Sissy Little Surprises

Now it seemed to me that nothing more was to happen. Carol would be gone
the end of the week, I had not filled out an application so she did not
know how to call me and all I knew was her hotel. But I wanted to see her
and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do just that.

So that weekend I got up the nerve to call her hotel. She was checking
out Sunday morning but if I wanted to come by for a last 'interview' I
could Saturday at 2:00pm. She had said it with a laugh to be sure, but
the idea of being with her and the excitement of it all caused me to hope
she really wanted to see me.

This time when I called from the lobby I was told to come up to her room.
Again she poured us a drink each and again I had to show her how mature I
was. We talked and by the end of the second drink I was again on the
couch with face up in her lap as she administered to my complexion once
again. It had all been so easy, so smooth like it was the normal thing to
do. Once again she pushed and pinched and then applied the cool cream as
we talked.

She was going back to Mexico; she had hired people but was short for her
quota and therefore would not be getting her bonus. I expressed my sorrow
and before I knew it was being offered a position!

"It is so nice of you to offer Bobby, such a dear boy. I knew we would
get along just famously. I have an overly large apartment; you could even
stay with me instead of with the others at the hotel. Now that would be
nice, wouldn't it?"

"But what would I be doing? I have no real training, er, and I do not
have my passport or anything like that?"

She explained that the company had charters booked and this is how
personnel traveled if possible. She was catching one tomorrow and would
be coming back in a week, I could go along and check things out. That
really scared me and without thinking I got to my feet and while
expressing my thanks headed out the door and down the elevator!

Everything went well until getting on the bus I noticed my face in the
mirror caused by the windows and the darkness outside! My white pan caked
face had me looking like something out of a horror movie! Wiping it off
as best I could I continued home.

Over the next few weeks I kind of regretted my hasty behaviour, in fact
wondering what might have happened spending a whole week with her. Many
things including my chance to lose my virginity! Also I started to think
of how I could manage a week away without my parents actually knowing
what I was up to. They did their own thing leaving me pretty much alone
and a play soon began to form in my mind. If I could find' a summer job
that was say in the next state, something safe and seeming to be
reasonable maybe, just maybe I could pull it off.

I knew Carol would be back the 8th of July and made my plans accordingly.
I convinced my parents that I was old enough to take a job on a farm over
200 miles away for the rest of the summer and then say it was too hard
after a week and come home. Then I realized if I wanted to stay with
Carol the rest of the summer it would be possible because then I could
say the farm job was working out!

All was arranged and I called her hotel every hour until she arrived. I
told her I wanted to come down and check out the job prospect she had
offered but might have to come back in a week. If I accepted it to get my
things and if not then no hard feelings and we could still be friends. It

We flew to Houston and then a limo picked us up at the airport? It was
quickly explained that there was no charter going down for a few days and
the company limo was taking us down instead. My initial fears were
lessened by her putting her arm around my neck, taking my chin in her
other hand and holding me rather tightly as she leaned forward and gave
me our first kiss. At first it was soft, warm, so wonderful and her
smell! That is what really sent me around the bend, her smell! I just
closed my eyes and let her do it.

Another surprise just over the boarder! The limo took us to a small
airport and onto another airplane! This was a small private one with her
explaining that the limo was needed back in the USA so we were catching a
ride with one of the owners of the hotel where she worked. There were
three others on the plane, no introductions at all and nothing said to me
or about me!

In a little over an hour we landed and Carol steered me into a taxi and
we soon arrived at a moderate apartment building where she had a small
two-bedroom unit. The one I was presented with had a single bed and one
small dresser, a closet and that was it. When I went down to get my bag
she told me that the driver had forgotten to transfer it to the plane
before takeoff!

"We will have to find you some things to use until your bag comes. In the
meantime there are things in the dresser and closet that you can look
through. My previous guest left them behind! Now climb into the shower
and get cleaned up while I do a few things."

When I was dry and ready to get dressed my clothes were gone! She very
carefully explained to me that they were in the wash, to find something
in my dresser for now and make the best of it. After that we would have
something to eat and then she had some work to do.

It was obvious that the 'revious guest'was female as that was all there
was for me to find! The best I could do was a pair of white cotton under
ware, white shorts that zipped at the side and a matching t-shirt! Since
it was hot and muggy the outfit turned out to be very functional and by
the time we had finished eating my nerves had settled down somewhat and
now I was looking forward to that night. I was sure we would both be
moving from the couch later on to her bed or at least that was my plan.

While she worked I was given a list of 'things' that needed doing and
since it would be such a 'wonderful favour' if I did them for her it was
easy to agree. Dishes first and then a number of things needed to be
cleaned as she had been gone for a few days. When I was finished she came
out of her room and had to inspect it all! After a few critical remarks
she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, thanking me for being so

That evening did not find me on the couch but I sat on the toilet seat as
she first checked and then cleaned my face before putting on another
layer of white goop.

Going into the living room she put some music on and motioned me to dance
with her!

"But I don't know how to dance, never learned how!"

"Oh well, it's a must at the hotel. Every employee must know how as we
sometimes have to dance with the guests. Now put you hand on my shoulder
like this and your other in my hand and follow my lead."

"But this is the girl's part Carol!"

"The best way to learn is to learn the girl's part first and then to
change over to the man's part takes only a couple of dances. Now pay
attention and keep quiet, you are distracting me!"

Here I was in her place, over 500 miles from home in a different country
and I was going to say no? As she guided me through the steps I tried my
best to keep up!

Not only did she give me lessons but also she continued on for over 2
hours! By this time I just followed her lead and forgot about anything
else but her smell.

Then abruptly she stopped, took both my hands, holding them at my sides
and pressed her lips to mine! We stood there for what seemed like a long
time even to me until she broke it off and told me it was time for bed. I
was to go and change into some pyjamas and then come back down and say

There were only three sets of nightwear available?????? One was a blue
thing, short, lace edged with matching panties! I had seen pictures of
baby dolls before, yuck! One a white cotton t-shirt type but coming down
much further as it obviously was meant to cover the hips. The third one
was pants and a top but in a light pink! The pants had an elastic waist
that suited me more but the top had long sleeves with white lace at the
cuffs and collar! It was definitely a girl's thing as they all were but
the white cotton seemed to be the least of all evils. Thank god my things
would be here tomorrow!

"Hmmmmm very nice Bobby! Turn and let me see how it looks. Not bad, walk
over to the wall and back, that's right, better. I hope you found
something suitable for underneath. Turn around and lift up, I want to see
if they match?"

Bye the time I explained that I had not found any, been given a lecture
on 'always' wearing suitable undies, gone back up to my room and finding
something that might match to her satisfaction; I presented myself again
for inspection. I was shaken just a bit.

"That is so much better now isn't it? A nice clean nightie and some nice
undies to match, now isn't that so much nicer? All you have to do is be a
good little roommate and do as you are told and we will get along
famously. Now run up to bed, we have a lot of things to get done

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