Why A Grape is Like a Nipple

Sweetheart: As I re-read your hot letter, I am right at his time eating grapesand I am thinking ... of each as one closely resembling your nipples.I touch one (the left one) with my tongue. It is glistening now as Iflick my tongue back and forth over it. It begins to harden as my moisttongue probes it. I run my tongue back and forth over it as yournipple starts to elongate and resembles a thick fat eraser as it startsto become engorged. I am now savoring the flavor of the sweet slit ofthe moist opening in the grape. I know you would help me cup your warmbreasts and squeeze it for me, so your nipple protrudes forward. That'sright my Sweet, squeeze it so the nipple stands out and pushes forwardtowards my mouth. Gee, I just blew a wisp of air onto it, and yourteat got a bit more harder. You are so hot tonight my Darling. I wish you were right here next to me and I didn't have to imaginethat these grapes were resembled your nipples. I noticed too that bothyour areolas are a darker brown than usual. This is due to you are nowgetting so hot for me during this foreplay. I savor your nipples againby pushing your left nipple by using my lower teeth to grip just underthe bottom of your nipple. Now I can flick my tongue back and forthacross your nipple and against the roof of my mouth. Oh yes, Darling Ido! I can see that too is starting to drive you WILD! I know you are starting to get very hot because you are trying to getmy member out of my pants. But, WAIT........you want to my hot mouth topush your whole breast into my mouth.....Yes I know it feels good!..Youare moaning now.....I am trying to push your whole fleshy mound into mymouth. I am slowly sucking it deeper and deeper until my whole mouth isnow covering the whole firm fleshy mound...Yes I know if feels so good! My member has grown larger and begins to throb in my pants. Yes, DearI am too so hot for you. I help you unzip my pants and I am hard foryour love. My pants cannot contain my hard penis and I reach for itwith my right hand. Yes now I am taking the tip of my cock and bringingit up to your left breast. Yes, Darling I know...it's so hard andHOT! You want me to take the tip and place against your left nipple. Ofcourse...that's the one I've been massaging and sucking on so HARD foryou...and, yes I know it feels sooooo good! With my left hand, I begin to rub your right nipple, while supportingyour firm breast in my right hand after I release hold of my cock. Nowyou are getting pretty wild Sweetheart......you know what happens next! You are getting so hot that you are squeezing the shaft of my cockas you pulled next to your mouth. I know it feels so good..you love todo this for me all the time. Quickly, now you are sliding your lipsover the head and down the length of my shaft. You are drawing my cockfully in your mouth.. I know you're getting wet because I just ran myhand down to your slit and you are dripping. Yes, does that feel goodmy Darling...I know you are enjoying the whole thing...Yes, you said asyou put my cock back in your hot mouth again......I too am getting veryexcited. I want to do to you what you are doing to me. Yes, Baby now swing your legs over on top of me so I can savor yourjuices. I am trying to adjust your pussy to my lips, but you are pushingso hard on my face. I just flick your outer lips with my tongue to giveyou a taste for what's ahead..Yes my Darling, I know my cock is so hard!You are doing such a wonderful job of pleasing me. I am going to try toplease you equally well. I am reaching to pull your lips wider now so mytongue can get closer to your sweetness. If fact, I just pushed two ofmy fingers into your pussy. Let me see...Sweetheart, does that feel verygood.....Oh, yes I can tell.....You are really sucking my cock hard now!I am getting into you more and more with my tongue too ... Yes, DarlingI will try to bury my tongue into you deeper so it feels like a COCK! I can hear you gagging and gasping for air...Yes Sweetheart just suckit like a lollipop....I know you are near an orgasm because I hear yourmoaning growing louder...Sure, now the time I've waited for, because mytongue has been flicking your clitoris so hard. Yes.......I can see youas about ready. Yes, Dear....you're stroking my penis hard up and down,and at the same time putting your mouth on it. Oh...this is the moment! I gently have sucked your erect clit into my mouth and your legs arebucking so....Yes, Baby, just push hard against my face and I will holdyour clitoris in my mouth. I know you are finishing up as well, becauseI can feel your lips sucking and licking as we cum together . . . I am holding the vine up in the air and I have just plunked the lastgrape from it and the juices I taste are as good as you. Please writesoon, so I can again savor the moment we so eagerly await together. AndI can't wait until we are alone when your nipples again taste like thegrapes I have enjoyed just like your nipples. Love, Jerry Travis

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