Anal trouble

Luke's phone buzzed. The popup alert was of no surprise to him; another text from Melissa. Ever since that weekend two months ago, when Luke had taken the young teen's virginity with her mother's blessing, Melissa hadn't stopped messaging him. Luke replied, enjoying the correspondence, especially when she sent illicit photos of her petite body, but it was obvious that she had become obsessed with him. He wasn't sure what he was going to do about that, long term.

They had crossed paths a few times since that weekend, at their tennis club, but it was always in her mother Caroline's presence and she had become quite protective of her daughter. On just one occasion, Melissa had hurried Luke and herself away into a secluded closet at the club. Her panties had been soaking wet and they had enjoyed a frantic standing fuck. Watching her play matches after that, knowing her unprotected pussy was filled with his cum had been a delight.

But despite that encounter, the future of their sexual relationship was unclear. That was until Luke received a very unexpected call from Melissa's mother Caroline.

"Hey, Caroline," Luke answered with surprise.

"So first of all, I want to apologize for how we left your house last time," Caroline began. She was a relatively young mother in her 30's having had Melissa, her only child, at 21. She had also been a brief sexual partner of Luke's before Melissa's weekend with him. She continued, "seeing you... having sex with Melissa... and with me participating, I was thrown really off guard.

"But I think it's had a really positive effect on her. She is more confident, doing better at school... but she also can't stop talking about you."

Luke chuckled to himself. Of course she couldn't.

"It turns out that Melissa hasn't exactly kept her mouth shut about it though," Caroline said. This had Luke worried.

"Who has she been talking too?" he asked.

"It's not.. too bad, really. It was with her best friend April, who lives next door," Caroline replied, "but... April told her mom and now they all want in on the Luke action!"

"What do you mean by that, Caroline?" he asked.

"They are all coming over for dinner... and other things, next Friday and you're the guest of honor," Caroline explained.

"Hmmm," was all Luke could utter as he thought about the ramifications of this.

"Look, I'm not sure what Jen, that's April's mother, wants you to do with April exactly but she has somehow got the idea into her head that her daughter should also have a practical sexual experience with you," Caroline said, "... I guess you can blame me," she laughed.

"She is younger than Melissa though, I think by almost two years. But I don't think that bothers you does it?" Caroline said.

They arranged the details. Of course, Luke wasn't going to say no to this. Melissa's follow-up messages were filled with giddy excitement. Her mother had just told her the news and she couldn't wait until Luke visited. Apparently, April was excited too. It sounded like the two girls were very close. What had Melissa told her best friend?

Luke's work week was a blur leading up to Friday night with images of Melissa's soft little body impaled on his hard cock dominating his thoughts. Friday was especially difficult and he actual found himself quite nervous as he pulled up to Caroline and Melissa's place, a small single story townhouse. That was unusual for him. But so was this entire scenario. Two horny little girls and their mother's were inside that house.

He rang the doorbell and Melissa opened it in a flash. She beamed at Luke, throwing her arms around him and passionately making out.

"Yaaay! I can't believe this is actually happening," she squealed as Luke put her down. She couldn't help herself, pulling him in for a few more wet kisses and some groping of his abs and arms. Luke couldn't quite believe what she was wearing; an arm-less fishnet one-piece of some kind, with a black mini skirt on top. He could see everything through it including her pale A-cup breasts and soft pink nipples. That was when Luke saw the even smaller girl next to her; a beautiful tanned blonde with a cute, curvy body that was surprisingly athletic. While Melissa was quite skinny and long limbed, with a small ass and hips, this girl was compact with more shapely hips and an amazing round butt. She was only slightly more conservatively dressed with a tight white tube top exposing a flat midriff and red tights on the bottom. She was evidently very young with an almost flat chest.

"This is my friend, April," Melissa said as she wrapped her arm around the nervous girl, "and you're gonna fuck her tonight."

Luke almost choked. April's face flushed scarlet as she scowled at her precocious friend.

"It's nice to meet you, April," Luke said, "Melissa's text's about you didn't do you justice. You're gorgeous." Luke got the result he was looking for. April smiled and her cheeks turned an even deeper shade of red.

".. Hi, Luke.." she faintly said. Melissa whispered something in her ear and April stepped towards Luke. Even shorter than Melissa, she looked up at him nervously. Luke bent down and picked her up with ease. He immediately felt the furious beating of her heart as she was pressed against his pecs. Her whole body seemed to shake with nerves and Luke felt goosebumps where he touched her bare skin.

April's eyes widened, now face to face with the handsome older man. She closed them then pushed her mouth forward awkwardly, looking for her first kiss. Luke obliged, kissing her back softly with a few gentle pecks. He then took hold of the back of her neck, through her long blonde hair, and parted her lips with his. His much larger tongue found hers and he gave her an intoxicating kiss. She tasted of sweet lip gloss and adolescent perfume. April was so small Luke felt he had to be careful not to hurt her.

"OK, I want some too!" Melissa said impatiently. After a few more seconds of making out, Luke put April down. She almost fell over in a lustful daze as Melissa jumped Luke again, demanding more kisses.

The two excited girls led Luke down the hall and into the living room and connected kitchen after their make-out session. Seated at kitchen stools were two woman. Luke recognized Caroline, wearing an elegant low-cut dark green dress with a glass of wine in her hand. The other woman must've been Jen, April's mother. Caroline stood as he entered the room.

"Thank god you're here," Caroline said, "I don't know if I could've taken any more of Melissa and April's excited impatience!" She walked over to Luke and gave him a single kiss on the lips.

"Mom!" Melissa barked at her mother.

"Yes. Good to see you too, Caroline," Luke replied with a grin, "and you must be Jen?"

The other woman didn't stand. "Hi, Luke. Yea I'm April's mother and for the record I'm not fully on board with any of this."

"Nonsense," Caroline said, "everyone's gonna have a great time tonight." Luke was getting the impression that Caroline had finished off a few glasses already. She had that 'glow' about her.

All four of the ladies prepared dinner while Luke waited on a sofa in the living room. A nervous April walked over with a beer and innocent smile. Luke was feeling skeptical about her sexual maturity and even is she was physically big enough for intercourse.

"That was nice.. I.. ah, thanks," she rushed out.

"For what?" Luke asked a little stupidly.

"My first kiss," April replied in a whisper. Luke caught on.

"Oh, you were a natural, April. I should be thanking you. It's a treat to be able to kiss a girl as beautiful as you".

April gave a big loving smile before skittering back to the kitchen. Luke saw the two teens giggle and gossip. While Luke waited and drank his beer something caught his eye. A large sheepskin rug was on the floor at his feet and on the coffee table next to it Luke spotted a box of condoms, a bottle of lube and a box of tissues. Were they planning on performing 'the act' here, in the living room?

Luke's thoughts whirred at dinner, between the seductive glances from Melissa and her mother and the stern disapproving looks from Jen, April's mother. Jen either didn't like Luke or was still trying to make up her mind about him. Blonde like her daughter, she also had a sporty frame and smaller, perky breasts; hinted at in her tight tank top.

"So, Luke. Melissa speaks highly of her weekend with you," she said while sipping her wine, "and she has convinced April that she 'has to try it'. What exactly do you think you're gonna do to my young daughter, huh?" Jen had also downed a few wines by now.

The table was silent and glances shot between Jen and Luke.

"Only what April wants to try," Luke casually responded while leaning back in his chair.

"Jen," Caroline said, slurring slightly, "I can attest to Luke's respectful handling of my daughter. It seems that Melissa had the time of her life."

"I did. It was amazing! Luke was amazing," Melissa interjected, smiling broadly at Luke.

"Caroline, forgive me but your parenting advice is not exactly orthodox," Jen quipped back.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Caroline snapped.

"You offered your daughter's virginity to this... guy and you think I should do the same!" Jen replied.

"Where is this coming from?" Caroline asked, "you agreed to this the other day and you even brought the condoms!"

Jen glanced at the coffee table. She was lost in thought.

April spoke up. "Don't I get a say in this, mom?" she asked.

"Yes, honey. But this is serious stuff and you're just too young to know what's best for you," Jen said to her. April looked a little disappointed at the condescending tone of her mother.

"Honestly, once you watch Melissa and Luke have sex first, you'll see that there's nothing to be afraid of," Caroline suggested. This comment had Melissa at attention, looking in surprise between her mother and Luke.

"Is that really want you want, Caroline?" Jen asked, "Have our girls... fuck here in front of us?"

"Wasn't that your stipulation? For it happen in the lounge so you could supervise your daughter's first time?" Caroline chuckled.

Despite the hesitation it seemed that nothing could hold back the inevitable so after dinner, Melissa and April hurried off to Melissa's bedroom to get ready and Luke prepared himself for the grilling from momma-bear Jen.

"I can't believe I let April talk to me into this," Jen said as the three adults sat in the living room, "and what are you getting out of this, Luke? You're too old for these girls."

Luke thought that was obvious. He was about to answer but Caroline spoke up.

"Come on, Jen. Look at him. He's sexy as hell and our girls want him. What guy would turn that down?" she said. She also gave him a rather seductive wink. Luke had been noticing Caroline's not so subtle advances towards him this evening and now her dress was hanging low to expose one of her large bra-less tits as she leaned forward to put down her glass.

"I also dare you not to get turned on tonight," Caroline finished.

"Just to be clear; you want me to have sex with Melissa and April here in the living room, in front of you both?" Luke asked.

Caroline gave a smirking nod. Jen looked less pleased. "I don't want it happening behind closed doors. April wants you to be her first time, apparently, so this is the only way that is going to happen. Supervised and using protection," Jen answered, pointing at the condoms.

Melissa and April returned to the lounge excited and with significantly less clothing on. Melissa had forgone most of hers altogether, wearing only the skimpy see-through thong she had on when he took her virginity two months ago. Standing half naked, she proudly displayed her small pubescent buds to the room. Jen muttered "oh my god" under her breath. April still wore her lacy white tube top but had removed the tights to expose her plain white knickers. Luke spotted a cute little camel-toe outlining her vulva.

"Stunning. Absolutely stunning," Luke said as he stood to greet the girls.

Melissa skipped over, wrapping her arms around him and reaching up to make out. Luke's hands made their way over her naked back and down to grip her small ass. She wasted no time, clumsily unbuttoning his shirt. Luke waived April over too. Melissa was pulling his shirt off his thick biceps as Luke brought April in to kiss. Her compact little body pressed into his large muscular physique and she gasped.

"Holy shit..." Jen exclaimed from the sofa at the sight of Luke's upper body.

"I know, right?" Caroline chimed in.

Luke placed April back down and stood topless above the teens. "He's sexy, isn't he?" Melissa said turning to April. She nodded. Melissa then took her friend's hand and lifted it to Luke's abs.

"Oh... wow..." April exhaled. Her sweaty hands trembled across Luke's lean musculature. Next to go were Luke's pants, which Melissa was unzipping and pulling down as April explored Luke's strong arms. Luke felt his growing package pitch a large tent in his briefs. Being double teamed by these adolescent girls had him at full mast already.

"Jesus," was Jen's reaction to seeing the size of Luke's building erection in his underwear. April's mouth dropped open in shock as well when next, Melissa pulled down Luke's briefs and his naked cock sprung to attention. Melissa immediately began stoking him.

"Hmmm that's it, baby" hummed Luke. "What do you think of my penis, April?"

"It's... so big..." April said. She stepped closer to Melissa who was now on her knees with the large shaft above her face.

"Touch it," Melissa said to her friend. April tentatively wrapped her small hand around the throbbing member.

"Wait.. I don't think she should..." Jen began to protest, standing up but Caroline pulled her back down into her seat.

"Wow, it's so hot!" April remarked as she starting mimicking Melissa's hand-job motions.

Melissa grinned. "He really likes when I do this too," she said while tilting the rigid cock down towards her open mouth. Melissa swallowed the head with a gasping gulp.

Her sloppy, enthusiastic sucking was electrifying and Luke had to concentrate on standing. He also spotted Caroline enjoying the view; one of her tits had popped out of her dress and she was rubbing her erect nipple, a nipple that had breast fed the girl that was now sucking his cock. He never would've thought that he would find an incestuous situation so damn hot.

Melissa broke off the blowjob, gasping for air with globs of saliva dripping from Luke's cock and her mouth. She then offered him to April. April leaned over, being too small to kneel, and placed her lips around Luke's tip. Her eyes darted from Luke to Melissa, looking for some confirmation she was doing it correctly. Her lips felt so delicate on his sensitive tip. Pushing forward, her mouth strained wide to fit his girth and Luke felt her teeth scrape him awkwardly. It was gentle enough not to hurt but was utterly worth it to see a pretty young teen swallowing him.

"No, no, no... she is too young for this!" Jen exclaimed. She stood up and attempted to pull her daughter off Luke's cock. The others protested, with Caroline taking her hand out of her panties to follow Jen.

April was mad. "Mom! Stop embarrassing me! I want to give Luke a blowjob."

Caroline put her arm around the concerned mother's shoulder and said in a horny, drunken slur, "It's OK, Jen. The girl's are having a good time. There is no coercion here, it's just wholesome fun! Here I'll show you." Caroline dropped onto her knees, pushing her daughter Melissa aside, and swallowed Luke's cock whole.

"Fuuckkk," groaned Luke. This was one skill where Caroline had Melissa beat. She knew how to blow. She sucked hard and deep, gagging and spluttering for everyone to hear.

Melissa was livid. She watched for a few moments but she could bare it no longer. Caroline was stealing her man again.

"Mom.." Melissa said. Caroline ignored her, or couldn't hear her over her sloppy sucking. "Mom! STOP!"

Caroline released Luke's cock, which sprung back up vertically, now soaked with two coatings of saliva. Without a word she returned to her seat. April had loved the show. The world of sex was rapidly opening up before her. For Luke, the blowjob stopped just in time as he was about to explode. Seeing Melissa looking furious, he got down onto his knees and swept her up, kissing and biting her neck.

With a whisper in her ear he said, "Don't worry, babe. Nothing can compare to fucking you."

He laid her down on the soft sheepskin rug, spread her legs and headed for her sex. Luke could already smell the warm arousal coming from her panties. He peeled them off the nubile teen and enjoyed the view of her now utterly smooth pussy. She pulled her knees back and spread her outer labia with her fingers to show how dripping wet she had become. Beautiful pink layers leaked thick teen precum down over her smooth perineum and anus.

Luke lay down on his stomach to bring his mouth close to her. "Sooo smooth," he marveled.

"Mom took me to get a wax yesterday," she said, "do you like it?"

"I love it, Melissa," he replied.

Luke licked up her inner thigh and around her puffy lips and mons pubis. Melissa loudly groaned, "Uuunnnghhh... hmmmm..."

April had come over to sit next to Melissa and from the corner of his eye Luke saw her take off her tube-top. She revealed a pair of tiny tits, barely protruding from her chest, topped with little puffy dome-shaped nipples. They were probably still in the early stages of growth. April turned away embarrassed when she noticed Luke looking.

He would get to her soon but now Luke was focused on making Melissa come. His tongue worked her throbbing clit while his fingers probed her loosening pussy and twitching anus. She was building to climax quickly.

"Hmmm, fuck yes Luke! Arrgghhh... that feels.. soo good!" she wailed, making sure everyone could hear her. She reached out to hold April's hand so her young friend could support her through her orgasm. Luke felt the pulsing in her sex begin. He slipped his middle finger full length into her contracting anus, feeling that familiar youthful grip. Her rectum was wonderfully clean and smooth inside.

Melissa's back snapped into an arch. "YESS!!! Ahhhh!" she screaming in climax. Her sphincter rapidly squeezed Luke's finger and he tasted a small burst of squirt spray into his mouth from her expanding gash. She twitched and moaned through the aftermath of her orgasm while the three other ladies in the room watched on in awe.

"Oh my god, that was amazing," said a stunned April. Her puffy nipples had hardened and her chest and face were flushed red.

Jen was stunned. "I had no idea a girl her age could come like that," she said as she turned to Caroline whose hand was buried deep in her panties, her dressed bunched up around her waist. "Fucking hell, Caroline. Are you turned on by your daughter?"

Caroline looked frustrated and she stopped her masturbation. "I don't know how you aren't. This is raw teen horniness on display."

Luke crawled atop Melissa and leaned down to kiss her. "It's time to fuck in front your friend. Do you want me to use a condom?" he whispered.

"No, I'm on the pill now. I want your cum in me..." Melissa said with a shaky voice.

"I'm actually gonna save my load for April, if that's OK?" Luke replied. Melissa looked a little disappointed.

"OK, then. I guess she should get to enjoy your cum," she said while turning to April.

Luke's cock was throbbing at peak erection and he lined it up with Melissa's spread opening. "Fuck me, Luke. Please fuuuck me," she begged aloud. He heard the mother's move seats to get a better view of the penetration.

"Wait, why aren't you using protection?" Jen asked.

"Melissa's on the pill now," Caroline answered proudly.

Luke thrust forward and felt the forbidden pleasure of stretching open a young girl's tender cunt. Still coated in saliva, his cock slipped past Melissa's opening and into the soft textured tunnel of her nubile vagina. "Hnngghnnn.. gaahhh.." Melissa groaned.

April gasped aloud as she witnessed sexual intercourse, in the flesh, for the first time.

Luke could feel how ready Melissa was so he began a rapid pounding rhythm immediately. Each thrust saw his cock reach a little deeper until his full length was punching deep into her abdomen. Wet sloshing sounds and the sweet smell of Melissa's fluids filled the lounge. He turned to the mother's on the sofa to enjoy this erotic scenario in full. He was fucking a daughter's adolescent pussy in front of two grown woman; an exhilarating act of taboo.

"Oh wow, I can see it inside you, Mel!" April proclaimed while pointing at Melissa's stomach. Luke saw it too; his massive cock was creating a visible bump up to her belly button with each thrust.

"You should touch it," Luke told the fascinated teen. He sat back on his heels, lifting Melissa up at the hips until she was lying in a decline position. April's pressed her hand to her friend's tummy.

"Hah! Ohhh... I love it!" she said, feeling how much Luke's member was stretching Melissa's insides.

"Hmm.. ugghhnn.. Luke.." Melissa gasped, "let's do it standing up."

Luke lifted her with ease and they stood up into their favorite position. Melissa whispered in his ear, "Fuck me hard, right next to my mom."

With her knees hooked over his arms, Luke held Melissa aloft by the ass while she gripped him around his neck. It offered a spectacular view of the penetration and Luke made sure Caroline and Jen had a clear view of it.

Melissa stared at her mother, groaning with every wet slap of skin as her crotch collided with Luke's. Caroline stared back at her. Her panties were pulled down now and she was loudly fingering her own vagina; the vagina that had birthed the girl now being fucked in front of her. How had she let this happen and why did it turn her on so much? She was transfixed by the sight of her daughter's cunt stretched tight around the girth of Luke's massive shaft.

"Oh baby, he's filling you up!" Caroline groaned.

"Hmmm... yes he is, mommy. He's fucking my... hhggnnn... little cunny," Melissa said with her voice interrupted by each deep penetration. Luke dropped onto the sofa between Caroline and Jen and Melissa took over riding him cowgirl. He was struggling to hold back his own climax as Melissa was enthusiastically bouncing and grinding her clit against him.

"Yes! Yes, ahhhh... I'm gonna come again!" she wailed. Good, he needed her to finish soon if he was to have any stamina left for the younger virgin. Luke saw April still sitting on the floor, staring at Melissa's spread open ass and pussy from behind. Her hand was down her knickers.

"Come up here, April," Luke told her. She approached and her mother moved to the side to make room for her daughter. Luke pulled her close until she was pressed against his leg and Melissa's bouncing ass. April took this as her cue to remove her knickers. Hand's shaking, she slid them off her cute ass to reveal the most forbidden of views; her pubescent pussy; a tiny slit and soft bald lips with a small tuft of wispy pubic hair on her mound. It was a sight of beautiful, unspoiled virginity. Luke could almost feel the apprehension and disapproval emanating from Jen beside him.

"Wow, April. You are beautiful," Luke complimented the blushing teen. He now had a hand on her bare ass with his other hand gripping the moaning girl who was grinding herself to orgasm on his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck, fuck, fuck.." Melissa wailed and collapsed onto Luke. She began to shake and her cunt squeezed Luke's cock mercilessly. He focused on holding back his load by exploring April's body.

He ran his fingers up April's soft thighs and gently over her snatch. It was impossibly smooth and tender with her little puffy lips parting slightly letting Luke feel the building wetness tucked inside her slit. April shivered and gasped, overwhelmed by the sensation.

"Hhhnn.. ahhh... oh," she whispered, eyes wide and staring at Luke.

"Wait, Luke, be careful," Jen interjected, "she isn't ready for... fingering yet. She's only just started inserting tampons."

"Mom!," April barked at Caroline,"it feels really nice... I want him to touch my... vagina." The little girl gave Luke an embarrassed smile.

Melissa had noticed Luke's attention drift away from her. "Fine, you can play with April now," she said in an annoyed tone. She made sure to give Luke a big kiss before dismounting him. His soaked erection slipped from her swollen cunt and slapped down against his abs. She sat down next to her mother, who was quietly shaking in climax with her hand clamped over her mature pussy. A big wet patch stained the sofa underneath her crotch.

"Jesus, mom. You're such a perv," Melissa said.

Luke begin pleasuring April in earnest. Her young body felt so fragile in his hands, soft and sensitive. She shook with anticipation. First, his hand ran up over her tummy and gently circled around her tender buds. He followed that up with kisses to her puffy nipples.

"Ah! Eeee! That tickles," April giggled, "hmmm...."

He then kissed her up the side of the neck ending with a peck on her ear. April shivered and groaned. Jen was just behind her, watching and judging, so Luke leaned April backwards until she was lying naked against her mother. As Luke spread the young girl's legs open he looked Jen in the eye, enjoying this incestuous boundary crossing.

April's sex peeled open before him; a perfectly smooth pussy, not quite touched by puberty, and the glistening pink flower within. Luke adjusted his position on the sofa to start performing oral sex on April for the first time. But before he began, he reached out to hold April's shaking hand.

"April, I'm going kiss around your vagina then lick your clitoris, if you would like that?" Luke asked. April nodded immediately. He continued, "Have you had an orgasm before?"

April hesitated and stole a glace up at her mother. "Yea... I've had lots... after Melissa showed me how..." she confessed. Jen looked shocked at the revelation.

"Me and April were... masturbating in my room before Luke got here," Melissa added, "April could almost fit my new dildo in her pussy."

April went stiff with embarrassment but quickly lost track of everything around her as Luke's lips made contact with her inner thighs. Then, softly, he tasted the virgin skin of her delicate lips, coated in nervous sweat and arousal.

"Hmmmm... ah.. hah.. oooooo.." April quietly squealed. When Luke's tongue finally made contact with the tiny nub of her clit she bucked in fright. Waves of overwhelming sensation surged through her petite body. Luke found that April's inner sex tasted exquisite, with her miniature pink folds radiating heat and the fresh aroma of adolescent lust.

"Be careful, Luke" Jen commented as she held her twitching daughter.

"Hmmm... mommy.. it feels sooo goood," April moaned, "I can feel Luke's tongue... in my coochie."

Luke gently flicked at April's clitoris, feeling her shiver with each stroke. The pounding of her heart resonated through her tender cunt. He brought a hand in towards her spread labia and began to probe her tight entrance. It resisted penetration at first but slowly eased open. Luke was relieved to find there was no hymen blocking his finger as he pushed it inside her tight wet tunnel.

"Oooo! Hsss... ah, ah, Luke... it's really sensitive... in me.." April gasped. The penetration had her tense but she soon relaxed. Jen looked on in concern, holding her daughter tight.

April was now gushing lubrication with every pre-orgasm contraction, building towards her first oral climax. With her sex so small and young, Luke could feel every twitch and pulse as her muscles gave in to the ultimate release.

"Gahhhhh!! Urrgghhhnn..." April groaned as she came. Writhing on the sofa, there was nothing performative about her orgasm.

"Oh April, you're coming!" Melissa exclaimed, sitting next to her friend and holding her hand. April was curled up, moaning and twitching, when Luke saw a small leak from between her legs. April felt it too and reacted in shear panic. She opened her legs and another dribble of piss escaped her swollen pussy.

"Nooo!" she yelped, clutching at her crotch while trying to stop the flow. Her face burned red in horror. Melissa gasped and giggled which didn't help her friend's embarrassment. April started crying.

"April! Cover yourself and go to the bathroom!" Jen yelled at her daughter. Luke was not happy with how April was being treated. He bent down to her and pulled her into his arms.

"Don't listen to them. You are beautiful and your piss is beautiful," he whispered in reassurance to the sobbing girl, "so I want you to let it out. I think it's so sexy when you pee."

April gazed at Luke with red, tear filled eyes and she saw his sincerity. "I'm sorry. It's just coming out. I... I can't hold it in," she whimpered.

"And you don't have too," Luke replied. He placed her back on the sofa and spread her legs. Another small dribble of pee leaked from her gash as Luke noticed Melissa was sitting in the line of fire. But he also saw her excitement as she stared at her young friend's gaping vagina.

"Ugghhnnn... it's cooming..." moaned April as she pissed. A strong spray of pubescent urine shot out and splashed onto Melissa's small tits.

"Oh my god! Fuck, April," gasped Melissa. The warm pee poured down her chest and stomach and between her legs. The mother's could only watch on in shock. Luke had definitely not expected this but the sight was mesmerizing. After a few more weaker streams, April was left spread open and panting with her pussy dripping onto the stained carpet.

"Jesus, what a mess," Jen said as she stood to look for a means to clean her daughter's piss. Caroline joined her. Luke looked from girl to girl. April was lost for words but Melissa was obviously excited.

"Holy shit, you peed on me. It's everywhere," Melissa said as she rubbed the piss into her tits and waxed vulva.

"I'm sorry, Mel" April whimpered.

Luke lifted April off the sofa and lay her on the sheepskin rug. He was back at full throbbing erection after watching the girl's piss play and he needed to deflower this virgin. April lay sweaty and legs spread, her entire pussy coated in her thick cum. Luke towered above her, his cock rock hard and pointed at the ceiling. April stared at it, fearful of it's size but excited for her chance to be fucked for the first time. Luke leaned over her, kissing her deeply and attempting to reassure the shaking teen that she was safe.

"Would you like to try sex now, April" Luke asked.

April nodded rapidly. "Mmmm yea I do. But... I'm scared it will hurt a lot," she whispered.

"You had a beautiful orgasm which made your vagina nice and ready for my penis. But it may still hurt a bit. You will have to stretch a lot to fit me," Luke said, "but I am going to go really slow and you can tell me to stop at any point, OK?"

April smiled and nodded.

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