High School CD slut

I've been interested in wearing women's clothing since I
was quite young. I remember trying on my mother's girdle
and stockings at the age of 16, and recall vividly the
thrill I got from the tight nylon material. It was purely
an accident that my best friend in high school had an
interest in seeing me dressed in his older sister's
clothing. We were fooling around at his house one-day, and
were extremely bored. We were both probably about 16, and
he asked if I wanted to play a little game.

Joe was extremely shy with the girls, and I wasn't much
better. He suggested that maybe one of us could dress like
a girl, and the other could ask the "girl" out. Maybe as a
practice date. Deep down I wanted to be the girl in this
scenario, but when he suggested it, I acted very
reluctantly. But, it didn't take a lot to talk me into it,
and we soon found ourselves in his older sister's room.

This was the early 70's and the choice of clothing
reflected the times. Jennifer was very popular, a
cheerleader at our high school, but she was now attending
the local community college. She usually was gone in the
afternoon, and Joe's mother was working that day, so we
pretty much had the place to ourselves. Together we picked
out the outfit I would wear on our date. I don't know why,
but when Joe suggested I shave my legs, I readily agreed. I
was at that point relatively hairless, but it still felt
great to be using Jennifer's Nair, and shaving items. After
I had shaved I jumped into the shower, and soon stood in
front of Joe, naked and ready for my transformation.

I put on a pair of Jen's white panties, and one of her
bras. The smooth nylon felt great against my equally smooth
skin, and I began to get a little bit of a hard on. I
quickly thought it away, wouldn't be good to stain her
underwear. Joe handed me a pair of tan pantyhose, in the
familiar white egg. Brand new! I quickly pulled the clump
of nylon from the plastic egg, and unrolled them. Pulling
them up my smoothly shaved legs, I was thrilled to actually
be feeling the electricity as the nylon snuggled around my
ankles, my calves over my knees and thighs. They were the
kind with the panty built in, and it was great to see the
way the nylon looked as it covered my upper thighs and
panties. The fabric shone brightly in the light of the

Joe wanted me to put a little makeup on, before I finished
dressing. It was very basic, just a little blue eye shadow
on my lids, and a frosty pink lipstick. My little cock
jumped again as I applied the luscious dyed wax to my
mouth. I wanted to let Joe kiss me, but... I stopped that
thought before it had a chance to materialize. I applied a
little blush to my cheeks with a brush, and then I was
done. It didn't even occur to me that somehow all this
would need to come off. At that moment I really didn't

Joe handed me two more pairs of Jennifer's used nylons and
I stuffed those in the cups of the lacy white bra. He then
gave me a white slip to put on. As the hem fell and brushed
against my upper thighs, I nearly fainted from the
excitement. Jennifer had a very nice midi peasant skirt,
and a lacy white blouse with a bow that I had seen her wear
quite often. As I buttoned up the blouse, and tied the bow
I suddenly felt very feminine. I zipped the skirt and
belted it in place. Jennifer was not a particularly large
girl, but then I wasn't exactly a candidate for the
football team myself. Her clothes were tight, but not
uncomfortable. She had a pair of boots that she normally
wore with the outfit, but it was all I could do to squeeze
my feet into them, so I settled for her high-heeled
platform sandals instead. I was ecstatic with the way my
ungainly feet had suddenly become feminine with the arch of
my instep, and the way my nylon clad toes peeked out of the
front of the shoe.

Joe retrieved a blonde wig, which his mother had recently
decided to give to the church bazaar. I decided once this
adventure was over I would ask if I could have it. As I
pulled it onto my head and stuffed my own hair up under it,
I was overwhelmed with the intoxicating way the whole thing
felt. The hair brushing against my cheeks, and falling over
my shoulders. The snugness of the panties and pantyhose and
the way the skirt and slip fell around my legs. Even down
to the tight straps from the sandals across my instep and
around my ankles. I stood in front of the mirror, and was
thrilled to see the pretty girl looking back at me. I could
have been any of the local college girls, or women I saw
shopping at the mall. It sounds vain, but in my mind I was
truly passing as a girl.

Joe must have thought so as well, for he couldn't take his
eyes off of me. I asked what was wrong. He said not to take
it the wrong way, but I was very beautiful. I must have
blushed, but it didn't really feel funny, since I knew it
was only the clothing talking. Down inside I was still his
friend Vic, and eventually all the clothes would come off,
and it would be the same old Joe and Vic. But I was
flattered, and almost blurted out my feelings that a dream
had come true, that I actually loved being dressed in his
sister's clothes. But I feigned embarrassment, and a desire
to get this over with.

We decided to go to the family room, that our date would be
an afternoon watching TV together. I walked with him a
little uncertainly at first, teetering on the heels.
Fortunately this was the 70's so there was a thick platform
sole, and the heel was relatively chunky. Still it felt
wonderful to feel the swish of my nylon clad legs the click
of the heels on the wood floor, and the swirl of the skirt.
My hair bounced slightly and slid around my shoulders. I
had to brush it back, or flip it from my face.

We sat down together on the couch, and Joe made a great
show of being a gentleman. He went to get us a drink and
snack from the kitchen, even though I was certainly too
wound up to eat anything. The cool drink was good and I
giggled a little as I saw my lip imprint left on the glass
in a frosty pink. We sat together, watching some inane
afterschool special, but I couldn't give you the plot now
to save my life. Eventually Joe made his move, and since it
was all innocent practice and fun, I let him.

I let him put his arm around my shoulder, and felt an
electrical charge as he lightly caressed the blouse fabric.
I had my legs crossed, but even clamping them together, and
the fact it was packed in two layers of tight nylon could
prevent my cock from stirring. I was pretty sure I wasn't
gay, but this was something I had not expected. I probably
should have pushed him away, but I was too caught up with
my own feelings to do that. It felt damn good to be dressed
like a woman and to have a man trying to take advantage of
me. Joe must have thought about it too, as he quickly
settled himself, but I could tell from the way he kept
shifting and adjusting things that he was experiencing a
little of the "tightness" himself.

We settled ourselves a bit, and continued to watch the
tube. But our curiosity, and the way things felt, we soon
were petting and pawing at each other again. I gulped and
told him, jokingly, that if he really wanted to practice,
he would need to try out a kiss too. He looked at me for
just a minute, summoned every bit of education he had
learned from watching movies and TV shows and pressed his
lips to mine. For my part I tried to remember how a woman
acted while she was being kissed, closed my eyes, and
tipped my head slightly upward to meet his mouth.

The feeling as my moist lips met his was one of
electricity, and bright lights. I did think to myself, that
if it was like this with a guy, what must it be like with a
woman. My cock began to stir, and I'm pretty sure I would
have cum right then and there if we hadn't been

"So who's this Joe?"

We both looked up suddenly. Speechless. There stood
Jennifer, What was she doing home so soon? She stood with
her hands on her hips, waiting for an explanation.

Joe stammered. "What.... I mean... um... so why are you
home. I thought you had a late class..."

"Canceled." She stood still waiting. Eyeing us both. "So
who's your little friend Joe?" Her foot actually began to

"Oh, um... this is uh, Vic...er I mean Vicki, yes, Vicki,
she's a new girl at school. I'm... um... just showing her

"Looks to me like you were showing her a little more than

We both sat, frozen. I didn't dare speak.

"So Vicki, I have an outfit just like that, including the

I looked at her and wanly smiled.

"Where are you from Vicki?"

I blushed a little.

"She's really shy, Jen. Um, could you just leave us alone?
I mean, um... you know, we'd like to be alone."

"Sure Joe, just trying to be social."

As she turned to leave the room, she shot another glance my
way. "You look really familiar Vic, or Vicki isn't it? Sure
I'll leave you two alone. Just stay out of trouble."

We sat for a moment, both of our hearts beating a mile a
minute. "That was close."

I just nodded my head; I was still speechless from fear.
But it looked like I had passed. The larger problem was
now, how was I going to get undressed and back home. We had
to figure a way to get Jennifer out of the house long
enough for me to change, and replace her clothes.

"Maybe we can get her to go to the store or something." Joe
said. Again all I could do was nod. "C'mon, you have to
help me figure this out."

Despite the shock, I was also in the throes of the thrill
of having escaped detection. I really couldn't think. And
part of me, wanted to sit here on the couch with Joe, to
kiss him and continue pretending I was a girl. Finally, I
regained my composure, and was able to speak.

"Look, she doesn't think anything more than little brother
finally got a girlfriend. What difference does it make if I
leave now?"

I don't suppose I was thinking clearly, but what else could
we do? I know that the element of danger, and the fact that
I had passed as a girl played a large part in my thinking,
but I was too caught up in the game to be thinking much
further than the next kiss. Besides, I wanted to get that
electric feeling back.

Joe seemed to relax a little, but the next thing we knew,
Jennifer was back in the room, and she had a handful of my

"So look what I found on the floor in my room."

She displayed my male clothes for both of us to see.

"Whose are these? Yours Vicki, or is it Vic?"

Now she was really tapping her foot. She threw the pile at

"Get up Vicki!"

I stood tremulously.

"What are you doing in my clothes?"

I couldn't answer. She was a redhead, and everything I'd
heard about the temperament of same, exhibited itself.

"Take them off, right now."

I stood frozen. Was she going to make me undress right
here? Joe sprang to his feet, and ran to his sister's side.
He tried to calm her down, but it only made her madder.

"Hey, what's going on in here?"

A new voice. A young college age man came into the room,
holding a soft drink in both hands. He surveyed the scene,
and as quickly as her anger rose, Jennifer calmed down. As
she explained to the young man what was going on, a smile
slowly began to play at his mouth. I stood riveted to the
spot I had been in; teetering slightly, really self-
conscious as this man, a perfect stranger, saw me dressed
up in his girlfriend's clothing. Joe, defeated, sank back
down into a nearby chair.

"Well, she. I mean he really looks pretty good don't you

Jennifer began to smile as well. "Well, he almost does as
much justice to those things as I do. Of course I'll never
want to wear them again." She eyed me closely. "I think
I'll let you keep them, but of course..." she looked to her
friend, "I really think you need to be taught a lesson
about taking what's not yours."

I stood speechless; on the one hand, I realized I had just
been given a finer gift than I could have ever dreamed of
receiving, on the other, I was dressed as a girl in front
of my best friend, his sister, and her boyfriend.

"Let's tie them up together", said the man, whose name
turned out to be Victor as well.

"Good idea, just like the pair of clothes thieves they

Joe sat head buried in his hands. He was going to be of no
help to us. And dressed as I was, with my clothes now out
of reach, I was going to have to submit to their punishment
no matter how degrading or humiliating it was.

"Can I change first?"

They just laughed. What fun would that is they said. I was
quickly led to the basement, and shown to a chair. Victor
sat me down, while Jennifer retrieved some old clothesline
from the laundry room. Victor pulled a small pocketknife
from his trousers, and began cutting the cord into several
lengths, which he handed to Jennifer. She pulled my hands
together painfully behind the chair back, and circled the
length of cord tightly around my wrists, with palms
together. Passing the cord between my wrists and over the
other circles, she cinched them tightly into place.

Joe, stood by, a silent witness to my binding. I could see
by the bulge in his trousers, that the event of my binding
was not an altogether unpleasant affair. I would get no
help from him, and in fact he was pressed into service to
tie my ankles together. He passed the loops around my nylon
clad ankles, and similar to as he had seen his sister do,
cinched them by passing the ends around the coils and
between my ankles. Jennifer, probably with the threat of
telling their mother, had cowed him into silent complicity
in my imprisonment.

Another length was tied around my skirt at my knees, the
material bunching under the tight cord, and pressing my
nyloned knees together. Finally, I was roped directly to
the chair by a web of rope passed around my arms, chest,
and the chair back. I looked at my captors, one after the
other, Joe eyes downcast, Jennifer and Victor smiling down,
smirking actually at me. I looked away in humiliation and
embarrassment. How much worse could this get?

"She needs to be gagged too."

This from Joe. I couldn't believe it. My best friend was
even betraying me. It had been his idea for me to dress up
in the first place. Before my mind could grasp the gravity
of that, Jennifer who had stepped out momentarily had
returned with a wad of material in one hand and a roll of
duct tape in the other.

"Mom's dirty panties," she announced brightly.

I shook my head and clamped my lips together, but Jennifer
pressed her fingers to my nostrils, and clamped those shut
until I surrendered to the need to breathe. When I opened
my mouth, she quickly pressed the wadded panties inside,
and then clamped her hand over my face to hold them inside.
As Joe ripped off several rolls of tape, he passed them to
his sister, who plastered them over my lips, effectively
sealing the offending undergarments in. I tasted their
mother's musky aroma on my tongue, and gagged slightly. I
mlphed angrily into the gag. Stepping back, Jennifer
surveyed me.

"Well, little brother, she's not going anywhere for

"Thanks, sis."

Thanks? The realization now hit me that I had been lured
into this trap by both Joe and Jennifer, and even Victor
had been a part of it.

"Good thing Mom and dad are gone for the rest of the
weekend. Hey Vicki, want to spend the night?"

I began to struggle furiously, and mpphed angrily into the
gag. But I had been tied very tightly, and as my
frustration and humiliation built I began to sob.

"Well, we'll ungag you later, so you can call home and ask
if you can stay over. But for now, you need to think about
the consequences of saying no. At least you get the chance
to let them know you're okay. Hate to think what would
happen if you didn't call."

Jennifer walked over and leaned down, her face inches from
my own.

"I'd do what he asks. He can get pretty ugly if he's mad."
She patted me on the head, and lightly kissed my gagged

Joe, walked over and patted me on my bound thighs, I could
see he was till turned on, and it made me shudder when he
touched me.

"After this weekend, you'll actually thank me for this."

They stood and walked away, leaving me tied to the chair,
turned off the light, and shut the door, leaving me to
struggle silently in the dark basement.

High School CD Part 2
By Vicki Anne Stevens

I struggled mightily for awhile, hoping against hope that I
might find a way out of the ropes that held me, imprisoned
as a girl. But I had been tied very well, and the ropes
were not getting looser, if anything they held me tighter.
It had happened so quickly, and at first I was furious with
them, but with nothing to do but reflect on my situation, I
was soon back to the way i had been feeling only minutes
ago, when I was being kissed by my friend. I mean here I
was still dressed in his sister's clothes, tied up yes, but
it wasn't any worse than when we had been younger, playing
cowboys and Indians, when she had caught us and tied us
together. It must be a game I thought.

And as I adjusted to that thought, I decided to play along.

I began to fantasize that I was the daughter of a rich man,
kidnapped and tied for ransom. I looked down at my bound
legs, thrilling at the wonderful way the ropes cinched the
skirt tight against my nyloned thighs. I was still as hard
as I'd been. A delicious feeling of helplessness began to
wash over me. I slowly rubbed my legs against each other
feeling the tightness of the rope, listening to the
delicious rustle of nylon and fabric. I twisted my wrists
against the cords, and moaned, high pitched, like a woman.
At that moment, my captors returned. A smile playing at
Jennifer's mouth.

"I told you she'd like it. Once she got used to it. I have
feeling about these things."

Embarrassed by feminine moan, and ashamed at being caught,
I hung my head and tried to look away. I breathed through
my nose, as my captors gathered around me. And I was
embarrassed that they were right. I hoped it was not to
untie me that they'd returned. I swallowed silently, my
mouth dry from the gag, and tasted their mother. And again,
rather than feeling repulsed, I was thrilled. Their mother
was a beautiful woman, well built, always dressed as sexily
as possible, even in jeans and a t-shirt. Every boy in the
neighborhood had been hot for her since we'd reached

I smiled a little inwardly, well, I'd just about reached
the Mother Lode. I had her panties in my mouth. If they
could only see me now.

Even that thought became grist for my mill, as I imagined
the boys in the neighborhood lined up to see me dressed and
tied up. Would they want to kiss me over my gag, touch my
body, caress my thighs? Oh my God, I thought. I'm gay. For
some reason the nylons, the makeup, the skirt, and wig had
all conspired to turn me into what we guys called a slut.
Being tied up, only intensified it for me. Later I realized
it was because I was so helpless, that I was free to
consider such things to excite me. I was helpless to
prevent such things anyway.

But, first things first. I was still the captive of my
friend Alex and his sister. I looked by them to see if
Victor was still there, but he had not returned to the room
in which I was held.

"Ready to ask your mom if you can stay over?" Jennifer

If they only knew. But I decided to play along, and resist.
She had said there would be consequences if I didn't. I
wanted to see what they were. I shook my head no, and
mlpphed angrily into the gag. I stared daggers into her

"Well, I warned you."

She undid the scarf, which she wore at her neck, and
folding into lengthwise, put it over my eyes, drawing the
ends over my hair, and knotted it off at the back. I was
now blindfolded as well. I screamed into the gag. It
frightened me a little, I was truly helpless to prevent
what was going to happen to me, and now I wasn't going to
see it coming either. A felt something reaching down into
the blouse, and my bra, and realized that my falsies were
being taken out. Someone was undoing the buttons on the
blouse. My wrists bound behind, were useless to strike them
away. What was going on? Was it Jennifer? Or was it Alex.

Pulling the bra to the side, a sudden, indescribable
feeling over took me, starting with my right nipple and
rushing down into the very core of my being. Someone was
touching my "tits", gently rolling them about in their
fingers. I whimpered a little, involuntarily. Who was it?
This was torture? It had to be Jennifer, she caressed me
expertly, and as if she knew what she was doing. But what
if it wasn't, what if it was Alex, or Victor. And suddenly,
the boner that I had, became a presence, as it strained at
the panties, and hose.

I sucked on the panties in my mouth, wave after wave of
their mother's scent, and musk on my tongue. I threw my
head back, and with a guttural roar, begged them to release
me so I could jerk myself off. But my pleas were
indecipherable to my tormentor. And now, a second set of
hands was caressing my legs below my knees, touching the
smooth nylon, running up to the hem of the skirt, and back
down to the ropes encircling my ankles.

I was sensitive to anything now, and surely knew that if
this kept up I'd be responsible for a mess in Jennifer's
pretty panties. And that's what i wanted to do. I wanted
Alex to be kissing me when it happened, and I thrust my
blindfolded head and gagged mouth out, hoping to
communicate that I wanted to be kissed. But only the sticky
strip of duct tape responded. A kiss all it's own, but not
what I wanted. And then, as slowly as it started, it
suddenly stopped. Whoever had been "torturing" me quit. And
that was more torture than I could handle. They had heard
my moans, and now I imagined them looking at me, I was
anxious to have them touch me again. I moaned into the gag,
pleading that they continue, to allow me to shoot in her
panties. I tried by rubbing my legs vigorously together,
but all I got from my efforts was a small laugh. It was

"If you want more of that, you'll call home."

I was beaten, I knew that they had me. I wanted to stay as
a tied up girl, and have them torture me like this. My
awakening had been unexpected, but at this moment all I
wanted was to be dressed and treated like a woman. I nodded
my head silently, and humiliated by my own wantonness, hung
my head in shame. I barely felt the ropes being undone from
my knees and ankles, and the ropes around my body and chair
being lifted. My wrists remained bound behind me, and the
gag and blindfold stayed in place. I was helped up,
unsteadily to my feet. I was held up on both sides, and
guided out the door and up the stairs to call home, and
ask, beg even, to be allowed to spend the night at my
friend's house.

My mother had readily agreed to the night away. I had never
been more pleading in my life. I wondered if she could tell
from my voice if something was different. But she had
simply said yes, and told me to have a good time. I was
given some water, and then they sat me down, I assumed in
the kitchen, as that is where the phone was kept. I shifted
uneasily, feeling that they were watching me intently. I
had not said anything since they'd taken the tape off, and
pulled the sodden panties out of my mouth. I had felt the
thin strain of drool as the wad was pulled away, and then
one of them had used a towel to wipe my chin. The phone had
been held to my ear, and I kept thinking how much this was
like a real kidnapping. In a sense it had been, I had been
forcibly kept, tied up, and gagged, and tormented. But it
was by friend and his sister and her boyfriend. Did it
count? And something else had happened. It felt good to be
that way. Or did it. I sat silently, confused when I was

"Do you want us to keep you tied up?"

This was Alex, it sounded to me like he wanted it to be
yes. I wondered at that, what was the reason for him. And
Jennifer too. She had to have been the one playing with my
tits. What kind of sick game was this? And what did it say
about me. It was going to be hard to admit that I did like
this, but something said that I should stop it now. Because
it wasn't right. It was humiliating to me to admit that I
liked being dressed up, that is why I hid it for so long,
this was an accident. And now, it seemed I liked to be tied
up and fondled as well. I stammered and couldn't answer.

After many minutes of humiliating silence, as I knew they
were staring at me, probably laughing at my sick little
desires, Jennifer said. "Well, it doesn't really matter
what you want. We can keep you tied as long as we want."

It was true.

"Or not. But you really don't have much choice right now."

Clearly Jennifer was in firm control of this situation, I
knew that Alex wasn't likely to challenge his big sister,
but what of Victor. He seemed to be as much under her
control as i was, only without the ropes. And had he been
one of those touching me? I felt the now familiar feeling
again, my nipples tingling a little. Would he kiss me too?

I heard the familiar sound of tape being torn off a roll,
and knew I was going to be regagged. That meant I was going
to be kept tied up too. Apparently there were going to be
more consequences. A dry wad of cloth was pushed into my
mouth, whose panties were these I wondered. There was no
taste, they must have been clean, but I knew they had to be
Jennifer's. The strips were once again pressed to my lips,
it had to be Alex, gagging his captive girlfriend. But how
was I to know. I passively accepted my fate, and was stood
up again and guided somewhere else. Up another flight, and
I knew I was being taken to the bedrooms. I walked
unsteadily in my heels, and felt the skirt brushing at my
legs. Wrists tied, gagged into silence and blindfolded. I
was taken into a room, and the blindfold was removed. I saw
that both Alex and Victor had been my escorts and Jennifer
stood before me, hands on hips, scarf back in her hands.

I was now back in her room. I was led to her bed, and sat
down. My ankles and thighs were quickly retied by Alex. I
shivered with delight at being tied by my friend, and then
the pang of fear returned. What was happening to me?

I was shoved into a lying down position and Victor picked
my legs up and laid them on the bed. I lay on Jennifer's
pink quilt, and nestled into her pillows.

"Can you leave us girls alone for awhile?"

I gurgled into the gag, alone tied up and dressed with her?
Once again I was swept by a wave of excitement. Victor and
Alex left us. Suddenly I was afraid.

High School CD – by: Vicki Anne Stevens

I was lying on the bed of my best friend's older sister, dressed in her
clothes, and tied and gagged. Instead of fear, I was extremely turned on,
and as I watched my captor move about the room, watching me, smiling,
twirling the scarf that had until recently been my blindfold, it didn't
occur to me that this might be considered strange in some way.

Ever since they had come back and 'tortured' me in the basement, my
indignation at being dressed and tied, a captive of them had turned into
an eagerness to see what came next. I was confused of course, what were
the feelings that I had for Alex. Why had it been so exciting when he had
first kissed me? Was I... gay? If I was gay, then why was it even more
of a thrill to be lying in Jennifer's bed?

I shifted a bit in my bondage. I was lying with my wrists behind me and
the panties were for some reason extremely tight right now. I knew
Jennifer could see the small hump in her skirt, the one that was
currently on my body. She was extremely pretty, and I'd had a crush on
her since I had figured out that girls were good for more than chasing
with snakes. But what was going on here. She was a good three years older
than I, and she had a pretty goodlooking boyfriend. Why had she had I
brought to her like a prisoner to a queen? The imagery in my mind had
become quite lucid, and I was playing every fantasy scenario out as
quickly as it came.

Jennifer came to the bed next to me, and reached out with a finger to
trace a line up my nylon clad leg. I was hit with a jolt of energy like
none I'd ever had. She had my attention. She lay down next to me, and I
could have sworn that at that moment my insides had turned over on
themselves. At the time, all I could think of was the words warm and

She leaned close to me, and whispered, "Vicki."

I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. When she spoke the name, I felt so
feminine. Vic was somewhere else. I was Vicki now, and that is all I
wanted to be. But that was only the beginning. Seeing the reaction this
caused, Jennifer breathed the name again. She said it over and over.

"Vicki.... Vicki.... Vicki." All the while she was tracking her fingers
up and down my bound form. I wriggled next to her, twisting my wrists in
the ropes, rubbing my legs together. Not that I was wishing to escape,
but because It felt so good to feel the resistance on my limbs.

Jennifer continued to play with me, whispering my girl name in my ear.
Every time she pushed me to new heights of excitement. My cock was
throbbing under all the nylon, and I was sure I was going to explode. But
somehow every time it seemed as if I were going to be pushed over the
top, Jennifer would stop what she was doing, and wait for me to calm
down. I mewed into the gag for her to continue, and then she would, over
and over.

I worked up quite a sweat in the feminine attire; I was fascinated with
the way my legs looked in nylons, the way my toes were forced together
under the strap across my instep. The way the fabric of the skirt
gathered together at my knees. I didn't want to be a boy anymore, but
wanted with all my heart to become a girl. I mumbled into the gag,
begging Jennifer to make me into a girl for Alex.

"Vicki," my insides quaked, my cock jumped. "Vicki, I'm going to untie
you now. Are you going to be a good girl?"

I nodded my assent. I was incredibly hard, and I was ready to take
Jennifer in my arms and make love to her. I'd seen the movies; I thought
I had a good idea what to do.

"I'm going to untie you, and then we're going to fix you up," she began
to undo the ropes at my ankles, and knees.

I had been tied for some time now, it was dark outside. She undid my
wrists and finally peeled the tape from my mouth. I waited expectantly,
wishing to take her in my arms. But she only sat watching me. I grew a
little uneasy under her stare, and looked down. Sensing my discomfort she
reached out and took my chin in her hand and lifted my head slightly.

"Vicki, I know you want me right now, and don't get me wrong, that would
be great. But first, I need you to take care of Joe."

I sat rubbing my wrists, looking at the rope marks, thrilled to be
sitting next to Jennifer, not at all embarrassed to be seen in her
clothes. Well, what had all that kissing been about? She watched me
carefully. I hadn't needed to be tied up for that. We'd been doing just
fine before.

"Vicki, I need you to help Joe become a man."

I goggled at her. I wasn't sure what that meant.

"If you do this, I'll let you come make love to me."

"Um, sure, what do I need to do?"

"When the time comes, you'll know." "Will you do it?"

I thought I knew what she was hinting at, I guess I was going to go and
jerk Joe off, while I was dressed up like a girl. Maybe it would help get
over his natural shyness. And I was about to get the former captain of
the cheerleaders. I'd been teased into sexual ecstasy, and I was ready to
do just about anything. I squeaked out a yes. After all, we'd already
kissed, what else could there be?

She had me undress, now, much to my disappointment, but it did not last
that long, as she quickly showed me what I was going to be wearing. She
decided I needed my makeup fixed up; it hadn't been that good to begin
with. I sat at her dresser as she removed my previous effort, and let her
do her magic on me. She applied beige foundation, blush, eye shadow, and
lipstick. She brushed mascara on my lashes, and powdered my nose and
cheeks. Straightening the wig, she brushed it into a full bouncy curl.
She had me strip down completely, and I stood in front of her naked, my
cock at full attention.

"While you were tied up we went and did some shopping for you." So I'd
been abandoned in my bondage. It thrilled me to think of what might have
happened had someone broken in.

She reached into a bag, and withdrew a pair of pink panties, a pink
garter belt, matching bra and white stockings. I didn't have a clue how
to pull it all together and stood humbly in front of my captor, as she
expertly dressed me, rolling the stockings up legs and fastening the
garter straps. I looked at myself in the mirror, and was amazed at what I
had become. Jennifer had fashioned me into a beautiful girl.

The satin panties, stretched taught against my crotch. The wig tickled my
bare shoulders. Reaching into the bag again, she withdrew a shimmering
nightgown, with lacy bodice, and a slit front. I stood shivering with
excitement as she lowered the fabric in folds over my head and don my
body. It was white, but satin and shone in the bedroom light. I nearly
came again, but willed myself to calm down. The gown slipped and slid
around my thighs and calves, the hem stopping just above my white nylon
clad feet.

Finally, she sprayed me with a touch of Windsong, and declared me ready.
She led me to her bed, and allowed me to climb in the fabric of the gown
swishing against my stockings. She kissed me lightly on the cheek, and
again, I had to will myself to not come in the pretty lingerie. I had
never in my life dreamed that I would be able to dress like this, and
now. She walked away, opened the door, and said, "Wait here, someone
wants to meet you."

As I waited for my date, I ran my fingers over the feminine clothing,
thrilling at the feel. I was 17, and I felt 24. It had been an incredible
day, and as I pondered I tried to guess at what had tipped Jennifer off
about me. No one had ever seen me dressed up until today. I was not
embarrassed, but actually glad to be afforded such an opportunity. I
tried to think over the past, to what little thing had it been that had
given Jennifer an idea I might like this. I mean she had often been the
one we tied up when we were younger, playing Cops and Robbers. Perhaps
that had been the start. But it had nothing to do with me being tied, and
dressed as a girl. My reverie was broken at the sound of the door

Joe came into the room, he looked very nervous, and my heart leapt into
my throat when he entered. He was dressed in a robe, and I could see his
legs and feet were bare. "Are you okay with this?"

I nodded silently. I was getting hard thinking about kissing him again. I
pulled the covers aside, and he slipped into the bed beside me. "You ....
Um look...."

"Ridiculous?" I offered.

He shook his head no, "I mean... wow. You look amazing."

I blushed, and slid a little closer. I stared into his eyes, and said..,
"Your sister, she's really something else." Joe nodded, and gulped. "I
told her a long time ago that you liked to be tied up." Of course, I had
shared it with Joe, once long ago, reading comics in our pup tent in my
backyard. I'd told him how cool Batgirl looked tied up by the Joker in a
comic I was reading. He'd laughed, but I told him also that I liked it
when Jennifer caught me, and tied me. I never dreamed he'd tell, and once
upon a time, I'd have been angry. But they'd taken that concern away, and
now I was ready to be a girl and even be tied up again.

He reached out, and touched my gown, and I shivered and sighed. I slid
right next to him, and reaching out took him into my arms. He answered
the same, and pretty soon we were kissing again. This time it was much
more incredible. The feelings of femininity that I'd experienced while
tied under Jennifer's touch returned. We kissed madly and passionately. I
could feel Joe's cock hard against my thigh.

Our tongues darted against each other, and we moaned with pleasure. Joe
caressed me, sliding his hand up under my gown, and touching the tops of
my stockings, and playing with the garters. I played with his nipples and
drew his robe apart. He was naked underneath, and I stared down at his
cock. How were we going to make love? As if in answer, Joe gently pushed
my head down toward his waiting cock. I knew then what was expected. I
was so horny, it didn't seem to matter to me, and I slowly took his penis
into my lipstick covered mouth.

We were young, and madly horny, and it did not take long for Joe to shoot
his load. He came hard and fast into my mouth, filled with his penis, and
I swallowed as much of the hot salty cum as I could. When the first spasm
touched my tongue, I felt my own cock explode and my hole body shuddered
as the cum shot into the satin panties, and down my stocking clad legs.
We came together again and again, our bodies releasing our pent up
frustration and sex. And when it was over, and I raised my head, wiped
the dribble from my lips, I fell into his arms again. We fell asleep, our
bodies entwined, my gown draped over both of us.

I spent the whole next day at Joe and Jennifer's house, and begged my mom
to let me stay one more night. Jennifer washed my clothes and gave them
to me to wear whenever I'd like. I was tied up for most of the morning,
wearing some of Jen's other clothing, and that night, we went on a double
date, Jennifer and Victor, and Joe and Vicki. I wore a red miniskirt,
stockings and boots. That night Joe and I spent another night together.
After, Joe tied me up and I lay in bed next to him as his bound

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