Pregnant Indian Slut

Raksha Balaji had to be the most attractive girl at Temple University in Philly. The only problem was that she was a huge hoe. It was rare that she would be sober. She was constantly high, drunk or both. The entire time I knew her she was hooking up with strangers at parties until she finally found a fuckbuddy. It broke my heart because despite her being a whore, I had a massive crush on her. It seemed hopeless though. How could I win over the heart of a party girl who was only interested in sex and already had a fuckbuddy?

Fortunately my chance came when I heard from a friend that she was looking for a boyfriend. Her fuckbuddy got a girlfriend and she was left feeling jealous and lonely. We were both sophomores at Temple and I had gotten her number from a business class project. It was time to make a move. I called her up and asked her out to dinner. To my surprise she sounded ecstatic! I was her type after all, a tall white guy with brown eyes and black hair.

“Hey Noah,” Raksha cooed as she sat down. I had invited her to a casual Mexican restaurant but of course she came dressed elegantly. Her makeup was done to make her look like a movie star. Raksha is a flawless looking Indian girl with creamy brown skin, long black hair and dark brown eyes. Her most incredible feature was her massive tits. Raksha is only five feet tall and super skinny. She’s a tiny little stick yet she was somehow blessed with D cup breasts. This unusual proportion caused all her clothing to fit awkwardly. They didn’t make clothing for tiny people with enormous boobs. This lead to all of her tops and dresses squeezing her big tits. Most of her shirts became midriff bearing simply because of the grand size of her breasts. On our date she was wearing a silky pink dress that clung to her chest and rode up a bit though still covered her ass.

“Damn you look amazing,” I gasped. Raksha smiled sweetly back at me.

“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself!” Raksha blushed. She placed a mini black purse at the edge of the table and stared at me longingly as if she had something to say. At first I ignored her lustful stares but by the end of our meal I had to know what was up.

“Are you alright? You were unusually quiet at dinner,” I asked cautiously. We were currently walking back to her dorm room.

“I’m fine, I’m just nervous. To be honest being in a relationship really scares me. I definitely like you but knowing you like me is hard to think about. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I want to do.” Raksha peered at the sidewalk as we neared her dorm building.

“We don’t have to be boyfriend-girlfriend, we can just go on fun dates and figure out what we are later,” I suggested.

Raksha grinned and took my hand. “That sounds good to me. Thank you for dinner. I was wondering though, you know I’ve fucked a ton of guys in the past?”

I tried to smile but it was awkward. “Yeah,” I replied slowly.

“Yet you still wanna be with me?” She asked with big puppy dog eyes.

“Of course, you’re gorgeous and so interesting. Everyday you work toward your dreams of being a top class business woman!”

She giggled. “Alright then, how about you teach me how to be in a relationship and I’ll teach you how to fuck?”

I was shocked by her forwardness but I was dealing with a slut. “Oh I know how to fuck!” I answered in a bragging tone. “But deal.”

Before I knew it I was in Raksha’s dorm room. She had pushed me onto her bed and we were making out. I’m pretty sure I just agreed to be her fuckbuddy instead of her boyfriend but I wasn’t complaining. Raksha ground her clothed pussy against my erect cock. It didn’t feel too good when I was still wearing jeans. “I haven’t had dick in so long,” Raksha begged. She scooted off me to undo my belt. In a flash she practically ripped off my jeans. She was such a hoe for white cock. “I’ll suck your dick if you suck my tits?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I laughed as I forcefully removed her dress. I could tell she liked it kinda rough so I wasn’t worried about being careful. Once her elegant pink dress was gone I was shown the wettest pussy I’ve ever seen. I placed my fingers to feel her drenched panties. Suddenly Raksha clamped her thighs together to trap my hand on her puss.

“Ohh fuck, never mind the sucking, I need a good fucking right the hell now!” Raksha moaned. Her hands flew to her snatch, in an instant her panties and bra were gone. I couldn’t help myself. I sat up, whipped off my shirt and dove in to suck on her fat brown nipples. She shrieked as I collapsed on top of her. My right hand rubbed her left nipple, playing with her giant boobs. Raksha gasped and moaned as her legs wrapped around me. I felt her hands grab my head and pull me into her chest. I sucked and licked her breasts until neither of us could wait any longer. Raksha got up as we switched positions so she could ride me. Nothing was hotter than watching her impale herself on my cock. She let out a shriek of satisfaction. Afterward it was off to the races as Raksha ground her pussy on me. I was surprised at her skill and how hard she could take it. It wasn’t long until I felt my balls boil, waiting to release cum. I looked up to watch Raksha’s mammoth tits bounce wildly while her flat stomach didn’t budge at all. I firmly placed a hand on each of her asscheeks as I got ready for our climax. She didn’t have a big ass but it was decent, especially for her tiny size. I held onto that ass for dear life as Raksha started bucking more frantically.

“I’m cumming! Fuck you, I’m cumming!” Raksha gasped. Her pussy clamped down on my shaft as I felt a torrent of pussy honey flow out.

“I’m cumming too,” I replied. It was true, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Raksha slapped her ass downward and leaned forward. Her massive tits were right in my face. She moaned as I pumped my hot seed inside her warm welcoming womb. I held her there for a moment, feeling her enormous breasts pressed on my chest. Raksha licked and sucked at my neck. I rubbed her whole body with my hands. I loved her soft creamy brown skin. We cuddled and made out until we were ready to go at it again.

I ended up blasting Raksha’s pussy several times that night. She loved how rough I was when we did it doggy style. I showed no mercy and pounded her sweet pussy until we both came. Raksha screamed with delight. I’ve never met anyone capable of going so many rounds. She had an amazing sex drive. It was no wonder she was a hoe. I rubbed her ass and gave it a slap. I wished she would be my hoe. Raksha clung onto me and we slept naked together in her small dorm bed. Looking at her pussy and mouth overflowing with my cum I thought, maybe she already was my hoe.

We ended up hooking up after every date. It was easier to count the days we didn’t have sex than the days we did. I’m not sure if she loved me or if she just loved the sex. We were together almost everyday until winter break came along. I didn’t see Raksha for a month. When we reunited back at school Raksha was as horny as ever. We didn’t even go out first, she pushed me into her room and immediately started taking off her clothes. I smiled and got undressed myself. I climbed onto her bed and turned around to see Raksha completely nude but she looked different. She had put on weight. Her thighs were thicker and rubbed together, her ass was fuller and her already large tits had gone up a cup size. The biggest change was in her bloated belly. Raksha used to be a tiny stick figure now she was still tiny but with some serious curves.

I got off the bed and went to hug Raksha’s new rounded form. Her soft body was incredible. I couldn’t help myself and rubbed her slightly rounded, chubby belly. When I did I found it firm, not jiggly. My mouth dropped.

“Are you pregnant?” I gasped.

Raksha huffed. “No you dick, I just gained weight over the holidays, you don’t have to rub it in!” She was obviously annoyed. “I’ve been having unprotected sex for years, what makes you think you’re so special that you could knock me up?”

It started to make sense. She was in denial. Raksha must’ve gotten pregnant early on and started to show during winter break. Now she’s around four or five months along. Throughout the conversation I was rubbing or investigating her body. Her belly was so swollen it was inches away from sticking out past her enormous tits. I felt Raksha’s brown bulge. It didn’t feel like fat at all, she had to be pregnant. “When did you last have your period?” I interrogated.

Raksha swiped my hand away from her stomach. “Excuse you, I’m not fucking pregnant! If you don’t like my body anymore then you can fuck someone else!”

I didn’t believe her. “Answer my question.”

“I don’t know! I can’t remember,” Raksha paused then quietly added, “a couple months ago?”

My heart beat faster. “Are you serious? You’re definitely pregnant! You haven’t had your period in God knows how long, your sex drive is off the charts, and you’re fucking showing!”

Raksha burst out crying. “No I’m not pregnant!”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because I can’t be!” Raksha sobbed. “My parents are stereotypical strict Indian parents. They’ll kill me! They don’t even know I’m sexually active. I don’t even know if they’ll like you because I don’t know but I think they always wanted me to be with an Indian boy. If I’m pregnant my life is over! I’ll have to drop out of college and I can’t even smoke or drink!”

Finally she had broken. She did know she was pregnant. Raksha simply couldn’t bare to believe it. It was time she accepted it and started to work things out. We had a long talk and decided that we would put the baby up for adoption. We were obviously not responsible enough to raise a child. Eventually Raksha calmed down and her sexual appetite returned. Toward the end of our conversation Raksha was steadily stroking my cock as we sat next to each other. I smiled and reached over to rub her beautiful belly.

“Would some dick make you feel better?” I laughed.

Raksha beamed. “It’s been a month, Noah, I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny before in my fucking life!” She got up and sat on my lap, resting my hard dick between her plump asscheeks. I reached around to play with her massive tits while she grinded on me. The feeling of her soft flesh against me was irresistible. My fingertips slowly worked their way down from her nipples to her round belly. I loved her pregnant body. I couldn’t believe she was growing my baby inside her.

“How are you able to get it up?” Raksha panted as her ass slapped against my legs. “I was so afraid you’d think I’m too fat or pregnant.”

“It’s impossible to be too pregnant and you’re not fat at all. The extra weight is so sexy on you! Your tits, ass, and thighs are so full and round. I absolutely love your pregnant tummy. There’s just something about it that makes me want to fuck you while holding that belly of yours!” I replied probably too honestly.

Raksha moaned from my words. “Mmm, you love that you got me preggo don’t you? That’s why you can still get it up. You love seeing the changes your dick made to my body. You love my belly swelling with your child. It turns you on doesn’t it?”

I lost it. She was right about everything. I picked her off of my lap and put her on the floor. Raksha immediately got into doggy style position. Her enormous breasts hung off her body as her belly bulged outward even more. I couldn’t resist my beautiful pregnant girlfriend. I grabbed her waist and plunged my hard cock deep into her pregnant pussy. Raksha howled. Her whole body bucked backwards along with my thrusts. She was real horny, it had been a long time since she had fucked me. My dick made sloshing noises as it plowed her dripping wet cunt. Sex with Raksha was even better with her pregnant. I smacked her fat ass which used to be boney. My hands pawed at Raksha’s new thick body. I loved being able to feel her body up. She moaned whenever I played with her humongous tits. I couldn’t wait to suck milk from them once she starts lactating. They were always gigantic, I wondered just how much larger they’d get.

“Oh fuck it’s been too long I’m cumming already!” Raksha called as her pussy clamped and gushed around my cock. I moved my hands to hold Raksha by her round, brown belly. It was unbelievably soft. I slammed away at her wet cunt even faster. I could feel Raksha’s big titties bounce all over. I stroked her gently swelling belly as I finally reached my own orgasm. She gasped feeling my hot seed rush into her already pregnant womb. I gave her newly thickened ass a nice smack. It left a sweet reddish mark on her flawless light brown skin.

Raksha cooed and rolled onto her back laying with her belly facing the ceiling. I cuddled up to her on the floor. Her tummy looked a lot smaller while laying like this. I could see how she could easily hide her pregnancy for now. I held her body close to mine. She turned around and pressed her massive tits and slightly rounded belly into my body as she held me close too. We made out while we embraced awkwardly on the floor. Our hands explored each other’s bodies. I loved her pregnant curves. She used to be so petite everywhere except her tits. Now everything was round and curvy, even her belly! I felt up her thick thighs and plump rump. I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to leave her alone while she was pregnant. I sucked on her large nipples while massaging her growing brown breasts. In that moment I knew I would fuck her everyday of her pregnancy.

Months Later

Raksha appeared as though she would explode at any second. Not only was she now 9 months pregnant but she also refused to purchase larger clothing. She refused due to her denial that she was truly massive and because she didn’t want to spend money on clothes she’d only wear for a month or two. Being a rail thin stick with tits, Raksha was used to clothes lasting forever and only went shopping for fun or fashion, not necessity. This was alright with me. I loved Raksha’s huge pregnant body. Currently she was wearing an old T-shirt which struggled to cover her enormous tits. They were always huge but with pregnancy they were now 36DDD and leaking milk. She flaunted her tits around, knowing how much I loved them. Obviously with a small shirt like that almost her entire pregnant belly was showing. It was incredible. Raksha had gotten so big that we suspected it was twins. We were wrong. The Doctor informed us it was only one baby, some women simply carry a little big.

Raksha walked sexily towards her bed. Her thighs were now thicc and rubbed together while she moved, especially in the sleek black yoga pants she was wearing. It was amazing how they hugged all her new curves. Raksha never had an ass before, now it was quite plump. Her yoga pants were stretched so thin by her growing ass and thighs that they were practically see-through. My favorite part was how Raksha’s big golden-brown belly hung over her pants. That’s why she looked ready to explode: her huge tummy couldn’t be contained and the rest of her body strained the clothes she was wearing, waiting to be released.

I was sitting on her bed naked and waiting. Once Raksha was close enough she hopped on the bed and pushed me over. I watched as she undressed herself while sitting in between my legs. Finally all her soft jiggling flesh was freed from their tight confines. She noticed my large erection and smiled.

“I’m so glad you love my big round body,” Raksha smirked. She crawled towards me slowly, letting me admire her enormous swaying tits. I was surprised when I felt her belly rub against my stiff cock. She pressed her pregnant tummy all along the length of my shaft before raising herself up to ride me.

“I love how you’re constantly turned on by my baby bump, did you like when I rubbed it on your cock?” Raksha teased. She aimed my dick and guided herself on top. I placed my hands on her fat ass as she began to bounce up and down on my dick.

“Yeah that was definitely unexpected,” I finally answered. I was too in awe of her incredible curves and amazing pussy to reply faster.

“Mmmm maybe I should give you a belly job later,” Raksha cooed. I squeezed her thick ass at the thought of her rubbing me off with her giant golden pregnant belly. She laughed as her tits bounced wildly. Milk began to leak out of them as she grew more excited. Her tummy was rubbing against my body as she rode me. I was in heaven and Raksha could tell.

“You like me pregnant so much and fuck me so good, I feel like you’re gonna knock me up again right after this baby, huh? You gonna keep me constantly pregnant so I’ll get curvier and thicker and I’ll always have a big belly for you to love?” Raksha remarked between gasps. I had no clue if she wanted that to happen or was just playing with my pregnancy fetish but either way I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to hear what she had in store. Something about how she said it... made it seem like she was issuing a challenge...

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