Rachel is ready for more

I left Kay pleased, breathing heavy and feeling well used. When I walked outside my wife and her husband (Randy)were nowhere to be seen. I expected they were playing around some where so I was quiet when I walked in the house.

Just as I thought, I found them having sex in the living room,so I just stood back and watched.Since I just spent an hour pleasing Kay, I didn’t think they would still be going at it,but I was wrong.

Now I had wished that I could see them together ,now my wish had come true.Rachel was sitting on his lap, but not facing him. I could not see his face but by the way he was fast fucking her I could almost imagine.

Rachel was in the state of lust herself with her eyes were shut and riding him hard. Randy had his hands on her chest squeezing her small breasts while she had her fingers deep in her pussy. Strangely all I could see was his balls and her fingers knuckle deep in her pussy and then she lifted up some.

“Oh wow” I thought she was taking him in her ass.I watched for a little while longer then decided to back away. Before I could back away to far the voices became louder .The language I heard was something I never thought Rachel would say.

“Fuck me baby, fuck my ass hard” she said several times before she said “yes , faster you bastard, cum in me”.

“Oh baby you have a tight ass”Randy said ,” faster, you bet”. They were really quite vocal on what they wanted . When I heard them screaming that they both were cumming I went back to the door and waited. After I heard them calm down I opened and shut the door hard“I am home” I said and waited.

“We are in here honey,”Rachel called out ,then when I walked in the room she stood up. Still straddling his lap she said “look what he just did to me"she said . She had a finger pointing to the string of cum that was leaking from her ass. “He came in my ass”she said with a big smile”look at all this cum”.

She then stepped away and kissed him while giving his cock a few strokes then said, “I think your done”. She gave him another kiss then walked over to me .After she kissed me she whispered “there is no cum in my pussy so you can eat me later”.She then threw her robe on and helped Randy with his jeans , then led him out.

She then walked up behind me while I was getting more coffee and put her arms around me.”How did it go with Kay , did you give her what she has been needing. What I mean is that she told me she hasn’t had a big cock in a while,I hope you did”.

I turned around handing her some coffee and said “I sure did , but I didn’t get it that far in, man is she tight”.

“I figured that,Randy has a small thin cock,but it fit nicely in my butt,”She smiled and said “I could actually feel him inside me this time”.She took a drink telling me she was going to do him that way all the time . “I could feel his cock pulsating when he began to cum,I couldn’t the last time”.

I smiled and sat down telling her I liked they way she is so eager to have sex again.”I wished I would have been here to see just how much you liked it” I said “ I like seeing you happy”.

We talked openly for a while until she decided to take a shower . After we both got cleaned up we had to go to her mom’s for her Sunday dinner. “Can you sit okay in the car? “ asked her, opening the door .

“Oh shut up” she said with a giggle,”and don’t get any ideas ,you'll never have your's in there”.As we were driving we were commenting on how everything has changed. Some of the places we use to go ,the areas, and even the landscape had a different look about them. One thing that hasn’t changed much was our love for one another.

“ I love you more ,it just gets better each day”.Rachel then paused. “You don’t think swinging with others will change us do you” she said “ I am not too concerned are you”?

“You have changed” I said “but I like how you have changed”.

Rachel giggled “yes I like how I have changed myself,who would have ever thought I would let you have sex with other people. These last couple of days I have enjoyed giving myself to Randy, I also want to meet other men , you know they say variety is the spice of life .

It was a nice meal with her mom and dad ,the homestead brought back a lot of memories. After leaving we started talking about the things we had done here and there,and that's when I made a turn.I took a back road that led to the far edge of their property and pulled into an old lane.

"Remember this place “I said to Rachel '' remember when your dad caught us in the back seat'' .I parked the car and gave her a kiss”I thought I was screwed, but he didn’t say a thing”.

“He may not have said anything to you ,but I got an earful from both mom and dad.I was grounded for a week”Rachel said “the loneliest week of my life”.She then laughed “This is also where we made the boys, who would have thought they would be twins”.

“It was a good thing that they liked me”I said “even after they found out you were pregnant.I remember that camper he parked there. He said messing around in the camper would much more enjoying”.I got out and walked around to Rachel’s side “come on let's go for a walk”.

Rachel got out and giggled “should we get naked and walk down to the creek some time. I wonder if kids still swim there”she said "then probably not".She leaned back against the car and pulled me close to her”I still love you”she said.”All these years , and all these memories ,it’s been a wonderful life with you”.

Rachel put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer to her ,I then giggled and gave her a deep kiss. “I remember getting mad at you the first time you wanted me to suck your dick” she said. “I wouldn’t talk to you for a few days, I would never have thought that now I would be wanting to ”.

“I remember the first time you slapped me when I did this,” I said ,undoing her pants , slipping my hand inside .There was no slap this time ,she just spread her legs wide and took a deep breath.” I never thought you would ever let me eat you” I whispered as I began finger fucking her .

Rachel kissed me “does that mean you're going to do it “she said then pushed me back.She smiled then pulled her pants off one leg,letting me pick her up. I sat her down on the hood of my car then began licking up and down on her pussy.

Rachel then leaned back, putting her legs over my shoulders,she closed her eyes .With a big smile on her face she pulled my head down between her thighs.I have never thought she would be letting me do this to her, but thanks to Randy I now can.I have never realized that she wasn’t tight until I put a finger in Kay just this morning . I easily had two fingers inside Rachel and she was getting wetter by the minute.

I was looking up through her red bush comparing it to Kay’s when Rachel said “I should get that waxed don’t you think”?

I moved my mouth away and ran my fingers up and down in her fur. “You must be a mind reader”I said "I would love that .We both laughed then she took a deep breath when I started fingering and licking her again.

I had no interest in slipping my cock inside her ,my main goal was to get her to cum. Apparently Rachel was focusing on getting off as well .The way she way she was fingering herself was awesome to see.I was so glad that she has small breasts , I could easily see over them.I watched her thrash her head from side to side and how her expressions change.

I now had my hands pulling her small lips to the side with my thumbs inside her wet hole. It still left room for her fingers getting herself off.Seeing her increasingly getting wetter and occasionally just rubbing on her clit was definitely making me hard.

I was hoping to have her give me a blow job when she is done . I am so glad that she has found that sucking cock was something she liked to do.

When she started cussing and ordering me to do it faster I knew she was getting close. When she yelled out fuck me and grabbed my head she just about broke my neck .She had grabbed my head hard and leaned over me,cussing as she humped my face .She was cumming and cumming hard pushing out her warm juices my face.

Thankfully she didn’t keep the pressure on me long before laying back on the hood breathing heavily. I continued licking in and out of her while she was telling me how good I was .As she was running her fingers through my hair she was giggling telling me how much she loves getting eaten like that.

When she finally calmed down I stood up and kissed her,but her kisses were more passionate. Between her kisses she was saying she loved me over and over. She also told me that I was so much better than Randy. When I stood back and unzipped my pants I asked her if she was ready to give me a blow job.

Unfortunately she shook her head and said “no,let's go home i will do you there”. I helped her with her pants and into the car.”I love you” she kept saying even after she laid her head in my lap. As I drove home she was sleeping soundly , I knew she would suck me off when she woke up.

What surprised me though is that she started sucking me in the driveway,and then on the porch.It seemed as if she was hoping that Randy would see her and come out to join us, but he didn't.

I actually wouldn’t mind at all if he did come out,seeing her suck both of us would be pretty awesome.

I finally did cum and after filling her mouth she swallowed and gave me a kiss. But inside she stripped naked in the kitchen and took me to the bedroom.It was there where we spent the next hour fucking until i filled her pussy.

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