Grandpa teaches me about sex

I learned about sex from my grandpa in my preteen years by sneaking into his bedroom where he slept naked and I would look and play with his penis. Once, when I laid on top of him in bed, I began humping him and we both had orgasms. It was after this time that we began to talk about sex and he told me that I could ask him anything and he would give me a straight answer.
When I became a teen, I began to have sexual feelings (a tingling between my legs). In school we also had a health class that included sex and, of course, my girl friends and I talked about it most of the time. I would visit grandpa on weekends about once a month and ask him about what I learned, or talked about with my girl friends, or just felt. This is a remembering of those time at grandpa’s, not in any order, but just as they come to my memory.

One day grandpa got up from playing a game with me and said he had to pee. I had never seen him pee and asked if I could watch. He said yes. We went to the bathroom and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. He grabbed it with one hand and aimed it at the commode and in a second pee began to shoot out of the end of it and into the commode. I watched in fascination. This long stream of pee shooting when he aimed it. After he stopped, he kind of squeezed it and a few more drops came out. He asked what I thought. I said it was neat and asked if he could feel the pee going through his penis. He told me I could and that next time, if I wanted, I could hold it. Of course I wanted to and later that day when he went to pee, he pulled down his pants and I stood beside him and held his penis. As he started to pee, I could feel it going through. I was so excited that I shook a bit and pee went onto the floor around the commode. Grandpa laughed and said that when he was learning to pee in the commode as a boy he sometimes missed too. He let me hold him while he peed several more time throughout my visits. It was always fun. Once, in the back year, it was surrounded by a big fence, he needed to pee and he let me hold his penis and spray him around all over the yard. I always liked holding his penis, it was soft and warm. It was about two thumbs around and almost as long as my hand, that is until it grew. Then it was longer than my hand.

The Shower.
One evening while watching TV and eating snacks, grandpa went to the kitchen to make us a shake. After putting all the ingredients into the mixer, he didn’t put the lid on tight and when he turned it on, well, it splattered all over him and the kitchen. We both laughed and he cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and then said he was going to take a shower and get clean. I had played outside earlier and was also dirty and asked if I could take a shower with him. He said yes, if I wanted. We went to the bathroom, turned on the water in the tub to get it warm and undressed. I watched him take off his shirt, pants, and finally his underwear. I loved to see his penis. It waved back and forth as he walked and his balls hung down and also giggled as he walked. He watched me as I took off my clothes. He smiled when I removed my panties. I had just started getting some light blond hair between my legs and my breasts had started to develop and my mom had bought me a training bra.

Anyway, we both got into the tub, pulled the shower curtain closed, turned on the shower and took turns getting wet in the warm water. I asked if I could wash him and grandpa said I could. I took the soap and began to rub it on his arms which he held out to me. Then he said to wash his back and I did and then he turned around and said to wash his chest, which I did. I got down on my knees and began to wash his legs. As I washed his upper thighs and got closer to his dangling penis, I asked if he wanted it washed too. He said yes. He told me to first soap his pubic hairs and make lots of lather. After doing that, he told me to put the soap up and use the lather to soap his penis and balls. I got my hands all lathery and started soaping his penis, moving my hands up and down its length. I heard grandpa sigh a little and looked up and he was staring at me with a smile on his face. I kept soaping his penis and he told me to use one hand to soap his balls, which I immediately did. His balls were so soft and I could feel his round things inside as like little golf balls moving around. As I played, washed, that is, his penis began to grow and stick straight out.

“Look”, I said, “you are getting long and hard. That is so neat.”
“Yes”, he said, “you had better stop. I seem to be all clean down there anyway.”

Then he surprised me by turning around and bending over and telling me to clean his poop hole. He said that to be totally clean you had to clean your poop hole. He told me to get my hands lathered again and to soap around his butt and in his crack and then to stick a soapy finger into his poop hole. I did as he asked. I soaped his butt and crack and then, a little nervous, I stuck my soapy finger into his poop hole and moved it around. I asked if I was doing it right and he said, yes. It was neat to feel his poop hole squeeze my finger as I pushed it in. It surprised me that my finger did not come out with poop on it; it came out clean. After that, he got the shower extender and let me spray water over him to get the soap off. He bent over and I sprayed the soap off his butt and poop hole and then he turned around and I sprayed the soap off the rest of him. I especially liked spraying his penis since it moved as I sprayed it and I sprayed his balls too. He told me to spray them from all sides and the top and bottom. I did.

Now, it was my turn to wash and I asked grandpa if he would wash me since I washed him. He said he would be glad to do it. He soaped up his hands and began washing my arms and my chest area. It felt real nice when he soaped my young breasts. His hands over my little newly developing boobs made my little nipples get hard and I felt him press his hands into them and I felt my nipples get tingly as he pushed them upwards and downwards with his hand. I wish he had continued soaping them but he moved his hands down and washed my tummy and then turned me around and washed my back and then he kneeled down and started washing my legs. Grandpa turned me around and washed the front side of my legs and up my thighs. I spread my legs for him to wash between them. When I felt his hands on my young mound above my pee slit, I jumped a bit. Grandpa asked if everything was OK and I said yes so he continued washing my pussy. It felt so much better than when I washed myself down there. He washed around the outer lips rubbing them from top to bottom and back up. When he touched the top of my pussy, my knees got weak and I put my hand on his shoulder. As he continued rubbing, he looked up at me and smiled and I just smiled back.

After more time elapsed, he said it’s time to shower off the soap. I told him that he had not washed my poop hole yet and he said “that’s true” and for me to turn around and bend over. I did. He soaped his hands again and spread my butt and started soaping my crack. When his finger went into my poop hole, I caught my breath. That was the first time anything had ever gone in there. But it felt so good. I could feel his finger move in and out. With the soap, it did not hurt at all and I wish it had lasted longer, but he finished and showered the soap off me like I had done him. The spray on my pussy felt the best. He moved it around and washed all of it. He even had me open my pussy lips a little so he could rinse the insides. That felt great! (Since then, I have used the shower spray to masturbate whenever I am in the shower.)

As a young teen, my girl friends and I talked about everything sexual and masturbation was a common subject. We talked about how good it felt and what we did and we talked about how boys did it. Several girls had seen their brother and some had seen their dad, so I was curious and wanted to see too. While staying at Grandpa’s one weekend, I asked him about how boys masturbate and what it felt like. I asked if he ever did it and he said yes. I asked how often and he said several times a week. Then, I asked if I could watch him sometime and he said he would let me. First, he said that he had to be in the right mood, which meant a sexual mood. When I asked how he did that, he said he watched porn on the computer. I had heard of porn but never seen any so I asked if we could watch some now together. He went over to his computer, turned it on, and went to a site that showed pictures of naked women and men having sex.

(By the way, he always warned me that these things we did together had to be kept secret and this is the first time I am ever telling anyone about them.)

Anyway, he pulled down his pants and underwear, took off his shirt, sat down, and started moving through the pictures. Watching them with him was so thrilling and so erotic. I began to get tingling in my pussy. I saw a man with a big penis having it sucked by a naked woman with giant breasts. Then there was a picture of a woman on her back with her legs spread and the man was sucking on her pussy, sticking his tongue into her pussy.

Then, I saw grandpa reach between his legs and grab his penis and begin to stroke it. As he did, it became longer and longer and bigger around too (like it did in the shower when I rubbed him). Soon it was sticking up. I asked if I could touch it and rub it and he let me. It took both of my hands to go around it but I started stroking up and down his long penis. It felt hard and soft at the same time. Grandpa started moaning and told me I was doing a good job of masturbating him and that soon I would see a surprise. Boy was he right. In about a minute I felt his penis get harder and start to pulse and white stuff shot out of the end and up on his tummy. He told me to keep rubbing and I did and more and more shot out. I had seen my first penis cum. As he stopped shooting, I took one hand off his penis and touched the white stuff on his tummy. It was sticky. Grandpa told me I could smell it and taste it if I wanted, so I did. It smelled like the white flowers on the bushes outside his house and it tasted both sweet and salty. (I have come to love the taste of cum.) Grandpa took out a Kleenex and cleaned off the cum from his chest and stomach.

I asked him how it felt and he told me that it was a pleasant relief. It made him feel happy and good inside. I asked a lot more questions about it and he answered them all. That night we slept together naked and I played with his penis making him cum again. This we did almost every time I visited afterwards.

So you will know and not ask, we never had sex, but we did touch each other a lot. I love thinking back over those days and wish he were still alive. Maybe I will write more later. I am saving these stories and will eventually give them to my daughter to read.

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