First Female POW

My name is Karen. I was the first female American POW.

Actually, I'm a eighteen year old Army nurse's aide. The copter
I was riding to a MASH unit was shot down by Iraqis near the
border. The pilot was killed immediately after he landed the
crippled craft. He gallantly tried to protect me from the Iraqis
by drawing his pistol and yelled for me to run. He was brutally
gunned down and I was captured.

I guess I was quite a prize. I'm short, blonde, blue eyes and
small breasted, very thin and petite. And very innocent. I made
it through boot camp -- such as it was, nurses aren't expected to
see combat -- with most of my innocence intact. I was on my way to
my first assignment when I was shot down. It was the first time I
had ever been on my own -- without someone to take care of me.

I shouldn't say that - the Iraqis took good care of me. Did
they ever! They took me back to their headquarters and began
processing me as a POW.

They began by stripping me of all my clothing -- including my
underwear. Apparently, the Iraqi soldiers had never see panties as
they marveled at my plain white cotton ones. Then, after they
removed them, they were astounded at my light blonde pubic hair --
scanty as it was. They poked and prodded me, fingering my thin
pubic hair and small breasts with pink nipples. I guess they were
used to seeing women of their own kind - dark and hairy.

They passed around my still-warm panties and sniffed the crotch.
Then one, apparently the leader, licked the crotch and smiled in my
direction. I blushed. I had been wearing those panties for
several days and they were quite dirty.

They then led me to the dispensary -- still naked. I tried to
hide myself from the cells of men we were passing, but my hands
were slapped each time I tried to cover my pubic area or my small
breasts. I was pushed into an examining room with a little
oriental man dressed in a sparkling white lab coat with a
stethoscope around his neck. He was obviously a doctor and he
smiled at me and sent the men away.

He motioned me to an examining table and I sat down. He began
by looking at my back, head and arms, paying particular attention
to my neck and hands. Then he examined my chest - very
professionally, he only touched my breasts - and continued down to
my stomach. He prodded and felt, but always seemed very detached.
Though I had only my Army physical to compare it to, he seemed
totally uninterested in this blossom of American womanhood
literally in his hands.

He continued examining my tummy, then jumped from the top of my
pubic hair down to my thighs. He carefully examined every inch of
them from the outside of my mid thigh past my knee, and down to my
feet. He inspected between each toe and the bottom of each foot.
Then he stepped back.

"Very nice condition," he said with only a hint of an Eastern
accent. "Very nice condition indeed. Now, please lie back and put
your feet in these stirrups. We need to do an internal
examination," he said as he pushed my onto my back and swung some
strange metal devices out from the foot of the table. My feet were
quickly placed well out and above my body, and I knew my entire
pelvic area was exposed to this man's gaze -- the first time since
I was a little girl that any man had seen me "down there". I was
so shy about my privates that I didn't even let my Mommy teach me
how to use tampons when my period started -- I just taught myself,
so no one else would see me "down there".

After he got my feet into the stirrups, he put some straps
around my ankles that held my feet. There was no way I could move
my legs together and hide my femininity. He then rose and turned
towards a curtained wall. He pulled the cord and the curtain
retracted, exposing a wall of glass -- and an entire bleacher full
of Iraqi officers! I blushed from head to toe as he turned the
examining table so my feet faced the crowd. Every one of the
swarthy mens' attention was riveted on my poor pudenda.

The doctor then brought out a video camera and positioned it to
show the "theater of operation". I could see -- between my legs --
large screen TVs stationed around the bleacher, each with a 4 foot
high image of my private parts.

"We will begin the examination of the prisoner now," the doctor
began. "She is a young female, light complexion, of medium build.
She seems to have not suffered any injuries during her capture. I
have made a preliminary examination of her and find nothing of
interest in the general examination given to every detainee.
However, since she is the first female detainee of the war, I
thought you gentlemen would appreciate sitting in on her "in depth"

"External genitalia are notable for their small size and sparse,
light colored pubic hair and light pigmentation. These features
are consistent with her race and complexion. Unlike many Iraqi
women, this subject does not have a protruding clitoris. We will
have to delve further in to find it, but a full internal genitalia
examination is not scheduled for this first procedure."

As he was describing my "genitalia" I was shaking from
embarrassment as forty strange men stared at my bottom. I nearly
fainted as he mentioned my scant pubic hair -- what does he expect
from a girl who is a natural blonde? I'd only had hair "down there"
for a couple of years, for goodness sake! Then he made reference
to my lack of a "protruding clitoris" and it took me a minute to
figure out he meant my "funny button". No man had ever referred to
THAT before. The only time I ever heard anyone talk about it was
when I was a little girl and Mommy showed me how to bathe "down
there". And she only said it in a hushed tone and told me to
never, never touch it except to clean it.

The doctor pulling on a rubber glove and lubricating a finger of
it with KY jelly brought me back to the awful present. What was he
going to do?

"Next we will examine her anus, anal sphincter tone, and rectum.
First I will push gently with a well lubricated finger on her
external anal opening, applying just enough pressure to cause the
sphincter to yield. The subject has very good sphincter tone and
control as considerable force is necessary to pass the sphincteral

What was he doing! He was trying to put his finger in my back
bathroom place! I clamped down like I hadn't gone to the bathroom
in three days -- come to think of it, I hadn't! This was going to
get very embarrassing real quick.

"Perhaps an alternate procedure is in order, as excessive force
is required in this procedure. A brief rub of the upper vulvular
area often causes a convulsive movement of the lower pelvic muscles
in subjects of this type."

I was not ready for him to touch me "down there." No one but me
had touched my privates since Mommy gave me my last bath. When he
touched near my magic button, my entire bottom did a hiccup and his
entire well greased finger went way up into my backside. And right
into three days worth of "logs". I began crying in shame.

"There, my finger has passed the sphincter and is in the lower
rectum. Muscle tone is extraordinary. My working hypothesis is,
unlike Iraqi women (and men), the subject is inexperienced in any
sort of anal insertion. The examination has discovered a mass of
fecal material in the rectum and lower large intestines. Further
examination will have to wait until this mass is removed."

I couldn't believe the weird feelings his finger caused. I
looked at one of the TV screens and saw his latex covered finger
fully inserted into my pinky little backside. I could see him
swirl and twirl his finger around inside me. Then I felt all of
what I was seeing. His big, slippery finger was wedging my
backside open, wider than it had ever been opened before, even
during "going to the bathroom". As he wiggled and twirled his
finger around, I could feel my insides hiccup and I felt like I
needed to go to the bathroom REALLY bad -- both front and back.

"First we will try to manually remove as much of the impacted
mass as we can. I will attempt to hook my finger around part of
the mass and pull it past the anal sphincter. I place a specimen
bowl here below her anal opening and will now attempt a removal.
The mass is firm but friable. I believe I have a specimen. I am
moving my finger behind the mass and am moving it towards the anal
opening. I am having some trouble passing the mass through the
sphincter and shall utilize the upper vulvular massage procedure to
ease passage."

He was trying to remove some of my poop with his finger! I
almost threw up at the thought. And then I realized all those men
would see my poop coming out of me whether or not I wanted them to
-- which I definitely did not! I clamped down hard on my back door
and tried to hold it in. But then he rubbed my magic button again
and out it popped. I saw it all on the big TV -- one second there
was a big brown finger sticking into my tightly clenched pooper and
then a big brow log just jumped out and fell into the stainless
steel bowl under my tushie. I was so embarrassed that I blushed
deep red -- so deep that I could tell I was blushing even over the
TV. They all knew that I was totally humiliated!

"That does not seem to be an expedient procedure. I believe
that we need to utilize a more efficient method of removing the
mass. Gentlemen, I prescribe a mineral oil enema followed by a
soapsuds enema, then completed by a soothing baking soda enema to
clean out the soap and soothe the irritated mucus membranes. I
will call in my assistants to administer the prescriptions."

Two young lab-coated people came into the room next. I saw that
one, a woman, was about my age, maybe a few years younger. She had
long dark hair and dark eyes that looked positively friendly. She
was followed by a boy no more than thirteen years old. I was
mortified. As he came in, he riveted his eyes on my privates like
he had never seen a girl "down there" -- which he probably hadn't.
As the doctor gave then directions, the girl looked from the doctor
to me and back to the doctor. She didn't seem to happy about the
directions, but the boy looked positively jubilant -- like a small
child at Christmas. The he disappeared from the room and returned
shortly with several bundles wrapped in white sterile paper.

"My younger assistant is training to be a field medic. He will
administer the first cleansing enema to the patient. This will be
his first attempt at administering such a procedure, so he will be
assisted by my senior assistant, who has given many, many such

The young boy and older girl spoke quickly to each other. Then
the boy opened one of the rather squarish, oblong boxes to reveal
a box marked "FLEET - MINERAL OIL ". I did not understand what
they were going to do -- mineral oil? My mother used to give me a
dose of mineral oil each spring to "clean me out", but it always
took a day to work. Why didn't they just allow me to go to the
bathroom like a civilized person?

"My younger assistant will now assemble the mineral oil syringe
and properly lubricate the nozzle. Then he will put on a pair of
latex gloves and properly lubricate the subject's anus for
insertion of the nozzle. Since he has smaller fingers, and the
subject seems to have fainted, he is having no problem lubricating
the patient's anus."

The boy removed a flimsy plastic bottle from the carton and then
a plastic tube which screwed onto the top. Once he had it all
assembled, it looked like some oil can like Grandpa used to use to
lubricate his old tractor. What was he going to do with that? I
can take a dose of mineral from a spoon, just like any other adult!
And why does he need that long smooth tube on it? Surely they
aren't going to force it down my throat.

Then the boy pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and squirted some
KY jelly on one finger. As he approached me, I could see a glint
in his eye and a tremble in his hands. He quickly and roughly
pushed his finger into the hole the doctor's finger had so recently
been in and then it dawned on me. They were going to pump that
mineral oil up my backside. I'd NEVER be able to hold all that oil
in my poor bottom until I got to a bathroom. I was going to make
a big mess right here in front of all those men, the doctor, the
young girl, and that little boy. My mind reeled and I fainted dead

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
POW pt 2

I slept soundly that night, except I kept having strange dreams.
One time, I dreamed I was camping out and a giant snake had gotten
into my sleeping bag. He had burrowed underneath my clothes and
was sliding all over my smooth skin. He seemed most interested in
my legs and the area between them, as he coiled up one leg, across
my privates, then down the other. Finally, he concentrated on my
privates, burrowing between my bottom cheeks, across my backdoor,
then up into my most private area. About this time, I awoke and
felt the device still in my backside, my stomach still overfilled
with liquid, and a warm , slippery yet sticky fluid all over my
upper thighs.

I was awakened the next morning and taken back into the
"theater". Again, I was placed on the examining table and my feet
were placed in the stirrups. I knew my entire pelvic area was
exposed again. It was just as embarrassing as it had been the
previous day.

The same straps were placed around my ankles to hold my legs
wide open. He then pulled the cord and the curtain parted to show
the entire bleacher full of Iraqi officers was back -- and quite a
few new ones, including a few women.

The doctor then brought out the video camera and positioned it
to show my poor privates with the inflatable device still securely
stuck in my backside. The large screen TVs stationed around the
bleacher still showed a 4 foot high image of my private parts.

"Today's procedure will include a thorough internal examination
of the subject's genitalia and excretory organs, along with a few
demonstrations of human physiology. The first thing we need to do
is remove the last remains of the soothing enema that was injected
last night. My assistant will execute the procedure."

The young boy came into the room again. As happened yesterday,
his gaze immediately locked onto my pudenda. He was wearing rubber
gloves today and carried a plain galvanized metal bucket. He
placed the bucket in a holder underneath my brutally exposed
bottom, angled slightly back towards my bottom hole and the
inflatable device stuck there. The next thing I knew, he deflated
the device and pulled it out of my snug bottom in one motion.
There wasn't much liquid behind it, and the friction of the semi-
rough rubber on my excited backdoor hole started my front place to
begin getting wet again. Many of the viewers noticed this and they
pointed at the TV screens and clapped their approval. The small
amount of fluid that had not been absorbed into me began dribbling
into the metal bucket with a noisy staccato beat. I felt like a
baseball bat had been removed from back there, but now I felt like
my heiny hole was at least a foot wide. As the last of the fluid
drained into the bucket, a long, stringy brown thing slipped out of
my backside and into the bucket. I shivered as it rubbed across the
muscular ring just inside my backside. The boy immediately reached
down and grabbed the warm, brown, slippery snake-like object that
had so recently been inside of me. I turned red with embarrassment
as he held it up for all to see.

"An indication of the thoroughness of the cleansing procedure is
indicated by the mucus cast that has just been passed by our
subject. This indicates the subject's lower intestines had nothing
but some mucus in them, and this mucus was dehydrated to form a
cast. My assistant is now holding the cast aloft for your
observation. Please notice the extreme length and fair
circumference of this cast -- a full three quarters of a meter long
and as large around as the average thumb. There appears to be no
entrained fecal matter, so I believe we can assume the fecal
impaction has been taken care of.

"Notice also, the consistency of the expelled soothing liquid is
significantly more viscous as much of the water has been absorbed
by the patient's large intestines. I believe the patient will have
to void her bladder shortly, so please let us begin the internal
examination. We may be able to do a voiding fluorogram"

The boy carefully wiped my bottom clean and left the room -
grinning and still holding the hideous brown thing that had come
out of me. I shuttered to think what he might do with it. Next,
the doctor came back towards the examining table and assumed his
position down between my spread legs -- his face just inches from
my privates.

"As noted in the earlier examination, and as you can clearly see
on your monitor, the subject has very sparse and very light pubic
hair. The appearance of her external genitalia is almost immature
and the inner labia are totally hidden by her external labia. No
external indication of her clitoris is apparent. The subject is
somewhat aroused by the previous anal procedure and her vulva is
beginning to swell. Vaginal secretions are beginning to become
apparent at the base of her vulva, above the opening of her vagina.
I will now retract the external labia and expose the subject's
inner vulva."

As I watched, the doctor pointed to my privates and made several
comments, pointing out particular areas of interest. I felt like
a display in a museum, except I was mortally embarrassed to be
naked here in front of all of these people. Then he pulled on a
set of rubber gloves and reached down between my legs; then he
opened up my privates for everybody to see! I was so open, I could
see right up into my privates -- on every TV screen in the room.

"When the external labia are pulled open, we can better observe
the inner labia -- notable for their light color and lack of
corrugations along their length. Overall, they are warm pink
color, probably slightly darker than they are in a non-aroused
state. Again, they show no sign of exposure when covered by the
external labia, and are probably exquisitely sensitive. We will
now test their sensitivity."

Right after he opened my up to everyone's view, he began rubbing
and plucking at my inner curtains (that's what mom once called

POW pt3

I slept soundly again that night, except I again had strange
dreams. I remember dreaming that I was a little girl (I didn't
even have any hair "down there" yet) back home again and I was
sitting on the old white toilet in my parent's bathroom. As I sat
there, I remember a strange gurgling and splashing, and all of the
logs I had ever dumped into that sparkling white bowl suddenly came
back up from the hole and forced their way back up my backdoor. My
stomach began to get fuller and fuller as hundreds of large brown
logs crammed their way up into me. Finally, as the last ones
(very, very small in diameter -- I guess they were the ones from
when I was extremely young) wiggled their way into my tummy, a
brown hose touched my peepee hole and wiggled its way in. On top
of all the stuff in my tummy, my bladder began swelling until my
stomach was bigger than a beach ball. After the hose had finished
overfilling my bladder, two plugs came out of nowhere and plugged
themselves into my overstretched holes -- not allowing anything to
come out. Then a warm red glow filled the room and, starting at my
crotch, my legs felt like they were on fire. A lightening bolt
zipped up my spine and crashed into my head and my legs began to
tremble on their own. Both plugs exploded from the force behind
them and the entire room was filled with the sound of hundreds of
poopie logs and gallons of peepee gushing into the clean white
toilet bowl. Wave after wave of lightening flashed from my
privates, lighting up the entire room and causing thunder crashes
that brought both my Mommy and Daddy rushing into the bathroom.
Mom just stood there with a stern look on her face and her arms
crossed over her bosom but Daddy jumped up and down and clapped
like a little boy at Christmas. After everything had come out,
Mommy lifted me into the tub and used a hand-held shower head to
rinse off my privates. What was really strange is that Daddy
stayed and watched Mom give me a complete bath -- even a thorough
cleaning "down there" which she never did -- and Mommy let him.
She even left the room when I got out and then Daddy dried me off
- - right down to drying each and every hair that I had
miraculously grown on my privates. In fact, as he rubbed my
privates with the towel, the hair began growing until I had a
luxurious patch. He smiled at me as the hair got longer and longer
the more he rubbed,until he said "I think that's about as much
beautiful pubic hair as my precious little girl will need." Then
I woke up and my entire body was limp and relaxed -- I don't think
I could have stood up if I had wanted to, my knees were just like

I was awakened the next morning, spoon fed, and taken back into
the "theater". This time, I was led to a field toilet similar to
the ones I had seen in many US Army camps -- really just a bucket
underneath a toilet seat, surrounded by green cloth curtains. As
I was forced to squat on the seat, I noticed a camera had been
placed in a waterproof container and pointed upward towards where
my pudenda would soon be. As my bottom touched the seat, warm
lights came on around the bucket. I looked up at the video screens
and saw each carried a four foot high view of what would soon be my
voiding excretory openings. I must have been becoming somewhat
mentally broken, because I blushed only slightly as the straps were
placed around my ankles to hold my legs wide open against the
toilet's legs and the Doctor pulled the cord to part the curtains
to show the entire bleacher full of Iraqi officers.

"Today's session will begin with the completion of the final
procedures from yesterday. The subject will first void the remains
of the flour and water enema and have a small flushing clear water
enema, then we will remove the natural dilator in her urinary
meatus and measure the dilation. My assistants will execute the

The young boy came into the room again. In full view of the
huge video screens, he put his hand between my widely separated
thighs and deflated the device in my backside, pulling it out of my
snug bottom in one motion. There was no liquid pooled behind the
rubber retention device, so nothing followed it out. Again, the
friction of the semi-rough rubber on my excited backdoor hole
started my front place to begin getting wet again.

I looked up and saw my heiny hole was gaping open. A white
point began easing out of my backside and I shivered as it rubbed
across the muscular ring just inside my backside. The camera
zoomed in until the entire screen contained only my pink back hole
stretching to release a strange white log. Ever so slowly, a
ghostly white log covered with slippery mucus dilated my backside
until I could see the tiny blood vessels through the overstretched
translucent pink mucus membrane. The white nose passed the plane
of my body and inched forward into the harsh light of the video
lights, stretching downward to gently coil itself on the cold metal
bucket bottom.

First one foot, then another of the immense white ghost of a log
piled up on the bottom of the bucket, slowly coiling around like
some pale snake that was uncoiling from up inside my backdoor hole.
My bottom was being forced so wide for so long that the muscles
around the once tiny pink pucker began to hurt and throb. And as
they throbbed, my funny button throbbed in harmony. The carrot
taped to my spread leg flexed as my loins began a rhythmic
oscillation and on camera, it looked like my bottom was almost
pumping out the pasty white cylinder.

After almost fifteen minutes of slow slithering, the doughy
string broke as the supply of fresh material way up inside me began
to run out. The bucket was almost full, and the last coil had come
to rest up against my pale bottom cheeks. I was roughly pulled
forward, my feet still attached to the toilet's legs, until I was
bent in half, standing on my feet with my bottom exposed to the
entire crowd, complete with the strange white smudges all over my
back cheeks.

The young assistant again put on rubber gloves and reached down
into the bucket and lifted the doughy contents for all to see. The
woman assistant came into view and helped the young boy stretch the
slippery snake-like object that had so recently been inside of me
across the stage on a strip of paper. The white cylinder was
almost the length of the stage -- at least twenty feet! No wonder
my stomach felt like all my insides had been pulled out.

"An indication of the elasticity of the subject's anal sphincter
muscle and the length of the subject's intestinal tract is
indicated by the flour cast that has just been voided by our
subject. As you can see, this object is at least seven meters long
and maximum diameter is over 10 cm. Despite her lack of any anal
insertion activity, our subject has passed a very large object
without damage to her anus or rectum. My assistant will now
complete the cleansing of the subjects lower gastrointestinal tract
in preparation for the rest of today's procedures."

Just as I was getting used to having nothing in my stomach, the
two assistants approached me again, this time with the funny
looking rubber-tipped squeeze bottle and a pan of what I hoped was
the soothing liquid. The young assistant squirted some KY jelly on
his fingers. Next he rubbed all over my rosebud with the KY, and
finally, he shoved his finger deep into my backside and rubbed KY
all over the inside of my bottom hole. As he was finishing, he
dragged his fingers up through my privates and rubbed my magic
button for just a second. He smiled and licked his lips as I
looked into his face.

After he finished sliding his slippery finger up my backside,
the young boy began the familiar procedure. He squeezed the
syringe in the basin and extracted about a cup of the clear liquid.
He then approached my bottom and slid the funny nozzle back up into
my bottom. Finally he gently squeezed the bottle and the warm
water swished into my bowels, loosening the last pieces of the
doughy log that had so recently been there. He continued adding
liquid to that in my bottom until my loins began to tremble from
the effort to hold it all in -- at least a gallon had been squirted
way up inside me! Then he placed me back on the toilet and gently
pushed on my now swollen tummy. As the deluge below began, I
watched the video screen as the warm clear liquid cascaded from me
and carried the white flecks down into the bucket. My 'gina was
all dewy and my poochie gaped open and wet. The carrot bounced
against my leg as my loins expelled the cleaning solution, gently
rubbing my funny button and adding to the tension I felt down
between my hips.

"My female assistant will now clean the subject in preparation
for the completion of the procedure to dilate her urethra. We will
then measure the effects of the dilator on the subject."

I was untied and gently lifted from the camp toilet and put face
down over the examining table that had been all too familiar for me
the last few days. The young boy restrained my hands while the
female assistant spread my legs, then back cheeks and began to
thoroughly cleanse all my private areas with soothing warm water
and cotton balls. First she cleaned all of the splatters on my
backside, then moved down into the crack between my cheeks, and
finally around my poor stretched pinky hole. After every few
swipes, and before the water on the cotton ball could cool, she
would toss away the soiled ball and dip another lily white cotton
ball into the steaming bowl of water. Finally, she wiped my entire
privates with a clean, dry cotton ball. Both of the assistants
then lifted my limp, drained body up onto the gynecological
examining table. Then they secured my feet into the stainless
steel stirrups and adjusted my position to optimize camera angles.
My widely splayed thighs, my gaping poochie, my dewy 'gina, and my
very pink back door again filled the video screens. And there in
the middle of all of my most private regions, a large orange carrot
pointed the way to my throbbing funny button, now very large and

"Now that the subject is in the proper position, I will remove
the urethral dilator and measure the resulting dilation. You will
remember, from earlier examinations, the subject's urinary meatus
was approximately half a millimeter across. Now, as we remove the
dilator, we note an immediate incontinent condition and as the flow
slowly subsided, we can see her meatus is now a full five
millimeters across and quite lax and gaping. Usually, after
approximately one hour, bladder control begins to return, and full
control returns within a day. Later in this session, a new
procedure to speed the return of control will be attempted and we
will all see the results."

I'm very glad that I don't have much hair on my legs, because
the next thing they did was to rip off the tape on my thigh which
held the carrot in place. If I had been as hairy as some young
women I know (and hadn't shaved my legs in several days) I would
have been in extreme pain for several minutes. As it was, I was
completely aware of the sensations as the doctor reached down
between my thighs and tugged at the carrot whose nose was buried
way up in my very full bladder. It was the strangest feeling, as
the now limp carrot was pulled from a very stretched peepee hole
that had never passed a solid object through itself. Then came the
deluge. I had worried about being able to hold my bladder without
the carrot cork in place, but try as I might, I couldn't even slow
the firehose gush from the stretched little pink bump under my
funny button -- especially as the doctor rubbed its throbbing mass
as he extracted the carrot from me. My 'gina and backdoor clamped
down so tight that I thought I'd never get either one of then to
open and a large glob of slippery stuff slid from my poochie and
caressed my backdoor as a large yellow arc cut through the air and
landed somewhere on the floor way away from the table I was lying
on. Again I turned beet red as the entire audience clapped their

"Next we will investigate the subject's rectum's ability to
adapt to new situations. First we will use the speculum to dilate
her anus, then my assistant will insert a large, cold butter
suppository. The subject will then be allowed to walk around for
a few minutes as the suppository melts, and we will then determine
the muscle tone of the subject's anal sphincter and its ability to
contain the resulting melted suppository." After the applause
died down the doctor reached for the strange large instrument with
the blades that he had used to pry open my backdoor earlier. The
blades had been well lubricated and my bottom hole had be inundated
with slippery goo from my poochie, so the cool steel blades slipped
easily -- if not painlessly -- up into my bottom. Then he moved
the handles and stretched my poor bottom open once again. I looked
up at the video monitor and saw my poor stretched pink bottom hole.
The nasty looking hole must have been at least three inches wide.
What was he going to do now?

The young boy left the room, only to return with a strange,
square, oblong item wrapped in a translucent paper. He slowly
unwrapped the thing, and on the video monitor, I could see that it
was a stick of pure, creamy butter. What were they doing with
butter in here. Had they run out of lubricant and were now going
to use butter as a lubricant for any future examinations? I
shuttered to think of how I would smell if they did this -- I had
not yet been allowed to bathe and the thought of the smell of
rancid butter mixed with the odor of my unwashed "delicate areas"
almost made me sick.

Before I could contemplate this indelicate situation too long,
reality reared its ugly head. As I watched, stunned, the boy slid
the entire stick of ice cold butter into the ugly red hole held
open by those devilish blades. My poor bottom was not big enough
to accept the entire stick, and at least half of the yellow
intruder jutted out. The boy, seeing the problem, put the heel of
one hand on the exposed end of the stick and pushed with all his
weight. Extreme pain and a tearing sensation caused me to buck and
yank at my bonds, but the doctor quickly removed the device once
the entire stick was completely inside. I immediately tried to
expel the huge icy mass, but its size was too large to exit. I
could see the slippery yellow mass in the middle of the ugly red
hole as I strained, but it simply would not come out. And every
time I pushed down, another rush of peepee with squirt from me.
Again, a rousing round of applause from the audience caused me to
blush a fierce red.

As soon as the doctor saw that the butter was firmly implanted
in my backdoor, he had the two assistants untie me and walk me
around the stage. Because of the huge intruder in me, I could
comfortably walk only if I was hunched over. In this position, the
devilish thing deep within me seemed less likely to push painfully
on my internal organs. With every step, though, my traitorous
bladder would send a small spurt down my legs, and the butter would
shift around, rubbing first this organ then that one. A strange
throbbing feeling began to hum deep in my pelvis, and a strange
slipperiness seeped from both my bottom and my 'gina. Soon, my
upper thighs slid past each other with each step, adding to the
hypnotic buzz in my privates.

The young boy was guiding me on my left by holding my arm.
Every once in a while, when my back was towards the audience, he
would reach down and rub my privates, especially down between my
legs where the slipperiness was welling up. Each time he touched
me there, a shock went up my spine, making me stand straight up
until the butter stick jostled sometime painful up inside me. Then
I would quickly slump over once again to minimize the pain. One of
these times, he did not remove his hand so quickly as he had been,
and as I violently jerked upward then back down, his finger brushed
across my pulsating funny button. My legs straightened out, my
vision went red, then gray, then black, my insides clenched up so
much that I felt the bar of butter bend, then break in two, and all
the air rushed from my lungs in a single whoosh. Just before I
passed out, I felt a jet of liquid from my privates on my inner
thighs. I thought I had lost control of my bladder again, but when
I looked down, there was no yellowness to the copious fluids on my
legs -- in fact, the fluid was almost syrupy in consistency. The
last thing I remember is my entire pelvic area pulsing and
clenching, and the evil intruder being expelled from my fundament.
As it was expelled, a gallon of warm, yellow, slippery melted
butter erupted from my pink bottom hole and splashed all over my
bottom cheeks, the crack between them, my thighs, and the floor
below me.

"The subject has apparently just experienced an orgasm, possibly
her first ever. The existence of the large suppository in her
rectum at this time was fortuitous, for it may begin to associate
the feeling of anal intrusion with sexual pleasure in the subject."
"I believe the subject has recovered sufficiently to begin the
final part of today's session, an experiment in urinary sphincter
tone improvement through the installation of ice water in the
subject's urinary bladder through catheterization. First, my
assistants will clean the subject and place her back on the
examining table and apply restraints."

When I came to, the two assistants had again placed my up on the
examining table with my feet tied up in the cold stirrups. My
knees seemed to be made of jelly and my tummy throbbed. The woman
was gently cleaning my privates while the boy was washing my legs.
My 'gina spasmed whenever either of them touched me, and my peepee
hole was still dribbling, but the woman had put a washcloth under
my bottom to catch the yellow flow. Then the boy put two fingers
up my slippery backside and spread my bottom open. Luckily all of
the melted butted had been expelled with the remains of the crushed
stick of butter, so very little was left to drain down his brown

After they had completely cleaned me up from the slippery mess
I had made on myself, they reattached the restraints that held my
torso down against the table. I could not see anything of what
they were doing "down there", not even through a video monitor.
The next thing I felt was something rubbing around below my still
throbbing funny button, then slip inside my cruelly stretched
peepee hole and then expand like a balloon inside my bladder and
outside against my button. Every move I made with my hyperexcited
pelvis rubbed my button against some strange feeling rubber ball or
balloon. I couldn't figure out what they were going to do, but it
felt strangely good and exciting.

"Now that the double balloon catheter is in place, we will flush
the subject's bladder with 500 milliliters of ice cold water.
There have been reports that such a treatment may restore sphincter
control in subjects with hyperextended urinary sphincters. We will
begin the infusion."

Just as I was beginning to enjoy the gentle rubbing on my funny
button, boiling hot liquid was injected into me. I've never felt
so much pain, as my bladder contracted, trying to expel the flaming
liquid from my tortured body. But the tub into my bladder kept all
fluids inside, where they could do even more damage. My body
strained at the restraints, trying to bend double in the exertion
to void the damnable fluid from below. The boy jammed two fingers
up my backside and played with the ball in my bladder for a moment
then both balls were deflated and a rush of icy water sprayed on my
legs, all the way down to my feet. At the same time he rubbed my
button and swirled his fingers in my backside. A hot spray wet the
insides of my legs and my entire mind went red. My guts clenched
and I lost feeling in my legs as more lightening flashed down my
spine and into my privates. The skin on my chest flushed a bright
red, the tiny nipples on my breasts went rigid, I clamped down on
the boy's fingers with my backdoor so tight that I felt his
knuckles crack, then everything went black.

"The subject seems to be multi-orgasmic, as she has obviously
just experienced a rather intense sexual orgasm, complete with the
seldom observed female ejaculation. We may investigate this
phenomenon more during a later session."

"Since the catheter has been removed and there is no apparent
urinary incontinence, we may assume the procedure was successful in
hastening the return of muscle tone to the subject's urinary
sphincter after it had suffered blunt trauma. This completes
today's session."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
POW pt4

Again I slept soundly that night. The strange dreams came like
clockwork. I remember dreaming that I was again a little girl with
no hair "down there", but I was again on the Doctor's examining
table with my feet strapped into the metal stirrups. And the
Doctor was not the Iraqi, but my own dear Dad, while Mommy was the
female assistant who had so gently washed my privates the other
day. Since Dad had not seen my privates since I was still in
diapers, he carefully examined the outside of both my little pink
back hole and my front privates. Mommy looked on disapprovingly
with her arms crossed over her ample bosom. Dad rubbed some cool
cream over my bottom hole and gently slid his big finger up my
backside. A strange look crossed his face and he announced that I
needed to go to the bathroom -- really badly. Mommy got the
stainless steel bowl and placed it between my widely splayed
thighs, under my pooper, and Dad gently coaxed chunks of poopie out
of me and into the silvery bowl. I must have been badly
constipated, because each chunk caused the bowl to ring like a bell
when it hit. The strange thing was that I didn't feel the least
bit embarrassed, even though Dad had his finger up my dirty
backside and was pulling pieces of logs out -- right in front of

After he got all of the stuff from my backside, he began rubbing
and examining my poochie. As Mommy watched over his shoulder, he
gently separated my outer and inner lips and peered directly up my
tiny 'gina. He said to Mommy, "Look's like our little girl hasn't
been messing around with any nasty boys. See? She's intact.
There's her maidenhead, all full and pink." Then he stuck his face
just a few inches from my crotch and said, "But from the smell down
here, she's not real good at washing herself -- or has been playing
with herself. Let's see if she reacts improperly to clitoral
stimulation." Then he began rubbing my little pink funny button
and my hips began to react immediately.

"I definitely think she's been regularly and avidly
masturbating. Notice how precociously she reacts." Involuntarily,
my juvenile hips thrust themselves up off of the examining table
and against his wonderfully stimulating fingers. My breath came in
gasps and my poochie began running with internal lubrication.
Daddy reached down and slid a finger up my very slippery backside,
until his palm was flat against the base of my poochie and his
large knuckles were well inside the pink muscle ring at the
entrance to my pooper. Then the warm red glow filled the room
again and, starting at my crotch, my legs felt like they were on
fire. A lightening bolt zipped up my spine and crashed into my
head and my legs began to tremble on their own. Wave after wave of
lightening flashed from my privates, lighting up the entire room
and causing thunder crashes. Mommy just stood there with a stern
look on her face but Dad ran his finger in and out of my clenching
backside and kept up a constant massage of my funny button.

I passed out from the excitement and when I came to, Mommy was
washing my privates with a warm washcloth. Daddy was looking over
her shoulder and directing the cleanup, using very clinical terms
like," now carefully rinse her inner labia, vaginal cul-de-sac and
make sure you retract her clitoral hood and wash beneath it. We
don't want our precious little girl's genitals to smell."

Again I woke up and my entire body was limp and relaxed. I was
awakened the next morning, spoon fed, and stripped for a sponge
bath. It was really strange to have someone else carefully wash
every square inch of my body -- including my privates, just like
Mommy had done in the dream. Finally, I was taken back into the
"theater", secured to the examining table, and the curtains were
pulled back. The bleachers were filled to overflowing. The doctor
began to speak.

"Because of a unique opportunity offered by our subject, today's
session will include something that is seldom witnessed. Because
of the rarity of today's demonstration, additional video cameras
have been set up to record the display from several angles,

"As many of you have witnessed, the subject has been determined
to be a "virgo intactus" -- an undisturbed virgin who still possess
an intact hymen. Today, we will deflower this virgin and catch
every moment of the event permanently on video tape.

"From previous sessions, the subject is known to be easily
sexually aroused. Since this will be her first experience of
sexual intercourse, her hymen partially blocks her vagina, so she
may not be able to fully lubricate her own genital tract. We will
assure the subject is fully lubricated, both by bringing her
natural lubrication system to a fevered pitch, and also by the
heavy application of a sterile personal lubricant to her internal
and external genitalia. To stimulate her natural lubrication, we
will take advantage of her apparent penchant for anal stimulation
by inserting a low voltage electrode into her anus and stimulate
her rectal and genital regions with low energy electrical pulses.
Once her natural lubrication has begun, we will supplement her own
lubricitive fluids with the lubricating jelly. Once the subject is
fully lubricated, a male subject will enter and her initial sexual
intercourse will begin."

There were several new video cameras in the room, including one
on an adjustable arm suspended from the ceiling over the examining
table. The doctor reached up and pulled it down and positioned it
so it was right above his shoulder and aimed right at my now so
very familiar and so very exposed privates. As he did so I could
see my lower tummy and my entire poochie appear in the monitor.
The doctor turned on a light and adjusted it so it illuminated my
secret areas, the warmth from the lamp felt good.

He quickly slipped on a pair of latex exam gloves and I could
both see and feel as he placed his fingers on the lips of my
poochie and spread them apart. I was surprised by my moist pinkness
down there as he spread them wide exposing my 'gina. My precious
maidenhead was standing proudly at the entrance. His finger pushed
upwards and my funny button slipped from under its hiding place as
his fingers continued to open and massage me as he examined every
fold of my poochie. He took his fingers from my private region and
I could see him picking up a tube of lubricant from the table that
was beside him, I know he was getting ready to put his fingers up
inside of me again. I watched fascinated as he squirted a generous
amount of lubricant onto his fingers. He gently massaged my lower
tummy and at the same time as I felt the coolness of the lubricant,
as his fingers eased themselves into my bottom hole. I knew
resistance was futile, so I relaxed my lower abdomen and breathed
deeply. It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment until I adjusted
to the sudden intrusion. Then as suddenly as they had entered his
fingers were withdrawn, and I was empty again.

He wiped my privates dry with a tissue and stripped off his
gloves and came around to the side of the table. The young boy
assistant entered the room carrying a small box and attached to
the box by a electrical cable was what looked like some sort of
probe. The probe was black, about an inch in diameter and about 5
inches in length and had two silver electrodes running the length
of it.

"I am going to place this electrode in your rectum. Please
cooperate with me and no harm will come to you," he said his
strange, gentle and slightly accented voice. After everything they
had done to me, I knew I could not prevent them from doing anything
they wanted, so I decided to just cooperate with them. Perhaps
they actually would not harm me.

The Doctor took the probe and moved down to the end of the table
between my opened legs which were still in the stirrups, and seated
himself on a stool, placing the stimulator on the table next to
him. I could see him once again pick up the tube of lubricant and
apply a generous gob to the probe.

"I am going to insert the probe now, bear down, and relax".

I felt his fingers spreading my bottom cheeks apart and felt the
coolness of the lubricated probe against my bottom hole. I lay
there in total submission and let him have his way with my bottom.

"Breath deeply" I heard him saying and felt the probe pressing

I gasped a bit as I felt myself stretching to accommodate its
size. I could see it slipping into me in the monitor above.
Before I knew it, it was already two thirds of the way in. It was
not as painful as the stick of butter had been, but it seemed more
bulky, so I felt like I had never been filled like this before.

"Just a little bit more," I could hear him saying in his
reassuring voice, "Just breath deeply."

Then as if by magic I felt my poor poopie hole clamp down over
the smaller diameter of the cable and knew the probe was fully
inside my backside. As I looked down, I could see my whole private
area in the monitor, my spread poochie, all wet and pink, and the
black cable disappearing inside of my bottom hole.

I felt the urge to bear down, to push the thing out of me like
a poopie log. At the same time I hear him say, "You are probably
feeling like you need to defecate out the probe aren't you?" he
said. "Just wait a moment. When I give you the first stimulation
that urge will pass."

"I will now deliver the first stimulation. It will be a small
one just to acclimate you to the sensation, and to set the probe in
proper position."

No sooner had the words came out of his mouth when I felt a tiny
tingle deep in my belly, and felt my bottom hole contract. A small
gasp escaped my lips at the suddenness. My entire tummy felt warm
and pink. The urge to poop out the probe was almost gone.

I lay there on that examining table, with an electrical device
hidden way up my backside, waiting for the next pulse. All of the
spectators were strangely quiet. Their entire attention was
riveted on the nearest video monitor.

Then it was upon me. I felt the tingle inside me, my backdoor
convulsed. The fuzzy feeling in my lower tummy grew in intensity
as the doctor rotated the power dial, and I was aware of a tingling
down the backs of my thighs. I felt my poochie swelling as the pink
wave swept across me. Then the stimulation relaxed as he rotated
the knob back.

"Very good", I heard him saying. Then I felt the tingle and the
grip of the stimulation again. I felt my heartbeat deep within my
privates. I could feel my privates spreading as my funny button
swelled and throbbed. My inner privates turned deep red and my
hips tried to thrust upward to intensify the feeling.

For the first time since my capture, I was not worrying about
the doctor or the audience being there watching me. My body was
just abandoning itself to the delightful sensations the probe was
causing within me. With each stimulation the doctor administered,
I could feel the intensity growing stronger, more insistent,
controlling me longer, feeling my bottom hole contract tightly
around the cable, my inner and outer private lips, and my funny
button swell as body reacted to the delightful rhythmic pulse. I
felt so open, so wet. I was rapidly developing a strange, empty
feeling deep inside of me, an almost aching feeling inside my

Something drew me to open my eyes, I wanted to see myself. When
I looked upward into the monitor I was not expecting to see what I
saw. All my privates were swollen almost to the bursting point, my
outer lips spread, my inner lips swollen and an almost fiery red.
A large stream of clear goo was oozing from within me. I had never
seen myself produce so much lubrication. It was bathing my lips,
making them glisten in the examining light. Then I heard a slight
click and another stimulation gripped me and I grunted as the peak
grew quickly and surpassed the previous surges. My tummy was
craving relief from this torment, but the stimulation didn't
lessen. I remained there, for moments till I felt the grip lessen.
The urge to thrust grew with each passing stimulation. When the
next stimulation came I let myself go and felt my bottom contract
as my hips involuntarily thrust upward. I almost shrieked at the
sensation that flooded upward from my tormented private area as I
responded to the urge to thrust.

I remained there, legs rigid, hips thrust upward off the table
as wave after wave of intense red lightening coursed through me,
far stronger and more intense then anything I had ever known. I
hung there in that blissful state, a moan escaping my lips from the
delightfully exquisite sensations I was feeling where my thighs
join my tummy. I don't know how long that lasted, but gradually the
contractions lessened in intensity, and length, and I sagged back
to the table, totally spent. I lay there, my breath coming in gasps
from the tremendous experience I had just go through. Other than
my breathing, the room was quite. A warm, wet puddle formed under
my bottom as glob after glob of goo was forced from my still-
swollen poochie with each heartbeat, then slowly slid down my
bottom crack and dropped to the table below.

I became aware of the doctor's voice telling me to bear down.
He was going to remove the probe. I relaxed my backdoor and felt
a tug as he pulled on the cable, then felt the probe slip free.
The entire audience jumped to their feet and burst into applause.
I was so weak, I couldn't move, I couldn't react -- even mentally
or emotionally. For the first time since these humiliating
experiences had begun, I didn't even blush after such an
embarrassing display.

"I believe it is time to insert the additional lubricant and
introduce our subject to the instrument of her deflowering. I will
fill this vaginal cream applicator with approximately half a liter
of lubricating jelly, insert the thin nozzle into her upper vagina,
and expel its contents into the upper third of her still infantile
vaginal canal. The excess will be extruded and supplement her
natural lubrications at the mouth of her vagina."

After the applause quieted down, I noticed the doctor filling a
strange, syringe like device with a large quantity of a clear
cream. As I was wondering what they had planned for me next, he
separated my still swollen lower lips and thrust the thin nozzle of
the syringe way up in my 'gina. It felt like his entire hand had
been pushed up into my most precious area and my 'gina was forced
to accept the invader. It seemed like the nozzle was many times
bigger than the tampons I had used. Then a cold rush poured down
from inside me -- from up inside my 'gina as he injected all that
clear stuff deep inside of me. Apparently, there was no room up
there for all of it, because large gobs of the chilly stuff
squished out around the nozzle and slid down my crack to join in
the puddle of warm goo already on the table. I shivered as the
cold from the cream penetrated my privates and sent a chill up my

"Since our subject is a virgin, her first intercourse will be
with a barely pubescent male. His small penis should be large
enough to remove her hymen, but small enough to not stretch her
genitalia nor cause extreme pain, even though her vagina is rather
infantile in size."

The next thing I knew, the young boy assistant had returned to
the room. As I watched, he slowly removed his white uniform shirt,
then his white pants. I was amazed at the bulge in his strange
looking underwear. He was wearing something like the training
pants my little cousins wore. Then he removed his underwear-- and
his little ding dong was stiff and red! He rubbed his hand up and
down the incredibly stiff shaft a few times and walked towards me.
He was smiling and it was waving. As he approached my widely
splayed thighs, his eyes were riveted to my slippery, spread
privates. What was he going to do? "My eleven-year old
assistant will mount the subject as she is, strapped into place on
the examining table. Because he is so short, he will first put a
foot stool between the subject's extended legs, then continue to
affect insertion."

When he finally stopped between my legs,his hand still rubbing
his little red ding dong, he lowered his head and examined my poor
privates. What was he looking at? I heard a scraping of something
along the floor, then he stood up and was at least a foot taller.
I realized he must have put something to stand on at the foot of
the examining table. In this position, his fiery red shaft was at
the exact level of my privates. Then he leaned forward and put his
hands on each side of my private fold. As he separated my swollen
lower lips, a strange slippery feeling tickled the entrance to my
'gina -- something like what a tampon applicator feels like going
in. I clamped down hard - just like I needed to go to the bathroom
really bad but didn't want to. The end of his thing slid around
the slippery area between my private lips, from up around my button
to down around my backdoor. Maybe I could squeeze myself so tight
that he couldn't put his nasty hard ding dong into my precious
niche. Then there was an uncomfortable stretching feeling, and
finally, a sharp pain as his oversized ding dong pushed at my
precious maidenhead.

So they were going to rape me. This young boy was going to
deflower me. I knew I wouldn't be able to give my virginity to my
husband on our wedding night. I would go to my wedding bed a
soiled woman, damaged goods. And the worst was, there was nothing
I could do about it. If I resisted, they would simply drug me.
The Iraqis would deprive me of this, my one true measure of love.

A searing pain brought me out of my inner thoughts. My entire
insides were being ripped apart as the red invader cruelly forced
his way up into my precious being. In the monitor, I could see
globs of red tinged lubricant being forced from my tight interior
sheath, being replaced by the Iraqi boy's concrete manhood. I was
being split in two, and the pain was a red cloud filling my mind.

He withdrew and forced the attack again, gaining a few fractions
of an inch at each excruciating push. My 'gina convulsed in its
own defense. He was winning, putting that nasty thing up into my
virginal depths, and I was losing my innocence.

Then the boy's body rubbed against me. I was fully impaled on
his dagger. His scant pubic hair rubbed against my inflamed funny
button. The red cloud drifted from my brain to my tummy and my
hips began moving on their own. He pistoned his knife into and out
of me like a small steam engine and my pelvis began to match his
thrusts. A wet sucking sound filled the room. Soon, he threw his
head back and pushed himself even deeper into my violated cleft,
then let out a blood curdling scream. His hips moved even faster.
I could see the veins in his head and neck throb, and his manhood
swelled even larger in my overstretched sheath. One last guttural
roar escaped his throat as I felt his man seed force its way up his
constricted shaft and spill in my overstrained woman tube. I felt
the gruelly liquid splash all over the mouth of my womb, run down
the tightly stretched walls of my 'gina, spill out of its painfully
torn mouth, and splash around our joined organs of procreation. It
was then churned into a white froth by his incessant thrusts.
Finally, my legs and tummy went rigid and all my insides spasmed at
once, trying to squeeze his shaft from my tight grotto. My vision
went red, then black, and just before I passed out, a gallon of
warm, wet, slippery liquid sprayed from my 'gina and splashed all
over the young boy's crotch, wetting me, the examining table, and
him - all the way to his waist.

"As you can see, the young male subject shows the enthusiasm
common in subjects his age. He also has demonstrated the short
copulatory times before the onset of orgasm common with his age.
The female subject apparently has also orgasmed during her first
intercourse; an uncommon event. The monitors are now displaying
the torn remnants of the female subject's recently intact hymen.
There is one large lateral tear in the membrane to allow full
penetration, while most of the tissue is simply stretched from its
normally taut state. Her first intercourse with a normally
proportioned adult male will also be painful as the stretched
tissues are rent and torn, but her technical virginity is no longer
in question. There is still some minor bleeding associated with
capillaries in the torn tissue, but no significant hemorrhaging nor
other damage to underlying structures is apparent. My female
assistant will now revive the subject prior to cleansing her of the
fluids of copulation, then she will take care of the surficial
damage done to the subject's genital tract."

A few minutes later, I came to. It all seemed like a bad dream,
being shot down, captured, humiliated, then raped. I expected to
awaken in my own warm bed at home.

But I didn't. I awoke to find the female assistant shaking me
into consciousness. Then she wiped several tissues of slimy pink,
pearlescent liquid from my extremely tender crotch. Finally, she
put a stainless bowl under my rump and slid a hard plastic nozzle
up my recently violated womanly place. Next, she squeezed the
syringe and sent quarts of stinging cleansing fluid up into me to
mix with the boy's recently deposited man seed juice. The now
syrupy liquid coursed down my 'gina, across the raw edges of my
once proud virginity, then down my bottom crack and into the
waiting bowl. The unmistakable smells of pungent man seed and
musky womanly lubricant mixed and filled the room. The crowd was
going wild in a standing ovation as scenes from my recent ordeal
played and replayed on all the monitors. Each loop ended with a
foot high image of my blood oozing hymen remnants, deep in my now
no longer virgin 'gina. The young boy was proudly strutting around
the theater, his red-stained shaft again disgustingly erect and
pulsing in time to the crowd's chants and clapping.

The only saving grace was my red friend had come and gone a week
ago, so at least I didn't have to fear pregnancy from the
adolescent rapist. I shuddered to think what carrying his child
would be like, always having to look at her face and see the lust
of her father and his red stained ding dong that had stolen my
virginity and girlhood. I wished I had prepared myself with some
type of birth control (and that I believed in their use), because
these fiends had crossed the Rubicon and I was sure that today's
vile rape would not be the last I would have to endure.

Thankfully, the assistant injected me with something that
knocked me out. I do not remember being wheeled back to my cell.
"Since the demonstration has been completed, the subject has been
sedated and removed to her cell. The next demonstration will be
postponed until the subject recovers fully from today's experience,
and will require several days preparation for a course of medical
therapy, there will be no session tomorrow. This completes today's

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
POW pt5

Again I slept soundly that night. The strange dreams came like
clockwork. I remember dreaming that I was again a little girl with
no hair "down there", and again I was on the Doctor's examining
table with my feet strapped into the metal stirrups. This time,
there was no Doctor in the room, just my own dear Dad and Mommy.
Dad carefully examined the outside of both my little pink back hole
and my front privates while Mommy pointed out things and held my
lower lips open while he looked and sniffed at my privates. Dad
left the room and Mommy rubbed cool cream all over the inside of my
poochie, telling me what a good girl I was, behaving and acting
like a real grown up girl.

Dad returned, dressed like the young boy assistant. As I
watched, he slowly removed his white uniform shirt, then his white
pants. Dad had the same bulge in his strange looking underwear,
except his was as large as my entire arm. Then he removed his
underwear and his ding dong was stiff and red. He rubbed his hand
up and down the incredibly stiff shaft a few times, his hands
barely able to fit around the enormous shaft and walked towards me.
He was smiling and it was waving. As he approached my widely
splayed thighs, his eyes were riveted to my slippery, spread
privates which Mommy held open and pointed to. The strange thing
was that I didn't feel the least bit embarrassed, even though Dad
had his ding dong out and was rubbing it up and down, while Mommy
held my poochie open. She said, "She's intact. Look's like our
little girl is still a perfectly chaste little virgin. See?
There's her maidenhead, all full and pink, ready for her own Father
to take -- just like he took mine and then made a precious little
girl grow inside of me." Then she stuck her fingers up into my
'gina and said, "And she's all wet and slippery. She's going to
love having your big prick up her tiny pussy and rubbing her little
pink clit." Then she began rubbing my little pink funny button and
my hips began to react immediately.

My juvenile hips thrust themselves up off of the examining table
and against his ding dong, which was now firmly implanted in the
mouth of my 'gina. My breath came in gasps and my poochie began
running with internal lubrication. Daddy reached down and slid a
finger up my very slippery backside, until his palm was flat
against the base of my poochie and his large knuckles were well
inside the pink muscle ring at the entrance to my pooper. Then
the warm red glow filled the room again and, starting at my crotch,
my legs felt like they were on fire. A lightening bolt zipped up
my spine and crashed into my head and my legs began to tremble on
their own. Wave after wave of lightening flashed from my privates,
lighting up the entire room and causing thunder crashes. Mommy
just stood there with a joyous look on her face and Dad ran his
finger in and out of my clenching backside. Then I felt his ding
dong start to go into my poochie. It melted my virginity and
filled me with incredible warmth as my 'gina stretched to take in
its incredible girth.

I passed out from the excitement and when I came to, Daddy's
ding dong was way up inside of me. And unlike the young boy who
raped me, my 'gina felt all warm and cuddly as his monstrous member
slipped in and out of me. The red cloud filled my vision several
times before he gave a grunt and pushed his ding dong all the way
up my newly opened womanly channel. His face clenched and he
thrust his hips against my bottom, trying to drive himself deeper
into my precious being, then a warm thick spray rained down on my
insides from the end of his magic wand. Then he pushed his massive
finger deep into my backside hole and wiggled it around and the red
cloud again went black and I passed out, but not before I heard him
tell Mommy that I was so tight that he couldn't pull himself out of

I was awakened the next morning, spoon fed, and stripped for a
sponge bath. My privates were so sore that I could not walk,
except in a strange bow legged manner which kept the torn edges
inside my 'gina from rubbing against each other. Then I was lead
back to my cell -- there was to be no session that day, or for
several after it. However, three times a day, the female assistant
would come into my cell, give me a shot, and examine my poor torn
poochie. After just a couple of days, I could walk properly again,
and had regained much of my strength. I began contemplating my
means of escape.

On the fourth day after my defloration, I awoke with an
unexpected heaviness in my loins. I started counting back and
realized it was way too early for such feelings. I could tell from
the achy, heavy throbbing that my abused body was telling me it was
nearly time for my "red friend". It couldn't be, though, since I
was always very regular in my periods. It had been only two weeks
since she last left. The lower back cramps and bloating, along
with headaches, later that same day told me the story -- the onset
of my next period was imminent.

Since all of my personal belongings had been taken from me, I
had no way to take care of myself once my flow started. And since
I wore almost no clothing and no underwear, it would be
embarrasingly apparent shortly thereafter.

I tried to ask the female assistant for "things" to properly
observe feminine hygine, but she spoke no English. Finally, the
Doctor came to my cell and asked what the problem was.

"I believe certain 'female' things are about to happen to me and
I need 'womanly supplies' to take care of them," I said, trying to
be as discrete and ladylike as I could. I had never discussed my
periods with anyone, not even my Mommy, since they started.

"I do not under stand. What kind of 'female' things are about
to happen? And what sort of 'womaly supplies' do you need?"

"I believe my red friend is about to visit me and I need
'things' to take care of myself.

"I can assure you that you will not have any outside visitors.
And what kind of things do you need."

It was obvious that the Doctor was not understanding my polite
references. I would have to be more direct with him. I
immediately began to blush. "I believe it is nearly my time of the
month and I will need something to take care of it."

"Are you speaking of astrology? I do not understand your

Out of frustration, I pointed at my privates and said, "It's
going to begin today and I don't want to have an accident."

"Are you having bladder or bowel control problems? Perhaps I
need to examine you again."

"No! Never mind -- you'll never understand!" and I went back to
my cell bed. I felt drowsy and decided to take a short nap.

Several hours later, I awoke and felt a strange, warm
stickiness down between my thighs. Without looking, I knew it had
started, and I had made a terrible mess. I waddled to the cell
door and made enough noise that the female assistant came in. She
immediately saw the large red stains on my upper thighs and left,
returning a few moments later with a large warm wash cloth and a
white cardboard box. She passed them through the cell bars, then
stood and watched me. Since there was no place with any privacy in
the cell -- even the toilet was out in the open -- I began washing
my soiled privates as she stood by.

After several minutes of laving myself "down there", I was again
presentable, but the wash cloth was permanently stained a deep red
color, and had "that smell" about it.

Then I opened the white box. It was filled with an instruction
sheet and large cardboard tubes, as thick as two of my fingers.
"These must be what passes for tampons here," I remember thinking
to myself. "I guess it's a good thing I'm no longer a virgin --
I'd NEVER be able to use these things if I was. I've always felt
stretched by Tampax juniors! " I removed one of the formadable
objects and tore the stiff white paper wrapper from it. Once I had
the tampon unwrapped, I was in for another shock -- the removal
string was at least a foot long. I would not be able to discretely
tuck it up between my privates to hide the fact my "friend" was
here -- it would have to dangle down almost to my knees and act
like a little white arrow pointing at my nasty, smelly privates and
announce to the world my "friend's" presence. I just hoped that
there wouldn't be another session for a few days.

I wondered if there was anything different about these tampons
-- other than their incredible size -- so I pulled out the
instruction sheet. It was written on flimsy paper, and the wording
seemed strange in some parts, but the tampons obviously were being
made locally under a license from Tampax. This made me feel a
little more comfortable about using the strange things -- this and
the warm, wet feeling beginning to seep out of me "down there". I
began reading:

Blush Flushable Applicator Tampons

(licensed from Tambrands, USA)

If you are using Blush tampons for the first time, please
readthese directions carefully.

Blush tampons provide a comfortable and discreet alternative to
sanitary pads which are worn outside the body.

The slim flushable Applicator is designed to make insertion
easier. Because the applicator guides the tampon into proper
position, it's easy to use and your fingers never touch the tampon.
So Blush tampons can be used comfortably and with confidence, even
by young ladies.


First, find a private place and wash your hands before you

Next, choose one of these positions for comfortable insertion:

Sit on the toilet with your knees apart.

Stand, placing one foot on a toilet seat or chair.

Or squat with your knees separated.

Now, just relax and take your time. If you're tense, muscles
within you will tighten up, making insertion difficult.

1. Remove the Blush tampon from its protective wrapper. With
your thumb and middle finger, hold the outer tube below the grooved
INSERTION. Make sure the removal cord hangs outside the smaller
inner tube.

2. Insert the applicator into the area between your legs,
pointing the applicator toward the curved area of your lower back.

3. Gently rotate (turn) and push the applicator until the larger
outer tube is comfortably inside you and the first grooved ring
nearly touches you.

4. With your index finger, push the inner tube completely into
the outer tube. This places the tampon properly into you. (Should
you experience difficulty pushing the tampon out of the applicator,
gently move the applicator to the left or right while pushing on
the inner tube.)

5. Release your index finger to free the removal cord and then
take out both tubes, leaving the cord outside your body. The
muscles around the entrance will hold the tampon in place. Then
discretely dispose of the applicator, either by wrapping it in its
protective wrapper or flush the tampon applicator in the toilet.

6. Finally, gently tug at the removal cord until you feel
resistance. This places the tampon in the proper position to
prevent leaks. The removal cord is made long enough that no
contact with your body is necessary to grasp it.

When a Blush tampon is properly inserted, you should not feel a
thing. If the tampon feels uncomfortable, it is probably because
it has not been placed far enough inside you. You should remove
this tampon and try again with a new one, making sure it is
inserted more deeply. (See step 3 again)


When you remove the tampon, gently pull on the removal cord at
the same angle you used when you inserted it. Try relaxing your
muscles before pulling on the cord. The removal cord is made long
enough that no contact with your body is necessary to grasp it.

Using a tampon which is too absorbent for you or changing
tampons too frequently may make removal difficult. If you find the
tampon is not fully used when you remove it, try using a lower
absorbency or change tampons less often. After removing, the used
tampon must be properly wrapped before disposal or simply flush the


Tampons can be worn during the day or at night. Regardless of
when you use them, you should change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours
or more often if needed. Be sure to remove your used tampon before
inserting a fresh one. Always remove the last tampon you use each
month. And remember, you should only use tampons during your time
of the month -- never between these times.


The amount of flow varies with each woman, within a single
month, and from month to month. You should evaluate your flow and
select the tampon with the minimum absorbency required to meet your
needs. You may want to use different tampon absorbencies for
different days of the month.

Blush tampons come in a full range of absorbencies.

JUNIOR for light flow

medium flow.

SUPER for medium to heavy flow

Super PLUS for very heavy flow.

Regardless of which tampon you choose, you should change your
tampon every 4 to 8 hours, or more often if needed. Changing too
frequently may cause some irritation.


Q. Does trying a tampon for the first time hurt?

A. No. The key to easy insertion is to take your time and relax.
It's a good idea for beginners to practice insertion when their
flow is heavy. This will make insertion smoother and easier. When
you're first learning, you may want to try a tampon that beginners
find especially easy to use. For instance, Blush junior tampons
have a slim shape to help make insertion easier.

Q. Do you have to remove the tampon when going to the bathroom?

A. No. Tampons are worn in a different place than these other

Q. Can an unmarried woman use tampons?

A. Yes, it is permitted. Properly using these tampons will in
no way harm or taint you. If you are having problems, please check
with your physician.

Q. Can a tampon get lost inside my body?

A. No. The passage beyond is exceedingly small -- about the size
of a pencil lead.

After I read the instructions carefully, I realized they were
not really different from the ones I had used to teach myself how
to use tampons in the first place. I placed the applicator down
between my now slippery lower lips and pushed it towards my lower
back. It felt like I was trying to put my entire hand up into my
poor, abused womanly channel, but witha deep inhale and exhale --
and a fair amount of painful stretching -- I felt the rough white
tube enter into my place down there. It took several minutes for
me to get used to the extreme bulk of the applicator, easing it
ever inward, a few millimeters at a time. I began to sweat and I
could feel the tortured muscles in my female passage begin to
spasm, but just as all strength was beginning to leave my arm, my
fingers, which were inserting the applicator, touched my sparse
pubic hair. I pushed the inner tube with a mighty shove and the
big white fuzzy tampon drove itself another several inches up into
my once virgin territory.

I looked down just long enough to see my lower lips stretched
around the big white cardboard tube -- just like they had been
around the boy's manhood, and as I extracted the tube from my warm
depths, it slid across my funny button. My whole insides clamped
down, collapsing the tube like an eggshell. I nearly blacked out
from the experience, but stayed lucid enough to finish removing the
mangled tube and to carefully wrap it in a piece of thin, rough
toilet paper.

I had been right -- the extraction string was nearly as long as
my entire thigh, as it hung from my womanhood like an oversized
strand of my blonde pubic hair -- one that reached to my knees.

(This is the end so far -- following episodes are planned to
include the following.......

SESSION 4 Daily pee tests for ovulation - fan-style urine
stream due to tight labia Shave pubic hair in examining
room Multiple vaginal rape by vasectomize men during her
fertile period Hold semen against cervix with diaphram.
Hold semen in vagina by sealing vulva with tape after
catheterizing Masturbate her to several orgasms to get
juices flowing - she feels her lips pull against tape.
Public douching two days after - smelly remnants

SESSION 5 Pump anus full of KY and anally raped by several
large men fill bladder with molasses-itchy vulva, no urination

SESSION 5 aftermath treat yeast infection with
suppositories and cream applications treat new hemorrhoids with
suppositories and cream applications

SESSION 6 - Into the streets make her fart in public -
air in anus make her piss/shit in public - diuretic/glycerine
suppository make her douche in public - itchy vaginal
suppository make her give herself an enema and expel in
public make her masturbate in public anally and vaginally
raped by male dog in public tie used tampon to string of newly
inserted one - let hang and force to walk around until
next changing

pubic hair Dress like baby - diaper Force to use diaper -
Large dose of Exlax previous night Change diaper in public
Take rectal temperature Give suppository and cream rectally and

SESSION 8 dress in school girl's clothes whip bare
bottom in front of kids drug her with
hallucinogenic/testosterone derivative - magnify sex
drive a hundred fold children masturbate each other in front of
her children lick her pussy and ass, tongue her ass make
her masturbate small children children's orgy small child
fists her fore and aft She deflowers several very young
virgins with a double dildo

PRISONER EXCHANGE & RETURN Assignment to pediatrics ward
- adolescent gynecology wing Catheterize young girl
Give enema to young girl Douche very young sexual
assault victim Masturbate same victim Rub
cream in victim's torn asshole

Take another girl's rectal temperature with parents
and boyfriend there. Make the girl pee
and shit panties with parents and boyfriend there.
Have them help clean her up. Bring in boy patient to
wardroom and have him help girls use bedpans and
wipe them Have boy help give girls sponge baths
Teach pubescent girl to use kotex Teach pubescent girl
to use tampon Teach pubescent girl to douche
Give methyl blue to girl, tell her if she masturbates,
she'll pee blue. Put irritant on her clit.

Deflower CO's prissy young daughter
Artificially inseminate CO's young daughter with her own
Dad's semen Tip child sexual abuse agency about
child's parentage. Take child in as parent's family
breaks up. Describe girl's pregnancy - parents don't
believe in abortion. Girl has severely
deformed child - tears vagina into rectum
Home treatment, sitz baths and enemas/douches

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