Shower Surprise

"SHIT!" I exclaimed.

It was a typical Sunday at the dormitory, which meant walking through
the remnants of last night’s weekly parties. Every Saturday there are
parties, and every Sunday the dorms looked like hell because the
maintenance folks who have the unfortunate job of keeping the building
clean don’t do so until Monday morning. That means any kind of partying
debris remains there for a day. And that includes what goes on in the

Today that meant no shower curtains.

‘Oh well,’ I said to myself. ‘At least they didn’t smash beer bottles
in the shower stalls this time.’

I hung up my towel, my shaving kit, then took off my robe and hung that
up. I angled the shower-head so it wouldn’t spray water on my towel,
but still wouldn’t leave me out in the cold.

I was barely halfway through my shower when I started to hear strange
voices coming into the bathroom.

"C’mon," I heard. "Look, there’s nothing to get worried about."

"Oh god, there’s someone in the shower!"

It was a girl’s voice! I couldn’t believe someone was bringing a girl
into the bathroom! The college has strict rules concerning the opposite
sex and when they were allowed into each other’s dormitories, and that
wasn’t supposed to start for another hour.

"Hey, he won’t bite," a guy said. "He’ll probably be scared shitless
anyways. Besides, just stay here for a little while, then we’ll sneak
you back into the room."

"Are you sure? I don’t know about this.."

Then I saw some guy stick his head around the wall and saw my naked ass
in the shower. "Hey, don’t bug out," he said, "but I’ve got to hide my
girlfriend here for a few minutes. You OK with that?"

I shrugged. "Yeah."

"Thanks man," he said.

I went back to taking my shower, but I instinctively moved closer to the
wall. I mean, I’m no Chippendale dancer, and I sure as hell wasn’t
going to show all to some girl I didn’t know… at least while she’s still

Anyways, I rushed through my shower, but I couldn’t help but notice that
the mystery girl was sitting on the old heater close to the entrance to
the showers. (Not surprisingly since it was the only place where one
could sit down besides the toilets.) She had shoulder-length dirty
blond hair, and apparently was ready to leave because I saw a thick
winter coat on her. That was about as much of her as I could see.

I finished my shower, quickly washing off the soap on my body, then as I
clung to the side of the wall I reached for my towel. As I toweled
myself off in the stall I heard a slight gasp and I knew I was being
spied upon. Like I said, I’m no Chippendale dancer, but I wasn’t a
slouch either when it came to physique. I have what someone referred to
as a "menacing" physique. In another time no doubt I would have been a
football player. (I haul around eight-foot 100 pound metal stage pieces
like they’re card tables - no joke!)

Finally I slipped on my robe and draped my towel around my neck and got
a chance to look at my "Peeping Tammy." She was quite attractive. She
had a cute face, with a small nose and a slight smile on her tight
lips. She had removed her jacket, and I noticed her somewhat
medium-sized breasts under a black and white striped shirt. She also
had a pair of black jeans on, which were cut close to her legs, and a
pair of white sneakers.

"Hi," she said sheepishly.

"Hi," I said back with a hint of confidence. I knew she was nervous,
and perhaps a bit guilty about seeing some strange guy taking a shower.

"Um.. I hope you don’t tell anyone.."

"No, no," I said reassuringly. "I understand."

"Thanks," she said as she blushed.

Well I put my shaving kit on the sink and quickly rushed through
brushing my teeth. I knew that she was still watching me as I stooped
over the sink, even though I kept my rear more towards her, not wanting
the front of my robe to open and give her more of a show than she
already got.

I rinsed out my mouth and took a peek back at her. It was clear she was
quite uncomfortable being in the bathroom of a man’s dormitory, and I
knew that at any time the dorm proctors could take a peek into the
bathroom and she’d be in deep trouble.

"Uh.. listen," I said, "if some of the guys give you trouble hiding out
here, let me know.. I’m right next door. OK?"

"Yeah," she said. "Thanks. But I don’t think I’ll be here too long.
My boyfriend said it wouldn’t be too long anyways."

"OK.. well if there’s any trouble, I’m just next door."

And I walked back to my dorm room.

As I put on a pair of shorts I kept an ear open to any noises the might
go on in the bathroom. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was right next
door to the bathroom.
And I also wasn’t bluffing about my offer for help if needed. On
campus I’m known as the "Grim Reaper" - not only because of my body but
also because of my silent but menacing presence as a bouncer.

After a few minutes I didn’t hear anything from the bathroom, but I did
hear a light knock on my door. I quickly pulled a T-shirt over my head
and a pair of old sweat pants over my shorts.

I opened the door and the cute girl was standing nervously on the other

"Can I come in?" she said quietly.

I opened the door wider. "Yeah, sure."

She walked in. She was still pretty nervous, and it showed. I checked
to make sure no one saw her standing in the hall, then closed the door.

"Uh.. was there a problem?" I asked. "Did anyone.."

"No, no.. no problem. I just couldn’t stay there anymore. So I thought
maybe I could wait here for a while.."

‘YES!’ I thought. This was a dream come true!

"Please, have a seat" I said as I gestured towards the old easy chair.
"Can I hang up your coat?"

"Please," she said as she handed me the black velvet jacket. I hung it
up on an empty rung on the brass coat rack along with her purse. "I
really like this," she said as she admired the amount of gadgets and
furnishings I had in my small single-person room. I don’t have much of
a social life outside of student activities, the theater, and my
studies. So to make up for that I have personal goodies like an
expensive stereo system, color TV, a synthesizer sound system,
refrigerator, video game system, an easy chair, plush carpeting, and an
office swivel chair.

"Thanks. Can I get you anything? Soda? Coffee?"

"No.. no," she said. "What’s your name?"

"Oh.. it’s David."

"I’m Casey," she said with a coy smile as she extended a hand. It was
warm, but shaking.


Her brown eyes were wide. She was certain she wanted to do something..
but she didn’t know how to say it.

"I want to apologize.." she stammered. "When you were in the shower.. I
took a peek.. I know I shouldn’t have, but.."

"Oh," I said as I mocked ignorance. "I, uh, hope I didn’t scare you.."

She giggled. "No! No, you didn’t scare me.. It’s just that you were a
bit bigger than my boyfriend.. and a bit harrier too.." She started to

"Still… it wasn’t right for me to take a peek at you like that."

"I see," I said.

She turned her back to me, then peeled the black and white shirt off.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she kicked off her sneakers.

She turned her head as she worked on her pants. "Well, it wasn’t fair
for me to see you naked.. so I’m going to let you get a look at me

I didn’t say anything as she peeled her pants off, showing me her tight
ass underneath her white panties. She unhooked her bra and tossed it
onto the bed as nonchalantly as possible. She hesitated slightly when
she got to her panties, holding on to the waistband as though she was
debating how far she wanted to go. Then she slid her panties off her
hips and down to her ankles.

She turned around quickly, and with a flourish. "TA-DA!" she exclaimed.

She had a nice body. Her breasts were pointed, with slightly large
nipples. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint of fat on it. Her
pussy bush was full and deep black. Her legs, while not toned, were
certainly shapely. She was every bit as beautiful as the women in
Playboy, and the fact that she was HERE, in front of me, made it all the
more special.

She put her hands to her hips. "What do you think?" she asked.

I gulped. What COULD I say? ‘Gee, you’re so beautiful, I’d like to
take you down on the bed and fuck you until you scream?’ Tempting… but
that wasn’t me.

Then again, I wasn’t myself.. it’s not every day a girl comes into my
dorm room and takes her clothes off. I was so excited I thought my cock
was going to spring out of my shorts.

"… you’re so beautiful.." I said in almost a whisper. I seriously bit
down on the urge to finish what I wanted to say.

Casey walked up to me. "You know," she said as she put a hand on the
side of my face, "it’s not fair for you to see me like this either. I
only took a peek, but you’re getting the whole show."

"What about your boyfriend?" I asked.

"Fuck him," she said. "He left me to sit in the men’s room and fend for
myself. Let him get worried about me. Serves him right."

Then she brought my lips to hers. There was a slight shock from static
electricity. We both giggled at it, then kissed. That brought another
kind of electricity through our bodies.

I struggled to get my shirt off while she worked on pushing my shorts
down past my hips. My cock stood out at her.

"We don’t have too much time," she said. "I can’t be here all day.
He’ll start looking for me soon."

"I understand," I said as I moved in towards her mouth.

She reached down to caress my cock as I moved my mouth down to the nape
of her neck. She gripped my rod with a practiced hand, slowly twisting
it as she stroked it out.

"You’ve done that before," I murmured.

"Don’t talk," she said. "FUCK!"

She gripped my cock a tad tighter as she led me to the bed. She pushed
me down on the bed, making it clear she wanted to be on top. Straddling
over my erect cock, she lowered herself onto it.

"SSSSSSSSSSSSS" she hissed as she slid it all the way inside her.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH" I said with delight as she began to slowly gyrate up
and down my shaft.

It was wonderful! And just then I realized one of the other drawbacks
to living in a dormitory - the low threshold of noise! Anyone in the
showers or next door could hear the two of us fucking if there wasn’t
any other noise in the room. The guys always complained about my stereo
being too loud, or the TV..

"G-get .. UUNNHH.. the remote.." I said.

She leaned over to reach for the TV remote at the head of the bed. As
she did I took one of her breasts in my mouth.

"What… OOHH… what channel?" she asked.

"Just.. turn it on.." I told her briefly removing my mouth from her
tit. "Should be on 66…"

66 was Channel 66, the local music video channel - the UHF version of
MTV. I could hear the click of the TV, then Springsteen singing
"Dancing in the Dark."

"Yeah," she said as she pistoned her hips up and down my cock. "Oh
fuck.. that’s so good!… yeah… UUNNGGHH!!"

We stayed there for what seemed like an eternity. Her hips bouncing on
top of my swollen cock. Her tits bouncing up and down by the movement.
I could hear my balls slap against her pistoning asscheeks. We kept up
with the pace of the Boss’ song.

"Oh god," she cried out. "Oh… oh.. this is… so… WONDERFUL!.. Oh.. Oh…
Oh… OOHH! I’m going to.. cum!"

Casey bounced faster, and this time I bounced up with my hips to meet
with hers. My balls slapped on the underside of her ass as we pounded
each other to orgasm.


Just after she came I followed, by cock exploding inside her warm
pussy. She could feel it as well, as she milked my cock dry with her

Exhausted after our quick fuck Casey collapsed on top of my body, my
deflating cock still inside her.

"Whew!" I exclaimed. "That was.. incredible!"

She was still panting. "Yeah.. that was.."

We didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. We simply lay there.
Then I broke the silence.

"Are you..?"

"I’m on the pill," she said reassuringly. "And you’re only the second
guy I’ve fucked in my life, so you’re pretty safe from me."

"What about your boyfriend?"

She drew her finger around my hairy chest. "He’s said he never fucked
anyone except me. But I took an AIDS test a few months ago and I was
clean. You?"

I smiled. "Would you believe you’re my first?"

We both laughed.

Minutes later we were dressed and enjoying some hot chocolate when there
was a knock on the door. The boyfriend was there, looking for Casey.

"Hey!" he exclaimed once he was let inside. "There you are! I was so
worried when I didn’t find you in the bathroom."

Casey went up and gave him a big hug. "Nothing to worry about," she
said. "David kept me company. Right David?"

"Of course," I said. "You know me - gentleman to the end."

Casey turned and gave me a wicked smile. It was certainly one shower
surprise I will not forget!

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