Out on the town

My name is jophine but every one calls me jo I'm 21 and live in a big city i live a fast pace life as I'm a nurse In a trama er ..

I am fairly average in size being 5'5 and a 145 lbs I have a full bust thick thys and a decently round butt.. I don't really date much I work alot and when I not working i to go out dancing..

My boss was giving me a hard time about taking time off as I built up some paid time off so I took a long weekend off and planned on going out on the town on a Friday witch is wild and I never get enjoy.

I got of work late Thursday and just went home . When I got home I ran a bath and stripped down as I walked around the house grabbing things I needed.. I lowered my self in to the hot bath feeling the worm water on my pussy turned me on more then I realized.. its been a while since anyone has touched me as I sunk further into the tub I thought about a strong man sneaking in to my apartment and having his way with me I began to rub my clit thinking about his strong hands grabbing me my the hair and bending me over the tub and slamming hus cock into me and the more I thought about the wetter I got I was rubbing my clip with one had and fingering my tight hole with the other then the thought of him slamming his cock into my ass just put me over the top as I had an amazing orgasm . I finished my bath and went to bed with the thought still lingering in my head ..

I wake the next morning to my friend calling to see if we were still going out tonight I let her know that we were and I'd see her later.. I get up and make breakfast and then I began to find what I'm going to where tonight I ended up deciding on some black fish net stockings short leather skirt and a brink pink crop top with black boots.. I get some things done around the house and before I know it its time to get ready ..

Me and my friend let's call her shy were at a busy club having a good time and this man started buying my drinks and we were making small talk.. decided to take him on the dance floor and instead of dancing he was groping me and I pulled away and he grabbed me by the waist and told me not to fight it or I'd regret it .. he continued his assault on my body at some point I felt super dizy and next in I'm a strange place omg I've been kid napped.. it was quiet and seemed as if I was alone I began to haller hello any one here hello and still quiet .. I stand up and try to walk around to find my self chained to a bed welded to the floor after a few mins the man appeared I'm sure he was hear the whole time I just couldn't see him the room was pretty dim as their were only a few candles lit..

[ ] He came up to me and gently grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and told me if I was a good girl he'd let me go but if I resisted in any way he'd hurt me in ways I've never imagined.. I naturally a submissive said yes sir.. he then told me to remove my clothing I struggled because of the chin on my leg he told me he'd remove it if I promised to behave I nodded in compliance then Finnished removing my clothing .. he then told me to kneel before him like the slut I was l listened but I felt a growing hunger in my pussy was this making me wet, but he kidnapped me , my mind was racing but not wanting to anger him I just looked up at him waiting for my next command he then pulled out his rock hard cock fairly large and thick, he told me to suck his dick like I wanted to live so I slowly began to lick and kiss the head UT I could see him growing Inpatient I then started sucking his head and slowing taking more of his cock getting his cock super wet I stroked his shaft with one hand and sucked his head while I grabbed his balls with my other hand suckling faster and harder making him let out a loud moan I that moment I felt my pussy dripping down my leg I was very turned on ..

he grabbed my face and told my to place my hands behind my back and not to move them as he was going to fuck my face I did as I was told , he began to fuck my face bairly touching the back of my throat in the start making me lightly gag he then started fucking my face harder and deeper till he was all the way down my throat I wanted to push him away but didn't know what punishment that would intail so I just let this man fuck my face hard and deep, when he had enough of my mouth he stud me to my feet and tied my hands as they remained behind my back and walked me over to the bed , he bent me over the foot bord of the bed and spread my legs as far as the would go and hooked my ankles to a spreader bar so I could close my legs even if I wanted to ..

he then told me he was going to fuck any hole he wanted for the remainder of the night and slammed his rock hard cock deep into my pussy once he felt how wet I was he grabbed my hair and asked me "are you enjoying your self whore" I shyly answer him and told him I did.. so he fucked me even harder then he suddenly stopped for what seemed for several minutes I then felt something cold touching my ass he said just relax it'll be ok told me to spit on it or was going in dry I realized it was a steal but plug so I did as I was told and he shoved it into my virgen ass as I was always scared of ass play, I cried out as it stretched my asshole in ways I've never felt then it plopped in and the pain was subsiding he went back to fucking my pussy and I felt a pleasure I've never felt before and I was on brink of an orgasm and he knew it so he fucked me even harder . I came so hard like never before he laughed and smacked my tits hard as he continued to fuck me and pull my hair then he run his finger down my back to my ass and spead my ass cheaks so he could see the plug wedged in my ass he slowly grabbed and pulled the plug out my ass and placed it in my mouth ..

He then dumped something wet that I assumed was lub down my ass Crack rubbing my puckering asshole telling me how much he was going to love taking my ass tonight he pulled his pulsing cock out my pussy and rubbed the head on my ass I flinched at the feeling it was a new feeling and before I could even think about it he pumped hard on time forcing me to yelp and his cock to go deep into my asshole . He didn't even wait for me to relax or adjust to his cock being deep in my ass and started fucking my ass hard pulling my arms like handle bars for his pleasure but as fast as it hurt the pleasure begin he was fucking my ass hard and I was about to explode I'm now moaning in great pleasure he then smacks my ass hard tells me take thid fat cock in your ass slut .

and in that moment a life shattering orgasm rocked my entire body I was squirting all over the floor his feet and legs .. he told me I was a good slut now that I had mine he was going to get his and fucked me with all his force deep in my ass hole he came hard I could feel my ass filling and his cock throbbing he pulled his dick out of my ass and unhooked my hands and feet .. he then offered to feed me and if I wanted to shower and told me their was water on the bed side table .. this man who kidnapped me was being kind and I wanted to be a good girl for him so I drank some water and he took me to shower and got me some clean cloths from his closet fed me and took me home and that yall is how I met my husband.

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