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I think it all started that evening in the pub. A typical Friday evening. Two hours after I had arrived at David's place we headed down to the Fox. Food, booze, good banter with his friends. They had quickly accepted me and we always had a good time.

While standing at the bar with Ryan I noticed her talking to David. One swift glance and I knew that she was all that I wasn't. She had long blonde hair, excellent make up, manicured hands. Her slender figure with large tits was emphasised by a white, tight fitting blouse and a short black skirt that revealed her tanned legs. Even with her high heels she had to look up to him.

“That's Eve”. Ryan had followed my gaze. “She's been seeing him for the last two weeks.” I just nodded, turned back to my cider. David had not mentioned that he was seeing someone. But I could understand that he was.

I reached for my tobacco in the side pocket of my combat pants and made a roll up. “Be right back.” Careful I made my way through the crowd. Maybe this would be my last stay here. Maybe she was the reason he had asked me to come this weekend instead of the last one. Leaning against the wall of the pub I lit my fag and inhaled deep. Should I even stay this whole weekend or leave tomorrow?

Ryan and Mick approached me. Damn, all I wanted was a few moments on my own.

“Women just can't. That's a fact.” Mick sounded so sure of himself that I looked at him. “What?” “Drink. They stick to wine and such and still get drunk.”

I laughed. “Yeah, wine gets me drunk every time. Vodka or whisky is different.”

“As if,” he grunted. I smiled. “I had two cider so far, two ale for you?” As he nodded, I grinned. “Choose your poison. I bet I can at least drink as much, if not more than you.”

“Vodka, loser pays.” I nodded. “Seems fair.”

I finished my smoke and followed them inside. Mick ordered a bottle of vodka and two glasses.

David was still talking to Eve. She laughed, a soft, sweet sound.

I drowned my first glass in one big gulp. The vodka burned down my throat, but I welcomed the sensation.

The first bottle vanished while we were bantering away. A second bottle appeared. The last thing I could remember clearly was the start of a discussion about giving head and swallowing cock.

The knock on my door woke me. One quick glance at my watch confirmed what I had already suspected. Friday night, closer to Saturday morning.

Someone opened the door. A shadow was cast by the light from outside. None of my flatmates. My friends were out drinking. “What?” I turned on the light. David. It felt like a Deja vu. Four weeks ago, I had left his flat knowing that I would not see him again. But here he was.

“Hey”, he smiled at me, dropped his bag at the door. “Hey.” I sat up in bed, pulled my legs up to my chest. Thoughts racing through my head I could just stare at him. Why was he here? What should I do? What did he expect from me?

With a sigh he sat down on my bed. “We need to talk, MacDonald.” I just nodded. Should I be grateful for that? That he had the decency to tell me in person that our friendship was over? Maybe.

“You did not pick up the phone, you did not come.” he sounded reproachful. “And your texts have been more frequent.”

I shrugged. “Yeah, sorry, I was busy, thought it was better this way”, I mumbled.

“Instead of talking to me?” His eyebrow rose. I bit my lip.

“And I thought after the last time you knew that you can talk to me.” Now my eyebrows rose. The last time we had talked about anything serious was ages ago.

Suddenly he laughed. “I should have known. You don't remember.”

“What?” My voice was flat. There were two occasions I could not remember. The weekend when I had slept off my flu and the night of my drinking game with Mick.

He shook his head, grinned his boyish grin. Slowly he reached out, laid a hand on my cheek. For a moment I relinquished the feeling, THEN I pulled my head away.

David nodded, as if he had expected that. “I know that you are not into romantics.” It was a plain statement. And he was right. “But you like to be fucked, to be kissed, to be loved.” I opened my mouth to reply but he placed a finger on my lips.

“Hush. You are so good at hiding, you even fooled me. I didn't kiss you because I thought it would be too intimate for your liking. I did not want to drive you away.”

I gulped. Unable to say anything I just looked at him. Why did he tell me? Now. Me. When he had a girl like Eve at home.

“I don't know if we can make it work. But again, if we don't TRY, we never find out.” My confusion must have shown clearly on my face, for he laughed again.

“What I am trying to tell you, MacDonald, is that I care a hell of a lot for you. I miss you, when you are not around.” he laughed. “Maybe I am not the perfect boyfriend, not buying flowers and such or talking sweet nonsense just to get you into my bed.”

I shook my head. “That's not important,” Now I laughed, bit my lip again. “Or are they?”

He smiled. “Not to you. And that is important. You are different. You don't expect a fancy dinner just to kiss a guy.”

“I knew there was something wrong with me”, I joked and smiled at him.

“There is just one thing wrong with you.” David replied gravely. “You didn't talk to me. You don't know your worth. At least to me.”

“You mean along with having next to no tits and not behaving like a woman?” Too late I realized that I sounded bitter, hurt.

He grabbed my jaw, forced me to look him in the eyes. “Whenever we fucked you behave like a woman. When you fall asleep in my arms you are a woman. Don't push me away because you think you aren't worth it.”

I tried to nod, closed my eyes. “Maybe I'm just scarred.” I murmured. “Aren't we all, sometimes?” his reply was soft, and I sighed, opened my eyes again. “I'm sorry. I”, I gulped. “I thought you wanted her, didn't want to be in your way.”

“But you are. So, will you give us a try?”

Chewing my lower lip, I closed my eyes again. There was nothing I wanted more. But could it, would it work? Miles apart, age gap – only eight years – and basically having different lives. If I said yes, what would change? What would he expect? Holding hands, kissing? I felt him move. Just as I opened my mouth to reply his phone rang.

“Damn,” he swore, let go of my jaw and got up. I opened my eyes again. Save for now.

“Yeah?” he answered briefly, listened. “No, I'm fine.” Looking at him I was wondering who that could be. His whole pose was tense. Some emergency? I could not recall a single occasion when someone had called him at this time of night.

“No,” a short pause, “No, I am with my girlfriend.” My heart skipped a beat. He still was the arrogant bastard, being so cocksure of himself.

Then I heard the scream from the other end of the call. Female and really pissed off. David turned around and winked at me. Trying to stifle a laugh I got up.

“Maybe, I don't know yet.” He rolled his eyes. “Anyway, have a nice time, see you.” I could still hear her raging as he hung up and switched the phone off.

“You are not a nice guy.” I grinned. “No, but I let you in on a big secret – nice guys never get the girl they want.”

“But you do?”

With just a few steps he was in front of me and laid his hands on my hips. “I really hope so.” He smiled. “Even if she is not like a girl.”

Frowning I looked away. “So,” I sighed, “if MR. not so nice guy gets his not like a girl... how can that work out?”

“They will have fun, as they have now, maybe see more of each other. Make it known to their friends. No more hiding, more talking.”

I smiled. “I can try.”

He smiled back, pulled me close. Licking my lips, I looked up. Why was I so nervous? We had been fucking for the last months. Slowly he bend his head down. I felt his fast breath on my face. His warm hands slid under my shirt.

“We'll make it work,” he whispered. I felt his lips moving before they touched mine.

The very instant our lips touched I opened my mouth. David chuckled. So long had I been waiting for this. It felt even better than I had imagined.

Our tongues touched between our lips. The sensation sent shivers down my spine. Opening my mouth even wider I gave him access. While his hands ran over my back, he explored my mouth.

Way too early he broke the kiss and smiled at me. “So, it is official now?”

I laughed, looked in his deep blue eyes. “Guess so. Are you buying me dinner now? OH, and I saw these lovely shoes the other day.”

The look of confusion n David's face made me laugh again. “Or, you could just fuck me here and now.”

He laughed. “I reckon it will never get boring having you around.” “Hope so.” I pulled him close again. “I'm sure.” And he kissed me again.

Entangled in the kiss and embrace we made our way to my bed. Our hands were all over our bodies, trying to get rid of our clothes as fast as possible.

David moaned as I slid my hand in his shorts. His cock was already hard and slippery with pre-cum.

Without thinking I got down on my knees as I pulled them down and liked it off.

He moaned again. “Oh fuck, I've missed this.”

Smiling I caressed the head with my tongue, tasted him. He moved, turned around that he could sit down on the bed. On my knees I followed, closed my lips around his hard cock. Gently I sucked, took him in deeper. As I felt him in my throat I pulled back, just to lean in again. David touched my head, buried a hand in my hair.

I did not need to see his face to know how much pleasure I was giving him right now. Raising my head again I worked my way up with my tongue, circled it around the tip. He moaned, his grip in my hair tightened.

“You should stop right now.” His voice was hoarse, he could barely control himself.

“Why?” My lips, wet with my saliva and his pre-cum brushed against his sensitive skin. “We've got all the time of our lives and I have been missing this for so long.”

And with this confession I closed my lips around his cock again.

His heavy breathing was the only sound while I sucked him. Always teasing him, stopping to start all over again. He groaned with frustration as I pulled away again. Then I felt the pressure on my head. Soft but unyielding. He pressed my head down again, started to fuck my mouth. apparently, I had teased him to the point where he just wanted to unload. I tried to relax, saliva dripping from my lower lip, his cock buried in my throat.

Driven to that point where he lost control, he started to fuck my mouth. I gagged, felt his hands in my hair, his cock in my throat. Panting he pressed my head down as he came.

I felt his hot cum in my throat, his cock pulsating.

Gagged by him I moaned softly.

David released me. I pulled back, licked my lips and smiled up at him. “You should have stopped”, he smiled a weak smile. “I'm sorry.”

Laughing I winked at him. “That was exactly what I wanted, here and now.”

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