Bitch wife

Some time passed before anyone new came into our life.
Bob lived with us for over a year, and we enjoyed many happy
times together. Not all were 3-ways, sometimes one of us
would just watch, or participate minimally with Mary. He
took her on a holiday retreat once while I visited family,
and occasionally one of his girlfriends would spend a
weekend with us. But nothing lasts forever, and eventually
he took a job in another state. A few visits later we lost

Mary's position was gaining prominence with her
superiors, and as her job progressed, extra time was spent
in the office, with clients, and at special dinners and
other business gatherings; most of which she attended
alone. One evening she'd returned home in a somewhat excited
state, not upset, but it was obvious something different had
transpired that evening.

After re-assurring her confidence and helping her relax,
I discovered one of her associates had come on to her at
dinner, and she'd become confused by the feelings re-ignited
within. After some consoling and reassuring on my part, she
detailed his action. She'd accepted a couple of drinks,
something she knows would cause her loss of control, and he
wasn't all that discrete in feeling her up under the table,
so she came home.

This situation was resolved as we discussed the events.
Concluding in the future to have more self-confidence, and
that involvements would likely be enjoyable by all parties
with discrete participation, and as long as she was open
with me about the events, I wouldn't mi d.

A month later she and Ed were required to attend the
grand-opening of a club her group had financially backed. It
was in-town, so wouldn't be an over-night, but the main
ceremony wasn't scheduled until 11PM, with several
local officials present. She'd dressed properly, a mid-thigh
dress with a neck-line that wouldn't attract too much
attention, and decided on stockings rather than panty-hose
to be cooler. She worried a bit about being braless,
but I told her she looked stunning (true), and it wasn't all
that apparent unless of course, she became excited. Off she
went to rule the world, while I settled down for an evening
of TV.

About 1:30AM I heard her come in, thinking how early it
was, and maybe she'd come to get me and return for some late
night activities. Really, the night had been great and she
was glad it wasn't drawn out by long speeches. Everybody
seemed to be there for the fun ! I had to coax the details
from her, and discovered it was a real up-scale club with
good security, and catering specifically to professionals in
the community.

As we chatted about the dinner and all, she mentioned how
good the entertainment was. A terrific band and plenty of
dance room, something she enjoys. Ed acted the gentleman
escort, keeping her supplied with her favorite beverage,
unaware of it's usual effect, until after dinner. Then
she mingled amongst the crowd awhile. The band started, and
Ed rescued her from a group of guys for the first dance.
He'd wanted to check in and make sure she was "OK" (nice) -
returning to the table after the first song finished
required passing the men she'd been in conversation with,
one of them asked her for the next song. Ed winked at her as
they returned to dance floor, fully enjoying the evening.

A few songs later, still on the dance floor, she figured
these guys were probably all trying to see who could get the
closest to her, one of those "male" things, but she was
enjoying the dancing. As the band started a slow number,
Bill - the owner - asked her to dance, she gulped the last
of her drink, and off they went. About half-way through the
song, Bill was grabbing as much as he dared under the
circumstances. Holding her very close, his hands dipped
down firmly holding both her cheeks. As they moved around
the floor, she caught Ed fully engrossed in watching Bills
actions. She blushed as she felt his manhood pressed against
her thigh. Knowing she'd had enough to drink, decided
to ask Ed to take her home after this song.

She felt a little tipsy in the night air, and was
thankful for Ed's support as they walked quietly toward the
dimly light parking ramp. Going up the stairs, Ed teased her
about all the guys putting the make on her as they danced,
and she replied "It was fun! - you could've danced some

She tripped and banged her shoulder as Ed opened the car
door, and felt like a clutz as he helped her in. He
hesitated a moment to see if she was ok, leaning in to take
a look at her arm. She told him it was Ok, trying to tell
him she felt "just right" from the alcohol, but was
interrupted when he moved over her, fully covering her mouth
with a deep french kiss. Her head spun for a moment
realizing how good he felt on top of her, and her legs
seemed to involuntarily spread as he moved between them at
the edge of the seat. She felt him pulling her dress up,
heard the sound of his zipper opening, and knew she wouldn't
resist ! !

Not paying attention to being in the middle of the 3rd
floor parking lot, she was eager, encouraging him as his
hand moved up from her knee and across her thigh. She moved
out to the edge of the seat as his fingers pushed her
panties aside and found the readiness of her snatch.
In a moment she felt his dick against her slit, opening the
damp tunnel so in need of attention. The head of his cock
slid through her wetness twice, then was engulfed by her
pussy as he pushed forward, his long shaft penetrating
deeply. He laid motionless in her tight cunt for a moment,
then began pumping, slowly at first, then, at her urging,
very rapidly.

Driving hard against her pubis, she felt his cock swell
and pushed back against him to savor the incredible moment,
her pussy being filled with a strangers semen as he
ejaculated spurt after spurt deep in her womanhood.

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