mona was heavily attracted to Gita, in a weird motherly way, a similar way in which she now regarded her daughter: she would see no harm come to her but she wanted to give and receive deep pleasures from her. So she reached out and put her hands on the younger woman's ribs beneath her arms and pulled her close as they kissed, their breasts mashing against each other and their breaths hissing with need from their nostrils.

A squelching noise came from their mouths as they came apart finally, chests heaving as they came back to their senses. Mona grinned as she opened her eyes again, a feral slanted to her smile that hadn’t been there before. She hadn’t orgasmed yet today, despite being sexually stimulated, and now she had her chance.

Gita looked back at Mona from close range, her eyebrows depicting slight distress as she caught her breath. Mona looked down as she reached forward and grasped the younger woman's breast, satisfied that Gita didn’t pull away, but held herself out for Mona to have easy access to her chest.

“Mmmm-ahh!” Gita gasped as Mona's thumb flicked her nipple, exhaling a shaky breath.

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

Mona glanced over at her daughter at her elbow before turning back to Gita's eyes, “Mommy and Gita are going to have sex now. Watch what we do, you might learn something about women making love.”

Gita smiled and bit her lip before leaning in to nibble on Mona's earlobe, while Mona reached underneath the younger woman and diddled her clit, feeling her bites strengthen in response. Between slow-blinks, Mona saw her daughter walk around the bed to sit next to Joan, who was rubbing her own pussy as she watched Mona and Gita copulate. The girls exchanged shy smiles and a few low words as they pleasured themselves, watching the show that Mona and Gita were putting on.

“Nngghh,” came Gita's voice in her ear as Mona slipped a finger inside her, and Gita's hips immediately began gyrating on Mona's hand, her sensitive folds getting more wet by the second. Gita drew back and angled her head up with a short sigh as Mona found the younger woman's clit and began to swirl her fingers around it, Gita's hands gripping on Mona's shoulders

With a young woman who was expressive as Gita, it was no problem for Mona to watch the girl's movements and responses to her actions, and to physically manipulate her to orgasm. Steadily, Gita’s movements became more and more raw and urgent, her voice tinting her breath more and more loudly, her fingers digging into Mona's shoulders ever tighter, until she cried out and flexed on Mona's hand, copious fluid flowing from her pussy over Mona's hand as she peaked.

“Hmmm,” Mona said with a satisfied smile, and pushed Gita back so that she lay on her back, letting her down slowly, watching her breasts flatten out as she lay back.

“Good job, mommy!”

Mona glanced over at her daughter, who had her hand at her pussy alongside Joan, who was doing the same. Joan was a little older than Petra and she seemed to know what she was doing, so Mona was glad that Petra was learning from her.

Mona was possessed with need, now. She crawled up so that she straddled Gita's stomach, and put her hands on the girl's tits, which got her attention.

“I’m gonna sit on your face,” Mona said matter-of-factly to the girl as she kneaded her tits, to which Gita nodded and licked her lips, her breathing deep with anticipation. So, Mona knee-walked up to Gita's head and suspended her pussy above her face, one hand reaching out to the headboard for balance. Without asking if she was ready, Mona lowered herself until her pussy lips made contact with Gita's mouth, which immediately kissed her pussy and began to lick around.

Even though she would never admit it, Mona had never done something like this before, and was learning as she went. She had heard her former maids whisper about such acts, but now that Mona was in the business of sex, she figured that she might as well learn everything she could. Gita made wet sounds as she licked around Mona's womanhood, her small hands coming up and around to grasp Mona's thighs, pulling her against her mouth.


Mona gasped as she felt a thick trickle inside her, and lifted herself slightly as some of the king's wad slipped down her vagina, a pearly white gob leaking out from between her labia.

“Here you go, Gita,” Mona said as she squeezed out a sizeable portion of the king's wad, which stretched with gravity and finally dripped out and onto Gita's waiting tongue.

“King Levan's seed!” Gita said with it still in her mouth, a concerned look on her face as she rolled it around with her tongue, “shouldn’t that stay inside you?”

Smiling at Gita's innocence, Mona replied, “There’s more where that came from, don’t worry.”

Gita shrugged and closed her mouth, swishing the cum around before swallowing with relish.

“Maybe if I swallow some, it’ll help me make a baby with what’s already inside me!” she said happily.

With a laugh, Mona lowered herself back on the girl's face, who used her whole mouth to embrace Mona's pussy, which changed Mona's expression almost immediately. She was intent on the end now, and ground her snatch again Gita's face accordingly, using her contours to stimulate herself the way she needed to. She wasn’t far away, since so much sexual action had happened recently, and soon Mona felt herself building, building, building towards climax.

“Nnnngghhh-aaaahhhhh!” Mona yelled as she came hard on Gita's mouth and pressed the younger girl's head into the mattress, grinding her hips against the object of her pleasure as her orgasm came to head and began to subside.

A girlish wail came from off to the side, and Mona looked over, distracted as she was by her orgasm, to see Petra spasm with the first quake of her own climax, which seemed to set off Joan, who was right beside her, shivering and grunting as she came too. As she watched, Joan leaned over and roughly kissed Petra, who after a second of astonishment, accepted and returned the kiss, fondling Joan's tits as she leaned over her.

Mona sighed and got off of Gita, who let Mona's thighs slip out from her grasp.

“Wow-ee!” Gita said as Mona lay down beside her, catching her breath. Mona looked over and immediately suppressed a laugh; Gita’s face below her eyes was completely slick with Mona's juices, which didn’t diminish the bright smile that she wore.

“Ugh, I needed that,” Mona said, content in the afterglow of an orgasm.

“Ugh, me too,” Petra said, leaning against Joan's breast as they both recovered as well.

“Well I need to wash my face, who wants to help?” Gita said, springing up off the bed with youthful exuberance.

The women all proceeded to the bathing niche, where they cleaned each other up while giggling girlish and cooing as they touched each other. They dried each other off and settled into bed together as night drew on, eventually falling off to sleep one by one.

Mona always slept on the same side of the bed, with the girls to her left, and tonight was no different. She was asleep, she knew it, but she suddenly came awake as a man's hand grasped her hip and gently turned her on her back, pulling her towards the edge of the bed. She gasped as she came awake, but recognized her king's silhouette in the near darkness, and allowed her muscles to relax.

No words were spoken, the Levan knelt at the side of the bed, pulled off Mona's lower underwear, and dove onto her muff, his sopping tongue slipping between her folds. Mona drew in a breath and held it, her arms going above her head to grasp her pillow tightly before sighing out her voice-tinged breath.

Satisfactorily lubricated, the king took his mouth from her pussy and stepped between her knees, his form hunching to one side as he reached down. Mona bit her lip in the darkness as the man slipped his cock into her body and began to fuck her. The bed shook as he pounded her, she drew herself up on her elbows to better hold herself in place for him, her deep breaths drawing in his heady and potent scent.

His sweat dripped from his brow onto her breasts as he worked inside her, his motions becoming desperate as he neared his end, until finally he slammed into her one last time with a long groan emitting from his throat.

“Huhh!” Mona vocalized as the king's cock pulsated strongly in her warm, soft embrace, and she felt the king lay upon her body as he expended himself. His mouth found hers and they kissed passionately as he rode the height of his pleasure.

He sucked the breath from her lungs as his body demanded air, and they finally broke apart their lips, a small eternity spent between them in the last few minutes. Mona wrapped the king in her arms as he softened in the vagina, his breath hot on her neck, his hair damp with sweat.

“I’m leaving in the morning,” Levan's voice whispered in her ear as they lay together.

“Why, my king?” Mona asked in surprise.

“My kingdom is threatened, I must respond. I will be gone for many months, as it is across the region.”

She felt him shift upon her, and a circular shadow appeared over her as he held himself above her.

“I will not be taking my harem, but I expect to find you all large with child upon my return.”

“We will all bear healthy children for you, my king,” Mona replied, confident that they were all already pregnant.


He held himself above her for a moment longer before leaning down to kiss her, which she gladly returned.

“I will miss you.”

With those words the king pulled out of her and left the room.

Mona decided not to clean up and pulled the covers back over her, feeling the other women shift in the bed, whispers coming from the other side. Petra, who was right next to her, sidled closer under the covers until she was pressing against her mother.

“Mommy,” the young woman whispered, “can I taste it?”

Mona reached under the covers and found her daughters hand, pulling it over to Mona's sopping pussy, from which the king's fresh fluid still oozed. She felt Petra's fingers swipe through her snatch, enjoying the flickers of pleasure that such movements elicited, and sighed as Petra's fingers snuck into her vag. She reached up and played with Petra's hair as her daughter dug around in her pussy, her hips unconsciously flexing up and down on Petra's fingers.

“Don’t stop, baby,” Mona whispered urgently to her daughter.

Petra started curling her fingers, trying to pull out the king's semen, but inadvertently stimulating Mona's g-spot, causing her orgasm to inflate and grow.

Gripping the bed and her daughter's hair, Mona felt her pleasure burst, and she flexed once, twice on the bed, feminine squeaks escaping her despite trying to be quiet.

“Wow mommy, I could feel your pussy grabbing my finger,” Petra breathed in surprise as she quit scooping around and pulled her hand from Mona's wet crotch. As Mona basked in the warm light of her orgasm, she heard Petra suck on her fingers, humming in appreciation.

“Mmm, that’s tasty. You and him taste good together, mom!”

Mona's eyes came open. Something about the way her daughter had said that made her think. She clasped Petra to her as the girl snuggled close to her and fell asleep, but her mind thought of Levan. He could have had any of the nubile girls in this bed, but in the middle of the night he came to her, Mona, the oldest of the harem. Why? All Mona could think was that she had made an impression on him, and that she was on his mind.

She blushed in the darkness. Being an object of the king's attention was heady enough, but to be on his mind in the small hours of the night? That meant she was special to him somehow, and she liked that thought.

She fell asleep with a smile gracing her face, as she lay there holding her daughter, the king's semen wriggling through all their cervixes as they drifted off to sleep.

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