Settling up

“Man, those guys that I sold that car amp to is helping me get more business,” I stated.

“Alright, just be careful,” responded to my 58 year old drinking buddy Paul.

I had been in construction as well, but had recently hooked up helping an electronics repairman who conducted electronic repair and sales. The electronics guy would sell I stuff like VCR’s, TV’s and DVD player that people never came back and got at a highly reduced rate. I would then go back and sell the items.

A couple of weeks went by before I mentioned it again.

“Man, it is going good. My guy hooked me up with a lot of folks over at the housing units that he lives in,” I stated as we spoke.

“Great, just make sure your guy is not getting over on you,” Paul responded reminding him that I was somewhat out of my elements.

“Man, Jessie is cool. He is really helping me out,” I responded referring to a younger black man who had originally sold some car sound equipment to and was now helping him.

“Okay, what does the electronics guy think of it,” he asked.

“He really doesn’t know. I just buy the stuff from him and he is happy to get rid of some of it. He probably thinks I am selling it or something,” I finished as we ended our conversation.

A few more weeks passed and during that time Paul even became involved in my money making plan by helping me deliver and set up couple of TV’s and VCR’s to folks Jessie had directed me to in the complex. Jessie knew the housing units well as I suspected and confirmed he was also providing drugs to a lot of the people living in the large housing projects.

However, I must admit that having Paul help deliver these items was not always a bad thing. Air conditioning was a huge issue in the complex and the women living there often dressed for the heat. You would walk in to drop off items and set it and the women living there would be walking around wearing short shorts, t-shirts without bras and housecoat/dusters that were sometimes thin enough you could see right through them if the lighting was right. You just had to stay observant because if they bent or moved a certain way you would get an unintended view and having a extra person there meant you could move around a little more and get better views.

I continued to do well, but a couple of weeks later reality set in as Paul and I talked.

“Man, you were right. It is a pain in the ass trying to get your money,” I spoke to Paul.

“I told you that. You should have gotten all your money up front,” Paul reiterated.

“Most didn’t have money upfront, so the only way to get some of it was to go ahead and give them the item,” I informed.

“I get that, but you should have been making them give you enough to cover your initial expenses if nothing else,” he shot back.

“Yea, I know. I spoke with Jessie and he said he is going to see what he can do,” I responded.

“Good luck with that,” he responded as we chatted a little more before I left.

A few more days passed.

“I spoke with Jessie and he said I just need to confront them or get the items back,” I informed.

“That’s a lot of help,” he responded in a matter of fact tone.

“I know. The problem is I don’t really know when they work and then they will not answer their doors when I go by and knock. Their address is all I really have and even when you finally get them to open the door they just tell another lie about when they will have my money,” I informed.

“My advice is to threaten them. That I the only thing I know to do at this point. It is your merchandise and it is really theft if they don’t pay you,” Paul added.

“I have tried that with a few and it works, but only pay some of it. Then you really don’t want to make them made because they will just avoid you again. Remember that house we setup and delivered those two tv’s and vcr to. She owed me like $175. She had not paid me and I kept going by her place and finally she opened the door. I threatened her and she told me to come by the convenience store she works at that night,” I explained.

“And,” he asked needing more information.

“Later that night I did just as she said and after seeing me she waited until the store was empty and walked outside and gave me like $50. She said to come by her house in a few days and she would have the rest. I have been by a couple of times and she never opens the door,” I informed.

“You know where that $50 came from,” he asked smiling.

“I know. It came out of the register. That is why I have not been back to the convenience store because there are likely cameras and everything there,” I spoke.

“You know my background and what I do to make money. The way I handle business is that if you want my product you need to pay. Pay can mean a variety of things and maybe a good cop, bad cop scenario might work. You are sometime too nice. I learned that you have to get right to the point,” Paul informed me highlighting the different methods.

“It’s worth a try. Hell, I don’t have anything to lose,” I responded.

“It has worked for me many times when a person is desperate. In this case you have everything you need. You know the location so it is all about waiting until she is there,” he responded providing more detail.

“Ok,” I replied as we ended our conversation.

Over the next few days Paul and I had gone over to the complex a couple of times to collect. I would knock on doors and a few would answer, but most would not. However, with Paul’s advice we were able to run one of the ladies that owed the money down. We simply waited until the evening and went by the Valero gas station the woman worked at that had previous given me the $50.

Paul and I waited until there were no customers around to approach her. Paul immediately went into the bad cop mode.

“We didn’t come here to cause problems. We just came here to collect the money you owe this man,” Paul stated.

“I have already paid him most of it and I told him I would pay him when I get the money,” she responded.

“Lady this is not just about him. You are taking away from other people’s pockets. If you couldn’t pay you should have never took the items,” he stated.

“Ya’ll gone come to my job with this shit. I’ll give you the money when I get it,” she responded.

That set him off. Paul had dealt in the drug business for many years and had informed me of the various methods he had used in the past to get people to pay.

“Wait, you are the one that owe us, not the other way around,” he responded adding a few more choice words.

“I don’t have time for this shit. You can talk all you want to, but if I don’t have the money then it really doesn’t matter,” she responded to Paul using several curse words.

“Well, I guess we can take the money you have given him to police since we know where it came from,” Paul responded highlighting the police aspect of it.

“Just fuck it, ya’ll can just take all that damn stuff back,” she added.

At that point I think I was mostly ready to just go get the items and be finished with it, but Paul had already told me how he was going to handle it if she caved due to his mentioning of the police.

“Taking the items back mean we would have to find someone else to buy it. At this point, why don’t we just come up with a way to settle up. You can keep the stuff with no more payments if you settle up with my man,” Paul spoke following through just like he had told me he would if she gave in to his threat to call the police.

“Really. Just take your shit back. I don’t need it anyway,” she responded understanding exactly what he was referring to.

“I guess you didn’t hear me. We don’t want the stuff. I am not going to keep going back and forth. You can settle this with us or we take this entire situation to the law,” Paul responded.

“I said I was going to give ya’ll the money. Look I’ll have it tomorrow,” she shot back.

“Okay, we’ll just let the law look into it. My man gave you legitimate items and you did not pay him. You then have him come to your job and you give him the only money you ever gave him. We know the night you worked and gave him the money. We have all that information and I am sure that was probably not the first time you have taken money from the register. We can settle up or get the law involved,” Paul responded.

“How do I know ya’ll still want try to go to the police,” she spoke back with much less tone.

“Look all we ever asked was that you settle up for the items. Once you settle this up it is finished. Settled up is settled up,” I added.

“So, no more coming by knocking on the door all the time? You got people thinking I am in major trouble the way ya’ll be coming by here knocking so much,” she added giggling under her voice.

“I can promise you I won’t be coming by here anymore,” I responded.

“So you gonna be able to settle up when you get off work tonight,” Paul asked.

“I got my kid at the house tonight,” she responded.

“Okay, so what time tomorrow,” Paul responded.
“Come by the apartment tomorrow like at 10 or 11 am,” she responded.

“Don’t play us or I am going directly to the law,” Paul added as we left.

When we got back in the car we laughed at the fact that she had no doubt taken the money from the register to pay me. The next morning Paul and I headed over to the complex.

I remember it just like it was yesterday. We knocked on the door and after a brief wait the door opened and she let us in.

The black woman looked to be in her late 20’s. She was a well-put-together brown skin black lady with short black and red hair. She was fairly thin and probably 5’8 or so. She was wearing grey cotton capri style pants and a black and silver blouse with flip flops.

“So you don’t want the stuff back,” she asked.

“That has to be sold to someone else for it to make money,” Paul responded letting her know we had no interest in getting the items back.

“Ya’ll really tripping over these tv’s and vcr,” she responded.

“Look we are not going to make you do anything you don’t want to. Just let us know that you don’t want to settle this and we will leave and let the police handle all this,” I quickly added wanting it to be clear we were not forcing anything.

“And if I do this it is all over with and ya’ll are not gonna keep coming by here or showing up at my job,” she asked.

“It will be over with,” I responded.

Immediately after I said that she went over and fiddled with the door before coming back.

“How do you want to do this,” she asked me.

“You got a bedroom we can do this in,” I responded.

“For some head, she responded.

“I didn’t say just head,” I responded.

“That is what I thought we were talking about,” she fired back.

“Nobody said anything specific. We just said you had to make it right with him. It’s easy so let’s just say it. We can turn you in for stealing money from the store you work at or you can go in there and get this over with,” Paul responded back.

“So you really gonna make me do this for some tv’s. I will get you the money,” she stated now fully realizing what we were asking her to do.

“You still don’t get it. We don’t want the money. For the last time, you have a choice. If you don’t want to do whatever it takes, then we’ll leave and go to the police to get my money back,” I finished.

“This is messed up. Let’s go back here,” she said before walking in front of me leading me toward and into a bedroom. She left me there for a couple of minutes as she said she was going to use the bathroom.

A few minutes later she returned and closed the door. It was silence from that point. I had already started taking my clothes off and was naked other than my boxers when she returned.

She didn’t say anything, but then immediately took off her shirt which exposed two brown smallish tits as she did not have a bra on. She then kicked her flip flops off and pulled down her pants exposing a black pair of full cotton brief panties. I pulled off my boxers and the fun began.

I sat on the end of the bed and she began sucking my dick. When she started off she acted as though she was not into it, but it didn’t take long for her to start moving her hand up and down stroking my cock as she sucked it. I finally had to stop her because I knew I was not going to be able to hold it much longer.

I then stood up and motioned for her lay down on the bed. She had a nice thin upper body, but her lower body was not as thin. We still didn’t speak and she laid down on her back and closed her eyes. I rubbed my hands across her tits very quickly before getting on top of her and attempting to pull her panties off. She helped to get them off by rising up off the bed. She had a hairy black pussy.

That is when I realized, I had no condom. I thought about what I should do, but there was really only one choice at that moment. I rubbed some saliva on my dick, pushed her legs up and stuck it in. We probably fucked for five minutes or so and she would groan occasionally, but that was about it. I obviously wasn't the biggest dick she had fucked, because even with her legs raised her legs up and me pounding away I could only get low groans as a response. Her pussy wasn't tight, but it was somewhat dry. I pulled out before I came just because I thought that would possibly help. She actually bought some tissue to help clean up.

When we were finished cleaning up I put my clothes back on and Paul and I left. Paul mentioned that he could hear us fucking from the other room. From that point on, I realized if a woman is desperate she will do all kinds of things. Paul had several of these types of occurrences with ladies strung out on drugs, but this was a first for electronics. I also still get a funny feeling about not using a rubber, but it has been several years now and I have not seen or heard from her again.

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