My Nuru Neighbor

I'd been stuck in a dry patch socially for a while and a friend recommended that I try a local sex services web page to tide me over. At this point, it looked better than just jerking to porn vids yet again, so I connected to the website and it pulled up a listing of local ads. Most were incall/outcall escorts, but every so often one would list a local massage parlor. I'd tried some of those before but they were all fly-by-night asian operations, with rarely any young and pretty girls available for sex and more often with very old women giving handjobs. No thanks.

A few other ads did catch my eye. Rather than the ads of escorts taking risque selfies to show off their charms, or the massage parlors with their garish ads of stock model photos implying worlds of carnal pleasure, these were shorter ads simply announcing a city or town with a cryptic series of characters and a cell number. Some of them I recognized -- BBBJ, FS, CIM, CIP -- so I figured they were euphemistic abbreviations for sex services offered. I fingered my phone for a moment, considering what to say, then dialed. After a few rings a woman speaking clear American English answered the phone. She asked me some screening questions then gave me an address and time to show up.

I drove across town to a fairly nice neighborhood in the suburbs. The address was for a small gated apartment complex. I texted that I had arrived and was asked what kind of car I was driving. I answered and was told to drive up to the gate and given an access code. Once I texted that I was in and parked, I was given an apartment number.

I walked into the complex and found the building for that number. I knocked and the door opened to my surprise of the year. It was a tall, athletically build blonde with long hair and a set of trendy eyeglasses. She was wearing a dark blue masseuse's uniform and white slippers. She was as surprised as I was, because we recognized each other from my neighborhood. She lived one street over and I often saw her walking her beagle while I was walking my golden retriever. We would wave in courtesy but I'd never talked to her or even found out her name. She was just a friendly neighborhood face and a pleasant sight to brighten up my day.

"Oh, wow. I know you," she smiled.

"Yes. We never really met, though. My name's Patrick."

"I'm Ella. How's your day, Patrick?"

"A whole lot better, now that I'm here." That was the understatement of the year. In the warm weather she'd often walk around in tight running shorts and sandals, showing off her long, gorgeous legs. They were kissed a nice golden tan and her muscles were a work of art to watch as she strolled by. I was thinking of getting between them very quickly and my heart started thumping. "I noticed when you moved across the way in June. Have you been in the area long?"

"I'm actually from Ohio. I'm a schoolteacher there and moved here for the summer to work. I don't go out much, but I guess there was always a chance for this kind of thing to happen."

"Yeah, it's a bit of a shock."

"If this isn't comfortable, my partner is available. "

"No! I mean, I'd really like to have it with you, it was just a surprise, is all."

"Good, I was thinking I'd like this, too." She offered me several massage packages available, from a basic half hour massage to an hour session with two girls.

"What's the B2B package?"

"That includes a hot bath, a nuru massage, and a happy ending."

"That's what I'm interested in." I was throbbing hard with the thought of our greased bodies sliding around together.

"Great, and which happy ending would you like? Hand release, oral, full service, or half and half? If you really want to be pampered, you can get the girlfriend experience."

She recited those as smoothly and plainly as a dinner menu, but she looked up at me with the slightest of smiles flavored with mischief.

"I'd like the girlfriend experience with you."

"Nice. I love giving those," she smiled brighter. She gave me the price and I counted out the money for her. She tucked it into a pocket in her blouse and started pinning her hair up. "Okay, then, let's get started."

She led me to one of the adjoining bedrooms and closed the door. There was a full sized bed on one side of the room and a large absorbent mat on the other. There were a couple of sitting chairs and nightstands with a clothes rack. Soft light from candles and a small Bluetooth speaker playing harp music gave the atmosphere.

"You can put your clothes away there, then meet me in the bathroom," she told me. She took off her uniform and slippers and put them on the small vanity which had her makeup kit and street clothes. After I had gotten naked I walked over to the bathroom, where she was running the water in the stand-up shower stall. She smiled at me and fussed with things here and there, knowing that I was checking her out and allowing me to do it without feeling too self-conscious like I would be if I was doing it face to face.

"First let's take a quick shower to clean off, then we'll relax in the tub."

She adjusted the spray and stood underneath it to wet her chest and legs. She motioned for me to join her and chatted with me a bit as we got wet to break the ice.

"I do feel kind of funny," I said, "I expected a stranger. I mean, we've never been introduced, but I've seen you all the time.

"It's not strange at all to me," she shrugged with a friendly twinkle in her eye. I could imagine her giving a schoolbook lesson and it felt like an illicit rush, like a schoolboy flirting with a tutor after looking up her skirt. "This is for pure pleasure. It's like having chocolate or watching a live band. People are wound up so tight these days. A lot of the girls in legit massage parlors are giving hand releases on the sly lately, like sneaking a free dessert to a customer who's a generous tipper or who looks like he could use a lift. They don't even look at it as sex, rather providing relaxation. It's just a way to help a client feel better. Not just an orgasm, but all the happy physical effects that go with it."

Ella put her hands on my shoulders, looking me up and down before she met my eyes again. "Me, I look at this as a way to unwind and escape. I know how to make a man or a woman forget their stress and troubles for a while by focusing on their time with me. Nothing makes them feel better than a pretty girl touching and comforting them with a nice, sensuous experience. This is more expensive than the rub and tug parlors, but once you've done it you'll know exactly where your money went. You won't want to visit them, strip clubs, or even escorts again after this."

She lathered my shoulders and chest. She didn't do it like a mom scrubbing her child, she did it slowly, erotically, letting me enjoy the feel of her hands gliding over my body. She acted like she didn't notice my woody quivering with excitement, even as she bent low to rub suds over my thighs. She knelt to lather my calves, then stood and got one more huge dollop of the foaming soap and spread it on my cock and balls. It felt great but not really gratifying. She wasn't really stroking it or otherwise trying to stimulate me.

When she finished she smiled again and asked, "Will you do me, now?"

I put my hands on her hips to pull her closer to me. She put her hands up to my chest to keep me from getting in a clinch with her, but she wasn't pulling my hands away either.

"I meant soap me up, silly. Take it easy, we have an hour and it's only been a few minutes. You can touch me however you like. That's part of the treatment. Feeling my body under your hands and how it responds to your touch plugs into the mind's pleasure centers and you get a natural high as well as a nice thrill. Come on, I like it. And I always thought you were cute, anyway, so I'll enjoy it more."

I squirted some of the foam into my hands and soaped her from neck to ankles like she did to me. I particularly took my time lathering her nubile breasts, firm butt and toned legs. She shut her eyes and licked her lips, guiding my hands to visit her tits and ass one more time. As I hefted and squeezed her boobs, her nipples popped out stiff, reddening with pleasure.

"I'm never going to be able to look at you the same when we meet on the street after this." I told her.

"I hope not," she smirked, looking down at my hard-on. "This could be the start of something pretty nice."

She took the rinsing wand from its holder on the shower wall and got the soap suds off me, then handed it to me and I rinsed her carefully. She returned it to its bracket and stepped up to me, her arms going around my neck. "There we go. All fresh and sweet for each other."

She planted her lips on mine. It was a light kiss, soft and dreamy. She broke away slowly, looking at me with a warm grin before she kissed me again, her mouth opening and her tongue licking between my lips.

"That's something a little extra, for a nice neighbor," she murmured in my ear. I could feel her tits mash against my chest and she moved her hands to stroke my face and my neck. I put my hands on her hips again and slid them up to her waist and over the smooth round curves of her buttocks. She curled a leg up girlishly as she kissed me again, this time darting her sweet tongue inside my mouth. She hummed with pleasure as I pulled her up against me and my rigid cock jabbed into her belly. She grasped it and pumped it slowly, sucking my tongue into her mouth and wrestling it with hers.

"Mmmmh. You taste good, this is going to be so much fun. Kiss me all over, baby."

I happily obeyed, raining kisses on her face, her neck, down between her tits to her navel before I came back up to kiss and lick her nipples. I knelt and bent to kiss the tops of her feet, up her calves and behind her knees and inside her thighs until I was at her shaved kitty.

"Damn, I could get used to this," she chuckled.

"I had no idea it would be this good," I panted before I started brushing my tongue over her labia. She squealed and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling it and arching her back when I sucked hungrily on her clit. I felt her shiver and lean against me with a loud sigh. She pulled me up for a kiss, moaning softly into my mouth. She broke away and exhaled heavily, fanning her face with a lazy grin.

"Well, you paid for the girlfriend experience, and I deliver. Good choice, I've kept my boyfriends really happy." Her smile faded and a wanton look filled her face before she pulled the back of my head down to give me another deep tongue kiss. Her other hand rubbed my scrotum and squeezed the base of my cock firmly, sliding up the shaft and toying with the head. "Now it's your turn to find out what I'm like. Come with me, now. We have so much more I want to do."

She took my hand and led us out to the two-person bath, which was ready with warm, soapy water. She had me sit down and picked up a small sponge. My cock was sticking up out of the water like a periscope as she got into the tub, letting me put my arms around her as she settled in beside me. She let me touch and kiss her as she dipped the sponge into the water and soaped her neck and shoulders, then did mine. I kissed behind her ears and she opened her mouth with a soft "oh" as I ran my hand up her leg. I kissed at her lips and she sealed hers over mine as I played with her pussy. She angled a leg between mine as we kissed, letting my dick rub on her calf as I played with her tits and we kissed some more. It felt heavenly and jumped up a notch as she rubbed the sponge over my shoulder and chest while we explored our mouths some more. She moved my legs to stretch out and dipped the sponge in the water again, soaping my leg and pulling on the other so that my crotch was open for her. The warm tickle of the sponge as she grabbed and stroked my stiff penis made me close my eyes and bite my lip.

She stroked my aching cock with one hand while running the soapy sponge up and down my legs. When she saw me open my eyes she batted her lashes at me and got into a crouch so that she could get her head over my hips. She pulled my cock to point straight up as she lowered her mouth on it. Her lips closed over the middle of my shaft and slid back up to the tip. Her tongue flicked on it and circled the rim to draw a helpless gasp from me. She cupped my balls with one hand as she drizzled water from the sponge over my chest, starting to bob her head up and down. I grabbed and held on to the bathtub faucet as her blowjob got faster. She eased off when she tasted precum leaking into her mouth, squeezing the bottom of the shaft expertly as I came back from the brink of orgasm, scrubbing my body with the sponge playfully until I was ready for her mouth again. I looked into a mirror to watch my dick going in and out of her pretty face.

"Here, sit on the side of the tub," she told me. I perched there with my legs wide apart so that she could get on her hands and knees between them. She looked in the mirror at us then back up at me, giving me a wink before she took my cock in her mouth again. Now I could admire her body from a couple of angles as her neck worked to move her head up and down my hard dick. I picked up the sponge and let the water trickle over her body. She hummed with pleasure and it was like a vibrator moving up and down me as she sucked faster. My cock popped out and she ran her lips up and down it, rubbing her cheeks and chin over it before she opened wide to get me in her throat. Her hands squeezed my knees and crept up my legs until she was holding the root of my dick with both hands.

"This is a nice cock you have," she said, staring with appreciation as she stroked it. "It's like it was made for sucking on."

She squeezed the shaft and sucked voraciously on the head for a long moment. She plunged her mouth over me and got her lips down to the base before she came back up for air. She looked up at me with watering eyes then went back to another blissful round of sucking and stroking until I had to grip the edge of the tub to keep from falling over.

"Feel your troubles melting away yet?" she asked with an impish look. I pulled her up to me and kissed her deep. She kissed back like a lover, her hands caressing my shoulders and back again. "Good, so now that I've got your full attention, let's have something even better. Ready?"

She led me back out to the bedroom where she pulled out an inflatable mattress with pillows at either end and placed it out on the absorbent pad. She put a towel on one of them to make my face comfortable as she stretched me out on it. There was a wooden basin full of thick oil next to us and she scooped up a double handful, spreading it over my back. She settled her body on top of me, her breasts cushioning against my skin and her arms and legs raveling with mine.

"Lie still, let me do the work," she said softly. Her flesh slid over mine with slippery, rubbery delight as the gel had just enough lubrication to let us slide smoothly over each other but have a very pleasant amount of friction. I loved the softness of her breasts gliding over me combined with the squeeze of her legs. When she thought I'd had enough, she pulled on me to turn over. My cock head was beet red, hot and ready to get into her body this time. She got more gel from the basin and spread it up and down my trunk, up and down my legs. She left my dick alone except for a light kiss to tease me even worse. She straddled my legs and leaned down to let her tits slide up and down me from crotch to chest. She leaned down for a playful kiss then started sliding up and down me again, getting her hands and feet into the act too.

"Feels like getting a lapdance all over, doesn't it?"

"Even better than that," I managed to answer.

"Are you ready to fuck? I can't stand waiting much longer."

"I'm ready, babe."

She moved her legs a little bit wider and reached down to guide my cock into her. It slid in smoothly and she moved to wrap her long legs under me and her arms around my back. With the gel lubricating us on the inflatable bed it felt like floating. She made all kinds of moves that had me gasping for breath.

"Feels like we're fucking with our whole bodies," she told me. "Don't cum yet, though, okay?"

She had no argument from me there. I tried to enjoy it but keep from enjoying it enough to bust at the same time. It was a deliciously maddening problem. I managed to keep the ride going for a few minutes before I patted her arm and let her know to get off me.

"Wow, that was really good," she told me with a hot kiss. "That's the longest anyone's gone with me, and you're still ready to go. Nice! Let's dry off for the next part."

Ella handed me a towel to wipe the gel off then we moved to the bed. She knelt in the middle and pulled me on to join her. She put her arms around me for another kiss, reaching down to stroke my erection, satisfied that it was still rock hard. She eased me down to the bed and got between my knees.

"I've caught you looking at my ass before," she smiled down at me as she stroked my dick. "Do you want to know how it will feel sliding up and down on your cock?"

"God, yes."

"Let me taste you again."

She spread my legs open and ran her tongue over my balls, sucking them carefully into her mouth and letting them pop out of her lips wetly as she jerked my shaft firmly. She rubbed the head on her cheeks and lips before she spit out a big wad of saliva to get the shaft fully coated. Then she put her feet outside my hips and squatted down to get my cock head pressed against her anus. She closed her eyes and breathed deep to relax, letting it loosen up until she sank smoothly and her butt was snuggled against the root of my cock. She started going up and down hypnotically, giving a wiggle of her hips at the top as she started back down. She stretched an arm out to hold the headboard for balance as she rubbed on her clit. It was wild to look at her beautiful snatch as her ass gripped me like a slippery vise. I kept going as long as I could before I pulled her down to the bed and turned her on her knees. I knocked them apart with mine and made her lean over as I got my cock between her ass cheeks again. She looked back and bit her lips as I sunk my rod inside again. I pulled on her hips then grabbed her tits as I started pumping her steadily. Soon I couldn't hold off anymore and leaned back a bit to drive my pelvis forward and up, almost lifting her off the bed as I moaned raggedly. She squirmed and let out a sweet moan of her own as she felt my hot semen gush into her.

I sucked wind as my shaft withdrew from her inflamed pucker. A few more jets squirted out and landed on her back. I let out a tortured groan as she pushed her ass back to grind on my dick a little, my cum lubricating us wonderfully as she rubbed her clit to get off one more time as my shaft rested heavily on he crack of her ass.

"Damn, Patrick, that was really good. I'm glad you splurged for the GFE. I'm going to be nicely horned up for the rest of my shift so my customers will be grateful, too. There'll be a lot of happy cocks and pussies leaving here today."

"I've gotta do this again. But do you do incall? It's a pretty long drive to the opposite end of town here."

"Thought you'd never ask. Yeah, I have a mattress to practice at home. Book me anytime."

We exchanged profile names for the web site and tried them from our phones. She gave me a long look and one of her naughty smiles crept on her face.

"You know, I'm doing webcam shows. It's been fun and easy money. Stripping nude, a few toy shows. They keep bugging me to do boy-girl scenes. You're good looking and have the stamina. What do you think about that, would you be game?"

That was three days ago. She told me to hold off on any sex, including masturbation, so that I'd be eager with a full load of nut for our first scene. She sexted me all afternoon and sent a selfie from her bed, flat on her back with those long legs pointed out and apart, saying that she told her fans to get ready for a pussy creampie scene. Gotta go now, be good!

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